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Generation “Text”

                                    Go Green with Drive MultiMedia’s text services!

                                  Replace mailers & other print with text .
                                                                                                       Text Message
                                        Save room in your budget while
                                        helping saving the environment!                                           for
                                               Call today for more info!

                                                    Alex Alameda
                                                Director of Sales, CEO                                     Agencies
           Over 70 billion text
           messages sent
                                                                                                       Text DRIVE to 68247
                                                                                                           for more information
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communication with your
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      Text Message                                                                                        Consider these statistics when
                                                                                                              evaluating Marketing
        Marketing                                                                                               for your agency:
                                                                                                      18-29 year old consumers use text messaging
                                                      Using Your Keywords                             more often than voice to communicate.
         What are keywords?
Keywords are words that best describe              Use Keywords at all your events and in all         On average 94% of text messages are read.
your agency, products, and promotions.             advertising and media. Business cards,
                                                   websites, brochures, and more.                     80% of consumers keep their mobile with them
                                                                                                      all day.
                                                                             Text INSURE to 68247
Keywords:                                                                      for special rates
Inform consumers of agency promotions                                                                 When given a choice 39% of US consumers —
Increase sales leads for sales reps                                                                   76 million people — prefer text messages to
Provide incentives to buyers                                                                          radio or TV advertising.

 A Keyword for an agency may be                                                                       Online Tools and Databases

Consumers text INSURE to 68247 for
general promotional information
                                                       Text ASKINSURE to 68247 to
                                                       have any of your insurance
                                                           questions answered!

              Thnks 4 texting USA Insure! This
               month only our lowest auto rates
              this year, no credit checks! Reply
                  with your email address for                                                       Build databases of cell phone numbers and
               additional information about our                                                     email addresses of potential customers.
                      services or visit us:
                     www.usainsure.com                                                              During promotions, send TXTcasts to inform
                                                                                                    customers of new rates and programs.

Provide each sales rep a Keyword to allow            Text MIDWEST to 68247                          Use our online tools to update text responses
for customized promotional packages and             for special premiums and rates                  24/7.
interaction with potential buyers.

                                                                                                      Is your agency ready to interact with
Examples: INSURE1, INSURE2                                                                                     Generation Text?

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