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                                       Public Print Facilities
                                It is possible to print to networked printers from a number of locations at LSE.
                                These include:
                                •    Public computer areas or computer classrooms on the School campus
                                •    Halls of residence computer rooms and networked study-bedrooms
                                •    Your own laptop while connected to the LSE network
                                For further information on printing from your laptop, please see:

                 Types and locations of printers
                                LASER PRINTERS
                                HP LaserJet printers produce high-quality printouts for text and graphics with
                                the capability of printing a wide range of fonts and point sizes. There is a
                                charge of 4p per side. The default paper size is A4 (29.7cm by 21cm).
                                There are laser printers located on every floor of the Library. When working in
                                the Library, you can collect your print job from any of these printers.
                                Outside the Library, there are laser printers situated in St Clements Building,
                                Clare Market Building, Old Building, Clement House, 20 Kingsway, King's
                                Chambers and Lincoln Chambers. When working outside the Library, you can
                                collect your print job from any of these printers.
                                There are also laser printers in all the halls of residence.

                                COLOUR LASER PRINTERS
                                There are two high quality colour laser printers; one is located on the Library
                                lower ground floor and the other in the C120 print room. The default paper
                                size is A4 (29.7cm by 21cm) and the charge is 30p per page.

                 Using the laser printers
                                Create and edit your document on any public computer and then use the print
                                command in the software you are using to send the document to the network
                                printer queue. You then go to the print station, i.e. the computer attached to
                                the laser printer, to print the document from the print queue.
                                Important note:
                                •    You must have credit on your printing account.
                                •    Before you go to the print station, you must have sent your work to the
                                     print queue.

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Public Print Facilities                                                                                       Guide to

                          To pay for your printing and before you use a laser printer you must have a
                          printing account .You can activate your printing account by crediting it at the
                          Library Copy Shop or by using one of the automated value loader machines.
                          These are situated in:
                          •    Library Copy Shop Ground Floor
                          •    Library Lower Ground Floor
                               Library 1 Floor
                          •    A038, Old Building Lower Ground Floor
                          •    C120, Clare Market Building First Floor
                          •    S08, St Clements Building Lower Ground Floor

                          PRINTING PROCEDURE
                          1.   Use any computer, except the print station, to create and edit your
                               document in the normal way.
                          2.   When complete, thoroughly check your document to ensure that it is
                               formatted correctly. Most Windows applications have a Print Preview
                               command that allows you to see exactly how a document will appear
                               when printed.
                          3.   When you are ready to print, use the print command in the software you
                               are using, i.e. the Print option in the File menu or click on the Print
                               button to send your document to the network queue.
                          4.   Go to the print station computer, next to the printer you want to collect
                               your print job from.
                                    At the print station you need to identify yourself with your username
                                    and password so that the document(s) you have sent to the print
                                    queue can be listed.
                          5.   Type your username and password at the print station. Then, follow the
                               instructions on the computer screen.
                                    The print station will list your submitted print jobs – ensure that you
                                    have sufficient balance on your printing account to print your work.
                          6.   Select the print job(s) you wish to print, then click on the Print button to
                               release your document(s) to the printer.
                          7.   Once your work is printed, click on the Logout button to log off from the
                               print station.

                 Using the colour printers
                          Refer to previous page for the location of colour printers. For information on
                          how to use these printers, see IT Services document How to use the colour
                          printer at

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Guide to                                                                                    Public Print Facilities

            Obtaining paper for the printers
                      Paper supplies can be replenished at:
                      •    IT Help Desk, Library First Floor during the opening hours.
                      •    Outside Help Desk hours, some supplies are left with Security in the
                           Library and the Old Building.
                      •    In halls of residence, you should check with the reception desk.

            Printer faults
                      PUBLIC AREAS
                      All faults with any printer or print station should be reported to IT Services:
                      Visit:               IT Help Desk, Library First Floor
                      Phone:               ext 6728

                      HALLS OF RESIDENCE
                      Contact your Residence IT Advisor in the first instance:
                      Butlers Wharf      
                      Carr Saunders      
                      Grosvenor House    
                      High Holborn       
                      Lilian Knowles     
                      Northumberland House
                      Sidney Webb House  

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