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									                                           Sample Support Letter

Dear Family and Friends,

        I have been blessed with the opportunity to be a part of a mission team to Colombia. A team of
twelve students from Peoria Christian School and four adult chaperones will leave on Thursday, March
15, and return on Friday, March 23, 2012. We will go to El Camino Academy in Bogota.

        During our time there we will teach English classes. El Camino Academy has contacts with other
national schools in Bogota. We will visit these schools in the mornings to teach English classes, share
our drama and develop relationships with the students. In the afternoon we will help various Christian
agencies with their programs by singing, playing games and doing crafts with their children.

         Each team member is required to raise $1600.00 in financial support. This includes plane
tickets, all meals and housing, and any other expenses we may have. Please pray that God will provide
for our financial needs through fundraising, personal financing, and support letters.

         Prayer is the crucial element of our trip. Would you be willing to lift me up in prayer in these

         -God will show us how to best minister to the people in Colombia.
         -Our team will stay healthy throughout the trip.
         -I will personally grow closer to God.
         -We have unity as a team and work hard together.

         Thank you for considering how you will support me. Prayer is the most important thing! If you
feel that God is leading you to be a part of my financial provision, you can make a check out to Peoria
Christian School with the bottom portion of this letter by January 1, 2010. This gift is tax deductible and
you will receive a receipt.

         May God richly bless you!

                                 In Christ,
                                 (NAME HERE)

Make your check payable to Peoria Christian School and enclose this bottom portion of the letter.
Please do not write my name on your check.



Mail to: Peoria Christian School, 3506 N. California Ave., Peoria, IL 61603

For office use: Please assign these funds to: Colombia Mission Team – (YOUR NAME )

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