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									Library Power Renovation Timeline

Convene a renovation team of eith to ten members, including the school library media
specialist, technology coordinator, principal, custodian, teachers, parents, and students.
Poll the school community for ideas and suggestions. Develop a strategic plan and
consider an overall theme.

Appoint job captains for various tasks. Assign captains to collect samples and price
quotes from various vendors. Recruit additional volunteers. Negotiate tentative work
schedules for district tradespeople. Arrange for networking of the school library center.

Submit purchase orders for furniture and equipment. (Do not delay this step- the time
period between purchase and delivery can be several months.) Install the network. Assign
four to six workers for a week to ten days to remove the collection from the shelves and
box it for temporary storage. Assign two district painters or six volunteers working for
one week to paint walls. Assign volunteers for up to two weeks, depending on their
numbers, to lightly sand and rough up metal shelves for painting.

Assign six to eight teachers, parents, and adult or student volunteers working for two
weeks to paint the bookshelves. (This includes drying time and a coat of polyurethane
finish for durability.) Apply decorative stenciling or wallpaper borders. Assign six to
eight workers to return the collection to completely dry shelves. Install blinds and
window treatments.

Assign three or four volunteers to assist your custodian to receive and place new furniture
according to the redesigned floor plan. Assemble any tables and other pieces that require
minor assembly. Arrange with custodians to clean and wax floors. Place area rugs in
proper activity and learning areas. Decorate the center with accessories.

Celebrate your accomplishments with several grand openings for students, teachers,
parents, and community partners. Publicize your success with local media, including
community newspapers, local televisions stations, and radio. Recognize all those who
have made contributions to your new school library media center.

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