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					Personal Survival Budget

Estimated Expenditure
     Mortgage and/or Rent                               £
     Council Tax                                        £
     Water Rates                                        £
     Utilities -                  Gas                   £
                                  Electricity           £
                                  Fuel                  £
     Insurance -                  Personal              £
                                  Property              £
     Housekeeping -               Food                  £
                                  Work/school Clothes   £
                                  Drink                 £
                                  Cigarettes            £
     Childrens Dinner Money                             £
     Telephone -                  Landline              £
                                  Mobile                £
                                  Broadband             £
     Car running expenses -       Loan repayments       £
                                  Insurance             £
                                  Tax                   £
                                  Maintenenance         £
                                  Fuel                  £
     HP/Loan repayments                                 £
     Credit Card Payments                               £
     Satelite/Cable TV charges                          £
     Subscriptions                                      £
     Class 2 National Insurance                         £
     Other                                              £

     Total Essential PSB                                £   0

     Savings Plans                                      £
     Holiday                                            £
     Presents                                           £
     Non-essential clothing                             £
     Events                                             £
     Hairdresser/Gym                                    £
     Other                                              £

     Total Lifestyle and Essential PSB                  £   0

     Tax & Class 4 NI allowance (estimate)              £   0

     Total Personal Survival Budget                         0 pa

     Total Personal Survival Budget per month               0 pm
  Notes/tips to preparing personal survival budget
* Be realistic - your business must be able to support at least your minimum survival budget
* Base estimate on full year to ensure you do not miss annual payments
* Think in pictures: e.g        House = shelter, utilities
                                An item of clothing = warmth, clothing
                                A slice of cake = food/sustenance
                                A car = vehicle running cost
  Look over the last 18 months of bank statements to make sure you have not missed
* anything
* Keep a daily diary of expense - then review after 3 months

 Put the Tax & NI allowance in a separate savings account each month. It's easier than
 finding a lump sum each year!

 You can use the information from your PSB as an indication of your hourly rate
 Divide the PSB total by the number of hours in a year which reasonably reflect the
 productive hours you can expect to generate in any one month
 Total monthly PSB = £2,000
 Total monthly productive hours = 50
 £2,000/50 = £40 per hour
 n.b this rate is only indicative, you will need additional research to identify what the market
 can bear

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