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   Earning your Trust                                                             CSC NORTH AMERICAN PUBLIC SECTOR

                               Public sector customers face unique demands for reliability and
                               security in providing highly reliable services to the citizen and the
                               warfighter. CSC, in partnership with Terremark, offers a portfolio of
                               trusted cloud services (computing, storage, disaster recovery/
                               continuity of operations (DR/COOP) designed to provide a level of
                               protection against physical and electronic threats commensurate
                               with dedicated facilities.

Benefits of CSC’s              Cloud Services                                     CSC’s Cloud Services
Trusted Cloud Services         Cloud computing is the name given to a new         (powered by Terremark)
• Economic benefits of         IT paradigm which enables organizations to         Terremark core service offerings provide a
  scaling IT resources         consolidate and share computing resources          range of resources to support the ability to
                               by eliminating physical hardware and               allocate processing power, memory, storage
• Avoidance of significant     replacing that equipment with virtual, non-        and bandwidth as required. Management of
  capital investment           dedicated machines. Per Gartner, it’s a style      resources can be provided at three levels:
• Use of standard ITIL-        of computing where massively scalable, IT          Self-management, Managed Hosting, and
  based processes              enabled capabilities are provided as a service     Highly Managed Hosting. Self-management
• Ability to right-size with   across the internet to multiple external           (eCloud) enables a user to take the same
  no risk                      customer. CSC and Terremark, as a Team,            tools used by CSC/Terremark and do their
                               bring this new service paradigm to the             own allocations of computing, memory,
• Ability to provision         agency in a manner that meets the unique           storage and bandwidth. Managed Hosting,
  computing resources to       security and sustainability needs of the           and Highly Managed Hosting allows the
  mission-critical resources   government.                                        CEC/Terremark team to provide the
  within minutes                                                                  management of resources and the reporting
• Confidence of a Tier 4       Advantages of Cloud Services to the                of SLA to the operating system (OS) or
  facility with significant    Government Customer                                applications layer respectively.
  physical protection          Organizations planning IT modernization/           CSC complements these core services with
• Supporting security          consolidation must plan and budget for             the range of value-added services that ease
  levels thru TS/SCI           significant new investment in blade servers,       the integration of these IT services into
                               storage (SANs), networking, power                  existing agency planning and operational
• Ability to use public and    distribution and cooling to achieve the            management practices. These value-added
  private WANs                 economies of scale now possible through            services include:
                               virtualization and consolidation. This often
                               requires new facilities or capital investment      • Program Management
                               to support the high power density                  • ITIL Integration
                               environment created. Use of cloud-based            • Service Design
                               services allows an agency to benefit from
                               cost avoidance, efficiently right-sizing its use   • Service Integration
                               of IT assets, while avoiding the need to invest    • Security Integration and Certification
                               in, and support, new capital expenditures.
                                                                                  • Service Transition
                                                                                  • Service Operations/Integration
                                                                                  • Service Improvement and Planning

                                                CSC’s Trusted Cloud Services (Powered by Terremark)
                                                                                     CSC NORTH AMERICAN PUBLIC SECTOR

Why CSC                             A New Way of Doing Business                      Location
• A trusted industry partner        CSC’s Trusted Cloud Services provide             Located in Culpepper, Virginia, 60 miles
• Serving the US Government         mission-critical support through high            from Washington, DC, the Terremark facility
  for almost 50 years               availability of virtualized server and storage   is located on a 30-acre campus with the
                                    resources; either using the internet or from     latest in electronic and physical security
• Only IT infrastructure            highly-secure private network resources.         enhancements. The location is convenient
  solutions provider with a         Cloud-based IT resources can be brought          to interstates, but outside the Washington,
  carrier legacy                    on-line quickly – usually in a matter of 10-15   DC, 50-mile blast zone.
• Over 90,000 employees             minutes. Resources can be either self-
                                    managed by the agency or by the                  Physical Security
• Certified: ISO, CMMI, ITIL, and   CSC/Terremark team through web-enabled
  Six Sigma                                                                          The facility has the security needed to
                                    capabilities. Operational and security           ensure continuous operation for both
                                    processes are used consistent with               mission-critical applications as well as
Why Terremark
                                    government best practices and                    supporting disaster recovery/continuity-of-
• Tier 4 facility                   requirements.                                    operations (COOP). Highlights of the facility
• Top Secret/SCIF capable                                                            include a 10-foot earth berm surrounding
                                                                                     the facility; 150-foot building setbacks,
• DOJ Level IV compliant
                                                                                     vehicle traffic isolation, a highly-trained
• Designed to meet stringent                                                         guard force and tornado-resistance building
  physical security                                                                  and infrastructure design.
• 24x7 armed security force
  trained in antiterrorism                                                           Providing a modern facility is only half the
  techniques                                                                         challenge in securing information. The
                                                                                     Terremark managed hosting core
• Robust network connectivity
                                                                                     infrastructure has been specifically
                                                                                     developed against the standards of FIPS
                                                                                     199, and when combined with the
                                                                                     customer’s applications, can be readily
                                                                                     taken through the government’s security
                                                                                     accreditation processes.
                                                                                     CSC has extensive experience in the
                                                                                     certification and accreditation of data
                                                                                     centers against FISMA, NIST and
                                                                                     DITSCAP/DIACAP requirements; and a
                                                                                     wealth of cleared personnel. We are the
                                                                                     first company to have achieved SSE-CMM
                                                                                     Level 4 certification.

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