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					Time Line for Taj Teblaw Campaign (Almanac – Orc Reckoning)
        Entries on the time line are broken into relevance by date, then overall area of relevance, and then detail.
The dates are in standard human format (for my ease of use). The overall areas of relevance are in CAPITALS
for easy ID tagging. Each tag is hyphenated (general category – specific category). Although the specific
categories will vary greatly, the general categories will remain in the following format:

ORC            related to the Orc Empire.
PARTH          related to North Avalon (a.k.a.: Parthenia).
WAV            related to West Avalon.
ISLE           related to Avatar Isle.
ELF            related to the Salatia.
DWARF          related to Duskkar.
MARSH          Related to the Black Marsh and/or the Dragons there.
ALL            related to general knowledge known publicly

        From 5660 OR to near the end of 5661 OR, The Orc Empire was conducting a war of extermination
against the Humans in both West and North Avalon. Elven forces entered into the picture late in the fray. They
were able to secure a footing within North Avalon. With the combined strength of the Humans and the Elves,
and a lucky kill of the Tavo Sa (Orc leader), they managed to drive out the Orcs in the North. King Thomas
Ariello renamed their country “Parthenia” and they entered a phase of post-war rebuilding.
        West Avalon was not as lucky. The Orcs hit them first and hardest. Within the first year of battle the
Humans of West Avalon had been subjugated. They were reduced to a slave race – living in concentration
camps and holding onto life by a thread. A few Humans have managed to escape and or avoid capture. They
have become the “Modassa” – a resistance organization. They rebel against the Orc occupation but do so
almost entirely alone.

The following timeline begins from this point…

Year 5,661 - days 335 through 365 (December 1st through 31st)
                               Duke Jeremy launched an ambitious building project in the wrecked center of
                               Blackport today. "We're looking at having a brand new, fantastic Cathedral here
                               in town within the next few months. We've got some other projects in the works
                               too. It's going to be fantastic!" Although hopeful, many believe that supply and
                               funding shortages are likely to bog the project down. Civil unrest and black-
                               marketeering continue to plague the town.

                               Reports of Orc Wolf Rider scouts in the area around Cardonna and Blackport
                               have begun to surface. Many believe it is a precursor to a secondary invasion
                               attempt by the Orcs. Others believe that they are left-over remnants from the last
                               invasion - once warriors, now bandits. King Thomas has sent out Rangers to
                               locate and neutralize the threat.

                               Well-known "man of the people", Father Locke of Parthenia, undertakes what he
                               calls a "mission of hope" for the people of the land. He leaves Cardonna on a
                       whirlwind trip to visit a number of the smaller villages and townships in central
                       Parthenia. "Our people have suffered greatly due to the Orc invasion. It is my
                       mission to bring them hope, healing and help. If the leadership of this country
                       cannot act - I shall" said Father Locke as he left the City gates. His comments
                       brought cheers and praise from the local commoners who had flocked out to see
                       him off. Concerns for his safety were raised by the local Constabulary "a lot of
                       that territory is still wild and filled with danger. I hope those mercenaries he hired
                       can handle it" (referring to the OPM crew, a relatively new band out of Blackport,
                       hired on as security detail for this trip).

12/04/61   PARTH / ISLE - PIRATES
                       A supply ship carrying much needed cargo from Salatia was boarded and
                       plundered by Avatar Isle pirates. The crew of the Ramsey (the Parthenian vessel)
                       was spared but their ship and cargo were lost. The Blackport Corsairs attempted
                       chase but could not find the pirates. "There's not much we can do with so few
                       ships, men and provisions" said Commodore Rabin Montoya of the Corsairs "we
                       need more support from the leadership".

                       Pope Elias of the Trinity Church of Parthenia has called for a gathering of clergy
                       from throughout the land. He wants to conduct a mass blessing of the people and
                       discuss plans for the annual Sol Inviticus Festival wherein the life-giving power
                       of the Sun is celebrated and the Almighty Trinity is thanked for blessings. "With
                       so much loss over the past two years, we feel it is vital that we host a grand
                       festival for the good of the people. Let them know that things are all right now
                       and getting better. And we can also reaffirm the faith of many and cast out any
                       dark forces that may be near". Inside sources say that the Pope also plans to
                       unveil a tentative plan that would outlaw non-church sanctioned Arcana for the
                       King's review.

                       During the war, a clutch of hidden spellbooks containing ancient Arcana were
                       found in the Botjan Que Mountains, south of Parthenia. These texts were shared
                       between the allied forces with some going to the Parthenians and others being
                       sent back to Salatia for study. After months of examination and work, the Elven
                       Magus have successfully copied the spells and happily announce the discovery of
                       a whole new depth of Arcana. "We are sure that this new knowledge will
                       strengthen us against any potential foe. Should the Orc ever attempt another
                       assault on Salatian lands or that of its allies, they will sorely regret it now" said
                       Oskus Yuriai, Master Mage of Salatia. The Parthenian counterparts have not been
                       as successful thus far.

12/07/61   ALL / ORC - DREADNAUGHT
                       The Empire proudly unveiled it's new class of warship - the Dreadnaught.
                       Concieved, designed and built by Gnomes serving the Empire in Macbelly, the
                       ship is the largest and toughest ocean-going weapon ever created. "This thing can
                       flatten a city! This thing can take any beating! Hell, it's even magic-resistant!"
                       boasted Hog Qu Norros'k - Orc Task Master of Macbelly.

12/08/61   ORC - NEW TAVO SA
                       After a near civil war and a number of other internal conflicts, the Judicators of
                       the Orc Empire have elected Edo'Gun as the new regent of the realm. Some are
                       still bitter about the decision but once Edo proves himself in combat, he will have
                       secured the position. Of course, there are many a slip 'tween a cup and the lip so
                       his ascendancy is not yet guaranteed. There still remains plenty of conflict within
                       the empire and the Tavo Sa is not crowned just yet.

12/09/61   PARTH - FOR SALE
                       Duke Jeremy McLaughlin places his prize ship - the Red Courage (a light, fast
                       caravel) up for sale at a premium price. According to the Duke's aides, he plans
                       to donate a portion of the proceeds to the hungry and poor of Blackport.

                       Father Locke's caravan is attacked by a roving band of wild-eyed Gibberlings.
                       Father Locke's hired protectors (the OPM crew) manage to fend off the attack.
                       After the battle, they remember that they are only a few miles from Killian
                       Township. They break camp and make haste to the village.

                       The Human village of Killian in Parthenia, already ravaged by the Culling War, is
                       set upon by hordes of Gibberlings. The people gathered in the two substantial
                       buildings of the town - the Inn and the Church. Some didn't make it to safety and
                       were killed in the streets. It appeared as though all would be lost as the
                       Gibberlings assaulted both buildings and began pressing through the windows and
                       beating down the doors. Fortunately, the well-known "man of the people", Father
                       Locke, came to the rescue along with his hirelings, a security band called OPM.
                       Father Locke and the OPM forces managed to secure the church and drive off or
                       kill the majority of the Gibberling attackers. Sadly, there were not enough
                       defenders to protect both locations and those trapped at the Inn were eventually
                       overwhelmed by the Gibberlings. Still, where there could have been total loss,
                       some life was saved thanks to Father Locke and the OPM defenders.

12/12/61   PARTH - SOLD!
                       Duke Jeremy's ship - the Red Courage was sold. The resulting profits provided
                       some much-needed relief to the people. At least for a few days, the people of
                       Blackport are satiated.

                       The OPM crew seeks out the lair of the Gibberling forces in the area around
                       Killian. They manage to infiltrate, eventually kill the Queen and defeat another
                       significant count of the vile creatures. With their leader dead, Queen dead and
                       morale broken; the remaining Gibberlings break and run from the territory. It is
                       believed that the OPM crew manages quite a haul from the lair - an added bonus.

12/13/61   SPC / IPC / PARTH - STAY AWHILE

                      Father Locke and the OPM crew decide to stick around the wrecked village of
                      Killian until reinforcements arrive. The OPM crew distributes a fair amount of the
                      wealth they captured from the Gibberling Lair, to the people of Killian. The
                      sharing of the wealth is a small but significant gesture that will surely help those
                      desperate and destitute survivors.

12/20/61   WAV / ORC - TERROR ALERT
                      The West Avalon township of Fundoir was victim today to an early morning rash
                      of fire-bombings that claimed 5 lives and 3 buildings. Claiming responsibility for
                      the attacks was the Human-led resistance movement "Mossada". A letter pinned
                      to the wall near one of the attacks read "We will strike at the Orc enemy in his
                      homes, his beds and his stores. We will fight the Orc until Avalon is free of them
                      and we can live in peace once more. Orcs go home!" To which, the local Orc
                      Marshal replied "These damned human scum have no idea what kind of game
                      they are playing! When we catch them - and we will - death will seem a pleasant
                      alternative to what we will do." 50 human slaves were then executed at the
                      nearby work camp in retribution for the attacks.

                      The lair of a Black Dragon was breached today by a treasure-seeking band of
                      Dwarves. The dragon mother was away and the two hatchlings in the lair were
                      killed. "This must be avenged!" she cried to Chrono Epsis, the Dragon
                      Godfather. Retaliatory action has yet to be taken by the dragons.

12/21/61   MARSH / DWARF - GUARDS
                      Chronos Epsis, in response to the Dwarven incursion, puts the Tiger Stripe
                      Lizardman clan in charge of guarding the Southwestern region of the marsh. A
                      group of Lizardman hunters, along with a dragon, are sent to find and kill the
                      intruders but they have already disappeared back into the earth by then.

                      Duva Mon'Glek - local Orc Marshall at Fundoir, was killed today in a freak
                      carriage fire that totally consumed him and his carriage in only moments.
                      Witnesses said that the Marshall was screaming in pain and terror as he tried to
                      escape but the doors of the carriage were stuck fast. Again, reports came in
                      shortly thereafter that the marshal's murder was committed by the Modassa as
                      retribution for the execution of the 50 humans recently. The deputy marshal, after
                      taking his position as new ranking marshal - personally slaughtered another 50
                      human slaves. He later commented: "They want to play? Let's play! I'm no
                      weakling - I'll be ready for you Modassa. Bring it on!"

                      The annual Sol Inviticus (Festival of the Sun) kicks off throughout Parthenia.
                      This week-long event is usually marked with parties, gift exchanges, festive
                      decorating and religious communion. It is the people's way to acknowledge the
                      end of the darkest days of winter and welcome back the sun and it's life giving
                      power. It is also a time of thanks and sharing, in honor of the Trinity and it's
                      blessings. With things as tight as they are, there is much less of all that than there

                       had been in pre-war years. But, the time brings hope for the future. In Blackport,
                       Duke Jeremy hosts a grand banquet for the people. Although many were not able
                       to get in due to space restraint, everyone got a little something. In Cardonna, the
                       Pope and the King held a grand communion and foretold of great advancements
                       to come through the next year and an end to evil - quite uplifting. Celebrations in
                       other townships were small and somber, as most of the townspeople are in
                       mourning for someone they lost to the war. "Man of the People" Father Locke
                       chose not to head to Cardonna for the Festival but instead remained in Killian
                       Township to help the people there. In his stead, he sent one of his followers back
                       with a sermon about life, death, rebirth and a reminder to the leadership that those
                       who have should use what they got for those who have not.

12/25/61   ALL / PARTH - GIFTS
                       Sol Inviticus continues with the exchange of gifts and wishes for a better new
                       year. In Killian, Father Locke and his men are treated with reverence and
                       gratitude. The people give them what little they can - some well-made meals,
                       descent hospitality and their thanks. Father Locke and his men return the favors
                       with blessings, enriched seeds for the harvest and their volunteered labor to fix the
                       damages to the town.

                       The Orc Empire started transplanting human slave populations within the West
                       Avalon province. Hundreds of Orc infantry and Wolf Rider Scout troops are
                       overseeing the movements. The majority of these movements involve the areas in
                       and around Fundoir.

12/29/61   PARTH - SERMON
                       In observance of the Sol Inviticus celebrations, church leaders continue to deliver
                       a number of flowery speeches, giving hope to the masses in Parthenia. In stark
                       contrast to that, Father Locke - well known "speaker of the people" - blasts the
                       leadership with a fiery sermon that works the people up, throughout the country.
                       In Blackport, rioting was considered probable but thanks in part to the generous
                       actions on the part of Duke McLaughlin in selling his ship and donating the
                       proceedings to the people a couple of weeks ago, such a threat was avoided.

                       In Parthenia, the Sol Inviticus Festivals come to an end with the dawning of the
                       new year. The Orc Empire celebrates their God Larthan with gladiatorial games
                       and sacrifices that carry over into the new year. Salatia reviews its annual
                       Spectacle Arcanus (Grand year-end show) at their capital of Kayle. Humans in
                       West Avalon (those that are free in hiding) gather together to thank God and to
                       pray for their bretheren. All races observe their various end of year rituals and
                       prepare for what is sure to be an exciting and defining new year.

                                       5,662 OR
Year 5,662 - days 1 through 31 (January 1st through 31st)
01/01/62   ORCS - HAPPY NEW YEAR
                         The Empire celebrates the start of their new year with gladiatorial games, hunts
                         and tests of warrior strength throughout the land. After a full day of combat in
                         "The Pit" (the coliseum of Lur Dech), the mightiest of warriors are chosen to
                         accompany Edo'Gun (the new Tavo Sa) on his ritual pilgrimage to Titan's Fall,
                         the resting place of the Orc hero - Larthan.

01/01/62   PARTH - REBUTTLE
                         Duke McLaughlin answers Father Locke's statement with a speech of his own.
                         His words encourage action from the people.

                         With fanfare and cheers, Tavo Sa Edo'Gun returns to Lur Dech in Triumph - a
                         giant black dragon head atop his chariot and the blessing of their hero-god
                         Larthan about his brow. This marks the first of three rites of ascension the Tavo
                         Sa must make to gain full acceptance as the ruler of the empire.

                         A group of West Avalon human thieves attempted to break into Royal libraries in
                         the Parthenian capital of Cardonna. Reports have it that these thieves were
                         attempting to locate and steal the newly acquired Arcana seized by allied forces
                         during the war. Out of 8 thieves, only 2 survived the attempt, including Rufus,
                         their leader. This is what he had to say as they took him to prison: "We of the
                         Modassa are a desperate people! We need that power to save ourselves from the
                         Orc! If Parthenia will not help us willingly, then we will take what we need!
                         Anyone who stands by and watches their fellow humans die instead of rushing to
                         their aid is as guilty as the aggressor and worse yet - a coward! Cowards and
                         traitors to their kind will burn in hell with the Orcs!" Parthenian leadership is
                         withholding comment pending an investigation.

                         A Dwarven adventuring party tries to enter the Black Marsh in search of a dragon
                         horde to raid but are intercepted by Lizardman guards and ripped to shreds.

01/06/62   WAV / ORCS - SUPPLY RAIDS
                         Brigand forces raid local farming and peasant caravans throughout the areas south
                         and west of Justaire. They make off with supplies and such. Orc settlers are
                         outraged and demand protection from the Marshals.

                         Pope Elias Hope organizes a grand mass throughout all the churches in Parthenia.
                         All together on this day, as the sun dawns, all the churches sang as one voice,
                         prayed as one people and worshipped the one three facets of the one true god.
                         The experience was quite moving for many Parthenians who, after such a
                         devastating war, needed the boost. "I was loosing my faith but when I

                      participated in this miracle, I was renewed! Praise God!" - Terrance Muntz,
                      Blackport dock-worker.

                      Sources in Macbelly report that a band of highly skilled human and elven agents
                      attempted to steal one of the mighty dreadnaught warships recently built by the
                      Gnomes for the Empire. As the leadership had expected something like this,
                      many precautions were in place and served to successfully foil the attempt. Two
                      of the 6 operatives are believed to have been killed in the attempt but the
                      remaining forces escaped, taking their fallen comrades with them, preventing
                      absolute identification of the enemy. Divine sources seem to indicate that they
                      may have been Parthenian in nature.

                      Multiple small-scale fire-bombings took place today within the city of Khan. No
                      deaths were reported but some buildings and carriages were damaged. The local
                      Orc Marshal is holding off on punishment until he is sure of the culprits. He had
                      this to say: "We know it's Modassa but I don't want to impale the wrong humans -
                      that won't do me any good." Still, food rations for humans have been suspended
                      until the responsible party or parties is identified.

01/09/62   ALL - FREE THE SLAVES
                      King Thomas of Parthenia offers solace and safety to refugees and escaped slaves
                      - especially the Gnomes held in slavery by the Orc Empire. "There is a better
                      life! Find your way North small fellows and you shall be free! I also call on all
                      men of conscious to free our small cousins from their captivity. Indeed - God
                      wills it!"

                      Parthenian humans were caught today, spying on troop encampments deep within
                      the Inner Empire. The surviving and dead humans have been taken by the
                      Judicators for interrogation.

01/10/62   WAV / ORCS - PLAGUE
                      A rash of sickness has swept over the township of Kiln. "We've had a selection of
                      sickness hit us. I suspect we've been the victims of some sort of Modassa
                      attack." Was the response of the local Marshall "I've got some healing powers but
                      people are getting sicker faster than I can do anything about it - I've sent for help."

                      Parthenia welcomes the Farthing Group - an Elven guild interested in Foreign
                      investment. Duke Jeremy rolls out the red carpet as this group will surely be an
                      asset to Blackport.

                      Orc Wolf-rider Scouts encounter and drive off human terrorists attempting to
                      infiltrate a detention camp outside of the Orc village called Peril. Originally, Orc

                            leadership thought they were more Modassa operatives but divinations indicated
                            they were foreign spies.

01/13/62     PARTH - SET SAIL
                            Commodore Rabin Montoya dispatches three caravels (ships) to sea. Sources
                            indicate they have been sent on recon missions.

01/14/62      WAV - AMBUSH
          Modassa agents ambush an Orc food shipment heading up river to Kiln. The Modassa agents
successfully kill or dirve off the Orc defenders and liberate the shipment for the people.

01/17/62     WAV / ORCS - ESCAPE
                            Modassa forces launch a daring raid against the weakened Orcs at Kiln. Since
                            most of the Orc fighters are too sick to fight, the Modassa manage to free about
                            100 human captives from the concentration camp nearby. They take the human
                            refugees and flee into the safety of the mountains before the Orcs can mount a

01/17/62     PARTH - MIRACLE
                            Lord Henry Agincourt found alive! The Chief military trainer for the old King,
                            he was believed killed in the first wave of attacks during the Orc War. Scouting
                            parties stopping by a wayside Inn couldn't believe what they saw. Specialist
                            Kenneth Mars had this to say: "It was unbelievable! I was up at the bar, getting a
                            round of drinks when I happened to peer through the open kitchen door and saw a
                            face that was unmistakable. There was old Lord Henry, working at the cook's
                            station!" The scouts took custody of the "cook" and brought him back to
                            Cardonna. There, after an exhaustive debriefing by the Church and checks to
                            assure identity, the church spokesman Cardinal Rivolt, had this to say: "We have
                            determined that this man is truly Lord Henry Agincourt. It is apparent that he was
                            struck with amnesia and fell into a role as a cook. We have relieved him of this
                            malady and now he is once again himself. It is a miracle, a sign from the Trinity -
                            definitely." King Thomas added "I have prayed nightly for the Trinity to help our
                            people to rebuild and for protection. Indeed, this is their answer. We have back
                            one of our greatest military men to help us build a new army - glorious!" Lord
                            Henry himself, still coming to terms with all this had only this to say: "I'm glad to
                            be myself again. Part of me will miss the simplicity of a cook's life but I look
                            forward to doing my part to help protect the people of our great land."

01/18/62     WAV / ORC - RAID
                            Modassa forces successful infiltrate the storehouses of Fundoir and make off with
                            significant food supplies. Human refugees rejoice.

01/28/62     WAV / ORC - SEIGE ENGINES
                            Macbelly Gnomes complete their work on a new batch of 6 great siege engines - 3
                            Great Rams and 3 Great Battle Towers. In addition, they have upgraded much of
                            the existing siege equipment already in use. This will add a significant benefit for
                            the Orcs in their next campaign.

Year 5,662 – days 32 through 59 (February 1st through 28th)
02/01/62   MARSH / DWARF – ASSAULT
           Seers and Diviners report that there is a disturbance in the marshlands. A large Dwarven
           adventuring party enters the Black Marsh and lays waste to a considerable number of Lizardmen
           of the Tiger Stripe clan.

           Sad tidings for Modassa today as a roving band of wild trolls descends upon one of their hidden
           camps and ravages the people there. Modassa warriors did their best and eventually killed the
           band but alas, at the cost of many fighters and families alike. A sad day indeed.

02/03/62   PARTH – VASCA
           A buzz was created at the docks in Blackport today as the light caravel called The Vasca
           returned home. Captain Alan Merris reported “I’ve got nothing exciting to report. The North
           sea is clear and quiet.” Some rumors have it that men of the Vasca reported seeing mermaids but
           there was no confirmation.

           A company of infantry troops arrive from Cardonna and report to Duke Jeremy for distribution
           and use to supplement the police force. Major Andraga Boshka had this to say “We have been
           sent here by King Thomas to assist Duke McLaughlin in whatever way he needs our help.” Word
           has it that the king also included a stipend of funds to help relieve some of the poverty issues for
           the Duke as well. Blackport is struggling, but this is a good sign.

           Pope Elias sends out his cardinals (flanked by military protectors) to the villages and towns that
           are starving through the winter. Using blessings from the Trinity, they expediently grow
           moderate patches of crops and create foodstuffs. Although the winter prevents full growth of
           crops, creative solutions and blessings allow for some substantial gains. What can be made is
           not enough to completely feed the people or alleviate the food shortage, but it is enough to stave
           off starvation – praise be to the Trinity Church! When asked how he felt about the clergy
           working his farm, William Anderson said “It’s right good to see them out there! Thanks be to
           heaven and it’s about time I say. It’s clear to me that these good priests are following the
           example set by blessed Father Locke who came by here weeks ago. I am thankful to see that our
           prayers are being answered and the Church is with us once again! Bless the Trinity, bless Father
           Locke, bless us all!” Progress is slow-going but surely we will see crates marked with the
           Trinity seal, heading from farms to all the towns and villages in Parthenia soon!

           Escaped Gnome slaves make their way to the “freedomland” that is Parthenia. Bixel, the elected
           leader of the escaped group explains their success: “Taking advantage of the inactive phase of
           Orc cycles and their inherit lack of attentive disposition during said time-frames, myself and 21
           fellow mobility-challenged Gnome brothers and sisters of various ranks and affiliations managed
           to manipulate the tumbler system within the locking device of the restriction cubical wherein we
           were housed. We then proceeded to collect significant portions of needed sustenance and
           devices concurrent with our needs to remain concealed within minimal confines of the
           undercarriage within the latter section of a hydro-going transport. Once all required items had
           been procured we strategically maneuvered position so as to take up residence in said vessel
           which would in relevant timing, clear the mooring ties, depart the berthing apparatus and using a
           combination of buoyancy, strategically placed linen and naturally occurring winds – transfer
           itself to the sea. From there it was just a matter of remaining out of focused interest until
           opportunity and wile provided exiting options for our band, into the foreign yet desired locale
           approximately 601 miles North by 300 miles east of our aforementioned launching point. When
           that time came, we used seventeen audible variations to create distraction elements attractive
           enough to draw the attention of all non-Gnomes and effectively draw them away while our
           fellowship monopolized on this event to disembark the vessel with make-shift buoyancy devices
           that provided us with capability to overcome liquid immobility and safely cross distance to the
           solid ground that is the freedomland. From there it was just a matter of making relevant contact
           with amiable hosts that could take us to the aforementioned promise-giver who is King Thomas.”
           A Gnome-Speak translator was employed by King Thomas – “they said they stowed away
           aboard an Orc ship, hid until near Parthenia, created a diversion and made it to safety.” Gnome
           tech is a highly sought commodity and with 12 more Gnomes now in the employ of the King,
           Parthenia is sure to benefit. Of the other Gnomes, they have drifted off to other parts of the
           country to seek other interests. Welcome to freedom Gnomes!

           The Orc Task Master of Macbelly, Hog Qu Noross'k decrees that “We shall not allow external
           influences to harm our productivity here in Macbelly! From this day forth, any gnomes caught
           selling technology without the Empire's authorization will be executed. Any gnomes caught
           attempting to escape will be executed. And finally, any gnomes who successfully escape will
           have their families killed, along with a few of their close friends. No exceptions.” Gnomes
           cower in fear. Those who may have thought of fleeing to the “freedomland” quickly change
           their minds.

           Pope Elias himself hosts a holy mass to honor the Trinity and offer blessings to all. In
           attendance are King Thomas, Queen Ecco, the well-known “man of the people” Father Locke
           and even Duke Jeremy visits from the North. It is an uplifting and joyous occasion for all.

           The Trinity Church sends a trusted and shrewd Cardinal, Rudolph Montoya, to Blackport as the
           new church representative there. “I am quite happy to be in Blackport. The people here are in
           need of the watchful eye and guiding hand of our church and, God willing, we can asses the
           situation and make a difference to the people here.” Shortly after arriving, Cardinal Montoya set
           up the church offices in a townhouse nearby the new Cathedral being built. Duke McLaughlin
           and the Cardinal dined together and discussed local events well into the night.

           The Parthenian light caravel called the Relentless was captured by one of the new Orc
           Dreadnaught warships in the waters east of Parthenia. The caravel, its crew and its papers are
           now in the hands of the Orc Empire at Macbelly. The people of Blackport mourn the loss of
           their fathers, brothers and sons. “The war is over but those damn Orcs still prey on us!” bawled
           one grief-stricken mother as the news broke.

           Sam Grammits, leader of the Special Constable Task Force within Blackport and his team of
           agents bust up a bribery ring within the mercantile industry that had been extorting already
           weakened merchants of their few remaining coins. Local Merchant’s Guild Lot Coordinator,
           Pico Elonda, was arrested for eliciting bribes in exchange for seller’s rights in the market. “I’m
           not doing anything that everyone else isn’t doing!” Elonda yelled as they drug him off to jail.
           We asked Officer Grammits for a statement and he said “It is a good day when scum is taken off
           the streets. We need more good days around here. If I do my job right, we will have them.
           Don’t thank me, thank the Duke – he’s the one that made this possible.” The local people
           cheered the action “It looks like Duke McLaughlin is really showing his true colors!” Through a
           translator, an Elven investor who witnessed the apprehension also added “My, my! Quite
           exciting! Good to see that law and order are a primary concern to the people here. We wouldn’t
           want to put our money into this place if it was not so. This is a most encouraging sight to see.”
           Things are looking up in Blackport.

           Elven representatives of the Farthing Group wrap up their visit to Parthenia and head back to
           their own lands. Aloria, one of the Elves, wished everyone a fond farewell as they boarded their
           ship in Blackport “We had a most wonderful visit! Parthenia is an excellent opportunity for us
           and we plan to invest heavily – especially in Blackport and perhaps in some of your smaller
           villages. Together, Parthenia and your elder brothers from Salatia will create world of prosperity
           and happiness for us all!” Rumor has it that the Farthing group left Duke McLaughlin a
           significant amount of capital to start out things. The people of Blackport eagerly await the soon
           to come work projects.

           The light caravel called the Reliant, which set out for the west some weeks ago, has been
           reported as taken by pirates. A few of the crew, in lifeboats, miraculously managed to make
           their way back to port. “They cam at us from out of the night – too many to count, we didn’t
           have a chance. Those of us who fought were killed on the spot. The rest of us were spared.
           Many of the crew joined up with them. Those of us with families were shuttled back to
           Parthenian waters and set out in these here lifeboats.” Locals ply the courts with demands for

02/20/62   WAV – BEHEADINGS
           Orc Wolf Rider Scouts, riding patrol on the outskirts of Fundoir, come across a grisly site. An
           Orc settler and his family of 12 are found butchered at their ranch lands; their heads placed on
           pig-poles and signs of the Modassa clearly marking the scene. The Local Marshall stated “This
           is the last straw. The Modassa have now crossed the line by hunting our families. Humans are
           rabid dogs! Nothing more than overgrown monkeys! We have called upon the Tavo Sa to send
           us more troops to secure the settler’s homes and hunt the Modassa. It is time to finish them!”
           100 human slaves were also put to death, their heads placed on poles as well, in retribution.

           Crime is on the rise in Cardonna as a small time band of cutpurse thieves suddenly evolves into
           big-time hijackers. “They was just kids – most of em!” said Julius Marianna, Caravan Master.
           “Damn kids were all over my wagons in no time while the big ones overwhelmed my so-called
           mercenaries with ease. I should have never let the OPM crew go – now I’m totally broke!” This
           was not the only hijacking. In addition to Marianna’s supplies that were intended for Blackport,
           the Back Alley Boys also hit a paymaster and a dock tax-collector. The locals in Cardonna are
           up in arms and screaming for protection from the King.

           With land and ownership disputes prevalent, work hard to find and times basically difficult,
           many people are choosing to leave the big cities and strike out to the smaller towns to take up
           some of the deserted lands left behind after the war. “I can’t get work here in Blackport” says
           Marvin Pools, a Blackport Porter and warehouseman, “Me brother and I are moving our families
           to Cole – I hear there is a lot of unclaimed land out there since so many died. We’re going to
           build up a dock out there and a shipwright’s business. He’s the brain, I’m the brawn. We’re
           taking some friends too. No need to suck the tit of the Nobles, waiting for a hand-out from the
           Duke – we’ll make our own luck, in Cole.” By now means is this a mass exodus but significant
           numbers are making similar moves.

Year 5,662 – days 60 through 90 (March 1st through 31st)
           The Macbelly guild of Technology reports that they have come up with a way that prevents the
           use of high-tech equipment and weaponry by unauthorized individuals - a first in a series of
           defensive measures the Gnomes are taking to protect their inventions.

03/01/62   PARTH – WELCOME!
           King Thomas hosts a gala celebration is held in Cardonna to welcome the newly freed Gnome
           refugees. Speeches, toasts, cheers and a parade mark the event. An excerpt from King Thomas’
           speech: “Indeed, this is a fortunate development for the Gnomes and for Parthenia! We welcome
           you Gnomes to our land and bid you join us in helping to develop our country. Very well then,
           let us embrace and call each other ‘friend’ with hope for the future and eyes on the horizon!”
           Spectators intermingled with the Gnome arrivals who proved they can celebrate with the best of
           them. There were some reports of Gnome revelry getting out of hand (including one report of
           molestation of an unnamed girl by one of the Gnomes) but all-in-all, the event was a positive

           Support for West Avalon becomes bolstered by a group of Elven, Half-Elven and Human patrons
           who form the “Flying Tigers” Independent Battle Group. The leaders of the group are Griffon
           Riders that served in the Parthenian war against the Orcs. Their charismatic leader, Alisaire, had
           this to say: “We support our cousins in the West and plan to show it. Together with my investors
           and backers, we will build a force and send it to West Avalon to free the people there. Although
           we are not working in conjunction with the Trinity Crusaders or the Modassa, we are willing to
           aid them – especially from the sky. Not only do we offer the chance for glory but we have coin
           to pay as well!” On that note, all sorts of volunteers from throughout Parthenia, flock to the
           Flying Tiger’s banner. A tide of mixed forces will soon head for Western shores.

03/03/62   MARSH – SKIRMISH
           A war band of the Yellow-Eye Lizardman Tribe runs across a trespassing group of dwarves,
           hunting for treasure in their territory. After a bloody battle, the dwarves are ripped to shreds.

03/04/62   PARTH – BAR BRAWLS
           Routine bouts of violence among the bars and pubs along the dock streets in Blackport have
           resulted in a need for more experienced and seasoned veteran soldiers to act as bouncers. Alan
           Evers, a veteran soldier from Cardonna was asked what he thought about the situation "Hey look
           - we all need to make a living, that's what it boils down to really, doesn't it? Yeah - there may be
           some thugery here or there but without it, many of us soldiers would starve - God knows that the
           government isn't doing much for us soldiers." Other men in similar situations made similar
           comments but, with all the added security, it is believed that dock-side card games and other
           gambling may become another cash-cow for the city that seems to be on an upswing.

           Duke Jeremy has employed a new Elven Scribe to train up his office staff so they can more
           efficiently provide the people with resolution of disputes and paperwork to back up their claim
           settlements. "I find Human sociology quite intriguing." said Horace Retes, the new Elven
           instructor "the people here are good and kind and if I can help them - I will." Though few can
           even read, those that can have been asked to step up and take a job as a scribe.

03/06/62   PARTH – COURTS
           With the war over, land and property rights that have been in dispute are finally starting to be
           brought before reconvened courts administered by officials appointed by both the King and the
           Church. The wheels of the court system turn slowly but at least things are getting rolling once

03/07/62   ELVES – MISSING
           Representatives of the Farthing Group (Elven investors who had recently visited Parthenia) fail
           to check in with their Guild Masters back in Salatia. After an exhaustive search, it is determined
           that the Pirates of the Free Winds may have captured them and possibly are holding them for
           ransom. Temetria, Guild Master of the Farthing Group pleaded “Our people are not a threat.
           They have families and we want them back. Please free our people. I’m sure there are ways to
           get a mutually beneficial outcome without such heinous acts.” This development could put
           Elven/Human relations in jeopardy. Nothing yet from the Free Winds Guild.

           With the decree of Pope Elias that the vow of celibacy be raised for a time, knights throughout
           Parthenia have just become eligible bachelors. Marriage takes on a huge increase and it is
           expected that a potential baby-boom may be but months away.

03/09/62   PARTH – LAND GRANTS
           Duke Jeremy McLaughlin leases a valuable plot of land within the city of Blackport to the
           Farthing Group (Elven Investors) with the intent that a Arcane College or Library will be built on
           the site. “We’re going to need some Arcana around here in case the Orcs come back some day”
           Duke McLaughlin said. When asked to comment on the opposition who has put forth challenges
           to the leasing of disputed land to Elves, the Duke had this to say: “The Elves have great
           opportunities here and everyone will benefit. We’ve got to move on and get business going
           again.” Richard Tejidor, a businessman currently trying to prove a land claim within the city
           said “I’m glad to see the Duke trying to make things better but I don’t think it’s worth it if we
           sacrifice due process and rightful ownership – I don’t want to lose my land.”

03/10/62   WAV – WMD
           Orc forces track down and capture a cell of Modassa agents who had been hiding in the hills,
           building weapons of mass-destruction (Catapults). “These criminals will pay dearly for the acts
           their kind have engaged in against the Empire!” said a representative of the Marshals in West
           Avalon. The leaders of the cell were tortured, quartered and their pieces placed on pikes within
           detention camps throughout the province. The remaining captives were transported to the Inner
           Empire for more intensive interrogation.

           MAcbelly tradesmen have just completed construction of a new R&D plant on the harbor-side of
           their city. Security is heavy and rumor has it that new weapon development is underway there.


           Regillio Nass, a freed Gnome now working for the Parthenian government since before the end
           of the war, disappeared from his Cardonna office today. Investigating constables found signs of
           a struggle and remnants of some sort of transport spell that had been used. Scent of Orc also
           permeated the air. “We’ve heard rumors that the Orcs are actively seeking out escaped Gnomes
           with technical knowledge through the use of bounty hunters and Judicators. This appears to be
           the case here with Mr. Nass.” When word hit the streets, freed Gnomes began to seek protection
           from the Crown. “It is a foregone conclusion that the safety of we Gnomes who were liberation-
           challenged is tantamount to the further development and continued advancement of the
           Parthenian people in whole.” – an excerpt from an interview with Terrance Rally, a Rank 2
           engineer at the palace of Cardonna. Many Gnomes are already trying to go “underground” or
           otherwise talking of disappearing. Time will tell what effect this will have within the kingdom.

03/13/62   ORCS – RUST NO MORE
           Macbelly Gnomes working on a way to prevent rusting of metal, summon a large group of Rust
           Monster creatures for study. They stored the Rust Monsters in wooden crates – which was good,
           but they kept them housed in the same room as Mickey the giant ferret – widely known among
           the Gnomes for his wiley and disruptive ways. Among his talents, Mickey has learned time and
           again that he can open locks and let himself out of his cage. He once again proved this and
           more, by not only unlocking his own cage, but also gnawing off the wooden lock-pins on the
           Rust Monster cages! Shortly thereafter, dozens of Rust Monsters were set loose on the city.
           Gnomes stood in shock as they watched mighty Orc warriors running down the streets – fleeing
           from these creatures, screaming for Judicator support and climbing up trees and buildings like a
           hysterical woman afraid of a mouse. The majority of the Rust Monsters escaped into the
           wilderness or sewer systems below Macbelly. Fighters in Macbelly will surely have nightmares
           and sleep with their armor and swords safely wrapped in blankets, for nights to come. The Rust
           No More project has been put on hold indefinitely, pending the outcome of an investigation.

           Macbelly Gnome R&D unveiled new plans they have to create a device that will allow for
           sustained underwater breathing. Only in the initial plans at this date, the Gnomes are confident
           that this will be a great accomplishment that will make up for recent failures. So far, all aspects
           are in the planning stages and no prototypes are expected for at least 2 years.

03/15/62   PARTH – RED-BURN
           Sad tales of death and destruction have been coming out of the South this week. The town of
           Redburn, once known as a mining boom-town some years back before the war, is reportedly no
           more. Heprin Caldado, a local Ranger, described the scene: “You could see the smoke rising
           from miles away – place burned for days. Nothing left there but ashes and rubble now. Looks
           like the work of giants or something. Those people in Redburn didn’t have a chance out there.
           They could have used some help.” Rumor has it that the township did indeed report giant
           activity in the area and send a request to the Parthenian Leadership for help. Malos Hamden,
           court spokesman for King Thomas said “We did answer a request for help from Redburn by
           sending the OPM Crew to the town. We had reason to believe that the OPM Crew were of
           sufficient caliber to handle the task but, clearly – they were not. We mourn the passing of the
           people. We have now sent the Krispin Guild Reclaimers down to Redburn with a company of 50
           troops to re-take and re-build the city. This time, we will prevail”.

           Increased activity has been seen originating from Avatar Isle. Free Winds Guild vessels have set
           out on patrols (some would say hunts) throughout the known seas. “We be pirates, says ye? We
           be honest privateers, says I” commented Hair-knuckle Harrington – a Free Winds Guild Captain.
           “Plunderin ain’t our biznezz least ways. Within’ us on the tide, ye fat-bellied Cogs can set easy
           in yer rudders; for Master Egan says those them that pays us tribute – thems be the ones safe
           under the guild banner.” The Free Trade Guild has promised that all trade ships that wish to
           purchase convoy escort services will sail unmolested across the seas. Nothing was said about
           those ships bypassing the offer (though it seems pretty clear).

03/17/62   PARTH – DOWN BY THE SEA
           Lord Riley, leader of the Trinity Crusaders, has been spotted frequently walking with an
           unidentified woman along the beaches on Haven Isle. Rumor has it that he is smitten and that
           his glory-seeking days may be soon traded for settled family life. Both men and women of the
           kingdom are saddened; women, because a now-eligible bachelor of high-renown may be off the
           market. Men, because the great crusade to the West may not be led by the great man who
           inspired it. Then again, these are just rumors. Aren’t they?

03/18/62   ELF – IVORY TOWER
           Within the City of Kayle, Arch Mage Oskus Uriai calls forth great and mysterious powers of the
           Arcane to miraculously sculpt a magnificent, ornate slender Ivory-colored tower within the midst
           of the city. “This is but an example of the power that Elven Mages possess. I plan to build
           similar constructs elsewhere and bring the light of Elven Sorcery to all our allies and interests
           abroad.” After raising the tower, coronation and his brief speech, Arch Mage Uriai retired to his
           Estate for what appeared to be a greatly needed rest.

           King Thomas Arellio set a works project into motion today, utilizing a portion of the Elven
           investment monies to build a series of watchtowers along the coast and borders of the Parthenian
           Kingdom. That, along with a combination of signal fire and sprint-riders positioned in strategic
           locations should make for an effective early warning device against any future invasions.
           “Indeed, the Orcs caught my father by surprise due to lackadaisical ways and an indulgent
           manner. That shall not happen to me. I will not allow it to be so in the new Parthenian
           Kingdom. We will not be surprised again.” The people responded with applause and approval
           to the King’s statement.

           The Salatian Senate came together to discuss a number of important issues. Among the various
           topics included propositions for coastal watch towers, sanctions against the Orcs, the threat of
           Pirates, the plight of the Modassa and interests of the Elves abroad (Parthenia specifically).
           Word of final resolutions or actions taken were not recorded in the record and it is expected that
           another session will be needed next month to determine the next courses of action for the Elven

03/22/62   ISLE – DRY DOCK
           A number of Avatar Isle “Free Winds Guild” ships are reported returned to base as Master Egan
           orders cycling of the fleet into harbor for refitting and improvements.

           Reports are coming in from multiple villages and cities from all around Parthenia that those
           chaos-driven Gnomes are running rampant, causing destruction and acting more like gremlins
           than scientists. Their odd ways are accentuated by their ability to tap into the Mana stream
           through the use of something they have developed called “Math Magic”. The resulting mix of
           Math Magic with mass chaos has resulted in the development of “Wild Zones” – unseen fields of
           disrupted Mana that blink in and out of existence in random locations throughout Parthenia.
           “This is an outrage!” screamed one Elven mage “How are we expected to study and use the
           Arcane if Gnome interference is tainting it?! This could seriously jeopardize the common
           welfare between our nations!” Wild Zones are known to make using the Arcane a dangerous,
           unpredictable and often dangerous experience. Magi attempting to mend a robe may
           inadvertently destroy it. Stronger magics result in worse disasters. Parthenian leadership may
           have to temporarily outlaw the use of Arcana, at least until the Wild Zones are cleared up (which
           could take considerable time).

03/24/62   WAV – SHELL GAME
           The Orc Arm of the Marshall in the township of Peril, recently ejected his entire population of
           human captives, trading them out with other human replacements from other West Avalon
           settlements. When asked about the swap, The local Marshall, Delvingo Crasis had this to say
           “The humans around here were acting funny – I can’t put my finger on it exactly, but we had a
           lot more instances of disobedience, humans outside their assigned areas, and irregularities in
           role-calls. We’ve been suspicious of Modassa efforts to infiltrate our human population and
           therefore, decided to mix it up a bit – just to be safe. If there were agents in our midst – they’re
           someone else’s problem now.”

03/25/62   PARTH – SHIPYARDS
           Blackport launches a project to revitalize the port district, shipping yards and harbor businesses.
           The Elves seem ready to invest their money, what will come is yet to be determined. Many an
           unemployed porter cheered to hearing this news, men like Talin Abore “Its about bloody time!
           Blackport is a PORT and here we are for months with no business, no work. I was about to give
           up and move to Cardonna – this is a right good development it is!”

03/26/62   ORC – DRAGONS
           The Orc city of Mak To, a major training ground for the Orcs, suffers a night of terror and death
           as a flight of Black Dragons descends upon the city – spraying a rain of acid on the surprised
           citizens. Death tolls were very high. Military response was quick but not enough to win the day.
           Through spells and acid and sheer strength, the flight of dragons ripped through the city, razing
           much of it to the ground. Even the vaunted hero Larlamek could not withstand the might of the
           onslaught and was carried off by one of the attacking dragons. By dawn, the city was in ruins,
           bodies lied everywhere, the treasury house was dug up and looted, the temple of Larthan within
           the city was hideously desecrated. Many of the new recruits in the training halls of Mak To
           ended up as pools of bubbling liquid or chunks of rendered flesh. It was a total surprise attack
           that resulted in a total disaster for the Orcs.

03/27/62   PARTH – GUNFIGHT
           Police forces within Blackport respond to a volatile situation wherein Willy Tomackos, a crazed
           Gnome with a gun took control over a private home, shot the family, looted their goods and tried
           to escape. When cornered by constables, he shot two of them dead before using explosives to
           severely wound another 4. The constables were able to bring the chaos to an end but Tomackos
           was killed and the residence burned to the ground. Police Chief Sam Grammits commented:
           “These Gnomes are a bit off kilter I think. We should round up the lot of them.” No further
           actions have been taken but the mood towards Gnomes within Blackport has darkened.

           A number of citizens have been complaining to the authorities that they are getting leaned on,
           threatened and strong-armed by thugs, assumingly part of the Black Guard. Duke Jeremy and
           his police Chief Sam Grammits immediately step into action and promise protection to those

            people. “We won’t tolerate scum trying to steal from the people.” Said Grammits. “We will
            investigate every report and come down sternly on anyone caught making such threats.”

03/29/62    ORCS – WATERY DEATH
            Orc expeditionary forces at sea, engaged with a horde from the Sahaugin Swarm that is known to
            hunt in Qwa Vaam waters. The defending Orc forces aboard the warship Bru’sus managed to
            repel scores of attackers and defend the ship. Sadly, two elite warriors Krux and Katora were
            both killed in the battle and taken overboard by the Sahaugin. The Tavo Sa lit a ceremonial
            funeral pyre for the fallen fighters and declared their names to be written in the Book of Heroes.
            “Not even the undersea realm is immune to the wrath of we Orcs when angered” said the Tavo
            Sa “Soon, we will meet out revenge upon those two-legged fish for their actions here this day.”

            Elements of the Cardonna street-gang known as the Back Alley Boys robbed a local military
            armory recently. Their plans were well-orchestrated and they seemed well-equipped. King
            Thomas acted decisively by calling out special elements of his military and ordering a crack-
            down on the Back Alley Boys. By the end of the week, the special forces agents have
            successfully raided the majority of Back Alley Boys compounds, killing or capturing many of
            them. An unidentified special forces captain was quoted as saying “The King has the right idea –
            we can’t take and crap from these snot-nosed little street punks. By cracking down on them
            today, we prevented them from causing even more trouble in the future. I feel good about what
            we accomplished here.” And, apparently many citizens do to. The strength of the gang is
            broken and any remaining BAB members have scattered like roaches in the light.

            With new investment money from the Elves and smoother relations in the city, Blackport begins
            to see a major improvement. Building projects launch, employment soars, the economy starts to
            build strength. The Blackport Paving Guild launches road repair projects throughout the city.
            Elven, Human and even one or two Gnome engineers begin planning for a new city wall and

Year 5,662 – days 91 through 120 (April 1st through 30th)
            The Macbelly guild of Technology comes up with a security device constructed of math-magic
            which prevents unauthorized piloting of Orc ships and other vessels. When engaged, the vessel
            becomes attuned to the voice command of its owner/pilot. The owner can “shut-down” the
            vessel with a command word. A Gnome tech has a chance to change the “ownership” of the
            weapon/item but failure means the item turns to dust.

            Parthenian military special forces, supported by a regiment of cavalry and air support from Elven
            Wyvern Riders – descended on the village of Mason in a lightning-fast surprise attack. They
            surrounded the town and, using the divine abilities of the priesthood, ferreted out a Hex Coven
            cell and their Werewolf devotees. “The Hex had been working in secret within Mason for
            months” explained Ferris Mulberry, Force Commander, “Our sources exposed their presence and
            more. We found that they were turning the whole population of this village into Lycanthropes
            and, using their monstrous creations to prey on innocent travelers that came this way. No more –
            we’ve killed off the last of them, saved the few uninfected and freed this village of the Coven.”
            Piles of bodies burned long into the night – “Praise be to God!” remarked Harris Gutierrez, the

           priest leading the investigation in Mason, “The Trinity has exposed this foul corruption and
           blessed flame has purified the souls of those enslaved by the Witches – glorious indeed!”

           Franklin Ortiz, well-known captain of one of Parthenia’s most active trading Galleys – the Iron
           Whale, was abducted on his way to the Apothecary after a long night at the Crossing Swords
           Tavern in Blackport. Sam Grammits, local Constable was asked about the investigation: “At
           first it seemed that the Black Guard was behind this but shortly after his disappearance, a letter
           was delivered to his family home that claimed he had joined the Free Winds Guild as a ‘guest’
           and needed 1,000 gold doubloons to book safe passage home. Clearly, he’s been shanghaied by
           pirates, now get out of my way – I’ve got work to do!” Captain Ortiz’ wife was asked her
           intentions “We don’t have that kind of money! My poor husband! Won’t someone do
           something? The Duke or the King, I will plead with them – they must help!” No comment from
           the Duke’s camp yet.

04/05/62   PARTH – GNOME VILLA
           Gnomes originally hired by Duke Jeremy to build his Villa have all run off or been arrested. The
           good ones have gone into hiding, due to Gnome Hunters and the King’s men seeking them out.
           The destructive ones were squandering their time and funds on crazy antics and such and have
           been either arrested or carried away by hunters and/or the King’s men. In any event, Gnome
           tech and design are not developing into the architectural design of Blackport.

04/06/62   ELF – JADE TOWER
           Within the City of Tengu, Arch Mage Oskus Uriai calls forth great and mysterious powers of the
           Arcane to miraculously sculpt a magnificent, ornate slender jade-colored tower within the midst
           of the city. “Again we show the world our capabilities and again the world benefits. This is the
           second of my spires and there are more to come!” After raising the tower, coronation and his
           brief speech, Arch Mage Uriai retired to the local Councilman’s home for what appeared to be a
           greatly needed rest.

           The Trinity Church decrees that the use of anything construed as “dark magic” within the
           Parthenian Kingdom will be met with arrest, confinement or worse. Black Magic is now illegal
           in the land. Although many of the people breathe a sigh of relief, it is expected that there will be
           some (the Hex Coven for instance) that will rebel against this law.

           A suspected Hex Coven witch is to blame for the freak fire that consumed the “Aces & Ales”
           Pub, in the City of Cardonna this evening. Ryan Verigost, a local constable, was on the scene
           and involved with the chase. “It was a whole bunch of them! They scattered and ran, we
           cornered three of them in the pub but they used their magic to keep us out and then burn the
           place down. From the looks of it, you would think they died in the flames but there were no
           screams and later, no bodies. I’m sure they used their evil powers to escape the flames –
           probably under the dark wing of a demon or something!”

04/09/62   PARTH – LATITUDE
           The Fast Caravel “Latitude” sets sail from Blackport on an undisclosed voyage.

04/09/62   PARTH – OPM HEX
           The well-known mercenary group known as the OPM crew is under investigation. Sources have
           it that they are in alliance with the Hex Coven and have been aiding the Hex Coven members
           within Cardonna and other parts of Parthenia. The King dispatched troops with orders to locate
           the OPM Crew and bring them in for questioning but they disappeared. A warrant has been
           issued and a reward placed on their heads – 100 gold alive, 50 gold dead (Equal to $10,000 or

           Parthenia – once seen by Gnomes as their potential “sanctuary” and “freedom land”, has all but
           lost that race. With both the Empire’s Bounty Hunters and the King’s police working to round-
           up Gnomes – those that have not been caught or killed have gone into hiding. Gnome tech in
           Parthenia is drying up quickly and the sight of a Gnome on a street is no more.

           A powerful curse takes hold across the land. It is quickly realized by the church and most people
           in general that every time the divine power of healing is used, someone or something somewhere
           – suffers or dies. The power of divine healing still works unheeded, but a vile side-effect now
           accompanies it – life begets death. The power of the church is shaken. The people are scared.
           Healers hesitate to cure the sick and injured. A feeling of uncertainty begins to spread across
           Parthenia. If not corrected, panic may soon follow.

           Elven Magi forces at a local school within the city of Kayle engage and drive off an Orc
           Judicator that was found skulking around the school’s halls. “We have learned a valuable
           lesson” decreed Aulins Volmont – Headmaster of the Hoggins school of Wizardry “If the Orc is
           brazen enough to try and steal our secrets right out from underneath our noses, we must be that
           much more vigilant in our guarding of the sacred tomes.” Security within the school was
           increased but to what degree is unknown.

           Blackport continues to see major improvements. The Freeman Grower’s Guild helps local
           farmers to reseed and work the farmlands around the city.

04/17/62   ELF – CONTROL
           Oskus Yuriai (master Mage of Salatia) begins researching ways to control the “wild zones”
           created by Gnome Math Mages.

           Salatian Magi Guild sends a team of investigators to map wild zones in Parthenia. “We expect
           successful results within a few months” claimed Veridian, leader of the investigation team. The
           Elven investigators are greeted in Parthenia with a mixed reception. Petros Reyes, a shipwright
           in Blackport had this to say: “The Elves have brought a lot of new life to this city and to the rest
           of the country. As long as their actions don’t disrupt trade and business – I’m fine with it.”
           Father Bernard Rugby commented “Our Salatian allies are welcome in this land so long as they
           adhere to our laws – both of the King and the Church.”

04/19/62   PARTH – REHAB
           King Thomas issues arrest orders for a number of Gnomes that have been deemed ‘threats to
           national security’. Marshalling teams, lead by Knights and Clerics, spread out in search of the
           Gnomes on the lists. When questioned on the move, the King had this to say: “It is indeed sad
           that we have to resort to arrests but we have no choice. Although many of the gnomes who have
           made their way here are fine guests, there are those who apparently were planted here by the Orc
           filth. We believe that those Gnomes were the criminals and insane members of their own
           community. We need to prevent them from causing any further damage here. Very well then,
           we must do the right thing by our own people!” It is expected that those Gnomes currently in
           hiding will soon be ferreted-out and brought in for questioning.

           Macbelly Office of Commerce releases a whole line of new house wares for general trade within
           the cities of the Inner Empire, West Avalon and Avatar Isle. The new equipment is more
           durable, lighter, of better design and more effective than standard wares.

04/21/62   PARTH – RILEY’S RAID
           The Fast Caravel “Lattitude” returns to port with a famed guest aboard - Lord Riley. In addition,
           they enter Blackport harbor with two captured ships in tow, the Raven – a pirate fast caravel, and
           the Baat’Ran – an Orc Destroyer (medium battleship). The prize, the captives, the gold and the
           stores are all a huge uplifting score for the down-trodden Parthenian people. Riley promises
           more results such as this from his Crusaders. The Blackport Corsairs share in the credit. Lucky
           for them, the Orc vessel was not equipped with the Gnome Anti-Piloting device yet!

           Cardonna’s infamous street-gang, the Back Alley Boys, who had the majority of their gang
           members killed or imprisoned – is up to new tricks. This time, remnants of the gang have
           kidnapped Allison Colter – daughter of Evan Colter (the House Steward for King Thomas).
           Shortly after the kidnapping, an ultimatum was posted anonymously – it read: “Free all our
           mates or sweet Allie pays the price!” Allison is a Lady In Waiting for Queen Ecco, who had this
           to say “Horrific! Vandalism and petty thievery is one thing but this is totally over the proverbial
           line! Allison is dear to me, like family and if they think this will go unpunished they are sadly
           mistaken! My husband, good King Thomas, will spare no effort to find these hooligans, save
           Allison and punish them accordingly! This is monstrous!” King Thomas was not available for

           Word has it that there is some sort of in-fighting taking place between lizardmen and dragon

04/24/62   PARTH – PLAGUE
           Reports of a plague breaking out in Cardonna. Sickness spreading. Quarantine efforts in effect
           but the fear of healing due to the Hex Coven curse have prevented the clergy from effectively
           halting the disease. Lack of herbalists, alchemists and other of that ilk; prevent a medical cure.
           Trouble is brewing. The city gates and ports are shut down. The military institutes a curfew and
           guards the walls to prevent escape (and spread of the disease).

04/25/62   WAV – WILD HORSES
           Whole herds of wild horses, throughout West Avalon, turn up missing.

           Spies report that a significant amount of troops from cities within the Inner Empire have been
           relocated to Macbelly – thousands.

           Pigeons with burning, dripping oiled wicks tied to their legs, begin appearing haphazardly
           throughout the villages in West Avalon. The result: more sporadic house fires. Orc Settler
           resources are put to work building roofs with tiled shingles and developing fire-brigades. A
           number of towns suffer significant damage. The Orc Arm of the Marshall suspect Modassa

04/29/62   PARTH / ALL – TO THE SEA
           Drawing courage and inspiration from the example of Lord Riley and his men, other Blackport
           Corsairs take to the sea with renewed vigor and determination. Results of their efforts remain to
           be seen but Orc and Pirate shipping are clear targets.

04/30/62   WAV – QORBANOT DAY
           The West Avalonian Humans, especially those in the Modassa, choose the last day of the month
           to be kept as a Holy Day wherein they make sacrifice to the One True God and pray for his
           blessings. Priests within the Modassa Cells and those able otherwise, sacrifice a Lamb, Deer, or
           Cow what ever is available in their region. The animal is burned while the Rabbi leads the
           people in prayer. Many Humans in West Avalon hope desperately that the One True God will
           hear their prayers and deliver them from the Orc oppressors.

Year 5,662 – days 121 through 151 (May 1st through 31st)
           The Macbelly guild of Technology comes up with a tracking device which can be added to any
           desired item so as to track it’s location, anywhere. It requires a Gnome Math-Mage to detect the
           signal. A Gnome tech has a chance to remove the tracking device without damaging the item but
           failure means the item turns to dust. This is the third in a series of defensive measures the
           Gnomes are taking to protect their inventions.

           The Volunteer human / elf battle group called “The Flying Tigers” have entered the battle to free
           West Avalon from Orc aggression. Operating from secret bases throughout the land, these
           Griffon riding warrior-mages have launched lightning hit-and-run attacks on Orc-held
           settlements throughout the territory. Although not devastating enough to shut down the Orc war
           machine or run off settlers, the attacks have managed to disrupt Orc trade and rack-up some
           significant costs in damages. Lyaid Joff’ed – a spokesman for the Arm of the Marshal was
           quoted “This new threat is but a nuisance. If they think that being airborne will keep them safe,
           they are wrong!” Secretly, rumor has it that the Arm of the Marshal is actually quite worried
           about the problem. An anonymous source within the Arm said “We’re ground fighters. We can
           march right over anything they throw at us on the ground but these aerial attacks, that’s
           something else. We don’t have the Wyvern Rider forces needed to defend! We need help from
           the Tavo Sa”

05/02/62   WAV – NEW FANATICS
           Suicidal attacks by Modassa-trained men (many youths) are on the rise despite increasingly cruel
           efforts taken by the Orc Arm of the Marshal to stop them. It seems as though more and more
           Modassa headbands, banners, graffiti, and slogans are popping up throughout West Avalon.

           Blackport continues to see major improvements. The Blackport Porter’s Union works with the
           Shipwright’s Brotherhood and the Blackport Corsair Support Society to launch an ambitious Port
           improvement project.

05/04/62   WAV – GIVE US US FREE

           The Orc-held city of Justaire was rocked today by an attempted Human slave uprising.
           Approximately 30 Humans in a work group overwhelmed the local overseer and made a dash for
           the river. Quick-thinking Orc Marshals rallied and cut them off before they could escape. One
           Orc solider, two Orc civilians and twelve Humans were killed in the fighting. The re-captured
           Humans that remained were quickly condemned to death. They and other members of their
           family or circles of friends were then executed by means of impalement – their bodies put on
           display around the Human Internment Camps, nearby. Reports have it that the Humans went to
           their death singing the praises of the Modassa.

05/04/62   ISLE / ALL – RARE GOODS
           Rumor has it that the Free Winds Guild captains have either made contact with or discovered
           some new land or trade route and have been smuggling these unique items into the region,
           without Orc taxation. Guild Master Eagan was quoted “That’s all chatter and rhetoric! We’ve
           found no new land or trade routes. All we deal in is local fare and custom. These are fabricated
           stories told by mariners looking to up the price of local goods – total crap.” Despite his denials,
           there have been substantiated reports of new styles of spice, clothing, equipment and more –
           showing up all over the Qwa Vaam region.

           Throughout small towns, villages and even the main cities of Parthenia, reports keep coming in
           of mysterious acts of healing being forced upon the sickly lying in bed. As is known, Parthenia
           is suffering from curses wherein any that are healed end up passing similar suffering onto their
           loved ones. Therefore, the church has a temporary moratorium on healing. Still, some unknown
           invisible agents are running around healing people – much to the dismay and sadness of many a
           family “I was struck with the Sweating Sickness I was” said Henry Teller – a dockworker with a
           wife and three children “I’m a strong man and likely to survive it but something touched me in
           the middle of the night and I was cured! Sadly, my son Travis became ill that night and, without
           more healing – he died! My family is devastated. I wish whoever that was who healed me
           would have left well enough alone. Bastard!” Such sentiment was repeated dozens of times
           throughout the country this day.

05/05/62   ISLE / ALL – GLORY & GOLD
           The Guild of the Free Winds announces the completion of their Grand Arena and invites all
           fighters from throughout the realm to compete for glory, fame and GOLD. “That’s right – we’ve
           built a place where conflicts can be settled without grand wars. We hold to keep this ground
           holy, neutral ground where any can challenge. Settle debts, wars, disputes, or just for fame and
           glory – all are welcome” said Master Egan, leader of the Free Wind Guild. As an incentive to
           get things started, the Free Winds guild has put out an invitation to all comers – battle to the last,
           winner take all. They have put up a prize purse of 10,000 gold pieces (equal to $1,000,000 in
           our currency) and that doesn’t take into account the sure side betting monies that will trade
           hands! The event is scheduled to run from 07/07/62 through 07/13/62 – now known as
           “Bloodsport Week” on Avatar Isle.

           King Thomas launches an aggressive new building project within the city of Cardonna. King
           Thomas spoke to his people: “Indeed, we shall have a great city wall to protect our people from
           any future aggression of the Orcs. We shall have a fine new Fortress to call our home and offer
           further protection to the fine people of Parthenia. There will be work enough for all. Very well
           then – let it be started!” The decree has put work into the hands of many an unemployed family
           in Cardonna. With financial backing from the Elves, all the people will once again be able to

           afford a chicken in every pot and a carriage in every garage. Expectations are that construction
           of the wall and fortress may take a year or more to complete.

           In a blitz attack, Orc raiding parties appear in various villages and towns around the country.
           Using magic portals, they appear, capture a number of commoners, soldiers and watchmen –
           then disappear again. Later that night, the families of the captured begin to suffer wounds and
           sicknesses, as though they were themselves being tortured! It is soon realized that the Orcs are
           wounding the captives, then healing them, then wounding them again – on and on, throughout
           the night. In this way, they have turned the curse of the Hex Coven into a weapon. It is a
           horrible night. The church intervenes with prayer to the Gods that seems to stop the madness but
           not quickly enough. By night’s end, entire families lie dead throughout all of Parthenia.

05/07/62   ELF – BLACK TOWER
           Within the City of Blackport, Arch Mage Oskus Uriai calls forth great and mysterious powers of
           the Arcane to miraculously sculpt an impressive-looking, Robust black-iron tower within the
           midst of the city. “Again we show the world our capabilities and again the world benefits. This
           is the third of my spires and the first outside of Salatia – a true honor for our Parthenian allies!”
           After raising the tower, coronation and his brief speech, Arch Mage Uriai retired to the Estate of
           Duke McLaughlin for what appeared to be a greatly needed rest.

           Elements of the Arm of the Marshal (Orc forces in West Avalon) have decreed that Humans are
           no longer allowed to sing their songs. This comes on the heels of a small riot attempt that broke
           out in the city of Justaire. Human slaves, attempting to escape, rushed an Orc sentry – killing
           him. They did not get far and were apprehended. Shortly thereafter, they were convicted and
           one-by-one, impaled and placed outside the Human Internment Camps as a warning to others.
           As they waited for execution, they joined in a rebellious song called “The Hymn of the
           Modassa”. After their death, human work-teams attempted to adopt the song. Hence, the
           banning of human singing. “If they keep this up, maybe we’ll ban them from speaking too!” said
           Jaz Ra’Ool – one of the wardens of the camps. “Humans are weak warriors, lazy workers and
           poor eating”, he concluded.

           The well-known Commodore of the Blackport Corsairs, Rabin Montoya, successfully fended off
           a band of would be kidnappers. A group of ruffians, likely Avatar pirates, tried to shanghai
           Commodore Montoya whilst he was out and about down at the Blackport docks. The thugs fled
           when Montoya ran their leader through with his saber.

           A company of stout and true Parthenian Rangers makes their way into the wilds of the
           Marshlands in search of the Vudi.

           Farmers and rangers in the southern and western regions of Parthenia have reported sightings of
           mysterious little green Halflings in the area. They seem to be just observing and have not caused
           any trouble. When approached, they mysteriously vanish.

05/10/62   WAV – CRUSADERS HO
           The famed hero of the Parthenian conflict has arrived in West Avalon with an army of freemen
           crusaders. “We are here to free our brothers from Orc oppression” Riley was heard to say “my
           hundreds with me today will seem but a few compared to the thousands soon to come!” Orc
           forces are not sure how the troops snuck into the region undetected. The Crusaders have
           mounted hit-and-run raids on Orc merchant caravans, supply trains, farms and ranches
           throughout the eastern and southern areas (especially near Southgate Keep). (penalty for Empire
           – additional loss of capital).

           Many new adventuring groups have sprouted up all over Qwa-Vaam. Mixes of all races and all
           types have started to show up – each with catchy team names like “The Wandering Scouts”,
           “The Skull Six”, “Megan and her Men”, “Union Daggers”, “Bixby’s Hunters”, “The OPM
           Crew”, “The Flying Tigers”, “The Erie Ones” and so-on. Treasure maps to hidden Orcish
           weapon stores, lost gnome-tech, legends of Dragon hordes, stories of ancient magic hidden in
           dark caves – all sorts of juicy tidbits of half-truths and fantastic stories have set many men (and
           women) out and off into the wilderness to seek their fortunes. Although the majority of these
           would-be adventurers never return, those that have made a name for themselves (either famous
           or infamous) seem to be sparking wild surges and declines in local economies and power-bases.
           It is both a blessing and a curse to have adventurers on your doorstep it seems.

05/12/62   MARSH – 300 TRAINING
           The Dragon Masters of the Lizardmen fight to pull their hordes under control and press them to
           train hard (like Spartans) to develop a supreme fighting force. Their nature and lack of
           intelligence hampers the training but the Masters are adamant – discipline is needed. Training
           begins now but with so much chaos, it could take years before the Masters see anything solid
           from that training.

05/13/62   ORCS – BOOM
           Massive explosions are seen within the town of Macbelly. It appears that some sort of
           production facility was destroyed. Either by external sabotage or internal error – the truth is as
           of yet, unknown. What is clear is that whatever that production facility was working on – is
           totally gone.

05/14/62   ORCS – BLAST
           A massive explosion rocks Kho Rog Castle, causing significant damage to one of the towers and
           killing one of the Hill Giant behemoths that serve the Orcs there. Initial reports are unsure
           whether this was a terrorist attack or some sort of accident. “We had just received a shipment
           from Macbelly of new supplies and such” said Yechal Mon’Timond, a troop stationed at the
           castle “the wagon train has just come into the South Tower gate house where Bogo Jo (the giant)
           went about unloading” he continued “Next thing we know, Bogo drops one of the crates, like he
           was surprised or something. There was a massive fireball and arcs of lightning. The walls
           cracked, Bogo went down right into them. The poor bastards in the supply train were dusted
           outright. Worst explosion I’ve ever seen”.

05/14/62   ALL – IRISH SPRING
           Spring flourishes throughout all Qwa-Vaam with renewed vigor. Wildflowers seem to spring up
           everywhere. The scent of the trees is sweeter, the weather is better, water is more refreshing and
           people’s urge to procreate is more pronounced. Babies are born healthier this month and
           sicknesses (though not cured) seem easier to manage. It is as if some hidden power somewhere
           in the heavens has found out he’s going to be an Uncle and is sharing it with the whole of the
           fantasy world! (Congratulations to my brother Dom and his wife Suzi on their upcoming baby!
           My brother Dom is going to be a dad in a few months! Woo Hoo!).

           Rumor has it that there has been some sort of break between the Trinity Church of Parthenia and
           the honorable Lord Riley, hero of Parthenia and Crusader for the West. Details are sketchy but
           sources close to Lord Riley have said that he is against the church’s decree on Magic, calls it the
           pope’s mistake, is associated with witches and in favor of using dark arts. When seeking
           confirmation from the church, Father George Cullen said: “Lord Riley is a respected man with
           strong ties to the church. It is highly unlikely that these rumors are true. For if that were the
           case, he surely would stand against God and, Lord Riley is not a man against God!” There has
           been no statement from Lord Riley’s camp as of yet.

05/15/62   ORCS – KAPOW
           Lur Dech’s bowels were ripped open today when an underground weapons storage facility
           exploded, leaving a massive sink-hole right in the middle of a major roadway. “We’re not sure
           what happened” said Vechal Pritz, a local constable “The damage is bad. It will take us weeks to
           dig it out and figure what happened.”

05/16/62   WAV – TEMPLARS
           The Parthenian Church sends companies of their own holy warriors (the Templars) into West
           Avalon to work along side Lord Riley’s forces. When asked about his reasoning for this change
           in church involvement, the Pope had this to say: “The people of West Avalon are as much God’s
           children as are we. They need our help, both in body and soul. Our Templars shall bring the
           true word of the Trinity to the Avalonians – saving them both from Orc persecution and the
           damning fires of hell.”

           Modassa forces begin harvesting stout trees and dragging them away to their secret bases within
           the Cape Peaks, Bugbear Mountains and Trollwood Forest. They are using them to fashion
           wood cannons in their camps hidden in the hills. If completed, this will give them a military
           advantage. Orc Tame Trolls spy the activity and track the loggers to their bases. They take no
           action at this time, choosing to wait and report this important find to their masters.

05/18/62   WAV – KILN SCOUTED
           Modassa agents scout out Kiln. The Modassa have learned that the Orcs have a company of
           Worg Riders there, along with half a dozen tame trolls and another 50 foot-soldiers. They have
           about 100 slaves as well and a small team of Gnome techs. The slaves are working to build a
           castle there. Expectations for castle completion is a number of years off.

05/19/62   WAV – KILN CASTLE
           Orc forces of the Arm of the Marshall have begun construction of a fortress in the village of
           Kiln. “From here we can guard the passes into the Cape Peak mines, harvest Trolls for training
           and launch sweep and destroy missions on the Human renegade scum hiding in the mountains”
           reported one of the Worg Riders assigned to guard this project. Construction is expected to be
           complete sometime in 5664 OR.

           Macbelly Office of Commerce releases a whole line of more durable clothing, footwear and
           accessories for general trade within the cities of the Inner Empire, West Avalon and Avatar Isle.
           The new equipment is more durable, lighter, of better design and more effective than standard
           wares. It also is water proof or resistant, depending on the item.

05/21/62   SWAMP – KETTLE ONE
            The Vudi rescue three escaped Gnomes from the wilds and bring them to sanctuary within the
            Marshlands. There, the Gnomes quickly establish a small village they call “Kettle Park 1”.
            They spend their days working on their village and thanking the forces that be for their rescue.

            Local Friars and Preists in outlying, smaller villages report that they have found some relief from
            the Hex Coven curse. “We were visited by wood fairies or something” Padre Lopez explained
            “They left behind scraps of bark with home cures scribbled on them. Desperate, we tried them
            and lo – they worked!” This news spreads quickly and for the first time in weeks, the
            Parthenians begin to see some relief from the sicknesses they haven’t been able to fight off. “To
            whoever or whatever helped us – thank you!”

            Over the course of a single night, a new exotic yellow flower blooms throughout the
            swamplands. Its sweet fragrance is calming to the senses and gives the denizens of the swamp,
            especially the lizardmen, a less violent demeanor. With this new-found bliss, the lizardmen
            tribes are not much for fighting – mating increases, in-fighting decreases. The Dragons are not
            affected and continue their bickering and back-stabbing, but at least now – it doesn’t include the
            wholesale slaughter of their own clan armies.

            The mighty and noble Pope Elias Hope stands by for no Witch! He assembles the greatest team
            of heroes the land knows and sends them forth to seek out and destroy the cause of the demonic
            curse plaguing his people. Great heroes such as the famed Lord Riley, Duke Jeremy
            McLaughlin, Elven Lord Sir Geoffery and Draconic Magi-Lord Addis headed out on the Quest.
            At long last, after an exhausting hunt, the heroes returned – a bit haggard and changed from the
            experience – but triumphant! The curse of the Hex Coven is broken! Healing powers are no
            longer hindered by foul side-effects. The heroes ride through the capital city amid fanfare and
            jubilation. Congratulations to the heroes! The day is theirs!

            Pope Elias and the Trinity Church decree today as a holiday in Parthenia, celebrating the defeat
            of the Hex Coven and the curse they brought! Many celebrate with bonfires, dancing, costumes
            and revelry!

05/25/62    WAV – CAVALRY
            Modassa agents have gathered wild horses and now begin cavalry training in the secret camps in
            the mountains.

            Modassa agents have again infiltrated the town of Peril and now have a working cell within it.

05/27/062   ALL – GNOME AMNESTY
            Macbelly offers amnesty to all Gnomes throughout the lands. If they return immediately, their
            crimes will be forgiven and they will be hunted no more. For those that do not take advantage of
            this offer, Gnome hunting efforts will re-double next month.

05/28/62    WAV – SURVEY
            Gnome techs under guard by Orc troops spread out along the coastal lands, surveying various
            canyons, rifts, inlets and so-on.

           Recent settlers moving back out to the Redburn area feel comforted to find miraculous new
           growth sprouting in what was the most devastated areas of the old township. “I don’t know how
           or why but the sprouting forest here seems to put me at ease” said Nigel Meekan, a would-be
           miner. On top of the old hill where the original cemetery was, a hint of green grass and small
           flowers lie scattered throughout newly sprouted willow trees. Amidst the center of the trees sits
           an old stump, charred from the devastation of old. It lies in stark contrast, like the old teacher
           amidst his students, crowned with a single standing rose. Etched into the bark of the stump are
           the words "Protect Your Mother As She Protects You"

           Dwarven raiding parties easily slip into the swamp, past lackadaisical Lizardman guards and into
           the lair of a sleeping dragon of adult age. There, they slaughter the mother and the young and
           make off with her horde and her eggs. The chief of the Lizardman tribe in charge of guarding
           the lair was put to death ceremoniously by the Lizardman shaman (by order of the Dragon Lords)
           but fears soon subside and lizardmen with yellow flowers in their hair continue to relax and mate
           more than fight or hunt. Shortly thereafter, the number of Mellow Yellow flowers in the area
           drops significantly – eventually, a balance is found that allows the lizardmen to avoid in-fighting
           while not becoming so relaxed as to foul up like that again.

           Scout ships race back to Blackport – Captains and crews screaming to get ready for a fight.
           Shortly thereafter, those looking out to sea watch as the horizon fills with the images of hundreds
           of Orc warships. Lord McLaughlin summons up his fighters “Men, this is it – we’ve got to stand
           our ground. We’ve worked too hard to let these Orc bastards come back in here. They plan to
           kill us and our families. This is it. Prepare the catapults! Ready our ships for battle! Reinforce
           the garrisons! Fight them with everything you’ve got!” A mighty cheer rises up as the city
           defenders prepare for war. As night falls, the Orc ships move into range. Cannons rain fire,
           Wyverns wheel in the skies, Orc shock troops appear in the streets, Arcana rips through the
           streets. The initial Orc strike is devastating but not without consequence. Corsair ships valiantly
           try to fight off the overwhelming firepower of the Orc armada. Griffon Riders engage the
           Wyvern air forces. Brave troops, both Human and Elven, follow Lord McLaughlin into battle –
           desperately defending the streets. The remaining X factor – Oskus Uriai, the visiting Arch Magi
           from Salatia. From his newly risen Black Tower, he and his magi summon great power to offset
           that of the Orc Judicators but they are unable to turn the tide. As the first night comes to a close,
           the rise of the sun is diminished by the mass of smoke that hangs over the city. The battle is

05/31/62   WAV – QORBANOT DAY
           The West Avalonian Humans, especially those in the Modassa, choose the last day of the month
           to be kept as a Holy Day wherein they make sacrifice to the One True God and pray for his
           blessings. Priests within the Modassa Cells and those able otherwise, sacrifice a Lamb, Deer, or
           Cow what ever is available in their region. The animal is burned while the Rabbi leads the
           people in prayer. Many Humans in West Avalon hope desperately that the One True God will
           hear their prayers and deliver them from the Orc oppressors. (Allow 5% chance for something
           special, if they have kept it up, cumulative with last month. Once something happens – start the
           percentage over at 5% next month).

05/31/62   WAV – NIMBY

           All throughout West Avalon, especially in the hidden camps of the Modassa, thorny vines grow
           overnight, covering human buildings, temples and shrines – any place used for Qorbanot Day
           sacrifices. The vines totally choke the buildings up as if some natural force is objecting to the
           sacrifice of animals on this day.

           The battle for Blackport rages on. Corsair ships prove to be no match for the Orc Dreadnaughts
           but none can flee as the Orc navy has the city harbors blockaded. They continue to fight, to the
           last, until all Blackport defending vessels are destroyed. Without any resistance, the Orc navy
           sweeps in, landing hordes of troops on the docks and beaches of Blackport. Lord Mclaughlin
           rallies his troops to key defensive positions throughout the city. Elven reinforcement troops fold
           in through Arcana, in spurts, throughout the day. Heroes take the field to face off with Orc
           Berserkers, Giants, Trolls and more. Blackport forces dig in hard, maintaining a strong defense
           thanks to the many advancements they were able to make for the city since the end of the last
           war. Still, the day ends only to see a second wave of Orc ships land even more troops. By
           nightfall, the entire city is surrounded by a massive army of Orcs. Without some miracle, it is
           only a matter of time before the Orcs breakthrough and ravage the city.


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