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                  George Nordhaus –

•   Founder and Chairman of Insurance Marketing and
    Management Services (IMMS).
•   Executive V-P of Indiana and Tennessee Big I Associations.
•   Industry pioneer - “firsts” such as CPCU on tape, Agency
    Management Systems on tape, insurance licensing manuals
    for over 20 states.
•   Accomplished author - 8 books on insurance sales &
    marketing, and a weekly newsletter for over 30 years.
•   Industry leader - Boston Board of Fire Underwriters
    “Insurance Person of the Year”, Insurance Marketing
    Communications Association “Golden Torch Award”; served
    for many years as an Elector to the Insurance Hall of Fame

Insight       Expertise
A personal business
Mutual versus Stock
The “Big I” Campaign
Two associations IIAA and PIA
Competitors: State Farm and Allstate
Direct Mail
Agents hiring after hours callers
Agency management systems remain
bookkeeping systems
Commercial telemarketing firms appear
Associations merge
“Big I” program cut back
Banks enter the insurance business
Automation systems still not used for
Many national insurers disappear
Regional insurance companies flourish
The world of electronic communications
 Selling by price
 Appearance of the Internet, 1992
 Agents establish “brochure-like” Web sites
 Agents look to Internet for leads
 Search Engine Optimization
 GEICO, Progressive, et al. take over Internet, TV
  Insurers stopped
advertising programs.
  The Age of
80% - 90% of all purchasing decisions
start on the Internet

80% Search for auto insurance

44% buy directly on Internet – 3%
increase per year

45 - 60% of Americans get their news
from Internet
The Web is doubling in
power every two years.

     In ten years the Web

     will be   32 times
        as powerful as
           it is now.
The Internet is no longer just
  the Internet – It is a part of
The Internet knows more than
            you do.

It is common knowledge
     that knowledge is
                 George Nordhaus
                            Hi all..
• In an effort to increase productivity and efficiency, I am beginning
  a new personal email policy. I’ve recently realized I spend more
  time shuffling through my inbox and less time focused on the that
  at hand. It has become an unnecessary distraction that ultimately
  creates long lead time on my ever-growing “to-do” list.

• Going forward I will only be checking/responding to email at 11
  AM and 4 PM on weekdays. I will try and respond to email in a
  timely manner without neglecting the needs of our clients.

• Cheers..and here’s to life outside of my
“No matter what I hear, read
  or find on TV, radio or in a
  magazine or newspaper, I
can verify it on the Internet.”
                Forrester Research Report: consumer quote
 Answers 35,000 inquiries EVERY
 3 billon a day…90 billion a month
 82% of Google searches resulted
 in Offline transactions.

The combined stock-market value of
 Apple and Google?

    $398 Billion..but…
The amount that Apple stock has increased since 2005, more than
•   Microsoft
•   Intel                         Microsoft
•   Google
•   Hewlett-Packard               Apple and
•    and Cisco                    Google:

                                  $91 billion
Predicted 2011 profit:
                                  in cash
over $16 billion.
• SEPTEMBER 3, 2009
• SEPTEMBER 3, 2009
           Electronic communication
                  in all forms:
             Internet – Email - Text
              Twitter - Social Media

…is now the major communications
 Customers are now in
    of how they communicate with or
    about your business…on Twitter,
Facebook, YouTube, on mobile devices,
 via email activity on your website, and
   conversations with your call center.
Today’s customers want to be in charge
 of making purchases. They don’t want
        someone chasing them.
The way people buy
   insurance has
•The way insurance
 needs to be sold has
 NOT changed.
Your Website is a virtual
   extension of your

• “If this is what I see…then this
  is what you are!?
   Two Demographic Groups
         Will Change
   The Way We Do Business

                   Gen Y –
Boomers              The
         Four Generations
•   Traditionalists or Silents…..1909-1942
•   Baby Boomers….1946-1964
•   Generation X….1965-1980
•   Generation Y’s (Millennials) Born after 1980.*

*At 60 million strong – more than three
  times the size of Gen X..they are the
  biggest group to hit the American scene
  since the 72 million baby boomers.
There are now 200 million blogs
        on the Internet
What are they looking at on Web?
1. YouTube                        11. Nick, Jr.
2. Google                        12.
3. Facebook                      13. Gmail
4. Porn                          14. Cartoon Network
5. Club Penguin                  15. Poptropica
6. Yahoo                         16. Michael Jackson
7. Webkinz                       17. EBay
8. You Tube                      18. Disney Channel
9. Games                         19. Cbeebios
10. Miniclip                      20. Hotmail

   Age 7 and Under.
              online 15 million page views.
American children spend 7.5 hours a
day absorbing and creating media…as
 much time as they spend in school.
• They multitask across screens to cram 11 hours
  of content into those 7.5 hours.
• More and more of these activities are happening
  on Smartphones equipped with audio, video,
  SMS and hundreds of thousands of apps.

• U.S teenagers (12-17) send 50+ messages a day.
• One-third send more than 100.
  96% of GenY’s have
joined a social network
 54% post content or tweet daily…
 34% post opinions about products and

 78% of consumers trust peer
  recommendations …while
  only 14% trust
  They see your Website as a
virtual extension of the
     Adopting more online
technology is a priority..
  89%   want   web-based support
  76%   want   online chat
  69%   want   on-line blogs
  67%   want   instant messaging

  Need instant gratification and
frequent rewards.
For the Millennials...
who increasingly comprise
and influence your
markets… –
…the use of the social web is
simply part of everyday life…

   The Millennials’
  mind-set is “we” -
  compared to the
    Boomer “me”
Millennials typically use up to seven
    devices, apps and programs at texting, G-chatting,
  tweeting and listening to music.
Half of students 8 to 18 are using the
Internet, watching TV or using some
 other form of media either “most”
 (31%) or “some” (25%) of the time
   that they are doing homework.
  Millennials don’t have
traditional boundaries or
an old-fashioned sense of
  They live out loud, sharing
   details of their lives with
     thousands of other
        You could read…

  You can e-mail, text, instant
   message and decipher and
understand a bewildering amount
         of direct media
App Phones

The IPhone

I have 8 loaded
              Face Time
Video calling comes to iPod touch. So
 now your friends can be there with
    you, even when they’re not!
            What is Mobile
“The use of wireless media as an integrated content
delivery and direct response vehicle within a cross-
   media marketing communications program.”
   Layman’s terms: Your cell
  phone isn’t just for talking
    2000. 2 millon handsets
  2010…545 million handsets
       Cellphones still for talking?
More houses disconnecting land lines…I in every 4 U.S. homes
 has no land line.

Half of all adults 25-29 live in wireless-only households.

Text, e-mail, music, streaming video, etc. surpasses amount of
  voice data.

Conversations shorter…average length of call 1.8 minutes,
  down from 2008’s 2.27 minutes

“By texting I can multitask between two or three conversations
  at once.”
        Website Magazine:
There is little question that apps are changing the way we
  interact with brands, each other and the Internet itself.

Some argue that apps will take over the Web as we know
  it…that surfing the Web through apps will replace the
  process of hunting for Web pages, even “websites”

Steve Jobs: “The average IPhone user spends over 30 minutes
   each day using apps.”

E-Bay…$1.5 million sales via its smartphone apps in 2010.
50% of the U.S. population will be
using smart phones by the end of
80 million Americans..approximately one
 out of three smartphone users, will be
 armed with either an Apple iPhone or
 an Android-powered device by the
 start of 2012.
       U.S. market research firm ASYMCO
 So what happens when most of the
   residents of the planet Earth…
..carry a device that gives them instant
 access to pretty much all of the world’s

The top companies in desktop
 computing….Apple, Google and
 Microsoft, must shift their focus to
 mobile devices to remain competitive…
Yes, Apple still sells
computers, but…
Twice as much of its
revenue comes from
hand-held devices and
Why Mobile apps?
         Find new customers
         Deepen relationships with
           existing ones
         Target people

Maybe it’s time to reinvent
 your business model?
Who has apps                Insurance Shopper
 now…at least on            •Annuity
 my 3GS…                    •Auto
•   State Farm
•   Progressive             •Cancer
•   USAA                    •Disability
•   Allstate                •Health
•   Nationwide.             •Home
•   Schultheis Insurance
•   American Family         •Life
•   Hartford                •LTC
•   McMinnville Insurance   •Rent

                            •If you have an iPhone, go
                            see the Nationwide app.
Progressive announces…
 On Google’s Android operating system…
    Get car insurance quotes and buy a
    Make payments and update policy
   Get directions to a local independent
 Compare relative costs to insure different
               types of cars…
         Report and track claims…
     Watch the latest Progressive TV
  commercials….PLUS two online games..
     USAA Bank has a
     app allowing the
     bank’s customers
to snap a photo of an
 endorsed check and
 deposit the amount into
 the appropriate account.
Four steps to a mobile app!
• 1. Browse various apps for similar
  apps and read the user reviews.
• 2. Do a mobile version of your
• 3. Think Small
• 4. Decide on one or two key
  AO providing IPhone apps…
…..Roadside service assistance
…..How to (change tire, jump start a
…..Car Accident
…..Taking Photos from the scene
…..Claims Form
…..Customer Service (make a payment,
request policy changes)
…..Access to 24/7 (if you have this service)
…..Agency Website links
…..Quote forms..

By 2011 85% of handsets sold
worldwide will have a Web
        But why type?
Voice Actions, an Android app,
 allows you to tell your phones to
 call, email or text a contact,
 listen to music, set the alarm, go
 to a Web site, view directions on
 a map, or e-mail a note to
 “Some of our competitors
  are getting ahead of us…

…so we are now focusing on
 mobile technology. Stay


    Shop Online   |   Find a Store   |   1-800-MY-APPLE
                 • so fast and light…
                 • Multi-touch screen bright and
A good goof-     • Software so easy to navigate
proof computer        ….Processor so much faster…
for                    That it qualifies as a new category of
the aged and     It is infinitely more convenient than laptops for
the young.             consuming books, music, video, photos, e-
                                   mail and of course ...

                          NY Times.
                                        The Web

                 3.2 million IPads sold
                           Liberty Mutual , in
iPAD                       partnership with Time
“After totaling your       Magazine is providing
new car, things will          iPAD users with
never be the same.
Except the                 interactive advertisements.
replacement car we       • “…combining online, print
give you. That will be
the same.”…….              and broadcast into one
Scrolling down,            interactive, digital
viewers watch a            experience that literally
short, digitally-
                           jumps off the page..”
enhanced video that
shows a totaled car
replaced with a brand
new one.
 “Independent agents can take
back personal lines market share
  from direct writers and direct
       response carriers.
However, success will depend on
  the use of technology like
 social networking, which will
      be used as business
 development tools by younger
         agents.” AA&B
                  American Agent and Broker Future panel
   Michael Jackson’s death
   was announced to the world…

six minutes before the
coroner pronounced him

There are over 1,000,000,000,000
text messages sent each day…sent
 by what is called “the thumb tribe.”

  Members spend an average
  of SEVEN hours a week on Facebook.

  Only 11% of teenagers email daily.
Is the primary driver of traffic to global
websites, 48% of social media hits …550
           million members…
  In less than seven years…Facebook
   became a window into our souls
Wired together one-twelfth of humanity into a
  single network
Built a social entity twice as large as the U.S.
Nearly half of all Americans have a Facebook page
But 70% of Facebook users live outside the U.S.

We have entered the Facebook age.
  Most visited Web site?
Wrong! …Facebook the most, from
 Jan1 to November 30 of
 2010..approximately 1 in 10 visits to
        Facebook wants to…
• Populate the wilderness...
• Tame the howling mob…
• Turn the lonely antisocial world of random chance
  into a friendly world, a serendipitous world….
• You’ll be living and working inside a network of’ll never have to be alone again…
• The Internet and the whole world will feel
  more like a family or a college dorm, or as an
  office where your co-workers are also your
  best friends.
                               Time Magazine
 Can you say no to Facebook?
The bigger social networks get the
 more pressure there is on
 everybody else to join them.
They tend to pick up speed as they
       Zuckerberg’s Law
• “Every 12 t0 18 months the amount
  of information being shared by
  people on the web DOUBLES.”
• Over time people will bypass more
  general websites such as Google in
  favor of sites built atop social
  networks where they can rely on
  friend’s opinions.
  Results of Zuckerberg’s double
        acceleration law?

Companies grow faster
 on the web, and web
 companies grow
 faster when they are
62% of respondents (business owners)
 to a Constant Contact query replied:
“A Facebook presence is
 now as important to our
 business as face-to-face
 interaction with our
        Facebook for Dummies
• State Farm’s social game on Facebook…”Car
  Town” Bring “Multi-car”, “safe-driver”
  good neighbor” discounts. Lets players collect
  and customize virtual cars, build their dream
  garages and help their friends do the same.
  Giving away virtual items. Give away “blue
  points” in-game virtual currency normally sold
  with real money. Already claims 7.2 million
  active users.
  Expansion of Social Networking
The amount U.S. companies spend marketing
  themselves on social networking sites is expected to
  grow from an estimated $4.5 billion last year to
  nearly $38 billion by 2015.
1,181,194,905… Hours users spent on Facebook in
  July, 2010. August was first time U.S. Internet users
  spent more time on Facebook than on all of
  Google’s sites combined.

October, 2007: 81% of Facebook’s 50 million users
  were younger than 24.
Today: 45% of its 550 million users are 35 or older.
      What is the fastest-
    growing company in the

•      Another fast grower: LivingSocial
Is Social Media measurable?
•   Web site visits
•   Page views
•   Time on Web site
•   Referring sites
•   Keyword rankings
•   Followers, friends and fans
•   Leads
•   Speaking opportunities
•   Engagement
•   Downloads (articles, white papers, case studies, videos, etc.)
•   ===

• Social media on its own is like a brochure without a
  sales person. It does some of the work, but is really
  dead in the water without a complete marketing
  strategy surrounding it
  SMO..a form of Search Engine

You optimize your site by advertising it
 through the social media sites, online
     communities and community
  websites such as blog sites, message
   boards, podcasts, wikis and vlogs
    Ask yourself these questions.

1. Who are our much time are
   they spending on the Web?
2 What is their mobile behavior. What devices?
3. What is their social behavior. What social sites
   are they using?
4. At what time and place might they think of, or
   need our services?
5. How are mobile and social users impacting our
   bottom line?
eMarketing Associates Network

Insurance Sales and Marketing Ideas


Insurance Marketing Masterminds

Association of Strategic Marketing
    So many links…so little time.
   Ten years ago:
360 million Internet users worldwide

     Today, 2010:
   1.7 billion users and growing.

New media is an insatiable flexible
  This fact has become
“Every prospect, every customer
of every agency knows that he or
   she can buy insurance from
someone else and pay less in the
“But I would be
agreeable to pay
more, if only …”

  In this age of conversational

…the path from lead to
 sale has become a lot
 longer and more
 “Computers are going to get smaller
             and smaller..
Ultimately they will go inside our
  bodies and brains and make us
  healthier, make us smarter. We’ll
  be on line all the time.
  Search engines won’t wait to be
         Futurist Ray Kurzwell
Technology    Marketing

Understanding Communications!
 How has communications changed?


                                         In Person

                          5 –10
                         Years Ago

               Letters              Newsletters
Understanding Communications
    In Person       Telephone calls         Letters
        =                   =                   =
 Virtual Meetings   Text messages           Emails

   Newsletters      Communicate to          Belong
        =            a group via a              to
    Electronic           blog          Social Networks

            Have your own       Websites now
                                both educate
             URL Address        and entertain
       Yesterday           Today

• Yellow Pages     • Internet Yellow
• Direct Mail        Pages
• Newspapers       • Search Engine
• Cold Calling –     Optimization
  Telephone        • Exciting
                   • Email direct contact
The irony is that while there have
 never been more ways to reach
  It has never been harder to connect
               with them.
   Only one out of every 9
 Americans now use the WHITE
...The rest use the Internet or call information.

Regulators are giving phone companies
  permission to stop printing white pages.
• Microsoft offers free 411 service. 800-BING-411 (800-246-4411)
• This is especially helpful with cell phone calls as 411 calls are typically an
  extra fee.
• You can also get weather, movie times, directions, etc... Neat service.
   Will drop 14% in volume
   Over 200,000 mail boxes have disappeared
   100,000 jobs lost in 2010
   USPS operating at over a $8.0 billion deficit
   Goodbye Saturday deliveries?

    “E-mail jumped this shark years ago”
Linked-in Strategic Marketing Group
The 2011 way to reach
              Instant message
              Phone call

   Showing up at their house….
 But, it needs to be more than one
 dimensional or your site won’t be

      =   1    Words

               Words plus, audio, video,
               integration, chat, quoting, and
               so much more. Surprise and
       =   6   delight your clients!

3 dimensional - to the power of 6!               91
  Video will account for
  80% of Internet data
traffic within four years!

        The equivalent
         of 11 billion
         DVD’s, or 3.5
        million years of
 Huge change in attention

….GEICO’s fifteen-
second ads
       In just 6 years…
            Has over
     2 billion daily views
Up from 1 billion last October.

Every minute 3.5 hours of video
          are added.

   Tufts University now takes
     applications on YouTube
Understanding Marketing

    Marketing Facts of Life

   No way to compete
      with carriers
   No way the average
    agency can stay
      abreast with
       changes in
                   The GEICO Effect
Google: “Auto Insurance” 56,700,000 entries
•   In the first ten pages, these are the major players who claim they
    can save you money on auto insurance. In order of appearance,

•                           Online Auto Insurance
•   Progressive             
•   Autoinsurancequotes              Thegeneral
•   Esurance                         Safeauto
•   Allstate                         Carinsurance
•   State Farm (40 million autos)      Smart Auto Insurance
•   21st Century                     Car Insurance Rates
•   2insure4less                     Kanetix
•   Choice auto insurance            800-Insurance
      The GEICO Effect (continued)
•   Direct General                  Auto Insurance Select
•   Autoinsurancequotes4U           Auto Insurance Remedy
•   Your Auto Insurance Site        Insure
•   Insureme                        Netquote
•   Insurance Hits                   Insweb
•   Discount-car insurance-rates    Auto Insurance
•   Quotescout                      Home Town Quotes
•   Car insurance         Get-Online-Quotes
•   USinsuranceonline               Insurancedeals4u
•   Insure Me                       insure Car Quotes
•   You Tube                        Auto Insurance-Advantage
•   USA                            Home Town Quote
•   Cheap Auto       Carseek
•   Auto/insurance in depth        Insure4USA
• quotes           Peppercoin
      The GEICO Effect (continued)
•   DMV.Org/car-insure             Auto insurance Rates Direct
•   Best Cheap Auto insurance     Advantage One/Insurance
•   Qualityautoinsurance          AutoMotive
•   Carinsurance list              Insurance4USA
•   Advantage Auto Quotes         Auto Insurance Quotes Free
•   Auto Insurance Planners       USInsurance
•   Cheap Auto insurance Quotes   Internet Auto Guide
•   QuoteYou                      Choice auto insurance
•   Quoter-R-us                   Insurewish
•   A! quotes                     InsuranceAgents
•   Click Insure                  Compuquotes
•   Free Insurance rates          AIS Insurance
•   Car Insurance Reduction       Car Insurance Quotes
•   Quotes.Insurance Quotes
•   Serenity Group
•   4Free Quote

         Any Independent Agencies?
Products or services that are essentially
  the same no matter who is selling them.

…They are differentiated on the market
 only by price, brand, and perhaps some
 relatively minor features.
Half of its new customers make contact through
its Web site
$500 million in premiums through its direct
Direct premiums growing at 25% in 2010
The share that comes in through direct
channels is rising dramatically
Just announced a 5% “safe driving” bonus,
State Farm’s new “Pay as you go” (based
on actual mileage) auto insurance.
           Where will it stop?
My friend, Barrie Wells in England, is starting
 an auto insurer (Insure the Box) that uses
 satellite navigation for the pricing…exact
 mileage, time of day, days of week, average
 speed, top speed, etc..

…even includes braking velocity as part of the
 pricing algorithm.
 Branding the agency was
     relatively simple

  Impossible on a national
level…and even difficult on a
        local level.

      Best example of branding?

          AFLAC’s Duck.
“Independent insurance agents need
  to take notice. No longer can we sit
 back and wait for the phones to ring,
   or assume that the children of
    our clients will automatically
    become OUR clients…. and…
“We can’t compete with a multi-billion
dollar advertising budget – so we need to
connect with our clients in other ways, by
creating our own inbound marketing
                                    Cindy Donaldson
                               Founders Insurance Group
                                           Torrington, CT
   Understanding Technology

     Agency Management Systems

                90% use
             AMS or Applied

Vendors estimate only 20% use system to its
Understanding Technology
   • Marketing Tracking Systems
   • Virtual Meeting Conferencing

   • Cloud Hosting

   • SEO

   • Blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube

   • Chat/Instant Messaging Systems
Taking Action Communications
 Ask Yourself These Questions:
     Do you think the Internet and all forms of electronic
    communications are the way we communicate today?

              Are we happy with our website?

     Are we constantly communicating with our clients?

           What are we going to do about it?
     Call for action in Website
  Once you get people to your Website,
 it’s not always apparent what you want
 them to do.
  Effective Websites have a clear path of
 motion towards action steps.

Now being called the “Sales Funnel”.
          Taking Action Marketing
  Does our current business plan incorporate a well-planned marketing system to
  constantly reach our business revenue and retention goals for existing clients?

            Do we have an in-depth understanding of our client base?

Do we have an active marketing plan, constantly expanding, with an analysis of an
                       active and growing prospect list?

Can we create and implement on-going effective marketing plans ourselves? Do we
                        have the time and manpower?
    Taking Action Technology
Do we have a website that is robust – that entertains and

       Is our site search engine optimized (SEO)?

       Do we utilize smart forms for our quoting?

Can we integrate with our agency management system?
  Set the system up so your
 clients can sign in once and
then can use all the services
   you and your companies
 Independent agents and their carriers need the
 capability to have their customers complete all
  necessary forms online, by using e-signature
      technology… Jeff Yates, ACT Director
Vast Majority of Agencies

  Have no constant contact with
          their clients

    Not even at renewal time

  Very few personal lines annual
Marketplace Reality
 70% of clients are not aware of all the products and
 services offered by their P.C insurance agent
 50% of those households would consider purchasing
 additional policies from their existing agency
 15% of all client households will buy some form of life
 insurance (including financial services) in the next
 twelve months
 At this annualized rate, 100% of your clients will
 purchase these same products…from you or someone
 else, in the next seven years.
 The average household owns seven policies. The
 average agency writes less than two policies per
                                 Harlan Warthen, Allstate Rep/Consultant
      Our Challenges and Yours
How to make the Internet the hub of

How to bring together the best elements of
marketing, communication, and technology on
a single turn-key platform

How to compete in this new technology-driven
multi-dimensional world

How to make it simple enough in application,
essentially so self-contained that activities happen
automatically without extensive agent knowledge of
Survival of the Fittest…

    Rate your agency:
Are you on track for
Tomorrow’s Agency
     – Today?
We have a current business plan which
includes a organized marketing system

Our marketing plan is documented 1………10

Our marketing plan is tracked via our agency
management system 1………..10

We have an in-depth understanding of our
client base including number, average income
per client, one-policy customers, etc ... AND
We have an active and growing prospect
system   1……….10

We are able to sort our client data to do target
marketing 1……….10

We have the manpower and time to continue to
create and monitor our marketing plans

We do annual reviews for each of our clients
We believe the Internet and all forms of
electronic communications are the media of
today…and tomorrow 1………10

We have a “brochure”, non-interactive
website 1……….10

We have a way of tracking activity to and on
our website 1……….10

We get a steady flow of new business from
our website 1……….10

Viewers return again and again to our site
We have a method that allows us to
track our marketing activity on our
agency management system 1……….10

Staff members use dual monitors

We are involved in social networking
(Twitter, Facebook, etc.) 1………10

We use Search Engine Optimization in
order to drive traffic to our website
Here is where your agency rates on preparation for the future
        of communications, technology and marketing
                      If your score is…

                        75 or below:
      Your agency is definitely in need of outside help.

                           76- 125
 You are in the mid-range of agencies. You have a good start
    toward developing a more robust marketing system.

        You are well on the way toward a prosperous
If you always do what you
  always did, you will always
  get what you always got.

  We can no longer look at
   the present through a
   rear-view mirror. We
    can no longer march
     backwards into the
       The future is not what it used
                   to be….
““ “   You won’t be doing what you are doing
        wrong…long…even if you wanted to…
Contact Information