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                               Long Island Chapter of Transplant Recipients International Organization
                                                P.O. Box 81 Garden City, NY 11530 516-942-4940
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    May/ June 2010	

    Our General Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of each month from September to June. Our holiday party in December substitutes
          for the December meeting. Our May meeting is on May 26, 2010 at 7:30 PM.  The meetings begin at 7:30 PM and are held at
                                                     145 Community Dr., Manhasset, NY. 

                                                the fact that the New York Alliance for          York State Senate. The Companion bill
LI TRIO Legislative                             Donation came on board with our legisla-         passed in the Assembly while Ed, Joy and
                                                tive initiative we introduced years              Mike were on the Assembly Floor in Al-
Initiatives                                     ago.  LI TRIO thanks all of the volunteers       bany representing our chapter and the
                                                for their efforts in this regard. We now         Transplant Community of Recipients,
The Long Island chapter of TRIO is very
                                                need to write to our governor so that the        Donors, Donor Families and Surgeons in
lucky to have dedicated volunteers mak-
                                                bill is signed into law.                         New York State.  
ing many of the following initiatives pos-
sible. We are pleased to team with our
                                                S4999A                                           Ed Burki reports on our special day as we
coalition partners inclusive of The New
                                                Sponsored by Senator Thomas K. Duane             met with our Senators and Members of
York Alliance for Donation, our TRIO
                                                This bill will ease the process for organ        the Assembly in Albany. Please check out
volunteers, Senators, Members of the As-
                                                donation and thereby increase the num-           our chapter’s website for the full story.
sembly, our OPO, and Transplant Centers
                                                bers of New Yorkers who will make ana- 
as we once again traveled to Albany to
                                                tomical gifts.  Specifically, it would allow
help save lives and truly make a differ-
                                                individuals to use an electronic signature       Excerpt:
                                                to register their consent to make an ana-        “After our meeting with Senator Hannon, we
                                                tomical gift on the State’s Donate Life          rushed over to the Assembly in session where
Some of our recent success with respect to
                                                Registry website:                                Assemblyman Jim Conte had arranged to ac-
bills being passed include but are not lim-
                                        Under              knowledge LI TRIO’s accomplishments on the
ited to New York State funding of
                                                the current operation of online registra-        Assembly floor. We received a round of ap-
the  New York State Donate Life Registry,
                                                tion, an individual goes onto that website       plause and another photo shoot  which has
the New York State Gift of Life Medal, the
                                                and fills out a form to join the registry.        been distributed to the media via a press re-
design and implementation of the New
                                                 However, because electronic signatures          lease through Assemblyman Conte’s dedicated
York State Donate Life license plate, and a
                                                are not authorized, individuals must:            Chief of Staff, Jennifer Pratico.”
new Registry of Consent as opposed to
the previous registry that was a much less
effective Registry Of Intent. Our chapter
                                                1.  Print out the completed form                 Upcoming Events
                                                2.  Sign the completed form
is now pleased to announce the unani-
                                                3.  Mail it back to DOH to complete the          May 26, 2010
mous passage of the Electronic Signature
Act by the New York State Assembly and                                                           General Membership Meeting with a special
The New York State Senate, and this                                                              panel of guest speakers from Rogosin.
                                                According to Donate for Life America’s
act will allow New Yorkers to register
                                                April 2010 National Donor Designation            June 9, 2010
online to become organ donors as op-
                                                Report Card, if S4999A becomes law, New
posed to having to print out forms, and                                                          General Membership Meeting with Trans-
                                                York would join 36 states that 
search for an envelope and postage                                                               plant Surgeon, Dr. Diflo.
                                                currently have some form of effective on-
stamps. This keeps the idea of an online
                                                line registry.  This bill is now waiting for
enrollment option valid in New York                                                              July 30, 2010-August 4, 2010
                                                the governor’s signature.
State. LI TRIO was the squeaky wheel
                                                LI TRIO is once again pleased to an-             U.S. Transplant Games-Madison Wisconsin
that helped get the proper attention to
                                                nounce that this bill has passed the New
this important issue and we appreciate

	                                                                                                                       Special Issue: March 20
    S     U   P   P   O   R   T    E   D   U   C   A   T   I   O   N      A   W   A   R     E   N    E    S   S   -   P    A   G    E   2

                                               Jennifer “Get Michael to an emergency       our brother bond. I don’t know what I
LI TRIO Member                                 room NOW, he is in stage 5 Renal Fail-      would do without Marcus and I will be
Michael Palazzo                                ure.” When she told me that, I couldn’t     eternally grateful.
Received The Gift Of                           believe it, I just finished work, I felt     !       One of the reasons we want to
                                               fine. She insisted and to the emergency      publicize our story is to educate people
Life On January 15,                            room I went. When I walked in my            with regard to organ donation, kidney
2010                                           Blood Pressure was 212/141, doctors         disease, and the power we have to save
                                               swarmed around me, needles sticking         lives.
Our chapter welcomes new members Jen and me, EKG’s, sonograms, anything you
Michael Palazzo. Michael Palazzo received      could think of. I was admitted to the
the Gift Of Life on January 15, 2010. He re-   CCU unit that evening. The next
                                                                                           Five Good Samaritans
ceived this generous gift from Marcus Brito
and here is the story that led up to this won-
                                               morning I received another call, this       Start Chains Of Life
                                               time from my nephrologists, who told
derful life-saving gift.                       me I needed to be placed on dialysis        Our friends at the National Kidney Registry
                                               immediately and would need a kidney         on Long Island are helping to save lives by
                                               transplant.                                 creating transplant chains.
                                               !        While all of this was occurring,   Source:  Judith Graham,
                                               one of my wife’s former students sent a     Tribune reporter
                                               text to her to see how she was and to
                                               send her a picture of him in his Marine
                                                                                           Five Chicago-area adults who have
                                               Uniform. Marcus Brito was a former
                                                                                           stepped forward to give kidneys to
                                               student in one of my wife’s classes. My
                                                                                           strangers may help save the lives of as
                                               wife’s response was that “Michael is in
                                                                                           many as two dozen people, thanks to
                                               CCU.” Marcus quickly responded and
                                                                                           transplant chains that will multiply the
                                               asked “why?” Jen told him that I was
                                                                                           impact of the donations.
                                               in kidney failure and would need a
                                                                                           Two of the donors are young women in
                                               transplant. Never having met me per-
                                                                                           their early 20s, in perfect health and
                                               sonally Marcus responded;” I have a
                                                                                           eager to help others. One is a dad hon-
                                               kidney for him.” Over the next few
                                                                                           oring a 17-year-old daughter killed in a
                                               days I remained in the hospital and
                                                                                           car accident. Another is a dental hy-
                                               had a dialysis catheter put in my chest
                                                                                           gienist inspired by her father's death.
                                               and Marcus came and visited me.
                                                                                           The fifth is a woman eager to repay a
                                               When I was released the Friday before
                                                                                           cousin's act of kindness.
                                               Thanksgiving, I was told I had to go for
Marcus Brito (L) and Michael Palazzo (R)       a kidney biopsy before we could begin
pose for a photo post transplant.                                                          The transplant chains — a new devel-
                                               the transplant process. I went for the
                                                                                           opment in the field of kidney trans-
                                               biopsy and began the transplant proc-
                                                                                           plantation — begin when someone like
Gift of Life                                   ess on Dec 14, 2009. On that day I was
                                                                                           these five people offers to give a kidney
                                               screened for the transplant and Marcus
                                                                                           to a stranger. Often, the designated re-
I am writing to you to share my story          filled out the donor questionnaire and
                                                                                           cipient has a friend or relative who is
of “life”. My name is Michael Palazzo; I gave blood. !
                                                                                           willing to donate but prevented from
am 37 years old and a Nassau County            !        Finally, after a week of waiting
                                                                                           doing so by medical circumstances.
Police Officer. On Nov.12, 2009 my life on Dec. 22, 2009 we received the phone
stopped, literally and figuratively. That call that Marcus was a match for me.
                                                                                           If that friend or relative decides to give
was the morning, after working an              The odds were 1 in 30,000. Now on
                                                                                           an organ to a stranger who is a better
overnight shift, I received the call. My Jan. 15, 2010 we will be admitted into
                                                                                           match and that second recipient has
doctor had taken blood from me on              Columbia Presbyterian and undergo
                                                                                           loved ones willing to repeat the favor,
Nov.10, 2009 and the results were in.          our transplant.
                                                                                           the chain adds more links. The goal is
What I heard, I was not prepared for.          !        I honestly can say Jan.15, 2010
                                                                                           to allow the first generous act to help as
The doctor simply said to my wife;             will be the day Marcus and I celebrate
                                                                                           many people as possible.

Page 2	
(Continued from Page 2)                         Michael and Jennifer Palazzo                       James	
                                                                                                   Schneidmuller 1987
Loyola University Medical Center en-                  Lawrence Reich
tered the five "good Samaritan" organ                                                               Wilma	
  Spata-­‐      May	
donors with the National Kidney Reg-                   Chris Bright                                fore                   2002
istry, an organization that helps ar-                                                              Ida	
  Tesoriero       May	
range matches between potential kid-          Assemblyman Richard Brodsky                                                 2005
ney donors and recipients.                                    
                                                      Maria Cipolla                                John	
  Tolan          May	
 "That's really unusual," said Garet Hill,                                                                                1996*
founder of the registry, which is work-              Paul Guerrero
ing with about 50 hospitals across the                                                             Jessica	
country.                                        Nicola and Vito Iacobellis                         Chipkin              2005
From Loyola's perspective, chains have                                                             Charles	
a much bigger impact, justifying a dif-      Happy Re-Birthday to                                  Frauenberg           1999
ferent approach. "We see every good
  Geisler       June	
Samaritan donor as a national treasure,      you!                                                                       2009
not an institutional commodity," said
Dr. John Milner, director of Loyola's        May and June Re-                                      Tom	
  HackeW        June	
living donor kidney transplant pro-                                                                                     2006
gram.                                        Birthdays
  Kelly   June	
 The National Kidney Registry has            Lloyd	
  Bucknell May	
   Kidney                                    2005
launched 17 chains resulting in six                            2003                                Charles	
  Law-­‐ June	
transplants apiece, on average.                                                                    lor               2003
  Grasso        May	
                                                                  1995                             Mel	
  Lerner        June	
So far, the National Kidney Registry
has arranged 112 transplants. Another        Ralph	
  Greener May	
         Kidney                                2008
30 donors and recipients have been ten-                       2008                                 Tarius	
tatively matched and are awaiting final                                                             McGuiness            2006
medical approval, Hill said.                 Melvin	
  Ker-­‐     May	
                                             shnar                2009                             Mary	
More Chapter News                            Leslie	
  Kreis-­‐   May	
     Kidney           Murphy               2009
                                             man                  2000                             Ruth	
  Pohl         June	
New Members                                  David	
  Krug-­‐     May	
                                             man                  2006           Liver             Sharon	
  Ross       June	
              Vito Riservato                 Hopeton	
  Lue       May	
   Kidney                                 1995            Pancreas
                                                                  2000                             Anthony	
  Scro June	
              Chris Valens                                                                                         1999
               Tom Christy                   Margulies            1989                             Greg	
  Smith        June	
  Prete     May	
     Liver                                 2002
             Jorge Ortiz MD                                       2008                             AnneWe	
  Santalu-­‐ May	
   Kidney             Trezza               2004
             Godeliva Pagan
                                             cia                 2000                              Steven	
  Wolf       June	
              Irene Vigotty                                                                                             1998
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Transplant List Stats:

• 107,596 Americans are on the organ transplant waiting list as
of May 24, 2010.

• There were 4,282 transplants between January 2010 and Febru-
  ary 2010.

• There were 2,221 donors between January 2010 and February

• Visit to read about LI TRIO’s conferences with
Senator Kemp Hannon, Senator John Flanagan, Senator Carl
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