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Background Checks
   Adam Safeguard & Inquiry Systems, Inc.
      1187 Washington Street, Suite 2
              PO Box 1210
          Toms River, NJ 08754
    ABOUT ADAM . . .
   Adam Safeguard has been conducting extensive criminal background
    investigations since 1967 for job candidates from entry level positions to that
    of corporate chief executives and law enforcement operations.
   Adam Safeguard’s enhanced screening activities were really an outgrowth of
    its considerable involvement in defending civil litigation emanating from the
    actions of client’s employees. Very often, a thorough background check of
    the allegedly aggrieved or responsible employee led to the development of
    evidence of fraud in the initial pre-employment/application process by that
    same employee. In some instances, criminal convictions, phony education
    claims and/or fake driver’s licenses were brought to light, which
    unfortunately compounded the potential liability of the employer.
   Through the years, Adam Safeguard has provided services to a broad
    spectrum of clients. Our services in many instances included the actual
    development of hiring policies and procedures – along with the
    accompanying forms and questions for an effective hiring process.
   In addition, Adam Safeguard’s extensive involvement with State and Federal
    Labor Arbitrators, in combination with more than 35 years of experience in
    criminal prosecution and civil litigation management, allows us to state
    without a shadow of a doubt that “We know how to protect our clients”!
           Permitted Use of
         Employee Backgrounds

   Pre-Employment Screening
   Employment Backgrounds are permitted to be
    conducted on a periodic basis randomly(see our
    RECS Program), for promotion, retention,
    termination, downsizing requirements or cause.
   Once a Release is signed, it is valid for use at
    anytime during their Employment
    Adam’s Online Ordering System
   Adam’s Online Ordering System can provide its users with a
    complete instant, online, and paperless pre-employment package.
    Administrative observation of orders, permanent record keeping,
    data storage, flagging/status details for easy data filtering and
    more is available.

   Any HR Department can enter their own information at any
    time from any location. One Department or all Departments
    can enter their own profiles and all of it can be monitored from a
    central location. Depending on what is ordered, the results can
    be instant. Locations and individuals of your choosing can
    review these results.
   The system can be accessed from any PC with secure online access.
   No faxing required for general ordering
   Instant ordering and results retrieval on selected services
   Instant notification via e-mail so you know when orders are complete
   Accessible 24/7
   See when orders were entered, in progress and completed.
   Report generation to see turnaround times, calculate costs, view hit flag ratios, etc.
   Orders are flagged when an issue is found, i.e. criminal hits, questionable results on education, license and reference
    checks, etc.

    Any number of users can be set up to use our system
    Any company/location can be set up for direct ordering with a “Master” Administrator for all users – one location can
     observe all the others
    User can be set up to be “blind” to results, blocked from editing orders and a variety of other customizable features
    Our System allows total Administrative control

    Secure website - GEO Trust 128 Bit Encryption
    Double Firewall Network
    Private Network
    Approved by Trans Union and Equifax
    “For your eyes only” data exchange
    User information viewing can be restricted so only the right people see the data conforming to FCRA Regulations

Data Storage:
    All orders are saved forever
    Archiving system for long term storage after 14 days from completion. After 60 days, these profiles are no longer
     available through the System, however, these archived can be retrieved for you by request at any time.
Ordering Process:

   Adam Safeguard has a
    separate ordering system
    for pre-employment that is
    accessed by user ID and
    password. The ordering
    process is very simple
    requiring only the input of
    a few identifiers – Name,
    Date of Birth & Social
    Security Number.
   The Available Services and
    Packages will be displayed
    directly     below      the
    Applicant Information.
Sample Release Form to be signed by Applicants:

      In connection with my application for employment (including contract for service) with ____________________, I understand that
            investigative inquiries are to be made on myself including consumer credit, criminal convictions, motor vehicle, and other reports.
            These reports will include information as to my character, work habits, performance and experience along with reasons for
            termination of past employment from previous employers. I understand that _______________________ will be requesting
            information from various Federal, State, and other agencies that maintain records concerning my past activities relating to my
            driving, credit, criminal, civil, education, and other experiences. I recognize further that _____________________ may conduct a
            periodic background investigation during the course of my employment inclusive of a consumer credit report in connection with
            any workplace investigation.

      In connection with this request, I authorize all corporations, companies, credit agencies, persons, educational institutions, law enforcement
            agencies and former employers to release information they may have about me, and release them from any liability and
            responsibility from doing so; further, I authorize the procurement of an investigative consumer report and understand that such
            report may contain information as to my background, mode of living, character and personal reputation. This authorization, in
            original and copy form, shall be valid for this and any future reports that may be requested.

      I authorize without reservation any party or agency contacted by ___________________ to furnish the above-mentioned information.

      I hereby consent to your obtaining the above information from Adam Safeguard and/or any of their licensed agents. I understand to
             aid in the proper identification of my file or records, the following personal identifiers, as well as other information, is
             necessary. The Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 prohibits discrimination on the basis of age with respect
             to individuals who are at least 40 years of age. This information is being sought for the sole purpose of performing a
             lawful background check in connection with the employment process. _____________________ does not consider an
             applicant’s age or any other protected characteristic in employment decisions. As such, this release form is separate and
             apart from your employment application and will not be viewed by any _______________________ manager considering
             you for employment.

                                                          (Please print legibly)
             Print Name_________________________: ____________________________________________________________
             Social Security Number: ________-________ -________ Date of Birth:_______________________________________
             Current Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
             City:________________________________________________ State:____________ Zip Code+4: ______________
             Former Address: _________________________________________________________________________________
             City: ________________________________________________ State: __________ Zip Code +4: _______________

             Applicant Signature: _____________________________________________________Today’s Date: _______________
Statewide Criminal History Searches are not available
    in all States. Below please find the States that
             we are able to search statewide.
  Alabama                Arizona              Colorado             Connecticut
  Delaware               Florida              Georgia              Hawaii
  Iowa                   Illinois             Indiana              Kentucky
  Louisiana              Maryland             Michigan             Mississippi
  Missouri               Montana              North Carolina       Nebraska
  New Mexico             New Jersey           New York             Ohio
  Oklahoma               Oregon               Pennsylvania         Rhode Island
  South Carolina         South Dakota         Tennessee            Texas
  Utah                   Washington           Wisconsin            Wyoming

                   All other states would require County Criminal Searches
   Adam Safeguard’s Clients have the ability to
    order Ala Carte or we can design a specific
    package of services for various positions within
    your organization.

   Adam Safeguard is small enough to provide
    personal service but large enough to provide
    national and global services when required.

   References will be supplied upon request.
  Adam Safeguard Invoices weekly; however, we are flexible on a
  client by client basis.

Payment Terms:
  Generally our payment terms are Net 15, but we are open to
  discussion to suit the your payment schedule.

Sample Order:
  Adam Safeguard will be more than happy to provide three (3)
  Background Checks at no cost for your review.
   The following pages provide detailed
    explanations of each Investigative element
    including Sources of data and general turn
    around times.

   Detailed information can help you understand
    what to expect in each component of the
    Background Report.
     Investigative Component:                                 Social Security Number Search

   Source of Data:
   The Social Security Administration (SSA) provides information on Social Security Numbers that indicate: (1)
    the state of issue and time frame issued, either the exact year or span of years (i.e. issued between 1985 and
    1987 – or issued prior to 1985). (2) if the number examined has been used to file a death claim (3) if the
    number is out of range and has not been issued or will never be issued by the SSA.
   This data is accessed by the credit bureaus and database companies as frequently as is allowed by the SSA
    updates. The results are included with the name and address history associated with the use of any Social
    Security Number, whether the number is issues or not. In the event a number which has not been issued is
    used, all name and address activity will still be captured.
   NOTE: Many fake SSNs are in use for a variety of reasons. They include heavy debtors, deadbeat parents,
    criminal issues, illegal aliens, and potential terrorists. Counterfeit documents and illegal use of Social Security
    Numbers are illegal and are recommended to be reported to law enforcement upon final determination of
    illegal activity. If authorized, Adam would perform that service at no cost.
   The sources include: Experian, Equifax, TransUnion, and others who collate the data into one report. When
    your Social Security results in no data, questionable issuance, or different ownership, you are notified with
    instructions to follow.
   The Social Security Administration allows employers final collaboration to match the number with the name
    “owner”, by telephone or internet access. NOTE: Alternative information in the event a Social Security
    Number cannot be utilized.
   Average Response Time:
   Social Security Traces are instant. If the Number is not the applicant’s, or it was used to file a death claim, or
    there is any other discrepancy, it is known immediately.
   There are no additional charges required for investigation of questionable Social Security Numbers. Adam
    provides this service as a courtesy to clients and applicants.
        Investigation Component:                               NJ “Complete” Criminal History

   Source of Data:
   New Jersey State Police, State Bureau of Identification through a New Jersey Private Investigator License.
   These records include felonies, misdemeanors, disorderly persons and criminal summonses often given in lieu
    of arrests as contained in the state repository records dating back to the 1950’s. All results are filtered to meet
    FCRA regulations. All records are release, including those without dispositions. In the even of an incomplete
    result, we locate and contact the court of record for final disposition (there is no additional fee for this service).
   NOTE: This is the only statewide source for New Jersey to obtain the history of lesser crimes with the
    exception of making direct contact with a municipal court which number over 560.

   Average Response Time:
   Average response time from the New Jersey State Police is ten (10) business days. Hits will take longer (2
    weeks after notification) to provide as they need to be mailed out.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned, (5) pending match verification.
    Investigation Component:                           Multi State Criminal Record Search

   Source of Data:

   State, County, and reporting courts which vary in each jurisdiction for felonies; state controlled sexual and
    violent offender registries; and Department of Corrections that provide prisoner data, parole, and probation

   Average Response Time:

   The Multi State Criminal Record Searches are instant. In the event of a possible criminal hit, additional time
    may be needed to verify the identity of the subject.

   *FCRA requires that any derogatory data obtained from database sources (criminal record) must be verified
    with the court/repository directly prior to using it for adverse actions (applicant rejection). See agreement.
             Investigation Component:                                  Employment History

   Source of Data:
   We have a professional staff to interview prior employers seeking a response to customized inquiries. Those
    companies who use third parties are generally known and we either have standing accounts or provide payment
    as required.
   Average Response Time:
   This search indicates a 2-3 day turnaround time, however 60% of all inquiries are completed in less than 24
    hours and many within 1 hour of ordering. Clients are notified of delays (1) indicated by prior employers who
    are not available until a certain date (i.e. manager is on vacation until a specific date; plant closed for two weeks
    with the date indicated) (2) when they sign the release as required (3) when there is no telephone answer or
    response from an employer within 48 hours. During that time, efforts are made to attempt to identify an
    additional number for contact based on the information about the employer provided.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned.
   There is no charge for handling release or multiple attempts to contact given employers.
   Uncooperative Employers who do not respond or refuse to provide data will result in the Verification being
    closed with all attempts documented.

   Pass Along Fees:
   • Third party charges MAY range from $5-$25 depending upon that supplier with the average being $10.
              Investigation Component:                                 Education History

   Source of Data:

   Contact is direct with the educational institution’s registrar; accept for those who have enlisted a service
    provider. When directed or previously known, verification is obtained from a third party vendor.

   Average Response Time:

   The average response time is within the first 24 hours not counting weekends or holidays. In the event of
    delays of any nature, customers are notified within 48 hours, including details of reason/cause and anticipated
    completion date.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned.
        Investigation Component:                               License Certification Search

   Source of Data:
   Verification is conducted directly with the issuing authority, agency, or bureau by our trained personnel. In the
    event of any sanctions, disbarment, or criminal notice, a secondary search is conducted to obtain further details.
    Some of these additional searches require another action with the authority, and many are available on the

   Average Response Time:
   Most searches are completed within one business day excluding weekends and holidays.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned.
               Investigative Component:                     Motor Vehicle Records

   Source of Data:
   Adam contracts with several sources who have built EDI with the highest number of state agencies, and
    allowing multiple means of access and supply the greatest variety of report types. Each type of report requires
    a separate account and yields different amounts of personal data (based upon the DPPA). These reports
    cannot be utilized for any purpose other than stipulated to and agreed upon. Example: pre-employment
    reports cannot be used for underwriting or claims, and agreements for underwriting or claims reports cannot be
    used for pre-employment purposes.

   Average Response Time:
   Schedule to be supplied (varies by state).
           Investigation Component:                              Federal Criminal History

   Source of Data:
   We employ professional researchers to search federal criminal records at individual district court level. In order
    to affect a national federal criminal history, the researchers will use federal court system their online systems
    which include PACER and alternative sites as established by the federal government.

   Average Response Time:
   Usually less than 24 hours; maximum of two business days, not counting weekends or holidays.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned.
                 Investigative Component:                           Civil Court Records

   Experience has proven that Civil Court Searches developed serious issues having an impact on a candidate’s
    selection. This is actually important for management, administrative, and professional positions.
   The results have included liens, judgments, or suits against the candidate ranging form alleged malpractice,
    personal injury, heavy debt, misappropriation of company funds or property, bankruptcy filings, current
    financial problems related to personal or prior business activities. Alternately, they have developed suits by the
    candidate against prior employers, pending personal injury suits, from which they allege the inability to work,
    and other problematic issues which, if know, could render them ineligible for employment.
   Source of Data:
   Adam employs professional researchers where necessary. Generally, Federal District Court and United States
    Bankruptcy Courts are searched by government electronic systems with direct person involvement to obtain
    required records when they are not available online.
   State suits are filed by county. Liens, Suits, Judgments are available nationally; T/A 1-2 days.
   Average Response Time:
   A researcher request will take 2-3 days depending upon the time of entry not counting weekends or holidays.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) derogatory data is provided.
   Fees: Court fees vary.
                  Investigation Component:                              Credit History

   Source of Data
   Credit history information is obtained from one of the three major credit bureaus being Experian, Equifax, and
    TransUnion. The data is updated on a daily basis by the credit bureaus.
   In the event an applicant has “no history” or a limited amount of information in the selected bureau, this does
    not indicate a derogatory result.

   Average Response Time
   Credit histories are instant.
   Customers will be notified that the response is incomplete by a red flag in the system. Reports can be red
    flagged for several reasons: (1) additional information is needed, (2) a release form is needed, (3) there is a
    delay beyond our control such as a court delay, or (4) information provided by the applicant does not match
    the results returned.
       Investigation Component:                                    Medical Sanction Reports

   Source of Data

   This product tracks different types of healthcare professionals and entities providing reports on a wide range of
    disciplinary actions from federal and state agencies in a single search. The types of sanctions include
    termination of license, revocation, probation, and debarments. Results are gathered from over 800 government
    sources. The search results include any person or company who has been sanctioned, excluded, or prosecuted,
    whether they were licensed or not. The reports are detailed and include the source, date of action, category,
    location, findings, action, authority, and where to obtain additional information.

   Average Response Time
   Medical Sanction reports return same day results, usually within minutes.
                       General Turnaround Times
     Social Security Verification/Trace                               Instant

     Credit Reports                                                   Instant

     NJ Criminal History (NJSP)                                       Up to 10 Business
     NJ Criminal History Database (Limited Records)                   24 Hours

     Multi-State Criminal History Database                            24 Hours

     NY Criminal History (AOC)                                        24 Hours

     PA State Police                                                  24 Hours

     County Criminal History (Across USA – Courts)                    2 -3 Days

     Medical Sanctions                                                24 Hours

     Prior Employer Reference Checks                                  2-3 Days

     Professional License Verification                                1-3 Days

     Education Verification                                           1-3 Days

The times listed are general under normal conditions. Possible criminal hits must be verified and
can extend the return; however, you will know that something is be examined. We cannot report
arrest data, only convictions or pending court matters.

While Database Searches are instant, Hits cannot be reported without court verification.
                                         Adam Safeguard’s
              Random Employee Check Program
   Random Employee Checks, or RECs, provides a reasonable, fair, and economically feasible method to
    ensure a safe environment for all parties concerned.
   Random selection of a predetermined percentage of the employee pool will determine who is subject to
    updated backgrounds. The updates should consist of a minimum of a Social Security Validation and
    Trace Report along with a Criminal History Search conducted in the appropriate venue. Specialty
    employers can elect to include additional items as a standard. Those checks could include verifying
    professional licenses, sanction checks or compliance issues such as OIG or GSA. For Health Care
    Facilities, all RECs must be uniform by company, category, and job position.
   The selection process should be scientifically controlled, using an employee identification number or a
    payroll number and not names. The checks can be run monthly based upon 1/12th of the annual
    percentage established.
   This new standard has been developed in response to Adam’s clients’ repeated request for an affordable
    way to maintain the integrity of their employee population. Once applicants are cleared and become a
    part of the work force, there has been no reasonable way to know if they become involved in
    criminal/adverse activity that could have a serious impact upon their job performance or violate
    corporate or regulatory requirements.
   By engaging a recognized expert to guide in establishing the standards, one does not appear to have been
    “self serving” in the end. Arguments of not going far enough can be mitigated by an expert’s credibility,
    opinion, knowledge, experience, and input.
Random Employee Check Program Continued . . .

   The DOT random drug testing program has passed all levels of legal attacks, even the supreme
    court. Rather than reinventing the wheel, utilizing some of their standards could establish a solid
    foundation for any random checking program.
   The next key is what elements of a background should be considered. The selections would be
    dictated by industry job and employee impact. Further considerations are availability, cost, and
   In the end, random checks can be justified. The percentage of employees and the level of
    checking to be done can be supported based on individual industry liabilities and exposures.
    Establishing our own rules and projected costs is a far better solution than having someone else
    come in and mandate that we do a higher percentage, more often, and include items that may not
    be of any value in reaching the true intended goals.

   It’s not a matter of if new rules will be imposed upon us, but rather when.

   Note: Legal advise is required to ensure all laws are complied with.
General Information about Adam Safeguard:
         EXPERIENCE: Since 1967, public sector, private sector, corporate,
          legal, small business and educational student market.
         EXPERTISE: We wrote the book on backgrounds, “Don’t Hire a
          Crook” and “25 Essential Lessons on Employee Management”.
         TECHNOLOGY: Safe, secure, confidential, Internet.
         FEATURES: 24 hours/7 days instant access, paperless.
         SERVICES: Complete from credit to criminal history, education
          references, licenses, and public records.
         COMPLIANCE: We know the laws and will guide you.
         PRICING: We are competitive with all major providers.
         PLUS: No hidden fees, you only pay for what you order when you
          want it, that’s it.
         GOAL: To provide equal access to all employers regardless of size or
          number of employees.
         INSURANCE: Adam Safeguard is fully insured (Certificate will be
          provided up request)
          (Will be supplied upon request)
          supplied upon request)
 Adam Safeguard’s Guarantee . . .
  Adam Safeguard will not release any
     undocumented criminal results
   regardless of your choice of criminal
              history search.

We can mitigate any potential liability arising from
 false criminal records on any applicant, student
                or faculty member!

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