preposition-treasure-map by fanzhongqing


									                                             Preposition Treasure Map
                              It’s your job to hide Petey the Preposition Pirate’s giant chest of treasure!
                                But, you don’t want to forget where you’ve hidden the bootie! To make
                                 sure that you and your mateys can find the treasure again later, it’s your
                                  job to create a treasure map showing where the loot is being stored. Be
                                  careful, don’t make it too easy! You want time to save the treasure in
                                   case the map falls into the wrong hands! ARG!

                                    Directions: On a separate sheet of paper (any size, be creative) you’re
                                    going to create a treasure map showing the steps to Pete’s treasure
chest. On the front of the paper, you’ll draw the treasure map itself. On the back, write a list of at least 10
sentences, which are the steps to finding the treasure. They should be in order so someone could follow
them to find your treasure, and your drawing on the front should show the 10 obstacles from your
sentences. Connect the 10 sentences with a dotted line and put an “X” where the treasure is hidden.

In each sentence, you MUST do the following:                                                  o.p.
    1. Underline the preposition                         First, climb over the nasty fallen log.
    2. Write “o.p.” over the object of the
        preposition                                                                                  o.p
    3. Circle the whole prepositional phrase             Next, locate the tree with the huge black knothole.

Some helpful hints:

       Choose a theme for a treasure map: pirates, unicorn, Candy Land type
        game, abandoned town, etc...
       Example sentences: take a right at the old knotted tree; cross under the
        bridge; meet the dragon in front of the castle.
       You should include map key, a compass rose, and land features like trees,
        grass, flowers, rivers, etc...
       Your treasure map must be colorful - use markers, paint, colored pencils,
        crayons, etc..


______50 for sentences (5 steps per sentence x 10 sentences)

_____/20 for map (must show each of the 10 steps, connected with a dotted line, with an “X” at the

TOTAL:_____/70 655

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