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					Annie Pinwen Chiu
4F., No.2, Aly. 26, Ln. 300, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Rd., Taipei   0983-240-569

EDUCATION                Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI                                                   5/10
                         Master of Arts, Advertising
                         GPA: 3.85/4.00
                         Shih Hsin University, Taipei, Taiwan                                                         6/06
                         Bachelor of Arts, Communications Management
                         Minor: Public Relations and Advertising (Division of Advertising)
                                English-Taught Marketing Communication Program
                         GPA: 3.9/4.0
EXPERIENCE               ML Rogers, New York, New York                                                         1/11 – 5/11
                         Intern, Account Management
                             Worked on the Scotts Lawn Care, the Atlantis, the Checkers, and the new business
                              accounts on full-time basis
                             Analyzed market and competitors, understood consumer insights and the competitors’
                              online strategies, identified opportunities for the clients, and brainstormed and developed
                              online campaigns
                             Attended conference calls, strategic meetings, creative meetings, radio tag shootings, and
                              proofread print ads
                         Project FIT, MSU and Blue Cross Blue Shield, East Lansing, MI                   7/10 – 12/10
                         Intern, Promotion Team
                             Developed messages for promotional items to attract target groups and encourage healthy
                              eating and physical activity among children in Grand Rapids
                             Promoted healthy corner stores in the participating neighborhoods with highly used media
                         MSU Beyond Coal, Sierra Club, East Lansing, MI                                  1/10 – 4/10
                             Participated in event design to promote the idea of a coal free campus
                             Built relationships with MSU alumni and gained their support via email and Facebook
                         McDonald’s Promotion Campaign, MSU, East Lansing, MI                          9/09 – 1/10
                         Course project for Integrated Campaign
                            Planned and promoted the positioning of beverage destination of McCafe with print, TV,
                             radio, and outdoor ads, plus direct mail and digital campaign
                            Presented for the store owners and Moroch Advertising Agency
                         Apex Communications Consultants Co., Ltd. Taipei, Taiwan                         6/09 – 8/09
                         Team Assistant                                                                   4/08 – 6/08
                            Handled the client of a social networking website, Wretch, a part of Yahoo! Taiwan
                            Managed brand image by monitoring daily news and communicating with media
                            Developed brand awareness and brand preference by pitching media, assisting press
                             conferences, designing events, and managing crises
                         Baighlen & Co. Consulting Project, MSU, East Lansing, MI                         2/09 – 5/09
                         Course project nd Marketing Management
                            Ranked 2 place among 12 teams by the professor and the founders
                            Developed 2009 – 2010 strategic marketing plan to increase brand awareness and
                             customer loyalty
                            Designed traditional advertising, promotion, event marketing, and digital campaign,
                             including SEM and social media marketing
                         Brain Magazine, Taipei, Taiwan                                                6/05 – 8/05
                         Intern, Advertising Department
                             Assisted manager to execute advertising plan of the ADV/PR industry magazine
                             Wrote copy for coming months and assisted press conferences
ACTIVITIES               Practical Camp, Sanlih E-Television, Member                                                  7/05
                         Shih Hsin University, Class Academic Council Chief                                    9/03 – 6/04
HONORS                   Graduated with honors from Shih Hsin University, ranked 1st in class                6/06
                         Chu-Shu Scholarship, outstanding academic performance                               2005
                         She-Wo Scholarship, awarded to Top 4 students in department, awarded 4 times 2003 – 2005

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