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Volume 13 Issue
Winter 2011
                                              San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
                                              A non-profit organization

                  President’s Message
                  Since 1976, SFSR has continued to rescue, foster,
                  offer vet care and adopt out these wonderful
                  dogs to loving homes. It could not have been
                  done without the generosity, both in time and
                  resources, of our members. Most of you, our
                  supporters and Sammie owners, may not see
                  the condition of some of the dogs who come to
                  our attention. Many of these dogs come to us
                  abused, neglected, and in ill health. Many of
                  them are seniors, having been subjected to awful
                  conditions for years. This is the primary reason
                  our organization is dedicated to making sure
                  the Sams, Sam mixes and Northern breeds that
                  we rescue find the proper care, love and stable
                  homes that they deserve.
                  Given the economic times, asking for donations
                  when a number of families are just trying to make
                  ends meet may be a difficult request to fulfill.
                  However, we only ask that those of you who
                  can, please make a donation of any amount you
                  can afford to renew your membership in SFSR.
                  Our annual membership fee is $25.00 and the
                  renewal or new application forms can be found
                  in this issue of The Bridge.
                  Having said that, I wanted to give a big “shout     Vinyl enjoying the snow at Mono Lake
                  out” to the many SFSR members and supporters
                  who have given generously.

                  Thank you!
                  Bob Wackerman, President of SFSR

                  JOIN US:
                  2011 San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Walk-a-thon Fundraiser
                                               Bring your Samoyeds and come walk with us in the
                                               Dublin St. Patricks Day Parade on March 12, 2011.

                                               Help us raise funds for Samoyeds looking for their
                                               forever homes. For those of you unable to attend the
                                               parade, you can still donate via PayPal on www.SFSR.
                                               org or pledge your support/donation via emails to us at
                  How you can help and make a difference
                  Use Amazon for your next                        Important - please update your emails
                                                                                                                                              Fun in the Sun                  The SFSR Annual Picnics are our biggest fundraisers of the year,
                                                                                                                                                                              and we are proud to say this year we were able to bring in an
                  purchase                                        Members, please update your email information in order to                   at the Annual                   outstanding record of over $3700. With this, we are able to pay
                                                                                                                                                                              for costs of rescuing Sammies out of shelters and cover their
                                                                  receive our e-newletters and event announcements/invites.
                  When you purchase items from Amazon
                  via the search box located on the home
                                                                  Lots of fun happenings coming!
                                                                  Send to
                                                                                                                                              SFSR Picnic                     health rehabilitation, grooming, transportation and miscellaneous
                                                                                                                                                                              dog supply costs.
                  page of, a small percentage
                  of the sales will go towards saving.
                                                                                                                                                                              We truly appreciate our members’ support and dedication. SFSR
                                                                  Fostering - we need you!                                                                                    would not be able to save and help as many dogs without your
                                                                                                                                                                              help and contributions.
                                                                   We are in critical need for foster homes. It is very easy. To get
                                                                   started, fill out the foster application in our Forms section of our                                       Here are the numbers for the picnic.
                                                                   website, Fostering a dog can last from one week
                                                                   to three months. Each situation is different.
                                                                                                                                                                              Raised $3700, ~70 people attended and ~35 dogs romped in the
                                                                                                                                                                              grass with wagging tails.

    Mark your calendars
    For more information on events check our events page on or Facebook.
    SFSR logoed items like hats, T-shirts and other goodies will be available for purchase
    at each of the events.
                                        March 12                 St. Patrick’s Day Parade/Walk-a-thon Fundraiser
                                        Dublin, CA

                                        April 24                 Easter Parade on Union St.
                                        San Francisco, CA

                                        May 13                   Barbary Coast Samoyed Club Annual Specialty Dog Show
                                        Woodland, CA

                                        May 15                    ARF Animals on Broadway
                                        Walnut Creek, CA

                                        June 9&10                NorCal Samoyeds Fanciers Speciality Dog Show
                                        Vallejo, CA

                                        June                     Norsled Fun Day in the Park
                                        Danville, CA

                                        October 10-15            Samoyed Club of America 80th National Speciality
                                        Farmington, Utah

                                        October                  SFSR Picnic
                                        Redwood City, CA

                                        Fall                     eBay Auction

2       Volume 13 Issue 5 Winter 2011                        The Bridge                                             3   Volume 13 Issue 5 Winter 2011            The Bridge                             
                                                                                                                                                Cupcake - look ma no clothes
    2010 Success Stories                                                                                                                        My name is Cupcake and I was adopted by Barbara and Bob
                                                                                                                                                of Groveland, CA (near Yosemite), my new dad and mom!
                                                                                                                                                When SFSR rescued me I was so matted and full of sores, I
    Joey, a three legged boy                                                                                                                    had to be shaved. My new Mom took me to the doctor and
    Jack, or Jackson as his new mom is        leg made Jackson one scared dog. In the                                                           they put me on thyroid pills and started feeding me high
    now calling him, was as close to go-      beginning, if you approached him he                                                               protein (eggs, cottage cheese, etc) with my dog food and look
    ing to the Rainbow Bridge as could        would run and hide in a corner and if                                                             at me now! I still have a few bald spots but Mom does a
    be. Having spent two miserable            you attempted to put a leash on him or                                                            comb-over pretty well these days. I am so soft and warm now.
    weeks in a Southern California shelter    even touch him he would shake and cry                                                             Mom had sweaters for me last winter because I had no fur and
    with a left rear broken leg (unbe-        out in literal fear. He also had a definite                                                       it gets pretty cold here - sometimes it even snows - so I was
    knownst to the shelter), our Southern     issue with males, cowering and running                                                            really cold with no fur. I looked so cute in my sweaters but
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          After: Cupcake with her new coat
    California affiliate SRSC (Samoyed        away whenever Bob approached him.                                                                 I am very happy to have my own “coat” now. Hope it keeps
    Rescue of Southern California) called     Long time SFSR member Julie Vejmola                                                               growing. I am a happy girl these days.
    us to see if we could find him a foster   volunteered to work with him as he was
    home as they had no more room to          much calmer with females. After some
    take one more dog. Board member           time and many loving hugs and care,
    Jacqueline Wong volunteered to drive      Jackson became more and more trustful.         Joey - with three legs
    to Coalinga and meet the SRSC per-        Today, he bounces around at the sight
    son who was driving Jackson up from       of his leash, knowing he is going for a
    Downey in Southern Calif. Jacqueline      walk. He even lets Bob walk and hold              Big Boy - with a
    drove Jack that same night to SFSR
    secretary Cari Baldwin’s home and
                                              him now and because of that bond, Julie
                                              and Bob adopted Jackson and he is now
                                                                                                heart to match                                                                                                             Before: Cupcake shaved
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           to remove all of her matted fur
    she brought him to Bishop Ranch           part of the clan of Bob and Julie’s other
    Veterinary Hospital the next day.         SFSR rescues, Sophia, Keegan, Serena
    Unfortunately, the vet told Cari that     and Cojack.
    because Jackson’s leg had been bro-
                                                                                                                                                Joey - no room at the inn             Dutchess - a frisky friend
                                              This was a collaboration of many Samo-
    ken for so long, the bone had calci-
                                              yed volunteers in saving the life of this                                                         Joey’s story is becoming all too      This bio was written by Dutchess’s new fam-
    fied and needed to be removed. After
                                              15 month old puppy. Please contact                                                                familiar to us. Because of the        ily: Because of a previous wonderful experi-
    his surgery he was fostered by SFSR
                                              us at to help transport,                                                          economic downturn and people          ence with SFSR, we adopted Dutchess, a
    president Bob Wackerman.
                                              foster or donate to SFSR.                                                                         losing their homes, dogs by the       sweet 4-year old female Samoyed, about 5
    To say the least, the trauma of those                                                                                                       thousands are being brought           months ago. She was undersized for her age
    two weeks and the removal of his rear                                                                                                       to the shelters by their own-         and in need of a loving home. Because of the
                                                                                                                                                ers. The shelters have become         generosity of the SFSR vet program, she had
                                       Balu - saved by an angel                                                                                 so overcrowded that dogs are          a shoulder cyst removed and a number of
                                                                                                                                                being euthanized for no other         broken teeth removed, which had been the
                                       Balu is a beautiful Sammy, and was rescued               Big Boy                                         reason then, there is lack of                                                                Einstein - full of energy!
                                                                                                                                                                                      source of her being so underweight.
                                       at the last minute before he was put to be put                                                           space. Joey is very lucky as
                                       down because of overcrowding in a shelter.               Big Boy (BB) is an eight year old                                                     Since then, she has grown into a beautiful,            Einstein is a Sammy mix who was
                                                                                                                                                SFSR learned about him at the
                                       The SFSR volunteer who rescued Balu did                  Samoyed, maybe mixed with a bit                                                       happy, and frisky companion. Dutchess loves            on death row before SFSR rescued
                                                                                                                                                last minute and pulled him. He
                                       miracles to save him. For many months Balu               of Great Pyrenees. He is an 85lb                                                      to go for long walks, rides in the car, prances        him. He was adopted by a mem-
                                                                                                                                                is now living a happy life in Los
                                       was in constant pain. With love, patience,               bundle of love who came to us with                                                    when she walks, and gives us an adorable               ber but brought back because he
                                                                                                                                                Gatos. Without your donations,
                                       time and money, Balu now lives in a lovely               a bout of Vestibular, which is similar                                                “arrooo” in the morning. We love Samoyeds,
                                                                                                                                                this would not have happened.                                                                has too much prankster in him.
                                       home and brings much joy.                                to vertigo in humans vestibular                                                       and Dutchess now completes our family. In              He is now with board member
                                                                                                causes a dog to feel as if the room                                                   short, she is a very sweet, loving dog and we
                                                                                                is spinning and they can experience                                                                                                          Terri’s pack and provides hours of
                                                                                                                                                                                      couldn’t be happier with her.                          laughter with clown-like antics.
                                      Nikki - a casualty of divorce                             nausea as well. It was a little difficult
                                                                                                for Big Boy to get up at first, but
                                      Nikki came from a family with 3 children in               now he is running around the yard,                                          Snowball - very sweet                         Anya - a close call
                                      Brentwood, CA. She was a casualty of a                    although he does lean a little to the
                                      divorce. The surrender form just said that they           left, and happy.                                                            Snowball came to us from                      Anya comes to us from Southern California. When
                                      could not care for her anymore. She celebrated                                                                                        Sonoma County with very                       SFSR heard she had only one day left before she
                                      her 10th birthday in September. She was                                                                                               little information, stressed                  would be put down because of overcrowding in the
                                      originally 102 lbs when she came to SFSR and                                                                                          out and dirty. After a good                   shelter, a volunteer jumped in her car and drove from
                                                                                                                                                                            rub in the tub he was good                    San Francisco to Los Angles and brought Anya to
    is now down to 75 lbs. She should weigh no more than 50 lbs. She is now on                                                                                              as new and soon adopted                       SFSR, all in one day. Fostered by Julie of Pampered
    medicine for hypothyroidism after testing showed her thyroid levels were a bit                                                                                          by a school teacher and her                   Pets she was given time and space to reassure her she
    low, contributing to her weight and lethargy.                                                                                                                           husband.                                      was in safe hands. Anya is now living the good life in
                                                                                                                                                                                                                          Antioch, CA.

4                                                                                           Volume 13 Issue 5 Winter 2011                   5       Volume 13Issue Winter 2011                  The Bridge                                                
                                 Barney - always ready to help
                                 Barney is a 7 year old Samoyed/German
                                 Shepherd mix who came to SFSR as a                                                                             Have a piece of SFSR that benefits SFSR
                                 puppy with his siblings and Samoyed                                                                            To order these and other items, please go to: ‘SFSR’ into the search bar, then pick the item
                                 mother. He was brought back to our                                                                             of your choice from the column in the left. You can pay by credit card or PayPal.
                                 rescue because his previous family could                                                                       You can also access CafePress thru our website
                                 not keep him due to health reasons. He
                                 is a gallant, outdoors dog who was lucky
                                 enough to be adopted by a loving woman
                                 who licensed Barney as a service dog. His
                                 new mom says: “I feel so very, very lucky       Yukon - larger than life
                                 to have Barney!”                                Yukon is a gorgeous, very large Samoyed mix
                                                                                 - a combination that made it difficult to find him
                                                                                 the right home. But when the Kellys met him,
                                 Casper - a striking lad                         it was love at first site, and Yukon joined his
                                 Casper is a 2 year old Samoyed who was          Siberian Husky mix brother (rescued from
                                 rescued from Martinez Shelter. Casper is a      Norsled and also named Yukon) in his new
                                 striking lad and is very playful and sweet.     forever home. He was renamed Barney and                           Baseball Cap                                 Mug                                     T-shirt
                                 His San Francisco foster family quickly fell    showed us all how happy and confident he is at                    Adjustable size, brushed cotton.             12oz. Dishwasher and                    100% cotton, pre-shrunk, three
                                 in love with him and adopted him. They          the 2010 picnic.                                                  Available in khaki or white. $17.            microwave safe. $15.                    color selections. $22.
                                 are quoted as saying, “He loves us and we
                                 love him. I think he is very happy.”

                                                                                                                                             Welcome to our new board members

                                                          In Memory
                                                          Pat Enslen an Original SFSR Board Member
                                                           Pat Enslen sadly passed away this year at the age of 80. A true northern
                                                           breed lover, she owned Alaskan Malamutes before falling in love with              Jodie Rothhouse                    Judy Mansfield                Jayne Kruse                     Amy Mason
                                                           Samoyeds, and becoming one of the premier female dog sledders in                  After volunteering at              I am involved in Samoyed      Samoyed’s have been a big       Currently a “Stay-at-home-
                                                           America. She was affiliated with SFSR and Sierra Nevada Dog Drivers.              a variety of non-profit            rescue, due entirely to my    part of my life for over 25     dog-Mom”, but previously
                                                                                                                                             organizations, I realized          Sammy, Sarah. I have previ-   years. I currently show in      worked 15 years in Human
                                                           Luna, You are loved and missed                                                    I wanted to put emphasis           ously been a volunteer for    confirmation, rally, obedi-     Resources specializing in
                                                                                                                                             where my heart is; animals.        the local shelters and have   ence, herding, and do skijor-   Compensation and Employ-
    Salty and Oso - Sadness to Sammy                                            Thanks to all of you who donated to SFSR and                 Since then, I became               been a long time member       ing with my Samoyeds. I am      ee Relations. Worked years
    Smiles                                                                      helped support Luna. You made three happy years              a licensed veterinary              of several animal welfare     a member of the Samoyed         volunteering weekly as a
                                                                                possible for her.                                            technician and concentrated        groups. My belief, is that    Club of America and the         computer docent. We have
    With heavy hearts we announce the pass-                                                                                                  my volunteer efforts on the        we have an ethical duty to    Barbary Coast Samoyed Club.     three wonderful Samoyed
    ing of long time SFSR member and Sammy                                      Abandoned by her previous owners, first in their
                                                                                yard, then at the shelter, Luna came to SFSR in              Oakland SPCA, the Lindsay          improve the condition of      I was the past President/       “fur-kids” Chica, Sage and
    lover Marcia Hopkins, who left behind                                                                                                    Wildlife Museum, and now,          homeless and neglected        Chairman of two success-        Sammy. Fell in love with
    her beloved Salty and Oso. Beautiful full                                   October 2007 at 11 years old. She had bald patches
                                                                                and skin infections, was lethargic and overweight.           SFSR. My involvement               animals. As Edward Everett    ful fundraising events called   Samoyeds over 17 years
    bred, Salty was the most recent addition                                                                                                 with SFSR brings a whole           Hale said, “I am only one,    Air Expo and The Wings for      ago, and decided it was im-
    to the Hopkins home. Oso, a Sammy mix                                       After many tests and x-rays, we learned that Luna
                                                                                had epilepsy, megaesophagus, hypothyroidism,                 different level of satisfaction.   but I am one. I cannot do     Charity Airshows. In coming     portant to get involved with
    (with freckles!) came to Marcia under more                                                                                               I enjoy focusing on                everything, but I can do      to SFSR, I wanted to help the   the “rescue” end. Since
    urgent circumstances, finding love, food,                                   alopecia, and autoimmune lung infections. Her
                                                                                hind legs couldn’t carry her more than 20 feet               fundraising which proves           something. And I will not     breed that has brought me so    then we have adopted two
    shelter, and companionship with Marcia                                                                                                   to be both challenging and         let what I cannot do inter-   much joy.                       rescues and have fostered
    after being abandoned at a foreclosed                                       before she’d fall down. She showed little interest
                                                                                in the humans around her. Six months at best, we             rewarding.                         fere with what I can do.”                                     others. Feels great knowing
    home. A concerned agent notified SFSR,                                                                                                                                                                                                    that we have helped a dog
    who rescued Oso and placed him that day                                     thought. We’ll give her a home and make her com-
                                                                                fortable for a few months until she’s ready to cross                                                                                                          find his/her forever home.
    with Marcia.
                                                                                the rainbow bridge. But Luna fooled us all. “I think                          Pat Hughes
    Thank you to the generosity of members                                      I’ll stick around and see what it’s like to be loved                          Sammies are my favorite dog because of their disposition, life expectancy,
    who sent well wishes and money, and a                                       before I leave this world,” she must have thought.                            and they get along with cats. The two I now have are both rescues. Just from
    special thank you to Julie Reichenbach for                                  Loved she was. And love she did--food and walks                               walking my dogs, I’ve learned that many Sammy owners I have met know
    fostering Salty and Oso. We are pleased to                                  and belly rubs. And life.                                                     nothing about SFSR. I wanted to get involved to get the word out.
    share they were adopted in June.                                            - Bev and Ron, Luna’s family.

6       Volume 13 Issue 5 Winter 2011                         The Bridge                                           7      Volume 13 Issue 5 Winter 2011                         The Bridge                                     
Gratitude and Blessings
In addition to all members and their generous donations we sincerely thank the veterinarians, rescue
organizations who help care for these dogs in transit to their new homes,
often providing the basics that save or restore their lives. Among these are:

Veterinary Services                                                    Rescue Organizations
Adobe Animal Hospital         Bayside Animal Hospital                  Norsled
4470 El Camino Real           6957 Douglas Boulevard                   Northern California Sled Dog Rescue
Los Altos, Ca 94022           Granite Bay, CA                          800-471-5822
650-948-9661                  916-791-8387                   
                                                                       Samoyed Rescue of Southern
Pets Unlimited                San Mateo Animal Hospital                California
2342 Fillmore Street          2320 Palm Ave                            714-956-6180
San Francisco, CA             San Ramon, CA                  
415-563-6700                  650-345-1655

Bishop Ranch Veterinary       Silicon Valley Pet Clinic
2000 Bishop Dr.               3100 El Camino Real #A
San Ramon, CA                 Santa Clara, CA
925-866-8387                  408-248-3844     

                  San Francisco Samoyed Rescue
                  P.O. Box 6852
                  San Carlos, CA 94070

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