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              PROJECTS – 2007 \ 8

 Our History

 Our Network

 Our Divisions and Services

 Our Clients
                                                          Our Organisation

   At the end of the seventies a licensee, Tescosa Spa, a company of
    the Fila Group specialising in men’s and women’s formal wear, an
    a licensor, Pierre Cardin, the largest fashion designer in the world
    in terms of production range and turnover, were the parties to an
    agreement which led to a few successful deals without developing
    any further.
   It was in that period that Mr. Giuseppe De Vecchi,
    then General Director of Tescosa and today’s
    Managing Director of La Quinta, conceived the idea
    of setting up a service company acting as a broker
    between designers and companies and, above all,
    serving as a catalyst for new forms of exploitation
    of brand names.
   Since the original Licensing division has been the creation of
    trading, design, marketing, advertising and foreign languages
    divisions and the opening of local offices throughout the world.
    Thanks to its twenty-year experience and long-established
    relations with its partners, La Quinta has reinforced its image and
    consolidated the confidence of companies and designers.

   In the near future La Quinta Srl. is scheduled to become a holding
    company with its various divisions turned into individual
    companies. Foreign local offices will be transformed into
    subsidiaries organised according to this same structure.
                                               Our history

 La Quinta was established in 1980 as the first company acting
  as a Fashion Broker, brokering alliances between large well
  known fashion houses and smaller suppliers

 From its initial area of brokering specialization La Quinta
  branched out into other complementary services and
  developed 8 divisions each with a specific task, enabling the
  company to offer a 360° service-consulting program

 Today La Quinta is comprised of an efficient international
  network that includes an extensive number of branches and
  associate offices present throughout the major markets of the

 The 25 years of proven experience in the Fashion Industry has
  given La Quinta invaluable know-how and has allowed it to
  establish strong relationships with key designers and
  suppliers that remain unmatched to date
                                               Our network

   La Quinta is present internationally either with own
    offices, freelance or representative offices, which often
    cover several surrounding countries and increase the
    effectiveness of the network itself:

       Branch Offices: Italy (Milan, Florence), Americas
        (Miami), France (Paris), Singapore (Thailand,
        Malaysia, Singapore), Malta, (sede for Albania,
        Algeria, Gibraltar, Greece, Lebanon, Tunisia,
        Morocco, Cyprus, Libya Arab Jamahiriya, Monaco,
        Egypt, Portugal & Israel),
       Representative Offices: Hong Kong, Japan (Tokyo),
        China (Shenzen, Shanghai), South Korea (Seoul),
        Turkey (Istanbul), India (New Delhi)
       Freelance: UK, Russia, Vietnam, Dubai, Spain, New
                                                Our division: licensing

 Identification of the ideal partners for our client Brands and
  Designers throughout the world; facilitation of contacts
  between the parties

 Management and co-ordination of the licensing agreement,
  from the negotiation to the implementation, aiming to the
  best return on investment for its clients

 Identification of emerging and successful up-coming
  Designers for our client Suppliers, ensuring the best solutions
  for the consolidation and the protection of the brand image

 Identification,  also    internationally,   of   Real    Estate
  opportunities, (boutique-hotels, restaurants, cafè, golf clubs,
  department stores…). La Quinta brings together the brand
  with builders and real estate investors, supporting the clients
  (Licensors) along all the steps of the project, from the
  business plan to the negotiations between partners, to the
                                                 Our division: trading

 The Division benefits from an extensive international network
  of offices manned by highly experienced professionals
  prepared to provide our Clients, both Designers and Suppliers,
  with profitable and practical solutions

     Trading Function: identification and promotion of
      qualified production sources; assistance with negotiations
      and with implementation of the agreement
     Buying Function: market research; identification of ideal
      Clients/Producers to purchase/produce fashion related
      goods; assistance with negotiations and with order
     Creative Trading: client’s brand analysis; identification of
      ideal strategy to promote the brand and distribute its
                                               Our division: design

 Analysis of the client’s needs; identification of the ideal
  fashion and graphic Designer to match those needs

 Access to an extensive database of selected Italian and
  international fashion and graphic Designers

 Promotion and /or consolidation of the Designers’ image on
  the international arena

 Trend market research; Image revitalization of the producer’s
  brands and products
                                               Our division: marketing

 Consulting in strategic and operative marketing, corporate
  image and brand positioning, competitive analysis,market

 Access to international teams of professionals expert in
  qualitative and quantitative market research in the major

 Advertising competitive analysis, professional semiotic
  analysis of the company communication and advertising

 Consulting in mergers & acquisitions, from identification of
  potential partners to support during negotiation
                                                 Our division: design lab

 La Quinta Design Lab is an organisation made up of
  professionals in the field of Design, Architecture and Fashion,
  backed by a very high level of experience in Italy and abroad.
  The team’s efficiency is ensured by professional cohesion
  that permits speed and quality in design, with a huge range
  of creative approaches capable of tackling the challenge of
  any request or job
 Managing Director of La Quinta Design Lab is the architect
  Fabrizio Landiorio, currently manager for Max Mara Fashion
  Group Design-Visual and Architecture Factory; professor in
  Architectonic Design & Planning at Parma University; design
  consultant for Richard Meier & Partners Office in New York –
  interior design for the MBK tower in Prague; former
  collaborator with the Office for Metropolitan Architecture
  (Rem Koolhaas & Partners – Rotterdam) for the Prada NY
  shop. Winner in 2005 of the Knoll Design Competition and
  co-designer for the Max Mara Headquarters in Reggio Emilia
                                            Our division:communication

 360° consulting on media and communication: from
  identification   of   best   communication     strategies, to
  implementation of advertising campaigns, to media buying, to
  the creation of the best graphic and production options
 Full press-office service: from compilation of press releases
  and company profiles to organization of press conferences
  and media relations
 Organization of special events, fairs, meetings and
  promotional launch activities and coordination with all the
  other brands’ communication activities
 Sponsorship opportunities with public and private bodies and
  totally customized global awareness opportunities for brands
  and companies
                                                 Our division:translations

 Translating and Interpreting services specific to the apparel
  industry; our specialty areas are business/commercial,
  advertising, scientific, technical, legal; all translations are by
  mother tongue professionals

 Access to over 300 selected professional translators in all
  the major European languages as well as in Russian, Arabic,
  Japanese and Chinese

 The division is also a member of the following Associations:
  Feder. Cent.Tr.I. (International Federation Centers for
  Translators and Interpreters) and of EUATC (European Union
  of Associations of Translation Companies)
                                                 Our division: legal

 Commercial law: identification of the appropriate civil law
  institution, negotiation of agreements, drawing up of contract
  draftings for locally- and internationally-based operations

 Company law: mergers and acquisitions, companies setting-
  up and reorganization, venture capital, management of all
  legal activities

 Legal consulting: judicial and extra-judicial consulting in civil
  and penal law, like: licensing, trademark, intellectual
  property, commerce and retail, agency contracts, credit
                                                             Our division: M & A

   The division operates in partnership with State Capital, a
    private leading Investiment/Merchant Bank and provides
    expert M&A and corporate finance services as:
       Sell-side advisory:      acting for target companies,, special board
        committees or selling shareholders, assisting in negotiations, giving
        objective advice about the merits of bids received

       Buy-side advisory:      advising on stock or asset purchases of or by
        publicly listed companies or private companies

       Cross-border advisory:         managing transactions all around the

       Private equity:     structuring and assisting negotiations between
        corporate clients and Private Equity and Investment funds

       Joint Ventures & Partnerships
       Corporate Finance Services
                                                                  La Quinta (Malta) Ltd.
                                                                  Our mission & vision
   Our mission
   To supply creative turn-key solutions to improve the performance and the
    growth of our client companies in full respect of their history and
   Our Vision
   To support creativity and bring innovation within companies to help them
    compete in the global market
   Profile:
    Tony Coleiro has started his management carrier back in 1979 as Deputy
    General Manager with the Gozo Channel Co. Ltd., a shipping company, with
    four passengers and cargo shipping liners. Subsequently he has been in the
    post of General Manager with various Hotels and Tour Operating Companies
    until the day that he has been appointed Managing Partner of La Quinta
    Malta in September 2005. In March 2007, Tony Coleiro has been appointed
    CEO & Managing Partner of La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. after being registered as a
    Limited Liability Company, a subsidiary Company of La Quinta Group Srl.
     He has had top managerial experiences in Three and Four Star Hotels as
    well in Time Sharing Resorts in Malta & Gozo, namely Halland International
    Resort, Qawra Palace Hotel, Lapsi Hotels, Serena Beach Resort, Bay Street
    Hotel Complex, The New Alexandra Palace Hotel. All Hotels varies from 65
    luxury Apartments to 1000 hotel room’s bed capacity. He had also
    managed Tour Operating Companies which include Summed Travel &
    Tourism Ltd., Accord International DMC Ltd., TravelTek DMC Ltd., and
    Travel Malta – Group of Companies.
    Tony Coleiro is a Chartered Consultant by profession, he holds a Master
    Degree in Business Administration and a Fellow of the Institute of                  Tony Coleiro
    Hospitality and of the Sales & Marketing Management Association; Full            MBA., FHCIMA, FSMMA.CC
    Member with various Leisure, Hospitality & Tourism Management                  CEO & Managing Partner
    Professional Institutions worldwide. Tony Coleiro is a Full member of the       La Quinta (Malta) Ltd.
    National Committee of Skål International, Association of Travel & Tourism              Sede for the
    Professionals. President of the Malta DanceSport Association.                  Mediterranean Countries
                                               Property Analysts &
                                               Consultancy Services

 Property Management Services
 Worldwide real estate network
 Pre-sales services
 Consultancy & turnkey services
 Fittings & furnishing services
 Re-allocation services
 Insurance services
 Management & Maintenance services
 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd., strategic and licensed partners:
                                             Our corporate vision
                                             Global M & A consultancy

Our firm has one vision, this being client focus, and
commitment to operational excellence. La Quinta (Malta)
Ltd. through its strategic and licensed partners provides a
diversified business process from Auditing and Assurance,
Accountancy, Tax, Legal Consultancy, Business Advisory
and Corporate and Compliance services, to Information
Technology, Debt collection and much more outsourcing
solutions. We can also create tailor-made software
according to your requirements.
Arthur Douglas Turner – Certified Public Accountant &
Auditor, Tax and Management Consultant, and Financial
Director for La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. through his Global M & A
firm - Turner & Associates offers innovative and effective
solutions for clients both locally and overseas. The firm
adopts one concept: the “can do” attitude that motivates all
of us to deliver nothing less than the very best to our
La Quinta (Malta) Ltd.: strategic and licensed partners:
                                                Legal & Tax Advisory

 Commercial law: identification of the appropriate civil
  law institution, negotiation of agreements, drawing up
  of contract draftings for locally- and internationally-
  based operations

 Company law: mergers and acquisitions, ITC’s, IHC’s,
  Ltd’s, LLC’s company setting-up and reorganization,
  venture capital, management of all legal activities

 Legal consulting: judicial and extra-judicial consulting
  in civil and penal law, like: licensing, trademark,
  intellectual property, commerce and retail, agency
  contracts, credit recovery
 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd., strategic and licensed
                                                   Management & Business
                                                   Client’s support
 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. through its strategic and licensed
  partners Innovative Business Solutions Ltd., a leading
  management and technology consultancy, with a unique
  combination of the two elements. We have played a role
  in supporting many of the recent major developments,
  companies in the delivery and creation of business.
 We group our business and management consultancy
  experience into four areas:
     Operational support – this term describes the essential
        elements of what is needed for a business to run successfully.
       Strategy and policy development – we provide many
        services that help clients to address the challenges faced in
        the market. Our techniques ensure that the strategies
        developed are subject to rigorous analysis and we are
        achievable based on the organisation’s goals and objectives
       Performance improvement – enabling organisations to
        achieve sustainable improvements and beneficial changes in
        performance from using techniques such as cost and value
        management, performance setting, business process re-
        engineering, and analysis of the impacts of change.
       Change management – when implementing change across
        an organisation, many business challenges arise that can
        negatively impact the outcomes of the project.
                                                    Human Resource &
 HR Solutions
   We understand that HR is the key to employ retention,
    motivation and satisfaction. To handle HR activities, solutions,
    improvement, appraisals, administration, courses, monitoring
    is not an easy task. La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. though its strategic
    and licensed partners Innovative Business Solutions Ltd.,
    provide effective solutions to help small business and large
    companies in successfully reach the HR target. Our expertise
    in creating that unique employee experience which is fruitful
    to the company.
   Training Solutions at business level:
   Customer care
   Problem solving
   Complaints handling
   Dealing with difficult customers
   Sales techniques and achieving targets
   Handling telephone and office customers
   Customer care for techniques and IT people
   Retail sector customer service
   Training Solutions at technical level:
   Basic Windows XP & Windows XP advanced
   Basic & advanced Internet courses
   Handling Computer systems at work
   Managing computer hardware
   Website design
                                                  Formation of Trusts &
                                                  Nominee Services

 Formation of Trusts & Nominee services:
       Formation of Trusts
       Trust services
       Registration of companies
       Company nominee services
       Compliance services of Trusts and nominee companies

 Money laundering regulations:

       Identification procedures
       Internal reporting procedures
       Record keeping procedures
       Staff training procedures

 Relationship between nominee company
  professionals and bank:

       Evidence of identification
       Declaration
       Notification of change of circumstances

    La Quinta (Malta) Ltd., strategic and licensed partners:
                                              Hospitality & Aviation
                                              Consultancy Services

 Hospitality & Tourism Management
 Customer Relationship Management
 Operating Procedures
 Quality Management
 Mystery Guests Audits
 Human Resources
 HACCP System
 Food & Beverage Audits
 Low Cost Airlines & Aviation
 Airline startup and roadmap
 Airline business & marketing plan
 Fleet planning & maintenance
 Human resources & financials
 Risk mitigation & equity offering
 Booking engine & systems development
 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. strategic and licensed partners
                                                      Consultancy Services
   Destination Management Operators
   Tour operators
   Conference organizers
   Retail travel outlets
   Travel agencies
   Airlines companies
   Conf & Incentive travel opts
   Product launching Conventions
   Corporate incentive travel
   Destination advise
   Animation programmes
   Conference facilities
   Excursions
   World span reservations
   Airline Tickets Sales
   Accommodation worldwide Reservations
   Niche Market Packages
   Travel & Tourism Services
   La Quinta (Malta) Ltd., strategic and licensed partners:
                                                Languages & Commercial
                                                Studies Consultancy
   Traditional language courses
   General; Intensive & Business language Courses
   Combination & Mini group language course
   One to one & absorption language course
   Accelerated absorption & Specialized electives
   Mini group tuition course
   Living & learning language courses
   Summer vacation & school group lang. course
   Niche market language courses -
   Technical course for the:
   Oil industry
   Aviation industry
   Tourism industry
   Francophone industry
   Arab & Asian Speaking World
   Bankers & People in Finance
   Pharmacists, Doctors & Paramedics
   Jurisprudence, Ecologists, Archeologists
   Engineers & Technical Personnel
   IT Industry
   La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. strategic and licensed partners:
                                              Fashion & Creative Business
                                              Consultancy Services

Fashion & Creative Business Services
 Direct Participation in Miss Maltese Islands for Miss World
 Promotion of High Quality Brands
 Fashion week 2008
 Modeling School
 Specialized courses in fashion and commercial studies
 Design Lab promotion
 Multi – Level Network marketing
 Entertainment & Leisure Industry
 La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. strategic and licensed partners:
                                                              Our clients: companies

                                                              Regione Lombardia
                            Gallotti                          Regione Piemonte
3D Habitat
                            Gimo's                            R.F. Celada
Alpha Wasserman
                            Grandesign                        Ricoh
A.P.T. Nord Italia
                            Gruppo Tecnica                    Safilo
A.P.T. del Lago Maggiore
                            Hanro                             Samas
A.P.T. del Lago d'Orta
                            Hitachi                           Scavia
A.P.T. del Trentino
                            Inghirami Company                 Schiapparelli Pikenz
Banca Agricola Mantovana
                            Intercosmo                        Selene
Beretta Armi
                            Isa Seta                          Sipal Arexons
Betty Barclay
                            Istituto geografico De Agostini   Sitour
                            Itochu Corporation                Tecmec
                            Kina Italia                       Teirai
Bp Studio
Caleffi                     Lubiam                            Unione Comm. Turismo
                            Maglificio Sartori                e Servizi
Camel distillerie
                            Martini & Rossi                   Valstar
                            Marzotto                          Vetrerie di Empoli
                            Marubeni                          Yamaha
Coeclerici Carbometal
                            Matsushita Electronics            Zenith
                            Miss Deanna                       Zucchi-Bassetti
Comune di Capri
                            Mitsui                            Ferrovia Trento-Malé
Comune di Milano
                            Modafil                           Ferrovie Nord Milano
Comune di Venezia
                            Morris Profumi                    Framesi
Charles Stewart
                            Navigazione laghi                 Funivie Folgarida
Edizioni Ecomarket          Osama                             Marilleva
                            Pa.Co.Dis.                        Plasmon
E.N.I.T. Ente Nazionale
                            Pastorelli & Nettuno              Privilege
Italiano del Turismo                                          Redwall Group
                            Pepper Industries
Ente del Turismo Svizzero
                            Philip Morris Group
                                          Our clients: brands

Alfieri & St. John   Gattinoni             Ungaro
Alviero Martini      Gianmarco Venturi     Valentino
Antonio Fusco        Giugiaro              Onyx
Australian           Gucci                 Pierre Cardin
Balenciaga           Invicta               Pininfarina
Balmain              Jean Charles de       Renato Balestra
Basile               Castelbajac           Reporter
Belvest              Jean Paul Gaultier    Roberta
Benetton             Lamborghini           Roberta di Camerino
Borbonese            Lancetti              Roberto Capucci
Charles Jourdan      Laura Biagiotti       Roberto Cavalli
Consorzio Costa      Les Copains           Sergio Tacchini
Smeralda             Loro Piana            Smith & Wesson
Coveri               Lovable               Stile Bertone
Diego Dalla Palma    Luciano Soprani       Superga
Dolce & Gabbana      M. Missoni            Swish Jeans
Dunlop               Malhas                Teatro alla Scala
El Charro            Malo                  Think Pink
Ellesse              Mariella Burani       Trussardi
Emilio Cavallini     Marlboro
Estee Lauder         Martini Racing
Fendi                Merit Cup
Fila                 Mila Schön
Fratelli Rossetti    Momo Design
Gai Mattiolo         Naj Oleari
Our clients
                                                                         La Quinta (Malta) Ltd.
                                                                         Consultants &
                                                                         Company Directors
   Tony Coleiro M.B.A., F.I.H., F.S.M.M.A., C.C :
    CEO & Managing Partner – La Quinta (Malta) Ltd.
   Arthur Douglas Turner F.C.C.A., B.A. (Hons) Accty., A.C.I. (Arb.), F.I.A., C.P.A., A.M.I.T.
    Chartered Public Accountant & Auditor, Tax & Global M & A Consultant
    La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. – Financial Director
   Dr. Doreen Turner Bilocca LL.D., Dip. Can., M.C.J.& P., Dip. Tax., I.F.S.P .
    Legal Consultant
    La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. – Company Secretary

    La Quinta (Malta) Ltd. MANAGING CONSULTANTS
   Jonathan Camilleri Bowman B.Sc. IT., (Hons), D.S.D.M.Trainer, M.B.C.S.
    Communications & It Consultant
   Sue Rossi
    Fashion & Creative Business Consultant
   Etta Mizzi Micallef M.A., B.A. (Hons) (Lond).
    Languages & Commercial Studies Consultant
   Trafford Busuttil
    Property Analyst & Consultant
   Giovanni Corrieri
    Aviation & Destination Management Consultant
   Charles Martin MSc. F.I.H.
    Hospitality & Tourism Consultant
                  LA QUINTA HEAD OFFICE
                    Corso Plebisciti, 15,
                    20129 Milano, Italia
                     Tel. +39 02 7385353

                 LA QUINTA (MALTA) Ltd.,
Sede for: Albania; Algeria; Cyprus; Egypt; Gibraltar; Greece: Lebanon;
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: Monaco; Morocco; Portugal, Tunisia & Israel
                 13, Curate Fenech Street,
                 Birzebbugia BBG 03, Malta
Tel. +356 9933 3088; +356 21 651368; +356 21 417889
        Fax. +356 21 650913; +356 21 662034

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