Painting okeefe by fanzhongqing


									 Lesson:   Georgia O’Keefe Flowers    Art Education
                                      Oshkosh Area School District
           Painting                              Level: 3rd Grade
                                                       Melissa Harmon
Photos of Finished Product, O’Keefe paintings
Objectives                                                       Materials/Resources
Students will understand the life story of Georgia                Getting to Know Georgia O’Keefe by Mike Venezia
     O’Keefe. Students will create their own Georgia              flowers
     O’Keefe-style paintings. Students will
     demonstrate knowledge of complementary and
     analogous colors.

Art Education Benchmarks-3rd Grade
A1.3.1 Understand content vocabulary
A1.3.3 Understand that art communicates the voice/style of the artist
A1.3.4 Know and remember visual information
        Nature, Books, Illustrations, Reproductions, Photographs, Mass Media
A1.3.5 Understand that an artist is sensitive to the visual world.
        Detail, Observation
C1.3.1 Use the elements and principles of art and design to produce art.
        Line, shape/form, color, texture, space, balance, emphasis, unity, and repetition
C1.3.2 Use various art media
        Painting, Drawing, Print Making, Ceramics, Mixed Media
C1.3.3 Develop basic skills appropriate to media
C1.3.4 Demonstrate Craftsmanship
D1.3.2 Use basic art language and concepts that may include form follows function, less is more, originality, symmetry, and balance
E1.3.1 Produce artwork to create meaning and communicate ideas
        Studio art forms, Design art forms, Arts and crafts, Sketches, models, and visual brainstorming
G1.3.1 Know the importance of visual literacy
        Describe, Analyze, Interpret, Judge, Compare/Contrast, Create
H1.3.1 Understand that critical observation impacts artwork
        Design, Quality, Production, Procedures
I1.3.1 Understand that art communicates feelings and/or emotions
        Create, Reflect, Discuss
L1.3.1 Develop original ideas and produce artwork
        Personal experiences, Nature, Other artists, Intuition, Media
M1.3.1 Demonstrate the characteristics of a global citizen
        Uses time effectively, Listens attentively, Follows directions, Works independently, Shows respect, Cooperates with others

Key Content Language-3rd Grade
Painting Key Content Language:
     color, neutral, warm, cool, primary, secondary, complimentary, brushes, blending
Drawing Key Content Language:
     design, line, shape, space, texture
     tertiary, contrast, organic, hue
Day One:
   Read Getting to Know Georgia O’Keefe.
   Demonstrate to students how to draw a flower like Georgia O’Keefe by
     concentrating on the inside of the flower and keeping the lines simple and
   Have one large flower in the center of each table and the students will choose
     the flower they would like to draw.
   Demonstrate painting: Choose one primary or secondary color for the main
     color of the flower. Blend an analogous color into each petal, starting with
     one side, and getting truer to the original hue, closer to the other side.

Day Two:
   Continue painting.
   Use the hue’s complementary color in a space where the background shows
     through next to the flower.

*in between classes, the teacher mounts the painting onto a piece of railroad board

Day Three:
   Hand students their pictures and have them describe their painting with one
     word, i.e: calm, firey, peace.
   Use that word to title the painting with a label.
   Share with the class!

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