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					                                                               Cloud Based PBX and VOIP Agreement
                                                                        and Service Order

Company Contact Information:

Company Name:                                                                               Contact Name:

Address (Line 1):                                                                           Address (Line 2):                                                                     Suite

City:                                                                                       State:                                                                                Zip Code

Email:                                                                                      Country:

Phone Number:                                                                               Fax Number:

Billing Information (This person will be responsible for payments to the account. He or she will receive all emailed Invoices and related
                                                                                                                                                              Same as Contact Info                        N

Company Name:                                                                               Contact Name:

Address (Line 1):                                                                           Address (Line 2):                                                                     Suite

City:                                                                                       State:                                                                                Zip Code

Email:                                                                                      Country:

Phone Number:                                                                               Fax Number:

Technical Contact Information                                                                                                                                 Same as Contact Info                        N

Company Name:                                                                               Contact Name:

Address (Line 1):                                                                           Address (Line 2):                                                                     Suite

City:                                                                                       State:                                                                                Zip Code

Email:                                                                                      Country:

Phone Number:                                                                               Fax Number:

                                                                                            Plan Order Information
                                            Description                                                          Non-Reoccuring              Monthly                                   Total
                                                                                                 Quantity                                                     Non-Reoccuring
                                                                                                                     Fees                 Reoccuring Fees                         Reoccuring Fees
             Service Plans* (includes one DID):                                                                                                                   Fees
                   Single User                                                                                                 included            $19.99                                         $0.00
                   5 User                                                                                                      included            $24.99                                         $0.00
                   10 User                                                                                                     included            $31.99                                         $0.00
                   20 User                                                                                                     included            $39.99                                         $0.00
                   50 User                                                                                                     included            $89.99                                         $0.00
                   Additional DID                                                                                                $4.99              $4.99                 $0.00                   $0.00
                   Toll Free Number                                                                                             $45.00              $4.99                 $0.00                   $0.00
                   International DID (varies)                           Country -                                                $0.00              $0.00                 $0.00                   $0.00
                   Porting numbers (please fill out Porting Numbers Form)                                                       $12.00                n/a                 $0.00
                   E911                                                                                                            n/a              $5.00                                         $0.00
                   Conference Bridge                                                                                               n/a              $5.00                                         $0.00
                    Directory Assistance Listing (First DID)                                                                       n/a              $2.00                                         $0.00
                    Directory Assistance Listing (Additional DIDs)                                                                 n/a             $14.00                                         $0.00
                    IVR Voice Reporting                            Number of Words -                      None                   $0.00                  n/a               $0.00
                      Plan Sub-Total                                                                                                                                      $0.00                   $0.00

             Do you want the service Fully Managed?                                                  N                          Call for Quote

                                                                                       Usage Information
             * Under all plans, calls to/from the 48 Contiguous United States (excludes Alaska, Hawaii and United States territories such as Puerto Rico) and Canada (“Domestic
             Calls”) originating from, or terminating in the Public Switched Telephone Network (”PSTN”) or any other network (including other VOIP networks) other than
             Centuric’s network (an “Out of Network Calls”), will count as minute usage and the calling credits will be deducted from the account at the rate stated below.

             Calling credits are to be added to the account in increments of ------------->>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> at
             the costs as stated below.                                                                                                                  0
             Calling credits will be added to your account in the above stated increments once the balance of the account falls under the
                                                                                                                                                               Total First time    Total Recurring
             equivalent of 100 minutes, and will automatically be billed at such time.
                                                                                                                                                                   Charge             Charges

                                                               First time calling credits                          At per minute             $0.03250
                                                                                                     0                                                                    $0.00           t/b/d
                                                                                                                      cost of
                                              Applicable Communication taxes                                                                                              $0.00           t/b/d

                                                    Total                                                                                                                 $0.00           t/b/d

                                                                                                                 Page 1 of 8
                                                                                   Equipment Order Information
  Model #          Model Name                                     Description                                    Quantity        Price                 Total
SIP-T-28       Executive IP Phone   6 Line, HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset, 48 keys
                                                                                                                                      $149.99                  $0.00
                                    including 16 programmable keys, 320x 160 graphic LCD
SIP-T-26       Advanced IP Phone    3 line, HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset, 45 keys
                                                                                                                                      $123.99                  $0.00
                                    including 13 programable keys, 132x64 graphic LCD
SIP- T-22      Professional IP      3 line, HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset, 32 keys
                                                                                                                                       $94.99                  $0.00
               Phone                including 3 programable keys, 132x64 graphic LCD
SIP- T-20      Entry Level IP Phone 2 line, HD Voice: HD Codec, HD speaker, HD handset, 2x15
                                                                                                                                       $81.99                  $0.00
                                    character LCD
SIP -T 18      Basic Phone          1 line, HD Voice: HD Codec, HD handset, 2 programmable keys 1 x
                                                                                                                                       $66.99                  $0.00
                                    dual color LED
EXP39          Advance IP Phone     Rich Visual 160 x 320 graphic LCD, 20 physycal keys with dual
               Expansion Module     color LED, supports speed dial, BLF/BLA, speed dialing call pickup                                $130.99                  $0.00
                                    etc. Allows 6 module daisy-chain for up to 120 keys
EXP38          IP Phone Expansion   38 programmable keys with dual color LEDs, Supports speed dial,
               Module               BLF/BLA, intercom, direct pickup, group pickup, conference, hold,
                                    transfer, group listening, call return, voicemail. Allows 6 module                                 $86.99                  $0.00
                                    daisy-chain for up to 228 programmable keys.

EHS36          Wireless Headset     Supports Jabra and Plantronics Wireless Headsets, controls models
                                                                                                                                       $39.99                  $0.00
               Adapter              T-28 and T-26
YHS32          Headset              Supports MIC noise cancelling, 1x RJ9 headset jack, QD Adapter,
                                                                                                                                       $34.99                  $0.00
                                    330° adjustable microphone boom
P8DH           USB Handset          Large graphic LCD, headset jack supported, reviewable contact and
                                                                                                                                       $25.99                  $0.00
                                    calls list
P4K            USB Desk Phone       Large LCD with blue backlit, commercial speakerphone
                                                                                                                                       $34.99                  $0.00

Snom M9        Base plus two (2)    4 Simultaneous Calls per base, 20 hours talk/100 hours standby
               Wireless Handsets    operating times, 128 x 128 color display, speaker phone, up to 9                                  $219.99                  $0.00
                                    handsets per base station
Meeting        Conference Speaker   OmniSound -Full Duplex, up to 4 external participants, up to 30 M2
                                                                                                                                      $888.99                  $0.00
Point          Phone
Cisco         Phone Adapter with    2 standard ports for analog telephones or fax machines
SMB/SPA       Router                                                                                                                   $74.99                  $0.00
   Equipment Sub-Total                                                                                                       0                                 $0.00
   Florida Sales Tax (6%)                                                                                      Fl Address?        Y                            $0.00
Shipping                                                          Being Shipped?                 Y                Rush?           N                            $0.00
            Equipment Sub-Total                                                                                                                                $0.00

                                                                                          Total Order
                                                                                                                                                Total First Time         Total Monthly Recurring
                                                                                                                                                    Charge               Charge (excludes Usage)

                                                                                                                                                       $0.00                      $0.00

Customer hereby agrees to the terms of the above Service Order and the attached Terms & Conditions. This Service Order is valid for 30 calendar days from issuance unless otherwise noted.

Customer:                                                                             Centuric

Authorized Signature                          Date                          0-Jan-00 Authorized Signature                                       Date

Printed Name Title                                                                    Printed Name Title

Internal Use
          Account Manager

            New Customer                    Upgrade          Add-On                   Account#:

Credit Card Authorization
I authorize the use of my credit card for the charges associated with this agreement with Centuric, LLC.

Company Name (if Corporate
                                                                                      Cardholder's Name:

Mailing Address (Line 1):                                                             Mailing Address (Line 2):                                                        Suite

City:                                                                                 State:                                                                           Zip Code

Email:                                                                                Country:

Billing Phone Number:

Credit Card Type (Indicate One):
             American Express
Credit Card Number

Expiration                                                                            Security Code

Authorized Signature                                       Date                                  0-Jan-00

                                                                                                            Page 2 of 8
The following Letter of Agency is needed to port current numbers. Please complete the filed exactly as they appear on the current service provider's invoice. Also, please send a copy of your
latest invoice either via fax to (954) 691-1689, or as an attachement to Sales@centuric.com.

                                                                                   NUMBER PORTING LETTER OF AGENCY

Date                                     1/0/00

Account or Company Name
                                                                                            Contact Name:

Address (Line 1):                                                                           Address (Line 2):                                                               Suite

Please use the Service Address not the billing address (unless they are the same)

City:                                                                                       State:                                                                          Zip Code


                                                                                            Current Account                                              Service Provider
Current service privider's Name
                                                                                            Number                                                       PIN

Main Billing Telephone Number                                                               Desired Porting
(BTN)                                                                                       Date
                                                                                             Please note that the porting date cannot be guaranteed
What type of Service do you currently have? (Single line, PBX Ssystem, Feature
Line, DDI, ISDN line, etc.

Inventory of numbers to be ported
                                       Will this                                                                If Different from Main Number
                                                     Is this
                Telephone Number        have
                                                   associated          Account Name                         Address                         City               State                Zip
                                                   with a Fax
Main                     0                 Y               Y
            1                             N                N
            2                             N                N
            3                             N                N

This Letter of Agency ("LOA") hereby authorizes release of all customer network information ("CPNI"), as defined in 47 U.S.C §272, to Centuric. Such CPNI shall include but not limited to customer
name and number, biling records, service records and network and equipment records for the purpose of providing telecommunications or information services.

This Letter of Agency supersedes any previous Letters of Agency or Authorization Letters that may exist regarding telecommunications service. This authorization will remain in effect for 30
days from the date of this letter and does not preclude us from acting on our own behalf when we deem if necessary.
The undersigned appoints BANDTEL to act as our agent regarding telecommunications services and equipment in connection with BANDTEL's provision of service to the undersigned.
BANDTEL is granted authority to discuss, order and issue changes on specific service that you provide to the undersigned including, without limitation, removing, adding to or rearranging such
service to effect the installation of their product services.
You are hereby released from any and all liability for making pertinent information available to BANDTEL and for following BANDTEL's instructions with respect to any changes to or
maintenance on the undersigned telecommunications service. You may deal directly with BANDTEL on all matters pertaining to telecommunications service and should follow instructions with
respect thereto.

Authorized Signature                                            Date                                 0-Jan-00

Printed Name                                       Title

                                                                                                                Page 3 of 8
This VOIP addendum to Centuric’s Terms of Service (“VOIP Agreement”) is entered by and between
you (you, your or the “Customer”) and Centuric, LLC and any of its affiliates, parents and subsidiaries
(individually and collectively, "we," "us," “our” or "Centuric") and the www.centuric.com website and
other affiliated or related websites VOIP Agreement governs yourby Centuric (together the Internet
1. Terms and Conditions. This operated, managed or owned use of both, Voice Over “Sites”).
Protocol (“VOIP”) services and any related device and equipment (together “Services”), and any
assigned local and/or toll-free number account ("Number") used in connection with the of the Centuric’s
This VOIP Agreement, and all terms here of, shall be incorporated into deemed a part Services.
Terms of Service as provided in Centuric’s Terms of Service. Any of the following actions constitute
your agreement without limitation or qualification, to be bound by, and to comply with, the terms of this
Agreement: (i) your initialization or registration of the Services, either via the telephone or through the
Centuric’s Site or, (ii) your use of our Site. Agreement starts on the date on which Services are
2. Terms of Service: the term of this VOIP
provided to you and, will continue on a month to month basis until terminated by either party unless,
otherwise provided during your registration and/or check out process. Centuric reserves the right to
verify a registration Changes. Changes to the Services fraud and to cancel the service where we
2.1. Service Plan for the Services in order to prevent or service plans may be done at the request of
an authorized person established during the initialization or registration of the Services (“Authorized
Person”). Changes can be requested via e-mail at billing@centuric.com and, will take effect at the
beginning of your next billing cycle. You may not resell or transfer your Service or provide a telephone
2.2. Voluntary Termination: Either Services terminate without our written authorization
service to anyone else by using yourparty may or featuresthis VOIP Agreement at any time for any or no
reason. The termination request must come from an Authorized Person. Changes to this list must be
submitted by email to billing@Centuric.com. The above notwithstanding, Centuric shall not refund or
prorate Fees to you for any reason. In the event you cancel or terminate this VOIP Agreement prior to
end of a Billing Period, you will remain to use for any and all Fees, as upon termination of this
2.3. Termination Rights. Your right liable the Services will cease provided in this VOIP Agreement,
Agreement. We may require reactivation charges to renew Services after termination, please refer to
section 5.1 for are responsible for all charges arising from the use of the Services at the cost specifically
3. Fees. You more information on reactivation charges.
defined during your registration and/or check out process, including but not limited to the followings;
long distance, directory assistance charges, unregistered devices 911 charges, regulatory and
government fees, taxes and surcharges, including regulatory recovery fees, imposed on you or us as a
resultService use of the Services provided by Centuric. as posted on our Site, that may apply to your
3.1. of your Plans. The following are associated fees,
plan; (i) a flat monthly service fee, (ii) a service activation fee (if any), (iii) a flat monthly fee for local,
toll-free or Global Direct Inbound Number (DID) (if any), and (iv) a one-time fee for porting a number
from another carrier (if applicable). Under all plans, calls to/from the 48 Contiguous United States
(excludes Alaska, Hawaii and United States territories such as Puerto Rico) and Canada (“Domestic
Calls”), originating from or terminating in the Public Switched Telephone Network (”PSTN”) or any other
network (including other VOIP networks) other than Centuric’s network (an “Out on Network and upon
Metered Minute Plans will be loaded with calling credits in increments as stated of the Site Calls”), will
usage. Minutes will be deducted from the calling credits at the cost per minutes for your plan as stated
on our Site. All unused minutes under your account balance will roll over to the following month at the
end of the billing period. Minutes are charge in increments of six (6) second and rounded up to the
nearest cent,Assistance and stated Managed Systems. Under each plan,based charges, will beone
3.2. Set-up or as otherwise Fully by your Service plan. All other usage Centuric will allocate
hour of remote assistance to help new customers with their PBX. Additional assistance is available at
Centuric also offers a fully our Site.
the per hour rate stated onmanage the PBX at rates as stated on the Site.
3.3. Usage Charges.
3.3.1.         International. Outgoing International Calls (not Domestic Calls), including calls forwarded
to such international areas will be charged base on the current international rates published on our Site.
International calls are billed in increments of six (6) seconds and the cost is then rounded up to the
nearest cent.
You may be charged for a dialed International call even if the call is not answered. As stated on the
current International rates published on our Site, certain International mobile numbers carry higher toll
charges than those that apply to calls made to fixed land lines. Centuric reserves the right to prevent
calls to certain international destinations.
3.3.2.        Conference Bridge. A Conference Bridge may be added to your account at a flat monthly
fee as stated on our Site. Conference bridge calls will be billed per minute only for Out of Network
              at a per minute rates Recording.
participants IVR Voice Responsefor each plan.Centuric offers a Voice Recording service that enables
you to use professional voice talent to record greetings and prompts that meshes with the exiting voice
prompts in our service. Fees apply as stated on our Site and will be paid by credit card upon your
approval of the recording. feature. The Voice to Text feature may be added to your account as per
3.3.4.        Voice to Text
costs stated on our Site. You acknowledge, understand and agree that the Voice to Text feature is not
a transcription service and there is no guarantee of quality or accuracy, and that all voicemails are
transcribed in English. You also acknowledge that some messages cannot be accurately or completely
transcribed due to poor diction, noisy environment, poor phone connection or drop-outs, or unsupported
language. In no event shall Centuric be liableyou mistakes due to erroneous transcription. may be
You acknowledge that, by using this feature, for may be exposed and receive content that
offensive, indecent, or objectionable. You understand that Centuric has no control over the content of
any transmissions sent through this feature and you agree to hold harmless Centuric for any harm
suffered due to the content of messages relayed to at special introductory pricing which may change at
Centuric may introduce new products and Services you through this feature.
              411 Centuric.
the discretion of Information Calls. Call to 411 Information will have a flat cost of $3.00 per call.
3.3.6.        Directory Assistance Listing. Directory Assistance Listing is available as long as the
telephone number and the listing address reside within the same rate center. The process of adding
the Directory Assistance Listing to a telephone number takes approximately 13 business days with a
monthly cost of $2.00, for the first Direct Inbound Number (DID) and $14.00 per month for each
additional DID or additional names for the same phone number/address. Listing information is sent out
and will be available to port a current number that has Directory Assistance Listing without any
You have the option all Directory databases, websites, etc., within two (2) business weeks.
interruption of service as long as the number and the listing address reside within the same rate center.
If the telephone number is located in a rate center different than the listing address, an order to move
that number will have to be placed. A one time fee of $14.00 will apply and the process may take up to
9 businessand Government Fees. State and local governments may assess taxes, surcharges, or
4. Taxes days.
fees, or all of these, on your use of our Service. These charges may be a flat fee or a percentage of
Centuric charges and may change without notice. These charges are based on the rates applicable to
the address you provided to us. You are responsible for all applicable taxes, fees, or charges for your
subscription, use, or payment for our Service or your device. These amounts are in addition to the
payment for your Service or devices. We will bill these charges to your payment method according to
the Billingin thisPayment. Any applicable activation fees and flatany of these taxes, you in advance of
5. terms and Agreement. If you are exempt from payment of monthly fees are billed must provide
the month of usage on the first day of the month and payable on the first day of the month along with
the loaded calling credit. The billing cycle, unless otherwise stated, is a full calendar month, starting on
Calling credits will be added to your account in increments to day of the calendar by you,
the 1st day of the calendar month and continuing until the lastyour plan as dictatedmonth. once the
balance of the account falls under the equivalent of 100 minutes, and will automatically be billed at such
time. otherwise agreed to in writing, all charges will be automatically charged and paid by previous
authorized credit or debit card on file with us. No additional notice or consent will be required for billings
to that credit or debit card account. Centuric reserves the right to discontinue any credit to your account
at any time without notice and/or require a deposit to maintain the service, which will be held as a partial
guarantee of payment and cannot be used by you to pay your bill or delay payment. Unless otherwise
required by law, deposits may be mixed with other funds and will not earn interest. If you default or this
Agreement is terminated, Centuric may, without notice to you, apply any deposit towards payment of
charges due. Any be adjusted and pro-rated for billing cycles which covers less than a full agree that
Fees charged will deposits returned to you will be refunded to the credit card on file. You month.
Centuric reserves the right to change its pricing and/or billing practices in its sole discretion. In the
event you dispute any charges billed to you, you must notify us in writing within ten (10) business days
of the date of the disputed statement or you will waive any objection and any further remedy with
respect thereto. Disputes must be sent to billing@centuric.com .
Centuric may offer a trial period (some restrictions may apply) on certain plans which are available only
to first time customers, one account per customer. Customers must have a valid Credit/Debit Card on
file to participate of this trial plan offerings. Charges will be made against the Credit/Debit Card unless
the Customer does not cancel the account prior to the end of the Free Trial period, typically, 30 days.
Free trial periods will convert If payment on your account fails foras per Plan provided be liable for a day
5.1. Delinquent Accounts. to standard plans and will be billed any reason, you will during the 30 late
fee of $25 and for interest as a rate of 18% per annum, which in either case will not exceed the amount
permitted by law. If we accept any late payment or partial payment, whether or not marked as payment
in full, it will not affect the due date of any payment due and will not act as an extension of time or a
waiver ofreserves the that remains unpaid. In addition, it will notwithoutany ofnotice, in which case all
Centuric any amount right to suspend or terminate the Service affect prior Centuric’s rights including
accrued charges and balances are due immediately. We will not reactivate a suspended account until
we receive payment in full inyou will not eligible for a pro-rated refund for the time that your account was
If an account is suspended, addition to a $10.00 account reactivation fee.
suspended. If we terminate your Service, your account will be terminated and all files, settings,
configuration, and other data stored by Centuric will be deleted and your phone number(s) may be
You acknowledge Centuric’s right and authorize Centuric to refer your account, if past due, to attorneys
and/or collection agencies for further action. If any collection action is taken, you agree to reimburse
Centuric reasonable attorneys' fees, court costs, and any other costs and fees, including collection
agency fees, undertaken to collect past due bills and/or Service without an intent to pay for the Service
5.2. Chargebacks. Anyone who intentionally uses the Cancellation Fees.
and later dispute the charges with their financial institution and/or refuses to pay the associated charges
is committing fraud and is subject to criminal and civil litigation under interstate commerce laws. Anyone
who does not intend to pay for the Service is encouraged not to sign up. Centuric reserves the right to
suspend Service for any account upon receipt of a chargeback. In such cases, all amounts will be due,
payable and Ownership. You arelate fees policies. of Local, Global or Toll Free Number (collectively
6. Number subject to Centuric’s the owner of any Any accounts reactivated after receiving payment
“Numbers”) assigned to you by us or transferred by you to us. Prior to termination of your Account for
any reason, you may request to transfer your Numbers to another carrier at no extra charge. If you fail
to transfer your Numbers to another carrier prior to terminating your Account, then following the
termination ofyou toAccount, your Numbers becomes property ofbe deemedIt is your responsibility to
A request by your port your Numbers to another provider may Centuric. a request by you to
terminate your agreement with Centuric. If you decide to port your Numbers to another service provider,
you remain liable to Centuric for any outstanding balances due on your account. Your account must
7. NOT A TELECOMMUNICATION SERVICE. Centuric’s Services are not telecommunications
remain active until the port is complete.
services, and Centuric provides them on a best efforts basis. There are important distinctions between
a telecommunications service and our Service. Our Service is subject to different regulatory treatment
than a telecommunications service. This treatment may limit or otherwise affect your rights of redress
before regulatory agencies. Our Service requires a high speed broadband connection which we do not
provide. Events beyond our control may affect our Service, such as power outages, fluctuations in the
Internet, your underlying ISP or 911 Service is different from traditional wire line 911 andfaith to
8. E- 911 DIALING. Centuric’s broadband service, or maintenance. We will act in good
cellular/wireless 911, but it is a safe and reliable means of emergency dialing that may differ depending
on where you are located, and the device used, when using your Centuric Service. With E 911 service,
when you dial 911 your phone number registered address is sent to the local emergency center serving
your location, and emergency operators have access to this information in order to send help and call
you back if necessary. We require you to provide the physical address where you will be using our
Service for 911 purposes. This address is used to route 911 calls to your local emergency center. When
you initially provide your physical address, it can take up to 120 minutes to verify your address and
activate 911 services at this address. You will receive an email letting you know when 911 services are
activated. If you move this device to another location, even temporarily, you must update your address.
You acknowledge and understand that you cannot dial 911 from a phone using our Service unless and
until you have received the email confirming the 911 Service activation. You further acknowledge and
understand that emergency service personnel will consider any 911 call made through the Service to
have been made from the physical location registered and associated with the account, regardless of
where the caller may want or require emergency assistance. You also acknowledge that 911 Dialing,
like the Services as a whole does not function in the event of a power failure or broadband outage. If
9. Incompatibility with Other Services. You acknowledge that our Service may not be compatible
with non-voice communications equipment, including but not limited to security systems, TTY, medical
monitoring equipment, PBX, other private telephone networks, or computer modems. You waive any
claim against Centuric for interference with or disruption of these services and equipment, as well as
any claim that Centuric is responsible for any disruption to your business, if applicable. There may also
be other services with which our service may be incompatible. Some providers of broadband service
may provide modems that prevent the transmission of communications using our Service. We do not
warrant that our Services will be compatible with all broadband services and expressly disclaim any
10. Other.
10.1. Not O+ Operator Assisted Calling. Our Service does not support 0+ or operator assisted calling,
including, without limitation, collect calls, third party billing calls, 900, or calling card calls. Our Service
may not support 311, 511, and other x11 services in we encourage you toareas. Service to call foreign
10.2. Service outside the United States. Although one or more service use our
countries from the United States and to use our Service as you travel, the Services are only offered and
supported in the United States. If you remove any Equipment to a country other than the United States
and attempt to use the Service from there, you do so at your own risk, including the risk that such
activity violates local laws in the country where you do so. Our Services are designed to work generally
with unencumbered high-speed Internet connections. However, if the high-speed Internet connection
you are using is not within a Centuric service area or your Internet Service Provider places restrictions
on using VOIP services, we do not claim that they will allow you to use our Service. You will be solely
10.3. Loss for any of Service. You laws and regulations or immediately, by calling or e-mailing
responsible or Theftviolations of local agree to notify Centuric violations of your Internet Service
Centuric, if any Equipment is lost or stolen, or if you suspect or become aware at any time that your
Service is being tampered with, stolen, or being fraudulently used. You will be liable for all use of the
Service using Equipment or any access code, password or the like lost by or stolen from you and any
and all stolen Service or fraudulent use or alter or have someone else copy or alterthe loss or theft.
10.4. Copy or Alterations. If you copy of the Service until Centuric is informed of the firmware or
software of any device in any way that facilitates a compromise of your Service, you are responsible for
any charges that result. You may not attempt to hack or otherwise alter or disrupt our Service or make
any use of our Service that is inconsistent with its intended purpose. You have not been granted any
license to use the firmware or software we use to provide our Service or that we provide to you in
providing our Service, or that is embedded in your device, other than a nontransferable, revocable
license to use the firmware or software in object code form (without making any modification to it)
strictly according the terms and conditions of this VOIP Agreement. You also agree that you will use
10.5. Unauthorized Use of Service. You may not use or obtain passwords, codes, or other information
your device exclusively for our Service. We will not provide any our Service in any manner that avoids
Centuric’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy as well as our other policies and procedures, including an
illegal or improper manner. You will notify us immediately at helpdesk@centuic.com if your device is
stolen or if you believe that your Service is being stolen, fraudulently used, or otherwise being used in
an unauthorized manner. When you notify us of one of these events, you must provide your account
number and a detailed description of the circumstances of the theft, fraudulent use, or unauthorized use
of service. If you fail to notify us in a timely manner, we may disconnect your Service and levy additional
charges on you. Until you notify us, you will be liable forprovidedof our Service using a device provided in
10.6. As-Is Services. You agree that our Services are all use "As-Is," except to the extent stolen
the Centuric’s Terms of Service.
10.7. CLEA. You acknowledge that Centuric intends to fully comply with the Communications
Assistance for Law Enforcement Act of 1984, and all rules and regulations promulgated thereunder, as
the same may be amended from time to time (”CALEA”). You agree and consent to Centuric’s right to
monitor, tap, trace and otherwise disclose the nature and content of your communications if and as
required by law enforcement authorities use of our Service for and to provide such other assistance to
10.8. Monitoring. We may monitor the without notice to you violations of this agreement and may
remove or block all communications if we suspect a violation of this agreement, or if we think it
necessary in order to protect ourWe make no warranties, express or implied, except to the extent
11. No Warranties on Service. Centuric.
provided in the Centuric’s Terms of Service.
12. Indemnification. You shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless Centuric, its officers, directors,
employees, affiliates and agents, and any other service provider who furnishes services to you for our
Service, from any and all claims, losses, damages, fines, penalties, costs, and expenses (including,
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