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					                        Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play!!
                              Pet Sitting Agreement
Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play agrees to provide services to the client that include
but are not limited to walking, transporting, pet sitting, and giving ultimate dedication to the
pet(s). __________________________ is allowing Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play to care for their
pet(s) and agree to the terms below:

      If a client’s pet(s) injures pet sitter, the client will take full responsibility for any injuries,
       treatment, and/or medical bills the pet sitter sustained from the pet(s).
      If a client’s pet(s) get attacked due to another animal, while in transport, or injured while
       in the care of the pet sitter, Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play will not be responsible for any liability
       period. The pet sitter will use all precautions to make sure the client’s pet(s) are never
       put in harms way but the pet(s) can sometimes be uncontrollable even when the highest
       level of care is given.
      If the client’s pet(s) becomes aggressive in any way Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play has the
       right to terminate the client at any time.
      Reservations need to be made 48 hours in advance and 72 hours in advance for visits
       longer than 3 days. Reservations need to be cancelled at least 24 hours so the pet sitter
       has adequate notice. A penalty of $3 will be charged to the account of the client if not
       given 24 hour notice. Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play spends time and money making sure the
       client’s pet(s) are taken care of properly and accordingly. Canceling an appointment at
       the last minute wastes time and gas where could have been spent at a different time. It
       is greatly needed to have notice ahead of time so the day can be planned accordingly
       and all pet(s) get the love n’ care they deserve.
      Payment and cancellation policy: Client’s agrees that Delilah’s Walk -N’- Play accepts
       payment online and can be accessed through your email. At the completion of work or
       every Friday for weekly clients I will leave an invoice in your home and also provide an
       email through pay pal that has itemized list of what you are being charged for. I accept
       Master Card, Discover, Visa, Pay Pal, and American Express. Payment is due 72 hours
       after completion of work. A penalty of $5 will be added to your account every day after
       72 hours. Weekly clients are charged at the end of the week (every Friday) and the
       penalty and deadline still apply. Completion of work must be paid in full. I also accept
       cash. If a client does not cancel at least 48 hours in advance during the holidays a
       penalty of $7 will be added to your account. If it is a last minute holiday cancellation it is
       a $10 penalty. (Holidays include Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day,
       Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s.)



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