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									  November 2010
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 The Dean’s Editorial
                           As we approach the end of 2010, I am delighted to
                          confirm that our activities throughout this past year have
                          been rewarded with success – our programmes which are
                          achieving ever better rankings in the international
                          evaluations published by the Financial Times and the
                          Economist (detailed later in this Newsletter); the
                          expansion of our international operations, particularly in
                          the Middle East, and the increasing number of enrolments
                          – we now host a total of 1 507 students in France and off-
                          site. This is the highest number we have welcomed since
                          the creation of GGSB back in 1995, and is a further
                          testimony to the world-wide recognition of the quality of
our training.

The response to the recent introduction of our latest product, the MSc in
Management Consulting, is very encouraging – the small group of excellent
students enrolled for the first year of this course is already expressing its pleasure
that this specialisation is now available at GGSB. We are expecting this new Master
to attract a considerable number of applicants next year.

Overseas activities also continue to occupy much of our time. Our presence in
Dubai will be highlighted by a meeting of local Alumni with the GGSB management
team; we will also be in Cairo for the inauguration of our new office there. These
Middle Eastern activities are a key part of the strategy that we developing for this
region of the world which we see as an important player for our future expansion.

As we prepare to enjoy the Christmas and New Year break, I send you all my very
best wishes for a Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year. I look forward to
being in touch with you early in 2011 to share our latest news with you again then.


Judith Bouvard

Dean and Director of GGSB
 GGSB Community
From Monique Garnier Cormons, GGSB International Student Services Manager
                     Dear GGSB Alumni,
                     Unforgettable September intake!
                     Do you remember those happy days? The best year of your life for most of you!
                     September 2010 has been the start of a new adventure for 500 newcomers of 78 different
                     Major events:

     The welcome desk from August 23 to September 17
     Team building with the ESC students! 900 students up to the Bastille playing Volley Ball, Boules, Rugby,
     Foosball, Football, Sumo Wrestling, a jousting tournament! A fabulous day!
     A movie: sorry guys is all in French! You‟re still able to understand as it is mostly music and images. Download
     the movie
                                      Welcome Desk

                                                                                                   Team building Bastille

Then back to their main concern, studying and working on their career paths.
A pool of talent summarized in these student profile books! Please have a look! You will be amazed!
MBA MIB          MSc
September 2010 has also started with very good news: our school has once again been recognized in two
international rankings prepared by 2 leading publications – Financial Times and The Economist!
Our Master in International Business (MIB) has been ranked 5th Best Master in Management in the world by
the Financial Times (FT) on the 20th September 2010, gaining two ranks compared to 2009.
The full-time MBA has jumped 19 places in the Which MBA/The Economist Global Ranking – having been
ranked 62nd worldwide. The program also improved its standing by 8 places in the European ranking – and is ranked
23 in Europe this year.
One of my main missions is to work hand in hand with graduates to reinforce the international recognition and visibility
of your programs and of your School!
We’ve made it thanks to our Graduates!!! The MIB 2005 -2007; and 2006, 2007 and 2009 full-time and part-time
MBAs and current MBA students.

May these rankings provide all of you with a new breath of energy in this economic turmoil and help any of you, from
current students to alumni, to keep working on your career path with a broader vision!
It can‟t be denied that this is a great achievement that can help you in your professional life.
We can all rely on our network!
Another milestone in our agenda 2011 not to be missed: our GGSB Gala on 25 March 2011! More information
to come in December.
Other greater initiatives are also being put in place this year!
To be continued…..
From Monique Garnier Cormons, GGSB International Student Services Manager
Our Student Alumni chapter has started with a few “GGSB around the world” events!
To increase our visibility among our GGSB Alumni community, I am making a tour of all our off-site campuses starting
with Moscow on November 26 to implement our GGSB ALUMNI FACTORY!!!

But also events in Dubai, Cairo, China….Please read the details in our agenda of networking events

A GGSB student Alumni blog has been created to publish interviews with students, alumni and
faculty members alike.
                            This blog is part of the GGSB Alumni Network which integrates new ideas to enrich the
                            student experience at GGSB and helps us to keep in contact with our graduates. Currently,
                            the new GGSB Student Alumni Chapter, which has just celebrated its inauguration, consists
                            of five members.

                            These are Monique Garnier, GGSB International Student Services Manager, four students of
                            MIB 29: Efe Altingunes, Mohammad Al-Saheb and Jose Manuel León, Alexander Ingrim and
                            one MSc Management Consulting student: Lali Gigashvilli.
   Jose Manuel León
   Student of MIB 29
                            We are sure that this blog for sharing our experiences and advice will
  with a background of      be helpful for everyone.
      engineering.          Please be part of this new adventure!
     Member of the
     Student Alumni
     Network 2010.          As always, I invite you to join our professional network and post news
                            in order to reinforce our GGSB communities: BIB MIB MBA MSc
                                                                                                      Al-Saheb Mohammad
Any of your brilliant ideas will be most welcome and appreciated!                                    MIB 29 student at GGSB
                                                                                                       with a professional
                                                                                                     background in Banking.
Monique Garnier Cormons

From Michelle Mielly, Program Director of Msc in Management Consulting

                              GGSB is happy to announce the kickoff of a new Master’s in Science in Management
                              Consulting Program. Currently we have an excellent first intake of 15 international
                              student-consultants working on a variety of live business cases with professor-consultants.
                              With those students we are working on forming an alumni club of Management
                              Consultants for networking and career development purposes.

                            If you or another GGSB alumni you know is working in the field of Management
     Michelle Mielly        Consulting, please get in touch with us so that we can help promote your activity and put
you in touch with other alumni from the school also working in this challenging and rewarding field. We would also be
happy to work with you on developing a live consulting business case from your own practice in consulting or for one
of your clients, to deploy in the classroom.
For more information on the program content…

                 Student alumni club committee chair: Lali Gigashvili (
                 Program Director: Michelle Mielly (
                 GGSB Alumni Network Manager : Monique Garnier

                  Lali Gigashvili    *
Congratulations go to Laurent Scaringella who successfully defended his
DBA thesis in July 2010!                    ALNEWS

                  Dr. Laurent SCARINGELLA holds a Master in International Business - MIB 21 2008!
                  He defended DBA thesis on July 27, 2010. His expertise concerns the paradigm change toward the
                  knowledge based economy with a focus on the ICT sector and more specifically, nanotechnologies.
                  He has been involved in several European Commission–funded projects to develop new theoretical
                  outputs related to technology and innovation management. His knowledge in territorial innovation
                  models earned him a role in orienting the best network practices for Grenoble‟s micro-
                  nanotechnology cluster. He also teaches advanced strategy to graduate students. In January 2011,
Laurent Scaringella will be visiting scholar at the Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley.

Thesis abstract:
This thesis makes a statement about the emergence of the knowledge-based economy (KBE) and variables that
influence the change processes and innovation in Grenoble. A KBE is a new social and economic paradigm that
replaces the industrial economy with a world of intangible assets, driven by knowledge. This uncertain paradigm shift
represents a significant interest for economists and sociologists. The literature review suggests a broad range of 26
variables that might influence knowledge dynamics in an economy, also known as the KBE Alphabet. Those variables
are analytically presented to define the dimensions required. All the variables are highly related and lead to a
relationships model composed of 195 theoretical relationships.

The empirical study is based on narrative biographies, and three case studies with firms of different sizes rely on
semi-structured interviews and tests of theoretical tools, variables, and dimensions identified in the literature review.
The knowledge interactions create a global picture of change and time-space illustrations of knowledge map. A new
developed research procedure increases the reliability of each case study.

The empirical part also uses a quantitative approach. A questionnaire measures the influence of each variable on
knowledge dynamics and territorial features. Multivariate regression measures provide feedback about the 195
theoretical relationships. This thesis also implements new knowledge governance tools, such as the knowledge
balanced scorecard.

This thesis represents the first step of research into the information and communication technology sector as a
worldwide playground.

                                                               MBA news
                       Dear MBA Alumni and Students,

                       I am very pleased to send you your first MBA newsletter on behalf of Phil Eyre, our MBA
                       Program Director:

                       „Hello Everyone,

                       I have many positive points to give you regarding the MBA program so I‟ll focus on the

Student Numbers:
In Grenoble September 2010 saw the arrival of 42 FT and 10 PT MBAs, as well as 23 returning for the second year of
the PT program. These joined the latest groups already enrolled in PT Moscow (27) and in PT Tbilisi, Georgia (20).
In October we welcomed 30 students to the third intake of the London Full Time program.

In cooperation with Schneider Electric we are preparing a corporate version of the MBA to be delivered in Riyadh for
Schneider Saudi Arabia and their partners to be launched December 2010.

The Economist 2010 MBA Rankings
 In the latest rankings we have moved into 23rd position (Europe) and 62nd position in the world, from 31st and 81st last
year. The Financial Times ranked GGSB at 19th in Europe last December.

MBA Program Review for 2011 implementation
With the support of colleagues we completed a review of the program content, which is a standard procedure now for
all programs. As a result we will have 30 hour and 15 hour modules in place of the current 36/18/12 format. This
allows us to bring in new core modules that accreditors, companies and students have indicated a need for. They will
        Risk Management
        Contract Law

There will also be further time devoted to Finance and to Accounting.

Specialisations Choice
This has evolved to 9 possible alternatives
        Management Consulting
        Global Management
        Business Intelligence
        Innovation Management
        Project Management (in London)

Study Aboad Trip
In 2009 the first MBA Study Abroad trip took place to Budapest, and this was a major success, from every point of
view, including company visits, conferences on Europe, and discovery of the Hungarian culture and if you have never
been to Budapest I strongly recommend it : the cuisine is not just goulash!

Career Services
Following student requests and thanks to colleagues in GEM Career Services some major innovations have occurred
here. The first MBA CV profile books complete with photos were launched for MBA FT11 this year, and the first
Alumni-Student-Company Networking event took place with a cocktail at school on October 11th. We look forward to
seeing more Alumni present at the same time in 2011. The personal development content of the program has also
been intensified.

As you are probably aware networking is a critical part of the job-finding process. Our school network is a vital asset
today so please take the time to update the alumni website (graduate network) on http://graduatenetwork.grenoble-

Forgotten your login and password? Please email:

Your own career
Monique and I would be like to hear of your professional path, and in particular how specialisation choice has
impacted (or not) the direction taken after graduation. Many MBA program candidates are interested in examples of
this. In any case please keep us informed of your career evolution.‟

Kind regards,

MBA Program Director Onsite and Offsite Programs

                A piece of advice from my side!
                 For specific information on GGSB and to become members of our community see:
                 As a GGSB alumni you will be also invited to events and reunions and regularly receive our GGSB Newsletter.
                 Share your experience and your promotion in the “movers and shakers” chapter!
                 Looking forward to staying in touch, getting in touch,
                Best wishes,

                                                                                    GGGSB AL CONT
Alumni offer jobs
               Job opportunity in Dubai by Ralph Sfeir, more info...

               Stepan Chop offers job opportunities at Google!

               Hasan Dag offers Job opportunites at Face book!

               Lenica Gutierrez offers jobs to MBAs !
 Ralph Sfeir

                Testimonial: Olga Sramkova, MIB 27                                  Sharing

                Congratulations to Olga, the best of the 8 interns that Conatix, LLC Berlin had this year. They “ran
                circles” around MBA students from other prestigious business schools!

                This has left them with a very good impression of Olga and therefore of GGSB.
                We would like to thank Olga for her excellent work and wish her a lot of success for her future

                           Happy parent: Lenica Gutierrez Bujalil, MIB graduate          Matchet
                           Baby boy: Eduardo Christopher Gomez
                           October 2010

                           Happy parent: Sabine Piccolo, MSc marketing graduate
                           Baby girl: Louise
                           October 2010
In Brief
Rankings: GGSB’s MBA jumps 19 places                                                           Ranking

                                 GGSB‟s MBA improved its standing by 19 spots in the Global and 8 spots in the
                                 European annual rankings published by The Economist/Which MBA.

                                 The GGSB MBA programme is ranked 62nd worldwide and 23rd in Europe.

                                  GGSB is also highly ranked worldwide within several sub-categories: 8th for
“Number of graduates in jobs three months after graduation”; 6th for “Student Quality”; 1st for “Percentage of Women
Students”; and 15th in the world for “International diversity score”.

This is the ninth year that The Economist has published a ranking of full-time MBA programmes.

This ranking is largely based on student and graduate responses to a survey designed by The Economist. One of the
Grenoble graduate feedbacks posted on The Economist website states: “The delivery of the MBA is packaged
excellently. At the end of the day, you step out fully ready to face the outside world.”

Judith Bouvard, Dean of GGSB, said: “These performances both in Europe and worldwide reflect the strength and
quality of our programme that offers graduates vast opportunities in an ever so competitive labour market.”

The Full-time MBA is delivered in Grenoble, London, Moscow, Tbilisi and Malta. There are 43 students, representing
22 nationalities in the newest intake in Grenoble.

GGSB’s MIB in the top 5 best Masters in Management
in the world!
                      Grenoble Graduate School of Business‟s Master in International Business (MIB) has been
                      ranked 5th Best Master in Management in the world by the Financial Times (FT) on the 20th
                      September 2010, gaining two ranks compared to 2009.

                      GGSB is also highly ranked within several sub-categories: 2nd in « International Mobility», 5th
                      in « International Course Experience» and 10th for « Careers ».

                      Overall, the GGSB is still ranked within the “the top group of Masters in Management
                      providers”, according to the FT.

The Financial Times ranked an additional 15 schools this year, reinforcing the position of the MIB programme which
has always been ranked in the top 8 since the creation of the ranking in 2005.

“This ranking confirms once again the quality and excellence of our MIB programme, and reinforces the international
visibility of our institution. Our MIB Graduates and students can be proud of this result which makes their degree very
attractive in an international labour market ever so competitive and multicultural” says Judith Bouvard, Dean of GGSB.

Created in 1995 by GGSB, the MIB is conducted entirely in English with two intakes each year – September and
January. It is open to students from all nationalities with a bachelor‟s degree in any discipline, with or without
professional experience. GGSB‟s MIB in delivered in Grenoble, London and Singapore and other locations are
currently planned. Highly international, the MIB intake examined for this ranking consisted of 314 students, of which
87% were international.

The MIB is accredited by AMBA and the CNCP (Commission Nationale de la Certification Professionnelle) certification
- Level I giving access to a variety of management positions in many different sectors of industry worldwide.
Grenoble sets up base in the heart of Egypt                                                          Egypt

                                    Having expanded internationally to locations such as India, China, Russia, and
                                    more recently Saudi Arabia, Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB)
                                    has opened a brand new recruitment office in Cairo, Egypt, to further expand its
                                    growing presence in the Middle East.

                                    This new project is supported by a recent cooperation between GGSB and the
                                    Cultural Office of the Egyptian Embassy in Paris. This agreement will support
                                    GGSB in its recruitment of Egyptian students. These students will also be able
                                    to benefit from Egyptian governmental scholarships.

Managed by one of GGSB‟s MIB (Master in International Business) graduates, John Antonios, the Cairo-based office
is ideally located to manage several projects the Grenoble school is currently involved in, in Middle East.

                    John Antonios, Business Development Manager – GGSB Middle East & Africa Office said: “This
                    new office reflects the success of GGSB in this region and the need to expand to give more one-
                    to-one service assistance to applicants and to collaborate with reputable universities in the
                    Middle East”.

                    Gael Fouillard, Executive Education Manager at GGSB said: “In the past few years we have
                    noticed a growing interest for our programs from individual candidates, but also from institutions
                    and corporate clients in the Middle-East. In this context, our experience of delivering
                    international programs in several campuses worldwide is very much sought after.”

                    Capital of Egypt and the largest city in North Africa and the Middle East, Cairo is also home to
                    the world's second-oldest higher education institution Al-Azhar University.
   John Antonios

GGSB has similar recruitment offices in New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Beirut, Teheran, Mexico City, and New York.
The school has off-site campuses in London, Russia, Moldova, Georgia Tbilisi, Malta, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and

Conference: "Corruption and Financial Crime"                                                                  Conf

                     This year‟s first conference took place last Thursday, November 4th. The speaker was Mr. Nick
                     Kochan. Journalist and author of "The Washing Machine-Money,Crime and Terror in the
                     Offshore System", Mr. Kochan covered subjects such as money laundering, banking system
                     abuses like insider trading, market abuses and terrorist financing.
                     For more information please click here

Professor John Sadowsky                                        JSD
                                    After the success of “Les 7 règles du storytelling” (in French) and a session of
                                    conferences between London, Brussels and Paris, John Sadowsky is finishing
                                    the writing of his new book: “Email, social marketing, and the art of storytelling”.
                                    Publication programmed for December.

                                    In parallel, John is working on the creation of seminars and meetings with
                                    Alumni students and entrepreneurs:
Congratulations to the winning team of Exist Prime
Cup Competition! From Taran Patel, MIB Program Director                                                          T

                                          Over 600 teams have taken part in the Germany’s biggest case study
                                          and business simulation competition - the Exist Prime Cup. At the
                                          Champions Cup in Berlin, 15 teams made its way through 4 stages to
                                          the final. The aim of the Exist Prime cup is to raise the abilities of the
                                          participants as an Entrepreneur or for a Business takeover.

                                           In the Champions Cup we, [Ulrich Rebele, Moritz Brandstetter, Ayman Saad
                                           (all industrial engineers) and Sebastian Hohentanner (Japanese studies)]
                                           took over a virtual company in the solar industry. The 15 teams were split into
3 different markets. Through good decision making over five periods - e.g. in fields of Human resources, production
planning, purchasing and pricing - we reached the highest share price compared to all other teams. To make sure we
will make it to the very final – consisting of the best three teams; evaluated by both their simulation performance and
presentation skills - we had to host press conference about “the sustainability of our business”. We also convinced the
jury here and thus the decision board - consisting out of 10 jurors from industry, politics and culture - elected us
among their top 3 candidates.

As the overall market winner we finally had to give a presentation in front of potential investors, consisting out of 30
jurors and the residual audience of around 120 people. Eventually the jurors decided that we convinced them the most
and thus we won the Exist Prime Cup 2010. Link of the competition

                                                      We are very proud of you, Moritz and Ulrich, and we hope
                                                      that you keep up the good work!

    Moritz Brandstetter          Ulrich Rebele
          MIB 29                     MIB 28

From Marie France Derderian,                                              Program Director of MSc in
Business Development and MSc Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship                                                       M

                            The major achievement for MSC Business Development program is the signature of a 3
                            years partnership with Michelin.

                            Michelin and Grenoble Ecole de Management – Grenoble Graduate School of Business–
                            have renewed their ties after signing a three-year partnership involving major joint-
                            The world‟s largest tyre manufacturer is sponsoring a number of GEM‟s programs. The
                            partnership has already resulted in several recruitments of GGSB graduates by Michelin.

                              Michelin is particularly involved in GGSB‟s MSc Business Development program. Students
                              on the program benefit from intensive training – live business cases – delivered by Michelin
                              throughout the year. Last year the training resulted in field work on Michelin‟s business
                              development in India. This year, students will be going to China to study similar activities.
                              During their course of study, students will also examine the cultural and managerial
                              differences, as well as the best Chinese negotiation techniques. They will arrive in China
with the aim of offering concrete proposals for the development of Michelin‟s activities in the country – proposals that
will then be detailed in their end-of-program dissertation.

Students will be examining two cases this year:
1)   In order to build a robust geographical Michelin footprint in China, what would be your strategy?
2)   How can Michelin become an eco-friendly industrial company in China?

The compulsory Chinese Residency will take place from the 28th February to the 6th March 2011 in Shanghai and
Beijing. The class of 45 students will also have the opportunity of visiting several businesses and attending lectures on
Chinese business culture.

Another highlight of the MSC Innovation Strategy Entrepreneurship and MSc Business Development is the launch of

This year‟s study for Business Development is focused on identifying opportunities on the Chinese market for a
European company. Alternatively, the Innovation case study could cover disruptive innovation, design innovation,
product managerial or services innovation issues.

Contact e-mail:

From Thierry Grange, Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management                                                               T

                            Debate: Did the crisis have a consequence on job opportunities for

                            Did the crisis have a consequence on job opportunities for graduates? No. Whilst in
                            emerging countries, economic growth continues to create jobs, in Western countries,
                            demography means that there are still many jobs for graduates.

                            Did the crisis have a consequence on student recruitment? Again the answer is no. The
                            crisis meant that more and more people were interested in Business Education and
                            student recruitment numbers have thus risen.

                          The major consequences of the crisis have been on Business Schools' resources, both
                          human and financial. Human: with regards to faculty shortage. With present numbers of
                          Phds in Business Administration enrolments, faculty retirements and rising student
                          enrolments in management education, it is estimated there is a shortage of approximately
1000 Doctorates of Business Administration in Europe. Financial resources may shrink due to budget cuts and low
economic growth rate.

What will change the most is the restructuration of Business Schools towards mergers and acquisitions because
schools are going to be below minimal resources, below break even size, schools are going to have to ally to survive.
Of course, everyone is talking about mergers but in reality there has been very few mergers over the last 30 years and
there will be very few in the future. On the other hand, there will be many acquisitions taking place.

Why? Schools in good shape for competition do not intend to merge, on the contrary, they intend to „absorb' some
academic capacities: faculty, facilities and corporate relations to be stronger than their next darling competitor.

Further to the first consequence on Business Schools resources discussed above, the other consequence I predict is
on the investment that Business Schools will put in Innovation to modernize knowledge delivery, techniques and
curriculum content. This is will probably be called Business Schools 3.0. It is good news: Business Schools will
improve the relevance of their programs, research activities, and services to the community.

The Careers Office                                 Careers

                                  Find out more about career opportunities at The Careers Office…

                      We were present at:

                                 Country               City                              Date

                       France               Paris                           09/10/2010

                                            Munich                          18/10/2010
                                            Berlin                          19/10/2010

                       Spain                Madrid                          26/10/2010

                       Turkey               Istanbul                        30/10/2010

                       Indonesia            Jakarta                         09/10/2010

                                            Mexico                          20 and 21/10/2010
                                            Monterey                        24/11/2010

                       Panama               Panama                          17 and 18/11/2010

                                            Medellin                        11/10/2010
                                            Bogota                          13 and 14/11/2010

FORTHCOMING EVENTS                                            Forthcoming

From the 3rd to the 14th of January 2011
On March 25, 2011

                             Grenoble Graduate School of Business (GGSB) will be
                             launching a new Executive multi-site MBA in May 2011.
                             The programme will take place in eight locations by taking advantage of the GGSB off-
                             site campuses and offices: Grenoble – Geneva – Moscow - London – New York –
                             Singapore – New Delhi – and Beijing.

                             Judith Bouvard, Dean of GGSB explains: “The mission of the GGSB Executive MBA
                             program is to provide an innovative, rigorous and challenging business education to
                             individuals who are on a fast-track to senior executive positions.

“These high potential business professionals will gain exposure to international, strategic and managerial issues, from
a senior manager’s perspective, benefiting from a diversity of international peers, faculty and networks.
“We have designed this new program by taking advantage of our off-site campuses and recruitment offices, a strategic
multi-site approach we have developed since the creation of GGSB that serves us well today.”

The Global Executive MBA aims to meet the needs of international managers with significant professional experience
- a minimum work experience of 10 years with at least 5 at the managerial level is required.

The Executive programme will last approximately 24 months with 6 one-week sessions each year. The teaching will
be done by GGSB faculty with input from the corporate world.

Upcoming short programs at GGSB: Opportunities to come back and study in Grenoble
with current students

                                  Certificates and Diploma in Management Consulting
                                  Possibility to join the current MBA students for their elective courses in February,
                                  April and June.
                                  For these programs, GGSB alumni benefit from a € 500 discount on these
                                  programs. Read more…

                                   Summer Executive Programs: three 10 day modules
                                   are offered in 2011
                                    Innovation Management – May 18-28
                                    Entrepreneurship – May 29 to June 9
                                    Energy Management – May 29 to June 9
                                   Read more…
On December 2, 2010
How to manage resources in a war zone!
                                  A second GGSB Thursday conference will take place on Thursday, December 2
                                  at 5:00 p.m. (in a room to be announced).

                                  Our speaker will be Dr. John Beavis, (Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons,
                                  John is an experienced war-zone surgeon who has worked in conflict zones in
                                  Sarajevo, Pakistan, Lebanon and Azerbaijan.

                                  In the year 2000, he founded the charity IDEALS to provide humanitarian and
                                  medical aid following conflicts and natural disasters (e.g. the earthquake in
                                  Pakistan, (, the Sri Lanka

John‟s address will cover his war zone experiences and the work of his charity. He will explain to us how to manage
resources (people and money), logistics, priorities... all in a very high-pressure environment. The importance of
personal development and leadership will be key elements in his discussion with us.


GIT SIT "APERO" once a month in Grenoble
                                     "Apero" French version of the word aperitif.

                                     We are very pleased to inform you that every 1st Thursday of the month, we will
                                     be organizing a very informal but none the less very professional “apéro” “Get
                                     In Touch Stay In Touch event” in Grenoble among our Grenoble Alumni

On October 10, 2010
GIT SIT in Grenoble and Lyon with MIB 21
                                 Kunal Jhaveri Milena Iotova; Ociel Colorado; Gurpreet Kang; Jean-Philippe
                                 Grandjean, Blandine Guivier, Adrian Bracho met last October here in Grenoble.

                                 Sharing a photo with us of their weekend with MIB 21B in Lyon and Grenoble.

                                 They had very a nice lunch at Blandine and Adrian's fast food joint La Salsita.
                                 Fantastic quesadillas!!! Hoping to see many more franchises of the same.
GEM/GGSB around the world                                                GGSB around

On November 26, 2010
GGSB around the world: “Let’s meet it Moscow!”
                                    Grenoble Graduate School of Business is implementing a series of networking
                                    events starting with our offsite network in Moscow in presence of GGSB MBA
                                    Program Director M. Phil Eyre, Igor Belyavsky local MBA Program Director in
                                    Moscow and GGSB International Student Services Manager, Monique GARNIER
                                    in charge of developing our GGSB Alumni network.
                                    Do not miss our guest speaker Cedric d’Halluin*, manager Spenglerfox for
                                    Russia who will give a presentation: “An Executive Search industry insight and the
                                    importance of social networks”.
                                    His presentation will be followed by an open discussion and round table to offer a
                                    chance to everyone to introduce themselves, to share experience and expertise.
                                    It will be a great opportunity to learn from each other, to meet with a recruitment
                                    specialist who can help work with your career plans and networking.

                                The meeting will take place on Friday, 26 November 2010 from 19h.
Address: Metropol Hotel - 2 Teatralny Prooezd, 109012 – Moscow -
The aim: We will update you on GGSB‟s latest news and development. This will be the time to increase visibility of
our GGSB Alumni community, our talents and success stories in Moscow, to exchange business cards and above all
to start working on an Alumni Chapter (to include current MBA students) willing to expand our network and the GGSB
Counting on your enthusiasm to keep in touch and to carry on developing a solid GEM and GGSB Alumni network we
all deserve!

Don’t forget to bring your business card!
Please also forward this invitation to other members of your cohort in case our e-mail fails to reach them.
Please note that drinks will be available but are not included.

               *Bio= Cedric d'Halluin is managing the Russia/CIS region for Spenglerfox. Before joining the Executive Search
               industry, he worked in the pharmaceutical industry in Russia, Ukraine and Paris holding general management,
               regional development and strategic planning roles. Spenglerfox operates in the CIS from its Moscow office,
               covering various practices such as Healthcare, Consumer, Professional Services, Industry & Manufacturing and
               Technology, as well as Human Capital consultancy services.

On November 30, 2010
GGSB around the world Dubai: “Meet the Deans”
                                   Thierry Grange (Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management) and Judith Bouvard
                                   (Dean of GGSB) will be hosting a cocktail for our alumni community in Dubai at the
                                   Fairmount Hotel on Tuesday November 30, from 19:30.

                                   This event will be the opportunity for you to meet other alumni from Grenoble Ecole
                                   de Management (ESC or GGSB programs) and to get back in touch with the school,
                                   which is currently developing new partnerships and programs in the Middle-East.

                                   We have a lot of exciting news to share with you and we also look forward to
                                   hearing about your news!

                                   For further details: your contact: Mr. Gael Fouillard (

Don‟t forget to bring your business card!
Please also forward this invitation to other members of your cohort in case our e-mail fails to reach them.
On December 08, 2010
GGSB around the world: “Let’s meet in Cairo”
                                             To mark the opening of the GGSB office in Cairo, launched by John Antonios
                                             – MIB graduate, Judith Bouvard, Dean and Director of Grenoble Graduate
                                             School of Business and Nadine Doucet, Director General of the French
                                             Chamber of Commerce in Egypt are honored to invite you to attend the
                                             inaugural conference of the Grenoble Graduate School of Business office.

                                             This will take place on Wednesday December 8 from 10:00 am at the
                                             Marriott Cairo Hotel & Omar Khayyam Casino (Zamalek District).

                                      The theme of this conference will be: “Global Trends in Management
                                      Education: What Impact in the Middle-East”. Several speakers from
Grenoble Graduate School of Business will share their experiences of and in: Student Recruitment, Development of
Academic Partnerships and Collaborations with Corporate Partners.

Congratulations to John!

On February 26, 2011
GGSB around the world: China
                                The MSc Business Development students will be in Shanghai and Beijing from
                                Saturday February 26 until Sunday March 6. Their program includes company visits,
                                a couple lectures and cultural activities. An informal meeting with GGSB Alumni will be
                                arranged in both cities. More details coming soon!

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