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					                                                                                                   1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                                                    Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                                                     Ph: (425) 462.7300

Dear Organization Administrator:

You may have heard that a new company has opened in Bellevue to remanufacture/refill/recycle inkjet and laser toner cartridges.
In an effort to get things off the ground, we have two programs directed at organizations.

First as you likely realize, the price of printer supplies is getting more affordable…but the reality is that before long you will have
spent more for the ink than you did for the printer! Rapid Refill Ink can help. We offer remanufactured, guaranteed OEM quality
inkjet and laser toner cartridges with an average cost savings of approximately 50% or more. If you do not achieve the printing
quality equal to or better than a brand name product, we will refund your money.

Why Remanufacture/Recycle/Refill-Recycled cartridges offer a huge savings of up to 50% or better off the cost of new cartridges
and reduce the environmental impact of discarding cartridges. Help to eliminate a major percentage of the 1.8 billion cartridges
going to land fills! Each cartridge we remanufacture is tested & re-tested resulting in superior print quality.
Rapid Refill Ink – Service / Benefits-We refill all brands of Laser, Inkjet, Bubblejet, copiers, printers and fax machines. We only
remanufacture cartridges with the highest quality products, therefore, our services and products are 100% guaranteed - (print yield
and quality meet or exceed original manufacturer’s specifications.)
       All cartridges are remanufactured using our exclusive six point quality assurance process – the end result is a cartridge
        that has 10-15% more ink than the original, it has been remanufactured, tested, re-tested and returned to the consumer at
        savings approximately 50% better than the original costs.
       Free Pick up and delivery of all cartridges for local businesses just call anytime or set up a regular schedule.
       As an introductory special – we will have our technicians schedule a convenient time to come to your office and clean all
        of your printing equipment – NO CHARGE. “Clean Equipment Just Works Better!”
       We will help your office/organization to recycle not – replace! Inkjet cartridges can be refilled in some cases up to 15 times.
       ‘Say No to Landfill & Yes to Refill’
                                           100% Satisfaction Guaranteed on Every Cartridge!

Savings Example’s - If you are purchasing new inkjet cartridges from a major office supply or retailer you may be paying:
 HP 51645     Black        $28.98 (average of 5 majors)         Remanufactured              Life cycle savings for 1-cartridge
                                                                $16.50                      $209.70
 Epson SO 189 Black        $16.98 (average of 5 majors)         Remanufactured              Life cycle savings for 1-cartridge
                                                                $7.00                       $165.00
                                                                        (Life cycle savings based upon 15 remanufactured/refills)

                                                                          1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                           Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                            Ph: (425) 462.7300

Laser Toner Cartridges:
We replace key components ensuring integrity and life-span of the cartridge. In a laser toner cartridge there
are a few components within the shell that can and should be replaced at each remanufacturing. Rapid Refill
Ink replaces each of these components every time we remanufacture a laser toner cartridge assuring print
quality and cartridge longevity, far exceeding the original manufacturer’s specifications. Each toner cartridge
that we remanufacture is refilled with the finest toner inks in the world with an average of 10-15% more toner
in each cartridge (another savings).
Savings Example’s - If you are purchasing new laser toner cartridges from a major office supply or
retailer you may be paying:
HP 7115X              $84.95 (average of five majors)      Remanufactured $49.95     Life cycle -cartridge-endless!
HP 92274X             $79.99 (average of five majors)      Remanufactured $39.95     Life cycle 1-cartridge-perpetual!
                                                                                           (No limit on number of

We have also defined a fundraising program that can be instituted school wide which I have enclosed
information on.

Best regards,

John Lotzkar
Rapid Refill Ink
P. 425-462-7300
F. 425-462-6303

                                                                                       1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                                        Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                                         Ph: (425) 462.7300

Cartridge Recycling Program Benefits All!
Dear Organization Recycling Coordinator and Principal, we appreciate you considering the Rapid Refill Ink - Recycling
Program. We commend you on your effort to instill recycling habits that your students will have for a lifetime. Rapid
Refill Ink has recently opened a store at 3570 West 11th to accommodate the wonderfully expanding program of
cartridge recycling/remanufacturing/refilling.

The Rapid Refill Ink Inkjet and Laser Toner Cartridge Recycling Program, a low effort, no cost fundraiser that helps the
environment and earns money for your school, church, or organization has two possible components:

First a cost effective way for you and your staff to have your inkjet and laser toner cartridges refilled/remanufactured
saving you up to 50% on most cartridges reducing your office operating expenses. We will provide you a drop box and
come by to collect your cartridges on a weekly basis and bill you monthly on a blanket purchase order or multiple PO #’s
by department or teacher.

Quality: The inkjet cartridges are put through our seven step quality control process.
          Remove all the old ink from your cartridge
          Clean and inspect your cartridge
          Refill with ink at or above the original specifications specifically formulated for each type of cartridge –
            usually with 10 -15% more ink in each cartridge.
          Re-pressurize the cartridge
          Test and re-test on the appropriate printer with a unique precision testing procedure.
          Manually clean, weigh and seal the refilled cartridge which is then ready to provide quality printing results.
             (All to provide state-of-the-art quality control and a recycled inkjet cartridge which should perform as new?)
            After it is refilled and tested it will be returned to the location where it was picked up.

         The toner cartridge remanufacturing process ensures a high quality and high yield cartridge. We achieve this by
         replacing all of the moving parts to guarantee you a high quality product.

Secondly simply establish a no-effort, on going fundraiser for your entire school or any department or group that will
benefit by such a program. This is simple – just get the message out to the students and community that the school is
benefiting by a cartridge recycling program and watch the cartridges flow in - each empty cartridge is worth from $1 -$3.
We will pick up these empties weekly and send a check out monthly.

To help support these efforts Rapid Refill Ink will provide you with resource materials to inform and motivate your staff
to use our refilling/remanufacturing process and information for your students and the community notifying them of the
recycling efforts. You will receive a well marked cartridge collection bin to aid in your cartridge collections.

How do you get started collecting and recycling empties?

        Just call us and we will be pleased to answer any questions and when you are ready to launch the program, we
         will deliver the materials and meet with anyone who will be directly involved.

         (425) 462.7300

                                                                             1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                              Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                               Ph: (425) 462.7300

             Official Rapid Refill Ink - Coordinator Guidelines

                       “Say No to Landfill & Yes to Refill”
    By participating in the Rapid Refill Ink Recycling Program, your organization will:

             1. Earn money for laser and ink jet cartridges collected. The more cartridges collected, the more
             money your organization can earn.

             2. Teach the community the importance of environmental responsibility and conservation.

             3. Increase your visibility in the community by being a collection center for the recycling of these

   How much money can we expect to make from           That is up to you. The more cartridges you send in, the
    the cartridges?                                     more money you make! Actively participating schools earn
                                                        an average of $100 per month or $1,200 yearly. (one school
                                                        we just got started with made $64 the first week over $3000 the
                                                        1st year)

   Which cartridges are accepted by Rapid Refill       Some cartridges you send in cannot be refilled and,
    Ink? Do the pricings ever change for the            therefore, have no value. Rapid Refill Ink buys over 100
    cartridge?                                          different types of inkjet and toner cartridges prices vary
                                                        from time to time. Program coordinator will be notified
                                                        regularly with current pricing.

   What is the payment process?                        Rapid Refill Ink will issue checks on a monthly basis.

   Where do we collect cartridges from?                Cartridges can be brought from home, or parents can bring
                                                        them from work. Local businesses such as banks, hotels,
                                                        car dealerships and law offices are usually large
                                                        contributors to the cartridge recycling industry.

    We look forward to our new partnership with your organization and creating a better environment for all!

                                                                                 1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                                  Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                                   Ph: (425) 462.7300


Since there are several partners in this program, you’ll need to know who is in charge of what. Below, you’ll find
a brief synopsis of who is taking care of which responsibilities.

Rapid Refill Ink will:

        Supply bins at no charge, which will be maintained to ensure maximum efficiency and cleanliness.
        Work with you to provide community-wide publicity to develop local interest in recycling and conserving our
         natural resources.
        Communicate regularly with your organization to update you on the progress of the program and new events
         surrounding the recycling efforts.
        Report the amount of recyclable laser and ink jet cartridges collected from your organization.
        Distribute the revenue earned from Rapid Refill Ink directly to your organization.

Responsibilities of the program coordinator:

        Continue to promote the program with the staff to the students, parents, community members.
        Communicate with Rapid Refill Ink regarding progress of program, questions, comments and concerns.

Here are some guidelines on how to make your recycling program simple, smooth and successful. Every
organization will be able to personalize its program.

    1.   Place your Rapid Refill Ink bins where they will be highly visible and easily accessible to community members
         and staff.
    2.   Determine a coordinator so that we can develop a clear, consistent line of communication.
    3.   Announce the program to the community and staff. Keep them updated on the organization efforts to keep them
         motivated and focused on this important project. Support any collection effort, no matter how small.
    4.   Inform your supporters, staff and business partners…. – they might be interested in kicking off a laser and ink
         jet cartridge-collection drive as a fundraiser for the organizations.
    5.   Suggest a laser and ink jet cartridge-collection drive to your school groups such as the band, clubs and other
         student organizations.
    6.   Notify parents and the local business community that your school is ready to collect their laser and ink jet
         cartridges for recycling.

                                                                      1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                       Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                        Ph: (425) 462.7300

                           Reimbursement Agreement Form

All financial reimbursements from participating in the Rapid Refill Ink program should be made payable to:
_______________________________ (organization).         Checks will be distributed monthly. These terms
have been agreed upon by those participating in the program.         The check should be mailed to the
organization contact and address listed below:

_______________________                                               ________________________

Rapid Refill Ink, Coordinator                                         Date: Friday, May 18, 2012

Organization: ______________________________________________________________________

Coordinator: _______________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ___________________________________________________________________________

E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________________

Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

City: ______________________________________           State: ________________        Zip: _______



                                                                          1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                           Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                            Ph: (425) 462.7300

Dear Supporter:   (Sample Letter)

Our organization has some exciting news. We’ve just joined the Rapid Refill Ink- Empty Cartridge
Recycling Program! This innovative new drop-off program provides a convenient location for collecting
laser toner and ink jet cartridges while it raises funds for our school.

The Rapid Refill Ink recycling Program is intended not only for school use, but also for use by the
community. Our organization will receive money for the cartridges we collect from staff, and community

Here’s how it works: staff, parents, friends and community members drop off their empty inkjet and laser
toner cartridges at any of your locations. Periodically, a Rapid Refill Ink representative will pick up the
empty cartridges collected at our locations. Those cartridges are counted and the current market value is
determined. Rapid Refill Ink will then quickly cut a check to our organization. So the more recyclables we
collect the more money we receive for our organization.

An inkjet collection bin, clearly marked and accessible during normal hours, will be placed at our location.
You can drop off your recyclables whenever it’s convenient for you or you may choose to collect them at
your office and arrange to have them delivered to the organization.

Acceptable laser and ink jet cartridges typically include various sizes of the following brands: HP, Canon,
Sharp, IBM, Apple, Xerox, Epson, Lexmark and many more...

I hope you will start bringing your empty laser and ink jet cartridges to our organization immediately to
help us raise funds. In addition, please urge your neighbors, employer, church or civic groups to
participate in the RAPID REFILL INK -- Recycling Program.

Not only is this an easy way to raise funds, it also teaches people a valuable lessons about the variety of
materials that can be recycled as well as helps them develop life long patterns of recycling.

Rapid Refill Ink remanufactures/refills all inkjet and laser toner cartridges at their store front- if you would
prefer to have your cartridge remanufactured at approximately 50% cost savings you can take your
cartridge in, tell them you are supporting the schools recycling program and they will credit us with your
business – another source of fund raising.

So start saving your laser and ink jet cartridges today. We look forward to your enthusiastic participation!

Thank you,

Food For Lane County

I've tried recycled cartridges before and they didn't work. What has changed?

                                                                     1930 116th Avenue NE
                                                                      Bellevue, WA 98004
                                                                       Ph: (425) 462.7300
The standards by which cartridges are re-manufactured will vary from company to company. Rapid
Refill Ink only uses the highest quality products on the market. Some of these products have less
frequent defects than the manufacturer's original equipment. Our inks are compatible and meet or
exceed the original manufacturer’s specifications for viscosity, contrast and type – resulting in better
print quality and more printings.

Are recycled cartridges environmentally sound?
In 1989, 40,000 tons of non-biodegradable plastics were thrown into our landfills. Every year since,
that amount has grown even larger – in 2002 estimated at 78,000 tons. Every toner cartridge contains
oil and is made up of approximately four pounds on non-biodegradable parts that will pollute the
environment forever. Every time you use a recycled toner cartridge, you help to reduce the amount
of plastic thrown into our landfills.

Will using a recycled toner cartridge void my warranty?
No, No, No! Absolutely not! Federal law prohibits any company or person from requiring you to
purchase only their product. The federal Trade Commission protects your right as a consumer to
purchase the product or service of your choice. If someone tells you that they will void your
warranty if you use a recycled cartridge, you need to know that your rights are protected under the
Magnusson-Moss Warranty Federal Trade Commission Improvement Act, Section 101.

How many times can we refill an empty cartridge?
A much tougher question to answer, given the many variables in the re-filling process. With proper
care and maintenance the overall average is between 10- 15 remanufactures for a cartridge with a
print head (HP, Lexmark, and most Canon) and from 3-8 for the ink-tank style (Epson, Xerox, and

Will it ruin my printer?
No a cartridge that has been properly re-manufactured will not cause damage to your equipment. It is
important to use re-manufactured equipment from a manufacturer experienced in the proper methods
of recycling. Rapid Refill Ink only uses manufacturers who have the highest standards for

How should I care for and store my cartridge when not in use?
Place in a sealed zip-lock bag with a moist towel (paper towel dampened with water). Do not cover
print head with moist towel as this can cause mixing of the colors. Try not running you cartridge
completely dry – this is not good for your printer or the cartridge.

Will I get the same number of printed pages from a re-manufactured cartridge?
We guarantee you will get at least the same number of printed pages from our remanufactured
products as you will get from a new cartridge – most cartridges are refilled with an average of 10-
15% more ink.


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