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									Masticatory Function and Dental Implants
”From Brain to Bridge”

Preliminary program

Thursday 18, August

18.30   Registration
20:00   Welcome Reception

Friday 19, August

08.00   Registration
09.00   Opening of the meeting
09.15   Neural control of mastication – an overview and perspectives
        Peter Svensson, Denmark
10.00   Coffee break and exhibition
10.30   Role of neuroplasticity of cortical brain areas in the control of masticatory
        function and adaptation to intraoral injury and rehabilitation
        Barry Sessle, Canada
11.15   Masticatory function with natural teeth and dental implants
        Mats Trulsson, Sweden
12.00   Lunch break and exhibition
12.45   Poster discussion session
13.30   Early methods to evaluate masticatory function in the first implant
        Gunnar E Carlsson, Sweden
14.15   Coffee break and exhibition
14.45   Implant treatment: How does it affect masticatory function?
        Andries van der Bilt, the Netherlands
15.30   Functional considerations on tooth - and implant supported restorations
        Klaus Gotfredsen, Denmark
16.15   Panel discussion
18.00   Evening program
Saturday 20, August

09.00   SSPD annual business meeting
10.00   Can implants improve oral function and quality of life in edentulous
        Frauke Muller, Switzerland
10.45   Coffee break and exhibition
11.30   Measuring quality of life, oral function and esthetics in prosthetic patients
        Pernilla Larsson, Sweden
12.15   Panel discussion
12.30   Lunch and farewell

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