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									Deaf people are being discriminated against just because they can’t hear. But Deaf
and blind or Hearing Blind people don’t normally discriminate against but blind
people’s community had a lot of help and providing from Hearing people such as
Braille on public transport, on many of major tourist attractions. Many tourist
attractions don’t have subtitles for Deaf people, and this includes Cinemas. Myer
Centre Brisbane City’s cinema only normally provides one movie with subtitles per
month. But Hearing people can watch so many movies without subtitles because they
can hear. In United Kingdom and United States, there’s many movies had subtitles,
according to statistics, 98% of movies in public cinemas has subtitles in the UK and
US, but here in Australia, only 0.3%. I think that Hearing people needs to get it fixed.
Let me recall, this is total personal abuse and it is abusing the Human’s Rights. Deaf
people are exactly same as Hearing people but can’t hear, that all. Hearing people
can’t be always perfect and provide everything to Hearing communities, there’s
many communities such as Deaf communities who need a big support and help from
Hearing communities. And let me recall, Hearing people are one who make Deaf
people sound like Deaf communities are in desperate for help and a lappy dogs for
Hearing communities because Hearing people don’t provide what Deaf communities

As you know that Deaf communities work very hard to achieve highest standard of
education and living but they are discriminated against because they can’t hear. Deaf
people needed an access to same qualities as hearing people had. Hearing people can
hear what the characters is talking about but Deaf cannot, Deaf eyes is important to
see and read. Reading is Deaf people’s main sense because they can’t hear.

This is my third discrimination letter ever I has wrote, and yet, I’m 14 and I feel that it
is not good enough. Deaf communities should have full rights as Hearing
communities has. I, personally, think that issue is abusing the Human’s Rights. Deaf
people has suffered too much from hearing communities which Hearing communities
has put Deaf people down too much as that they’re in Special needs while they just
can’t hear. As you know that Deaf community’s popular motto: Deaf people can do
everything as Hearing people can but can’t hear. That all and yet, we’re still being
discriminated against.

Deaf community must get what Hearing people has such as hearing people can hear
movies’ dramatic actions and/or talking but Deaf cannot, so subtitles is a vital for
Deaf communities. Today, the technologies has advanced too far and too fast, there’s
a software for auto-Captioning. Why don’t 4 great cinemas use it? Maybe because
they want something low for Deaf community? No wonder why Hearing people think
Deaf communities are dumb, because Deaf communities don’t receive full education,
supports and providing from Hearing communities. All Deaf people don’t have
cochlear implant or hearing aids, not all. Many deaf people don’t have cochlear

Subtitles or closed captions are most important needs for us for technologies. No
subtitles or closed captions, Deaf people will be lost. Deaf people won’t improve their
language or grammar skills, and even worst, Deaf people will be more isolated
because Cinema is main hub for movie group outings. However, why would you
always discriminate Deaf people? There’s many major attractions that provide
wheelchair lifts or ramps. There’s Braille for Hearing Blinds or Deaf blinds people to
read in public transport, also there’s provided help for Elders and Disabled people.
Why don’t Hearing people provide help to Deaf community, Hearing communities
normally exclude Deaf community to participate major events.

Let me to repeat again, Deaf people need subtitles or closed captions to access same
qualities as Hearing people has, because Hearing people can hear, Deaf cannot. The
eyes are vital for Deaf communities as they need eyes to read, and to see.

To be honest, I’m tired. I do not want to write 4th discrimination letter for next time.
But I thought Human Rights is demanding for an equal life and a better world, does
that count Deaf people? Deaf people can do everything as Hearing people can but
cannot hear. That all. Lots of Deaf people is isolated and most of them are in serious
and severe depression because Hearing people excluding them and normally don’t
allow them to participate just because they can’t hear. This is abusing the personal
and Human Rights.

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