printer by fanzhongqing


									             Printer cables
 Maximum    length for parallel cable is 15
  feet. (some say 10)
 25-pin DB male connector on cable
  connects to DB female connector on
 36-pin Centronics connector on printer end
  of connecting cable
             LPT Ports
Parallel Port I/O Address   IRQ

LPT1         378-37Fh 7
LPT2         278-27F        5
LPT3         3BC-3BFh 7 or 5
          Parts of a laser printer
 Photosensitive   drum- reacts to light
  – holds a charge except where it is exposed to
 Paper transport- 4 types of rollers that move
  paper through printer
  – This is where most paper jams occur!
 Primary   corona- main corona
  – located inside toner cartridge
  – uniformly charges drum to -600V
                   Parts cont.
 Transfer   corona- transfers image from drum to
  – transfer corona charges the paper
  – the charged paper pulls toner from drum to paper
 Fusing   roller- permanently melts toner to page
  – this is why laser printer pages are hot
            includes printer RAM
 Controller-
 Power supply- high-voltage AC and DC
        Steps in laser printing
 Cleaning
  – Before page is printed, remnants of previous
    print are swept away
  – Rubber blade sweeps left-over toner away
  – Fluorescent lamp removes any remaining
    electrical charge on drum
 Conditioning
  – The primary corona (AKA main corona) wire
    uniformly charges drum to -600V
                 Steps cont.
 Writing
  – image of page is created on drum
  – where laser beam contacts drum, the charge is
    reduced to -100V from -600V
  – the controller loads sheet of paper to the
    registration roller of the paper transport system
 Developing
  – Creating print image on drum
  – the iron particles in toner cartridge are attracted
    to the areas of drum exposed by laser
                 Steps cont.
 Transferring
  – image transferred to paper
  – sheet of paper at registration roller is given a
    positive charge
  – negatively charged toner on drum is attracted
    onto positively charged paper
 Fusing
  – fusing rollers apply heat and pressure to toner
  – toner melts and permanently bonds to paper
 Remember…steps of laser print
 1. Cleaning       California
 2. Conditioning   Cows
 3. Writing        Won’t
 4. Developing     Dance
 5. Transferring   The
 6. Fusing         Fandango!

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