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                      Trenton Small Business Week 2011 is themed “A
                      New Business Revolution….Capitalize on Trenton.”
                      During this 18th anniversary of Trenton Small
                      Business Week, more than 4,000 people will come
                      to Trenton from all over New Jersey, Pennsylvania
                      and New York. Entrepreneurs, small business
                      owners, corporate executives, career and industry
                      changers and virtually anyone exploring business
                      opportunities in the greater Mercer County area
    Honorable         will benefit from the vast amount of information
Tony F. Mack, Mayor   and networking provided during this week.

                      There will be numerous workshops and seminars
                      and many special events for all to enjoy. The event
                      will begin with the Opening Kick-Off Breakfast
                      featuring a presentation by Richard Lisk, General
                      Manager and Part-Owner of the Trenton Titans,
                      and the Annual Mayor’s Business Awards. In ad-
                      dition, the week will include the Mercer Regional
                      Chamber of Commerce Power Luncheon and
                      Expo, a networking reception hosted by TD Bank,
                      a Capital City Real Estate Reception and the
                      annual Renaissance Ball of Trenton. Please see
                      inside for details on all of these special events plus
   Brian Hughes       much more.
  County Executive
                      The continued success of this week is due to the
                      generous and continuing support of our business
                      partners who provide both time and money. We
                      appreciate and thank all of our sponsors, partners,
                      and the hard-working committee members who
                      put this extraordinary program together.


                                    A New Business Revolution...

                                   Capitalize on Trenton

                                                      Learn how to purchase and develop
    Monday, October 17                                city-owned properties. Attendees will
                                                      find out information on the auc-

    Kick Off Networking                               tion process, the important of using
    Breakfast                                         redevelopment law, and the goals and
    8 – 9:30am                                        objectives of zoning and planning law
    Trenton Marriott                                  within the City of Trenton.
    The opening event will feature a spe-             Henrietta Owusu, Chief of Housing
    cial keynote presentation by Richard              Production, Department of Housing and
    Lisk, General Manager and Part-Own-               Economic Development, City of Trenton
    er of the Trenton Titans, an update on

    economic developments in Trenton,                 HMFA: Helping House the
    and the Small Business of the Year                Workforce
    Awards presented by the Honorable                 2:30 – 4:00pm
    Mayor Tony Mack.                                  Invention Factory Science Museum

                                                      Learn about: the HMFA’s Live Where
    Analyzing Your Customers

                                                      You Work program that provides down
    for Maximum Profitability
                                                      payments and other benefits to workers
    10 – 11:30am
                                                      buying homes in the towns, including
    Trenton Marriott
                                                      Trenton, where they work. Learn about
                                                      the mortgage loan programs and down
    Identify the customers that represent
                                                      payment and closing cost assistance
    the majority of your business income
                                                      available through the HMFA. Learn
    & profit (Define the 80/20 rule).
                                                      about the HMFA Housing Resource
    Know your “A-class” customers who
                                                      Center web resource for locating afford-
    are both easy to deal with and generate
                                                      able housing and rental opportunities.
    the largest proportion of profits and
                                                      Learn about the impact of foreclosure
    your “D-class” customers who are least
                                                      in Mercer County and the foreclosure
    pleasant to deal with and /or provide
                                                      prevention programs offered through the
    the lowest returns. This will allow you
                                                      HMFA. Learn why Trenton is an HMFA
    to manage your customer demograph-
                                                      “Live Where You Work Partner City”
    ics for better profitability and success.
                                                      and how we can help with down payment
                                                      assistance for people buying a home to
    Michael Pucciarelli, Bartolomei Pucciarelli
                                                      live in the town where they are employed.
                                                      Jerry Keelen, Director, Single Family

    Small Developers Forum – How                         Programs, HMFA
    to Buy Property from the City                     Edward Collins, Lender Outreach &
    12:30 – 2pm                                          Marketing Coordinator, HMFA
    Invention Factory Science Museum                  Stephone Mickler, Single Family Outreach
                                                         Officer, HMFA

                                 A New Business Revolution...

                                                     Are you seeking bank financing but
    Tuesday October 18                               need other resources for your business
                                                     financing? Come to this workshop

    Can Your Business Grow                           and learn some non-bank alternative
    Legs?                                            sources of financing to meet your busi-
    8:00 – 9:30am                                    ness’s needs. Make your accounts re-
    New Jersey Economic Development                  ceivable work for you. Use a purchase
    Authority                                        order to fund a contract. Learn how
                                                     factoring could help your business.
    You have a great business or an idea.
    Everyone wants to buy your product or            John Vanaman, EVP, Allied Financial
    service. You are going to be a million-
    aire! Are you dreaming or planning? As           Business Resources for

    the old adage goes, “if you fail to plan,        Veterans
    you are planning to fail.” Through the           10 – 11:30am
    benefits of creating and using the busi-         New Jersey Economic Development
    ness plan as a tool: learn how you can           Authority
    be a success in your business by working
    on your business. Assess your business           As a veteran you are entitled to help
    operations or idea. Understand the               with your business. Learn how to
    impact of your personal credit history           separate fact from fiction of veteran
    and business financials on your ability to       business loans; how to register as a
    secure a loan. Know when the business            veteran-owned business and advantag-
    can support an employee or new piece             es of being a vet when doing business
    of equipment. Create an organizational           with the federal government.
    structure that will maximize your ability        Scott Snair, Director of New Jersey Veteran
    to succeed. Walk away from this semi-            Business Outreach
    nar with tools and resources to provide
    knowledge and assistance in creating a

                                                     Mercer Regional Chamber
    solid business plan for growth.                  of Commerce General
                                                     Membership “Power”
    Marion Zajac, Small Business Services,           Luncheon
       NJEDA                                         Sponsor: Sun National Bank
    Erich Peter, Director of Training &              11:30am – 1pm
       Technical Assistance, UCEDC                   Trenton Marriott

    Financing: The Unusual                           Info: Please register at www.mercer-
    Suspects - When Traditional             or call Jude at
    Financing is Not Enough                          609-689-9960 x14.
    10 – 11:30am                                     Cost: $45.00 Mercer Regional Cham-
    New Jersey Economic Development                  ber members ($50.00 at the door for
    Authority                                        members); $60.00 future members.

     Capitalize on Trenton

    The Port Authority oversees some of              Talk individually with the panel mem-
    the most critical infrastructure points          bers about your specific need. These
    in the nation. Appointed by Governor             individuals will cover local, state and
    Christie, Senator Bill Baroni, Deputy            federal government agencies that assist
    Executive Director of the Port Author-           businesses with business and financing
    ity of New York and New Jersey, will             needs.
    discuss his role in helping to strength-
    en our regional economy, creating                Panel Moderator: Marion Zajac, New
    jobs, and making transportation and              Jersey Economic Development Authority
    commuting faster and easier.                 s
                                                     TD Bank Business
    Senator Bill Baroni, Deputy Executive            Networking Reception
    Director of the Port Authority of New York       6 – 8pm
    and New Jersey                                   TD Bank

    Business and Financial                           Info:
    Government Resources:                            Reserve your spot by emailing
    Use Them or Lose Them                   or
    1:30 – 3pm                             
    New Jersey Economic Development
    Authority                                        The TD Bank Trenton Store is proud
                                                     to host our 7th annual business net-
    Discover how and where to access the             working reception. This complimen-
    necessary government resources to                tary event will feature food, fun, and
    run and grow your business from a                a great group of dedicated Trenton
    readiness assessment to mentoring, to            business leaders.
    financing, to workforce training and
                                                     Wednesday, October 19
    Moderator: Marion Zajac, New Jersey

    Economic Development Authority,                  Mobile Marketing: What
    Comprehensive Panel of Government                Your Business Needs to
    Representatives & Experts                        Know about Social Media
                                                     to Maximize Your Sales and
                                                     Corporate Image

    Meet the Experts on
    Government Resources:                            8 – 9:30am
    Learn How to Tap into Your                       Mercer County’s McDade Building
    Greatest Business Benefit
    3 – 4:30pm                                       How Facebook Places, Texting, Grou-
    New Jersey Economic Development                  pon, Foursquare and Gowalla, etc.
    Authority                                        can put you on the map and in the
                                                     face and mind of your target market.

                                  A New Business Revolution...

    What are to do’s and don’ts of mobile         cer County. It is the perfect venture to
    marketing.                                    showcase your products and services to
                                                  the business community throughout
    Derrick Miller, NJ Mobile Fusion, LLC         the Central New Jersey region.

    Destination Trenton and the

                                                  Sustainability - What Is It
    Princeton Regional                            and What’s In It for My
    Chamber of Commerce                           Business?
    present:                                      12:30 – 2:30pm
    Tourism: How Can Your                         Mercer County’s McDade Building
    Company Benefit?
    10 – 11:30am                                  Come and learn about the economic,
    Mercer County’s McDade Building               environmental and social factors of
                                                  sustainability, how you can participate
    This session brings together two local        in this important trend, and how it
    experts on the economic impact of             can benefit your business. Hear from
    travel and tourism in our region. Join        several local business owners about
    us to learn how every local company           how they successfully implemented
    can take advantage of, and benefit            sustainability programs, the obstacles
    from, the visitors to our arts, history       and successes and the sustainable
    and attraction assets. Hear more              return on investment. The ABC’s of
    about how important tourism is to our         an energy audit will also be covered.
    economy and find out how your busi-           Then, listen to a panel discussion with
    ness can profit from this industry.           business owners and staff from the De-
                                                  partment of Environmental Protection
    Candice Frederick, Tourism Marketing          and have your questions answered.
      Manager Destination Trenton
    Adam Perle, Vice President, Princeton         Panel Moderator: Jerri Lynn Weigand,
      Regional Chamber of Commerce and              CHMM, NJ Department of
      Princeton Regional Convention &               Environmental Protection
      Visitors Bureau                             Xavier Walter, The Energy Team

    Mercer Regional Chamber                       Small Business Internet

    of Commerce 10th Annual                       Marketing: Building Your
    Fall Expo                                     Business with Social Media
    10am – 3pm                                    3 – 4:30pm
    Sun National Bank Center                      Mercer County’s McDade Building

    Info: Visit or              What are the most effective inter-
    contact or              net marketing techniques for small
    call 609-689-9960 ext. 12.                    businesses? Learn why social media is
    This is the largest B to B expo in Mer-       so popular and how to make money

    Capitalize on Trenton

    using Facebook, Linked-in, Twitter.            local government. The Trenton UEZ
    Understand the foundational aspect             program will also be included.
    of (blogging, email & video) for all
    social media advertising. Do you know          Marchelle Marshall, City Of Trenton
    the importance of an email marketing           Marcella Covello, County of Mercer
    strategy? Learn to use social media to         Tom McGough, UEZ Coordinator
    increase sales and build brand identity.

    Find out how to identify your target           Government Procurement
    market and to match up your social             Certification: Doing
    media campaign.                                Business with the
                                                   Government, State and
    Ed Andriessen, BTR Business Training           Federal SBE, MBE, WBE and
    Resource                                       WOSB Defined
                                                   10:30am – 12pm

    Capital City Real                              Thomas Edison State College
    Estate Reception
    5:30 – 7:30pm                                  Bid process, government contracting
    Trenton Social                                 and gaining State and Federal certifica-
                                                   tion to receive priority status for des-
    Come out for an up-close look at some          ignated set aside contracts, explained.
    of the commercial and industrial real          8A and Hub Zone explained. This
    estate opportunities that await you in         workshop is a one stop information
    Trenton. The evening will include              session for government procurement.
    commercial real estate brokers in the
    region and in the City of Trenton.             Nina Mosley, Department of Treasury
    Light refreshments will be served.             Stephanie Burroughs, Director Procurement
    A cash bar will be available.                     Programs, NJ Small Business
                                                      Development Centers (SBDC)
    RSVP, Carmen N. Natal-Melendez                 Richard Zilg, Assistant District Director for
    609-989-3503                                      8(a) Business Development, Small
                                                      Business Administration (SBA)
    Thursday, October 20

                                                   Resources for Spanish

    Doing Business with                            Speaking Business Owners:
    Local Government                               How to Start and Finance
    8:30 – 10am                                    Your Business (Session
    Thomas Edison State College                    held in Spanish)
                                                   10:30am – 12:00pm
    Representatives from the city and the          Thomas Edison State College
    county will present information on
    both the financial and purchasing              Learn the ABC’s of how to start your
    incentives offered in contracting with         own business. Learn the process and

                                   A New Business Revolution...

    criteria a lender uses to evaluate and         Part 1:
    approve a loan to you and where to go          The Next Frontier-Doing
    to find the money your need.                   Business in Africa, South
                                                   America, The Caribbean
    Nathalia Geraldo, Director of Financial        and Global Markets
       Programs Regional Business Assistance       1 – 2:30pm
       Corp (RBAC)                                 Thomas Edison State College
    Luis Del A Hoz,. IntersectFund
    Norma Diaz, RBAC                               Hear stories, experiences, and tips
    Donald W. Allen, VP SBA Lending,               on how to run a business and com-
       Sun Bank                                    mon pitfalls to avoid. What does the
    Lillian Mauro, Spanish Program                 “The Next Frontier” really mean for
       Coordinator, SBDC at TCNJ                   your business? Discover the impor-
                                                   tant factors of a “Global Perspective”.

    Recursos para Propietarios                     Explore economic, financial, politi-
    de Negocios Hispanos:                          cal and legal issues. What you need
    Cómo iniciar y financiar su                    to know about the world consumer;
    Empresa (Dictado en                            designing marketing; market entry
    Español)                                       strategies and solutions that will work
    10:30 am - 12:00 pm                            and most important, using Smart
    Thomas Edison State College                    Technology for Smarter Business™.
    Aprenda el ABC de Cómo iniciar su
                                                   Panel Moderator, Dr. Azuka Anyiam,
    propio negocio .Coozca el proceso y
                                                   CEO, VICA Technologies
    los criterios que un prestamista utiliza
    para evaluar y aprobar un préstamo

                                                   Part 2:
    para Usted y Dónde puede obtener el
                                                   Financing Your
    dinero que necesita para su Empresa.
                                                   Projects, Exporting/
    Nathalia Geraldo, Director of Financial        Importing and Foreign
       Programs Regional Business Assistance       Investment.
       Corp (RBAC)                                 3 – 4:30pm
    Luis Del A Hoz, IntersectFund                  Thomas Edison State College
    Norma Diaz, RBAC
    Donald W. Allen, VP, SBA Lending,              Learn about the financial resources
       Sun Bank                                    available to assist small businesses in
    Lillian Mauro, Spanish Program                 financing projects, business exporting/
       Coordinator, SBDC at TCNJ                   importing and foreign investments
                                                   i.e. Export Development & Working
                                                   Capital Loans, Facilities Develop-

    Join us for 2
    International Workshops                        ment Financing, Insurance, Grants
                                                   for Feasibility Studies and Technical
                                                   Assistance, Grants and Contract Op-

    Capitalize on Trenton

    portunities that Support U.S. Small
    Business Exports. Hear from experts
    from USA and global funding organi-
    zations including: U.S. Small Business
    Administration, Export-Import Bank
    of the U.S., The Foreign Agricultural
    Service of the U.S. Department of Ag-
    riculture, Overseas Private Investment
    Corporation, U.S. Trade and Develop-
    ment Agency

    Panel Moderator, Rudiger Z. Ellis, MBA

    Friday, October 21

    5th ANNUAL
    “The Future of Trenton”
    Trenton Marriott

    For ticket information visit
    Info: 609-689-9960 ext. 14.

    The Mercer Regional Chamber of Com-

    merce, the first chamber of commerce
    in New Jersey, presents its 5th annual
    Renaissance Ball. This is the final
    event held to complete Trenton Small
    Business Week. Over 300 guests are ex-
    pected to celebrate this year’s honorees.

        CALL 609-771-2947

 Chief Executive Officer/Major General

    President/Brigadier General

Chief Financial Officer/Colonel

  Director/Brigadier Major

       The Fourth Estate

    Workshop Locations

                           6 6 n n6
                                  C E



                                                        H     D

                                                                 6n    B A

    A.   Invention Factory Science Museum, 675 South Clinton Avenue
    B.   Mercer County McDade Building, 640 South Broad Street
    C.   New Jersey Economic Development Authority, 36 West State Street
    D.   Sun National Bank Center, 81 Hamilton Avenue at Route 129
    E.   TD Bank, 50 East State Street
    F.   Thomas Edison State College, 101 West State Street
    G.   Trenton Marriott, 1 West Lafayette Street
    H.   Trenton Social, 449 South Broad Street
    6    Parking

    The NJSBDC network ( is the premier provider of comprehensive ser-
    vices and programs for small business in New Jersey. The organization, which consists of
    11 centers statewide, helps businesses expand their operations, manage their growth or
    start ventures. The New Jersey Small Business Development Centers (SBDC) network
    is partially funded by the U.S. Small Business Administration, the State of New Jersey,
    and The College of New Jersey. SBA’s funding is not an endorsement of any products,
    opinions, or services. All SBA-funded programs are extended to the public on a non-
    discriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be
    made, if requested at least two weeks in advance by contacting 609-771-2947.

                 COMMITTEE MEMBERS
Carmen N. Natal-Melendez       Chair, City of Trenton
     Anna Mae Giannetti        TCNJ Small Business Development Center
    Anthony Carabelli, Jr.     County of Mercer
             Art Cianfano      Mercadien
          Brenda McNeill       Exit Home Base Realty
         Carleton Badger       The Real Estate BEAST
              Cheri Durst      Princeton Chamber of Commerce
             Don Addison       Freelance Photographer
          Dr. Alex Nicolas     ARProductions2
         Elizabeth Muoio       County of Mercer
            Eugene Marsh       Construction Project Management Services, Inc.
               Herb Ames       Capital Regional Minority Chamber
      Jacqueline Sheridan      TD Bank
            Janet Eickhoff     Thomas Edison State College
                 Jeff Zeiger   Trenton Marriott

            Jim Raymond        Wells Fargo Bank
             John Duggan       USA Environmental Management
              J.R. Capasso     City of Trenton
             Karla Pollack     ABS
                Liz Tindall    Mercer County Regional Chamber of Commerce
           Lorraine Allen      TCNJ Small Business Development Center
             Marion Zajac      NJ Economic Development Authority
         Marsha Stoltman       The Stoltman Group, LLC
              Marvin Ross      Marvin Ross Design
              Roland Pott      Urban Word
    Rudiger Z. Ellis, MBA      Infiniti Wealth Institue, LLC
        Samuel T. Blango       SECCOM International Group, LLC
           Taneshia Laird      Trenton Downtown Association
              Teresa Grigg     Sun Bank
           Tom McGough         City of Trenton
          Vanessa Nazario      PNC Bank
            Wayne Staubb       Department of Environmental Protection


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