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									VOLUME 21
                                                                   Best wishes for a wonderful
                                                                   Holiday and Happy New Year!
                                                                                    From the staff at MSO

                  2011 Educational Seminar
    WINTER 2011

                  The 2011 Educational Seminar was held on October 18th at the Crowne Plaza in
                  Jamesburg, NJ. The day included six hours of informative and timely programs.

                  Cyber Risk
                  Chris DiIenno of Nelson, Levine, DeLuca and Horst started the day with “Cyber Risk –
                  Assessing and Combating the Exposures”. He discussed what data is, how it is collected and
                  protected, and what happens when it is purged. He offered an overview of the duties created by
                  data. There were several case studies showing the true extent of exposure when there is a data
                  breach. Standard insurance policies do not apply to intellectual property or data breach where
                  there is no actual “loss”.

                  Social Networking
                  Tony Pasquarelli of Sweet, Pasquarelli spoke on the Legal and Coverage Implications of Social

                  Media. He discussed the possible liability incurred for publication, including defamation, inva-
                  sion of privacy and bullying/harassment. He also addressed the issue of intellectual property
                  rights.    Use of information can be a concern in the employment arena: hiring/firing/
                  discrimination. Information may be used in litigation. Anything that is out on the internet is
                  public. Tony reviewed how some of the MSO programs address the coverage issues.

                  Green Building & Renewable Energy
                  Bill Russell of Transitioning to Green brought us up to date with the ever-changing “green”
                  industry. He explained the growth in the number of green buildings and green claims. Bill dis-
                  cussed green building, clean energy policy underwriting and claims management. He reviewed
                  the various certification programs.

                  Medicare SetAside
                  Jessica Leonetti of Crowe Paradis explained the Medicare SetAside provisions. She outlined
                  what is involved in complying with federal requirements when a claim involves a Medicare
                                                                                              Inside this Issue:
                  Disaster Recovery
                                                                                              From the Editors         Pg. 2
                  Paul Sullivan of Agility Recovery outlined the basic steps in a Dis-
                                                                                              Northern KY Home Ins     Pg. 3
                  aster Recovery Plan, ensuring business continuity, and how to pre-
                  pare organizations for an unplanned interruption.                           Golf Outing              Pg. 5
                                                                                              Year in Photos         Pg. 6-7
                  Restaurant Exposures                                                        Self Storage Program     Pg. 8
                  MSO Field Representative Nils Deacon offered insight into what he           MSO Goes to the Cloud Pg. 9
                  looks for when he inspects restaurant risks. He gave a general re-          Updated Farmowners       Pg. 9
                  view of hazards and controls, from unprotected drive up parking to
                                                                                              Jim Celebrates 30 Yrs Pg. 11
                  kitchen fires, customer liability hazards and workers compensation
                                                                                              MSO Users Group        Pg. 11
                  issues. Jan Kozlowski, MSO Vice President, explained coverages
                                                                                                         (Continued Pg. 12
                                                                                              MSO State Expansion on page 3)
                                                                      (Continued on page 3)
Seasons Greetings to our                 To Our Readers:
readers of the MSO 2011
Winter Update!                           As we enter the Holiday Season a                139 Harristown Road, Suite 100
                                         special thanks to our member com-                    Glen Rock, NJ 07452
                                                                                            Phone: (800) 935-6900
This has been another busy year at       panies and their employees for their                   (201) 447-6900
                                                                                              Fax: (201) 447-9468
MSO! We’ve welcomed new com-             loyal support during 2011. Also                    E-mail: info@msonet.com
                                                                                             Web: www.msonet.com
panies (Northern Kentucky Home           thanks to our many vendor partners
Insurance and Norfolk & Dedham           that supported the MSO Golf Event        MSO UPDATE is published for the
Mutual Fire Insurance Co.), added a      and the Education Seminar.               information of our member companies and
new specialty BOP (Self-Storage          This has been a year of major change     We welcome your comments or
Facility Program), and we continue                                                suggestions.
                                         at MSO. We started the year in 22
our march forward towards becom-         states and are now in 43 with 6 pend-    Editors:
ing nationwide by the end of 2012.       ing. This is a terrific achievement
                                                                                  Sue C. Quimby, CPCU, AU, CIC, CPIW;
                                                                                  Director, Client Relations & Training and
                                         and positions MSO as a national          Senior Insurance Analyst
We’ve embarked on some major             firm. This expansion allows MSO to       Megan Richards; Manager, E-Services &
technological changes in the recent                                               Marketing
                                         bring our programs and services to a
months. We have implemented the          much broader market.
Infoaxis AnywhereTM Webtop (see
                                                                                          Hours of Operation
page 9) which has allowed our staff      We offer a new choice to carriers                7:45 am — 4:30 pm
to become more efficient and able to     that want to customize to gain mar-
work from anywhere in the world.         ket share. Along with program cus-                  Office Closings
We are also in the process of revis-     tomization, we have a team of ex-                 December 26, 2011
ing the MSO Forms and Endorse-           perts that provide a level of personal             January 2, 2012
ments Database program. We               service that is much needed in these              February 20, 2012
formed a MSO Users Group com-            competitive times.                                   April 6, 2012
prised of key individuals from mem-                                                          May 28, 2012
ber companies to work with us on         We have continued our update of                      July 4, 2012
this project. Now that we have com-      existing programs. MSO added new
pleted our network upgrades, we          members in KY, NY, and AR. Exist-
will be bringing this project back to    ing members have increased their                Chairman of the Board
the forefront.                           use of our programs and services              Kent W. Jones, CPCU, CPA,
                                         such as audits.                                       AIAF, ARe
                                                                                            President & CEO
Our list of Vendor Partners has dou-                                                   Farmers Mutual Fire Ins. Co.
                                         The MSO team has provided con-
bled over the last year. We have cre-                                                       of Salem County
                                         sulting services to ExploreData and
ated a new two page marketing
                                         partnered with Averill Consulting for        Vice Chairman of the Board
piece that lists all of these partners                                                     Donald Applegate
along with a bit of information on       development of new programs.
                                                                                            President & CEO
each.                                                                                 Farmers Insurance Company
                                         Finally, thanks to the MSO team                     of Flemington
                                         who have worked so hard in 2011 to
It’s been a great year for everyone at   respond to member requests for new                       Officers:
MSO. We truly hope you can all say       programs, state filings, inspections,
the same. Have a safe and happy                                                                    CEO
                                         audits, and general policy language           Jan Scites, J.D., CLU, ChFC
holiday season!                          questions.
                                                                                       President-Treasurer, COO
--Megan Richards & Sue Quimby            We wish all of you a very Happy               James W. Townley, CPCU
                                         Holiday and Happy New Year. We
                                                                                             Vice President
                                         look forward to working with each                 Jan Kozlowski, MBA
                                         of you in the coming year.
                                                                                           Corporate Secretary
                                         -- Jan Scites & Jim Townley                       Pepper Treuvey, AU

 2 |   VOLUME 21
MSO Welcomes Northern Kentucky Home Insurance                                      Training News
MSO is pleased to welcome our             forms supporter of the mentoring         In October, Sue Quimby presented
newest member company, Northern           program and NKHI is the first com-       “The Devil is in the Details – A
Kentucky Home Insurance Compa-            pany to successfully launch the          Comparison of MSO, ISO and
ny (NKHI). Domiciled in Alexan-           BriteCore web base operating sys-        AAIS” at the Pennsylvania Council
dria, KY, the company was found-          tem under this program.                  of the International Association of
ed over 100 years ago as Campbell                                                  Insurance Professionals’ (IAIP)
County Farmer’s Fire Insurance            Bob Kopich, Northern Kentucky’s          State Education Day.
Company, serving the needs of             Business Manager, says they chose
homeowners in Campbell County,            MSO because “MSO provided us             In addition, earlier this year, Sue
KY. In 2004, the company assumed          with very helpful suggestions and        visited Farmers of McCandless to
its current name to reflect their ex-     great service during the evaluation      review the Commercial Property
panded coverage area including            process of the products we will          program. She also visited Farmers
Bracken, Boone, Campbell, Grant,          need to further our growth. They         of Marble to review their questions
Kenton and Pendleton Counties.            kept their promises, and they were       on the Commercial Property and
The company still operates as a co-       able to offer their services and         Combination Dwelling programs.
operative.                                products at fair and reasonable pric-
                                          es. We are delighted to be in part-      MSO Field Representative, Nils
Northern Kentucky Home Insur-             nership with them, and look for-         Deacon, was asked to reprise his
ance Company was introduced to            ward to a long and fruitful relation-    Restaurant Exposures presentation
MSO by another member company             ship with MSO.”                          for Mercer Insurance Group. The
president, Art Meadows of Panhan-                                                  presentation was first done at
dle who has been working with             Jan Scites, MSO’s CEO comment-           MSO’s Educational Seminar in
NKHI as part of the newly devel-          ed “We are pleased to welcome            October.
oped BriteCore Mentoring Pro-             Bob Kopich and the Northern Ken-
gram. This program is specifically        tucky Team as an MSO member              MSO staff is available to train on
designed to provide the high level        company. They have an excellent          any MSO program, as well as other
of technology offered by the              reputation with their insureds and       industry issues. Contact Sue
BriteCore system for smaller com-         have been strong corporate support-      Quimby for additional information.
panies. MSO is proud to be the            ers of their local community.”
                                                                                   2011 Educational Seminar
MSO Partners with Explore Information Services                                     (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                   available under the MSO BOP.
Explore Information Services, LLC         Traditional rating plans incorporate
is a data provider to the property        characteristics of the fire station,     We would like to thank our gener-
and casualty insurance industry. Ex-      distance to the fire station, and ac-    ous sponsors who helped to make
plore has selected MSO to act as the      cess to high pressure water.             the day possible: Blue Cod Tech-
filing agent for their FireSafe           FireSafe RiskScore incorporates all      nologies; Castle Claims Service;
RiskScore rating plan.         FireSafe   of these characteristics into the        e2Value, GenRe; Hartford Steam
RiskScore is a score developed us-        score.    In    addition,    FireSafe    Boiler; Insight Investigations,
ing a predictive model to rate a          RiskScore utilizes Explore's Nation-     IWS/Britecore; Mariposa; Mar-
property for the risk of fire loss as-    al Fire Station database and insur-      ketStance; Mike Averill Consult-
sociated with fire station character-     ance company loss data in a predic-      ing; Mutual Boiler Re; NARS;
istics, availability of water, and dis-   tive model to produce a property         Paul Davis Restoration; Priority
tance of the property from the re-        specific score that can be used to       Data; SERVPRO; Transitioning to
sponding fire station.                    rate homeowners. For more infor-         Green, Town and Country Com-
                                          mation, please visit their website at:   puter Services; UPFRO and
                                          www.exploredata.com.                     Whelan Adjustment.

                                                                                                             VOLUME 21   | 3
MSO Program News - Commercial Lines
Bed & Breakfast BOP approved                  definition of “insureds” to in-       dustries, such as Green/Solar Con-
in New York                                   clude church members, officers        struction     and     Cable/Internet/
MSO’s Bed & Breakfast (B&B)                   and volunteers.                       Telephone Wiring System Installa-
BOP is now available in NY. The                                                     tion. Existing classes were updated
policy is a separate BOP form that         Commercial Liability Program             to reflect updated terminology. For
includes many coverage enhance-            Updated                                  example, “Five and Ten Cent
ments designed to meet the needs of        MSO has updated our commercial           Stores” has been renamed “Dollar
the B & B insured. A separate Dec-         liability   classification    section.   Stores”. “Computer Installation” is
larations Supplement accompanies           Due to recent changes in business        now “Computer Consulting, Instal-
the policy form. A two page manual         terminology and the introduction of      lation, Programming”. We also in-
supplement includes the rules and          new types of business, and to make       cluded additional cross reference
rates. There is no separate affiliation    the program easier to use, we have       descriptions.
required for companies who sub-            added new classifications, including
scribe to the MSO BOP.                     cross references for existing classes,   Another significant change is that
                                           and revised others. In addition, we      the rating basis for vacant land is
New BOP Endorsements                       are introducing four new additional      now acreage rather than frontage.
The trend in building construction         insured endorsements, and a sepa-        Acreage is easier to determine and a
has been moving towards the use of         rate Asbestos Exclusion endorse-         better reflection of the actual expo-
more energy efficient and environ-         ment.                                    sure.
mentally friendly products and ma-
terials. In response to this growing       More and more general contractors
trend towards "green" buildings,           are requiring that subcontractors add
MSO has developed a Green Up-              the general contractor as an addi-
grade Supplemental Coverage en-            tional insured, as well as including     Regulatory Issues
dorsement. There has also been in-         coverage on a primary and noncon-
terest from our members in offering        tributory basis. We are introducing      Delaware Civil Union and Equali-
coverage for Business Income loss          additional insured endorsements for      ty Act
when the cause of the loss is due to       contractors/lessees/owners on a pri-     Delaware’s Act legalizing same sex
off premises damage to utility ser-        mary and noncontributory basis,          civil unions is effective January 1,
vices.                                     with the option to include products/     2012. Delaware Bulletin No. 46
                                           completed operations. “Blanket”          outlines the insurance ramifications
We have introduced three new op-           versions of these endorsements are       of the law. Parties to a civil union
tional endorsements for the Busi-          also available.                          have all of the same rights of mar-
nessowners Program:                                                                 ried spouses. MSO is filing revised
 BU 01 42 (06 11) Green Up-               Asbestos Exclusion - Currently the      mandatory endorsements in Dela-
    grade Supplemental Coverage is         asbestos exclusion is available in       ware to extend the term “spouse” to
    a BOP version of the endorse-          conjunction with the lead exclusion      include a person with whom the
    ment MCP 142 that was filed for        (MCL 189). The new endorsement           named insured has entered into a
    the MSO Commercial Property            (MCL 196) provides a separate as-        civil union.
    Program.                               bestos exclusion if a company elects
                                           not to use MCL 189. We revised           The following DE Mandatory en-
    BU 02 31 (06 11) Business In-                                                 dorsements will be updated: MCM
                                           several other endorsements for for-
      come – Off Premises Loss of                                                   830 (Multiple Commercial Lines)
                                           matting reasons.
      Utility Service Coverage pro-                                                 BU 08 30 (BOP); MCL 782
      vides loss of income due to                                                   (Commercial Umbrella; MPL 124
                                           Manual Changes - Changes to the
      property loss to a service provid-                                            (Personal Lines); MPL 106
                                           manual include new and revised
      er.                                                                           (Personal Umbrella) and MCA 830
                                           classifications. The Commercial Li-
    BU 03 02 (12 07) Additional          ability classifications were updated     (Commercial Auto).
      Insured - Churches extends the       to include classes for emerging in-
     4 |   VOLUME 21
18th Annual MSO Golf Outing & Annual Meeting
The 18th Annual MSO Golf Outing was held on May 24,           $150. The winner, Kent Jones of Farmers of Salem,
2011 at the Center Valley Golf Club in Center Valley,         very generously donated the money back to the Emman-
PA. Ninety-nine players made up of MSO members,               uel Cancer Foundation.
vendors, friends, guests and MSO staff, teed off on a
warm and sunny afternoon.                                     MSO and ECF thank the following Charity Hole
                                                              Sponsors for their generous support:
Outing Supports Emmanuel Cancer Foundation:                   Delaware Grange Mutual; e2Value; Farmers Insurance
For over 17 years, MSO has held a bi-weekly food col-         Co. of Flemington; Farmers of Salem; Franklin Mutual
lection for the Emmanuel Cancer Foundation (ECF) and          Insurance Group; Hartford Steam Boiler; MBA Actuar-
their food pantry. ECF provides much-needed support to        ies, Inc.; Mercer Insurance Company; Methfessel &
New Jersey families of children who have been diag-           Werbel; Mutual Boiler Re; Mutual Inspection Bureau;
nosed with cancer. For more information on ECF, please        The MSO Employees; Paul Davis Restoration of Bucks
go to their website: www.emmanuelcancer.org. Again            & Montgomery Counties; Paul Davis Restoration of Un-
this year, MSO offered sponsors the opportunity to have       ion & Essex Counties; Jan Scites; Testa Heck Scrocca &
a sign placed at one of the tees. The proceeds went to        Testa; UPFRO Associates; Whalen Adjustment, Inc.
the Bergen County chapter of the Emmanuel Cancer
Foundation (ECF). A check for $4,000 was presented to         MSO, Inc. would like to express thanks to the follow-
Laura Savage, Northern Regional Director of the Em-           ing Dinner Sponsors:
manuel Cancer Foundation by James Townley and Pep-            Blue Cod Technologies; Colliers International; e2Value;
per Treuvey of MSO, Inc.                                      Garrett Joest; Gen Re; Methfessel & Werbel; Paul Davis
                                                              Restoration Corporate Team.
The prize winners, presented by MSO President Jim
Townley, were as follows:                                     We would also like to thank the following companies
Low Gross - 1st half: Bruce Jackson (Mutual Inspection        for contributing the raffle prizes:
Bureau); Low Gross - 2nd half: Brian O’ Neill (O’Neill        AGO Insurance Software, Inc.; ARSI Construction;
& Associates); Straightest Drive: Alan Skuraton               CGM Accounting Associates; Cityline Construction;
(Whelan Adjustment); Longest Drive hole #6: Jim Cal-          Command Financial Press; Cumberland Insurance
lahan (Mutual Boiler Re); Longest Drive hole #11: Dan         Group; Farmers Insurance Co. of Flemington; Farmers
Gage (G & G Underwriters. LLC); Closest to the Pin            of Salem; Fitchburg Mutual Insurance Company; Frank-
hole #8: Tom Inch (MSO Board of Trustees); Closest to         lin Mutual Insurance Group; Guardian Life Insurance
the Pin hole #13: Scott Reynolds (Paul Davis Restora-         Company of America; Tom Inch; Lehigh Mutual Insur-
tion of Greater Baltimore); and Closest to the Pin hole       ance Company; Mutual Inspection Bureau; Mutual Boil-
#16: Harold Gunning (Cumberland Group).                       er Re; Paul Davis Restoration Corporate Team; Paul Da-
                                                              vis Restoration of Union & Essex Counties.
Beat the Pro for Charity!
                              The Beat The Pro For            A special thank you to our friends at Methfessel & Wer-
                              Charity contest at hole #2      bel and Guy Carpenter for their continued generous sup-
                              was sponsored once again        port.
                              by MBA Actuaries, Inc.
                              Golfers were given a            Members’ Meeting
                              chance to try and get clos-     The Members’ Meeting lead by MSO CEO, Jan L.
                              er to the pin than the Cen-     Scites, was held after the tournament. Two Trustees
                              ter Valley Club pro, John       were re-elected to the MSO Board: Kent Jones
Suter, while also contributing to the Emmanuel Cancer         (Farmers of Salem) and Allen Ray Sorensen (United
Foundation. Sue Quimby, Megan Richards and Trish              Fire & Casualty). The reelected trustees’ terms will ex-
Riggio of MSO and Al Sorensen of United Fire & Casu-          pire in 2014.
alty Co., assisted on the contest hole. The golfers who
beat the pro were entered into a raffle for a cash prize of                                           (Continued on page 12)

                                                                                                    VOLUME 21      | 5
2011 in Photos - MSO Golf Outing

 6 |   VOLUME 21
2011 in Photos - Educational Seminar & Tech Meetings

                                        VOLUME 21   | 7
MSO Program News - Personal Lines                                                 Statistical Plan Expanded
In continuing the MSO growth initi-       la programs in Maine. Combination       To answer requests from member
ative, we are in the process of filing    Dwelling and Mobilehome are next        companies for customized data col-
our Personal Lines program in addi-       in line in the state.                   lection, we revised the MSO All
tional states. The MSO Personal                                                   Lines Statistical Plan to include an
Lines program includes Homeown-           Programs Introduced in New              additional twenty (20) fields that
ers, Combination Dwelling, Mo-            York                                    have been set aside for company
bilehomeowners, Inland Marine and         MSO has also received approval for      use for each program. A reporting
Umbrella. Inland Marine and Um-           two personal lines programs in New      company can utilize these fields to
brella can be written as endorse-         York: Homeowners and Personal           collect additional data, or for a
ments to other programs, or on a          Umbrella. Due to unique require-        more detailed breakdown of the
stand-alone basis.        The unique      ments in New York, we filed state-      data collected reflecting the com-
Combination Dwelling program of-          specific versions of many of the        pany’s program features. The data
fers the flexibility of writing proper-   forms. The programs may be used         in these additional fields will be
ty and liability coverage on a pack-      immediately.                            collected as reported. Since each
age or monoline basis.                                                            company controls what is reported
                                          Combination Dwelling is pending in      in this section, MSO edits do not
Homeowners and Personal Um-               the state, and Mobilehomeowners         review the data in this section.
brella Available in Maine                 will also be filed.
We have received approval for our                                                 The Statistical Plan was also re-
Homeowners and Personal Umbrel-                                                   vised to include coding for changes
                                                                                  in the various MSO programs. For
                                                                                  Personal Lines (Homeowners,
MSO Introduces Self-Storage Program                                               Combination Dwelling & Mo-
                                                                                  bilehomeowners), the Protection
                 MSO is continuing        Additional coverages built into the     Rating, Deductible Size, and Lia-
                 to build our portfo-     Self Storage Facility BOP include:      bility Limit coding were updated to
                 lio of specialty BOP      Dwelling Loss of Use Coverage        reflect current program options.
                 products. Our latest         if the insured resides on premis-   Commercial Liability Classifica-
                 addition to this se-         es                                  tion Codes and related Rating Base
ries is a Self Storage Facility BOP.                                              changes were added following the
                                             Lock Replacement Coverage -
The Self Storage Facility policy is a                                             recent update of the Commercial
niche market program that follows                                                 Liability Program. The Commer-
the format of the standard MSO               Legal Liability for Customers’     cial Auto coding was expanded to
BOP policy. This format combines               Goods - $10,000 per occurrence/    handle introduction of fleet and
all of the needed coverages for the            $25,000 annual aggregate           non-fleet rating. For those states
usual property and liability expo-           Removal and Disposal Upon          where Loss Costs are filed, a new
sures in one form. In the Self Stor-           Lock Out or Sale Coverage -        field has been added to collect the
age Facility policy, the standard              $10,000 per occurrence/$25,000     company’s Loss Cost Multiplier
BOP coverages are included as well             annual aggregate                   (LCM).
as several specialty coverages de-
signed to meet the unique needs of        These additional coverages/limits       This    revision   is  effective
the Self Storage Facility insured.                                                01/01/2012. Companies may im-
                                          are shown on the Self Storage Facil-
The MSO program includes the                                                      plement use of the Company Use
most common enhancements that             ity BOP Declarations Supplement.
                                                                                  Field and other coding changes
are found in the various Self Storage     Optional higher limits are available
Facility programs available in the        for the last three coverages listed
market.                                   above.

  8 |   VOLUME 21
MSO Goes to the Cloud                                                           Updated Farmowners
MSO recently implemented the new        within the web portal. This means       Introduced in Arkansas
Infoaxis     AnywhereTM      Webtop     that remote users have the same
                                                                                At the request of a member compa-
(www.infoaxis.com) to handle our        “desktop” no matter if they are in
                                                                                ny, MSO has filed an updated Far-
access to applications and data. One    the main office, at their home office
                                                                                mowners program in Arkansas.
of the primary reasons for this         or even on the road using another
                                                                                The Farmowners program was pre-
change was the limited/inconsistent     computer entirely. Another added
                                                                                viously available in Delaware,
bandwidth available from our previ-     benefit to the web portal is that all
                                                                                Maryland, New Jersey, and Penn-
ous internet provider. We had made      users now are on the same version
                                                                                sylvania. The updated version will
the initial move to Infoaxis Cloud      of programs.
                                                                                be filed in those states in 2012.
Services in April for our servers in
order to streamline our business and    Each user has their own customiza-
                                                                                The Farmowners
staff productivity. However, band-      ble webtop that can be accessed
                                                                                Program is a self
width inconsistencies caused our        from anywhere through the specific
                                                                                contained pack-
users to experience a severe slow       website address once the citrix plug
                                                                                age type policy
down in our abilities to operate. In-   -in is installed. Users can add vari-
                                                                                which includes
foaxis developed the Anywhere           ous gadgets such as “My Weather”
                                                                                property and lia-
Webtop as a solution to this prob-      and News feeds. These items can
                                                                                bility coverages designed to pro-
lem.                                    be added, moved and deleted as de-
                                                                                vide comparable coverage to the
                                        sired. For quick troubleshooting,
                                                                                common industry commercial farm
The webtop is a web portal that al-     users can utilize the “Self Help”
                                                                                programs, but in a format follow-
lows secure access to all programs      feature which includes three differ-
                                                                                ing that currently used by MSO for
and files through a consistent web      ent steps to correct simple webtop
                                                                                all its Personal and Commercial
interface from nearly any device        issues. For larger issues, users can
                                                                                Lines. The MSO Farmowners pro-
that has internet access, whether       create support tickets directly from
                                                                                gram is designed for ease of use
from a Windows Desktop, Note-           their webtop and follow the status
                                                                                and meets the needs of a farmown-
book, Thin Client or Smartphone,        of that ticket.
                                                                                er who resides on a farm, and has a
the iMac, iPhone or iPad – even the                                             small farming operation on the
new Android Smartphone or Tablet.       By implementing the Infoaxis Any-
                                                                                covered premises.
                                        whereTM Webtop, MSO has become
With this system, users no longer       more efficient and effective. No        The MSO Farmowners program
access programs from their local        longer limited by technology, our       includes special enhancements not
machines. Instead, all programs and     expansion opportunities are endless.    found in a commercial farm prop-
network files are accessed from                                                 erty and/or monoline commercial
                                                                                farm liability program. These en-
                                                                                hancements include valuable arti-
Norfolk & Dedham adopts MSO Farmowners                                          cles coverage for furs, jewelry and
MSO is pleased to welcome Nor-          founded in 1825, also includes Dor-     silverware, portable electronic
folk & Dedham Mutual Fire Insur-        chester Mutual Insurance Company        equipment and other media cover-
ance Company as a subscriber in         and Fitchburg Mutual Insurance          age, and scheduled household per-
Arkansas.                               Company. The Group currently            sonal property. Liability enhance-
                                        writes business in Massachusetts,       ments include watercraft liability
Based in Dedham, Massachusetts,         Maine, New Hampshire, New Jer-          and horse boarding coverage.
the company is part of the Norfolk      sey, New York and Rhode Island.
and Dedham Group. Norfolk and           The Norfolk and Dedham Group is
Dedham will be writing a custom         not new to MSO, as Fitchburg has
version of the MSO Farmowners           been an MSO subscriber in New
program in Arkansas. The Group,         Jersey since 2005.

                                                                                                 VOLUME 21   | 9
MSO Vendor Partner Program
                        MSO has partnered with a            IWS/Britecore - Offers a universal processing system
                        number of organizations to of-      for property and casualty insurance companies. Their
                        fer significant discounts on        comprehensive insurance processing system runs entire-
                        their services to MSO member        ly over the web.
                        companies. Smaller discounts
are available to select MSO prospective clients. The        Mariposa Insurance Services - National independent
partnerships include:                                       adjusting firm managing policyholder claims for insur-
                                                            ance companies.
Abbott Smith Associates Worldwide - An executive
recruiting and consulting firm that partners with and       Mike Averill Consulting / MLA Consulting - Assists
supports clients throughout the US and internationally.     companies in drafting policy language, state filings and
They work within a wide range of industries.                program implementation. Mr. Averill represents clients
                                                            at various industry, regulatory and legislative meetings.
AGO Insurance Software, Inc. - Computer software            He is also an expert witness for claims and coverage is-
and services for property and casualty insurance firms.     sues.
The modular format offers flexibility to their customers.
                                                            Paul Davis Restoration - A national franchise company
Blue Code Technologies - Management and infor-              and leading provider of fire, water and mold damage
mation technology consulting, software solutions/           clean up and restoration services for residential and
applications, hosted information technology services,       commercial properties.
and business process outsourcing services.
                                                            Priority Data - Leading provider of integrated data ser-
BoardBench Companies, LLC. - Provides targeted              vices and insurance software solutions, with customized
strategic board and executive level advisory services to    software solutions and intuitive applications in all areas
public and private companies and not-for-profit organi-     of personal, agricultural and commercial lines.
zations that want to improve the functioning of their
boards.                                                     RiskMeter - Online access to natural hazard exposures
                                                            for any location helps companies underwrite their busi-
Colliers International - Global real estate services.       ness more accurately.
Headquartered in Seattle, Washington with more than
400 offices worldwide.                                      SERVPRO - National provider of professional cleaning
                                                            and emergency restoration services.
Cover-All Technologies, Inc. - Provides insurance
companies with dynamic web-based platforms for man-         Transitioning to Green - Consulting firm that helps
aging their property and casualty business. Their unique    companies integrate sustainability into all aspects of
solutions are based on years of industry experience.        their operation through training and ROI analysis.

CTS Consulting - Management consulting services to          UPFRO Associates Inc. - Eastern Regional firm that
insurance companies including business planning, pro-       provides field surveys, valuations, telephone reports and
cess improvement, technology enablement.                    data reporting services to the property and casualty in-
e2Value - Replacement cost valuations over the Web
for all residential, commercial, farm and ranch proper-     Contact our office for more information on these pro-
ties in the United States and Canada.                       grams, or to suggest additional partnership arrange-
InsurCard - Claims payments made easy with prepaid
reloadable debit cards. InsurCard provides safe, guaran-
teed claims payments.

 10 |   VOLUME 21
Jim Townley Celebrates 30 Year Milestone with MSO                                 MSO Users Group
Jim Townley, MSO President and          High School in Rutherford, NJ, to         In May MSO established its first
COO, started his career at MSO as       design and build 22 drama and mu-         Member Company Users Group
the Manager of Auditing and Office      sical stage sets for the high school      for reviewing IT Initiatives. The
Services in 1981. He was named          productions.                              first project is the review of the
Vice President in 1984 and Corpo-                                                 Forms & Endorsement Database
rate Secretary in 1985. In 1991 he      One of Jim’s favorite pastimes is         Revision. The Group had a confer-
was elected President-Treasurer and     golf and playing courses wherever         ence call May 26th to review the
Chief Operating Officer. His            he travels. Ireland is a favorite vaca-   scope of the database project and
team is responsible for the Inspec-     tion spot. He and Anne have also          to offer ideas for improvement of
tion and Audit Services of MSO and      traveled to Austria, Germany, and         the current database structure.
Program Development. In addition,       the Caribbean Islands. Most recent-
he handles the financial reporting      ly they took a cruise through the         The Group members are Scott St.
for the company.                        Panama Canal. Jim is an accom-            Angel from Farmers of Fleming-
                                        plished classical guitarist and takes     ton, Marianne Sadowski from
Jim was born and raised in Plain-       advanced lessons every week. He           Farmers of Salem County, Connie
field, NJ. He attended St. Marys        frequently attends theater and musi-      Brown from G&G Underwriters,
Grammar School and graduated            cals in NYC.                              Dan Gage from G&G Underwrit-
from St. Joseph High School in                                                    ers, Bernie Karlowicz from Mercer
Metuchen, NJ. Jim did undergradu-       Congratulations Jim on 30 years!          Insurance, and Bill Hirschfeld
ate studies in Fire Protection Engi-                                              from FMI. Megan Richards from
neering at the University of Mary-      THEN…                                     MSO is the staff lead on the pro-
land and studied Business Admin-                                                  ject.
istration at Union College.
                                                                                  The Database project was deferred
He started his career at the Fire In-                                             into 2012 so the MSO team could
surance      Rating     Organization                                              fully implement its new Anywhere
(FIRO) in Newark, NJ. His depart-                                                 Webtop (see article on page 9).
ment surveyed towns to set their                                                  The Users Group will be meeting
town class rating. After FIRO                                                     in early 2012 to set a schedule of
merged with ISO in 1974, Jim                                                      review for the year.
transferred to the ISO Syracuse Dis-
trict Office as Assistant Manager
until joining MSO in 1981. Jim
holds the CPCU Designation and is               Jim & Mike Ruback—1989
                                                                                    Mark Your Calendars!!
a 15 year member of the PAMIC
                                        AND NOW...
Annual Convention Committee. He
                                                                                          NJ Tech Meeting
is an Associate Member of the Soci-
                                                                                           April 18, 2012
ety of Fire Protection Engineers.

Jim lives in Wyckoff, NJ with his                                                  MSO 19th Annual Golf Outing
wife Anne where he is active in his                                                   & Members Meeting
church, St. Elizabeths. He has two                                                  New Location: Heron Glen
grown children, Megan and George.                                                          Ringoes NJ
He has been active in the communi-                                                       May 22, 2012
ty for many years. He was a Soccer
Referee for 15 years as part of the                                                  2012 Educational Seminar
NJ Northern Counties League. For                                                         October 24, 2012
the past twelve years he has donated
his time and efforts to St. Mary’s                    Jim—2010

                                                                                                  VOLUME 21   | 11
18th Annual Golf Outing & Annual Meeting
                                                                                       MSO Articles
(Continued from page 5)
In other business, the members voted to appoint the firm of Dorfman
                                                                                        for Reprint
Abrams Music, LLC as independent auditors of MSO and to approve the
actions of the officers and trustees of MSO.                                    MSO writes articles on a variety
                                                                                of subjects that regularly appear
MSO is looking forward to seeing everyone next year. We have scheduled          in various industry publications.
the 19th Annual MSO Golf Outing for May 22, 2012 to be held at our new          These articles are available for
location: Heron Glen in Ringoes, NJ.                                            your use in newsletters, on your
                                                                                website, or in correspondence to
                                                                                agents and insureds. The only
                                                                                requirement is that you cite
Going Green: The Evolution of Insurance at the                                  MSO, Inc. as the source.
PAMIC Annual Convention.
                                                                                Below is a list of some of our
Jan Kozlowski was part of a panel that included Scott Rybny                     most popular articles:
of Nelson Levine DeLuca & Horst and Dallas Kinley of Mu-
tual Boiler Re. The panel presented a fast-paced power point                        Addressing a Growing
program that reviewed how the development of the sustaina-                            Market: Home Based
bility movement is creating an evolution of the insurance in-                         Businesses
dustry as well as the opportunities for innovation. Current and future cover-
age and underwriting issues were discussed. Attendees enhanced their un-            Condominium Conundrums
derstanding of the potential exposures created by the sustainability move-          Food For Thought –
ment, and its impact on traditional institutional policies and procedures.            Addressing Restaurant
                                                                                    Insuring Religious
MSO State Expansion in 2011                                                           Institutions
During the year of 2011, MSO continued with our National Footprint ex-              Power Failure Pointers
pansion efforts. Originally, MSO had planned to complete the expansion              Safety and Insurance Tips
goals by the end of 2012. MSO decided to change the goal date to the end              for College Students
of 2011 and we are proud to announce that we are licensed in 43 states in-
cluding the District of Columbia. Our license is pending in the remaining 6         So Why is Insurance to
continental states.                                                                   Value so Important?
                                                                                    Talking About “All Risk”
We anticipate approval in the remaining                                               or “Open Perils Coverage”
states by the end of the first quarter of
2012. This expansion provides us the
opportunity to compete on a national                                            For complete article listing and
level by responding to member compa-                                            more information, or to obtain
ny and prospect requests for MSO prod-                                          copies of any articles, contact
ucts and services nationwide.                                                   Megan Richards.

                                                                                Suggestions for additional topics
                                                                                are always welcome. We can also
                                                                                customize these articles for your

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