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					                       The Voice
 Open Door Rehabilitation Center

  Serving Adults with Developmental Disablities                                   September-October 2007

                  Open Door Goes Hawai ian
                   Aloha! When you think of bold floral
prints, grass skirts, and little pink umbrellas in your
drink, what comes to mind? A luau, of course! That’s ex-
actly the scene at Open Door’s recent consumer-planned
and operated luau. You heard right. The consumers
were totally in charge of this one. Everything from the
planning of this party to the hosting, consumers were
responsible for every aspect.

    The “Dream Team” of the luau consisted of: Kelly
B., Beth M., Candi R., Brian H., Gina G., Melissa J. and
Tim G. The group of consum-
ers along with a few staff mem-
bers met a total of six times to                                                   shopping themselves to buy
organize the whole shebang.                                                        just the right things to satisfy
The team was given a budget                                                        the vision the team had created
to follow but other than that,                                                     for the event. Martha Stewart
they were left to their own de-                                                    would have been proud to see
vices and imaginations. Deci-                                                      the team work together and
sions were made regarding the                                                      create their own plates, which
decorations, music, games and                                                      were a decoupage of tropical
food. No detail was left unat-                                                     birds, crabs and sunshine rays.
tended. The group even went                                                        The matching luau flower cups
                                                                                   with each guest’s name on them
                                                                                   set the perfect tablescape and
                                                                                   scene for an evening of tropical
                                                           bliss. Donned in their grass skirts and plastic leis with
                                                           blow-up palm tress gently swaying from the ceiling,
                                                           the guests enjoyed good food, music and games such
                                                           as musical chairs and hop-scotch. In all, twenty-four
                                                           guests partied the evening away.

                                                               The Luau was such a huge success that the team is
                                                           already talking about what event they are going to plan
                                                           next. All I know is that I’m going to have to make sure
                                                           that I am on the guest list.

                                                                                    (See additional photos on page 2)
                                        Volume 14 / Number 5
The Voice
                                    (Photos from page 1)

Open Door Rehabilitation

The Voice is the bi-monthly
newsletter of Open Door
Rehabilitation Center, a not-
for-profit organization
servicing adults with
developmental disabilities.
Headquarters are located at
405 South Wells Street, Sand-
wich, Illinois 60548. Phone:
(815) 786-8468
Fax: (815) 786-6241.
The Voice welcomes your
questions and contributions
of news of interest to our
friends and supporters.
         Rita Potter
         Terra Stetz
      Laurie Wisdom
        Candi Baker
         Sue Weber
      Gene Stephens
        Tami Carper
      Kristina Henson

Founders of ODRC
William & Virginia Squier, Sr.
David & Juanita Graf
                                                      Summer Fun
Executive Director                   There were tons of summer fun at the Sugar Grove Fun Center, Ottawa Car Show,
David Baker                      Vintage Baseball Games, the Model Train Show, and many more excursions! Many
Board of Directors               thanks to the following sponsors who donated between 7/01/07 - 08/31/07:
Volunteer Leadership
   Robert J.Coleman, D.C.
                                        Lorraine Houghtaylen
Vice President                          Jean Swenson
   Lane Kapela                          Shirley Vezain
   Quendred Carpenter                Wait ‘til you hear what’s coming up! Blackberry Farm for pumpkins, NIU vol-
   Mike Bennett
                                 leyball game, Sycamore Pumpkin Festival, Museum of Science & Industry, movie at
                                 WOW 7, tree trimming at Brookfield Zoo, Christmas Farm in Yorkville, Christmas
Jim Dockendorf                   shopping, and more!
Robin Goldsmith
Becky Lueken
                                     Many thanks for all of your support of our consumers in their activities. Would
Claudette McCaslin
Denise Mestemaker
                                 you like to sponsor an activity? Simply mail a check to Open Door and signify it is
Phyllis Niles                    for activities. All donations are welcome!
Jeff Metzger, Sr.
Joe Roberts
Jim Dirst
   From the Saw Room to Supported
     Andrew S. started at Open Door Rehabilitation Cen-               This is not Andrew’s
ter in May 2006 at the OD West Workshop. Andrew did             first stint with community
parts production for a while and when the Saw Room              employment. Andrew
opened in August/September 2006, he started working             has worked for the Sand-
in the Saw Room full time.                                      wich School District do-
     During his time at Open Door, Andrew has always            ing janitorial work, Haff
said he wanted to work in the community. He began               Rental in Plano and at
taking several of the Adult Education classes offered           Wal-Mart. All of Andrew’s
including “Don’t Get Fired” and “Career Development.”           experience has helped
Working with his case manager Carrie, Andrew’s pro-             prepare him for his job
gramming focused on the classes, identifying jobs he            at Menards, and his pro-
would like to pursue, exploring the requirements for            gramming at Open Door “definitely” helped him. Carrie
those jobs, developing a resume and practicing complet-         added, “By working together, Andrew was able to achieve
ing applications on paper and online.                           his goal and I am very proud of him.”
     When Andrew saw a help wanted ad for the new                     Andrew’s job title is “Courtesy Patrol.” What that
Menard’s store in Montgomery, he knew right away that           means is he will be assisting customers to their cars
he wanted to apply. “I have been wanting to get on a            with their purchases, collecting carts, emptying garbage
Menard’s team for a long time,” he said, “and I want to         and clearing away cardboard for the stockers. Actually,
move up the ladder there.” Andrew and Carrie worked             Andrew has been working at Menard’s since July 30, and
together and faxed his resume. He got a call to come            while they have been preparing for the opening of the
in and complete an application, which earned him an             store, he has been collecting cardboard after the mer-
interview. Because this is a Supported Employment posi-         chandise is put on shelves and breaking down boxes.
tion, Open Door works with the employers to help the                  Andrew is the second consumer at the West Work-
clients stay on target with their job performance and learn     shop to gain Supported Employment. Steve C. began a
how to be better employees. Carrie went with Andrew             job this summer working for Nel’s Catering in Somonauk.
to his interview and within a week he was offered and           This job is going well for Steve, and we hope that Andrew
accepted the position. “I was really impressed how he           continues to enjoy his job at Menard’s. Carrie has been
handled himself through the whole process and inter-            working hard speaking to as many local employers as
view,” Carrie said of Andrew.                                   possible to ensure more placements through the Sup-
                                                                ported Employment program.

      Sandwich Freedom Days Parade

 Representative Bob Pritchard stops by     In his crisply pressed American Legion        Consumers are all smiles!
 to visit our folks before the Sandwich     uniform, Mickey M. proudly displays
     Freedom Days parade begins!              the American flag. Did you know
                                             Mickey volunteers for the American
                                                      Legion in Leland?
      Highlights of Summer 2007

   Brookfield Zoo    Brookfield Zoo   Brookfield Zoo

 Ottawa Car Show    Ottawa Car Show   Vintage Baseball

 Vintage Baseball        Pet Day          Pet Day

    Pet Day              Pet Day          Pet Day

Summer 2007 Rocked!
           Cougar Game                            Cougar Game                       Sugar Grove Fun Center

      Lions Club Fishing Derby               Sugar Grove Fun Center                Sugar Grove Fun Center

      Lions Club Fishing Derby                 Spaghetti Warehouse                   Spaghetti Warehouse

 Model Train Show at Blackberry Farm   Model Train Show at Blackberry Farm   Model Train Show at Blackberry Farm

Model Train Show at Blackberry Farm    Model Train Show at Blackberry Farm            Ottawa Car Show
       All Work and No Play? No Way!
           Our Summer Excursions
     Even though work runs as normal throughout the        loved it! I went with my case manager and I just browsed
summer months, you can’t help but feel the buzz of         the whole day.” This trip was right up the alley for
excitement for the warm weather, eating lunch out-         many of our consumers who enjoy not only shopping
side, and looking forward to vacations with family and     for crafts and antiques, but making their own. Sewing,
friends. To celebrate the change of seasons during the     knitting, beading, drawing and painting are only some
summer at the West Workshop, consumers are given           of the ways they display their crafty talents.
the opportunity to sign up for a couple of day trips            Finally, a large group made their way to Wow 7 in
and activities that take advantage of the warm weather.    Sandwich during the opening week of Hairspray with
Each summer the events are picked based on the vary-       John Travolta. Consumer Elizabeth M. said, “I really liked
ing interests of the consumers, long-standing favorites,   the movie and it was fun because we got popcorn and
and the places we have been hearing them beg to go         pop too.” Everyone enjoyed the show and was talking
all year!                                                  about how funny it was for days.
       A trip to the Phillips Park Zoo in Aurora started        Although it was hard to tell who had more fun this
the summer out right with a day complete with lots of      summer, both the consumers and the staff were able
animals and a picnic lunch! The consumers also got the     to enjoy what summer is all about, even while going
chance to show off their athletic ability with bowling     to work. As summer is winding down, the main event
trips to Mardi Gras Lanes in DeKalb. In between games,     is still yet to come. Everyone is eagerly anticipating the
they feasted on pizza and then returned to action in a     Sandwich Fair, which will be the perfect way to end a
second game, determined to beat the staff members who      summer filled with great memories, fun with friends,
accompanied them! Consumer June C. said, “It was a         and new experiences.
lot of fun to go bowling with my friends, and not have
to work that day!”
     To keep the interest of those who are a bit more
competitive, a group tried their luck at laser tag. Two
groups were formed and whoever got the most hits
won. “I had played before, and it was fun to gang up
on the staff playing with us! Also, don’t wear a white
shirt or you will be spotted easily!” consumer Tammy
V. explained. Staff also took a group to the Sugar Grove
Fun Center, where they played mini-golf, drove bumper
boats and raced go-karts. They learned that the boats
aren’t made for two adults, but had a great time get-
ting each other soaked and, most importantly, the staff
drenched! Consumer Jon H. said, “I had so much fun,
especially when I beat the staff members three times
at go-karts!”
     For the more creative spirits, a group visited the
LaSalle Peru Craft and Antique Mall where they shopped
and went out for lunch. Consumer Beth M. exclaimed, “I

                                Annual Meeting
    Everyone is invited to Open Door Rehabilitation Center’s annual board meeting on Tuesday, October 16, at 7
 PM, at Fox Valley Older Adult Services, 1406 Suydam Rd. in Sandwich. Please attend and congratulate Open Door’s
 consumers for their outstanding achievements in 2007. Refreshments and dessert will be served.
                      To Give is to Receive…
     It takes something momentous, amazing and often-             After seeing the site and visiting with many people,
times earth shattering to move the Open Door consum-         he headed home knowing he had to do something to
ers to complete silence. In this case, it was a single man   help. He started sending money and basic care packages
named Dave Johnston who floored the audience with            filled with toiletries and anything he thought they might
moving stories of the Native Americans he has visited        use. He talked about his role as an advocate for the tribe
and learned so much about over the past year. During         that lives in such poverty most of us have never even
the work day on June 7, many Open Door consum-               seen. He has been encouraging others to send dona-
ers had the opportunity to listen to him speak of the        tions of clothes, canned goods and other supplies, while
reasons he has become involved to help the extremely         emphasizing that anything and everything can make a
poor Lakota Sioux tribe in a remote southwest part of        positive impact on these people’s lives.
South Dakota. Many listened in awe to a man who drove
hundreds of miles to go to a place he had never been             In addition to the stories he shared about his jour-
and where he didn’t know anyone, simply because he           ney, he brought in jewelry and other beaded work that
had been so intrigued by a program he watched on             was created by the Lakota Sioux tribe, which the con-
television about the Wounded Knee massacre. With             sumers enjoyed looking at and asking questions about.
many a history buff here at Open Door, there wasn’t a        They became very excited and wanted to know what
shortage of questions to be asked!                           they could donate or collect to send with Dave on his
                                                             next adventure to South Dakota in July.

                                                                 Everyone is eager to hear how his travels go, and
                                                             can’t wait to learn of his new stories and what they can
                                                             do next to help!
                   EVERYONE’S A WINNER ON THIS
                         VICTORY LANE!
Congratulations to all of our sponsors, golfers, and volunteers!
 The 15th annual golf outing and our very first Golf Ball Drop
            brought Open Door a profit of $22,700!
                                        ABOVE & BEYOND

Hole-in-One                        Tokens for Qualifier              Decorations & Picture Boards
Gjovik Chevy/Buick/Pontiac/GMC &   Silver Fox Estates                C.H. Hager Excavating
Gjovik Ford/Mercury
                                   Game Match                        Sweets ‘n Early Eats
Banners & Signs                    Silver Fox Estates                Dick Banning
Joliet Pattern, Inc.
                                   AM Golf Carts                     Trophies for AM & PM Flights
Racetrack Hot Dog Lunch            R.P. Products, Inc. – Roy Pink    Leo’s Awards - Sandwich
Imperial Marble
                                   Pit Stop                          Closest to the Pin
$1000 Matching Grant               Vineyard Liquor Store – Plano     Whitely Jewelers
Wal-Mart Super Center - Plano
                                   Snacks & Prize Money              Two Rounds of Golf for Four
Pit Crew #1 and Pit Crew #2        Valley West Hospital              Edgebrook Country Club
Castle Bank
                                   (2) TVs for 50/50 Raffle          Music & Sound
Program Design & Printing          Dock’s Appliance Center           Provided by Rick Turner
The Office Works, Inc.
                                   Photos & Prize Money
                                   Bud’s Citgo & Bud’s Car Wash

                                         HOLE SPONSORS
Art’s Super Market                 Horton Insurance –                EAGLE’S NEST
Dave & Candi Baker                    Brett & Junior Horton          Colonial Kitchen &
Brach Enterprises, Inc.            John Tuttle’s A-1 Builders        Bath Cabinetry, Inc.
Caywood & Associates, Inc.         Lane & Donna Kapela               Mark D. Weinhold, D.D. S.
Citizens First National Bank       Lake Realty, Inc. – Bob, Donna,
Community Disposal                    and John Guehler               EAGLE
Cooper Home Furnishings            Michael A. Maroscia, D.D.S.       Augustine Bros. Painting &
Country Market                     Louis & Claudette McCaslin        Decorating
Dart Container Corporation         Old Second Bank                   Centrue Bank
Dock’s Appliance                   Rambo’s Bar & Grill               Earthmover Credit
Gordon Food Service                Sandwich Medical Clinic           Union
Henrich Lawn Care –                Somonauk Insurance Agency &       Gene Darfler, Inc
   Ron and Kim Henrich                Rex Agency                     Hogan Walker
Hoadley’s Hallmark Shoppe          The Concrete Shop, Inc.           Bev Holmes
                                   Today Cartage, Inc.               Knight Insurance
Silver Fox Estates                 Jack & Mary Linton                 Silver Fox Estates
Kar–N–Cartage, Inc.                Ken & Denise Mestemaker            Norm & Bert Wesson
Yingling Salvage, Inc.             Silver Fox Estates
                                                                      COMPLIMENTARY GIFTS
BIRDIE                             PAR                                Virginia Behrens
Rich & Jeanne Baker                Kerry & Sheri Anthenat             Csiszer Eyecare Center
Mary Burgin & Delores Devine       Barry & Claire Duy                 Gerrad Dannewitz
Carnival of Crafts                 Gene’s Carry Out Inc.              Representative Bob Pritchard
Robin Goldsmith                    Betty Henning                      Scoughton Electric
G. L. Hartman                      Sue & Buzz Lindholm                Lauri Scoughton
Buck Heusinger                     Phyllis & Ray Niles                Patti Webber

                              ADDITIONAL HELP FROM OUR FRIENDS
Kelsey Baker                       Louis Mayer                        Michael O’Flynn participated in the
Ginny Banning                      Claudette McCaslin                 McCormick Tribune Foundation’s
Virginia Behrens                   Bob Modine                         Service Day program by volunteering at
Mike Bennett                       Michael O’Flynn                    this event, which facilitated a gift from
Pam Fritsch                        Joe Roberts                        the McCormick Tribune Foundation.
Bill Garncarz                      Lauri Scoughton
Brenda Hartman                     Autumn Skorup                      The Golf Committee Chairperson was
Buck Heusinger                     Gene Stephens                      Mrs. J. Dennis Hastert and the Event
Beverly Holmes                     Rick Turner                        Coordinator was Lane Kapela. Golf
Karen Horoszko                     Patti Webber                       Committee members were: Claudette
Donna Kapela                       Doug Yingling                      McCaslin, Phyllis Niles, Becky Lueken,
Becky Lueken                                                          Dave Baker and Candi Baker.

                                        AWARDS & PRIZES
AM                                 Trivia Question Winner             Winner of Edgebrook Gift
                                   Jason Pangracs                     Certificate
Best Team Score                                                       Marie Bracken
Darin Stanford, Tom Doyle,         PM
Jeff Nichols, Mario Jiminaz                                           Trivia Question Winners
                                   Best Team Score                    Ron Haldeman, Randy McKirgan
Closest to the Pin                 Bob Miller, Chris Washington       Kelly Quarto
Kathy Belter                       Matt Washington, Pete Washington
Gene Tynan                                                            Best NASCAR 4-some Attire
                                   Closest to the Pin                 Stephanie Yingling, Kassie Yingling
Straightest Drive                  Jeanette Wright                    Matt Yingling, Wes Howell
Brenda Walz                        Scott Hanson
Dr. Karl Csiszer                                                      Best NASCAR Golf Cart
                                   Straightest Drive                  Kelly Quarto, Debbie Quarto
Winner of 50/50 Cash               Patsy Albrecht
Brad Copeland                      Gary Lyman                         Trivia question: What does NASCAR
                                                                      stand for and when did it begin?
Winner of TV                       Winner of 50/50 Cash               NASCAR is the National Association
Robert Giertz                      Patti Webber & Tim O’Keefe         for Stock Car Auto Racing and began
                                                                      in 1948.
Winner of Edgebrook Gift           Winner of TV
Certificate                        Kelly Quarto
Dr. Karl Csiszer
                                  SAVE THE DATE!
                              WEDNESDAY, JULY 30, 2008
                        Bobby Holmes 16th Memorial Golf Outing
                                     To Benefit
                            Open Door Rehabilitation Center

                               (Left) Lane Kapela,      (Right) Executive
                               Event Coordinator          Director Dave
                               and Vice President     Baker congratulates
                                  of the Board         Lane Kapela for 15
                                   of Directors,        years as the event
                              congratulates Cissy         coordinator of
                              Beck. Cissy won the     Open Door’s 15 golf
                              Hole-in-One at Hole       outings. In 1993,
                                #17 and received          Lane suggested
                                 36 DOZEN golf            a golf outing to
                               balls and a plaque!    bring much-needed
                                Congratulations,         revenue to Open
                              Cissy! Hearty thanks     Door. The first golf
                                 to Gjovik’s for      outing was a success
                             sponsoring the Hole-      and has continued
                                     in-One!             to be even more successful each year. Dave cited Lane’s
                                                       leadership as the driving force behind this successful fund
                                                                                   raising event. Congratulations
(Right) COM ED provided their
  truck to drop 500 numbered
  golf balls for the GOLF BALL
  DROP. Many thanks to COM
WINNERS are: Bob Wright and
  Jim Dirst tied for 1st place!
  Mike Bennett won 3rd prize!

                                        (Left) AM BEST TEAM
                                       SCORE: Darin Stanford,
                                       Tom Doyle, Jeff Nichols,
                                           Mario Jiminaz.

                                       (Right) PM BEST TEAM
                                        SCORE: (L to R): Pete
                                       Washington, Bob Miller,
                                       Matt Washington, Chris
 Contributions & Memorials
 Listed below are contributions and memorials received between 7/1/07 and 8/31/07.

  We deeply appreciate all of the honorariums, memorials, and donations given to Open Door.
  For your convenience, we provide a donation envelope in each newsletter. We hope you find
  this to be helpful.

           Thank you very much! We are deeply grateful to you for all of your support!

Frances Adams                      Pam Hoen                         David Michael
Thomas & Mary Andresen             Idle Hour Lanes                  Pat Miller
Beverly Bender                     Mary Kapernekas                  Joe & Oweta Neuhauser
Mr. & Mrs. Stanley Bretthauer      Elaine Kittleson                 Dennis & Phyllis O’Connell
DeKalb County Community            Brian Knight                     Roger & Bonny Rankin
   Foundation                      Tom & Sandy Lindblom             David Ruhl
Roger Duffield                     Beverly Madsen                   Sandwich Fair Association
First Impressions Dentistry        John Marzolo                     Clarion & Jean Swenson
Amy & Brian Francis                Rich & Carol Massat/             Tri-County Chapter of VietNow
Steve Fruit                           The Growing Place             United Church of Sandwich
Gladys Grandgeorge                 Suzette McAllister               Naomi Vatland
Randy & Tammy Gonigam/             Linda McConnell                  Len & Kathy Wass
   World Furniture Mall            Jeanne & James McNish            Jim & Carole Wehrs
                                                                    Betty & Frank Zingre
Apology: During layout of the last issue of The Voice, the names of Everett and Etta Stahl, who do-
nated in memory of Mary Ann Johnson, converted to bold italics, giving the appearance that the people
whose names followed theirs were donating in the memory of Everett and Etta Stahl rather than all
names following Mary Ann Johnson giving donations in her memory. We sincerely apologize for any
confusion or embarrassment this may have caused and thank Mr. and Mrs. Stahl for their generosity.

In Memory of Bob Anderson          In Memory of Joanne Chicoine     In Memory of Peg Dummer
      Margo Romme                        Dick & Cindy Westbrook           Gene & Carrol Olson

In Memory of Margaret Barnes       In Memory of Charles E. Clayton In Memory of Ricky Feldott
      Ruth Catron                        Alice Rohrer                    Mrs. Ralph Dearden
      J. Michael & Carole Cronin
      Duane & Jean Johnson         In Memory of Julia Baker Davis   In Memory of Ron Fruland
      Ron & Barb Johnson                 Jim & Marilyn Elliott            Marvis Fruland
                                                                          Raeburn Halford
In Memory of Maxine Buchik         In Memory of Ralph Dearden             Richard & Alice Mathre
      Vivian Vogen                       Mrs. Ralph Dearden               Robert & Carol Nordengren
                                                                          Merrill & Bev Risk
In Memory of Jean Campbell         In Memory of Eleanor
      Dr. Robert & Eda Coleman           Doppelhammer
                                         Mr. & Mrs. James Follmer
                                       Memorials (Cont.)
In Memory of Marge Glouer         In Memory of                      In Memory of Sherm Kuester
      Delores Devine                    Linda &Dennis Knight              Keith & Kathy Adkins
                                        Gladys Grandgeorge                Rudolph & Janet Budach
In Memory of Herman                     Dr. Michael & Nancy               Wayne & Barbara Christopher
      “Mike” Glower Jr.                 Maroscia                          Delores Devine
      Barbara Meyer                                                       Greg, Karyn &
                                  In Memory of Linda Knight               Chad Grandgeorge
In Memory of Louis Green                Kathy & Keith Adkins              Charles & Darlene Haas
      Veronica Fraser                   Mike & Sue Adrian                 Raeburn Halford
      Margaret Hardekopf                Mr. & Mrs. Ronald                 Robert & Ann Henrich
      Gene & Carrol Olson                   Anderson/Village              Chuck, Linda & Julie Hickey
      Gladys Wesson                         Courtyard                     Brad Kraus
                                        James & Ann Back                  Roberta Kraus
In Memory of Floyd Haycraft             Susan M. Back                     Harry & Doris Land
      David & Barbara Voss              Dave, Candi,                      Linda Melson
      Alvin & Myrtie Warren                 Brent & Kelsey Baker          Kenneth & Denise
                                        Richard & Jeanne Baker                Mestemaker
In Memory of Scott Herron               Stan & Linda Benson               Barbara Meyer
      Daniel & Arlene Delgrosso         Wayne & Barbara                   Tina & Mike Plantz
      Daniel Enright                    Adams Township                    Roger & Bonny Rankin
      M. Lee & Rosalie Graft            Duke & Janet Fanning              Karl & Pat Rud
      Don & Sharon Henneke              Esther Fraser                     Walter & Catherine Rud
      Harry & Kathleen McCann           Chuck, Linda & Julie Hickey       Fred & Mary Scheppler
      W.P & C. M. McCarty               Bob & Barb Johnson                Fred & Elaine Stahl
      Brendan & Denise Nelligan         Duane & Jean Johnson              Dick & Cindy Westbrook
      Mr. & Mrs. Glen Rutz              Lane & Donna Kapela
      Peter & Judith Sterchele          Brad Kraus                  In Memory of Jackie La Boube
      James & Mary Wallace              Roberta Kraus                     Robert & Jean Fanning
                                        Harry & Doris Land
                                        Roberta Larson
In Memory of Royal Hill                                             In Memory of Charles Lackey
                                        Gary & Mary Leonard
      Marvis Fruland                                                      Mr. & Mrs. James T. Wasson
                                        Paul & Cynthia Lewis
                                        Wilbur & Loretta Martin
In Memory of Vivian Ingle                                           In Memory of Betty Lee
                                        Dixie Marvick
      Mrs. Ralph Dearden                                                   Mary Buhs
                                        Henry & Jacqueline Marvick
                                                                          Jim & Patti Webber
                                        Robert & Mary Meyer
In Memory of Terry Jackson
                                        Gene & Carrol Olson
      Greg, Karyn & Chad                                            In Memory of Virginia Miller
                                        Phyllis Reding
          Grandgeorge                                                     Margaret Hardekopf
                                        Charleen Seville
      Chuck, Linda &                                                      Barbara Meyer
                                        Fred Seville
          Julie Hickey                  Robert & Margaret                 Fred & Elaine Stahl
      Karen Huss                            Shumway
      Nicole Vezain                     Everett & Etta Stahl        In Memory of Genevive Niles
      Shirley Vezain                    Dick & Ann Underwood              Ray & Phyllis Niles
      Dick & Cindy Westbrook            David & Barbara Voss
                                        Alvin & Myrtie Warren       In Memory of Ruby Olson
In Memory of John Kedzierski            Thomas Warren                     Del & Eileen Weber
      Richard & Jeanne Baker            Greg & Jenny Wasson
      Gene & Carrol Olson               The Wasson & Barta          In Memory of Gloryl Parchert
                                            Families                      Roger & Bonny Rankin
                                        Lynn & Jane Wesson
                                        Gladys Wesson
                                          Memorials (Cont.)
In Memory of Diane Pevonka          In Memory of Seth Sleezer, Jr.         In Memory of Ida Suppes
      Chuck, Linda &                      Don & Rita Wiesbrook             Raymond & Margaret Ferris
         Julie Hickey                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Morel, Jr.
                                    In Memory of                           Jane Naylon
In Memory of Aletta “Granny”              Bernard “Smitty” Smith           Ben & Marilyn Rasmusen
      Hawkins-Pollock                     Gene & Carrol Olson              Suppes Farm
      Lane & Mary Lou Sheldon             Dave & Candi Baker               Don & Rita Wiesbrook
      Maxine Coffman                      Jerry & Donna Leonard
                                                                     In Memory of Rosalyn Tureck
In Memory of Karen Sepaniak         In Memory of                           Sonya Goldsmith
      Carla Cummings                      Aileen “Whity” Stahl
      Gary & Barbara French               Barbara Meyer              In Memory of Bob Vilmin
      Lane & Donna Kapela                                                  Maxine Coffman
      Gene & Carrol Olson           In Memory of
      Matthew & Joanna Olson              Michael “Mickey” Stillson In Memory of Richard Wade, Sr.
      Mr. & Mrs. Norman Troeger           Leonard & Gisela Burkhart       Don & Connie Baker
                                          Dr. Arthur &                    Jack & Kathy Koteles
In Memory of Mike Sherman                     Margaret Devol              Buzz & Sue Lindholm
      Carla Cummings                      Jo Ann Mizel                    David Luttrell
      Delores Devine                      Catherine Simon                 John Luttrell & Families
      Kenneth & Denise                    Bud & Janet Schor               Leon & Betty Luttrell
      Mestemaker                          Karen Vilmin                    Howard & Rebecca
In Memory of Ronald                 In Memory of Eleanor Stoner           Vickie Smith
      Eugene Skaggs                       Julie Stubbe                    Karen Vilmin
      Duane & Jean Johnson                Karen Vilmin                    Donna Wade
                                                                          Michele Wade
In Memory of Seth Sleezer                                                 Linda & Dean Zingre
      Maxine Coffman
In Honor of Bill & Anna Bryson’s                      In Honor of Bob & Marcia Novack’s
      50th Anniversary                                      50th Anniversary
      Wayne & Barbara Christopher                           Delores Devine
      David & Barbara Voss                                  Dorothy O’Brien
                                                            Mary G. Stranckmeyer
In Honor of Quen Carpenter
      James & Margaret Thompson                       In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Ben Rasmusen’s
                                                            50th Anniversary
In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Cook’s                        Della Rohrer
      50th Anniversary
      Michael & Sandra McCarthy                       In Honor of Jerry & Harriet Walsh’s
                                                            50th Anniversary
In Honor of Charles Johnson’s Retirement                    David & Barbara Voss
      Marion & Sharon Brue
                                                      In Honor of Eileen Weber’s Birthday
In Honor of Dick & Kay Konow’s                              Lorraine Houghtaylen
      50th Anniversary                                      Cheryl Kay
      Dave, Candi, Brent & Kelsey Baker                     Jean Swenson
      Ray & Phyllis Niles                                   John & Harriet West

                                                      In Honor of Mr. & Mrs. Frank Zingre
                                                            Mildred Mumma
                      LOOKING AHEAD:
     Annual Board Meeting--------------October 16, 2007

     Annual Membership Drive------------Nov/Dec 2007

        Open Door Rehabilitation Center                                              NONPROFIT ORG.
                                                                                      U.S. POSTAGE
        405 South Wells Street                                                             PAID
        Sandwich, Illinois, 60548                                                     Springfield, IL
                                                                                      Permit No. 364


     Open Door is proud to be a member of the Illinois Association of Rehabilitation Facilities, Inc.

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