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1.1   The University has a policy of support for staff pursuing courses/programmes of
      study because it believes that meeting such training and development needs
      will lead to increased effectiveness and performance within the organisation.
      Provided such courses meet the needs of the Department, staff may apply for
      assistance with either fees and/or time off for study/examinations, subject to the
      Budget Holder’s application of criteria set out at 1.3 below.

1.2   Who the policy applies to:

      1.2.1 Both academic and support staff, once they have successfully
            completed their probationary period (although this requirement may be
            waived in certain circumstances) and whose primary relationship with
            the University is as an employee, rather than as a student. In any
            disputed interpretation on this matter, the decision of the Vice-
            Chancellor/ or Pro Vice-Chancellor will be final.

      1.2.2 Staff on without-term contracts, and those on fixed-term contracts
            providing the contract runs for at least six months after the end of the
            course.     It does not apply to hourly paid staff or those on
            casual/temporary contracts. The policy does not apply to Graduate
            Assistants (and other such persons who are not employees of

      1.2.3 Full-time and part-time staff in all categories will be equally eligible.
            See also 3.1.5 with regard to leave for part-time staff.

1.3   The Budget Holder will use any or all of these Criteria to determine whether
      leave or financial assistance for a course of study will be granted:

            Relevance of the study to the Department/employee's job

            Relevance of the qualification(s) (if any) sought

            Present qualifications and experience (Note: staff will not generally be
             given assistance for a course of study towards a qualification at the
             same level as one they already hold, eg a second degree, unless it is of
             particular relevance to their job).

            Study leave or funding previously granted to the individual

            Successful completion of probationary period

            Success in completing any previous courses of study

            Whether assistance is being sought for both time off and fees, or just
             one or the other

            Ability of the Department to arrange cover or flexible working
             arrangements for any periods of study leave

            Budget available to meet any assistance with fees.

           Eligibility for full fee waiver:
            Full-time and part-time staff in all categories will be equally eligible to
            study for any taught course at Roehampton at nil fee.
            In relation to study towards degrees by research at Roehampton, this
            applies to academic staff, [i.e. Lecturers] but excludes Tutors unless the
            line manager supports a case that their roles require them to develop
            income through research, publish, undertake scholarly activity and
            research supervision as articulated in the University’s strategic

            N.B. staff on fixed-term contracts will normally only be eligible for a fee
            waiver where the length of the appointment is sufficient for completion to
            be achieved.

1.4   Procedure for making an application

      A member of staff wishing to apply for either financial assistance or study leave
      should make a written letter of application and submit it together with the
      application form (Appendix 2) to their line manager in the first instance. The line
      manager will then pass the application, with their comments, on to the Budget
      Holder who will decide whether the application can be approved (in full or in

      A member of staff wishing to appeal against the decision of the Budget Holder
      should outline their reasons for appeal in writing to the relevant Pro Vice-
      Chancellor who will make the final decision in such circumstances, following full
      consultation with the Budget Holder. See 2.3.1 on applying for a course at

1.5   If a member of staff is not seeking financial assistance with their study or any
      time off, or the Budget Holder decides that they cannot meet such a request,
      the member of staff may still benefit from the availability of registration for a

      Roehampton course at the reduced fee as set out in 2.3. Completion of the
      form at appendix 2 is still required.

i)  Members of staff are encouraged to apply as early as possible, ideally before
    the start of the financial year, for any assistance (as training/development
    budgets are limited).

ii)   In all applications for study, be it a registration at Roehampton without
      additional financial assistance or for a course other than at Roehampton where
      financial assistance is being given, the member of staff must ensure that the
      line manager signs the necessary certification in order that the benefit being
      received by the individual member of staff is not treated by the HMRC as
      taxable. This certification confirms that the acquisition of knowledge or skills is
      necessary for the person’s duties or directly related to increasing their
      effectiveness in current or prospective duties.


2.1   All decisions on assistance with funding are subject to the criteria
      specified in paragraph 1.3 above, and therefore at the discretion of the
      Budget Holder.

2.2   Courses and programmes of study at Universities/Colleges other than
      Roehampton University

      2.2.1 Up to 50% of inclusive course fees may be paid by the Budget Holder,
            with the balance being met by the member of staff.

      2.2.2 The following list gives an indication of the types of courses of study or
            accreditation for which funding may be granted:

             i)     Qualifications indicating a general level of educational attainment
                    up to degree level, eg: GCSE's, A levels, HND's, degree courses.

             ii)    Higher degrees, eg: Masters, Doctorates.

             iii)   Professional qualifications, eg: Certificates, Diplomas or other
                    programmes leading to membership of professional bodies*
                    (Management          Studies,     Personnel         Management,
                    Accountancy/Finance, Marketing etc).

                    * Professional membership fees are not covered by this policy
                    and should normally be paid by the individual member of staff.

      2.2.3 Programmes at HE level at institutions other than Roehampton will not
            normally be supported unless the member of staff can demonstrate that
            a Roehampton course is not available or the equivalent Roehampton
            course is not suitable in content and/or mode of study.

   2.3     Courses of study at Roehampton

         2.3.1 Masters programmes.

              As long as the member of staff meets the criteria for length and type of
              contract, Masters programmes at Roehampton will be available to staff
              members – both full-time and part-time - (for so long as they remain staff
              members) at nil fee. The examination fee will also be at nil cost but
              excluding study for a degree by research, for which 100% of the
              examination fee will be charged.

              The continuation of a fee waiver during the above time periods will also
              be subject to satisfactory progress. The line manager will make a
              recommendation to the Director of Human Resources if they wish the
              University to cease [or suspend] the fee waiver/registration because of
              unsatisfactory progress. Subsequent re-instatement of a fee waiver
              arrangement can be requested by the member of staff by the individual
              producing a case supported by the Deputy Provost, which will need to be
              approved by their line manager and the Director of Human Resources.

              1. There is no charge to the Budget Holder for the uncollected fees and
                 the teaching Department will receive nil fee income from any such
              2. The Deputy Provost may refuse staff a place if it would significantly
                 increase resources needing to be spent on the programme or lead to
                 an acceptable balance in the student cohort
              3. In circumstances where the fee for an individual student is shared
                 by another institution/organisation, it would be at the discretion of
                 the Deputy Provost to decide whether to grant full or partial fee

2.3.2         Research degrees [MPhil/PhD] and Postgraduate Certificate in Learning
              and Teaching in Higher Education.

              Lecturers taking Research degrees or academic staff taking the
              Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE at Roehampton
              will benefit from an automatic 100% fee waiver.

              Staff on the Postgraduate Certificate in Learning and Teaching in HE will
              be released from 0.25 of their teaching for a period of one year, thereby
              freeing up 11/2 days per week for the duration of the programme.

              Length of full fee waiver:
              There is a standard time limit on the period of registration, 5 years for a
              part-time registration and 4 years for a full time registration, during which
              Roehampton will maintain a full fee waiver.

              The continuation of a fee waiver during the above time periods will also
              be subject to satisfactory progress. An initial requirement will be that at
              the end of the first year, the individual has produced a viable research
              proposal that has been passed by the Research Degrees Committee.

            Thereafter, satisfactory progress will be assessed through the
            Supervisor’s progress reports, which will be passed to the individual’s
            line manager. The line manager will make a recommendation to the
            Deputy Provost if they wish the University to cease [or suspend] the fee
            waiver/registration because of unsatisfactory progress. Subsequent re-
            instalment of a fee waiver arrangement can be requested by the member
            of staff, whose case will need to be supported by the supervisor, which
            will need to be approved by their line manager and the Deputy Provost.

            Study at University of Surrey
            The existing rule applied by UniS to Roehampton staff is to reduce the
            fee by 50% as long as the remaining 50% fee is paid by Roehampton.
            Roehampton has agreed to reciprocate on the same basis for UniS staff
            registered for doctoral study at Roehampton allow their without term
            academic staff.

      2.3.3 While arrangements can be considered to enable members of staff to
            become Associate, Audit and Affiliate students, it is normally expected
            that a member of staff would make an informal arrangement directly with
            the lecturer concerned if they wished to observe part of a programme.

      2.3.4 For information regarding other programmes of study at Roehampton,
            please contact the Human Resources Department.

2.4   General conditions

      2.4.1 Any former member of staff continuing to study at the University after
            their employment ceases will become responsible for payment in full of
            all prospective fees for the remainder of their course.

      2.4.2 A member of staff who withdraws from a course may be required to
            repay the University any fees paid either in full or in part (account will be
            taken of the reasons for withdrawal).

      2.4.3 A commitment will normally be made to fund a complete course of study.
             However, a manager may take an employee's progress into account
            when deciding whether to grant funding for a second or further year, or
            for a subsequent course of study. Funding will not normally be given for
            a course of study to be retaken. Where there is a long or extendable
            timescale for completion of a course (for example degrees by research),
            the agreement may be for an initial lesser period and continued funding
            will be subject to the Budget Holder's agreement that the employee's
            progress is satisfactory and that the timescale for completion is

      2.4.4 In order to qualify for fee waiver, a member of staff must provide at the
            registration session the completed application form found at Appendix 2.

      2.4.5 There is no provision for assistance towards the cost of books/course
            materials or travel expenses within the scheme.

      2.4.6 A fee waiver does not entitle staff to time off for study. It will remain at
            the discretion of the person’s line manager to decide if any adjustments
            to working patterns or flexible working that is being sought can be

      2.4.7 There is no guarantee of a place on any course at Roehampton as part
            of this scheme.


3.1   Time off for study

      The following general points should be noted:

      3.1.1 Day/half-day release

             Regular paid time off for courses of study such as day or half-day
             release will not normally be granted. If there is no alternative evening or
             'flexible learning' course and the course is directly relevant to the
             employee's job, an application for day/half day release may be made.
             The Budget Holder will: i) have discretion as to whether or not to
             approve paid leave; or ii) have discretion as to whether it might be
             feasible to allow a different working pattern in the short-term to
             accommodate the course.

      3.1.2 Residential courses/block study

             In the case of approved courses which incorporate periods of block
             study, or residential courses, paid leave will be granted for periods of a
             week or less (no more than once per year). If further time off is needed,
             this may be taken as annual leave or unpaid leave. An employee must
             seek the approval of their line manager in advance, notifying them of the
             duration and approximate dates of all such leave before embarking on
             the course (this applies to annual leave taken for this purpose, as well as
             study leave or unpaid leave).

      3.1.3 Associate, Audit & Affiliate study and informal arrangements for
            observation of classes

             It will be at the discretion of the line manager to allow members of staff
             to attend on this basis for courses running in their normal work time.
             Unless flexible working arrangements can be agreed, such courses will
             need to be directly relevant to the work of the member of staff.

      3.1.4 Academic staff

             The University recognises the importance of longer periods of sabbatical
             leave in enabling academic staff to maintain and further their teaching
             and research skills. Applications for such leave during term time will be
             subject to the agreement of the Head of Department.

              Applications for leave to complete a PhD should normally be for the last
              year of preparation of a thesis.

              A member of the academic staff who is granted sabbatical leave will be
              expected to produce a report for the Department on completion of the
              period of study

       3.1.5 Part-time staff

              Any paid leave granted to a member of staff whose contract is less than
              full-time will normally be pro rata to the hours worked. If this is not
              feasible, for example due to the pattern of work and timing of the leave,
              other options such as a temporary change to working hours could be

3.2    Revision and examination leave

       For approved courses, paid leave will be granted as follows:

       1 day's leave on the day of an examination of 3 hours duration or longer.

       1 day's revision leave for each examination of 3 hours duration or longer.

       In the case of shorter examinations, a pro-rata allocation of leave will be given.

3.3    Other leave

       Paid leave will not normally be granted for other purposes such as writing
       dissertations. However, if leave has not been allocated under 3.1 or 3.2,
       Budget Holders may use their discretion to grant a period of leave for such
       purposes (normally not exceeding 2 weeks).

       Leave as set out in 3.2 and 3.3 should automatically be granted where the
       Budget Holder has agreed financial assistance for the course of study. Where
       this has not been agreed, such time off arrangements are at the discretion of
       the line manager.

Human Resources – May 2003 (amended May and August 2010)

                                            ROEHAMPTON UNIVERSITY

STAFF DEVELOPMENT - PAYMENT OF FEES AND TIME OFF FOR STUDY,                                           APPENDIX 1


                                           You wish to take a course of study
                                              Is it relevant to your work?
                                             Do you satisfy the length and
                                            type of contract requirements?

                                      Yes                                                     No

                             Is the course at RU?                                    Seek advice of Budget
                                                                                     Holder OR wait and
                                                                                     apply later
         Yes                                             No

The fees may be subject to                      Full fees will be payable
a fee waiver. Contact HR
for advice.

                             Are you seeking support
                             through financial assistance
                             and/or time off for exams/

         Yes                                                                No

Apply in writing to line
manager and Budget

Financial assistance agreed?

         Yes                          No                                    Undertake registration if you
                                                                            wish to proceed without
                                                                            financial assistance
Course at RU?

                                                                            Ask line manager to complete
         Yes                          No                                    certification for IR to avoid
                                                                            taxable benefit (if getting 25%
Present copy of completed             Ensure completion of                  remission for an RU course).
FEESUPP form to HR &                  FEESUPP form which
Finance Departments                   includes certification for
(Appendix 2)                          IR to avoid taxable benefit           You may still ask your line
                                                                            manager to consider time
                                      Undertake registration, with          off for exams/revision
                                      confirmation as required by
                                      provider of any fee to be met
                                      by Budget Holder


(Note: applications will be expected to be made for one academic year at a time, but should include information
on length and costs of longer courses. Please have your application in by July.)

Full name:


Details of course of study:
(include provider, mode, programme title, qualification sought, etc.)

Roehampton University course?              Student ID No

Head of Department Agreement ______________________________Date________________________
(Department in which you are studying)

University of Surrey course?

Dates of course of study:

Cost of registration on the course:
(NB 100% fee waiver for an RU course, excluding PhD examination fee which is charged at 100%)

   1. Fees sought from RU – detail costs in current year plus future years, if relevant.
      (Note: RU will not normally pay more than 50% of fees)

2.       Time off for block study, examinations, revision, dissertation, etc.
         (give dates and number of days)

Please set out here your full reasons for wishing to take the course of study and explain how you believe the
course is relevant to your work at RU:
(if this is an application for funding in a second or subsequent year, please attach instead a copy of the previous
statement made and give a brief note here of the progress or success on the course so far)

DECLARATION (by member of staff)

I confirm that the information given is accurate to the best of my knowledge.

I agree that, if RU funds some or all of the fees due for the course of study, and I leave my employment at RU
within one year of the completion of this period or programme of study, then RU has a right to recover from me
half of the amount it has paid in the final year of support for the course.

Signed:                                                                  Date:



I certify that the education/training involved in the programme, for which fee reimbursement/payment and/or fee
reduction (if at RU) is authorised, is designed to impart, instil, improve or reinforce any knowledge, skills or
personal qualities which:

~         are, or are likely to prove, useful to the employee when performing his/her duties; or
~         will qualify or better qualify the employee to undertake the employment, or to participate in charitable
          or voluntary activities arising through the employment.

Signed:                                                         Date:


1.        Financial assistance: (Student ID Number and Budget Code must be provided for staff waivers):

              Budget Code:

          Please state the percentage of financial assistance being given _____________________

2.        Time off arrangements:

Signed:                                                         Date:

On completion, this form is to be copied to Human Resources, Finance Department and the member of staff
concerned. The manager is responsible for completing any arrangements for payment (where applicable), and
should attach a copy of this form to any invoice from an external organisation which s/he certifies for payment.
HR:AdL/AOR/May2003/FEESUPP (amended April 2006, May and August 2010)

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