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					                                                         PET INFORMATION SHEET

Client Name: «First_Name» «Last_Name»            Address: «Address_Line_1», «City», «State» «ZIP_Code»
Cell Phone #: «Cell_Phone»                       Alt Phone #: «Alt_Phone»             Emergency POC: _________________________________
Pet Pet’s Name     Age Type of Pet          Breed            Color/Markings M Spay/         City Tag#        Rabies Tag# &   Microchip ID#
#                      (Cat, Dog, etc)                                      /F Neuter                        Exp Dt

                                 Breakfast time:                            Lunch time:             Dinner time:
Pet Which Bowl     Bowl Location Breakfast Amount            Breakfast Food Lunch Amount Lunch Food Dinner Amount                Dinner Food

Pet Rx Name                       Medication is for        Rx Location      Amount    Frequency          How to Administer

Pet Favorite Game     Fears (men, women,           Bad Habits (Chews, Reaction to owner’s         Commands               Bites   Allowed on
#                     kids, dogs, noises, etc)     Digs, Escapes, etc) absence                                           ?       Furniture?

Pet Owner Name: «First_Name» «Last_Name»                                Cell Phone #: «Cell_Phone»

    Pet’s Name         M/F Age           Breed            Coloring         Spayed         Medical Conditions /
                                                                          Neutered           Medications

Pet Health Insurer: _________________________                Agent: ____________________________________

Policy #: _________________________________                  Phone #: __________________________________

If any pet named above becomes ill or is injured, I request that Michelle Abeyta take the pet(s) to either of the
following trusted facilities:

Veterinarian: ____________________________                   Emergency Vet: ___________________________
Address:       ____________________________                  Address:       ______________________________
               ____________________________                                 ______________________________
Phone #:       ____________________________                  24-hour Phone #: __________________________
Hours of Operation: ______________________                   Other:         ______________________________
If neither of the veterinary offices named above is available, I authorize Michelle Abeyta to take my pet/s to
another veterinary office for treatment.
1-888-426-4435 ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center                     1-800-213-6680 Pet Poison Helpline

Michelle Abeyta, ______________________________________, and any staff veterinarian at the above clinics
have authorization to make medical decisions and approve treatment regarding the care of any of my pets
(listed above) in my absence up to $_____________ including major procedures such as surgical correction of
gastric dilatation with volvulus, enterotomy to remove gastrointestinal foreign body, bone plating for fractures,
and others are authorized as long as long as a veterinarian at one of my trusted facilities believes there is a
reasonable chance the procedure will result in a successful outcome. I understand that approval for euthanasia
upon recommendation by veterinarian may only be given by me.

I ask to be called on my cell phone (listed above) or (   )      -         in the event of any medical problem
involving my pets. However, if I cannot be reached then the people listed above shall have decision making
power. I agree not to hold any above party liable for competently performed treatments that do not succeed.
Medical bills can be charged to my Visa/Master Card: __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __
Exp: ____/____ CVV: ______ Billing Zip Code: __________ Name on card: __________________________
This agreement is valid starting on the date below whenever Michelle Abeyta cares for my pets:

___________________________________                  ________________________________              ____________
(Pet Owner Signature)                                (Pet Sitter Signature)                        (Date)
                                     HOUSESITTING INFORMATION
Client Name: «First_Name» «Last_Name»                                Phone #: «Cell_Phone»
Client Address: «Address_Line_1»                                     Email: ______________________________
City, State, Zip: «City», «State» «ZIP_Code»                         WLAN Password: ____________________

Insurer: _________________________________________                   Policy #: ____________________________
Agent: __________________________________________                    Phone #: ____________________________

Name: _________________________________________                      Phone #: ____________________________
Name: __________________________________________                     Phone #: ____________________________

Company: _______________________________________          Phone #: ____________________________
Password: _______________________________________         Access Code: ________________________
Alarm Instructions: _________________________________________________________________________

KEYS (when given permanently to keep for duration of contract)
House Keys / Garage Opener / Other Key received & tested _______________            Returned: _______________
                                                                 (Client Init/Dt)                (Client Init/Dt)
Besides co-occupants, who else has keys to the house? (Name, physical description, phone number)
       Family/Neighbor _____________________________________________________________________
       Landlord ____________________________________________________________________________
       Housekeeper _________________________________________________________________________
       Other ______________________________________________________________________________

Fuse box __________________________________________________________________________________
Furnace ___________________________________________________________________________________
Water shut off valve _________________________________________________________________________
Gas shut off valve __________________________________________________________________________
Thermostat & setting ________________________________________________________________________
Special instructions for inclement weather _______________________________________________________
Trash morning, can locations, & instructions _____________________________________________________

I certify that I am an adult co-occupant of the Client and am aware of their pet-sitting arrangements and give my
consent for the Sitter to access the premises to provide care for pets.

___________________________________                  ________________________________             ____________
(Co-occupant Signature)                              (Co-occupant Signature)                      (Date)
I certify that I am the homeowner / lessee and authorized to grant access to the premises.

___________________________________                  ________________________________             ____________
(Client Signature)                                   (Pet Sitter Signature)                       (Date)
                                     HOME AND PET CARE TERMS AND CONDITIONS
THIS AGREEMENT made and entered into this Friday, May 18, 2012, by and between: Michelle Abeyta hereinafter called “SITTER”, located at P
O BOX 6685, New Orleans, LA 70174-6685 and «First_Name» «Last_Name» hereinafter called “CLIENT” located at: «Address_Line_1», «City»,
«State» «ZIP_Code» herein agree as follows:
1) CLIENT authorizes SITTER and SITTER agrees to perform care and services as outlined in this contract. SITTER will protect the CLIENT’S
property to the best of her ability. In consideration for these services and as an express condition thereof, the CLIENT expressly waives and
relinquishes any and all claims against said SITTER except those arising from gross negligence or willful misconduct on SITTER’S part.
2) This contract shall begin on the aforementioned agreement date and continue as stated on attachments titled “HOME AND PET CARE
3) SITTER reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time before or during its term if SITTER, in her sole discretion, determines that these
terms set forth in this contract cannot be met or a danger exists to the safety of SITTER or the public. If such concerns prohibit SITTER from caring
for pet, CLIENT authorizes pet to be placed in a kennel, with all charges therefrom to be charged to CLIENT. Reasonable attempts will be made to
notify CLIENT regarding such situation. It is a professional and moral obligation for SITTER to report any suspected neglect or abuse of animals to
the proper authorities. SITTER is not an investigative service; therefore the proper authorities will investigate all reports.
4) The fee per visit, including any assessed fees, shall be as stated on attachments titled “HOME AND PET CARE PERMISSION AND
PAYMENT”. Additional visits made or services performed shall be paid for at the usual contract rate. Holidays will be charged at double the rate.
5) CLIENT understands that this contract also serves as an invoice and takes full responsibility for PROMPT pre-payment of fees at the time
services are contracted, unless other arrangements are mutually agreed to. Any amount incurred in excess of the initial amount paid (such as, but not
limited to additional services or necessary pet food or supplies) is due at the end of the sitting term in accordance to this contract.
6) A handling fee of $25 will be added per month on all returned checks. In the event it is necessary to initiate collection proceedings on the
account, CLIENT will be responsible for all attorneys’ fees and costs of collection plus interest and a late fee of 5% of total amount due monthly.
7) In the event of personal emergency or illness of SITTER, SITTER will credit that day for future services. Reasonable attempts will be made to
notify CLIENT regarding such situation.
8) In the event CLIENT is unsure of their return date for purposes of pet sitting, CLIENT must pre-pay until the latest possible return date in order
to ensure the availability of the SITTER. In the event of cancellation of pre-arranged services, CLIENT will forfeit half of the remaining balance and
the second half will be used as service credits available for use at a future date. If future services are requested, the second half will also be forfeited.
9) SITTER is authorized to seek emergency veterinary care for serviced animals, with release from all liabilities related to transportation,
treatment, and expense. Should a specified veterinarian be unavailable, SITTER is authorized to approve medical and/or emergency treatment
(excluding euthanasia) as recommended by a veterinarian. CLIENT agrees to reimburse SITTER for all expenses incurred, plus any additional fees
for attending to this need, or any expenses incurred for any other home/pet food/pet supplies reasonably needed.
10) The CLIENT agrees to make payment directly to the service provider for the following urgent repairs: Gas leak, electrical faults, or failure of
supply of gas or electricity, burst, blocked, broken, or other failure of water/sewer service or any service essential for hot water, cooking, heating, or
laundering, serious roof leak, flooding, or serious flood/storm/fire damage, lock malfunction or failure of the CLIENT to leave a key, any fault or
damage that causes the premises to be unsafe or not secure
11) All pets are to be currently vaccinated. Proof of vaccinations is required. Should SITTER or any other victim be bitten or otherwise exposed to
any disease or ailment received from CLIENT’S animal, it will be the CLIENT’S responsibility to pay all costs and damages incurred to the victim.
SITTER will be held harmless of all costs and damages should this occur.
12) CLIENT authorizes this signed contract to be a valid approval for future services of any purpose provided by this contract permitting SITTER to
accept telephone reservations for service and enter premises without additional signed contracts or written authorization.
13) For the safety of pets and SITTER, it shall be expected, during inclement weather (such as, but not limited to rain, snow, lightning and/or
thunder storms, high winds, extreme cold or extreme heat, any natural disaster, earthquakes and/or floods) the SITTER reserves the right to
reschedule the visit to another day or credit services convenient for both parties.
14) SITTER will perform said services as stated on the contract during scheduled block times. Block time is defined as a time the visitation will be
performed as early as (said time) to as late as (said time). The visitation block times will be reviewed with CLIENT for approval. As "block times"
are used industry wide in pet sitting, it's important to understand the need for these times, as unforeseen circumstances occur, such as, but not limited
to ill pets, pet emergencies, weather and traffic situations.
15) The “HOME AND PET CARE PERMISSION AND PAYMENT” sheets provided with this contract as well as any side notes left regarding the
visits are legal documents of service and will remain the property of SITTER. Please notify SITTER if you wish to retain a copy for your records.
I have reviewed this Service Contract for accuracy. I understand and voluntarily agree with the contents of this contract and form.

____________________________________________                  ___________________________________________                    ________________________
«First_Name» «Last_Name», CLIENT Signature                    Michelle Abeyta, Pet Sitter Signature                          Date

I, «First_Name» «Last_Name» give Michelle Abeyta permission to access my home at:

«Address_Line_1», «City», «State» «ZIP_Code»

and care for my pet(s) ________________________________________________________ as set forth below:

Month(s) __________________________________ to _________________________________________ 2011
Sunday        Monday       Tuesday      Wednesday      Thursday      Friday      Saturday

[   ] Have key on first day? Sitter Initial _____              [   ] Returned key on last day? Client Initial _____

Pre-payment:                                                   Actual Charges:
$__________ Check # __________                                  ____ x Dog Walks @ $15 =               $__________

$__________ Cash Tendered / Service Credits                    +____ x Days Pet Sit @ $40 =            $__________

$__________ - Change Given Back                                +____ x __________ @ $___ =             $__________

$__________ - Total Payment Due       (Actual Charges)         +       Tip (50% to Humane Society) =   $__________
$__________ = Credit for Future Services                       =       Total Payment Due           =   $__________

___________________________________                      ________________________________              ____________
(Pet Sitter Signature)                                   (Pet Owner Signature)                          (date)

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