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               En. Vol. XLIV. Nr. 172 - OFM Rome * E-mail: - 01. 01. 2011

Italy, Rome – Chapter of Mats for Houses Dependent on the Minister General
The houses dependent on the Minister General celebrated the Chapter of Mats in the “Fraterna Domus” of the city of
Sacrofano, Italy, from Nov. 26-28, 2010. The goal was twofold: to get to know one another and take a deeper look at the
journey made thus far by the Order according to the Document of the General Chapter, Bearers of the Gift of the Gospel,
and corroborated by subsequent documents promulgated by the General Definitory such as Starting Afresh from the
Gospel and the Moratorium.
The Chapter aimed during the first day of Nov. 27 to meet its first goal through a power point presentation and a witness
talk by one of the Friars of each house, so as to have a sense of the life and activities of each fraternity. The following day
was focused on the attainment of the second goal. After Morning Prayer and Eucharistic Adoration, the Minister General
spoke to the gathered assembly about the current journey being made by the Order in light of the document of the General
Chapter of 2009. The afternoon focused on the methodology being used to put into action the documents of the Order
with the goal of renewing the quality of life and mission through the Gospel from the perspective of Francis of Assisi. A
total of 125 Friars participated in the event from 9 international and multicultural fraternities that are dependent on the
Minister General. These fraternities are the General Curia with 48 Friars representing 22 nationalities; the Antonianum,
with 107 students from 35 nationalities and 59 CISA Friars (professors) from 21 nationalities; the Penitentiaries at the
Lateran with 8 Friars from 7 nationalities; the College of St. Isidores, 11 Friars from 6 nationalities; Palestrina 4 Friars
from 2 nationalities; Istanbul 4 Friars from 4 nationalities; Brussels 4 Friars from 4 nationalities; and Waterford, USA, 3
Friars from 2 nationalities.

Prayer for Peace in the Holy Land
The Third International Day of Intercession for Peace in the Holy Land, sponsored by the Pontifical Council for Justice
and Peace, will be celebrated from Jan. 29-30, 2011; it is an initiative born from the will to commit oneself in a serious
way for the cause of peace through intense days of prayer. The third edition of the International Day following the Synod
of Bishops for the Middle East coincided, on the one hand, with the beginning of the Fifth Extraordinary Prayer of all the
Churches for Reconciliation, Unity, and Peace and, on the other hand, with the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.
For further information about the event with updates, interviews, photos services, and films, go to Papaboys National
Association at, Youth for Life Apostolate at, and the Eucharistic Gathering at

New Franciscan Bishop
November 22, 2010, from Vatican City. Pope Benedict XVI appointed Br. Joseph Bonello, OFM, as Auxiliary Bishop
of Juticalpa, Honduras (surface: 24.341; population: 578.000; Catholics: 530.000; Priests: 23; Religious: 49). He was born
on April 4, 1961, in Xagħra – Gozo, Malta, and joined the Order of Friars Minor (Franciscans) on October 2, 1977 in the
Province of Saint Paul the Apostle in Malta. He made his Temporary Profession on October 1, 1978, and Solemn
Profession on August 28, 1983. He was ordained a deacon on June 29, 1984, and a priest on July 7, 1985, by the
imposition of hands of the-then Archbishop of Malta, Msgr. Giuseppe Mercieca. Before his appointment, he served as
Vicar General of the Diocese of Comayagua and Pastor of St. Anne Church in Libertad, both cities in Honduras.

Rome - JPIC Course at the Antonianum
The first JPIC course will take place at the Antonianum from May 3-14, 2011. The Order of Friars Minor feels urged by
some typical negative historical realities of our times that are marked by injustice.
While the mornings of the first five days will be based on the initiatives of JPIC facilitators, the afternoons will be
dedicated to the fundamental theoretical aspects of JPIC. As always, the course is open to all the Friars, religious, and
laity interested in attending. Keep in mind that the course will be conducted in Italian, English, and Spanish. For further
information go to:

Regula et vita Minorum Fratrum haec est, scilicet Domini nostri Jesu Christi sanctum Evangelium observare (RB I,1) 1
Brazil - Assembly of the International Council for the Missions and Evangelization
The International Council for both the Missions and Evangelization of the Order (CIME) concluded in Petrópolis, Brazil;
it was organized by the General Secretariat for both the Missions and Evangelization. From Oct. 22-30, the Delegates of
the Conferences, the Members of the Executive Committee, and General Secretariat all met together to present the reports
on evangelizing missions of the Conferences; they also discussed the Mandates which the General Chapter of 2009 laid
out in the final document, Bearers of the Gift of the Gospel, for the whole fraternity to draw up guidelines and decisions to
encourage the entire Order.
The participants have benefited from the Masters Program of Evangelization being offered in Petropolis which includes
participating in the local liturgy with the faithful and visiting the slums of Rochina and the Friars of that area. Stefano
Ottenbreit, a member of the Executive Committee, presented a synthesis of the evangelization project in the territory of the
Province of the Immaculate Conception where the Assembly of CIME unfolded. It was up to each of the participants to
bring this rich experience on evangelizing mission back to his own country.

Poland - Meeting of Guardians of the North Slavic Conferences
The Guardians of both Poland and Ukraine, along with Provincial Ministers of the North Slavic Conferences, gathered at
the Shrine of Kalwaria, Zebrzydowska, Poland, from November 22-25, 2010. It was promoted by the Secretariat for
Formation and Studies of the General Curia and by the same Conference in order to reflect on some documents of both the
Church and the Order, such as The Service of Authority and Obedience; Starting Afresh from the Gospel, Bearers of the
Gift of the Gospel, and Time Out to Discern. An Aid for a Moratorium.
Spearheaded by both Br. Witoslaw Sztyk (Katowice) and Br. Sergiusz Baldyga (Rome), the participants sought both as an
Assembly and small group discussions to tackle this topic and make proposals for the fraternities. The gathering was then
wrapped up with a round table discussion during which the Guardians were able to address various questions to the
Provincial Ministers.

7th Ongoing Formation Course on Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue in Istanbul
The Commission of Service for Dialogue in collaboration with the General Secretary for Evangelization offer to all Friars
Minor and the rest of the Franciscan Family a course on Ongoing Formation and Ecumenical and Interreligious Dialogue
in Istanbul in both Italian and Spanish. It will take place from Oct. 17-31, 2011. The topic will be on Formation to
Dialogue in the Franciscan Charism, Ecumenical as well as both Islamic-Christian and Judeo-Christian Dialogue. Part of
the course will include a 3-day-visit to the places of “the Churches of the Apocalypse”. The cost of the course is € 500,00.
The Friars interested can make their reservation by contacting Ruben Tierrablanca at or by fax
+90-212-2432791 no later than July 31, 2011. Only the first 20 Friars will be confirmed and will receive a detailed
program of the course, so make your reservations right away!

A Franciscan Passionate of Lepidopteron
Henk van Mastrigt was born in Holland in 1946; he entered the Order of Friars Minor in Weert in 1966. After finishing
his studies in finance, he left as a missionary for Papua, Indonesia, in the western region of New Guinea. The immense
forest there reawakened in him a love for nature. In the beginning, encouraged by the Director of WWF of Papua he
began to collect butterflies and moths. Soon his work and knowledge backed by the publication of about twenty scientific
articles, became a point of reference for students, universities, non-governmental organizations, and many nature lovers.
In the Convent of St. Francis in Jayapura, where he has a laboratory of etymology, there is a high-quality library which
contains the most complete collection of 65,000 lepidopterons specimen in the world.
In addition to his knowledge and scientific experience, Br. Henk also has the sensitivity of a son of St. Francis which leads
him to treat creatures as his sisters to be loved and respected because they reflect the Most High, Almighty Good Lord.
Therefore, for Br. Henk, all of nature is to be protected for love of God because it is his gift to us.
In 2011, he will reach the retirement age and will have to leave the Diocese of Jayapura. This will give him more time to
study the world of nature, continue to be a guide to the students, and realize his dreams of becoming a “gardener” of the
Eden of Papua. Read this article on Br. Henk in the June 2010 issue of National Geographic at

Regula et vita Minorum Fratrum haec est, scilicet Domini nostri Jesu Christi sanctum Evangelium observare (RB I,1) 2
Franciscan Bookmark
       The Anti-Modern St. Francis. Defending the Seraphic Father against Progressive Falsifications by Guido
        Vignelli, pp. 79. Who exactly was St. Francis of Assisi? Was he really that odd person full of good feelings,
        pacifist, ecumenical, pro-Islamic, ecologist, animal rights supporter, revolutionary, and rebel portrayed by so
        many books, newspapers, romances, comic books, musicals, comedies, and TV films? Or is this a gross and
        interested falsification that has prevailed only because it has never been contested? Drawing from the words of
        the saint himself, his early biographies, original sources, and relying on some probati auctores, Vignelli here
        refutes this false image, thus restoring the true identity of the Seraphic Father as an austere reformer,
        uncompromising, pugnacious, noble, generous, and a saint typical of the Middle Ages, and challengingly “anti-
        modern”. It is precisely this that makes him such fascinating and timeless a role model and an encouragement for
        Italians, especially those going through crisis at this time, so that they may recover their religious and civil
        mission of being healed from old vices and recent guilt trips .
       The Monasteries of Nuns Associated to the Mendicant Orders (Can. 614) by Claudio Durighetto, Vatican
        Publishing House, pp. 348.
        This volume addresses canonists and those who either are engaged in the administration of Institutes or look after
        monasteries of nuns. It is a sincere appreciation for cloister life and an insight specifically into canon 614 of
        Canon Law which deals with monasteries of contemplative nuns with papal enclosure that are associated with the
        Mendicant Orders. These are monasteries that have emerged through the Founders of these Orders and women
        who, fascinated by the evangelical adventure more apostolorum, began to live next to them “like Mary”. The
        author first embarks on a historical juridical journey by identifying the original structure of monasteries
        sanctimoniales. It then covers the essential phases leading up to the current codes. Its main focus is on canon 614,
        a brief canon, indeed, that is in harmony with the Conciliar Spirit to recognize the just autonomy of life and
        government of monasteries of nuns, while abolishing the unjust discriminations between male and female
        institutes. The monasteries may be associated with a male institute in a way that is merely spiritual, spiritually
        juridical, or simply juridical. Lastly, the author studies the concrete way with which the canon has been applied to
        the Constitutions of nuns.
       Blessed John Duns Scotus. Doctor of the Immaculate by Girolamo Pica, Ellenici-Velar Publishing House,
        Gorle, pp. 48. It is a popular and scientific work written by a member of the Scotistic Commission of Rome.
        More than 40 colored images and a final prayer make this book suitable to disseminate the knowledge and person
        of Blessed John Duns Scotus. Parishes and Centers interested in having copies at a reasonable discount may
        contact Velar Publishing House for Mr. Oscar Serra, cell: 348-5121773; e-mail:

Great and Small News
     Austria, Graz – The Liturgy of St. Clare put to Music: For the symposium, “Living Image of Light: Clare of
      Assisi”, the Franciscans of Graz produced on Nov. of 2010 a CD entitled, “Clarae Claritas: Office and Mass for
      the Solemnity of St. Clare of Assisi”. It is a combination of Latin Music and Gregorian Chant for the Liturgy of
      the Hours and Holy Mass on the occasion of the Feast of Clare of Assisi. Having been preserved in ancient
      editions in the Franciscan Convent of Graz, these songs were for centuries a cause of joy, meaning, and
      sensitivity surrounding the figure of St. Clare. The songs contained in the CD were produced under the direction
      of Prof. Franz Karl Prassl by 11 female students from the Institute School of Ecclesiastical Music and the Graz’s
      University of Arts. Additionally, along with the CD, there is a booklet with songs translated in both German and
      Italian in view of the 800 years of the founding of the Order of St. Clare. Click here!
      For copies, contact: Franziskanerkloster, Franziskanerplatz 14, A – 8010 Graz, Tel: (0043) 0316 82 71 72; E-
     Switzerland, Näfels – COTAF Conference of the Provincial Ministers: The COTAF held an Autumn
      Assembly in Näfels, Switzerland. For the 2012 COTAF session, there will be two special meetings: one with the
      General Definitory in the spring and the other with members of the Definitories of the Franciscan Transalpine
      Conference in the fall.
      During this COTAF Assembly Br. Jan Van den Eijnden, Prov. of Holland was re-elected as President, Br.
      Dominique Joly of the Province of the Three Companions was elected as Vice President, and Br. Markus Laibach
      and Br. Georg Andlinger were both re-elected as Secretaries. All are expected to do a three-year term.
     Albania – Scutari: Dec. 8, 2010, saw the conclusion of the final phase at the diocesan level for the canonical
      inquiry of the super martyrio of the Servants of God Msgr. Vinçenzo Prennushi, OFM Archbishop of Durazzo
      and 37 Companions of both the Servants of God of Luigi Paliq, OFM, and Gjion Gazulli, a Diocesan Priest.
      The inquiry concluded at the Cathedral of Scrutari in the presence of His Eminence Claudio Cardinal Hummes,
      OFM, Prefect Emeritus of the Congregation for the Clergy. For more info, go to:
     The Third St. Francis Fair Award: The Pontifical Antonianum University established the St. Francis Award
      for scientific works on topics pertaining to Sacred Scripture, Theology, Mariology, Law, Franciscan Philosophy,

Regula et vita Minorum Fratrum haec est, scilicet Domini nostri Jesu Christi sanctum Evangelium observare (RB I,1) 3
        Institutional History of the Order of Friars Minor, Values of the Gospel, Fundamental Law in the Legislation
        (Constitutions and Statutes) of the Institutes of Consecrated Life, and Marriage and Family and their challenges
        in the third millennium according to the documents of the Magisterial Teachings of the Church.
        Authors of scientific work issued during the year 2009-2010 written from the Historical-Critical perspective can
        qualify for this award and must be submitted to the Rector Magnificus by April 30, 2011. Click here to read the
        announcement for the competition. Click here to read the announcement of this competition.
       Religious Liberty: A Pathway to Peace is the theme for the 44th World Day of Peace which Pope Benedict
        reflected on giving the situation of the world and its conflicts. He chose this theme because as he stated, today in
        many parts of the world there exist various forms of restrictions or denials of religious freedom, from
        discrimination and marginalization based on religion, to acts of violence against religious minorities. Here, the
        Pope insisted on the inclusion of the right to religious liberty among human rights as an expression of a
        dimension that is both individual and communal; it is a vision that reflects the whole of the person while clearly
        distinguishing between the dimension of the citizen and that of the believer.
       The XIII General Chapter of the Secular Franciscan Order will unfold in San Paolo, Brazil, from Oct. 22-29,
        2011, at the Holy Faith Pastoral Center. Among the proposals received by the CIOFS presidency for a place to
        hold the General Chapter, the country of Brazil was chosen because it would be the first time that a General
        Chapter takes place in South America, where over one-third of the SFO and YouFra are quite consistent. The
        theme of the Chapter: To be Evangelized in order to Evangelize.
       International Meeting of YouFra. As part of the Franciscan Youth tradition, YouFra will be coming together
        during the days leading up to WYD from Aug. 12-15, 2011, in order to celebrate the International Gathering of
        YouFra, and share not only experiences since the last gathering in Sydney, but also the joy of being Christians
        with all the youth of the world.
       The Holy Land has now a new website at accessible in 8 languages (Italian, English,
        Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Arabic, and Portuguese). Its goal is to communicate news about the Holy
        land, show the beauty and richness of its Holy Places, be a voice for Christians there and make them more visible.
        The content is put up by the Custody of the Holy Land , the Franciscan Media Center, ONG ATS pro Terra
        Sancta, and The Publishing House of the Holy Land. It is a tool that will allow the world to be in contact with the
        Holy Land through news and images as well as discover thousands of facets of a world that is as complex as it is
       Added Activities of the General Definitory between the years 2011-2012. The General Definitory has added
        some dates to its main meetings during the year 2011. These activities are: the 2nd Congress of Presidents of the
        Conceptionist Franciscans from May 24-28, 2011; meeting of OFM Bishops from Sept. 25-28, 2011; the 2nd
        Congress of Presidents of Poor Clares from Feb. 5-12, 2012; the 2nd Congress of OFM Assistants to
        Contemplative Franciscans from Feb. 10-18, 2012; and the 4th Chapter of those Under Ten years of solemn
        profession from June 3-10, 2012.

New Minister Provincial
Br. Primo Piscitello, ofm, Guardian of the College of St. Isidore in Rome, was elected Minister Provincial of the
Immaculate Conception Province of New York in the United States.

Agenda of the Minister General
06 January: Epiphany of the Lord in the Church of Holy Mary in Aracoeli, Rome, Italy.
08 January: Meeting with Definitors of the CONFRES in Madrid, Spain.
10-16 January: General Definitorial Meeting at the General Curia in Rome, Italy
17-28 January: Meeting with newly elected Ministers Provincial at the General Curia in Rome, Italy.
17 January: Participation in the Theological Commission of USG in Rome, Italy.
17-18 January: Convention on Ecumenism and the Feast of the University and of the Great Chancellor of the PUA in
Rome, Italy.

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Regula et vita Minorum Fratrum haec est, scilicet Domini nostri Jesu Christi sanctum Evangelium observare (RB I,1) 4

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