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									The Five Pillars of Islam
The Five Pillars of Islam are the five rules that
every Muslim must follow in order to live a good
and responsible life according to Islam. They
are like five pillars of a great building.
Why are they Important?

      Following these rules
      provides the framework of
      a Muslim's life. They put
      into practice what they
      believe. Carrying out the
      Five Pillars shows that the
      Muslim is putting their
      faith first, and not just
      trying to fit it in around
      their day to day lives.
               The Shahadah

This is the declaration of faith,
which is repeated several times a
day. ‘There is no God but Allah, and
Muhammed is His messenger.’
These are the five daily prayers which
are said in Arabic at dawn, just after
midday, mid afternoon, just after
sunset, and after dark. The prayers are
mainly verses from the Qur’an, praising
Allah and asking for forgiveness.


This is the Muslim
obligation for
those who can
afford to. They
give at least 2½
percent of their
savings and other
valuables every
year to the poor.
This means fasting.
During the ninth           Sawm
Muslim month,
Ramadan, Muslims eat
and drink nothing
during the hours of
daylight. This reminds
them that the good
things in life are to be
enjoyed but not over
indulged in. It also
shows equality with
the poor.

This means pilgrimage. Muslims hope to
make a pilgrimage to Mecca once in
their life, to visit the Ka’ba. This is a
place of worship believed to have been
built by Abraham.

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