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					Title                                                      Upload Date   Module
Adapting to a Changing Environment                         Jan-12        Biology
Aging of the Genome                                        Apr-10        Biology
Allee Effects in Ecology and Conservation                  May-08        Biology
Ancestral Sequence Reconstruction                          Sep-08        Biology
Animal Architecture                                        Sep-07        Biology
Animal Evolution                                           Sep-09        Biology
Animal Osmoregulation                                      Apr-10        Biology
Ant Ecology                                                Feb-10        Biology
Aquatic Food Webs                                          Sep-07        Biology
Are We Hardwired?                                          Apr-10        Biology
Avian Flight                                               Sep-07        Biology
Avian Invasions                                            Sep-09        Biology
Avoiding Attack                                            Sep-07        Biology
Bee Pollination in Agricultural Ecosystems                 Sep-08        Biology
Beyond the Stony Mountains                                 Sep-07        Biology
Biodiversity, Ecosystem Functioning, and Human Wellbeing   Sep-09        Biology
Bioinvasions and Globalization                             May-10        Biology
The Biology and Conservation of Wild Canids                Sep-07        Biology
The Biology of African Savannahs                           Sep-07        Biology
The Biology of Coral Reefs                                 Sep-09        Biology
The Biology of Deserts                                     Apr-10        Biology
The Biology of Mangroves and Seagrasses                    Sep-07        Biology
The Biology of Peatlands                                   Apr-10        Biology
The Biology of Polar Regions                               May-08        Biology
The Biology of Soil                                        Apr-10        Biology
The Biology of Temporary Waters                            Sep-07        Biology
Biology of the Ubiquitous House Sparrow                    Sep-07        Biology
Bird Ecology and Conservation                              Sep-07        Biology
Bracing for Armageddon?                                    Sep-08        Biology
Carpet Monsters and Killer Spores                          Sep-07        Biology
The Chimpanzees of the Budongo Forest                      Sep-07        Biology
Clonality                                                  Jan-09        Biology
Community Ecology                                          Feb-10        Biology
Computational Molecular Evolution                          Apr-10        Biology
Conservation and Sustainable Use                           Jan-08        Biology
Conservation Biology for All                               Feb-10        Biology
Conservation Education and Outreach Techniques             Sep-07        Biology
Creationism's Trojan Horse                                 Apr-10        Biology
Darwinian Detectives                                       Sep-07        Biology
Disease Ecology                                            Sep-07        Biology
Dispersal in Plants                                        May-08        Biology
Does Aging Stop?                                           Sep-11        Biology
Dog Behaviour, Evolution, and Cognition                    Jan-08        Biology
Dragon Bone Hill                                           Sep-07        Biology
Dragonflies and Damselflies                                Sep-08        Biology
The Dynamic Genome                                         Sep-11        Biology
Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Amphibians      Apr-10        Biology
Ecological and Environmental Physiology of Birds           May-10        Biology
Ecological Methods in Forest Pest Management               Apr-10        Biology
Ecological Orbits                                          Sep-07        Biology
Ecology and Behavior of Chickadees and Titmice             Sep-07        Biology
Ecology and Evolution of the Grass-Endophyte Symbiosis   Jan-09   Biology
An Enthusiasm for Orchids                                Sep-07   Biology
Environmental Change and Globalization                   Sep-08   Biology
The Estuarine Ecosystem                                  Apr-10   Biology
Everyday Practice of Science                             Jan-09   Biology
Evolution in Health and Disease                          Apr-10   Biology
The Evolution of Organ Systems                           Sep-07   Biology
The Evolution of Social Wasps                            Apr-10   Biology
Evolution through Genetic Exchange                       Apr-10   Biology
Evolutionary Conservation Genetics                       May-09   Biology
Evolutionary Ecology                                     Sep-07   Biology
Evolutionary Ecology of Social and Sexual Systems        Sep-07   Biology
Food Webs and the Dynamics of Marine Reefs               May-08   Biology
Forest Ecology and Conservation                          Sep-07   Biology
Foundations of Environmental Sustainability              Sep-08   Biology
Fundamental Processes in Ecology                         Sep-07   Biology
Genesis                                                  Sep-07   Biology
Genetically Modified Planet                              Sep-07   Biology
Habitat Management for Conservation                      Jan-08   Biology
The History of British Birds                             Jan-09   Biology
Holocene Extinctions                                     Sep-09   Biology
Human Genetic Diversity                                  Sep-09   Biology
In Defense of Self                                       Sep-08   Biology
Infectious Diseases in Primates                          Apr-10   Biology
Insect Infection and Immunity                            Sep-09   Biology
Insect Physiological Ecology                             Sep-07   Biology
Inside the Human Genome                                  May-10   Biology
Ivorybill Hunters                                        Apr-10   Biology
Macromolecular Crystallography                           Sep-07   Biology
The Man Who Saved Sea Turtles                            Sep-07   Biology
Marine Ecosystems and Climate Variation                  Sep-07   Biology
Marine Ecosystems and Global Change                      May-10   Biology
Measuring Metabolic Rates                                Sep-08   Biology
Measuring Plant Diversity                                Sep-07   Biology
The Microbial Models of Molecular Biology                Apr-10   Biology
The Molecular Organography of Plants                     May-09   Biology
Mr. Bloomfield's Orchard                                 Sep-07   Biology
Mushroom                                                 Jan-12   Biology
The Natural History of Weasels and Stoats                Apr-10   Biology
The Nature Handbook                                      Sep-07   Biology
Nature's Chemicals                                       Feb-10   Biology
Observing Animal Behaviour                               Jan-08   Biology
Orangutans                                               May-09   Biology
Otters                                                   Apr-10   Biology
Our Natural History                                      Sep-07   Biology
Parasitism and Ecosystems                                Sep-07   Biology
Parsimony, Phylogeny, and Genomics                       Sep-07   Biology
People, Plants and Genes                                 Sep-07   Biology
Perl for Exploring DNA                                   Apr-10   Biology
Perspectives in Animal Phylogeny and Evolution           May-09   Biology
Photoperiodism                                           May-10   Biology
Plant Evolution in the Mediterranean                     Sep-07   Biology
Polar Lakes and Rivers                                                           Jan-09   Biology
Population Genetics, Linguistics, and Culture History in the Southwest Pacific   Sep-07   Biology
Prevention of Bug Bites, Stings, and Disease                                     May-09   Biology
Principles and Standards for Measuring Primary Production                        Sep-07   Biology
The Principles of Life                                                           Apr-10   Biology
Radiological Risk Assessment and Environmental Analysis                          Sep-08   Biology
A Red Bird in a Brown Bag                                                        Apr-10   Biology
The Red Colobus Monkeys                                                          May-10   Biology
Respiration in Aquatic Ecosystems                                                Sep-07   Biology
Responsible Conduct of Research                                                  May-09   Biology
Reticulate Evolution and Humans                                                  Jan-09   Biology
SARS                                                                             Sep-07   Biology
Selection                                                                        May-08   Biology
Sex, Size and Gender Roles                                                       Sep-07   Biology
Sociobiology of Communication                                                    Sep-08   Biology
Spatial Analysis in Epidemiology                                                 Sep-08   Biology
Statistical Theory and Methods for Evolutionary Genomics                         Jan-11   Biology
Stochastic Population Dynamics in Ecology and Conservation                       Apr-10   Biology
Systemic Management                                                              May-09   Biology
Thermal Adaptation                                                               May-09   Biology
Three-Dimensional Electron Microscopy of Macromolecular Assemblies               Apr-10   Biology
Tomorrow's Table: Organic Farming, Genetics, and the Future of Food              May-08   Biology
Triumph of the Fungi                                                             Sep-07   Biology
Tropical Forests and Global Atmospheric Change                                   Sep-07   Biology
Understanding Flowers and Flowering                                              Jan-08   Biology
Viral Fitness                                                                    Sep-07   Biology
What Animals Want                                                                Sep-07   Biology
Yellowstone's Destabilized Ecosystem                                             Sep-07   Biology
Accountants' Truth                                                               Sep-09   Business and Management
Accounting, Organizations, and Institutions                                      Feb-10   Business and Management
After the Great Complacence                                                      Jan-12   Business and Management
Agents of Change                                                                 Jan-10   Business and Management
America’s Competitive Secret                                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
American Multinationals in Europe                                                Sep-07   Business and Management
Americanization and Its Limits                                                   Sep-07   Business and Management
Annuity Markets                                                                  Jan-09   Business and Management
Architectures of Knowledge                                                       Oct-11   Business and Management
Are Skills the Answer?                                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
The Art and Science of Marketing                                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
The Arts of Leadership                                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
Assembling Work                                                                  Sep-07   Business and Management
The Associational Economy                                                        Oct-11   Business and Management
The Audit Society                                                                Oct-11   Business and Management
Authenticity and the Cultural Politics of Work                                   Sep-09   Business and Management
The Balanced Company                                                             Oct-11   Business and Management
Between Enterprise and Ethics                                                    Sep-07   Business and Management
Between Hierarchies and Markets                                                  Jan-10   Business and Management
Beware the Winner's Curse                                                        Sep-07   Business and Management
Beyond Varieties of Capitalism                                                   Sep-08   Business and Management
Boards at Work                                                                   Jan-10   Business and Management
Bridging Islands                                                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
Britain’s Railways, 1997–2005                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
The British Motor Industry, 1945-1994                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
British Multinational Banking, 1830-1990                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
British Rail 1974–1997                                                   Sep-07   Business and Management
Building an International Financial Services Firm                        Oct-11   Business and Management
Building the Flexible Firm                                               Oct-11   Business and Management
Building the New Managerialist State                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
Business Groups in East Asia                                             Sep-07   Business and Management
Business in Britain in the Twentieth Century                             Sep-09   Business and Management
The Business of Systems Integration                                      Sep-07   Business and Management
Business Systems and Organizational Capabilities                         Jan-08   Business and Management
Can Latin American Firms Compete?                                        Jan-08   Business and Management
Capitalist Diversity and Change                                          Sep-07   Business and Management
China's Leap into the Information Age                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Cluster Genesis                                                          Sep-07   Business and Management
The Collapse of the American Management Mystique                         Oct-11   Business and Management
The Collegial Phenomenon                                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
Collisions and Collaboration                                             Sep-11   Business and Management
Community, Economic Creativity, and Organization                         Jan-09   Business and Management
Comparative Entrepreneurship                                             Oct-11   Business and Management
Competing by Design                                                      Oct-11   Business and Management
Competition, Competitive Advantage, and Clusters                         May-11   Business and Management
Competitive Strategies in European Banking                               Oct-11   Business and Management
Constructing Corporate America                                           Sep-07   Business and Management
Constructions of Neoliberal Reason                                       Jan-11   Business and Management
Contingent Capital                                                       Jan-12   Business and Management
Cooperative Strategy                                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
Corporate E-Learning                                                     Sep-07   Business and Management
Corporate Governance                                                     Sep-07   Business and Management
Corporate Governance and Chairmanship A Personal View                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Corporate Governance and Firm Organization                               Sep-07   Business and Management
Corporate Governance and Labour Management                               Sep-07   Business and Management
Corporate Governance and Managerial Reform in Japan                      Feb-10   Business and Management
Corporate Governance, Competition, and Political Parties                 May-10   Business and Management
Corporate Networks in Europe and the United States                       Jan-10   Business and Management
Corporations in Evolving Diversity                                       May-10   Business and Management
Creating Silicon Valley in Europe                                        Sep-07   Business and Management
Crises and Opportunities                                                 May-11   Business and Management
Crisis Management in a Complex World                                     Sep-08   Business and Management
Culture, Self-Identity, and Work                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Digital Era Governance:                                                  Oct-11   Business and Management
The Digital Hand                                                         Sep-07   Business and Management
The Digital Hand, Vol 1                                                  Sep-07   Business and Management
The Digital Hand, Vol 3                                                  Jan-08   Business and Management
The Dynamics of Entrepreneurship                                         Sep-11   Business and Management
Employment Contracts, Psychological Contracts, and Employee Well-Being   Sep-10   Business and Management
Employment Research and State Traditions                                 Sep-07   Business and Management
Enabling Knowledge Creation                                              Oct-11   Business and Management
Entrepreneurs in High Technology                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Environmental Regulations and Corporate Strategy                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Escalation in Decision-Making                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Ethics and Organizational Leadership                                     May-11   Business and Management
Europe and the Japanese Challenge                                        Oct-11   Business and Management
The European Corporation                                                        Jan-10      Business and Management
European Pensions & Global Finance                                          Jan-10      Business and Management
Evolutionary Innovations                                                        Oct-11      Business and Management
The Executive's Compass                                                         Oct-11      Business and Management
Expertise and Innovation                                                        Oct-11      Business and Management
Explorations in Information Space                                               Jan-08      Business and Management
Exporting the American Model                                                    Oct-11      Business and Management
Facing Up to Thatcherism                                                        Oct-11      Business and Management
Fair Shares                                                                     Oct-11      Business and Management
The Fast Path to Corporate Growth                                               Oct-11      Business and Management
Financial Centres and International Capital Flows in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries Business and Management
Financial Literacy: Implications for Retirement Security and the Financial Marketplace      Business and Management
Financial Reporting and Global Capital Markets                                  Oct-11      Business and Management
Flawed Advice and the Management Trap                                           Oct-11      Business and Management
Fragmenting Work                                                                Oct-11      Business and Management
From Underdogs to Tigers                                                        Sep-07      Business and Management
Fusion for Profit                                                               Sep-08      Business and Management
The Future of Chinese Capitalism: Choices and Chances                           Oct-11      Business and Management
The Future of Public Employee Retirement Systems                                Feb-10      Business and Management
The Future of the MBA                                                           Oct-11      Business and Management
Fuzzy Management                                                                Oct-11      Business and Management
The Geography of Finance                                                        Oct-11      Business and Management
George Washington and the Art of Business                                       Oct-11      Business and Management
The Global and the Local                                                        Sep-07      Business and Management
The Global Cigarette                                                            Oct-11      Business and Management
The Global Stock Market                                                         Sep-11      Business and Management
Global Strategy                                                                 Sep-07      Business and Management
The Great Urban Transformation                                                  May-10      Business and Management
The Hero’s Farewell                                                             Oct-11      Business and Management
High Skills                                                                     Oct-11      Business and Management
HRM and Performance                                                             Oct-11      Business and Management
3i Fifty Years Investing in Industry                                            Oct-11      Business and Management
Information for Innovation                                                      Oct-11      Business and Management
Information Orientation                                                         Jan-10      Business and Management
The Information Society and the Welfare State                                   Oct-11      Business and Management
Information Systems and Global Diversity                                        Sep-07      Business and Management
Information Technology and Organizations                                        Oct-11      Business and Management
Information Technology Policy                                                   Sep-07      Business and Management
Information Technology Strategies                                               Oct-11      Business and Management
Innovation in Local Economies                                                   May-09      Business and Management
Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and Technological Change                          Oct-11      Business and Management
Innovation, Path Dependency, and Policy                                         May-09      Business and Management
Inside Marketing                                                                May-11      Business and Management
Inside the Communication Revolution                                             Oct-11      Business and Management
The Institutions of the Market                                                  Sep-08      Business and Management
Integrating Mission and Strategy for Nonprofit Organizations                    Oct-11      Business and Management
Intellectual Property Rights, Development, and Catch-Up                         May-10      Business and Management
International Research Management                                               Oct-11      Business and Management
The Internet Galaxy                                                             Oct-11      Business and Management
Internet Governance                                                             May-09      Business and Management
Investor Engagement                                                             Sep-07      Business and Management
Just a Job?                                                                     Feb-10      Business and Management
Keeping Better Company                                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
The Knowing Organization                                                       Sep-07   Business and Management
Knowledge Assets                                                               Oct-11   Business and Management
Knowledge Capitalism                                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
Knowledge Frontiers                                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Knowledge Governance                                                           Jan-09   Business and Management
Knowledge Integration and Innovation                                           Sep-11   Business and Management
Knowledge Management and Organizational Competence                             Jan-10   Business and Management
Knowledge to Action?                                                           Sep-07   Business and Management
Knowledge, Higher Education, and the New Managerialism                         Sep-07   Business and Management
The Labyrinths of Information                                                  Sep-07   Business and Management
Large Firms and Institutional Change                                           Jan-10   Business and Management
Learning and Innovation in Organizations and Economies                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Lessons from Pension Reform in the Americas                                    Jan-08   Business and Management
Lessons From the Edge                                                          Oct-11   Business and Management
Life on the Line in Contemporary Manufacturing                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
Local Business Voice                                                           Jan-12   Business and Management
Local Players in Global Games                                                  Sep-07   Business and Management
London and Paris as International Financial Centres in the Twentieth Century   Sep-07   Business and Management
Lost Knowledge                                                                 Sep-07   Business and Management
Lyndall Urwick, Management Pioneer                                             Sep-10   Business and Management
Magic Mineral to Killer Dust                                                   Oct-11   Business and Management
Mail Order Retailing in Britain                                                Sep-07   Business and Management
The Making of Modern Management                                                Sep-07   Business and Management
Management Consultancy                                                         May-09   Business and Management
The Management of Innovation                                                   Oct-11   Business and Management
The Management of International Acquisitions                                   Sep-07   Business and Management
Managing Business Complexity                                                   Sep-07   Business and Management
Managing Corporate Growth                                                      Oct-11   Business and Management
Managing Employment Change                                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
Managing Financial Risks                                                       Sep-09   Business and Management
Managing Global Customers                                                      Oct-11   Business and Management
Managing Production                                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Managing the Margins                                                           Feb-10   Business and Management
Managing the Unions                                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Manufacturing Possibilities                                                    Sep-10   Business and Management
Manufacturing Rationality                                                      Oct-11   Business and Management
The Market Makers                                                              May-11   Business and Management
Market, Class, and Employment                                                  Oct-11   Business and Management
Media Ownership and Concentration in America                                   Oct-11   Business and Management
Men, Women, and Money                                                          Sep-11   Business and Management
Miracle to Meltdown in Asia                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
The Mismanagement of Talent                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Mobilizing the Information Society                                             Oct-11   Business and Management
The Multilateral Investment System and Multinational Enterprises               Oct-11   Business and Management
Multinationals as Flagship Firms                                               Oct-11   Business and Management
National Capitalisms, Global Production Networks                               May-09   Business and Management
National Labour Relations in Internationalized Markets                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Networks of Innovation                                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
The New Old Economy                                                            Sep-07   Business and Management
The New Public Management in Action                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Nordic Capitalisms and Globalization                                           May-11   Business and Management
One Political Economy, One Competitive Strategy?                              Jan-09   Business and Management
Organizational Knowledge in the Making                                        Sep-07   Business and Management
Organizational Learning Contracts                                             May-11   Business and Management
Organizational Traps                                                          Oct-11   Business and Management
Paradoxes of Modernization                                                    Sep-10   Business and Management
Pattern in Corporate Evolution                                                Oct-11   Business and Management
Performance or Compliance?                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Planning for Change                                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
Political Determinants of Corporate Governance                                Oct-11   Business and Management
The Political Economy of Collective Skill Formation                           Jan-12   Business and Management
The Politics of Working Life                                                  Oct-11   Business and Management
The Priesthood of Industry                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Process, Sensemaking, and Organizing                                          Jan-11   Business and Management
The Production of Knowledge                                                   Oct-11   Business and Management
Psychological Capital                                                         Sep-07   Business and Management
Public Administration                                                         Jan-12   Business and Management
Re-Forming Capitalism                                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
Reason's Neglect                                                              Oct-11   Business and Management
Reasons and Rationalizations                                                  Oct-11   Business and Management
Recalibrating Retirement Spending and Saving                                  Jan-09   Business and Management
Reconfiguring Knowledge Production                                            Sep-10   Business and Management
Reconnecting Marketing to Markets                                             Jan-12   Business and Management
Recovering from Success                                                       Sep-07   Business and Management
Redefining Retirement                                                         Sep-07   Business and Management
Reengineering Health Care                                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
Regions and the World Economy                                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
Regulation and Risk                                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
The Relationship Advantage                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Reorienting Retirement Risk Management                                        Sep-10   Business and Management
The Representation Gap                                                        Oct-11   Business and Management
Representing Organization                                                     Oct-11   Business and Management
Response                                                                      Oct-11   Business and Management
The Responsible Corporation in a Global Economy                               Jan-12   Business and Management
Restructuring Networks in Post-Socialism: Legacies, Linkages and Localities   Oct-11   Business and Management
Securing Lifelong Retirement Income                                           Sep-11   Business and Management
Shifting Boundaries of the Firm                                               Sep-07   Business and Management
Social Economy of the Metropolis                                              Oct-11   Business and Management
Soft Innovation                                                               May-10   Business and Management
Standards, Strategy, and Policy                                               Oct-11   Business and Management
Steel City                                                                    Oct-11   Business and Management
Storytelling in Organizations                                                 Oct-11   Business and Management
Strategic Human Resource Management                                           Oct-11   Business and Management
Strategic Leadership                                                          Jan-09   Business and Management
Swarm Creativity                                                              Sep-07   Business and Management
The Tale of the Scale                                                         Oct-11   Business and Management
A Tale of Three Cities                                                        Jan-10   Business and Management
Telecommunications in Africa                                                  Oct-11   Business and Management
Trade Union Merger Strategies                                                 Sep-08   Business and Management
Traders                                                                       Oct-11   Business and Management
The Transformation of Labour Relations                                        Oct-11   Business and Management
Transforming Management in Central and Eastern Europe                         Oct-11   Business and Management
The Unbounded Mind                                                            Oct-11   Business and Management
Understanding Industrial and Corporate Change                                  Sep-07     Business and Management
Understanding Psychological Contracts at Work                                  Oct-11     Business and Management
Universal Banking                                                              Oct-11     Business and Management
Varieties of Unionism                                                          Sep-07     Business and Management
What is an Exchange?                                                           Oct-11     Business and Management
Work and Family—Allies or Enemies?                                             Oct-11     Business and Management
Work and Pay in the United States and Japan                                    Oct-11     Business and Management
A World of Standards                                                           Jan-10     Business and Management
The World's First Railway System                                               Sep-09     Business and Management
Writing Management                                                             Jan-10     Business and Management
The Advent of Pluralism                                                        May-11     Classical Studies
Aegina: Contexts for Choral Lyric Poetry                                       Jan-11     Classical Studies
African Athena                                                                 Jan-12     Classical Studies
Afro-Greeks                                                                    May-10     Classical Studies
The Alamanni and Rome 213-496                                                  Jan-10     Classical Studies
Alexander the Great in Fact and Fiction                                        Jan-10     Classical Studies
Almsgiving in the Later Roman Empire                                           Sep-07     Classical Studies
Alternatives to Athens                                                         Jan-10     Classical Studies
Ancient Greek Accentuation                                                     Sep-07     Classical Studies
Ancient Greek Ideas on Speech, Language, and Civilization                      Jan-10     Classical Studies
Ancient Historiography and its Contexts                                        May-10     Classical Studies
Ancient Letters                                                                Sep-07     Classical Studies
Ancient Slavery and Abolition                                                  Sep-11     Classical Studies
Ancient Supplication                                                           Sep-07     Classical Studies
Animal Sacrifice in Ancient Greek Religion, Judaism, and Christianity, 100 BC to AD 200   Classical Studies
Antigone on the Contemporary World Stage                                       Jan-12     Classical Studies
Apollonius of Rhodes and the Spaces of Hellenism                               Sep-11     Classical Studies
Approaching Late Antiquity                                                     Jan-10     Classical Studies
Apuleius and Drama                                                             Jan-10     Classical Studies
The Arabic Hermes                                                              Sep-09     Classical Studies
Aristophanes and the Definition of Comedy                                      Jan-10     Classical Studies
Aristotle as Poet                                                              Jan-12     Classical Studies
The Art and Rhetoric of the Homeric Catalogue                                  Sep-10     Classical Studies
The Art of Love                                                                Jan-10     Classical Studies
Athenian Democratic Origins                                                    Sep-07     Classical Studies
Athenian Myths and Festivals                                                   May-11     Classical Studies
Athens in Paris                                                                Sep-07     Classical Studies
Aulus Gellius                                                                  Jan-10     Classical Studies
Bacchylides                                                                    Jan-10     Classical Studies
Basil II and the Governance of Empire (976-1025)                               Sep-07     Classical Studies
Between Empires                                                                May-11     Classical Studies
Bilingualism in Ancient Society                                                Jan-10     Classical Studies
Caves and the Ancient Greek Mind                                               Jan-09     Classical Studies
Chariton of Aphrodisias and the Invention of the Greek Love Novel              May-10     Classical Studies
Children, Memory, and Family Identity in Roman Culture                         Jan-11     Classical Studies
Christian Persecution, Martyrdom, and Orthodoxy                                Sep-07     Classical Studies
Cicero as Evidence                                                             May-08     Classical Studies
Cicero in Letters                                                              Sep-10     Classical Studies
Cicero the Advocate                                                            Jan-10     Classical Studies
Cicero's Philosophy of History                                                 Sep-07     Classical Studies
Cicero's Role Models                                                           Sep-10     Classical Studies
Citizens of Discord                                                            Sep-10     Classical Studies
Civic Obligation and Individual Liberty in Ancient Athens        Jan-08   Classical Studies
Classical Constructions                                          Jan-10   Classical Studies
Classical Culture and Modern Masculinity                         Sep-11   Classical Studies
Classics and Imperialism in the British Empire                   Jan-11   Classical Studies
Classics and National Cultures                                   Sep-10   Classical Studies
Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds                                 Jan-10   Classical Studies
Comedy and the Rise of Rome                                      Jan-10   Classical Studies
Cosmopolis                                                       May-11   Classical Studies
Cratinus and the Art of Comedy                                   Feb-10   Classical Studies
Creative Eloquence                                               Jan-11   Classical Studies
Cretan Women                                                     Jan-10   Classical Studies
Crossroads in the Black Aegean                                   Jan-08   Classical Studies
Cultural Responses to the Persian Wars                           Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Dance of the Islands                                         Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Dance of the Muses                                           Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Deaths of Seneca                                             Feb-10   Classical Studies
Demosthenes the Orator                                           Feb-10   Classical Studies
Derrida and Antiquity                                            Sep-10   Classical Studies
Divine Qualities                                                 Jan-08   Classical Studies
Divine Talk                                                      Sep-09   Classical Studies
Divinity and History                                             Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Early Latin Verb System                                      Jan-10   Classical Studies
Economy of the Sacred in Hellenistic and Roman Asia Minor        Jan-10   Classical Studies
Emotion, Restraint, and Community in Ancient Rome                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Entering the Agon                                                May-09   Classical Studies
Epic Interactions                                                Jan-10   Classical Studies
Episcopal Elections 250-600                                      Jan-10   Classical Studies
Eupolis, Poet of Old Comedy                                      Jan-10   Classical Studies
Euripides' Escape-Tragedies                                      Sep-07   Classical Studies
Exemplary Epic                                                   Sep-10   Classical Studies
Feeding the Democracy                                            Jan-08   Classical Studies
Feminine Discourse in Roman Comedy                               Sep-08   Classical Studies
Flavius Josephus and Flavian Rome                                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Foreign Cults in Rome                                            Sep-10   Classical Studies
Forgotten Stars                                                  May-11   Classical Studies
From Asculum to Actium                                           May-08   Classical Studies
The Function of Humour in Roman Verse Satire                     Sep-07   Classical Studies
Funny Words in Plautine Comedy                                   Feb-10   Classical Studies
The Further Academic Papers of Sir Hugh Lloyd-Jones              Jan-10   Classical Studies
Gender and the City in Euripides' Political Plays                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Gender, Domesticity, and the Age of Augustus                     Jan-10   Classical Studies
Generic Enrichment in Vergil and Horace                          Sep-07   Classical Studies
Gilbert Murray Reassessed                                        Sep-07   Classical Studies
Greek Epigram in the Roman Empire                                Jan-10   Classical Studies
Greek Lyric, Tragedy, and Textual Criticism                      Sep-07   Classical Studies
Greek Popular Religion in Greek Philosophy                       Sep-10   Classical Studies
The Greek Slogan of Freedom and Early Roman Politics in Greece   Sep-11   Classical Studies
Guilt by Descent                                                 Jan-08   Classical Studies
Herodotus and his World                                          Jan-10   Classical Studies
Hesperos                                                         Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Hidden Chorus                                                May-10   Classical Studies
Hierocles of Alexandria                                          Jan-10   Classical Studies
Historiography at the End of the Republic                       Sep-07   Classical Studies
Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond                              Jan-10   Classical Studies
Homer and the Politics of Authority in Renaissance France       Jan-12   Classical Studies
Homer in the Twentieth Century                                  Jan-10   Classical Studies
Homer's Cosmic Fabrication                                      Jan-09   Classical Studies
The Homeric Hymns                                               Sep-11   Classical Studies
Homeric Voices                                                  Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Idea of Iambos                                              Feb-10   Classical Studies
The Idea of the Library in the Ancient World                    Feb-10   Classical Studies
Image to Interpretation                                         Sep-07   Classical Studies
Imperial Mines and Quarries in the Roman World                  May-10   Classical Studies
Indo-European Poetry and Myth                                   Sep-07   Classical Studies
Interrogating Antigone in Postmodern Philosophy and Criticism   Sep-10   Classical Studies
Jacob Wackernagel, Lectures on Syntax                           Sep-09   Classical Studies
Jewish Slavery in Antiquity                                     Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Kingdom of the Hittites                                     Jan-10   Classical Studies
Land Transport in Roman Egypt                                   Jan-10   Classical Studies
Landscapes and Cities                                           Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Language of Greek Comedy                                    Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Languages of Aristophanes                                   Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Last Pagans of Rome                                         Jan-11   Classical Studies
Late Roman Warlords                                             Sep-07   Classical Studies
Latin Epics of the New Testament                                Jan-10   Classical Studies
Latin Poetry and the Judgement of Taste                         Sep-07   Classical Studies
Latin Word Order                                                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Laughing with Medusa: Classical Myth and Feminist Thought       Jan-10   Classical Studies
Layers of Loyalty in Latin Panegyric                            Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Legacy of Alexander                                         Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Life and Work of Jane Ellen Harrison                        Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Lindian Chronicle and the Greek Creation of their Past      Jan-10   Classical Studies
Livy on the Hannibalic War                                      Sep-10   Classical Studies
Making a New Man                                                Jan-10   Classical Studies
Making Mockery                                                  Sep-07   Classical Studies
Making Time for the Past                                        May-08   Classical Studies
Malaria and Rome                                                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Manilius and his Intellectual Background                        May-09   Classical Studies
Menander                                                        Sep-07   Classical Studies
Metaphor, Allegory, and the Classical Tradition                 Sep-07   Classical Studies
Minos and the Moderns                                           Sep-08   Classical Studies
A Moment’s Ornament                                             Jan-11   Classical Studies
The Monetary Systems of the Greeks and Romans                   May-08   Classical Studies
Motherhood and the Other                                        Sep-10   Classical Studies
Motivation and Narrative in Herodotus                           Sep-08   Classical Studies
Musa Pedestris                                                  Jan-11   Classical Studies
Music and the Muses                                             Jan-10   Classical Studies
New Directions in Ancient Pantomime                             Jan-09   Classical Studies
Oracles, Curses, and Risk Among the Ancient Greeks              Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Other Virgil                                                Jan-08   Classical Studies
Ovid's Fasti                                                    Sep-07   Classical Studies
Pagan City and Christian Capital                                Jan-10   Classical Studies
Palestine in Late Antiquity                                     May-08   Classical Studies
Petitions, Litigation, and Social Control in Roman Egypt        Jan-12   Classical Studies
The Philosopher's Banquet                                      Jan-12   Classical Studies
Philosophy and Power in the Graeco-Roman World                 Jan-10   Classical Studies
Pilgrimage in Graeco-Roman and Early Christian Antiquity       Jan-10   Classical Studies
Pindar's Songs for Young Athletes of Aigina                    Jan-10   Classical Studies
Pindaric Metre: The ‘Other Half’                               Jan-09   Classical Studies
Placing Modern Greece                                          May-08   Classical Studies
Plato and Hesiod                                               Feb-10   Classical Studies
Plato's Symposium                                              Sep-07   Classical Studies
Pliny the Elder's Natural History                              Sep-07   Classical Studies
Plotinus on Number                                             May-09   Classical Studies
Plutarch Against Colotes                                       Jan-12   Classical Studies
Plutarch's Practical Ethics                                    Sep-10   Classical Studies
The Poetics of Latin Didactic                                  Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Poetry of Pathos                                           Jan-10   Classical Studies
Policing the Roman Empire                                      Jan-12   Classical Studies
Politeness and Politics in Cicero's Letters                    May-09   Classical Studies
Polytheism and Society at Athens                               Jan-10   Classical Studies
Prehistoric and Protohistoric Cyprus                           Jan-09   Classical Studies
Prostitution, Sexuality, and the Law in Ancient Rome           Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Protean Ass                                                May-08   Classical Studies
Public Land in the Roman Republic                              Sep-10   Classical Studies
Quantifying the Roman Economy                                  Sep-09   Classical Studies
R. O. A. M. Lyne                                               Sep-07   Classical Studies
Readers and Reading Culture in the High Roman Empire           May-10   Classical Studies
Readers and Writers in Ovid's Heroides                         Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Reception and Performance of Euripides' Herakles           Sep-08   Classical Studies
Reflections in a Serpent's Eye                                 Feb-10   Classical Studies
The Religion of the Mithras Cult in the Roman Empire           Jan-10   Classical Studies
Remembering the Roman People                                   Jan-09   Classical Studies
The Roman Family in the Empire                                 Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Roman Government of Britain                                Sep-07   Classical Studies
Roman Patrons of Greek Cities                                  Jan-10   Classical Studies
The Roman World of Cicero's De Oratore                         Jan-10   Classical Studies
Romantic Antiquity                                             Feb-10   Classical Studies
Romulus' Asylum                                                Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Ruin of the Eternal City                                   Sep-11   Classical Studies
S-Stem Nouns and Adjectives in Greek and Proto-Indo-European   Sep-07   Classical Studies
Sacred and Public Land in Ancient Athens                       Jan-12   Classical Studies
Science and Mathematics in Ancient Greek Culture               Jan-10   Classical Studies
Self-representation and Illusion in Senecan Tragedy            Jan-10   Classical Studies
Sibylline Sisters                                              Jan-12   Classical Studies
Singing for the Gods                                           Jan-10   Classical Studies
A Small Greek World                                            Jan-12   Classical Studies
Spectacular Power in the Greek and Roman City                  Sep-07   Classical Studies
Staging the World                                              Sep-09   Classical Studies
The Strangeness of Gods                                        Sep-07   Classical Studies
The Structured Self in Hellenistic and Roman Thought           Sep-07   Classical Studies
Talking about Laughter                                         May-09   Classical Studies
Talking Books                                                  Sep-08   Classical Studies
The Tangled Ways of Zeus                                       Sep-10   Classical Studies
Theatre of the Condemned                                       Jan-11   Classical Studies
The Theatrical Cast of Athens                                  Jan-10   Classical Studies
Thucydides and Pindar                                                    Sep-07   Classical Studies
Tilling the Hateful Earth                                                Sep-09   Classical Studies
Traditional Elegy                                                        May-11   Classical Studies
Translation and Survival                                                 Sep-09   Classical Studies
Translation and the Classic                                              Sep-08   Classical Studies
Trials of Reason                                                         Jan-08   Classical Studies
Two Thousand Years of Solitude                                           Jan-12   Classical Studies
Victorian Women Writers and the Classics                                 Sep-07   Classical Studies
Virgil Recomposed                                                        Sep-07   Classical Studies
Virgil's Schoolboys                                                      Jan-11   Classical Studies
War, Food, and Politics in Early Hellenistic Athens                      Sep-07   Classical Studies
‘We have no king but Christ’                                             Jan-11   Classical Studies
Why Athens?                                                              May-11   Classical Studies
Witnesses to a World Crisis                                              Sep-10   Classical Studies
Word Order in Greek Tragic Dialogue                                      Sep-07   Classical Studies
Work in Progress                                                         Jan-12   Classical Studies
The Worlds of Aulus Gellius                                              Sep-07   Classical Studies
Writing, Performance, and Authority in Augustan Rome                     Feb-10   Classical Studies
Xenophon's Mirror of Princes                                             May-11   Classical Studies
Access to Land, Rural Poverty, and Public Action                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Adam Smith and the Classics                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Adam Smith's System of Liberty, Wealth, and Virtue                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Ageing, Health, and Productivity                                         Jan-11   Economics and Finance
An Agenda for a Growing Europe                                           Jul-05   Economics and Finance
AIDS and the Ecology of Poverty                                          Feb-06   Economics and Finance
Applied Welfare Economics                                                Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time                                      Oct-05   Economics and Finance
Arbitrage Theory in Continuous Time                                      Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen             May-09   Economics and Finance
Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen, Volume 2   May-09   Economics and Finance
As Time Goes By                                                          Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Asia's Next Giant                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Asset Pricing in Discrete Time                                           Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Asset Pricing under Asymmetric Information                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
At the Edge of Camelot                                                   Sep-11   Economics and Finance
Banking, Currency, and Finance in Europe Between the Wars                Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Bayesian Inference in Dynamic Econometric Models                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Beyond Greed and Fear                                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Beyond Junk Bonds                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Big Business                                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Bounded Rationality and Industrial Organization                          Sep-11   Economics and Finance
British Economic Growth 1856-1973                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Business Cycle Theory                                                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Business of Economics                                                Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Business of Systems Integration                                      Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Capital Adequacy beyond Basel                                            Jan-07   Economics and Finance
Capital and Time                                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Capital Market Liberalization and Development                            May-08   Economics and Finance
Capitalism Unleashed                                                     Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Carbon-Energy Taxation                                                   Feb-10   Economics and Finance
Categories and Contexts                                                  Apr-04   Economics and Finance
The Challenges of Privatization                                          Apr-04   Economics and Finance
Challenging Health Economics                                                  May-09    Economics and Finance
The Changing Distribution of Earnings in OECD Countries                       Sep-08    Economics and Finance
Changing Fortunes                                                             Sep-11    Economics and Finance
Changing Governance of Local Economies                                        Feb-06    Economics and Finance
Chaotic Economic Dynamics                                                     Nov-03    Economics and Finance
China Modernizes                                                              Oct-11    Economics and Finance
China, Asia, and the New World Economy                                        May-08    Economics and Finance
China's Telecommunications Revolution                                         May-08    Economics and Finance
Clinton and Japan                                                             Feb-10    Economics and Finance
Co-integration, Error Correction, and the Econometric Analysis of Non-Stationary Data   Economics and Finance
Commodity Prices and Development                                              Jan-08    Economics and Finance
COMMODITY SUPPLY MANAGEMENT BY PRODUCING COUNTRIES                            Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Communities and Markets in Economic Development                               Aug-04    Economics and Finance
Comparative Performance of U.S. Econometric Models                            Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Competing in the Information Age                                              Jan-05    Economics and Finance
Competition Policy in the EU                                                  Sep-09    Economics and Finance
Computable Economics                                                          Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Computational Methods for the Study of Dynamic Economies                      Nov-03    Economics and Finance
The Concrete Euro                                                             May-11    Economics and Finance
Consumption Tax Policy and the Taxation of Capital Income                     Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Contemporary Issues in Management Accounting                                  May-07    Economics and Finance
Contests for Corporate Control                                                Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Continuity and Change in China’s Rural Development                            Oct-11    Economics and Finance
The Contracting Organization                                                  Nov-03    Economics and Finance
The Control of Corporate Europe                                               Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Converging Worlds of Welfare?                                                 Sep-11    Economics and Finance
Conversations on Russia                                                       Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Corporate Decision-Making with Macroeconomic Uncertainty                      May-09    Economics and Finance
Corporate Governance in Japan                                                 Sep-07    Economics and Finance
Costs and Benefits of Economic Integration in Asia                            Sep-11    Economics and Finance
Creating the Twentieth Century                                                Jul-05    Economics and Finance
Creating Value with Knowledge                                                 Oct-05    Economics and Finance
Crisis, Stabilization, and Economic Reform                                    Sep-06    Economics and Finance
A Critique of Monetary Policy                                                 Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Debates on the Measurement of Global Poverty                                  May-10    Economics and Finance
Debt, Financial Fragility, and Systemic Risk                                  Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Decline to Fall                                                               May-08    Economics and Finance
Decolonizing Knowledge                                                        Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Development and Growth in the Mexican Economy                                 May-09    Economics and Finance
Development Economics                                                         Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Development Economics                                                         Oct-05    Economics and Finance
Development Microeconomics                                                    Nov-03    Economics and Finance
The Diversity of Modern Capitalism                                            Jul-05    Economics and Finance
Dividend Policy and Corporate Governance                                      Apr-04    Economics and Finance
Does Education Really Help?                                                   Oct-11    Economics and Finance
The Doha Blues                                                                Oct-11    Economics and Finance
The Dollarization Debate                                                      Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Domesday Economy                                                              Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Dominating Knowledge                                                          Oct-11    Economics and Finance
Dynamic Econometrics                                                          Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Dynamic Economics                                                             Oct-11    Economics and Finance
The Dynamic Firm                                                              Nov-03    Economics and Finance
Econometric Methods for Labour Economics                             Jan-12   Economics and Finance
Econometrics: Alchemy or Science?                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Economic Development and Environmental Sustainability                Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Economic Development in Palanpur over Five Decades                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Economic Liberalization and Integration in East Asia                 Feb-06   Economics and Finance
Economic Organizations and Corporate Governance in Japan             Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Economic Perspectives                                                Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Economic Theory of Agrarian Institutions                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Economics and Happiness                                              Feb-06   Economics and Finance
The Economics and Politics of Accounting                             Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Economics Beyond the Millennium                                      Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Beer                                                Jan-12   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Child Labour                                        Jul-05   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Clusters                                            Jan-11   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Financial Markets                                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Post-Communist Transition                           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Regional Trading Arrangements                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Economics of the European Patent System                          May-07   Economics and Finance
The Economics of Transnational Commons                               Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Economist’s Oath                                                 Sep-11   Economics and Finance
The Economy as an Evolving Complex System, III                       Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Economy of Esteem                                                Nov-04   Economics and Finance
Education and Training in Europe                                     Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Efficient Monopolies                                                 Apr-04   Economics and Finance
Egalitarianism and the Generation of Inequality                      Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Emerging Giants                                                      Sep-10   Economics and Finance
Emerging Markets and Financial Globalization                         May-06   Economics and Finance
Employment Regimes and the Quality of Work                           Jan-08   Economics and Finance
Endowment Asset Management                                           May-07   Economics and Finance
Energy, the State, and the Market                                    May-10   Economics and Finance
Enterprise and Competitiveness                                       Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Entrepreneurial Society                                              Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth                                 Jan-07   Economics and Finance
Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Economic Development               Sep-11   Economics and Finance
The Environment and Emerging Development Issues: Volume 1            Sep-07   Economics and Finance
The Environment and Emerging Development Issues: Volume 2            Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Environment and Statecraft                                           Oct-05   Economics and Finance
Environmental Tax Reform (ETR)                                       May-11   Economics and Finance
Equilibrium, Stability and Growth                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Ethics, Economics, and Politics                                      Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Europe's Advantage                                                   Sep-06   Economics and Finance
The Everyday Life of Global Finance                                  Sep-08   Economics and Finance
The Evolution of New Markets                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Evolution of Resource Property Rights                            May-08   Economics and Finance
Evolution, Games, and Economic Behaviour                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
External Liberalization in Asia, Post-Socialist Europe, and Brazil   May-07   Economics and Finance
External Liberalization, Economic Performance and Social Policy      Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Fat Economics                                                        Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Fertility and Social Interaction                                     Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Fighting Poverty in the US and Europe                                Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Fighting Unemployment                                                Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Finance, Development, and the IMF                                    Sep-09   Economics and Finance
Financial Crises and What to Do About Them                       Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Financial Economics of Privatization                         Oct-05   Economics and Finance
Financial Ethics                                                 Jan-11   Economics and Finance
Financial Openness and National Autonomy                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Financial Systems in Developing Economies                        Jan-11   Economics and Finance
Finite Sample Econometrics                                       Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Firms, Contracts, and Financial Structure                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Fixed Income Modelling                                           Sep-11   Economics and Finance
Flexibility and Stability in the Innovating Economy              May-06   Economics and Finance
Food Security                                                    May-08   Economics and Finance
Food, Economics, and Health                                      Sep-08   Economics and Finance
Footprints in the Jungle                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Foreign Aid for Development                                      May-10   Economics and Finance
The Formation of Econometrics                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Foundations of Corporate Success                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Foundations of Human Sociality                                   Jan-05   Economics and Finance
The Foundations of Positive and Normative Economics              Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Fragile States                                                   Jan-12   Economics and Finance
From Conflict to Recovery in Africa                              Oct-11   Economics and Finance
From Marx and Mao to the Market                                  May-06   Economics and Finance
From Marx to the Market                                          Nov-03   Economics and Finance
From Shock to Therapy                                            Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Fundamental Determinants of Exchange Rates                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Game Theory and Economic Modelling                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
A Game-Theoretic Perspective on Coalition Formation              Jan-08   Economics and Finance
Gender and Green Governance                                      Sep-10   Economics and Finance
The Genesis of Macroeconomics                                    May-09   Economics and Finance
The German Financial System                                      Jan-05   Economics and Finance
The Glitter of Gold                                              Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Global and National Macroeconometric Modelling                   Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Global Banking                                                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Global Compassion                                                Sep-09   Economics and Finance
The Global Environment, Natural Resources, and Economic Growth   Sep-08   Economics and Finance
Global Governance of Financial Systems                           Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Global Public Goods                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Global Securities Market                                     Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Globalization and Labor Conditions                               Sep-06   Economics and Finance
The Globalizing Learning Economy                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Golden Age of Capitalism                                     Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Golden Fetters                                                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Governing Globalization                                          Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Governing the Modern Corporation                                 Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Government as Entrepreneur                                       Sep-09   Economics and Finance
Governments, Globalization, and International Business           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Greening Aid?                                                    May-08   Economics and Finance
Growth through Competition, Competition through Growth           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Growth, Inequality, and Poverty                                  Apr-04   Economics and Finance
Halting Degradation of Natural Resources                         Jan-05   Economics and Finance
A Handbook of International Trade in Services                    Jan-08   Economics and Finance
The Handbook of Rational and Social Choice                       May-09   Economics and Finance
Happiness Quantified                                             May-08   Economics and Finance
Happiness Quantified                                             Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Health and Social Justice                                                     Feb-10   Economics and Finance
The Heritage Game                                                             May-08   Economics and Finance
Homeownership and the Labour Market in Europe                                 Oct-11   Economics and Finance
How the Chicago School Overshot the Mark                                      Jan-09   Economics and Finance
Human Well-Being and the Natural Environment                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Hunger and Public Action                                                      Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Impact of EMU on Europe and the Developing Countries                      Oct-11   Economics and Finance
In Search of Civil Society                                                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Incentives and Political Economy                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Income and Wealth                                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Income Distribution                                                           May-06   Economics and Finance
Increasing Returns and Efficiency                                             Oct-11   Economics and Finance
India                                                                         May-10   Economics and Finance
India in Transition                                                           Oct-11   Economics and Finance
India's Economic Reforms, 1991-2001                                           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Indian Development                                                            Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Industrial Policy and Development                                             Feb-10   Economics and Finance
The Industrialization of Rural China                                          Jan-07   Economics and Finance
Inefficient Markets                                                           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Inequality and Growth in Modern China                                         May-08   Economics and Finance
Inequality and the State                                                      Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Inequality Growth and Poverty in an Era of Liberalization and Globalization   Aug-04   Economics and Finance
The Inequality of Pay                                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Inequality Reexamined                                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Informal Finance in China: American and Chinese Perspectives                  Feb-10   Economics and Finance
Information and Investment                                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Information and Organization                                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Information Technology, Productivity, and Economic Growth                     Oct-11   Economics and Finance
An Inquiry into Well-Being and Destitution                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Institutions in Transition                                                    Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Insurance Against Poverty                                                     Jan-05   Economics and Finance
International Competitiveness and Technological Change                        May-07   Economics and Finance
International Migration                                                       Aug-04   Economics and Finance
The International Mobility of Talent                                          May-08   Economics and Finance
An Introduction to Auction Theory                                             Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Investment Banking                                                            May-07   Economics and Finance
Is War Necessary for Economic Growth?                                         Feb-06   Economics and Finance
Jacob Mincer                                                                  May-07   Economics and Finance
Japan, China, and the Growth of the Asian International Economy, 1850-1949    Jul-05   Economics and Finance
The Japanese Employment System                                                Jul-05   Economics and Finance
The Japanese Enterprise System                                                Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Japanese Firm                                                             Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Japanese Main Bank System                                                 Aug-04   Economics and Finance
The Japanese Tax System                                                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
John Law: Economic Theorist and Policy-maker                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Keynes's Vision                                                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Korea under Siege, 1876-1945                                                  Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Labour and the Political Economy in Israel                                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Last Rights                                                                   May-07   Economics and Finance
Learning to be Capitalists                                                    Jan-09   Economics and Finance
The Lever of Riches                                                           Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Life of Adam Smith                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Likelihood-Based Inference in Cointegrated Vector Autoregressive Models   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Linking the Formal and Informal Economy                                   Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Living Standards in the Past                                              Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Logic of Choice and Economic Theory                                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The London Stock Exchange                                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Love-Letters and Privacy in Modern China                                  Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Macro Markets                                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Major Recessions                                                          Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Making Foreign Investment Safe                                            May-07   Economics and Finance
Making Globalization Good                                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Management Accounting in the Digital Economy                              Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Managing Intellectual Capital                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Managing Pension and Retirement Plans                                     Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Managing the Research University                                          Sep-11   Economics and Finance
A Market Theory of Money                                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Measurement of Productive Efficiency and Productivity Change          Jan-08   Economics and Finance
Measuring Corporate Default Risk                                          Sep-11   Economics and Finance
Merchants to Multinationals                                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Methodology and Practice of Econometrics                              Sep-09   Economics and Finance
Methods of Dynamic Economics                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Micro-Econometrics for Policy, Program and Treatment Effects              Feb-06   Economics and Finance
Microeconometrics of Banking                                              Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Microeconomic Theory                                                      Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Microeconomics                                                            Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Modelling Nonlinear Economic Time Series                                  May-11   Economics and Finance
Models for Dynamic Macroeconomics                                         Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Monetary and Financial Integration in East Asia                           Sep-10   Economics and Finance
Monetary Unions and Hard Pegs                                             Aug-04   Economics and Finance
The Moral Foundation of Economic Behavior                                 Jan-12   Economics and Finance
The Mortality Crisis in Transitional Economies                            Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Motivation, Agency, and Public Policy                                     Apr-04   Economics and Finance
Mountains of Debt                                                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Moving to Markets in Environmental Regulation                             Jan-07   Economics and Finance
Multinational Corporations and Foreign Direct Investment                  May-07   Economics and Finance
Multinationals and Global Capitalism                                      Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Natural Justice                                                           Jan-07   Economics and Finance
The Nature and Dynamics of Organizational Capabilities                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Network Epidemiology                                                      Aug-04   Economics and Finance
The New Competitive Advantage                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The New Public Finance                                                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The New Ruthless Economy                                                  Oct-11   Economics and Finance
New Sources of Development Finance                                        Jan-05   Economics and Finance
A New View of Economic Growth                                             Nov-03   Economics and Finance
North-South Trade, Employment and Inequality                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
A Not-so-dismal Science                                                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Nutrition and Poverty                                                     Oct-11   Economics and Finance
On Custom in the Economy                                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
On Economic Inequality                                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
On the Take                                                               Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Origin of Goods                                                       May-06   Economics and Finance
Out of Equilibrium                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
An Outline of the History of Economic Thought                             Oct-05   Economics and Finance
An Outline of the History of Economic Thought                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Overcoming Developing Country Debt Crises                                  May-10   Economics and Finance
Oxford Handbook of International Business                                  Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Panel Data Econometrics                                                    Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Patriarchy and Development                                                 Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Peasants versus City-Dwellers                                              Jan-05   Economics and Finance
The Pension Challenge                                                      Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Pension Design and Structure                                               Jan-05   Economics and Finance
Pension Funds                                                              Mar-12   Economics and Finance
Pension Reform                                                             Sep-10   Economics and Finance
Pension Security in the 21st Century                                       Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Periodic Time Series Models                                                Aug-04   Economics and Finance
Personal Wealth from a Global Perspective                                  Jan-09   Economics and Finance
The Philippine Economy                                                     Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Playing for Real                                                           May-07   Economics and Finance
The Pledge                                                                 May-09   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of Hunger: Volume 1: Entitlement and Well-being      Jan-08   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of Hunger: Volume 2: Famine Prevention               Jan-08   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of Hunger: Volume 3: Endemic Hunger                  Jan-08   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of Labour Market Institutions                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of Poverty, Equity and Growth: A Comparative Study   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of the Japanese Financial Big Bang                   May-06   Economics and Finance
The Political Economy of the World Trading System                          Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Politics of Equity Finance in Emerging Markets                         Apr-05   Economics and Finance
The Politics of Lawmaking in Post-Mao China                                Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Poor under Globalization in Asia, Latin America, and Africa            Sep-10   Economics and Finance
Population Matters                                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Poverty and Deprivation in Europe                                          Jan-12   Economics and Finance
Poverty and Famines                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Poverty and Undernutrition                                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Poverty Dynamics                                                           May-09   Economics and Finance
Prelude to Political Economy                                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Pricing Decisions in the Euro Area                                         Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Principled Agents?                                                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Private Sector Involvement and International Financial Crises              Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Profit Power Economics                                                     Feb-10   Economics and Finance
Promise, Trust and Evolution                                               May-08   Economics and Finance
Propaganda and Culture in Mao's China                                      Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Providing Global Public Goods                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Public Economics in Action                                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Public Economics of the Environment                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Public Goods, Public Gains                                                 May-11   Economics and Finance
The Quality of Life                                                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Rational Risk Policy                                                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Rebuilding War-Torn States                                                 Jan-09   Economics and Finance
Reforming Pensions                                                         Sep-09   Economics and Finance
Regions, Globalization, and the Knowledge-Based Economy                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Regulating Finance                                                         Jul-05   Economics and Finance
Reinventing the Retirement Paradigm                                        Feb-06   Economics and Finance
Repeated Games and Reputations                                             Jan-07   Economics and Finance
Resource Abundance and Economic Development                                Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Restructuring Retirement Risks                                             Sep-06   Economics and Finance
Richard Cantillon: Entrepreneur and Economist                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Rise of “The Rest”                                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Rise of Mutual Funds                                             Jan-09   Economics and Finance
The Rise of Mutual Funds                                             Jan-12   Economics and Finance
The Road to Monetary Union in Europe                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Role of Government in East Asian Economic Development            Jan-07   Economics and Finance
The Role of the State in Economic Change                             Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Role of Tradition in Japan's Industrialization                   Sep-06   Economics and Finance
The Role of Unions in the Twenty-first Century                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
The Ruling Class                                                     Jan-11   Economics and Finance
The Rural-Urban Divide                                               Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Samaritan's Dilemma                                              Oct-05   Economics and Finance
Samuelsonian Economics and the Twenty-First Century                  Jan-09   Economics and Finance
Separability and Aggregation                                         Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Seven Schools of Macroeconomic Thought                               Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Short-Term Capital Flows and Economic Crises                         Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Simulation-based Econometric Methods                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Skilled Immigration Today                                            Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Social Democracy in Neoliberal Times                                 Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Social Indicators                                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Social Provision in Low-Income Countries                             Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Social Security in Developing Countries                              Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Social Security Reform                                               Oct-11   Economics and Finance
The Socialist System                                                 Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Soft Coal, Hard Choices                                              Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Sources of Chinese Economic Growth, 1978-1996                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
South African Economic Policy under Democracy                        May-09   Economics and Finance
South Korea in the Fast Lane                                         Sep-07   Economics and Finance
Southern Engines of Global Growth                                    May-10   Economics and Finance
Sovereign Debt at the Crossroads                                     May-06   Economics and Finance
The Sovereign Remedy?                                                May-09   Economics and Finance
Spatial Inequality and Development                                   Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Special Drawing Rights (SDRs)                                        Jan-12   Economics and Finance
Stability with Growth                                                Sep-06   Economics and Finance
State Banking in Early America                                       Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Stochastic Limit Theory                                              Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Stochastic Optimal Control, International Finance, and Debt Crises   May-06   Economics and Finance
Stock Market Capitalism: Welfare Capitalism                          Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Strategic Asset Allocation                                           Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Strategic Interaction and Markets                                    Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Strategic Learning and its Limits                                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Strategy, Economic Organization, and the Knowledge Economy           Apr-05   Economics and Finance
Structural Reforms Without Prejudices                                May-07   Economics and Finance
The Structure and Regulation of Financial Markets                    Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Survey Research in Corporate Finance                                 May-11   Economics and Finance
A System of Social Science                                           Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Tax Reform and the Cost of Capital                                   Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Technology and Industrial Development in Japan                       Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Technology, Organization, and Competitiveness                        Nov-03   Economics and Finance
Termites in the Trading System                                       Oct-11   Economics and Finance
Theory and Practice of Excise Taxation                               Oct-05   Economics and Finance
Theory of Economic Growth                                            Nov-03   Economics and Finance
A Theory of Employment Systems                                             Nov-03      Economics and Finance
The Theory of the Growth of the Firm                                       Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Time for a Visible Hand                                                    Feb-10      Economics and Finance
Time-Series-Based Econometrics                                             Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Towards a Labour Market in China                                           Apr-05      Economics and Finance
Trade and Jobs in Europe                                                   Aug-04      Economics and Finance
Trade Policy and Corporate Business Decisions                              Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Trade Policy and Economic Welfare                                          Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Trade Policy, Industrialization, and Development                           Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Trade—The Engine of Growth in East Asia                                    Oct-11      Economics and Finance
                                                                           Sep-06      Economics and Finance
Transforming the Twentieth Century: Volume 2: Technical Innovations and Their Consequences
Transition and Challenge                                                   May-07      Economics and Finance
Transition and Institutions                                                Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Uganda's Economic Reforms                                                  Feb-10      Economics and Finance
Understanding Canton                                                       Feb-06      Economics and Finance
Understanding Chinese Families                                             Feb-10      Economics and Finance
Understanding Consumption                                                  Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Understanding Poverty                                                      Sep-06      Economics and Finance
Unemployment                                                               Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Urbanization and Development                                               Jan-11      Economics and Finance
Value–Based Management with Corporate Social Responsibility                Sep-09      Economics and Finance
Valuing Environmental Preferences                                          Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Valuing Freedoms                                                           Apr-04      Economics and Finance
Valuing the Closely Held Firm                                              Jan-08      Economics and Finance
Varieties of Capitalism                                                    Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Visions of Innovation                                                      Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Visions of the Future                                                      Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Volatility and Growth                                                      Jan-07      Economics and Finance
Volatility and Time Series Econometrics                                    May-10      Economics and Finance
Wage Labour and Unfreedom in Agriculture                                   Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Wall Street                                                                Nov-03      Economics and Finance
War and Underdevelopment                                                   Oct-11      Economics and Finance
War and Underdevelopment                                                   Oct-11      Economics and Finance
War, Hunger, and Displacement: VOLUME 1                                    Oct-11      Economics and Finance
War, Hunger, and Displacement: Volume 2                                    Oct-11      Economics and Finance
The Washington Consensus Reconsidered                                      May-08      Economics and Finance
The Welfare State as Piggy Bank                                            Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Welfare, Incentives, and Taxation                                          Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Who Needs Migrant Workers?                                                 Jan-11      Economics and Finance
Who's Afraid of the WTO?                                                   Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Why Cooperate?                                                             Oct-11      Economics and Finance
Why Does College Cost So Much?                                             Jan-11      Economics and Finance
Women, Culture, and Development                                            Nov-03      Economics and Finance
Work and Pay in 20th Century Britain                                       May-07      Economics and Finance
Working Capital Management                                                 May-10      Economics and Finance
Working Hard, Working Poor                                                 Jan-12      Economics and Finance
Working Hours and Job Sharing in the EU and USA                            May-08      Economics and Finance
The World Economy between the World Wars                                   May-08      Economics and Finance
Worldwide Financial Reporting                                              Feb-06      Economics and Finance
“A Gentleman and an Officer”                                               Oct-11      History
‘A Nation of Beggars’?                                                     Oct-11      History
The Absent-Minded Imperialists                                             Oct-11      History
Absolutism in Renaissance Milan                                             Feb-10    History
The Advent of Modern Capitalism in France, 1770–1840                        Oct-11    History
After Hitler                                                                Jan-10    History
After Progress                                                              Oct-11    History
After Redemption                                                            Jan-08    History
After Ruskin                                                                May-11    History
After the Expulsion                                                         Jan-10    History
After the Fall                                                              Feb-10    History
The Age of Conquest                                                         Oct-11    History
The Age of Federalism                                                       Oct-11    History
Aggressive Nationalism                                                      Sep-07    History
AIDS in the UK                                                              Oct-11    History
Ain't I a Beauty Queen?                                                     Oct-11    History
The Akan Diaspora in the Americas                                           May-10    History
Albion and Jerusalem                                                        May-09    History
Alfonso the Magnanimous                                                     Oct-11    History
All this is your World                                                      Jan-12    History
The Allegiance of Thomas Hobbes                                             Jan-10    History
Altars Restored                                                             Oct-11    History
Alternative Agriculture: A History                                          Oct-11    History
Ambrose Bierce                                                              Oct-11    History
America's Joan of Arc                                                       Sep-07    History
The Anarchy of King Stephen's Reign                                         Oct-11    History
An Anglican Aristocracy                                                     Oct-11    History
Anglo-American Relations and the Franco Question, 1945–1955                 Oct-11    History
Anglo-Saxon Deviant Burial Customs                                          May-09    History
The Anglo-Saxon Library                                                     Jan-10    History
Anti-Calvinists                                                             Oct-11    History
Anticolonialism in British Politics                                         Oct-11    History
An Apprenticeship in Arms                                                   Sep-07    History
Approaching an Auschwitz Survivor                                           Sep-09    History
Aristocracy and its Enemies in the Age of Revolution                        Oct-11    History
An Aristocracy of Everyone                                                  Oct-11    History
Aristocratic Government in the Age of Reform                                Oct-11    History
The Aristocratic Temper of Greek Civilization                               Oct-11    History
Aristocratic Women and Political Society in Victorian Britain               Oct-11    History
Asante and the Dutch 1744–1873                                              Oct-11    History
Atheism from the Reformation to the Enlightenment                           Oct-11    History
Atlantic Families                                                           Jan-09    History
Australia’s Empire                                                          Oct-11    History
Austria, Hungary, and the Habsburgs                                         Oct-11    History
Authority and Asceticism from Augustine to Gregory the Great                Oct-11    History
Backing Hitler                                                              Oct-11    History
The Balkans                                                                 May-11    History
Barbed Wire Diplomacy                                                       May-10    History
Battle for the Castle                                                       Sep-09    History
The Battle Over Hetch Hetchy                                                Sep-07    History
Becoming African in America                                                 Sep-07    History
Behind the Berlin Wall                                                      Feb-10    History
Being Soviet                                                                Jan-12    History
Beliefs and the Dead in Reformation England                                 Jan-10    History
Benjamin Collins and the Provincial Newspaper Trade in the Eighteenth Century ct-11   History
Benjamin Franklin                                                     Oct-11   History
Bentham, Byron, and Greece                                            Oct-11   History
Betrayals                                                             Oct-11   History
Between Dignity and Despair                                           Oct-11   History
Between the Devil and the Host                                        Jan-12   History
Between Two Empires                                                   Sep-07   History
Beyond the Medieval Village                                           Jan-09   History
Birth Control, Sex, and Marriage in Britain 1918-1960                 Sep-07   History
Birth, Marriage, and Death                                            Oct-11   History
A Bitter Living                                                       Jan-10   History
The Black and Tans                                                    Sep-11   History
Black and White Manhattan                                             Jan-10   History
Black Country Élites                                                  Oct-11   History
Black Experience and the Empire                                       Oct-11   History
Black, White, and Indian                                              Sep-07   History
Blazing Heritage                                                      Sep-07   History
Blood and Violence in Early Modern France                             Jan-10   History
Blood, Sweat, and Toil                                                Jan-12   History
Boardwalk of Dreams                                                   Sep-07   History
Bodies of Thought                                                     Sep-08   History
Body by Weimar                                                        Sep-10   History
Bonds of Empire                                                       Sep-11   History
Botswana 1939–1945                                                    Oct-11   History
Bound for America                                                     Oct-11   History
The Bourgeois Citizen in Nineteenth-Century France                    Oct-11   History
Bracing for Armageddon                                                Sep-07   History
Bread and Justice                                                     Oct-11   History
The Bridges of Medieval England                                       Jan-10   History
Britain and Central Europe 1918–1933                                  Oct-11   History
Britain and the Islamic World, 1558–1713                              Sep-11   History
Britain and the Last Tsar                                             Oct-11   History
Britain and the Revolt in Cyprus, 1954-1959                           Oct-11   History
Britain, Ireland, and Continental Europe in the Eighteenth Century    May-11   History
Britain, Switzerland, and the Second World War                        Jan-10   History
Britain's Experience of Empire in the Twentieth Century               Jan-12   History
British ‘non-élite’ MPs 1715–1820                                     Oct-11   History
The British Armed Nation 1793–1815                                    Oct-11   History
British Foreign Policy in the Age of the American Revolution          Oct-11   History
The British General Election of 1931                                  Oct-11   History
British Idealism and Social Explanation                               Oct-11   History
The British Isles and the War of American Independence                Oct-11   History
British Jewry, Zionism, and the Jewish State, 1936-1956               Jan-12   History
The British Labour Party and the German Social Democrats, 1900–1931   Oct-11   History
The British Left and India                                            Jan-08   History
The British Peace Movement 1870-1914                                  Jan-10   History
British Policy and the Weimar Republic, 1918–1919                     Oct-11   History
British Slave Emancipation                                            Oct-11   History
The British Volunteer Movement 1794-1814                              Jan-10   History
The British Way in Counter-Insurgency, 1945-1967                      Jan-12   History
Broken Lives                                                          Oct-11   History
Brokering Belonging                                                   Jan-11   History
Brooklyn's Dodgers                                                    Oct-11   History
Brother's Keeper                                                               May-08   History
Brothers Among Nations                                                         Sep-08   History
Bulgaria                                                                       Jan-10   History
The Burgher and the Whore                                                      May-11   History
Burr, Hamilton, and Jefferson                                                  Oct-11   History
The Business of Decolonization                                                 Oct-11   History
The Business of Women                                                          Sep-07   History
Business, Race, and Politics in British India, c. 1850–1960                    Oct-11   History
Byzantium and the Crusader States 1096–1204                                    Oct-11   History
Calvinism on the Frontier 1600–1660                                            Oct-11   History
Calvinists and Libertines                                                      Oct-11   History
Canada and the British Empire                                                  Oct-11   History
Capitalists and Christians                                                     Oct-11   History
The Carmelites and Antiquity                                                   Jan-10   History
The Caroline Captivity of the Church                                           Oct-11   History
Castles in Medieval Society                                                    Jan-10   History
Catholic Belfast and Nationalist Ireland in the Era of Joe Devlin, 1871-1934
                                                           ‐                   Jan-09   History
Catholic Devotion in Victorian England                                         Oct-11   History
Catholic Identity and the Revolt of the Netherlands, 1520 1635                 Jan-12   History
The Catholic Priesthood and the English Reformation                            Oct-11   History
Catholic Reformation in Ireland                                                Jan-10   History
Catholicism in the Second Spanish Republic                                     Oct-11   History
Caudillos in Spanish America 1800–1850                                         Oct-11   History
The Challenge of Affluence                                                     Oct-11   History
Charles James Fox                                                              Oct-11   History
Charles the Second                                                             Oct-11   History
Chasing Dirt                                                                   Oct-11   History
Children of the French Empire                                                  Oct-11   History
The China Question                                                             Sep-08   History
China without mao                                                              Oct-11   History
Chivalry and Violence in Medieval Europe                                       Oct-11   History
The Christian's ABC                                                            Oct-11   History
Christianity and Social Service in Modern Britain                              Jan-10   History
The Christianization of Iceland                                                Oct-11   History
Christmas in America                                                           Oct-11   History
Church and Cosmos in Early Ottonian Germany                                    Jan-08   History
Churches and Social Issues in Twentieth-Century Britain                        Oct-11   History
Churchill                                                                      Oct-11   History
Cities Divided                                                                 Jan-10   History
Citizen, State, and Social Welfare in Britain 1830–1990                        Oct-11   History
Citizenship, Community, and the Church of England                              Jan-10   History
Civil Histories                                                                Oct-11   History
Civil Society and Academic Debate in Russia 1905–1914                          Oct-11   History
Civil Society in British History                                               Jan-10   History
Civilizing Habits                                                              Sep-10   History
A Claim to Land by the River                                                   Oct-11   History
Classes and Cultures                                                           Oct-11   History
The Cloister and the World                                                     Oct-11   History
Cold Peace                                                                     Sep-07   History
The Colditz Myth                                                               Oct-11   History
The Colombian Caribbean                                                        Oct-11   History
Colonel Edward Saunderson                                                      Oct-11   History
Colonial Land Policies in Palestine, 1917–1936                Oct-11   History
The Coming of the First World War                             Oct-11   History
The Common Good in Late Medieval Political Thought            Oct-11   History
The Common Law of Colonial America                            Sep-08   History
The Communion of Women                                        May-10   History
Communism and Nationalism                                     Oct-11   History
Communities of Belief                                         Oct-11   History
Community and Clientele in Twelfth-Century Tuscany            Oct-11   History
The Company-State                                             Sep-11   History
Composers of the Nazi Era                                     Jan-10   History
Composition in Black and White                                Oct-11   History
Conceiving the Old Regime                                     Sep-10   History
Conceptualizing the State                                     Oct-11   History
The Conciliarist Tradition                                    Jan-10   History
Confederate Emancipation                                      Sep-07   History
Conquered England                                             Sep-08   History
Conquest by Law                                               Sep-07   History
Conscription and the Attlee Governments                       Oct-11   History
Conservative Century                                          Oct-11   History
Contested Island                                              Jan-08   History
Contesting Castro                                             Oct-11   History
The Cossacks and Religion in Early Modern Ukraine             Jan-10   History
The Counter-Reformation in Central Europe                     Jan-10   History
Cradle to Grave                                               Oct-11   History
The Creation of a Community                                   Oct-11   History
Creatures of Empire                                           Sep-07   History
Credit and Community                                          Jan-09   History
Crime, Police, and Penal Policy                               Sep-07   History
The Crimes of Women in Early Modern Germany                   Oct-11   History
Cromwell's Navy                                               Oct-11   History
Cromwellian Ireland                                           Oct-11   History
Cross-Cultural Encounters and Conflicts                       Oct-11   History
Crowds, Culture, and Politics in Georgian Britain             Oct-11   History
The Culture of Power and the Power of Culture                 Oct-11   History
The Culture of Secrecy                                        Oct-11   History
Culture, Politics, and National Identity in Wales 1832-1886   Jan-10   History
Cultures in Conflict                                          Oct-11   History
Cultures of Plague                                            Feb-10   History
Customs and Excise                                            Jan-10   History
The Cute and the Cool                                         Jan-10   History
Czech, German, and Noble                                      Jan-09   History
Dangerous Talk                                                Oct-11   History
Death and the Prince                                          Oct-11   History
Death at the Berlin Wall                                      May-11   History
Death before Birth                                            Sep-09   History
Death in Childbirth                                           Oct-11   History
Death in the Victorian Family                                 Oct-11   History
Death of a Generation                                         Oct-11   History
The Death of the KPD                                          Oct-11   History
Death, Religion, and the Family in England, 1480–1750         Oct-11   History
Debtor Diplomacy                                              Jan-10   History
Decision-Making in Medieval Agriculture                       Jan-10   History
The Decline of British Radicalism, 1847–1860                               Oct-11   History
Defenders of the Holy Land                                                 Oct-11   History
Defenders of the Motherland                                                Feb-10   History
Deliver Us from Evil                                                       Sep-09   History
Denmark, 1513–1660                                                         Sep-07   History
The Detection of Heresy in Late Medieval England                           Sep-07   History
The Development of Agrarian Capitalism                                     Oct-11   History
The Devil's Lane                                                           Oct-11   History
The Diamond in the Bronx                                                   Oct-11   History
Different Drummers                                                         Jan-10   History
The Diocesan Revival in the Church of England c.1800–1870                  Oct-11   History
Dispossessing the Wilderness                                               Oct-11   History
Disraeli and the Eastern Question                                          Jan-11   History
The Dissenters                                                             Oct-11   History
Divided Gaels                                                              Jan-10   History
Divided Kingdom                                                            Sep-08   History
Domestic Biography                                                         Oct-11   History
Domestic Dangers                                                           Oct-11   History
Dons and Workers                                                           Oct-11   History
Dutch Primacy in World Trade, 1585–1740                                    Mar-12   History
Dwelling in the Archive                                                    Jan-10   History
The Earls of Mercia                                                        Jan-08   History
Early Irish and Welsh Kinship                                              Oct-11   History
The East German Leadership and the Division of Germany                     Jan-10   History
Eastern Wisedome and Learning                                              Oct-11   History
Economic Relations between Nazi Germany and Franco’s Spain 1936–1945       Oct-11   History
Edmund Burke, Volume I                                                     Oct-11   History
Edmund Burke, Volume II                                                    Oct-11   History
Educating Women                                                            Sep-07   History
Education and the Scottish People 1750–1918                                Oct-11   History
Electing Our Masters                                                       Oct-11   History
Elite Women in English Political Life c.1754-1790                          Sep-07   History
The Elizabethan Puritan Movement                                           Oct-11   History
Emden and the Dutch Revolt                                                 Oct-11   History
An Empire Divided                                                          Jan-10   History
Empire of Love                                                             Jan-10   History
An Empire of Memory                                                        May-11   History
Empires of Faith                                                           Jan-12   History
Enchanted Europe                                                           Oct-11   History
Enclosure and the Yeoman                                                   Oct-11   History
The End of an Élite                                                        Oct-11   History
The End of the Spanish Empire, 1898–1923                                   Oct-11   History
Ending 'East of Suez'                                                      May-10   History
Enforced Disarmament                                                       Oct-11   History
England on Edge                                                            Oct-11   History
The English and the Normans                                                Jan-10   History
The English Benedictine Cathedral Priories                                 Sep-11   History
The English Church and the Continent in the Tenth and Eleventh Centuries   Mar-12   History
English Church Monuments in the Middle Ages                                May-09   History
English Medieval Books                                                     Oct-11   History
The English Parliaments of Henry VII 1485-1504                             Sep-09   History
The English Urban Renaissance                                              Oct-11   History
'Englishmen Transplanted'                                       Jan-10   History
Englishness and Empire 1939-1965                                Jan-10   History
Englishness Identified                                          Oct-11   History
Enlightened Monks                                               Sep-11   History
Enlightenment Contested                                         Oct-11   History
Entrepreneurial Politics in Mid-Victorian Britain               Oct-11   History
Eoin O’Duffy                                                    Oct-11   History
The Epidemic Streets                                            Oct-11   History
Epidemics and Genocide in Eastern Europe, 1890–1945             Oct-11   History
Ernest Jones, Chartism, and the Romance of Politics 1819-1869   Jan-10   History
Ernie O’Malley                                                  Oct-11   History
Europe after Rome                                               Oct-11   History
European Jewry in the Age of Mercantilism 1550–1750             Mar-12   History
European Universities from the Enlightenment to 1914            Jan-10   History
Europeans on the Move                                           Oct-11   History
The Evolution of British General Practice, 1850–1948            Oct-11   History
Expelling the Germans                                           May-08   History
Facing Facts                                                    Oct-11   History
Facing the Second World War                                     Jan-10   History
Faith and Fatherland                                            Sep-11   History
The Fall of the British Monarchies 1637–1642                    Oct-11   History
Family Business                                                 Sep-09   History
Family Newspapers?                                              May-09   History
Family Structure in the Staffordshire Potteries 1840–1880       Oct-11   History
A Family Venture                                                Oct-11   History
“far, Far From Home”                                            Oct-11   History
Farm Production in England 1700-1914                            Jan-10   History
Fascist and Liberal Visions of War                              Oct-11   History
Feast and Famine                                                Jan-10   History
Feminism and the Third Republic                                 Oct-11   History
Fezzes in the River                                             May-11   History
The Field and the Forge                                         Jan-10   History
Field Marshal Sir Henry Wilson                                  Jan-10   History
The Final Solution                                              Oct-11   History
The First English Empire                                        Oct-11   History
The First World War and British Military History                Oct-11   History
The Flyer                                                       Oct-11   History
Food for War                                                    Jan-10   History
The Forgotten Prime Minister                                    Oct-11   History
The Forgotten Prime Minister: The 14th Earl of Derby            Oct-11   History
The Foundations of Gentry Life                                  May-10   History
The Foundations of Modern Wales                                 Oct-11   History
The Foundations of Ostpolitik                                   Jan-09   History
The Founding of the Dutch Republic                              May-08   History
Framing the Early Middle Ages                                   Oct-11   History
France 1848–1945                                                Oct-11   History
France 1848–1945: Volume Two: Intellect, Taste and Anxiety      Mar-12   History
France and the Nazi Menace                                      Oct-11   History
France in the Making 843–1180                                   Oct-11   History
France: The Dark Years, 1940–1944                               Oct-11   History
Francesco Crispi 1818-1901                                      Jan-10   History
Franco's Justice                                                Jan-10   History
Frederick William IV and the Prussian Monarchy 1840–1861                     Oct-11   History
Free Trade and Liberal England 1846–1946                                     Oct-11   History
Freedom with Responsibility                                                  Oct-11   History
From Courtesy to Civility                                                    Oct-11   History
From Empire to International Commonwealth                                    Oct-11   History
From Patriots to Unionists                                                   Oct-11   History
From Persecution to Toleration                                               Oct-11   History
From Reformation to Improvement                                              Oct-11   History
From Selma to Appomattox                                                     Oct-11   History
Frontier Development                                                         Oct-11   History
Frontiers of Medicine in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan, 1899–1940                 Oct-11   History
Frontiers of Violence                                                        Sep-10   History
Frontiers of Violence in North-East Africa                                   May-11   History
Funerals, Politics, and Memory in Modern France, 1789–1996                   Oct-11   History
Gendarmes and the State in Nineteenth-Century Europe                         Oct-11   History
Gender and Empire                                                            Oct-11   History
General Practice under the National Health Service, 1948–1997                Oct-11   History
Genocide on Trial                                                            Jan-10   History
Gentlemen and Barristers                                                     Oct-11   History
Gentrification and the Enterprise Culture                                    Jan-10   History
German Cities and Bourgeois Modernism, 1890-1924                             Sep-09   History
The German Myth of the East                                                  Feb-10   History
German Politics and the Jews                                                 Oct-11   History
German Resistance against Hitler                                             Oct-11   History
Germans on Welfare                                                           Oct-11   History
Germany and the Holy Roman Empire                                            Jan-12   History
Germany and the Holy Roman Empire                                            Jan-12   History
The Geronimo Campaign                                                        Oct-11   History
The Gestapo and German Society                                               Oct-11   History
The Gettysburg Lectures                                                      Oct-11   History
Gettysburg Requiem                                                           Oct-11   History
The Ghost of Freedom                                                         May-08   History
The Ghost of Jim Crow                                                        Sep-09   History
Goths and Romans 332–489                                                     Oct-11   History
Governing Passions                                                           Jan-10   History
Governing Rural England                                                      Oct-11   History
The Government of Scotland 1560-1625                                         Jan-10   History
Governments, Labour, and the Law in Mid-Victorian Britain                    Jan-10   History
The Great Game of Genocide                                                   Oct-11   History
The Greatest Fight of Our Generation                                         Sep-07   History
Greece and the Inter-War Economic Crisis                                     Oct-11   History
The Green Tiger                                                              Jan-10   History
Guarantee of Peace                                                           May-09   History
Guardians of Republicanism                                                   May-08   History
Hannah More                                                                  Jan-10   History
Harriet Beecher Stowe                                                        Oct-11   History
he French Foreign Office and the Origins of the First World War, 1898–1914   Oct-11   History
Hermits and Recluses in English Society, 950–1200                            May-11   History
High Church Prophet                                                          Oct-11   History
Hillbilly                                                                    Sep-07   History
Hindenburg                                                                   Feb-10   History
The Hindu Equilibrium                                                        Sep-08   History
Historians and Nationalism                                                   May-10         History
History and the Historians of Medieval Spain                                 Oct-11         History
The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom, Volume I                  Mar-12         History
                                                                              of Wireless
The History of Broadcasting in the United Kingdom: Volume II: The Golden AgeOct-11          History
A History of French Passions: Volume 1: Ambition, Love, and Politics         Oct-11         History
The History of Government from the Earliest Times                            Oct-11         History
A History of Harrow School 1324–1991                                         Oct-11         History
The History of the British Coal Industry: Volume 1: Before 1700              Oct-11         History
The History of the University of Oxford                                      Oct-11         History
The History of the University of Oxford: Volume II: Late Medieval Oxford     Oct-11         History
The History of the University of Oxford: Volume IV Seventeenth-Century OxfordOct-11         History
The History of the University of Oxford: Volume VIII: The Twentieth Century  Oct-11         History
History, Historians, and Conservatism in Britain and America                 May-09         History
Hitler's Army                                                                Oct-11         History
Hitler's Enforcers                                                           Oct-11         History
Hobson and Imperialism                                                       Jan-10         History
Holland and the Dutch Republic in the Seventeenth Century                    Oct-11         History
The Holy Household                                                           Oct-11         History
The Home Guard                                                               Oct-11         History
Homosexuality in Modern France                                               Oct-11         History
Hong Kong and the Cold War                                                   Jan-10         History
Hospitality in Early Modern England                                          Oct-11         History
A Hound of God                                                               Oct-11         History
A House in Gross Disorder                                                    Oct-11         History
The House of Percy                                                           Oct-11         History
Hunters and Poachers                                                         Mar-12         History
Husbandry to Housewifery                                                     Oct-11         History
The Hypothetical Mandarin                                                    May-09         History
The I.R.A. and its Enemies                                                   Oct-11         History
Identity of England                                                          Oct-11         History
Ideologies of Conservatism                                                   Jan-10         History
Ideology and the Irish Question                                              Oct-11         History
Images of Youth                                                              Oct-11         History
Immigration Reconsidered                                                     Oct-11         History
In Search of Human Nature                                                    Oct-11         History
In Search of the Maquis                                                      Oct-11         History
In the Service of Stalin                                                     Oct-11         History
In the Shadow of Melting Glaciers                                            May-10         History
In War's Wake                                                                Jan-12         History
Inferior Politics                                                            Oct-11         History
Information and Communication in Venice                                      Sep-08         History
Inside War                                                                   Oct-11         History
Intellectual Origins of the English Revolution - Revisited                   Oct-11         History
The Interdict in the Thirteenth Century                                      Sep-07         History
The Internationalization of Colonialism                                      Oct-11         History
Intimate Strategies of the Civil War                                         Oct-11         History
Inventing the "American Way"                                                 Jan-08         History
Inventing the Schlieffen Plan                                                Jan-10         History
Ireland                                                                      Oct-11         History
Ireland and Empire                                                           Oct-11         History
Ireland and the British Empire                                               Oct-11         History
Ireland: A New Economic History 1780–1939                                    Oct-11         History
The Irish Establishment 1879-1914                                             Sep-09   History
The Irish in Post-War Britain                                                 Jan-08   History
Jack Cade's Rebellion of 1450                                                 Oct-11   History
Jacobinism and the Revolt of Lyon 1789–1793                                   Oct-11   History
James Ussher                                                                  Sep-07   History
Japanese Imperialism 1894–1945                                                Oct-11   History
Jefferson Davis's Generals                                                    Oct-11   History
A Jesuit in the Forbidden City                                                Jan-11   History
The Jesuit Myth                                                               Oct-11   History
Jewish Daily Life in Germany, 1618-1945                                       Jan-10   History
Jewish Welfare in Hamburg and Manchester c.1850–1914                          Oct-11   History
The Jews in the History of England 1485–1850                                  Oct-11   History
Johann Heinrich Alsted 1588–1638                                              Oct-11   History
John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland 1504-1553                                 Oct-11   History
John Wilkes                                                                   Oct-11   History
Journeymen-Printers, Heresy, and the Inquisition in Sixteenth-Century Spain   Sep-07   History
Judging New Wealth                                                            Oct-11   History
Justice and Grace                                                             Sep-07   History
The Kaiser's Army                                                             Jan-10   History
The Keynesian Revolution in the Making, 1924–1936                             Oct-11   History
The Kid of Coney Island                                                       Oct-11   History
King Alfred the Great                                                         Oct-11   History
King George III and the Politicians                                           Oct-11   History
King James VI and I and his English Parliaments                               May-11   History
The King, the Crown, and the Duchy of Lancaster                               Oct-11   History
The Kingdom of Matthias                                                       Oct-11   History
Kingship and Propaganda                                                       Jan-10   History
The Knights Hospitaller of the English Langue 1460-1565                       Jan-10   History
Knowing Their Place                                                           Sep-11   History
Labour at War                                                                 Oct-11   History
Labour's War                                                                  Oct-11   History
The Lancashire Working Classes c.1880-1930                                    Jan-10   History
Land and Freedom                                                              Oct-11   History
Land and Revolution                                                           Sep-07   History
Land Reform in Russia, 1906–1917                                              Oct-11   History
Land, Law, and Lordship in Anglo-Norman England                               Oct-11   History
Land, Politics, and Society in Eighteenth-Century Tipperary                   Oct-11   History
Landlords and Tenants in Mid-Victorian Ireland                                Oct-11   History
The Landowners of the Argentine Pampas                                        Oct-11   History
Landownership in Eastern Germany Before the Great War                         May-08   History
The Lands Between                                                             Sep-10   History
Lanfranc                                                                      Jan-10   History
Learning from the Left                                                        Sep-07   History
Left Liberals, the State, and Popular Politics in Wilhelmine Germany          Oct-11   History
The Liberal Party in Rural England 1885-1910                                  Jan-10   History
Liberty and Authority in Victorian Britain                                    Oct-11   History
Liberty and Locality                                                          Oct-11   History
The Life of Edvard Beneš 1884–1948                                            Oct-11   History
The Lights that Failed                                                        Oct-11   History
Lincoln in American Memory                                                    Oct-11   History
Lincolnites and Rebels                                                        Sep-07   History
Lite in Black and White                                                       Oct-11   History
A Little Commonwealth                                             Oct-11   History
Little Soldiers                                                   May-11   History
‘Living Water’                                                    Oct-11   History
London in the Later Middle Ages                                   Jan-10   History
The Long Sexual Revolution                                        Jan-08   History
Lord Elgin and the Marbles                                        Oct-11   History
Lord Grey 1764–1845                                               Oct-11   History
Lords and Lordship in the British Isles in the Late Middle Ages   Sep-09   History
Lords of the Central Marches                                      Sep-08   History
Lordship, Kingship, and Empire                                    Oct-11   History
Loyalism and Radicalism in Lancashire, 1798-1815                  May-09   History
LSE                                                               Oct-11   History
Lucca 1430–1494                                                   Oct-11   History
Luxury and Pleasure in Eighteenth-Century Britain                 Oct-11   History
Luxury and Power                                                  Jan-12   History
Luxury and Public Happiness                                       Jan-10   History
MacDonald's Party                                                 Jan-10   History
The Macedonian Question                                           May-08   History
Madness and Society in Eighteenth-Century Scotland
      ū                                                           Oct-11   History
Magic and Impotence in the Middle Ages                            Sep-07   History
Majn n: The Madman in Medieval Islamic Society                    Oct-11   History
Making a Place for Ourselves                                      Oct-11   History
The Making and Unmaking of Empires                                Jan-10   History
Making Aristocracy Work                                           Oct-11   History
Making Ireland British, 1580-1650                                 Jan-10   History
Making Marriage Modern                                            May-09   History
The Making of "The Rape of Nanking"                               Jan-10   History
The Making of an Industrial Society                               Mar-12   History
The Making of Fianna Fáil Power in Ireland 1923–1948              Oct-11   History
The Making of Modern Turkey                                       Sep-11   History
Making Slavery History                                            Jan-11   History
Making the Peace                                                  Oct-11   History
The Man behind the Microchip                                      Sep-07   History
A Man of Honour                                                   Oct-11   History
Managing the Body                                                 Jan-11   History
Manors and Markets                                                May-10   History
The March of the Women                                            Oct-11   History
Margaret Fuller                                                   Oct-11   History
Margaret Fuller                                                   Oct-11   History
Marginal Europe                                                   Oct-11   History
The Margins of City Life                                          Oct-11   History
Marianne or Germania?                                             Jan-11   History
Marketing Health                                                  Sep-07   History
Marriage, Debt, and the Estates System                            Oct-11   History
Marriage, Perversion, and Power                                   Oct-11   History
Marriage, Property, and Law in Late Imperial Russia               Oct-11   History
Marsilius of Padua and 'the Truth of History'                     Jan-10   History
Massive Resistance                                                Jan-10   History
Mastering Christianity                                            Jan-12   History
Matters of the Heart                                              Oct-11   History
Maurice Bowra                                                     Oct-11   History
The Meaning of White                                              Jan-12   History
Meanings of Manhood in Early Modern England                  Jan-10   History
The Measure of Multitude                                     Oct-11   History
Media and the Making of Modern Germany                       Sep-08   History
The Medical War                                              Jan-11   History
Medicine and Religion c.1300                                 Oct-11   History
Medicine in an age of Commerce and Empire                    Jan-11   History
The Medieval Crown of Aragon                                 Oct-11   History
The Medieval Expansion of Europe                             Oct-11   History
Medieval Frontier Societies                                  Oct-11   History
Medieval Germany 1056–1273                                   Oct-11   History
The Medieval Idea of Marriage                                Oct-11   History
Medieval Irish Saints' Lives                                 Oct-11   History
Medieval Law and the Foundations of the State                Jan-10   History
Medieval Lucca                                               Jan-09   History
Medieval Marriage                                            Sep-07   History
Medieval Marriage Sermons                                    Jan-10   History
Medieval Single Women                                        Sep-08   History
Medieval Society and the Manor Court                         Oct-11   History
Memories of Empire, Volume I                                 Jan-12   History
Mental Disability in Victorian England                       Jan-10   History
The Middle Sort of People in Provincial England, 1600-1750   Sep-07   History
Migration and Empire                                         Jan-11   History
Migration and Inequality in Germany 1870-1913                Jan-10   History
Military Identities                                          Sep-07   History
The Mind of Gladstone                                        Jan-10   History
Minnie Fisher Cunningham                                     Jan-10   History
Miraculous Plagues                                           Sep-11   History
Missions and Empire                                          Oct-11   History
Model Nazi                                                   Oct-11   History
Modelling the Middle Ages                                    Oct-11   History
Modern British Jewry                                         Oct-11   History
Modernizing Nature                                           Jan-10   History
Mombasa, the Swahili, and the Making of the Mijikenda        Oct-11   History
Monasteries and Patrons in the Gorze Reform                  Jan-10   History
Monks and Markets                                            Jan-10   History
Morality and the Market in Victorian Britain                 Oct-11   History
The Moravian Church in England, 1728–1760                    Oct-11   History
Morbid Curiosities                                           May-11   History
A More Perfect Union                                         Sep-10   History
A Mother's Job                                               Oct-11   History
Murders and Madness                                          Oct-11   History
Myth and National Identity in Nineteenth-Century Britain     Oct-11   History
Names and Naming Patterns in England 1538–1700               Oct-11   History
Naples and Napoleon                                          Sep-07   History
A Nation upon the Ocean Sea                                  Jan-10   History
National Identity and Political Thought in Germany           Oct-11   History
Nationalism and Political Liberty                            Jan-10   History
Nationalism and the Irish Party                              Jan-10   History
Nationality and Citizenship in Revolutionary France          Oct-11   History
Native Claims                                                Jan-12   History
Native Law and the Church in Medieval Wales                  Oct-11   History
Nature's New Deal                                            Jan-08   History
Never Married                                                                Sep-07        History
A New History of Ireland                                                     Mar-12        History
A New History of Ireland                                                     Oct-11        History
A New History of Ireland Volume VII                                          Oct-11        History
A New History of Ireland, Volume VI                                          Mar-12        History
A New Significance                                                           Oct-11        History
News and the British World                                                   Jan-10        History
Newspapers, Politics, and Public Opinion in Late Eighteenth-Century England Oct-11         History
Nightmare in Red                                                             Mar-12        History
Nine Wartime Lives                                                           Oct-11        History
Nineteenth-Century Britain                                                   Oct-11        History
No Party Now                                                                 Jan-10        History
The Northerners                                                              Oct-11        History
Old Friends New Enemies                                                      Oct-11        History
On the Parish?                                                               Sep-07        History
One Hundred Days                                                             Oct-11        History
Only the Ball Was White                                                      Oct-11        History
An Open Elite?                                                               Oct-11        History
Oral and Literate Culture in England 1500–1700                               Oct-11        History
The Organization of American Historians and the Writing and Teaching of American History   History
Orientalism in Louis XIV's France                                            Sep-09        History
Orientalist Jones                                                            Jan-12        History
The Origins of the Cultural Revolution                                       Oct-11        History
The Origins of the English Parliament, 924-1327                              Sep-10        History
The Origins of the Hundred Years War                                         Oct-11        History
Orthodoxy and the Courts in Late Antiquity                                   Jan-08        History
The Ottoman Age of Exploration                                               May-10        History
Overture to Revolution                                                       Jan-11        History
Oxford and Empire                                                            Oct-11        History
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume I: The Origins of Empire    Oct-11        History
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume II: The Eighteenth Century Oct-11         History
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume III: The Nineteenth Century Oct-11        History
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume IV: The Twentieth Century Oct-11          History
The Oxford History of the British Empire: Volume V: Historiography           Oct-11        History
Pan-Arabism Before Nasser                                                    Oct-11        History
Papacy and Law in the Gregorian Revolution                                   Oct-11        History
Parents of Poor Children in England 1580-1800                                May-10        History
Parks in Medieval England                                                    Sep-09        History
Parliaments and English Politics 1621–1629                                   Oct-11        History
Parties and People                                                           Oct-11        History
Parties at War                                                               May-09        History
Party Politics and Decolonization                                            Oct-11        History
A Passion for Government                                                     Oct-11        History
Passion’s Fortune                                                            Oct-11        History
A Patriot Press                                                              Oct-11        History
Patrons, Clients, and Empire                                                 Jan-10        History
Patterns of Power in Early Wales                                             Oct-11        History
Peaceful Kings                                                               May-11        History
The Peculiarities of German History                                          Oct-11        History
The Pen and the People                                                       Feb-10        History
The People and the British Economy 1830–1914                                 Oct-11        History
A People Apart                                                               Mar-12        History
The People’s Peace                                              Mar-12   History
Philanthropy and the Hospitals of London                        Oct-11   History
Piers Gaveston                                                  Oct-11   History
The Pilgrimage of Grace and the Politics of the 1530s           Jan-10   History
Plague and Fire                                                 Sep-07   History
The Plain Man's Pathways to Heaven                              Jan-10   History
Poland’s Last King and English Culture                          Oct-11   History
Police Stories                                                  Jan-10   History
Policing Morals                                                 Oct-11   History
The Polish Revolution and the Catholic Church, 1788–1792        Jan-12   History
Political Catholicism in Europe, 1918–1965                      Oct-11   History
The Political Development of the British Isles 1100–1400        Oct-11   History
Political Society in Lancastrian England                        Oct-11   History
Political Thought in Ireland 1776-1798                          Jan-10   History
Political Violence in Ireland                                   Oct-11   History
Politics and Culture in Victorian Britain                       Oct-11   History
Politics and Culture in Wartime Japan                           Oct-11   History
Politics and Military Morale                                    Oct-11   History
Politics and Society in Great Yarmouth 1660–1722                Oct-11   History
Politics and the Nation                                         Jan-10   History
Politics in Brazil, 1930 - 1964                                 Jan-10   History
The Politics of Dissent                                         Oct-11   History
The Politics of Magnate Power                                   Jan-10   History
The Politics of Planning                                        Oct-11   History
The Politics of Rural Life                                      Oct-11   History
The Politics of the Irish Civil War                             Sep-07   History
The Politics of the Poor                                        Jan-10   History
The Politics of Trade                                           Jan-10   History
Pope Gregory VII, 1073–1085                                     Oct-11   History
Pope John XXII and his Franciscan Cardinal                      Jan-10   History
Pope Urban II's Council of Piacenza                             Jan-12   History
The Pope’s Men                                                  Oct-11   History
Popular Piety in Late Medieval England                          Oct-11   History
Popular Reading and Publishing in Britain 1914–1950             Oct-11   History
Population Exchange in Greek Macedonia                          Jan-10   History
Poverty and Piety in an English Village                         Oct-11   History
Power & Purity                                                  Oct-11   History
Power and Identity in the Middle Ages                           Oct-11   History
Power and Property in Medieval Germany                          Jan-10   History
The Power of News                                               Oct-11   History
Press and Politics in the Weimar Republic                       May-09   History
The Press in the Arab Middle East                               Oct-11   History
Print and Protestantism in Early Modern England                 Oct-11   History
The Problem of Mental Deficiency                                Oct-11   History
Processing the Past                                             May-11   History
Professors of the Law                                           Oct-11   History
Profits of Peace                                                Oct-11   History
The Promise of Preschool                                        May-10   History
Propaganda and the Role of the State in Inter-War Britain       Oct-11   History
Property and Civil Society in South-Western Germany 1820-1914   Jan-10   History
Proportional Representation                                     Oct-11   History
The Proprietary Church in the Medieval West                     May-11   History
The Protestant Crusade in Great Britain 1829–1860                   Oct-11   History
Providence in Early Modern England                                  Oct-11   History
Psychological Subjects                                              Sep-07   History
Public and Private Ownership of British Industry 1820–1990          Oct-11   History
Public Duty and Private Conscience in Seventeenth-Century England   Oct-11   History
Public Life and the Propertied Englishman 1689–1798                 Oct-11   History
Punishing the Dead?                                                 Sep-10   History
The Pursuit of Power in Modern Japan 1825–1995                      Oct-11   History
The Quakers in English Society, 1655-1725                           Oct-11   History
The Quarrel of Macaulay and Croker                                  Oct-11   History
The Quest for Statehood                                             Jan-12   History
Race and Slavery in the Middle East                                 Oct-11   History
Racial Crossings                                                    Sep-11   History
Radical Enlightenment                                               Oct-11   History
Radicals and the Republic                                           Oct-11   History
Radio London and Resistance in Occupied Europe                      Oct-11   History
Raising Churchill’s Army                                            Oct-11   History
Rebels Rising                                                       Sep-07   History
Rebirth of a Nation: Wales 1880–1980                                Mar-12   History
Reckoning with Reagan                                               Oct-11   History
Reconstructing the Body                                             Sep-09   History
The Reformation and the Towns in England                            Oct-11   History
Reformation Fictions                                                Sep-11   History
The Reformation of the Landscape                                    May-11   History
Regional Identity and Economic Change                               Oct-11   History
The Regionalist Movement in France 1890-1914                        Jan-10   History
The Reinvention of Spain                                            Jan-08   History
Religion and Society in Russia                                      Oct-11   History
Religion, Society, and Culture in Colombia                          Jan-10   History
Religious Belief and Popular Culture in Southwark c.1880–1939       Oct-11   History
Religious Change in Europe 1650–1914                                Oct-11   History
Religious Life for Women c.1100–c.1350                              Oct-11   History
Religious Transformation in South Asia                              Jan-09   History
Religious Warfare in Europe 1400-1536                               Jan-10   History
Renaissance and Reform in Tudor England                             May-10   History
Renewal and Reformation                                             Oct-11   History
Replenishing the Earth                                              Oct-11   History
The Resilience of the Spanish Monarchy 1665-1700                    Jan-10   History
The Restoration                                                     Oct-11   History
Restoration, Reformation, and Reform, 1660–1828                     Oct-11   History
Rethinking Catholicism in Reformation England
                             ŵ                                      Oct-11   History
The Return of the Armadas                                           Oct-11   History
The Revolt of Owain Glyn D r                                        Oct-11   History
Revolution and Environment in Southern France                       Oct-11   History
Revolution and the Republic                                         Sep-11   History
Revolution from Above, Rebellion from Below                         Oct-11   History
The Revolution in Provincial France                                 Oct-11   History
The Revolutions in Europe, 1848–1849                                Oct-11   History
‘Rhodesians Never Die’                                              Oct-11   History
Richard II                                                          Jan-09   History
The Rights of War and Peace                                         Oct-11   History
Riotous Assemblies                                                  Jan-10   History
The Rise and Fall of Merry England                                        Oct-11   History
The Rise and Fall of the American Whig Party                              Oct-11   History
The Rise of Historical Economics and Social Reform in Germany 1864-1894   Jan-10   History
The Rise of the Barristers                                                Oct-11   History
Rise of the Bourgeoisie, Demise of Empire                                 Oct-11   History
The Rise of the Fiscal State in Europe c.1200–1815                        Oct-11   History
Risorgimento in Exile                                                     Sep-09   History
Road to Divorce                                                           Oct-11   History
The Romanians, 1774–1866                                                  Oct-11   History
The Ruhr Crisis 1923-1924                                                 Jan-10   History
Russia's Own Orient                                                       May-11   History
Russian America                                                           May-11   History
Russian Identities                                                        Jan-10   History
Russian Rule in Samarkand 1868-1910                                       Jan-09   History
Saddam's Word                                                             Oct-11   History
Saints and their Communities                                              Jan-10   History
Samuel Johnson and the Politics of Hanoverian England                     Oct-11   History
Science and the Social Good                                               Feb-10   History
Science at Oxford, 1914-1939                                              Oct-11   History
Scotland and the British Empire                                           Jan-12   History
Scotland, England, and the Reformation 1534-61                            Jan-10   History
Scribes and Scholars at Salisbury Cathedral c. 1075–c. 1125               Oct-11   History
Scripture Politics                                                        Oct-11   History
A Second Domesday?                                                        Jan-10   History
Selling Sex in the Reich                                                  May-10   History
Selling the Korean War                                                    May-08   History
Servants                                                                  Oct-11   History
Settlers and Expatriates                                                  Sep-10   History
Sexual Politics                                                           Jan-12   History
Shaping the Day                                                           Oct-11   History
“Shattered Nerves”                                                        Oct-11   History
Shifting Grounds                                                          Jan-12   History
Sicily and the Unification of Italy                                       Oct-11   History
Sin and Society in Fourteenth-Century England                             Oct-11   History
The Slaveholding Republic                                                 Oct-11   History
Slavemaster President                                                     Jan-10   History
Sociability and Power in Late Stuart England                              Oct-11   History
Social Change in the Age of Enlightenment                                 Oct-11   History
The Soderini and the Medici                                               Oct-11   History
Soldiers and Statesmen                                                    Oct-11   History
Somoza and Roosevelt                                                      Jan-10   History
Sorrowful Shores                                                          May-09   History
Southern Crossing                                                         Oct-11   History
Sovereignty and the Sword                                                 Oct-11   History
Soviet Veterans of World War II                                           Jan-09   History
Spies in Arabia                                                           May-08   History
Spies in Uniform                                                          Jan-10   History
Sport and the British                                                     Oct-11   History
Spying on Ireland                                                         May-08   History
Spying on Science                                                         Jan-10   History
Stalin's Last Generation                                                  Jan-11   History
State and Society in Early Modern Scotland                                Oct-11   History
The Stations of the Sun                                                       Oct-11     History
Steady The Buffs!                                                             Jan-10     History
A Strange Likeness                                                            Sep-07     History
The Strategy of the Lloyd George Coalition, 1916–1918                         Oct-11     History
Studies in Contemporary Jewry an Annual XV 1999                               Oct-11     History
                                                                              Oct-11     the Twentieth Century
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: Volume XIV: Coping with Life and Death: Jewish Families inHistory
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: XI: Values, Interests, and Identity            Oct-11     History
Studies in Contemporary Jewry: XII: Literary Strategies: Jewish Texts and Contexts       History
Suez 1956                                                                     Oct-11     History
Suffolk and the Tudors                                                        Oct-11     History
Suffragists in an Imperial Age                                                May-08     History
Suicide in Nazi Germany                                                       Oct-11     History
Suicide in the Middle Ages                                                    Oct-11     History
Sumptuary Law in Italy 1200-1500                                              Jan-10     History
Tales of Imperial Russia                                                      May-11     History
Taming Balkan Nationalism                                                     Jan-10     History
Taming the System                                                             Oct-11     History
Tea Party to Independence                                                     Oct-11     History
The 1926 Miners' Lockout                                                      Feb-10     History
“… The Real War Will Never Get in the Books”                                  Oct-11     History
The Theatre of Nation                                                         Jan-10     History
‘There Are No Slaves in France’                                               Oct-11     History
Thicker than Water                                                            Jan-12     History
Thinking with Demons                                                          Oct-11     History
A Time for Choosing                                                           Oct-11     History
A Time for Peace                                                              Oct-11     History
Time to Heal                                                                  Oct-11     History
To Ebbets Field                                                               Oct-11     History
To Keep the Waters Troubled                                                   Oct-11     History
Toward a More Perfect Union                                                   Oct-11     History
Tractarians and the 'Condition of England'                                    Jan-10     History
The Tragedy of Childbed Fever                                                 Oct-11     History
The Transformation of British Politics 1860–1995                              Oct-11     History
Translating the Enlightenment                                                 Oct-11     History
Travesties and Transgressions in Tudor and Stuart England                     Oct-11     History
The Treasury and British Public Policy, 1906–1959                             Oct-11     History
Trial and Error                                                               Oct-11     History
The Triumph of the Moon                                                       Oct-11     History
Troop Morale and Popular Culture in the British and Dominion Armies 1914–1918 Oct-11     History
The Trouble between Us                                                        Sep-07     History
The True Law of Kingship                                                      Oct-11     History
Tudor Frontiers and Noble Power                                               Oct-11     History
The Twisted Muse                                                              Jan-10     History
The Two Unions                                                                Jan-12     History
Uncertain Unions                                                              Oct-11     History
Uncle Sam Wants You                                                           Sep-08     History
The United Irishmen                                                           Oct-11     History
The Unpredictable Past                                                        Oct-11     History
Urban Liberalism in Imperial Germany                                          Oct-11     History
Utility and Democracy                                                         Sep-07     History
Venality                                                                      Oct-11     History
Venice and Venetia under the Habsburgs                                        Jan-10     History
The Victorian Eighteenth Century                                        Jan-08   History
Victorian Feminists                                                     Oct-11   History
Victorian Insolvency                                                    Oct-11   History
Violence and Social Order                                               Oct-11   History
A Visitation of God                                                     Jan-11   History
Walking the Streets of Eighteenth-Century London                        Oct-11   History
The Waning of ‘Old Corruption’                                          Oct-11   History
War and Competition between States                                      Oct-11   History
War and Economy in the Third Reich                                      Oct-11   History
War and Law since 1945                                                  Oct-11   History
War in England 1642-1649                                                May-08   History
The War of Words                                                        Mar-12   History
War, Revolution, and the Bureaucratic State                             Oct-11   History
War, State, and Society in England and the Netherlands 1477-1559        Jan-08   History
War, State, and Society in Mid-Eighteenth-Century Britain and Ireland   Sep-07   History
The Web of Empire                                                       Sep-08   History
A Well-Regulated Militia                                                Sep-07   History
Wellspring of Liberty                                                   Sep-10   History
Western Imperialism in the Middle East 1914-1958                        Jan-10   History
What Hitler Knew                                                        Jan-10   History
When Gossips Meet                                                       Jan-10   History
White People, Indians, and Highlanders                                  Sep-08   History
The White Russian Army in Exile 1920-1941                               Jan-10   History
William Beveridge                                                       Oct-11   History
William Faulkner and Southern History                                   Oct-11   History
William Petty                                                           Sep-09   History
Winning the Peace                                                       Oct-11   History
Winston Churchill's Last Campaign                                       Mar-12   History
Witchcraft and its Transformations c.1650–c.1750                        Oct-11   History
The Witches of Lorraine                                                 Jan-08   History
Within Walls                                                            Jan-11   History
Women Against the Vote                                                  Jan-08   History
Women and Authority in Early Modern Spain                               Jan-10   History
Women and the Labour Movement in Scotland 1850–1914                     Oct-11   History
Women in a Celtic Church                                                Jan-10   History
Women in Early Modern England 1550–1720                                 Oct-11   History
Women Letter-Writers in Tudor England                                   Sep-07   History
Women, Culture, and Community                                           Oct-11   History
Women, Social Leadership, and the Second World War                      Jan-10   History
Women, Work, and Life Cycle in a Medieval Economy                       Oct-11   History
Women, Work, and Politics                                               Oct-11   History
The Wonder of Their Voices                                              Jan-11   History
Workers Across the Americas                                             May-11   History
Working at Play                                                         Oct-11   History
Working-Class Housing in England between the Wars                       Oct-11   History
The World of John Taylor the Water-Poet 1578–1653                       Oct-11   History
The World of Thomas Jeremiah                                            May-10   History
The World's Richest Indian                                              Sep-07   History
The Wreck of Catalonia                                                  Sep-07   History
Writers, Readers, and Reputations                                       Jan-10   History
The Writing of Urban Histories in Eighteenth-Century England            Oct-11   History
Writing the Holocaust                                                   Jan-10   History
Young Women, Work, and Family in England 1918-1950                    Sep-07   History
Youth and Authority                                                   Oct-11   History
Youth and the Welfare State in Weimar Germany                         Oct-11   History
Youth Politics in East Germany                                        Jan-10   History
Aboriginal Societies and the Common Law                               Jan-10   Law
Aboriginal Title                                                      Jan-12   Law
Abuse of Process and Judicial Stays of Criminal Proceedings           Jan-09   Law
The Access of Individuals to International Justice                    Jan-12   Law
Access to Justice as a Human Right                                    Mar-12   Law
Access to Medicine in the Global Economy                              May-11   Law
Access-Right                                                          Jan-11   Law
Accountability                                                        Mar-12   Law
Accountability in the European Union                                  Mar-12   Law
Act and Crime                                                         Sep-10   Law
Action and Value in Criminal Law                                      Mar-12   Law
Administrative Law and Policy of the European Union                   Jan-12   Law
The Adversarial Process and the Vulnerable Witness                    Mar-12   Law
Advocacy and the Making of the Adversarial Criminal Trial 1800–1865   Mar-12   Law
The Advocate General and EC Law                                       Jan-09   Law
After Homicide                                                        Mar-12   Law
The Agnostic Age                                                      May-11   Law
Alleviating Mistakes                                                  Mar-12   Law
Altruism in Private Law                                               Mar-12   Law
America and the Law of Nations 1776-1939                              May-10   Law
An Analysis of the Economic Torts                                     Jan-11   Law
Anti-Discrimination Law and the European Union                        Mar-12   Law
Appraising Strict Liability                                           Jan-10   Law
Arbitrary Justice                                                     Mar-12   Law
Assisted Dying and Legal Change                                       Jan-09   Law
The authority of law                                                  Mar-12   Law
The Autonomy of Law                                                   Mar-12   Law
Bank Collections and Payment Transactions                             Mar-12   Law
Bar Wars                                                              Jan-09   Law
Between Authority and Interpretation                                  May-09   Law
Beyond Constitutionalism                                              Jan-11   Law
Beyond The Carbon Economy                                             Mar-12   Law
Bills of Rights and Decolonization                                    Jan-09   Law
Black Police Associations                                             Mar-12   Law
Blame it on the WTO?                                                  Sep-11   Law
Bouncers                                                              Mar-12   Law
The Boundaries of EC Competition Law                                  Mar-12   Law
The Boundaries of the Criminal Law                                    Sep-11   Law
Broken Engagements                                                    May-10   Law
Building the UK's New Supreme Court                                   Mar-12   Law
The Business of Judging                                               Mar-12   Law
Buying Social Justice                                                 Jan-09   Law
Can Gun Control Work?                                                 Mar-12   Law
Canon Law                                                             Jan-11   Law
Canon Law in the Anglican Communion                                   Mar-12   Law
Causation and Responsibility                                          May-09   Law
Causation in the Law                                                  Mar-12   Law
CCTV and Policing                                                     Mar-12   Law
Censure and Sanctions                                                     Mar-12   Law
Challenging Acts of International Organizations Before National Courts    Jan-11   Law
Childbirth and the Law                                                    Mar-12   Law
Civil Justice in Crisis                                                   Mar-12   Law
Civil Procedure and EU Law                                                Jan-09   Law
The Civil Procedure Rules Ten Years On                                    Mar-12   Law
Climate Change Law and Policy                                             Jan-11   Law
Coercion to Compromise                                                    Mar-12   Law
The Coherence of EU Law                                                   Jan-09   Law
The Collective Responsibility of States to Protect Refugees               Feb-10   Law
Collective Security                                                       May-11   Law
Comitology                                                                Mar-12   Law
Commitment and Compliance                                                 Jan-10   Law
The Common European Law of Torts: Volume One                              Mar-12   Law
The Common European Law of Torts: Volume Two                              Mar-12   Law
Common Law Marriage                                                       Jan-09   Law
A Common Law of International Adjudication                                Jan-09   Law
Community Policing                                                        Mar-12   Law
Company Law and Economic Protectionism                                    May-11   Law
Comparative Law as Transnational Law                                      Jan-12   Law
Comparative Succession Law                                                Jan-12   Law
Compensation and Restitution in Investor-State Arbitration                Sep-11   Law
The Competing Jurisdictions of International Courts and Tribunals         Jan-10   Law
Complementarity in the Rome Statute and National Criminal Jurisdictions   May-09   Law
Complementary Protection in International Refugee Law                     Mar-12   Law
Compliance with Decisions of the International Court of Justice           Jan-10   Law
The Concept of a Legal System                                             Mar-12   Law
The Concept of International Obligations Erga Omnes                       Jan-10   Law
Conflicts of Rights in the European Union                                 Sep-09   Law
Confronting Global Terrorism and American Neo-Conservatism                Jan-09   Law
The Constitution of Independence                                          Jan-10   Law
Constitutional Conventions                                                Mar-12   Law
Constitutional Dilemmas                                                   Jan-09   Law
Constitutional Exclusion                                                  May-11   Law
Constitutional Fictions                                                   Jan-09   Law
Constitutional Goods                                                      Jan-10   Law
Constitutional Interpretation                                             Jan-09   Law
Constitutional Justice                                                    Jan-10   Law
Constitutional Law and National Pluralism                                 Jan-10   Law
Constitutional Limits on Coercive Interrogation                           Jan-09   Law
Constitutional Principles of EU External Relations                        Jan-09   Law
The Constitutional State                                                  Jan-11   Law
Constitutional Theory                                                     Mar-12   Law
The Constitutionalization of International Law                            Feb-10   Law
The Constitutionalization of the World Trade Organization                 Jan-10   Law
Constructing Victims' Rights                                              Mar-12   Law
Contested Statehood                                                       May-09   Law
A Continental Distinction in the Common Law                               Jan-10   Law
Continuity and Change in EU Law                                           Jan-09   Law
Contract Theory                                                           Mar-12   Law
Contrasting Prisoners' Rights                                             Mar-12   Law
Controlling Market Power in Telecommunications                            Mar-12   Law
Cooperation, Comity, and Competition Policy                   Jan-11   Law
Corporate Accountability in International Environmental Law   May-09   Law
Corporate Governance in Context                               Mar-12   Law
Corporate Governance of Non-Listed Companies                  Jan-09   Law
Corporate Insolvency Law                                      Jan-10   Law
Corporate Ownership and Control                               Jan-09   Law
Corporate Power and Responsibility                            Mar-12   Law
Corporations and Criminal Responsibility                      Mar-12   Law
Courting Violence                                             Mar-12   Law
The Courts and Standards-Based Education Reform               Jan-09   Law
The Creation of States in International Law                   Jan-10   Law
Creon's Ghost                                                 May-09   Law
Crime and Markets                                             Mar-12   Law
Crime In Ireland 1945–95:                                     Mar-12   Law
Crime, Punishment, and Responsibility                         Sep-11   Law
Criminal Attempts                                             Mar-12   Law
The Criminal Justice System and Health Care                   Jan-09   Law
Criminal Law Theory                                           Jan-10   Law
Criminal Lives                                                Mar-12   Law
Criminal Responsibility                                       Jan-10   Law
Cross Currents                                                Mar-12   Law
Culture and European Union Law                                Mar-12   Law
The Culture of Control                                        Mar-12   Law
Cyber Threats                                                 Sep-09   Law
The Death Penalty                                             Mar-12   Law
A Debate Over Rights                                          Jan-10   Law
Decoding International Law                                    May-10   Law
The Decolonization of International Law                       Jan-09   Law
Defamation and Freedom of Speech                              Jan-09   Law
Defining Crimes                                               Jan-10   Law
Defining Terrorism in International Law                       Jan-10   Law
The Definition of Subsidy and State Aid                       May-10   Law
Delayed Prosecution for Childhood Sexual Abuse                Jan-09   Law
Delegation of Governmental Power to Private Parties           Jan-09   Law
Democracy goes to War                                         Sep-09   Law
Derivative Actions and Corporate Governance                   Jan-09   Law
Desisting from Crime                                          Mar-12   Law
Developing Countries in the WTO Legal System                  Sep-09   Law
The Development Agenda                                        Jan-09   Law
Developments in EU External Relations Law                     Jan-09   Law
Differential Treatment in International Environmental Law     Mar-12   Law
Diplomatic Protection                                         Jan-09   Law
Discovering Indigenous Lands                                  Sep-10   Law
Discretionary Powers                                          Mar-12   Law
Discrimination and Human Rights                               Mar-12   Law
Disobeying the Security Council                               May-11   Law
A Distinct Judicial Power                                     Sep-11   Law
Distributive Principles of Criminal Law                       Jan-09   Law
The Division of Wrongs                                        Sep-09   Law
A Doubtful and Perilous Experiment                            Jan-12   Law
Due Process and Fair Procedures                               Mar-12   Law
The Due Process of Law                                        Mar-12   Law
The EC Common Fisheries Policy                                             May-10    Law
EC Membership and the Judicialization of British Politics                  Mar-12    Law
The Economic Structure of Trusts                                           May-11    Law
Economic Torts                                                             Mar-12    Law
Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Action                            Jan-09    Law
The Economics of Lawmaking                                                 Jan-09    Law
The Effect of Treaties on Foreign Direct Investment                        May-09    Law
Elements of Contract Interpretation                                        Jan-09    Law
The Emergence of EU Contract Law                                           Jan-12    Law
The Emerging Principles of International Competition Law                   Jan-09    Law
The Empowered Self                                                         Jan-10    Law
The End of Negotiable Instruments                                          Jan-12    Law
The Ends of Harm                                                           Jan-12    Law
Energy Security                                                            Jan-10    Law
The Enforcement of EC Environmental Law                                    Jan-09    Law
Engineering Equality                                                       Sep-11    Law
English Lawyers between Market and State                                   Mar-12    Law
The Enlargement of the European Union                                      Mar-12    Law
Environment and Enforcement                                                Mar-12    Law
Environmental Assessment                                                   Jan-10    Law
Environmental Damage in International and Comparative Law                  Mar-12    Law
Environmental Principles                                                   Jan-10    Law
Environmental Protection                                                   May-09    Law
Equality and Legitimacy                                                    Jan-09    Law
Equality and Liberty in the Golden Age of State Constitutional Law         Jan-09    Law
Essays in Jurisprudence and Philosophy                                     Mar-12    Law
Essays on Bentham                                                          Mar-12    Law
Essays on Contract                                                         Mar-12    Law
Establishing the Supremacy of European Law                                 Jan-10    Law
The Eternal Recurrence of Crime and Control: Essays in Honour of Paul Rock Mar-12    Law
Ethics in the Public Domain                                                Mar-12    Law
The Ethics of Capital Punishment                                           Jan-12    Law
The Ethics of Plea Bargaining                                              Jan-12    Law
EU Administrative Law                                                      Mar-12    Law
EU Counter-Terrorist Policies and Fundamental Rights                       May-10    Law
EU External Relations Law                                                  Sep-11    Law
EU Foreign Investment Law                                                  Jan-12    Law
EU Intervention in Domestic Labour Law                                     Jan-09    Law
EU Law and the Welfare State                                               Mar-12    Law
The EU, the WTO, and the NAFTA                                             Jan-10    Law
Eunomia                                                                    Mar-12    Law
A Europe of Rights                                                         Jan-09    Law
Europe's Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice                            Mar-12    Law
European and International Media Law                                       Sep-11    Law
The European Convention on Human Rights and the Conflict in Northern Ireland ay-10   Law
The European Court of Human Rights between Law and Politics                Sep-11    Law
The European Employment Strategy                                           Jan-10    Law
The European Model of Agriculture                                          Mar-12    Law
European Regulation of Consumer Product Safety                             Mar-12    Law
European Security Law                                                      Mar-12    Law
European Tort Law                                                          Jan-10    Law
Evidence, Proof, and Fact-Finding in WTO Dispute Settlement                May-10    Law
The Evolution of the European Convention on Human Rights                      Sep-11       Law
The Evolving International Investment Regime                                  May-11       Law
Excusing Crime                                                                Jan-10       Law
The Executive and Public Law                                                  Mar-12       Law
The Executive in the Constitution                                             Mar-12       Law
Executive Power of the European Union                                         Feb-10       Law
Expert Evidence and Criminal Justice                                          Jan-10       Law
Exploring Law's Empire                                                        Jan-09       Law
Extraterritorial Application of Human Rights Treaties                         Sep-11       Law
Extraterritorial Use of Force Against Non-State Actors                        Sep-10       Law
Extreme Speech and Democracy                                                  May-09       Law
The Fair and Equitable Treatment Standard in the International Law of Foreign Investment   Law
Fair Governance                                                               May-09       Law
Fairness in International Law and Institutions                                Mar-12       Law
Family Law and Personal Life                                                  Jan-09       Law
Family Law in America                                                         Jan-10       Law
Family Law in the Twentieth Century                                           Jan-10       Law
Federal Judges Revealed                                                       Jan-09       Law
Federalism and the Tug of War Within                                          Jan-12       Law
Foreign Affairs and the United States Constitution                            Mar-12       Law
Foreign Affairs in English Courts                                             Mar-12       Law
Formalism and the Sources of International Law                                Jan-12       Law
Forum Non Conveniens                                                          Jan-09       Law
The Foundations of European Union Competition Law                             Jan-12       Law
Foundations of Evidence Law                                                   Jan-10       Law
Foundations of Public Law                                                     Sep-10       Law
The Fourth Amendment                                                          Jan-09       Law
The Fragmentation of U.S. Health Care                                         May-10       Law
Frederick Pollock and the English Juristic Tradition                          Jan-10       Law
The Free Movement of Capital and Foreign Direct Investment                    Sep-09       Law
Freedom of Commercial Expression                                              Mar-12       Law
Freedom of Religion under the European Convention on Human Rights             Mar-12       Law
Freedom of Speech                                                             Jan-10       Law
Freedom of Speech and Employment                                              Mar-12       Law
French Constitutional Law                                                     Mar-12       Law
Friendly Settlements before the European Court of Human Rights                Jan-11       Law
Friends of the Supreme Court                                                  Jan-09       Law
From Bilateralism to Community Interest                                       May-11       Law
From Dual to Cooperative Federalism                                           Feb-10       Law
From IVF to Immortality                                                       Jan-09       Law
From Mercenaries to Market                                                    Jan-09       Law
From Sword to Shield                                                          May-10       Law
The Fundamentals of EU Law Revisited                                          Mar-12       Law
Gender and Human Rights                                                       Mar-12       Law
A General Jurisprudence of Law and Society                                    Jan-10       Law
General Theory of Norms                                                       Mar-12       Law
Genocide and Political Groups                                                 Sep-10       Law
Genocide Denials and the Law                                                  May-11       Law
The German Law of Unjustified Enrichment and Restitution                      Sep-09       Law
Getting the Government America Deserves                                       May-09       Law
Gifts                                                                         Sep-09       Law
The Global Clinical Movement                                                  Jan-11       Law
Global Competition                                                     May-10   Law
Global Perspectives on Income Taxation Law                             May-11   Law
Global Responsibility for Human Rights                                 Jan-09   Law
God, Justice, and Society                                              Jan-11   Law
The Golden Metwand and the Crooked Cord                                Mar-12   Law
Good Faith and Fault in Contract Law                                   Mar-12   Law
Good Governance in Europe's Integrated Market                          Mar-12   Law
Goods and Services in EC Law                                           Mar-12   Law
The Governance of Close Corporations and Partnerships                  Jan-10   Law
Governing High Seas Fisheries                                          Mar-12   Law
Governing Social Inclusion                                             Jan-11   Law
Governmental Illegitimacy in International Law                         Mar-12   Law
The Guardian of Every Other Right                                      Mar-12   Law
Gun Violence                                                           Mar-12   Law
Hans Kelsen's Pure Theory of Law                                       Jan-09   Law
Harm and Culpability                                                   Mar-12   Law
Harry A. Blackmun                                                      Mar-12   Law
Harsh Justice                                                          Mar-12   Law
Hart’s Postscript                                                      Mar-12   Law
Henry's Wars and Shakespeare's Laws                                    Mar-12   Law
The Heuristics Debate                                                  May-11   Law
A Historical Introduction to the Law of Obligations                    Jan-10   Law
A History of Civil Litigation                                          May-11   Law
A History of Private Law in Scotland                                   Mar-12   Law
A History of Private Law in Scotland: Volume 2: Obligations            Mar-12   Law
A History of Public Law in Germany 1914–1945                           Mar-12   Law
A History of the Common Law of Contract                                Mar-12   Law
A History of the Land Law                                              Mar-12   Law
A History of Water Rights at Common Law                                Jan-10   Law
Housing Homeless Persons                                               Mar-12   Law
How Law Works                                                          Mar-12   Law
Human Dignity in Bioethics and Biolaw                                  Mar-12   Law
The Human Dimension of International Law                               Mar-12   Law
Human Rights and Common Good                                           Sep-11   Law
Human Rights and Development                                           Mar-12   Law
Human Rights and Humanitarian Norms as Customary Law                   Mar-12   Law
Human Rights and International Trade                                   Mar-12   Law
Human Rights and Non-discrimination in the 'War on Terror'             Jan-09   Law
Human Rights and the End of Empire                                     Jan-10   Law
Human Rights and the WTO                                               Jan-09   Law
Human Rights Conditionality in the EU's International Agreements       Mar-12   Law
Human Rights in Criminal Proceedings                                   Jan-10   Law
Human Rights in International Criminal Proceedings                     Jan-10   Law
Human Rights in International Investment Law and Arbitration           Feb-10   Law
Human Rights in International Law                                      Mar-12   Law
Human Rights in Natural Resource Development                           Mar-12   Law
Human Rights Law-Making in the United Nations                          Mar-12   Law
Human Rights Obligations of Non-State Actors                           Jan-10   Law
The Human Rights of Companies                                          Mar-12   Law
The Human Rights of Non-citizens                                       Jan-09   Law
Human Rights Standards and the Free Movement of People Within States   Mar-12   Law
Human Rights Transformed                                               Jan-09   Law
Human Rights, Intervention, and the Use of Force                                Jan-09       Law
Humanity's Law                                                                  Jan-12       Law
The Idea of Labour Law                                                          Sep-11       Law
The Idea of Property in Law                                                     Jan-10       Law
The Idea of Property: Its Meaning and Power                                     Mar-12       Law
The Idea of Public Law                                                          Jan-10       Law
                                                                                Mar-12       Law
The Immunity of States and Their Officials in International Criminal Law and International Human Rights Law
The Impact of Behavioral Sciences on Criminal Law                               May-09       Law
The Impact of Human Rights Law on General International Law                     May-09       Law
In Defense of Legal Positivism                                                  Jan-10       Law
In Defense of Natural Law                                                       Mar-12       Law
In the Highest Degree Odious                                                    Mar-12       Law
Independence of Mind                                                            Jan-09       Law
The Independence of the Judiciary                                               Mar-12       Law
Individualism                                                                   Jan-09       Law
Infringement Nation                                                             May-11       Law
Innovation for the 21st Century                                                 May-09       Law
Insolvency within Multinational Enterprise Groups                               Sep-09       Law
The Institutional Framework of European Private Law                             Mar-12       Law
The Institutional Structure of Antitrust Enforcement                            May-11       Law
Institutions of Law                                                             Jan-09       Law
Intellectual Property                                                           Mar-12       Law
Intellectual Property                                                           Jan-10       Law
Intellectual Property Rights in EU Law Volume I: Free Movement and Competition Law           Law
Intention and Identity                                                          Sep-11       Law
The Intergovernmental Pillars of the European Union                             Mar-12       Law
International and European Protection of the Right to Strike                    Mar-12       Law
International Crimes and the Ad Hoc Tribunals                                   Jan-10       Law
International Development Law                                                   Feb-10       Law
International Environmental Law, Policy, and Ethics                             Mar-12       Law
International Harmonization of Economic Regulation                              Jan-12       Law
International Human Rights and Islamic Law                                      Jan-10       Law
International Human Rights Law in Africa                                        Mar-12       Law
International Humanitarian Law and International Human Rights Law               Sep-11       Law
International Investment Law and Comparative Public Law                         Jan-11       Law
International Investment Law for the 21st Century                               Sep-09       Law
International Justice and the International Criminal Court                      Jan-10       Law
International Law and Domestic Legal Systems                                    Jan-12       Law
International Law and Sustainable Development                                   Mar-12       Law
International Law and the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction          May-09       Law
International Law and the Use of Force by States                                Mar-12       Law
International Law, Human Rights, and Japanese Law                               Mar-12       Law
International Management of Hazardous Wastes                                    Mar-12       Law
International Mass Claims Processes                                             Jan-10       Law
International Norms and Cycles of Change                                        Jan-09       Law
International Organizations and their Exercise of Sovereign Powers              Jan-10       Law
International Organizations as Law-makers                                       Jan-10       Law
International Territorial Administration                                        Jan-09       Law
International Trade in Services and Domestic Regulations                        Jan-09       Law
Internationalized Criminal Courts                                               Jan-10       Law
The Interpretation of Acts and Rules in Public International Law                Jan-09       Law
Interpreting Constitutions                                                      Jan-10       Law
Interpreting the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty             Sep-11   Law
Introduction to Middle Eastern Law                            Jan-09   Law
An Introduction to the History and Sources of Jewish Law      Mar-12   Law
Introduction to the Problems of Legal Theory                  Mar-12   Law
Investigating Murder                                          Mar-12   Law
Investment Treaty Arbitration and Public Law                  Jan-09   Law
Investor Protection in Europe                                 Jan-09   Law
Iraq and the Use of Force in International Law                May-11   Law
Islamic Natural Law Theories                                  May-10   Law
Japanese Law                                                  May-09   Law
Jewish Biomedical Law                                         Mar-12   Law
Judges, Transition, and Human Rights                          Mar-12   Law
Judicial Activism in Common Law Supreme Courts                Jan-09   Law
Judicial Control in the European Union                        May-10   Law
Judicial Creativity at the International Criminal Tribunals   Jan-11   Law
Judicial Deliberations                                        Jan-10   Law
The Judicial House of Lords 1876–2009                         Sep-09   Law
Judicial Remedies in International Law                        Mar-12   Law
Judicial Restraint in America                                 Jan-11   Law
Judicial Review and the Rights of Private Parties in EU Law   Mar-12   Law
Judicial Review of Commercial Regulation                      May-11   Law
Judicial Transformations                                      Sep-09   Law
Jurisdiction and the Ambit of the Criminal Law                Jan-10   Law
Jurisdiction in International Law                             Jan-09   Law
A Jurisprudence of Power                                      Jan-09   Law
The Jurisprudence of the Iran-United States Claims Tribunal   Mar-12   Law
Jurists Uprooted                                              Jan-10   Law
Just Wages for Women                                          Mar-12   Law
Just War or Just Peace?                                       Jan-10   Law
Justice in Dismissal                                          Mar-12   Law
The Justice of Islam                                          Jan-10   Law
Justice, Legality and the Rule of Law                         Feb-10   Law
Justinian's Digest: Character and Compilation                 May-11   Law
Juvenile Justice in the Making                                Mar-12   Law
Killing in Self-Defence                                       Jan-09   Law
Labour Law in an Era of Globalization                         Mar-12   Law
Labour Rights as Human Rights                                 Mar-12   Law
Law and Anthropology                                          Feb-10   Law
Law and Bioethics                                             Jan-09   Law
Law and Competition in Twentieth-Century Europe               Jan-10   Law
Law and Disagreement                                          Mar-12   Law
Law and English Railway Capitalism 1825–1875                  Mar-12   Law
Law and Geography                                             Mar-12   Law
Law and History                                               Mar-12   Law
Law and Informal Practices                                    Mar-12   Law
Law and Justice in Community                                  Jan-11   Law
Law and Legal Theory in England and America                   Mar-12   Law
Law and Medicine                                              Mar-12   Law
Law and Neuroscience                                          May-11   Law
Law and Philosophy                                            Jan-09   Law
Law and Popular Culture                                       Mar-12   Law
Law and Psychology                                            Mar-12   Law
Law and Religion                                                              Mar-12   Law
Law and Religion in Europe                                                    Sep-11   Law
Law and Sociology                                                             Mar-12   Law
Law and the Culture of Israel                                                 Sep-11   Law
Law and the Limits of Reason                                                  Jan-09   Law
Law as a Moral Idea                                                           Mar-12   Law
Law as Last Resort                                                            Jan-10   Law
Law in an Era of “Smart” Technology                                           Jan-09   Law
Law in Context                                                                Mar-12   Law
Law in Modern Society                                                         Mar-12   Law
Law in the Age of Pluralism                                                   Jan-09   Law
Law in the Crisis of Empire 379-455 AD                                        Mar-12   Law
The Law of American State Constitutions                                       Feb-10   Law
The Law of Command Responsibility                                             May-09   Law
The Law of Habeas Corpus                                                      May-11   Law
The Law of Obligations                                                        Mar-12   Law
The Law of Organized Religions                                                Sep-10   Law
The Law of Property                                                           Mar-12   Law
The Law of State Aid in the European Union                                    Mar-12   Law
The Law of the Labour Market                                                  Mar-12   Law
The Law of the Sea                                                            Jan-10   Law
The Law of Treaties Beyond the Vienna Convention                              Sep-11   Law
Law, Economics, and Morality                                                  May-10   Law
Law, Language, and Legal Determinacy                                          Mar-12   Law
Law, Law Reform and the Family                                                Mar-12   Law
Law, Liberty, and Justice                                                     Mar-12   Law
Law, Politics, and Local Democracy                                            Mar-12   Law
Law's Community                                                               Mar-12   Law
Law's Relations                                                               Jan-12   Law
The Law's Two Bodies                                                          Jan-10   Law
Lawyers in the Dock                                                           Jan-09   Law
Lawyers on Trial                                                              Jan-11   Law
Lawyers, Legislators and Theorists                                            Mar-12   Law
Leading Cases in the Common Law                                               Mar-12   Law
Learned Hand                                                                  Jan-11   Law
The Legacy of H.L.A. Hart                                                     Jan-09   Law
The Legacy of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia   Sep-11   Law
Legal Aspects of Carbon Trading                                               Feb-10   Law
The Legal Construction of Personal Work Relations                             Jan-12   Law
Legal Ethics and Legal Practice                                               Mar-12   Law
Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility                                  Mar-12   Law
The Legal Framework of the Church of England                                  Mar-12   Law
A Legal Geography of Yugoslavia's Disintegration                              Jan-09   Law
Legal Interpretation                                                          Jan-11   Law
The Legal Protection of Human Rights                                          Sep-11   Law
Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory                                              Mar-12   Law
Legal Republicanism                                                           May-09   Law
Legal Right and Social Democracy                                              Mar-12   Law
Legal Rights                                                                  Jan-09   Law
Legality and Legitimacy                                                       Mar-12   Law
Legality and Locality                                                         Mar-12   Law
Legality's Borders                                                            May-10   Law
Legitimate Expectations in Administrative Law                           Mar-12   Law
Liability for Products                                                  Mar-12   Law
Life after Life Imprisonment                                            Mar-12   Law
A Life of H.L.A. Hart                                                   Jan-10   Law
‘Like Products’ in International Trade Law                              Mar-12   Law
The Limits of Competition Law                                           Mar-12   Law
The Lisbon Treaty                                                       Sep-11   Law
Litigation in Roman Law                                                 Jan-10   Law
The Local Governance of Crime: Appeals to Community and Partnerships    Mar-12   Law
Lords of the Land                                                       Jan-12   Law
Losing Twice                                                            May-11   Law
The Lost History of the Ninth Amendment                                 Sep-09   Law
Lying, Cheating, and Stealing                                           Jan-10   Law
Making Men Moral                                                        Mar-12   Law
The Making of International Criminal Justice                            Sep-11   Law
The Making of Legal Authority                                           May-10   Law
Making Sense of Penal Change                                            Mar-12   Law
Mapping the Law                                                         Jan-09   Law
Maritime Power and the Law of the Sea                                   May-11   Law
Maritime Security and the Law of the Sea                                May-11   Law
Market Integration and Public Services in the European Union            May-11   Law
Markets, Morals, and the Law                                            Jan-10   Law
Marxism and Law                                                         Mar-12   Law
A Matter of Dispute                                                     May-11   Law
Meaning in Law                                                          Sep-09   Law
Measuring Judicial Activism                                             May-09   Law
The Mechanics and Regulation of Market Abuse                            Jan-10   Law
Mechanisms of Democracy                                                 Jan-09   Law
Methods of Interpretation                                               Sep-09   Law
Mexican Law                                                             Mar-12   Law
Minority Rights in Asia                                                 Jan-09   Law
Minority Rights in the Pacific Region                                   Sep-10   Law
Mixed Legal Systems in Comparative Perspective                          Mar-12   Law
The Modern Law of Estoppel                                              Jan-10   Law
The Moral Limits of Law                                                 Mar-12   Law
The Most Fundamental Legal Right                                        Jan-10   Law
The Myth of Rights                                                      May-10   Law
National Courts and the International Rule of Law                       May-11   Law
National Minority Rights in Europe                                      Mar-12   Law
Natural Law, Liberalism, and Morality                                   Mar-12   Law
Naturalizing Jurisprudence                                              Jan-10   Law
The Nature of the Crown                                                 Mar-12   Law
The New Corporate Governance in Theory and Practice                     Jan-09   Law
New Frontiers of State Constitutional Law                               Jan-11   Law
The New German Law of Obligations                                       Mar-12   Law
New Institutions for Human Rights Protection                            Sep-09   Law
A New Outline of the Roman Civil Trial                                  Mar-12   Law
New Perspectives on the Divide Between National and International Law   Jan-09   Law
The New Public Contracting                                              Mar-12   Law
The New River                                                           Mar-12   Law
The New Separation of Powers                                            Feb-10   Law
New Technologies and Human Rights                                       May-09   Law
Norm and Nature                                                                Mar-12   Law
Normativity and Norms                                                          Mar-12   Law
The Nuremberg Military Tribunals and the Origins of International Criminal Law Sep-11   Law
Objectivity in Law                                                             Mar-12   Law
Offences and Defences                                                          Jan-09   Law
Older People in Law and Society                                                May-09   Law
On Common Laws                                                                 Jan-10   Law
On the Frontlines                                                              Jan-12   Law
On the Law of Peace                                                            Jan-09   Law
One Supreme Court                                                              Sep-09   Law
Open Justice: A Critique of the Public Trial                                   Mar-12   Law
The Optional Protocol to the UN Convention Against Torture                     Sep-11   Law
The Origins of Adversary Criminal Trial                                        Jan-10   Law
The Origins of the Ownership Society                                           Jan-09   Law
The Oslo Accords                                                               Jan-10   Law
The Oxford History of the Laws of England                                      May-10   Law
The Oxford History of the Laws of England                                      Mar-12   Law
The Oxford History of the Laws of England                                      Mar-12   Law
The Oxford History of the Laws of England: Volume XI                           May-10   Law
The Oxford History of the Laws of England: Volume XII                          May-10   Law
The Paradox of Constitutionalism                                               Jan-09   Law
Paramilitary Imprisonment in Northern Ireland                                  Mar-12   Law
Participation in EU Rule-Making                                                Sep-11   Law
Patterns of American Jurisprudence                                             Mar-12   Law
Peace Agreements and Human Rights                                              Jan-10   Law
Peremptory Norms in International Law                                          Jan-09   Law
Permit But Discourage                                                          Jan-11   Law
The Personal Employment Contract                                               Jan-10   Law
Personal Property Law                                                          Mar-12   Law
Philosopher Kings?: The Adjudication of Conflicting Human Rights and Social Values      Law
Philosophical Foundations of Criminal Law                                      May-11   Law
The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment                   May-11   Law
Philosophical Foundations of Language in the Law                               Sep-11   Law
Philosophical Foundations of the Law of Unjust Enrichment                      May-09   Law
The Philosophical Foundations of Tort Law                                      Mar-12   Law
The Philosophy of Criminal Law                                                 May-10   Law
A Philosophy of Evidence Law                                                   Jan-09   Law
Philosophy of Law                                                              Sep-11   Law
Philosophy of Private Law                                                      Jan-10   Law
Piracy and Armed Robbery at Sea                                                Sep-11   Law
Placing Blame                                                                  Sep-10   Law
Playing by the Rules                                                           Mar-12   Law
Plural Ownership                                                               Mar-12   Law
Police Culture in a Changing World                                             Mar-12   Law
Policies and Perceptions of Insurance Law in the Twenty-First Century          Mar-12   Law
Policing and the Condition of England                                          Mar-12   Law
Policing Problem Places                                                        Sep-10   Law
Policing the Caribbean                                                         Mar-12   Law
The Policing Web                                                               Jan-11   Law
Policing World Society                                                         Mar-12   Law
Political Rights Under Stress in 21st Century Europe                           Mar-12   Law
The Politics of Crime Control                                                  Mar-12   Law
Positive Law and Objective Values                                         Jan-10   Law
Poverty and Fundamental Rights                                            Jan-09   Law
Power & Rights in US Constitutional Law                                   Jan-09   Law
Power and Legitimacy                                                      Jan-11   Law
The Power and Purpose of International Law                                Jan-09   Law
The Power of Deliberation                                                 May-11   Law
The Power of Judges                                                       Mar-12   Law
Practical Reason and Norms                                                Mar-12   Law
Practical Reason in Law and Morality                                      May-09   Law
The Practice of Principle                                                 Jan-10   Law
Principles of French Law                                                  Mar-12   Law
Principles of Human Rights Adjudication                                   Mar-12   Law
The Principles of the Law of Restitution                                  Jan-10   Law
The Prisoner Society                                                      Mar-12   Law
Prisons and the Problem of Order                                          Mar-12   Law
Privacy                                                                   Jan-09   Law
Privacy and the Press                                                     Mar-12   Law
Private Property and Abuse of Rights in Victorian England                 Jan-10   Law
Private Security and Public Policing                                      Mar-12   Law
Private Security, Public Order                                            Feb-10   Law
Privilege or Punish                                                       May-09   Law
Professional Fees in Corporate Bankruptcies                               May-11   Law
Professional Legal Ethics                                                 Mar-12   Law
Prohibiting Plunder                                                       Jan-09   Law
The Prohibition of Propaganda for War in International Law                Jan-09   Law
Promises, Morals, and Law                                                 Mar-12   Law
Promoting Solidarity in the European Union                                Sep-10   Law
Property                                                                  May-11   Law
Property and Community                                                    May-10   Law
Property and Justice                                                      Jan-10   Law
Property and the Law in Energy and Natural Resources                      May-10   Law
Proportionality Principles in American Law                                Jan-09   Law
Proportionate Sentencing                                                  Jan-10   Law
Prosecuting Domestic Violence                                             May-09   Law
Prosecuting Serious Human Rights Violations                               Feb-10   Law
Protecting Civilians                                                      May-09   Law
Protecting Human Rights                                                   Jan-10   Law
Protecting Human Security in Africa                                       Jan-11   Law
The Province of Jurisprudence Democratized                                Jan-09   Law
Provisional Measures in International Law                                 Mar-12   Law
Provocation and Responsibility                                            Mar-12   Law
Public Employment Services and European Law                               Jan-09   Law
Public Law and Democracy in the United Kingdom and the United States of America    Law
The Public Law of Government Contracts                                    Jan-09   Law
Punishing Persistent Offenders                                            Mar-12   Law
Punishment and Democracy                                                  Mar-12   Law
Punishment and Freedom                                                    Sep-09   Law
Punishment and Responsibility                                             Jan-09   Law
Punishment, Responsibility, and Justice                                   Jan-10   Law
Questioning Sovereignty                                                   Jan-10   Law
Racism and Equality in the European Union                                 May-09   Law
Random Justice                                                            Mar-12   Law
Rape and the Legal Process                                                      Jan-10   Law
A Reader on Regulation                                                          Mar-12   Law
Realistic Socio-Legal Theory                                                    Mar-12   Law
The Reality of International Law                                                Mar-12   Law
Reason in Action                                                                Sep-11   Law
The Reception of International Law in the European Court of Human Rights        Jan-11   Law
Reclaiming Justice                                                              May-11   Law
Recognition of Governments in International Law                                 Jan-10   Law
Reconstructing a Women's Prison                                                 Mar-12   Law
Reflections on 'The Concept of Law'                                             Jan-12   Law
Reforming the House of Lords                                                    Mar-12   Law
Reforming the World Trading System                                              Mar-12   Law
Regional Trade Agreements and the WTO Legal System                              Mar-12   Law
Regulating Cartels in Europe                                                    May-11   Law
Regulating Commercial Gambling                                                  Jan-10   Law
Regulating Contracts                                                            Jan-10   Law
Regulating Energy and Natural Resources                                         Jan-10   Law
Regulating Flexible Work                                                        Jan-09   Law
Regulating Health and Environmental Risks under WTO Law                         May-10   Law
Regulating Jurisdictional Relations Between National and International Courts   Jan-09   Law
Regulating Law                                                                  Mar-12   Law
Regulating Procurement                                                          Mar-12   Law
Regulating Unfair Banking Practices in Europe                                   Jan-11   Law
The Regulation of Genetically Modified Organisms: Comparative Approaches        Sep-10   Law
The Regulatory Enterprise                                                       Sep-10   Law
The Regulatory State                                                            Jan-11   Law
Religion and Public Reasons                                                     Sep-11   Law
Religion and the Public Order of the European Union                             Jan-11   Law
Religious Freedom in the Liberal State                                          Jan-10   Law
Remedies for Breach of Contract                                                 Mar-12   Law
Remedies in International Human Rights Law                                      Jan-10   Law
Remedies Reclassified                                                           Mar-12   Law
Reparations for Indigenous Peoples                                              Mar-12   Law
Reputation and Defamation                                                       Jan-09   Law
The Responsibility of States for International Crimes                           Mar-12   Law
The Responsibility to Protect                                                   Jan-12   Law
Resulting Trusts                                                                Mar-12   Law
Rethinking English Homicide Law                                                 Mar-12   Law
Rethinking Imprisonment                                                         Mar-12   Law
Rethinking the Reasonable Person                                                Jan-10   Law
Retributivism                                                                   May-11   Law
Retributivism Has a Past                                                        Jan-12   Law
RETROSPECTIVITY AND THE RULE OF LAW                                             Mar-12   Law
Revolution and the Making of the Contemporary Legal Profession                  Mar-12   Law
Rhetoric and The Rule of Law                                                    Jan-10   Law
The Riddle of All Constitutions                                                 Jan-10   Law
A Right to Care?                                                                May-11   Law
The Right to Health in International Law                                        Jan-12   Law
The Right to Life and Conflicting Interests                                     Sep-10   Law
The Right to Strike                                                             Mar-12   Law
Rights, Culture and the Law                                                     Jan-10   Law
Rights, Regulation, and the Technological Revolution                            Jan-09   Law
The Rise and Fall of Freedom of Contract                                    Mar-12   Law
Risks and Wrongs                                                            Jan-10   Law
The Role of Law in International Politics                                   Jan-10   Law
The Role of Science in Law                                                  May-09   Law
The Roman Foundations of the Law of Nations                                 May-11   Law
The Roman Law of Trusts                                                     Mar-12   Law
Roman Law, Contemporary Law, European Law                                   Jan-10   Law
The Rule of Recognition and the U.S. Constitution                           Sep-09   Law
Rules and Regulators                                                        Mar-12   Law
Salt Water Neighbors                                                        May-09   Law
Same Sex Relationships                                                      Jan-10   Law
Sceptical Essays on Human Rights                                            Jan-10   Law
Securing Human Rights?                                                      Jan-12   Law
Selecting International Judges: Principle, Process, and Politics            Sep-10   Law
Sexual Orientation and Human Rights                                         Mar-12   Law
Silence, Confessions and Improperly Obtained Evidence                       Mar-12   Law
Social Order and the Fear of Crime in Contemporary Times                    Mar-12   Law
Social Rights in Europe                                                     Mar-12   Law
Socially Responsible Investment Law                                         Jan-09   Law
Some Landmarks of Twentieth Century Contract Law                            Jan-10   Law
Southern Cross                                                              Mar-12   Law
Sovereign Equality and Moral Disagreement                                   Jan-12   Law
The Sovereignty of Parliament                                               Jan-10   Law
Sovereignty's Promise                                                       Jan-12   Law
Specialized Justice                                                         Mar-12   Law
Standards of Investment Protection                                          Mar-12   Law
Standards of Review in WTO Dispute Resolution                               Mar-12   Law
Standing Accused                                                            Mar-12   Law
State Liability                                                             Mar-12   Law
State Liability in Tort                                                     Mar-12   Law
State Responsibility for International Terrorism                            Sep-11   Law
State Responsibility for Transboundary Air Pollution in International Law   Mar-12   Law
State, Sovereignty, and International Governance                            Mar-12   Law
States of Passion                                                           May-11   Law
Structure and Function in Criminal Law                                      Mar-12   Law
The Structure of Regulatory Competition                                     Mar-12   Law
The Structures of the Criminal Law                                          Jan-12   Law
The Struggle for Civil Liberties                                            Mar-12   Law
Studies in International Space Law                                          Mar-12   Law
Sustainable Development Law                                                 Mar-12   Law
Targeted Killing in International Law                                       Jan-09   Law
‘The Public Interest’ in Regulation                                         Mar-12   Law
Themes and Theories                                                         Mar-12   Law
A Theory of Contract Law: Empirical Insights and Moral Psychology           May-11   Law
A Theory of Interpretation of the European Convention on Human Rights       Jan-09   Law
Title to Territory in Africa                                                Mar-12   Law
The Tokyo International Military Tribunal - A Reappraisal                   Jan-09   Law
Tom Bingham and the Transformation of the Law                               Sep-09   Law
Tort Law and Economic Interests                                             Mar-12   Law
Tort Liability Under Uncertainty                                            Mar-12   Law
Torts and Rights                                                            Jan-09   Law
The Toughest Beat                                                           May-11   Law
Towards a Flexible Labour Market                                          Jan-09   Law
Trade and the Environment                                                 May-09   Law
Trade in Goods                                                            Jan-09   Law
Trafficking in Human Beings                                               Jan-09   Law
Transatlantic Economic Disputes                                           Mar-12   Law
Transatlantic Regulatory Cooperation                                      Mar-12   Law
The Treatment of Combatants and Insurgents under the Law of Armed ConflictMay-10   Law
Treaty Interpretation by the WTO Appellate Body                           Sep-09   Law
Tribal Constitutionalism                                                  Jan-11   Law
The Twilight of Constitutionalism?                                        May-10   Law
Ulpian                                                                    Jan-10   Law
The Ultimate Rule of Law                                                  Jan-10   Law
Understanding and Explaining Adjudication                                 Mar-12   Law
Understanding Common Law Legislation                                      Sep-09   Law
Understanding Miscarriages of Justice                                     Mar-12   Law
The United Nations and the Development of Collective Security             Jan-10   Law
Universal Jurisdiction                                                    Jan-10   Law
Unjust Enrichment                                                         Mar-12   Law
Vagueness in Law                                                          Jan-10   Law
The Voice of a Child in Family Law Disputes                               May-09   Law
Voluntary Euthanasia and the Common Law                                   Mar-12   Law
War by Contract                                                           May-11   Law
War Crimes Law Comes of Age                                               Mar-12   Law
Water Law and Policy                                                      Jan-09   Law
Water Law, Poverty, and Development                                       Sep-09   Law
Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict                                     May-09   Law
Welfare to Work                                                           Jan-09   Law
Well-Being and Fair Distribution                                          Jan-12   Law
What are Campaigns For?                                                   Sep-09   Law
What is Criminology?                                                      Sep-11   Law
When Children Kill Children                                               Mar-12   Law
Where Law and Morality Meet                                               Jan-09   Law
Who Should We Treat?                                                      Mar-12   Law
Why Not Torture Terrorists?                                               Jan-09   Law
William Blackstone                                                        Jan-09   Law
Women and the Law                                                         Mar-12   Law
Women, Crime, and Character                                               Jan-09   Law
Workers, Establishment, and Services in the European Union                Mar-12   Law
World Jury Systems                                                        Jan-10   Law
World Trade Law after Neoliberalism                                       Jan-12   Law
About the Speaker                                                         Feb-10   Linguistics
Adpositions                                                               May-10   Linguistics
Always On                                                                 Jan-10   Linguistics
Analogy in Grammar                                                        Sep-09   Linguistics
Arabic, Self and Identity                                                 Sep-11   Linguistics
Aspect and Reference Time                                                 Jan-10   Linguistics
Aspects of the Theory of Clitics                                          Sep-07   Linguistics
At the Syntax-Pragmatics Interface                                        Jan-10   Linguistics
Auxiliary Verb Constructions                                              Sep-07   Linguistics
Bad Language                                                              Sep-07   Linguistics
Beyond Morphology                                                         Sep-07   Linguistics
Beyond Yellow English                                                     Jan-09   Linguistics
The Bishop's Grammar                                 Jan-11   Linguistics
Canonical Forms in Prosodic Morphology               Sep-07   Linguistics
Case and Aspect in Slavic                            Sep-07   Linguistics
The Changing Languages of Europe                     Sep-07   Linguistics
Co-Compounds and Natural Coordination                Sep-07   Linguistics
Cognitive Grammar                                    May-08   Linguistics
The Complementizer Phase                             Sep-10   Linguistics
Consequences of Contact                              Jan-10   Linguistics
Constructions at Work                                Sep-07   Linguistics
Constructions of Intersubjectivity                   Jan-10   Linguistics
Contact Linguistics                                  Jan-10   Linguistics
Copulas                                              Jan-10   Linguistics
Creating Language Crimes                             Sep-07   Linguistics
Deaf around the World                                Jan-11   Linguistics
Default Semantics                                    Sep-07   Linguistics
Degrammaticalization                                 Feb-10   Linguistics
A Derivational Syntax for Information Structure      May-09   Linguistics
Digital Discourse                                    Jan-12   Linguistics
Discourse and Practice                               May-08   Linguistics
Do You Make These Mistakes in English?               Jan-09   Linguistics
Efficiency and Complexity in Grammars                Jan-10   Linguistics
Endangered Languages of Austronesia                  May-10   Linguistics
English                                              Sep-07   Linguistics
English in Europe                                    Jan-10   Linguistics
English in the Middle Ages                           Jan-10   Linguistics
Ethnosyntax                                          Jan-10   Linguistics
The Event Structure of Perception Verbs              May-10   Linguistics
Events and Semantic Architecture                     Sep-07   Linguistics
Events, Phrases, and Questions                       May-11   Linguistics
Experience, Evidence, and Sense                      Sep-10   Linguistics
Expression in Speech                                 Sep-07   Linguistics
Family Talk                                          Jan-10   Linguistics
Features                                             Sep-10   Linguistics
Fighting over Words                                  May-08   Linguistics
Foundations of Language                              Sep-07   Linguistics
Frequency of Use and the Organization of Language    Jan-10   Linguistics
From the Kitchen to the Parlor                       Jan-10   Linguistics
Functional Discourse Grammar                         Sep-08   Linguistics
Functional Features in Language and Space            Jan-10   Linguistics
The Future in Greek                                  Jan-09   Linguistics
Genitives in Early English                           Jan-09   Linguistics
Gradience in Grammar                                 Jan-10   Linguistics
The Grammar of Names                                 Sep-07   Linguistics
The Grammar of Q                                     Sep-10   Linguistics
The Grammar of Words                                 Sep-07   Linguistics
Grammatical Change                                   Jan-12   Linguistics
Grammaticalization and Parametric Variation          Jan-10   Linguistics
Greek Prepositions                                   May-10   Linguistics
Historical Syntax and Linguistic Theory              May-09   Linguistics
A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries             Jan-11   Linguistics
A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries             Jan-09   Linguistics
A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries: Volume I   Jan-10   Linguistics
A History of Cant and Slang Dictionaries: Volume II   Jan-10   Linguistics
A History of English                                  Sep-07   Linguistics
A History of Roget's Thesaurus                        Jan-10   Linguistics
Hittite and the Indo-European Verb                    Sep-07   Linguistics
How Words Mean                                        Feb-10   Linguistics
Information Structure                                 Feb-10   Linguistics
The Interactional Instinct                            Sep-09   Linguistics
Investigating Variation                               Sep-10   Linguistics
Language and German Disunity                          Jan-10   Linguistics
Language and Identity in the Balkans                  Jan-10   Linguistics
Language and National Identity in Greece, 1766-1976   May-10   Linguistics
Language Change and Linguistic Theory, Volume I       Jan-11   Linguistics
Language Change and Linguistic Theory, Volume II      Jan-11   Linguistics
Language Evolution                                    Jan-10   Linguistics
Language in Cognition                                 May-09   Linguistics
Language Interrupted                                  Sep-07   Linguistics
Language Myths and the History of English             May-11   Linguistics
The Language of Defamation Cases                      Feb-10   Linguistics
The Language of Law School                            Jan-10   Linguistics
The Language of Perjury Cases                         Jan-12   Linguistics
Language without Rights                               Jan-11   Linguistics
Latin Suffixal Derivatives in English                 Sep-07   Linguistics
Leadership, Discourse, and Ethnicity                  Jan-12   Linguistics
Lexical Semantics, Syntax, and Event Structure        May-10   Linguistics
The Linguistic Cycle                                  Sep-11   Linguistics
A Linguistic History of Arabic                        Sep-07   Linguistics
Linguistic Universals and Language Change             May-08   Linguistics
The Logic of Conventional Implicatures                Sep-07   Linguistics
The Logic of Language                                 Feb-10   Linguistics
Making Meanings, Creating Family                      Sep-09   Linguistics
Mapping Spatial PPs                                   Sep-10   Linguistics
Mapping the Left Periphery                            May-11   Linguistics
Meaning Change in Grammaticalization                  Sep-07   Linguistics
Merging Features                                      May-09   Linguistics
Mind Design and Minimal Syntax                        Sep-07   Linguistics
Modern Grammars of Case                               Sep-07   Linguistics
Morphological Autonomy                                Jan-12   Linguistics
The Morphosyntax of Complement-Head Sequences         Sep-07   Linguistics
Movement and Silence                                  Sep-07   Linguistics
The Multilingual Internet                             Sep-07   Linguistics
A Natural History of Infixation                       Sep-07   Linguistics
Negation in Gapping                                   May-09   Linguistics
Negative Indefinites                                  Jan-11   Linguistics
Networks and Knowledge in Roget's Thesaurus           Jan-09   Linguistics
The Noun Phrase                                       Jan-10   Linguistics
Paradigms in Phonological Theory                      Jan-10   Linguistics
Paths to Post-Nationalism                             Jan-11   Linguistics
Phonetics and Philology                               Jan-10   Linguistics
Phonological Architecture                             Jan-12   Linguistics
The Phonology of Icelandic and Faroese                Jan-12   Linguistics
Possible and Probable Languages                       Sep-07   Linguistics
The Prehistory of Language                            May-10   Linguistics
Prescribing under Pressure                                         Jan-10   Linguistics
Principles and Parameters in a VSO Language                        Sep-07   Linguistics
Pronouns                                                           Jan-10   Linguistics
Prosodic Typology                                                  Jan-10   Linguistics
Radical Construction Grammar                                       Sep-07   Linguistics
Reference                                                          May-08   Linguistics
Reference in Discourse                                             Jan-12   Linguistics
The Representation and Processing of Compound Words                Jan-10   Linguistics
Representing Direction in Language and Space                       Jan-10   Linguistics
Rhetorical Style                                                   Jan-12   Linguistics
The Rise of the To-Infinitive                                      Sep-07   Linguistics
Rules, Constraints, and Phonological Phenomena                     May-08   Linguistics
Scrambling, Remnant Movement, and Restructuring in West Germanic   Jan-10   Linguistics
Secondary Predication and Adverbial Modification                   Jan-10   Linguistics
Secret Manipulations                                               Sep-11   Linguistics
Self-Organization in the Evolution of Speech                       Jan-10   Linguistics
Serial Verbs in Oceanic                                            Jan-10   Linguistics
Simpler Syntax                                                     Sep-07   Linguistics
Sound Change and the History of English                            Sep-07   Linguistics
The Sound Patterns of Syntax                                       May-10   Linguistics
Spanish in New York                                                Jan-12   Linguistics
The Spatial Foundations of Language and Cognition
     ‐                                                             May-10   Linguistics
Spatial Language and Dialogue                                      May-09   Linguistics
Spell Out and the Minimalist Program                               Jan-12   Linguistics
Stance                                                             Sep-09   Linguistics
Structuring Sense Volume 2                                         Sep-07   Linguistics
Structuring Sense Volume I                                         Sep-07   Linguistics
Subordination                                                      Jan-10   Linguistics
The Substance of Language Volume I                                 Jan-12   Linguistics
The Substance of Language Volume II                                Jan-12   Linguistics
The Substance of Language Volume III                               Jan-12   Linguistics
Syllable Structure                                                 Jan-09   Linguistics
Syntactic Effects of Morphological Change                          Jan-10   Linguistics
The Syntax of Anaphora                                             Sep-07   Linguistics
The Syntax of Aspect                                               Jan-10   Linguistics
The Syntax of Ellipsis                                             Feb-10   Linguistics
The Syntax of Old Norse                                            Jan-10   Linguistics
The Syntax of Sentential Stress                                    Sep-09   Linguistics
Talk that Counts                                                   Sep-07   Linguistics
Talking Proper                                                     Jan-10   Linguistics
Television Dramatic Dialogue                                       May-10   Linguistics
Tense, Aspect, and Indexicality                                    May-10   Linguistics
The “War on Terror” Narrative                                      May-11   Linguistics
Theories of Lexical Semantics                                      Feb-10   Linguistics
Typological Change in Chinese Syntax                               Jan-10   Linguistics
The Typology of Semantic Alignment                                 Jan-09   Linguistics
The Unaccusativity Puzzle                                          Jan-10   Linguistics
The Verbal Complex in Romance                                      Jan-10   Linguistics
Vowel Prosthesis in Romance                                        Feb-10   Linguistics
When Languages Die                                                 Jan-10   Linguistics
Why Do You Ask?                                                    Feb-10   Linguistics
Wine and Conversation                                              Sep-09   Linguistics
Words and Stones                                                             Sep-07   Linguistics
Working the Past                                                             Jan-09   Linguistics
Aaron Hill                                                                   Jan-10   Literature
The Abbey Theatre, 1899-1999                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Accented America                                                             May-11   Literature
The Adman in the Parlor                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Adopting America: Childhood, Kinship, and National Identity in Literature    May-11   Literature
The Ages of Man                                                              Oct-11   Literature
The All-Sustaining Air                                                       Sep-07   Literature
Alterities                                                                   Oct-11   Literature
The Alternative Trinity                                                      Oct-11   Literature
American Experimental Poetry and Democratic Thought                          Feb-10   Literature
American Lazarus                                                             Oct-11   Literature
The American Slave Narrative and the Victorian Novel                         May-10   Literature
American Spaces of Conversion                                                Jan-11   Literature
Anger, Gratitude, and the Enlightenment Writer                               Jan-11   Literature
Antigones                                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Apartheid and Beyond                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Aphra Behn's Afterlife                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Apocalypse and Millenium in English Romantic Poetry                          Oct-11   Literature
Apparitions of Asia                                                          May-08   Literature
The Arabian Nights in Historical Context                                     Jan-09   Literature
The Art of Eloquence                                                         Sep-07   Literature
The Art of Literary Biography                                                Oct-11   Literature
The Art of Scandal                                                           May-09   Literature
Artful Dodgers                                                               May-09   Literature
Ascendancy and Tradition in Anglo-Irish Literary History from 1789 To 1939   Oct-11   Literature
The Augustan Art of Poetry                                                   Jan-10   Literature
Authorship and Appropriation                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Autobiographical Writing and British Literature 1783-1834                    Sep-07   Literature
The Awkward Age in Women's Popular Fiction, 1850-1900                        Jan-10   Literature
Bad Form                                                                     Jan-09   Literature
Balzac's Shorter Fictions                                                    Jan-10   Literature
Bataille, Klossowski, Blanchot                                               Jan-10   Literature
Baudelaire and the Art of Memory                                             Oct-11   Literature
Baudelaire's Prose Poems                                                     Oct-11   Literature
The Beaten Track                                                             Oct-11   Literature
Beautiful Enemies                                                            Oct-11   Literature
The Beauty of Inflections                                                    Mar-12   Literature
Ben Jonson in the Romantic Age                                               Sep-07   Literature
Ben Jonson: Poetry and Architecture                                          Mar-12   Literature
Between Medieval Men                                                         May-09   Literature
Between the Lines                                                            May-11   Literature
Beyond Deconstruction                                                        Oct-11   Literature
Beyond Metafiction                                                           Oct-11   Literature
The Biblical Presence in Shakespeare, Milton, and Blake                      Oct-11   Literature
Biography and the Question of Literature in France                           Sep-08   Literature
Blake’s Critique of Transcendence                                            Oct-11   Literature
Bloom                                                                        Sep-07   Literature
The Bluestocking Circle                                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Boundaries of the Human in Medieval English Literature                   Jan-10   Literature
British Poetry and the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars                     Jan-10   Literature
British Writing of the Second World War                            Oct-11   Literature
British Youth Television                                           Oct-11   Literature
Browning's Hatreds                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Byron's Don Juan and the Don Juan Legend                           Oct-11   Literature
Byron's Heroines                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Byron's Historical Dramas                                          Oct-11   Literature
Camera Works                                                       Sep-07   Literature
The Case for Women in Medieval Culture                             Oct-11   Literature
Catholics Writing the Nation in Early Modern Britain and Ireland   Sep-08   Literature
Cervantes and the Comic Mind of his Age                            Oct-11   Literature
Cervantes, the Novel, and the New World                            Oct-11   Literature
The Chansons de Geste in the Age of Romance                        Oct-11   Literature
Characters and Authors in Luigi Pirandello                         Oct-11   Literature
Charlotte Brontë: The Imagination in History                       Oct-11   Literature
Chaucer and Italian Textuality                                     Sep-11   Literature
Chaucer, Ethics, and Gender                                        Sep-07   Literature
Chaucerian Conflict                                                Jan-10   Literature
The Child’s View of the Third Reich in German Literature           Oct-11   Literature
Children's Literature                                              Oct-11   Literature
Chrétien Continued                                                 May-09   Literature
Christian Identity, Jews, and Israel in 17th-Century England       Jan-11   Literature
The Circle of Our Vision                                           Oct-11   Literature
Circles of Censorship                                              Oct-11   Literature
The Classic                                                        Jan-10   Literature
Close Listening                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Coleridge and Scepticism                                           Jan-08   Literature
Coleridge and the Doctors                                          Jan-10   Literature
Coleridge and the Uses of Division                                 Oct-11   Literature
Coleridge, Wordsworth and the Language of Allusion                 Oct-11   Literature
Coleridge's Later Poetry                                           Oct-11   Literature
Coleridge's Play of Mind                                           Sep-10   Literature
Common Scents                                                      Sep-07   Literature
Conditions for Criticism                                           Oct-11   Literature
Conrad and History                                                 May-10   Literature
Conrad and Women                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Conrad's Narrative Method                                          Oct-11   Literature
Conspiracy and Virtue                                              Jan-10   Literature
Constructing Authorship in the Work of Günter Grass                Sep-08   Literature
Consuming Traditions                                               Jan-09   Literature
Conversable Worlds                                                 Jan-12   Literature
Cooperation and Conflict                                           Jan-11   Literature
The Cornucopian Text                                               Oct-11   Literature
Crime and Empire                                                   Jan-10   Literature
Culture and Gender in Nineteenth-Century Spain                     Oct-11   Literature
Culture in Camouflage                                              May-09   Literature
D. H. Lawrence                                                     Oct-11   Literature
D. H. Lawrence and ‘Difference’                                    Oct-11   Literature
Dangerous Enthusiasm                                               Oct-11   Literature
Daniel Defoe: Master of Fictions                                   Oct-11   Literature
Dante and Governance                                               Oct-11   Literature
Darwin the Writer                                                  Jan-12   Literature
De Quincey's Disciplines                                           Oct-11   Literature
Death and the Author                                          Oct-11   Literature
The Deceived Husband                                          Oct-11   Literature
Deciding What We Watch                                        Oct-11   Literature
The Decline and Fall of Public Service Broadcasting           Oct-11   Literature
Decolonizing the Stage                                        Oct-11   Literature
Defending Poetry                                              May-11   Literature
Defining Shakespeare                                          Jan-10   Literature
Dialogue and Literature                                       Oct-11   Literature
Diasporic Modernisms                                          Jan-12   Literature
Dickens and Mass Culture                                      Jan-11   Literature
Dickens and the Spirit of the Age                             Oct-11   Literature
Dickens's Villains                                            Jan-10   Literature
Digressive Voices in Early Modern English Literature          Sep-07   Literature
Disguised Vices                                               Jan-12   Literature
Distinguo: Reading Montaigne Differently                      Oct-11   Literature
Divinity and State                                            May-10   Literature
Domestic Allegories of Political Desire                       Oct-11   Literature
The Domestication of Genius                                   Feb-10   Literature
Donne's Augustine                                             Sep-11   Literature
A Door Ajar                                                   Oct-11   Literature
The Doppelgänger                                              Oct-11   Literature
A Double Singleness                                           Oct-11   Literature
The Drama of Ideas                                            Oct-11   Literature
Dream, Creativity, and Madness in Nineteenth-Century France   Oct-11   Literature
Drugs and Theater in Early Modern England                     Sep-07   Literature
Dryden and the Traces of Classical Rome                       Oct-11   Literature
Dublin's Trade in Books 1550–1800                             Oct-11   Literature
Dumbstruck                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Dunbar the Makar                                              Oct-11   Literature
Early Modern French Thought                                   Jan-10   Literature
Edmund Curll, Bookseller                                      Oct-11   Literature
Edmund Spenser's Irish Experience                             Oct-11   Literature
Edwardian Poetry                                              Oct-11   Literature
Electronic Text                                               Oct-11   Literature
Electronic Texts in the Humanities                            Oct-11   Literature
Elizabeth Bowen                                               Sep-07   Literature
Elizabethan Fictions                                          Oct-11   Literature
Emancipation, the Media, and Modernity                        Oct-11   Literature
Embodied Visions                                              May-09   Literature
Emerson's Ghosts                                              Sep-07   Literature
Empathy and the Novel                                         Oct-11   Literature
Empire, the National, and the Postcolonial, 1890-1920         Jan-10   Literature
England the Nation                                            Oct-11   Literature
England's Helicon                                             Oct-11   Literature
English Clandestine Satire, 1660-1702                         Jan-10   Literature
English Drama 1660–1700                                       Oct-11   Literature
English Literature and Ancient Languages                      Jan-10   Literature
English Preaching in the Late Middle Ages                     Oct-11   Literature
The English Radical Imagination                               Jan-10   Literature
The English Romance in Time                                   Sep-07   Literature
English Women's Poetry, 1649–1714                             Oct-11   Literature
Enter the King                                                Oct-11   Literature
Epic                                                                      May-08   Literature
Epic Romance                                                              Oct-11   Literature
Erotic Subjects                                                           Sep-11   Literature
Essays on Medieval Literature                                             Oct-11   Literature
Exotic Spaces in German Modernism                                         Jan-12   Literature
Exploding English                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Expulsion and the Nineteenth-Century Novel                                Oct-11   Literature
The Fables of Reason                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Fabulous Orients                                                          Oct-11   Literature
The Faerie Queene and Middle English Romance: The Matter of Just Memory   Oct-11   Literature
The Failure of Gothic                                                     Oct-11   Literature
“Fallen from the Symboled World”                                          Oct-11   Literature
Fallen Nature, Fallen Selves                                              Sep-07   Literature
The Familiar Enemy                                                        Feb-10   Literature
Far-Fetched Facts                                                         Oct-11   Literature
The Feminist, the Housewife, and the Soap Opera                           Oct-11   Literature
Fictions of Authorship in Late Elizabethan Narratives                     Jan-10   Literature
Fiery Shapes                                                              Sep-10   Literature
Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester                    Oct-11   Literature
Film Theory and Philosophy                                                Oct-11   Literature
Fin de millénaire French Fiction                                          Sep-09   Literature
Flaubert: Writing the Masculine                                           Oct-11   Literature
Flaubert's Tentation                                                      Jan-09   Literature
Force or Fraud                                                            May-11   Literature
Foreign Accents                                                           Jan-11   Literature
French Autobiography: Devices and Desires                                 Oct-11   Literature
French Laughter                                                           Oct-11   Literature
French Romance of the Later Middle Ages                                   Jan-09   Literature
French Romantic Travel Writing                                            Jan-12   Literature
Freudian Mythologies                                                      Jan-10   Literature
From Aesop to Reynard                                                     Feb-10   Literature
Gangraena and the Struggle for the English Revolution                     Sep-07   Literature
The Genealogy of the Romantic Symbol                                      Jan-08   Literature
The Genesis of a Saga Narrative                                           Oct-11   Literature
A Geography of Victorian Gothic Fiction                                   Oct-11   Literature
Ghost Stories in Late Renaissance France                                  Jan-11   Literature
Gibbon and the 'Watchmen of the Holy City'                                Jan-10   Literature
Giving Women                                                              Jan-12   Literature
Gods, Heroes, & Kings                                                     Oct-11   Literature
The Godwinian Novel                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Goethe's Naturalistic Anthropology                                        Oct-11   Literature
Gossip, Letters, Phones                                                   Sep-08   Literature
The Grammar of Identity                                                   Jan-09   Literature
Grammatology and Literary Modernity in Turkey                             Jan-12   Literature
The Grand Chorus of Complaint                                             Sep-11   Literature
The Great Dissent                                                         Oct-11   Literature
The Great War and the Language of Modernism                               Sep-07   Literature
The Grounds of English Literature                                         Oct-11   Literature
The Gun and the Pen                                                       Sep-08   Literature
Hardy's Fables of Integrity                                               Oct-11   Literature
Hardy's Literary Language and Victorian Philology                         Oct-11   Literature
Hazlitt and the Reach of Sense                                            Oct-11   Literature
Heinrich von Kleist                                   Oct-11   Literature
Henry Howard the Poet Earl of Surrey                  Oct-11   Literature
Henry James                                           Oct-11   Literature
Henry Vaughan's Silex Scintillans                     Jan-10   Literature
Hermynia Zur Mühlen                                   Feb-10   Literature
A Historical Guide to Herman Melville                 Oct-11   Literature
The Historical Novel in Nineteenth-Century Europe     Jan-12   Literature
History and Value                                     Oct-11   Literature
A History of European Versification                   Oct-11   Literature
A History of Russian Women's Writing 1820–1992        Oct-11   Literature
Hölderlin                                             Oct-11   Literature
The Holocaust and the Postmodern                      Sep-07   Literature
Hopkins' Idealism                                     Oct-11   Literature
Housman's Poems                                       Oct-11   Literature
How Plays Work                                        Oct-11   Literature
How Poets See the World                               Oct-11   Literature
Humanism, Reading, and English Literature 1430-1530   Sep-07   Literature
Ideographic Modernism                                 Feb-10   Literature
Imaginative Transcripts                               Oct-11   Literature
Immigrant Narratives                                  Jan-12   Literature
The Imperial Trace                                    May-09   Literature
Impolitic Bodies                                      Oct-11   Literature
In Byron's Shadow                                     Jan-08   Literature
In Defence of Rhetoric                                Oct-11   Literature
In Defiance of Time                                   Sep-10   Literature
In Frankenstein's Shadow                              Oct-11   Literature
Incest and the Medieval Imagination                   Jan-10   Literature
The Interethnic Imaginiation                          Feb-10   Literature
The Intimate Screen                                   Oct-11   Literature
Inventing Television Culture                          Oct-11   Literature
The Invention of Suspicion                            Jan-08   Literature
The Invention of the Newspaper                        Oct-11   Literature
Ireland and the Fiction of Improvement                Jan-10   Literature
Irish Influence on Medieval Welsh Literature          Jan-11   Literature
Irish Novelists and the Victorian Age                 Jan-11   Literature
Irish Novels 1890-1940                                May-08   Literature
Irish Poetry of the 1930s                             Sep-07   Literature
Issues of Death                                       Oct-11   Literature
The Italian Romance Epic in the Age of Humanism       Jan-10   Literature
J.M. Coetzee and the Novel                            Sep-10   Literature
James Thomson 1700–1748                               Oct-11   Literature
Jane Austen and the War of Ideas                      Oct-11   Literature
The Je-Ne-Sais-Quoi in Early Modern Europe            Sep-08   Literature
John Donne in the Nineteenth Century                  Sep-07   Literature
John Donne's Articulations of the Feminine            Oct-11   Literature
John Keats and the Culture of Dissent                 Oct-11   Literature
John Lydgate's Fall of Princes                        Jan-10   Literature
John Skelton and Poetic Authority                     Jan-10   Literature
John the Evangelist and Medieval German Writing       Jan-10   Literature
Johnson and Boswell: The Transit of Caledonia         Oct-11   Literature
Jonathan Swift in the Company of Women                Oct-11   Literature
Joseph Conrad and the Anthropological Dilemma         Oct-11   Literature
Joseph Conrad and the Modern Temper                                           Oct-11   Literature
Journeymen in Murder                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Joyce's Kaleidoscope                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Kafka                                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Kafka: Gender, Class, and Race in the Letters and Fictions                    Oct-11   Literature
Katherine Mansfield and Virginia Woolf                                        Oct-11   Literature
Keats and Embarrassment                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Lady Mary Wortley Montagu                                                     Oct-11   Literature
The Land of Lost Content                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Landscapes of Hope                                                            May-09   Literature
Langland's Fictions                                                           Oct-11   Literature
The Last of the Race                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Last Things                                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Late Shakespeare                                                              Oct-11   Literature
Late-Medieval Prison Writing and the Politics of Autobiography                Jan-10   Literature
Latin American Television                                                     Oct-11   Literature
Legitimate Histories                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Liberalizing the European Media                                               Oct-11   Literature
Lighting Out for the Territory                                                Oct-11   Literature
Literary and Linguistic Theories in Eighteenth-Century France                 Oct-11   Literature
The Literary Culture of the Reformation                                       Oct-11   Literature
Literary Imitation in the Italian Renaissance                                 Oct-11   Literature
Literary Relations                                                            Sep-07   Literature
Literature and Politics in Cromwellian England                                Oct-11   Literature
Literature, Travel, and Colonial Writing in the English Renaissance 1545–1625 Oct-11   Literature
‘Littery Man’                                                                 Oct-11   Literature
‘Lords of Wine and Oile’                                                      Jan-12   Literature
Lordship and Literature                                                       Sep-08   Literature
Love and Death in Medieval French and Occitan Courtly Literature              Sep-07   Literature
Love's Madness                                                                Oct-11   Literature
Lovesickness and Gender in Early Modern English Literature                    Jan-09   Literature
The Machine in the Text                                                       Sep-11   Literature
Madam Britannia                                                               Jan-12   Literature
Madame de Staël                                                               May-08   Literature
Madness in Medieval French Literature                                         Jan-10   Literature
Magister Amoris: The Roman de la Rose and Vernacular Hermeneutics             Jan-10   Literature
The Making of Percy's Reliques                                                Oct-11   Literature
The Making of the National Poet                                               Oct-11   Literature
The Making of Victorian Sexuality                                             Oct-11   Literature
Mallarmé and Circumstance                                                     Jan-10   Literature
Manifesting America                                                           Feb-10   Literature
Manuscript Verse Collectors and the Politics of Anti-Courtly Love Poetry      Sep-09   Literature
Mark Twain and Male Friendship                                                Feb-10   Literature
Marquard von Lindau and the Challenges of Religious Life in Late Medieval Germany      Literature
Mary Leapor                                                                   Oct-11   Literature
The Mask of the Prophet                                                       Oct-11   Literature
The Masks of Keats                                                            Oct-11   Literature
The Master and the Slave                                                      Oct-11   Literature
May 68 in French Fiction and Film                                             Oct-11   Literature
Mechanical Witness                                                            Sep-09   Literature
The Medieval Siege                                                            Oct-11   Literature
Mencken                                                                       Sep-07   Literature
Metaphors of Change in the Language of Nineteenth-Century Fiction   Oct-11   Literature
Mignon's Afterlives                                                 Jan-12   Literature
Mikhail Bakhtin                                                     Oct-11   Literature
Millennial Literatures of the Americas, 1492-2002                   Jan-09   Literature
Milton and the Ineffable                                            Feb-10   Literature
Milton and the Manuscript of De Doctrina Christiana                 Jan-08   Literature
Milton and Toleration                                               Sep-07   Literature
Milton's Angels                                                     Oct-11   Literature
Milton's Grand Style                                                Oct-11   Literature
Milton's History of Britain                                         Oct-11   Literature
Milton's Messiah                                                    May-11   Literature
Milton's Words                                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Mind of the Child                                               Oct-11   Literature
The Mind—Body Problem in German Literature 1770–1830                Oct-11   Literature
Mock-Epic Poetry from Pope to Heine                                 Feb-10   Literature
Modern English War Poetry                                           Jan-10   Literature
The Modern Poet                                                     Oct-11   Literature
Modernism and the Museum                                            Jan-11   Literature
Modernism and the Ordinary                                          May-09   Literature
The Modernist Shakespeare                                           Oct-11   Literature
Molière                                                             Sep-07   Literature
Monsters and their Meanings in Early Modern Culture                 Sep-11   Literature
Montaigne's Career                                                  Oct-11   Literature
The Most Disreputable Trade                                         Oct-11   Literature
Moving Pictures                                                     Oct-11   Literature
Multiplying Worlds                                                  May-11   Literature
Murder Most Foul                                                    Jan-12   Literature
The Myth of the Renaissance in Nineteenth-Century Writing           Oct-11   Literature
Myths of the Nation                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Narcissism and Suicide in Shakespeare and his Contemporaries        Feb-10   Literature
Narrativity: Theory and Practice                                    Oct-11   Literature
Nation & Novel                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Nationalism and Irony                                               Sep-07   Literature
Nations of Nothing But Poetry                                       May-10   Literature
Nature, Sex, and Goodness in a Medieval Literary Tradition          Oct-11   Literature
Neither Black Nor White Yet Both                                    Oct-11   Literature
A New Heartland                                                     May-09   Literature
Nietzsche and Proust                                                Jan-10   Literature
Nietzsche and Schiller: Untimely Aesthetics                         Oct-11   Literature
Nobody's Story                                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Novelty of Newspapers                                           Sep-09   Literature
Nuns as Historians in Early Modern Germany                          Jan-10   Literature
Obscure Objects of Desire Surrealism, Fetishism, and Politics       Oct-11   Literature
Old English Syntax                                                  Oct-11   Literature
On a Knife-Edge                                                     Jan-11   Literature
On Shakespeare and Early Modern Literature                          Oct-11   Literature
On Sympathy                                                         Sep-08   Literature
One Flesh                                                           Oct-11   Literature
Open Secrets                                                        Jan-10   Literature
Organising Poetry                                                   Sep-09   Literature
Original Copy                                                       Jan-09   Literature
The Origins of Beowulf                                              Jan-10   Literature
The Origins of Modern Literary Yiddish                                   Oct-11   Literature
Oscar Wilde's Profession                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Ovid’s Changing Worlds                                                   Jan-10   Literature
Owning Up                                                                Sep-09   Literature
Oxford Shakespeare Studies                                               Oct-11   Literature
The Palace of Secrets                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Paper Pellets                                                            Sep-10   Literature
Paradoxes of Freedom                                                     Oct-11   Literature
The Passage of Literature                                                Jan-11   Literature
Passion and Pathology in Victorian Fiction                               Oct-11   Literature
Passion's Triumph over Reason                                            Sep-07   Literature
Patent Inventions - Intellectual Property and the Victorian Novel        Jan-10   Literature
The Patriot Opposition to Walpole                                        Oct-11   Literature
Patrons and Performance                                                  Oct-11   Literature
Penpoints, Gunpoints, and Dreams                                         Oct-11   Literature
Philosophy As Fiction                                                    Sep-07   Literature
The Physiology of the Novel                                              Oct-11   Literature
Pilgrimage and Narrative in the French Renaissance                       Oct-11   Literature
The Plantation in the Postslavery Imagination                            Feb-10   Literature
Playing the Races                                                        Sep-07   Literature
Playing with Truth                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Pleasure and Change                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Pleasures of Benthamism                                                  Feb-10   Literature
The Poet's Odyssey                                                       Oct-11   Literature
The Poetics of French Verse                                              Oct-11   Literature
Poetry and Allegiance in the English Civil Wars                          Jan-09   Literature
Poetry and Parental Bereavement in Early Modern Lutheran Germany         Jan-09   Literature
Poetry and Politics in the English Renaissance                           Oct-11   Literature
Poetry and the Creation of a Whig Literary Culture 1681-1714             Sep-07   Literature
Poetry and the Cromwellian Protectorate                                  Sep-08   Literature
Poetry and the Making of the English Literary Past                       Jan-10   Literature
Poetry and the Realm of Politics                                         Oct-11   Literature
Poetry of Opposition and Revolution                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Poetry of Translation                                                Jan-12   Literature
Politics and the Paul's Cross Sermons, 1558–1642                         Sep-11   Literature
The Politics of Interpretation                                           Oct-11   Literature
Popular Fiction before Richardson                                        Oct-11   Literature
Possible Scotlands                                                       Sep-07   Literature
Powers of Possibility                                                    Jan-12   Literature
Pragmatic Modernism                                                      Jan-12   Literature
The Presentation of Authorship in Medieval German Literature 1220-1290   Jan-10   Literature
Primitivism, Science, and the Irish Revival                              Jan-10   Literature
Printed Commonplace-Books and the Structuring of Renaissance Thought     Oct-11   Literature
Professional Imaginative Writing in England, 1670–1740                   Oct-11   Literature
Proportional Form in the Sonnets of the Sidney Circle                    Oct-11   Literature
Proust, Class, and Nation                                                Jan-12   Literature
Proust's Gods                                                            Oct-11   Literature
Proust’s English                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Proustian Passions                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Providence and Love                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Provincial Readers in Eighteenth-Century England                         Jan-10   Literature
Psychoanalysis and the Scene of Reading                                  Oct-11   Literature
Publishing, Politics, and Culture                                              Feb-10   Literature
Pushkin's Lyric Intelligence                                                   Sep-08   Literature
Queer Dickens                                                                  Feb-10   Literature
Race and Resistance                                                            Sep-07   Literature
Racine                                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Rape, Race, and Lynching                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Re-editing Shakespeare for the Modern Reader                                   Oct-11   Literature
Reading Early Modern Women's Writing                                           Jan-10   Literature
Reading Gothic Fiction                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Reading in Proust's A la recherche                                             Sep-09   Literature
Reading Masques                                                                Sep-10   Literature
Reading The Eve of St. Agnes                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Reading the Rhythm                                                             Oct-11   Literature
Reading, Writing, and Romanticism                                              Oct-11   Literature
The Realms of Verse 1830-1870                                                  Jan-10   Literature
Recognitions                                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Reconstructing Contexts                                                        Oct-11   Literature
Rehearsal from Shakespeare to Sheridan                                         Oct-11   Literature
Religious Liberties                                                            May-11   Literature
The Reluctant Modernist                                                        Oct-11   Literature
Remnants of Conquest                                                           Oct-11   Literature
Renaissance England's Chief Rabbi: John Selden                                 Sep-07   Literature
Renaissance Truth and the Latin Language Turn                                  Oct-11   Literature
The Representation of Bodily Pain in Late Nineteenth–Century English Culture   Oct-11   Literature
Rereading the Imperial Romance                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Restoration Theatre and Crisis                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Revenge Tragedy                                                                Oct-11   Literature
Revising Wilde                                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Revolution and the Form of the British Novel, 1790-1825                        Oct-11   Literature
The Rhetoric of Suffering                                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Rhetoric of the Conscience in Donne, Herbert, and Vaughan                  Sep-08   Literature
Rhetoric: Readings in French Literature                                        Oct-11   Literature
Richelieu's Desmarets and the Century of Louis XIV                             Oct-11   Literature
Ring Lardner and the Other                                                     Oct-11   Literature
A Ringing Glass                                                                Oct-11   Literature
Robert Burns and Pastoral                                                      Sep-10   Literature
The Roman Noir in Post-War French Culture                                      Oct-11   Literature
Romances of Free Trade                                                         Sep-11   Literature
Romantic Indians                                                               Sep-07   Literature
Romanticism and the Heritage of Rousseau                                       Oct-11   Literature
Romanticism and the Self-Conscious Poem                                        Oct-11   Literature
Romanticism and the Uses of Genre                                              Feb-10   Literature
Romanticism Writing and Sexual Difference                                      Oct-11   Literature
Romanticism, Economics and the Question of ‘Culture’                           Jan-10   Literature
Romanticism, Enthusiasm, and Regulation                                        Jan-10   Literature
Royalist Women Writers, 1650-1689                                              Jan-10   Literature
Saints' Lives and Women's Literary Culture, 1150-1300                          Jan-10   Literature
Samuel Johnson and Eighteenth-Century Thought                                  Oct-11   Literature
Samuel Johnson and the Art of Sinking 1709-1791                                Sep-07   Literature
Sanctuary                                                                      May-11   Literature
Scars of Conquest/Masks of Resistance                                          Oct-11   Literature
Scepticism and Literature                                                      Jan-10   Literature
Scholars and Gentlemen                                            Oct-11   Literature
Science and Structure in Proust's                                 Oct-11   Literature
Scottish and Irish Romanticism                                    May-08   Literature
Scribal Publication in Seventeenth-Century England                Oct-11   Literature
Seductive Forms                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Self Impression                                                   May-10   Literature
Seneca and the Idea of Tragedy                                    Feb-10   Literature
Sense of Place and Sense of Planet                                Sep-08   Literature
A Sense of Shock                                                  Sep-11   Literature
Sentiment and Sociability                                         Oct-11   Literature
Serious Poetry                                                    Jan-10   Literature
Seven Metaphysical Poets                                          Oct-11   Literature
Sexual Dissidence                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and Classical Comedy                                  Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and Classical Tragedy                                 Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and Ovid                                              Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and South Africa                                      Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and the Constant Romans                               Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and the English Romantic Imagination                  Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare and the Idea of the Book                              Jan-10   Literature
Shakespeare and the Origins of English                            Sep-07   Literature
Shakespeare at Work                                               Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare in Parts                                              Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare Verbatim                                              Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare, Co-Author                                            Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare, Machiavelli, and Montaigne                           Jan-10   Literature
Shakespeare's Early History Plays                                 Jan-10   Literature
Shakespeare's Letters                                             Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare’s Hamlet and the Controversies of Self                Oct-11   Literature
Shakespeare’s Universal Wolf                                      Oct-11   Literature
The Shakespearian Playing Companies                               Oct-11   Literature
Shelley and Scripture                                             Oct-11   Literature
Shelley’s Goddess                                                 Oct-11   Literature
The Sinful Knights                                                Oct-11   Literature
Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and French Arthurian Romance      Oct-11   Literature
Sir Philip Sidney and the Circulation of Manuscripts, 1558–1640   Oct-11   Literature
Sister's Choice                                                   Oct-11   Literature
Skaldic Verse and the Poetics of Saga Narrative                   Sep-07   Literature
Society and Politics in the Plays of Thomas Middleton             Oct-11   Literature
Socioliterary Practice in Late Medieval England                   Jan-10   Literature
Sororophobia: Differences Among Women in Literature and Culture   Oct-11   Literature
Sound and Structure in the Divine Comedy                          Oct-11   Literature
South Asian Writers in Twentieth-Century Britain                  Oct-11   Literature
Soviet Yiddish                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Space and the 'March of Mind'                                     Jan-10   Literature
Space, Conrad, and Modernity                                      Oct-11   Literature
Specters of Democracy                                             Sep-11   Literature
Spenser’s Forms of History                                        Jan-10   Literature
Spiritual History                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Stage, Stake, and Scaffold                                        Jan-12   Literature
Staging Shakespeare's Late Plays                                  Oct-11   Literature
States of Fantasy                                                 Oct-11   Literature
Sterne, the Moderns, and the Novel                            Jan-10   Literature
Stevie Smith and Authorship                                   Sep-10   Literature
A Store of Common Sense                                       Oct-11   Literature
‘Strandentwining Cable’                                       Jan-12   Literature
Strange Country                                               Oct-11   Literature
Strange Likeness                                              Sep-08   Literature
The Strange Short Fiction of Joseph Conrad                    Oct-11   Literature
The Strangeness of Tragedy                                    Oct-11   Literature
Strong Women                                                  Jan-12   Literature
The Suffering Traveller and the Romantic Imagination          Sep-07   Literature
Surface and Depth                                             Sep-07   Literature
Susan Glaspell's Century of American Women                    Oct-11   Literature
Synge and Edwardian Ireland                                   Jan-12   Literature
The Tale of Bluebeard in German Literature                    Oct-11   Literature
Television and New Media Audiences                            Oct-11   Literature
Television Drama                                              Oct-11   Literature
Tennyson's Rapture                                            Jan-08   Literature
Testamentary Acts                                             Oct-11   Literature
Texts and Traditions                                          Jan-10   Literature
Textual Subjectivity                                          Sep-07   Literature
The ‘Jewish Question’ in German Literature 1749–1939          Oct-11   Literature
The ‘Shepheards Nation’                                       Oct-11   Literature
Theatre and Disorder in Late Georgian London                  Oct-11   Literature
Theatre Censorship                                            May-08   Literature
Theatre of the Book 1480–1880                                 Oct-11   Literature
The Theatres of War                                           Oct-11   Literature
Theatric Revolution                                           Sep-07   Literature
Theories of the Text                                          Oct-11   Literature
The Thought and Art of Joseph Joubert (1754–1824)             Oct-11   Literature
Time's Purpled Masquers                                       Oct-11   Literature
'Tinkers'                                                     Sep-09   Literature
Tradition in Transition                                       Oct-11   Literature
Translation and the Poet's Life                               Jan-09   Literature
Travel in Twentieth-Century French and Francophone Cultures   Oct-11   Literature
The Tremulous Hand of Worcester                               Oct-11   Literature
The Truth of Ecology                                          Sep-07   Literature
Twentieth Century Poetry                                      Sep-07   Literature
Uncloistered Virtue                                           Oct-11   Literature
Unfolding Mallarmé                                            Oct-11   Literature
Ungoverned Imaginings                                         Oct-11   Literature
Unseasonable Youth                                            Jan-12   Literature
Unto the Breach                                               Jan-09   Literature
The Uses of Curiosity in Early Modern France and Germany      Jan-10   Literature
The Uses of the Canon                                         Oct-11   Literature
Vers Libre                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Victor Segalen and the Aesthetics of Diversity                Oct-11   Literature
Victorian Afterlives                                          Jan-10   Literature
Victorian Biography Reconsidered                              Sep-10   Literature
Victorian Literature and Finance                              Jan-10   Literature
Victorian Poetry and the Culture of the Heart                 Jan-10   Literature
Victorian Poetry, Drama and Miscellaneous Prose 1832–1890     Oct-11   Literature
Victorian Psychology and British Culture 1850–1880            Oct-11   Literature
Victorian Soundscapes                                                       Sep-07   Literature
The Victorians and Old Age                                                  Sep-09   Literature
Villon's Last Will                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Virginia Woolf and the Literature of the English Renaissance                Oct-11   Literature
Visions of the Future                                                       Oct-11   Literature
Vladimir Nabokov and the Art of Play                                        May-11   Literature
Voices from the Asylum                                                      Jan-11   Literature
W.B. Yeats and the Muses                                                    Sep-10   Literature
W.B. Yeats, the Abbey Theatre, Censorship, and the Irish State              Jan-11   Literature
Walking, Literature, and English Culture                                    Oct-11   Literature
Wars of Words                                                               Sep-07   Literature
The Wasting Heroine in German Fiction by Women 1770-1914                    Jan-10   Literature
When Did Indians Become Straight?                                           May-11   Literature
Whipscars and Tattoos                                                       May-11   Literature
Who Set You Flowin?                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Why Does Tragedy Give Pleasure?                                             Oct-11   Literature
Wilde's Intentions                                                          Mar-12   Literature
Wilfred Owen's Voices                                                       Oct-11   Literature
William Wordsworth: Intensity and Achievement                               Oct-11   Literature
Winckelmann and the Notion of Aesthetic Education                           Oct-11   Literature
The Woman Reader 1837–1914                                                  Oct-11   Literature
Women and Literature in the Goethe Era 1770-1820                            Jan-10   Literature
Women Latin Poets                                                           Sep-07   Literature
The Women of Grub Street                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Women, Writing, and Language in Early Modern Ireland                        May-10   Literature
Women, Writing, and Revolution 1790–1827                                    Oct-11   Literature
Women's Authorship and Editorship in Victorian Culture                      May-11   Literature
Word as Action                                                              Oct-11   Literature
Wordsworth and Coleridge                                                    Oct-11   Literature
Wordsworth and the Victorians                                               Oct-11   Literature
Working Women, Literary Ladies                                              May-08   Literature
Writing after Sidney                                                        Jan-10   Literature
Writing and Orality                                                         Oct-11   Literature
Writing and Reading Royal Entertainments                                    Sep-10   Literature
Writing French Algeria                                                      Oct-11   Literature
Writing the Irish Famine                                                    Oct-11   Literature
‘Writing the Lives of Painters’                                             May-11   Literature
Writing the Nation in Reformation England, 1530–1580                        Jan-10   Literature
Writing Under Tyranny                                                       Sep-07   Literature
Writing Weimar                                                              Oct-11   Literature
Yeats and Violence                                                          Oct-11   Literature
Alan Turing's Automatic Computing Engine                                    Jan-08   Mathematics
Algebraic and Geometric Surgery                                             Sep-07   Mathematics
Analysis and Stochastics of Growth Processes and Interface Models           Sep-08   Mathematics
Applied Shape Optimization for Fluids                                       Feb-10   Mathematics
Bayesian Nets and Causality                                                 Sep-07   Mathematics
Bayesian Smoothing and Regression for Longitudinal, Spatial and Event History Data   Mathematics
Bayesian Statistics 9                                                       Jan-12   Mathematics
Catalan Numbers with Applications                                           Jan-09   Mathematics
Category Theory                                                             Sep-07   Mathematics
Causality in the Sciences                                                   Sep-11   Mathematics
Celebrating Statistics                                                      Sep-07   Mathematics
Combinatorics, Complexity, and Chance                                     Sep-07   Mathematics
Computability and Randomness                                              May-09   Mathematics
Computing with Cells                                                      Sep-09   Mathematics
Consumer Credit Models                                                    May-09   Mathematics
The Correspondence of John Wallis (1616-1703)                             Sep-08   Mathematics
The Correspondence of John Wallis (1616-1703), Volume I                   Sep-08   Mathematics
Credit Risk Management                                                    Jan-09   Mathematics
The Diophantine Frobenius Problem                                         Sep-07   Mathematics
A Discourse Concerning Algebra                                            Sep-07   Mathematics
Dynamics of Viscous Compressible Fluids                                   Sep-07   Mathematics
Electromagnetism of Continuous Media                                      Sep-07   Mathematics
The Emperor's New Mathematics                                             Jan-12   Mathematics
The Factorization Method for Inverse Problems                             Sep-08   Mathematics
Finite Element Methods for Maxwell's Equations                            Sep-07   Mathematics
Flips for 3-folds and 4-folds                                             Sep-07   Mathematics
Fourier-Mukai Transforms in Algebraic Geometry                            Sep-07   Mathematics
The Fourth Janko Group                                                    Sep-07   Mathematics
From Sets and Types to Topology and Analysis                              Sep-07   Mathematics
Gamma-Convergence for Beginners                                           Sep-07   Mathematics
General Relativity and the Einstein Equations                             May-09   Mathematics
Graphs and Homomorphisms                                                  Sep-07   Mathematics
The Greate Invention of Algebra                                           Sep-07   Mathematics
Harmonic Morphisms Between Riemannian Manifolds                           Sep-07   Mathematics
Hilbert Modular Forms and Iwasawa Theory                                  Sep-07   Mathematics
The History of Mathematical Tables                                        Sep-07   Mathematics
In Defence of Objective Bayesianism                                       Sep-10   Mathematics
Interpolation and Definability                                            Sep-07   Mathematics
Inverse Eigenvalue Problems                                               Sep-07   Mathematics
Invitation to Fixed-Parameter Algorithms                                  Sep-07   Mathematics
John Pell (1611-1685) and His Correspondence with Sir Charles Cavendish   Sep-07   Mathematics
Kelvin: Life, Labours and Legacy                                          May-08   Mathematics
The Many Facets of Geometry                                               Sep-10   Mathematics
Mathematical Methods for the Magnetohydrodynamics of Liquid Metals        Sep-07   Mathematics
Micro/Nano Technology Systems for Biomedical Applications                 Sep-10   Mathematics
Multi-dimensional hyperbolic partial differential equations               Sep-07   Mathematics
Multiscale Methods                                                        Feb-10   Mathematics
New Perspectives in Stochastic Geometry                                   Feb-10   Mathematics
Numerical Methods for Delay Differential Equations                        Sep-07   Mathematics
Numerical Methods for Image Registration                                  Sep-07   Mathematics
Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Estimating Equations                      Sep-07   Mathematics
Numerical Methods for Structured Markov Chains                            Sep-07   Mathematics
Operator Algebras and Their Modules                                       Sep-07   Mathematics
Parallel Scientific Computation                                           Sep-07   Mathematics
The Porous Medium Equation                                                Sep-07   Mathematics
Procrustes Problems                                                       Sep-07   Mathematics
Random Geometric Graphs                                                   Sep-07   Mathematics
Reductive Logic and Proof-search                                          Sep-07   Mathematics
Sasakian Geometry                                                         Jan-08   Mathematics
Set Theory                                                                Sep-07   Mathematics
Smoothing and Decay Estimates for Nonlinear Diffusion Equations           Sep-07   Mathematics
Spectral/hp Element Methods for Computational Fluid Dynamics              Sep-07   Mathematics
Statistical Thought                                                       Sep-07   Mathematics
Statistics and Informatics in Molecular Cancer Research                 Sep-09   Mathematics
Stochastic Methods in Neuroscience                                      Feb-10   Mathematics
Stochastic Population Processes                                         Sep-11   Mathematics
The Structure of Models of Peano Arithmetic                             Sep-07   Mathematics
System Control and Rough Paths                                          Sep-07   Mathematics
The Theory of Infinite Soluble Groups                                   Sep-07   Mathematics
Thermoelasticity with Finite Wave Speeds                                Feb-10   Mathematics
Thiele: Pioneer in Statistics                                           Sep-07   Mathematics
Traces and Determinants of Pseudodifferential Operators                 Jan-11   Mathematics
The Universality of the Radon Transform                                 Sep-07   Mathematics
Wavelet Methods for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations             May-09   Mathematics
After the Golden Age                                                    May-08   Music
Amico                                                                   Sep-09   Music
Analytical and Cross-Cultural Studies in World Music                    Jan-12   Music
Analytical Studies in World Music: Analytical Studies in World Music    Jan-10   Music
The Art of Performance                                                  May-08   Music
The Atonal Music of Arnold Schoenberg 1908–1923                         Oct-11   Music
Bach                                                                    Oct-11   Music
Bach: The Orgelbüchlein                                                 Oct-11   Music
Bach's Works for Solo Violin                                            Jan-10   Music
Bartók's Viola Concerto                                                 May-08   Music
Bebop                                                                   Oct-11   Music
Beethoven's Diabelli Variations                                         Oct-11   Music
Behind the Curtain                                                      Oct-11   Music
Bewitching Russian Opera                                                Jan-12   Music
Beyond the Roof of the World                                            Jan-09   Music
Bright Star of the West                                                 May-11   Music
Building Blocks                                                         May-11   Music
Cajun Breakdown                                                         Sep-09   Music
Camille Saint-Saëns                                                     Oct-11   Music
Changed for Good                                                        Sep-11   Music
Changing the Score                                                      Oct-11   Music
Chicago Jazz                                                            Oct-11   Music
Chopin's Polish Ballade Op. 38 as Narrative of National Martyrdom       Feb-10   Music
The Clarinet in the Classical Period                                    Jan-10   Music
Classical and Romantic Performing Practice 1750-1900                    May-08   Music
The Classical Mandolin                                                  Oct-11   Music
Clifford Brown                                                          Oct-11   Music
Colonial Counterpoint                                                   Sep-10   Music
Coming up Roses                                                         Oct-11   Music
Conceptualizing Music                                                   May-08   Music
Cosmic Cowboys and New Hicks                                            Sep-11   Music
The Creative Development of Johann Sebastian Bach Volume 1: 1695-1717   Jan-09   Music
The Critical Nexus                                                      Oct-11   Music
Crossing Confessional Boundaries                                        Oct-11   Music
Crossing Paths                                                          May-08   Music
Dance: Rituals of Experience                                            Oct-11   Music
Dancefilm                                                               May-11   Music
Dancing Revelations                                                     Oct-11   Music
Dangdut Stories                                                         Sep-10   Music
Death-Devoted Heart                                                     Jan-10   Music
Decentering Music                                                       May-08   Music
Divine Inspirations                                 Sep-11   Music
The Divine Office in the Latin Middle Ages          May-08   Music
Draw a Straight Line and Follow It                  Jan-12   Music
Drumminʼ Men                                        Oct-11   Music
Dvorák to Duke Ellington                            May-08   Music
Electric Folk                                       Jan-10   Music
Electronic and Computer Music                       Oct-11   Music
Elements of Sonata Theory                           Oct-11   Music
The Eloquent Oboe                                   Jan-10   Music
Embodying Mexico                                    Sep-11   Music
Empirical Musicology                                May-08   Music
Enchanted Evenings                                  Oct-11   Music
The End of Early Music                              Jan-10   Music
Enlightenment Orpheus                               May-08   Music
Extraordinary Measures                              May-11   Music
An Eye for Music                                    Jan-12   Music
Facing the Music                                    Feb-10   Music
Fanny Hensel                                        Oct-11   Music
Fantasy Pieces                                      May-08   Music
Finding an Ending                                   Oct-11   Music
Four Parts, No Waiting                              Oct-11   Music
Freedom Sounds                                      Jan-10   Music
French Opera at the Fin de Siecle                   May-08   Music
From Paris to Peoria                                May-08   Music
From Serra to Sancho                                Sep-09   Music
From the Clarinet D'Amour to the Contra Bass        May-09   Music
FROM THE EROTIC TO THE DEMONIC                      May-08   Music
Generalized Musical Intervals and Transformations   Jan-10   Music
The George Gershwin Reader                          Oct-11   Music
Germany in the Loud Twentieth Century               Jan-12   Music
Gilbert and Sullivan                                Oct-11   Music
Giving Voice to Love                                Jan-12   Music
Great God Aʼmighty! The Dixie Hummingbirds          Oct-11   Music
Hard Bop                                            Oct-11   Music
Harmony and Discord                                 May-11   Music
Hearing Bach's Passions                             Jan-10   Music
The Hearing Eye                                     Oct-11   Music
Honoring God and the City                           May-08   Music
Inside Early Music                                  Jan-10   Music
Inside the Offertory                                May-10   Music
Interpreting the Musical Past                       Sep-08   Music
An Introduction to Bach Studies                     Jan-10   Music
Inventing the Business of Opera                     May-08   Music
Ira Gershwin                                        Oct-11   Music
J. S. Bach's Great Eighteen Organ Chorales          Oct-11   Music
Jazz Changes                                        Oct-11   Music
Jewish Music and Modernity                          Jan-09   Music
King of Ragtime                                     Oct-11   Music
Lateness and Brahms                                 May-08   Music
A Life in Ragtime                                   Oct-11   Music
Listening through the Noise                         Sep-10   Music
Lorenz Hart                                         Oct-11   Music
Louisiana Hayride                                                Oct-11   Music
Mahler's Voices                                                  May-09   Music
Making Music Modern                                              Jan-10   Music
The Making of Cabaret                                            May-11   Music
The Master Musicians: Mozart                                     Oct-11   Music
Mastering the Art of Performance                                 Jan-10   Music
MENC Handbook of Musical Cognition and Development               Oct-11   Music
Mendelssohn and the Organ                                        Sep-10   Music
Monarch of the Flute                                             Oct-11   Music
A Most Ingenious Paradox                                         Oct-11   Music
Mozart's Piano Music                                             May-08   Music
Music and Monumentality                                          Oct-11   Music
Music as Discourse                                               Oct-11   Music
Music for a Mixed Taste                                          Jan-10   Music
Music from behind the Bridge                                     Oct-11   Music
Music in American Religious Experience                           May-08   Music
Music in Chopin's Warsaw                                         May-08   Music
Music in Renaissance Ferrara 1400–1505                           Oct-11   Music
The Music of Joni Mitchell                                       Jan-10   Music
Music Printing in Renaissance Venice                             Oct-11   Music
Music, Criticism, and the Challenge of History                   Sep-08   Music
Music, Modernity, and the Global Imagination                     May-08   Music
Musical Form and Transformation                                  Jan-10   Music
Musical Instruments                                              May-08   Music
The Musical Playground                                           Jan-10   Music
Musical Renderings of the Philippine Nation                      May-11   Music
Musical Symbolism in the Operas of Debussy and Bartok            May-08   Music
The New Music Theater                                            Jan-10   Music
Nor-tec Rifa!                                                    Oct-11   Music
Off Key                                                          Mar-12   Music
Oh Joy! Oh Rapture!                                              Oct-11   Music
The Organ and its Music in German-Jewish Culture                 Oct-11   Music
The Organ as A Mirror of Its Time                                Oct-11   Music
The Organ Music of Johannes Brahms                               Jan-10   Music
Orpheus in Manhattan                                             May-11   Music
Ottaviano Petrucci                                               Oct-11   Music
The People's Artist                                              Jan-09   Music
Performing Pain                                                  Jan-12   Music
Pick Yourself Up                                                 Sep-10   Music
Playing across a Divide                                          Oct-11   Music
The Power of Black Music                                         Oct-11   Music
Praxial Music Education                                          Jan-10   Music
The Price of Assimilation                                        May-08   Music
Print Culture and Music in Sixteenth-Century Venice              May-08   Music
Psychology for Musicians                                         Oct-11   Music
Radio's Civic Ambition                                           May-11   Music
RASA                                                             Sep-10   Music
The Reception of Bach's Organ Works from Mendelssohn to Brahms   Jan-10   Music
Recognition in Mozart's Operas                                   May-08   Music
Recorded Music in American Life                                  Oct-11   Music
René Blum and the Ballets Russes                                 Sep-11   Music
Rethinking Debussy                                               May-11   Music
Rethinking Schumann                             May-11   Music
Rocking the Classics                            Oct-11   Music
Roots of the Classical                          May-08   Music
Rossini                                         Oct-11   Music
Rudolf Serkin                                   Oct-11   Music
Sacred Passions                                 Jan-10   Music
Samuel Barber                                   Oct-11   Music
The Schenker Project                            Sep-08   Music
Schoenberg                                      Oct-11   Music
Schoenberg’s New World                          Sep-11   Music
The Science & Psychology of Music Performance   Oct-11   Music
Seeing Through Music                            Sep-11   Music
Self-Portrait of Percy Grainger                 Jan-10   Music
Show Tunes                                      Oct-11   Music
Silent Music                                    Jan-12   Music
Something to Live For                           Sep-08   Music
A Song in the Dark                              Feb-10   Music
Songs in Motion                                 Sep-10   Music
The Songs of Hollywood                          Oct-11   Music
Sound Commitments                               May-09   Music
Sounds of the Metropolis                        Sep-08   Music
South Pacific                                   Sep-10   Music
Special Sound                                   Sep-10   Music
The String Quartets of Joseph Haydn             May-08   Music
Strong Arts, Strong Schools                     Oct-11   Music
Studies in Music with Text                      Oct-11   Music
Such Freedom, If Only Musical                   May-09   Music
Swing Along                                     Jan-10   Music
Tap Dancing America                             Feb-10   Music
Tchaikovsky                                     Oct-11   Music
Terry Riley's in C                              Sep-09   Music
That Moaning Saxophone                          Jan-10   Music
Theorizing the Local                            Sep-09   Music
This Life of Sounds                             Sep-10   Music
Time in Indian Music                            Oct-11   Music
Tin Pan Opera                                   Jan-11   Music
To Broadway, To Life!                           Jan-11   Music
Tonal Pitch Space                               May-08   Music
Tonality and Transformation                     Sep-11   Music
The Tragic and the Ecstatic:                    Oct-11   Music
Transnational Encounters                        Jan-12   Music
Tuning In                                       Feb-10   Music
Two Men and Music                               Oct-11   Music
The Uncrowned King of Swing                     May-08   Music
Vanishing Sensibilities                         Jan-12   Music
Vaughan Williams on Music                       Oct-11   Music
Victory through Harmony                         Jan-12   Music
Voice Lessons                                   Feb-10   Music
Water Music                                     Oct-11   Music
Ways of Listening                               May-08   Music
When Men Dance                                  Feb-10   Music
Who Needs Classical Music?                      Oct-11   Music
With Voice and Pen                                                         May-08       Music
Worship Wars in Early Lutheranism Choir, Congregation and Three Centuries of Conflict   Music
Writings on Music 1965–2000                                                Oct-11       Music
Adolescent Psychopathology and the Developing Brain                        May-09       Neuroscience
Appetite                                                                   Mar-12       Neuroscience
Attention, Genes, and Developmental Disorders                              Sep-10       Neuroscience
The Axon                                                                   May-09       Neuroscience
The Behavior of the Laboratory Rat                                         May-09       Neuroscience
Beyond Neurotransmission                                                   Mar-12       Neuroscience
Bioelectromagnetism                                                        Mar-12       Neuroscience
Biology of Aggression                                                      May-09       Neuroscience
The Biology of Homosexuality                                               Jan-12       Neuroscience
Brain and Visual Perception                                                Mar-12       Neuroscience
Brain Damage, Brain Repair                                                 Mar-12       Neuroscience
Brain Development                                                          Jan-10       Neuroscience
Brain Function and Psychotropic Drugs                                      Mar-12       Neuroscience
Brain Gender                                                               May-09       Neuroscience
Brain Landscape                                                            May-09       Neuroscience
Brain, Mind, and the Structure of Reality                                  May-10       Neuroscience
Broca's Region                                                             May-09       Neuroscience
Cajal's Butterflies of the Soul                                            Feb-10       Neuroscience
Cajal's Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System                Mar-12       Neuroscience
Central Regulation of Autonomic Functions                                  May-11       Neuroscience
Cephalopod Neurobiology                                                    Mar-12       Neuroscience
Cognitive Neurology                                                        Mar-12       Neuroscience
Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging                                            May-09       Neuroscience
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Memory                                       May-09       Neuroscience
Cortex and Mind                                                            Jan-10       Neuroscience
Cortex Cerebri                                                             Mar-12       Neuroscience
The Cortical Neuron                                                        Mar-12       Neuroscience
Cortical Oscillations in Health and Disease                                May-10       Neuroscience
Corticospinal Function and Voluntary Movement                              Mar-12       Neuroscience
Creating Modern Neuroscience: The Revolutionary 1950s                      Feb-10       Neuroscience
Current Methods in Muscle Physiology                                       Mar-12       Neuroscience
Dendrites                                                                  Mar-12       Neuroscience
Disturbances of Lower and Higher Visual Capacities Caused by Occipital Damage           Neuroscience
Diversity in the Neuronal Machine                                          May-09       Neuroscience
Dopamine Handbook                                                          Feb-10       Neuroscience
The Dynamic Brain                                                          Sep-11       Neuroscience
Electric Fields of the Brain                                               May-09       Neuroscience
Emotion Explained                                                          Sep-09       Neuroscience
Excitatory Amino Acid Transmission in Health and Disease                   Jan-10       Neuroscience
Fiber Pathways of the Brain                                                May-09       Neuroscience
Filling-In                                                                 May-09       Neuroscience
From Development to Degeneration and Regeneration of the Nervous System May-09          Neuroscience
Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging                                      Mar-12       Neuroscience
Galvani’s Spark                                                            Sep-11       Neuroscience
Glial Cell Development                                                     Mar-12       Neuroscience
The Head-Neck Sensory Motor System                                         Mar-12       Neuroscience
The Hippocampus Book                                                       May-09       Neuroscience
The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography                               Jan-12       Neuroscience
The History of Neuroscience in Autobiography Volume 6                      May-09       Neuroscience
Hormones and Brain Plasticity                                    May-09   Neuroscience
Human Brain Anatomy in Computerized Images                       May-09   Neuroscience
5-Hydroxytryptamine in Psychiatry                                Mar-12   Neuroscience
Imaging in Parkinson’s Disease                                   Sep-11   Neuroscience
Imaging the Aging Brain                                          Feb-10   Neuroscience
Immune and Inflammatory Responses in the Nervous System          Mar-12   Neuroscience
Immune Responses in the Nervous System                           Mar-12   Neuroscience
In Search of Madness                                             May-09   Neuroscience
In the Theater of Consciousness                                  May-09   Neuroscience
Infant Vision                                                    Mar-12   Neuroscience
Integrative Neuroscience and Personalized Medicine               Jan-11   Neuroscience
The Intelligent Movement Machine                                 May-09   Neuroscience
Intramembrane Charge Movements in Striated Muscle                Mar-12   Neuroscience
Ion Channels                                                     Mar-12   Neuroscience
Laboratory Reference for Clinical Neurophysiology                Mar-12   Neuroscience
Locomotor Training                                               Sep-11   Neuroscience
The Lost Self                                                    Jan-10   Neuroscience
Luria's Legacy in the 21st Century                               Feb-10   Neuroscience
Lysosomal Disorders of the Brain                                 Sep-09   Neuroscience
Matter of Mind                                                   May-09   Neuroscience
Mechanisms of Cortical Development                               Jan-10   Neuroscience
Mechanisms of Synaptic Transmission                              Mar-12   Neuroscience
MEG: An Introduction to Methods                                  Sep-10   Neuroscience
Memory, Attention, and Decision-Making                           Sep-09   Neuroscience
Migraine: A Spectrum of Ideas                                    Mar-12   Neuroscience
Minds Behind the Brain                                           Jan-10   Neuroscience
Molecular and Cellular Approaches to Neural Development          May-09   Neuroscience
Molecular Biology of the Neuron                                  Sep-09   Neuroscience
The Motoneurone and its Muscle Fibres                            Sep-09   Neuroscience
Motor Control                                                    Jan-11   Neuroscience
Multisensory Control of Movement                                 Mar-12   Neuroscience
Music, Language, and the Brain                                   Mar-12   Neuroscience
Neural and Behavioural Plasticity                                Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Neural Basis of Reading                                      Sep-10   Neuroscience
Neural Networks and Brain Function                               Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Neurobiology of an Insect Brain                              Mar-12   Neuroscience
Neurobiology of Nociceptors                                      Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Neurobiology of Pain                                         Jan-10   Neuroscience
The Neurobiology of Spatial Behaviour                            Mar-12   Neuroscience
Neuroergonomics                                                  May-09   Neuroscience
Neuroethics                                                      Sep-09   Neuroscience
Neuroglia                                                        May-09   Neuroscience
Neuroglycobiology                                                Sep-09   Neuroscience
Neuroimaging in Epilepsy                                         Jan-11   Neuroscience
Neuronal Control of Locomotion                                   Mar-12   Neuroscience
The neurophysiological foundations of mental and motor imagery   Mar-12   Neuroscience
Neurovascular Medicine                                           Jan-10   Neuroscience
The NMDA Receptor                                                Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Noisy Brain                                                  Mar-12   Neuroscience
Observed Brain Dynamics                                          May-09   Neuroscience
The Orbitofrontal Cortex                                         Feb-10   Neuroscience
The Parahippocampal Region                                       Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Pharmacology of Vascular Smooth Muscle                            Mar-12   Neuroscience
Placebo Effects                                                       Sep-09   Neuroscience
The Primordial Emotions                                               Mar-12   Neuroscience
Principles of Frontal Lobe Function                                   May-09   Neuroscience
23 Problems in Systems Neuroscience                                   May-09   Neuroscience
Quantitative Methods in Neuroscience                                  Sep-09   Neuroscience
Receptor and Ion-Channel Trafficking                                  Mar-12   Neuroscience
Reprogramming the Cerebral Cortex                                     Sep-09   Neuroscience
Restorative Neurology of Spinal Cord Injury                           Jan-12   Neuroscience
Rhythms of the Brain                                                  May-09   Neuroscience
Satiation: From Gut to Brain                                          Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Science of Marijuana                                              Jan-10   Neuroscience
Science of Memory: Concepts                                           May-09   Neuroscience
Sex Differences in the Brain                                          Jan-10   Neuroscience
The Shocking History of Electric Fishes                               Sep-11   Neuroscience
Simultaneous EEG and fMRI                                             May-10   Neuroscience
Sleep and Brain Plasticity                                            Sep-09   Neuroscience
Speech Motor Control                                                  Mar-12   Neuroscience
Speed, Ecstasy, Ritalin                                               Mar-12   Neuroscience
Spinal Cord Dysfunction: Volume II: Intervention and Treatment        Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Synapse                                                           Mar-12   Neuroscience
The Synaptic Organization of the Brain                                May-09   Neuroscience
Synergy                                                               May-09   Neuroscience
Who Needs Emotions?                                                   Mar-12   Neuroscience
Why Red Doesn’t Sound Like a Bell                                     Jan-12   Neuroscience
Your Brain on Food                                                    Sep-10   Neuroscience
Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Brief Interventions with Bereaved Children                            Nov-11   Palliative Care
Care for the Dying: A Pathway to Excellence                           Nov-11   Palliative Care
Care of the Dying                                                     Nov-11   Palliative Care
Caring for Patients at the End of Life                                Nov-11   Palliative Care
Children's Palliative Care in Africa                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
Chronic and Terminal Illness: new perspectives on caring and carers   Nov-11   Palliative Care
Cicely Saunders                                                       Nov-11   Palliative Care
Cicely Saunders – Founder of the Hospice Movement                     Nov-11   Palliative Care
Crossing Over                                                         Nov-11   Palliative Care
Death, Dying, and Social Differences                                  Jan-12   Palliative Care
Doctoring                                                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Dyspnoea in Advanced Disease                                          Nov-11   Palliative Care
Education in Palliative Care                                          Nov-11   Palliative Care
End of Life Choices                                                   Nov-11   Palliative Care
End of Life in Care Homes                                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Enhancing Cancer Care                                                 Nov-11   Palliative Care
Evaluating Palliative Care                                            Nov-11   Palliative Care
Family Carers in Palliative Care                                      Nov-11   Palliative Care
Handbook of Communication in Oncology and Palliative Care             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Hospice and Palliative Care in Africa                                 Nov-11   Palliative Care
Hospice Care for Children                                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Hospital-based Palliative Care Teams                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
A House Called Helen                                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
Issues in Palliative Care Research                                    Nov-11   Palliative Care
Living and Dying with Dementia                                        Nov-11   Palliative Care
Living with Dying                                                       Nov-11   Palliative Care
Medicine and Care of the Dying                                          Nov-11   Palliative Care
Narrative and Stories in Health Care                                    Nov-11   Palliative Care
The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine                       Nov-11   Palliative Care
The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Nursing                        Nov-11   Palliative Care
Nerve Blocks in Palliative Care                                         Nov-11   Palliative Care
Oncology for Palliative Medicine                                        Nov-11   Palliative Care
Oral Care in Advanced Disease                                           Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Consultations in Advanced Breast Cancer                 Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Consultations in Gynaeoncology                          Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Consultations in Haemato-oncology                       Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Consultations in Head and Neck Cancer                   Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Consultations in Primary and Metastatic Brain Tumours   Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Ethics                                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care for Non-cancer Patients                                 Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis                        Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative care in the acute hospital setting                           Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care in the Home                                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Care Perspectives                                            Nov-11   Palliative Care
Palliative Day Care in Practice                                         Nov-11   Palliative Care
Patient Participation in Palliative Care                                Nov-11   Palliative Care
Pediatric Psychooncology                                                Nov-11   Palliative Care
The Philosophy of Palliative Care                                       Nov-11   Palliative Care
Providing a palliative care service: towards an evidence base           Nov-11   Palliative Care
Pruritus in Advanced Disease                                            Nov-11   Palliative Care
Psychosocial Issues in Palliative Care                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
Recognizing Spiritual Needs in People who are Dying                     Nov-11   Palliative Care
Research Methods in Palliative Care                                     Nov-11   Palliative Care
Resilience in Palliative Care                                           Nov-11   Palliative Care
Supportive care for the person with dementia                            Nov-11   Palliative Care
Supportive Care for the Renal Patient                                   Nov-11   Palliative Care
Supportive Care for the Urology Patient                                 Nov-11   Palliative Care
Supportive Care in Heart Failure                                        Nov-11   Palliative Care
Supportive Care in Respiratory Disease                                  Nov-11   Palliative Care
Surgical Palliative Care                                                Nov-11   Palliative Care
Teamwork in Palliative Care                                             Nov-11   Palliative Care
A Time for Listening and Caring                                         Nov-11   Palliative Care
Venous Thromboembolism in Advanced Disease                              Nov-11   Palliative Care
Volunteers in hospice and palliative care                               Nov-11   Palliative Care
The Weeping Willow                                                      Nov-11   Palliative Care
When Treatment Fails                                                    Nov-11   Palliative Care
Abortion and Social Responsibility                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Accessing Kant                                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Across the Boundaries                                                   Jan-08   Philosophy
The Act Itself                                                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Action and its Explanation                                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Adaptive Preferences and Women's Empowerment                            Jan-12   Philosophy
Adaptive Thinking                                                       Oct-11   Philosophy
The Advancement of Science                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
The Adventure of Reason                                                 May-11   Philosophy
The Aesthetic Appreciation of Nature                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Aesthetic Creation                                                      Sep-07   Philosophy
Aesthetic Essays                                    Jan-09   Philosophy
The Aesthetic Mind                                  Jan-12   Philosophy
The Aesthetics of Music                             Nov-03   Philosophy
African Philosophy                                  Feb-06   Philosophy
After Gödel                                         May-11   Philosophy
Against Absolute Goodness                           Jan-12   Philosophy
Against Coherence                                   Jul-05   Philosophy
Agency and Answerability                            Sep-10   Philosophy
Agency and Autonomy in Kant's Moral Theory          May-06   Philosophy
Agency and Deontic Logic                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Agency and Responsibility                           Oct-11   Philosophy
All the Power in the World                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Analysis and Metaphysics                            Oct-11   Philosophy
Analyzing Oppression                                May-06   Philosophy
The Anatomy of Neoplatonism                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Ancient Worlds, Modern Reflections                  Apr-05   Philosophy
The Animal Question                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Another Cosmopolitanism                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Anselm on Freedom                                   Sep-08   Philosophy
Anti-Externalism                                    Jan-09   Philosophy
Antithetical Arts                                   May-09   Philosophy
Approach to Aesthetics                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Approaches to Intentionality                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Aquinas on Friendship                               May-08   Philosophy
The Architecture of Matter                          Jan-05   Philosophy
The Architecture of Reason                          Jan-07   Philosophy
The Architecture of the Imagination                 May-07   Philosophy
The Architecture of the Mind                        Jan-07   Philosophy
Argument and Persuasion in Descartes’ Meditations   Sep-10   Philosophy
The Aristotelian Ethics                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Aristotle on Meaning and Essence                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Aristotle on Moral Responsibility                   Jan-12   Philosophy
Aristotle on Perception                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Aristotle on Teleology                              Feb-06   Philosophy
Aristotle on the Common Sense                       Sep-07   Philosophy
Aristotle on the Perfect Life                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Aristotle's De Interpretatione                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Aristotle's Ethical Theory                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Aristotle's First Principles                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Aristotle's Man                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Aristotle's Theory of Substance                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Aristotle's Two Systems                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Aristotle’s Theory of Material Substance            Oct-11   Philosophy
Art and Embodiment                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Art and Emotion                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Art and Intention                                   Apr-05   Philosophy
Art, Emotion and Ethics                             Sep-07   Philosophy
Art, Self and Knowledge                             Jan-12   Philosophy
The Artful Mind                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Arts and Minds                                      Jan-05   Philosophy
Artworld Metaphysics                                Jan-08   Philosophy
Asking Questions                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Aspects of Hobbes                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Aspects of Reason                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Assertion                                                 May-11   Philosophy
Assisted Death                                            Sep-11   Philosophy
Assisted Death in Europe and America                      Jan-11   Philosophy
The Atrocity Paradigm                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Attempts                                                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Attention Is Cognitive Unison                             May-11   Philosophy
Attitude Problems                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Autonomous Agents                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Autonomy, Gender, Politics                                Feb-06   Philosophy
Averroes' Physics                                         Sep-09   Philosophy
Basic Structures of Reality                               Jan-12   Philosophy
Bayesian Epistemology                                     Jan-05   Philosophy
Becoming a Subject                                        Sep-06   Philosophy
Being For                                                 Sep-08   Philosophy
Being Known                                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Being Reduced                                             Feb-10   Philosophy
Belief about the Self                                     Sep-08   Philosophy
Believing by Faith                                        May-07   Philosophy
The Beloved Self                                          Sep-10   Philosophy
Berkeley: An Interpretation                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Berkeley's Idealism                                       Sep-11   Philosophy
Better Never to Have Been                                 Sep-07   Philosophy
Between Saying and Doing                                  Feb-10   Philosophy
Beyond Consequentialism                                   Feb-10   Philosophy
Beyond Evolution                                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Beyond Humanity?                                          Sep-11   Philosophy
Beyond Reduction                                          Sep-07   Philosophy
Beyond Rigidity                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Beyond Selflessness                                       Sep-07   Philosophy
Beyond the Limits of Thought                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Bioethics                                                 Sep-06   Philosophy
Bioethics and the Brain                                   Jan-07   Philosophy
Bioethics and Women                                       Sep-06   Philosophy
Biology, Ethics, and Animals                              Oct-11   Philosophy
The Book of Evidence                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Brain, Body, and Mind                                     May-11   Philosophy
British Idealism                                          May-11   Philosophy
The Brute Within                                          Sep-06   Philosophy
Building Trust                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Burdened Virtues                                          Oct-05   Philosophy
By Parallel Reasoning                                     May-10   Philosophy
Care and Commitment                                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Cartesian Method and the Problem of Reduction             Oct-11   Philosophy
Cartesian Truth                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
The Case for Contextualism                                Sep-09   Philosophy
Causal Models                                             Jan-07   Philosophy
Causality and Explanation                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Causality, Interpretation, and the Mind                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Causation and Laws of Nature in Early Modern Philosophy   Sep-09   Philosophy
Cause and Explanation in Ancient Greek Thought            Nov-03   Philosophy
Causing Actions                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
The Cement of the Universe                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Character                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
The Character of Consciousness                          Jan-11   Philosophy
Children in Medical Research                            May-06   Philosophy
Choosing Children                                       Sep-10   Philosophy
Choosing Tomorrow's Children                            May-10   Philosophy
The Christian God                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Cinema, Philosophy, Bergman                             Sep-09   Philosophy
Cogito?                                                 May-08   Philosophy
Cognitive Phenomenology                                 Jan-12   Philosophy
Cognitive Systems and the Extended Mind                 Sep-09   Philosophy
Cognitive Variations                                    Sep-07   Philosophy
The Coherence of Theism                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Coleridge’s Philosophy                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
The Collapse of Mechanism and the Rise of Sensibility   Jan-11   Philosophy
Collective Rationality                                  Sep-09   Philosophy
The Common Mind                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Common Morality                                         Feb-06   Philosophy
Common Sense, Reasoning, and Rationality                Feb-06   Philosophy
Commonsense Consequentialism                            Jan-12   Philosophy
The Comprehensibility of the Universe                   Oct-11   Philosophy
The Concealed Art of the Soul                           Sep-07   Philosophy
The Conception of Value                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Conceptions of Truth                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Concepts                                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Confrontations with the Reaper                          Oct-11   Philosophy
A Confusion of the Spheres                              Jan-08   Philosophy
Consciousness                                           Jul-05   Philosophy
Consciousness and its Objects                           Jan-05   Philosophy
Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism          May-11   Philosophy
Consciousness and the World                             Nov-03   Philosophy
The Consequences of Determinism                         Oct-11   Philosophy
The Constitution of Agency                              Jan-09   Philosophy
Constructibility and Mathematical Existence             Nov-03   Philosophy
Contemplating Art                                       Jan-07   Philosophy
Content, Cognition, and Communication                   Sep-07   Philosophy
The Contents of Visual Experience                       May-11   Philosophy
Context and Content                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Contexts                                                Feb-06   Philosophy
Contextuality in Practical Reason                       May-08   Philosophy
The Continuous and the Discrete                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Contractualism and the Foundations of Morality          Jan-11   Philosophy
Creating Consilience                                    Jan-12   Philosophy
Critical Aesthetics and Postmodernism                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Critical Scientific Realism                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Custom and Reason in Hume                               Sep-08   Philosophy
Cuts and Clouds                                         May-10   Philosophy
Dark Feelings, Grim Thoughts                            Sep-06   Philosophy
Darwin’s Legacy                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
David Hume                                              Sep-07   Philosophy
De Tocqueville                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Deadly Vices                                                  Sep-06   Philosophy
Death, Dying, and Organ Transplantation                       Jan-12   Philosophy
Decision Theory and Rationality                               May-09   Philosophy
Deconstructing the Mind                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Deeper than Reason                                            Feb-06   Philosophy
Defending the Axioms                                          May-11   Philosophy
Defining Art, Creating the Canon                              May-07   Philosophy
Definition                                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Definition in Greek Philosophy                                Sep-10   Philosophy
Deflating Existential Consequence                             Jan-05   Philosophy
The Demands of Reason                                         Sep-10   Philosophy
Democratic Authority and the Separation of Church and State   Jan-12   Philosophy
Descartes and the Puzzle of Sensory Representation            Feb-10   Philosophy
Descartes on Causation                                        Jan-08   Philosophy
Descartes: An Intellectual Biography                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Descartes's Theory of Mind                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Describing Ourselves                                          Sep-08   Philosophy
Desire, Practical Reason, and the Good                        Sep-10   Philosophy
Determinism and Freedom in Stoic Philosophy                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Determinism, Blameworthiness, and Deprivation                 Oct-11   Philosophy
The Development of Ethics: Volume 1                           Oct-11   Philosophy
The Development of Modern Logic                               Sep-09   Philosophy
Developmental Theism                                          May-10   Philosophy
The Devil in the Details                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Did My Neurons Make Me Do It?                                 Sep-07   Philosophy
The Dilemma of Freedom and Foreknowledge                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Diotima's Children                                            Feb-10   Philosophy
Disagreement                                                  Sep-10   Philosophy
Disciplines in the Making                                     Sep-09   Philosophy
Disjunctivism                                                 May-08   Philosophy
Dispositions                                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Divine Commands and Moral Requirements                        Oct-11   Philosophy
The Divine Lawmaker                                           Apr-04   Philosophy
Divine Teaching and the Way of the World                      Sep-11   Philosophy
Doing and Being                                               Feb-10   Philosophy
Doing Things for Reasons                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Doing without Concepts                                        May-09   Philosophy
The Domain of Reasons                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Donald Davidson                                               Jul-05   Philosophy
Donald Davidson's Truth-Theoretic Semantics                   May-08   Philosophy
Doubt Truth to be a Liar                                      May-06   Philosophy
Dumb Beasts and Dead Philosophers                             May-08   Philosophy
Durkheim                                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Early Modern Philosophy                                       Jul-05   Philosophy
The Early Modern Subject                                      Jan-12   Philosophy
Ecological Thinking                                           Sep-06   Philosophy
Effective Intentions                                          May-09   Philosophy
Elucidating the ‘Tractatus’                                   Jan-07   Philosophy
Emergence in Mind                                             May-10   Philosophy
The Emergence of a Scientific Culture                         Jan-07   Philosophy
Emotion and Peace of Mind                                     May-07   Philosophy
The Emotional Construction of Morals                          Oct-11   Philosophy
The Emotions                                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Emotions in Ancient and Medieval Philosophy                  Jan-05   Philosophy
Empathy                                                      Jan-12   Philosophy
Empiricism and Experience                                    Jan-09   Philosophy
Empiricism, Perceptual Knowledge, Normativity, and Realism   Feb-10   Philosophy
The Enchantment of Words                                     Jan-07   Philosophy
Ending Life                                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Engagement and Metaphysical Dissatisfaction                  May-11   Philosophy
Engaging Reason                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Enjoyment                                                    Jan-09   Philosophy
Entity and Identity                                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Environmental Justice                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Epictetus                                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Epicureanism at the Origins of Modernity                     Sep-08   Philosophy
Epistemic Dimensions of Personhood                           Sep-08   Philosophy
Epistemic Injustice                                          Sep-07   Philosophy
Epistemic Justification                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Epistemic Luck                                               Apr-05   Philosophy
Epistemic Modality                                           Sep-11   Philosophy
Epistemic Value                                              Sep-09   Philosophy
The Epistemological Spectrum                                 Sep-11   Philosophy
Epistemology                                                 Sep-08   Philosophy
Epistemology after Protagoras                                Oct-05   Philosophy
Epistemology and the Psychology of Human Judgment            Jul-05   Philosophy
The Epistemology of Testimony                                May-10   Philosophy
Equal Justice                                                Oct-11   Philosophy
Equality and Partiality                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
An Essay on Belief and Acceptance                            Oct-11   Philosophy
Essays in the Metaphysics of Mind                            Jan-11   Philosophy
Essays in the Metaphysics of Modality                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Essays on Actions and Events                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Essays on Aristotle's De Anima                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Essays on Ethics and Method                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Essays on Skepticism                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Essays on the History of Moral Philosophy                    Feb-10   Philosophy
Essays on the Philosophy and Science of René Descartes       Oct-11   Philosophy
Eternal God                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Eternal God                                                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Ethics                                                       Feb-06   Philosophy
Ethics and Humanity                                          May-10   Philosophy
Ethics and Qualities of Life                                 Jan-09   Philosophy
Ethics and the Acquisition of Organs                         Jan-12   Philosophy
Ethics at the Cinema                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Ethics for Enemies                                           Sep-11   Philosophy
The Ethics of Care                                           Feb-06   Philosophy
The Ethics of Consent                                        Feb-10   Philosophy
The Ethics of Killing                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
The Ethics of Parenthood                                     Sep-10   Philosophy
The Ethics of Pediatric Research                             May-10   Philosophy
The Ethics of Philodemus                                     Jan-08   Philosophy
Ethics Vindicated                                            Jan-07   Philosophy
Ethics with Aristotle                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Ethics Without Principles                                Jan-05   Philosophy
Ethics, Evil, and Fiction                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Every Thing Must Go                                      Sep-07   Philosophy
Everyday Aesthetics                                      Jan-08   Philosophy
Everywhere and Everywhen                                 May-10   Philosophy
Evidence and Religious Belief                            Sep-11   Philosophy
The Evident Connexion                                    Sep-11   Philosophy
The Evidential Force of Religious Experience             Oct-11   Philosophy
Evidentialism                                            Aug-04   Philosophy
Evidentialism and its Discontents                        Jan-12   Philosophy
Evolution and the Levels of Selection                    Jan-07   Philosophy
The Evolution of the Soul                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Exceeding Our Grasp                                      May-06   Philosophy
The Existence of God                                     Sep-07   Philosophy
The Existence of God                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
The Existence of Space and Time                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Existential Epistemology                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Experience and the World's Own Language                  Sep-06   Philosophy
Experiences                                              Mar-12   Philosophy
Explaining the Brain                                     Jan-09   Philosophy
Explaining Value                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Extending Ourselves                                      Feb-06   Philosophy
The Fabric of Character                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Facing Death                                             Aug-04   Philosophy
Facing Facts                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Faith and Place                                          May-09   Philosophy
Faith and Reason                                         Sep-07   Philosophy
Faith and Reason                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Faith with Reason                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
False Consciousness                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
The False Prison Volume One                              Nov-03   Philosophy
The False Prison Volume Two                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Fear of Knowledge                                        May-10   Philosophy
Fiction and the Weave of Life                            Jan-08   Philosophy
Figuratively Speaking                                    May-11   Philosophy
Finite and Infinite Goods                                Nov-03   Philosophy
First Democracy                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Following the Rules                                      Jan-09   Philosophy
Formal Logic                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Forms and Limits of Utilitarianism                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Foundations without Foundationalism                      Nov-03   Philosophy
The Four-Category Ontology                               May-06   Philosophy
Four-Dimensionalism                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Free Will and Luck                                       Feb-06   Philosophy
Freedom and Belief                                       Jan-11   Philosophy
Freedom and Moral Sentiment                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Freedom and Reason                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Freedom and Reason in Kant, Schelling, and Kierkegaard   Sep-06   Philosophy
Freedom and Reflection                                   Jan-12   Philosophy
The Freedom of the Will                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Frege and Other Philosophers                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Frege on Definitions                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
From a Deflationary Point of View                        Apr-05   Philosophy
From an Ontological Point of View                        Nov-03   Philosophy
From Bondage to Freedom                                  Feb-10   Philosophy
From Epicurus to Epictetus                               Jan-07   Philosophy
From Frege to Wittgenstein                               Nov-03   Philosophy
From Metaphysics to Ethics                               Nov-03   Philosophy
From Morality to Mental Health                           Sep-06   Philosophy
From Morality to Virtue                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
From Normativity to Responsibility                       Jan-12   Philosophy
Functional Beauty                                        Jan-09   Philosophy
Functions in Mind                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
A Future for Presentism                                  Jan-07   Philosophy
Future Pasts                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Future People                                            May-06   Philosophy
Gauging What's Real                                      Jan-08   Philosophy
Gender in the Mirror                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
The Genealogy of Disjunction                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Geometric Possibility                                    Sep-11   Philosophy
The German Historicist Tradition                         Jan-12   Philosophy
Getting Causes from Powers                               Jan-12   Philosophy
Getting Even                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Giving Well                                              Jan-11   Philosophy
Global Justice                                           May-09   Philosophy
Globalizing Justice                                      May-10   Philosophy
God and Cosmos in Stoicism                               Sep-10   Philosophy
God and Goodness                                         Nov-03   Philosophy
God and Moral Law                                        Jan-12   Philosophy
God and Time                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
The God of Metaphysics                                   May-06   Philosophy
God, the Best, and Evil                                  Sep-08   Philosophy
God, the Devil, and Darwin                               Jan-05   Philosophy
The Good and the True                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Good Knowledge, Bad Knowledge                            Oct-11   Philosophy
Grand Theories and Everyday Beliefs                      Jan-12   Philosophy
The Greeks On Pleasure                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Grounding Concepts                                       Sep-08   Philosophy
The Grounds of Ethical Judgement                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Group Agency                                             May-11   Philosophy
Hard Luck                                                Sep-11   Philosophy
Health and the Good Society                              May-06   Philosophy
Hegel and the Transformation of Philosophical Critique   May-07   Philosophy
Hegel's Conscience                                       May-11   Philosophy
Hegel's Development                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Hegel's Development: Night Thoughts (Jena 1801–1806)     Oct-11   Philosophy
Hegel's Idea of Freedom                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Hegelian Metaphysics                                     Sep-09   Philosophy
The Heirs of Plato                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
History as Re-Enactment                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
A History of Philosophy in America                       Nov-03   Philosophy
A House Built on Sand                                    Feb-06   Philosophy
How Should One Live?                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
How the Body Shapes the Mind                             Feb-06   Philosophy
How the Laws of Physics Lie                        Nov-03   Philosophy
How Things Might Have Been                         Sep-06   Philosophy
How Things Persist                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
How To Do Things With Words                        Oct-11   Philosophy
How We Act                                         Apr-05   Philosophy
The Human Animal                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
The Human Condition                                Sep-10   Philosophy
Human Morality                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Human Nature and the Limits of Science             Nov-03   Philosophy
Human Rights and Human Well-Being                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Human Welfare and Moral Worth                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Hume Variations                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Hume's Abject Failure                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Hume's Enlightenment Tract                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Hume's Morality                                    Jan-09   Philosophy
Hume's Problem                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Hume's Reason                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Hume's Skeptical Crisis                            Sep-09   Philosophy
Hume's Theory of Justice                           Oct-11   Philosophy
I: The Meaning of the First Person Term            May-06   Philosophy
Ibn Taymiyya Against the Greek Logicians           Oct-11   Philosophy
Ideal Code, Real World                             Nov-03   Philosophy
The Ideal of a Rational Morality                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Identity in Physics                                Sep-06   Philosophy
Ignorance                                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Ignorance and Imagination                          Sep-06   Philosophy
Ignorance of Language                              Sep-06   Philosophy
Images of Empiricism                               Jan-08   Philosophy
Images of Excellence                               Nov-03   Philosophy
The Images of Time                                 Jan-08   Philosophy
The Imaginary Museum of Musical Works              Nov-03   Philosophy
The Impartial Spectator                            May-07   Philosophy
Imposing Values                                    May-09   Philosophy
The Impossibility of Perfection                    Jan-12   Philosophy
Impressions of Hume                                Sep-10   Philosophy
In Contradiction                                   May-07   Philosophy
In Defense of Sentimentality                       Nov-04   Philosophy
In Defense of Shame                                Jan-12   Philosophy
In Gods We Trust                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
In Praise of Blame                                 Sep-06   Philosophy
In the Interest of the Governed                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Inconsistency, Asymmetry, and Non-Locality         Apr-05   Philosophy
Indeterminate Identity                             Oct-11   Philosophy
The Indispensability of Mathematics                Nov-03   Philosophy
Individual and Conflict in Greek Ethics            Nov-03   Philosophy
Individualism in Social Science                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Infinite Minds                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
The Innate Mind                                    Jan-07   Philosophy
The Innate Mind, Volume 3                          Jan-08   Philosophy
The Innate Mind: Volume 2: Culture and Cognition   May-07   Philosophy
Inquiries into Truth and Interpretation            Nov-03   Philosophy
The Inquiring Mind                                 Sep-11   Philosophy
Intellectual Virtue                                                    Sep-10   Philosophy
Intellectual Virtues                                                   May-07   Philosophy
Intelligent Virtue                                                     May-11   Philosophy
Intergenerational Justice                                              Sep-09   Philosophy
Interpreting Kant's Critiques                                          Jan-05   Philosophy
Interpreting Quantum Theories                                          Sep-11   Philosophy
Intricate Ethics                                                       Oct-11   Philosophy
An Introduction to Bradley's Metaphysics                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Introduction to Medieval Logic                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Intuition, Imagination, and Philosophical Methodology                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Inventing Temperature                                                  Jan-05   Philosophy
Is a Little Pollution Good for You?                                    Jan-11   Philosophy
Is There a God?                                                        May-07   Philosophy
John Locke and Natural Philosophy                                      May-11   Philosophy
John Rawls                                                             May-07   Philosophy
John Stuart Mill and the Art of Life                                   Jan-11   Philosophy
Joint Attention: Communication and Other Minds                         Sep-10   Philosophy
Journalism Ethics                                                      May-10   Philosophy
The Joy of Philosophy                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Justice as Fittingness                                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
The Justification of Science and the Rationality of Religious Belief   Oct-11   Philosophy
Justification without Awareness                                        Sep-06   Philosophy
Kant and the Empiricists                                               Feb-06   Philosophy
Kant and the Foundations of Analytic Philosophy                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Kant and the Historical Turn                                           Sep-07   Philosophy
Kant and the Sciences                                                  Feb-06   Philosophy
Kant and the Transcendental Object                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Kant, Science, and Human Nature                                        Jan-07   Philosophy
Kant's Empirical Realism                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Kant's Groundwork for the Metaphysics of Morals                        Jan-12   Philosophy
Kant's System of Nature and Freedom                                    May-10   Philosophy
Kant's Theory of Action                                                Sep-09   Philosophy
Kant's Theory of Knowledge                                             Jan-05   Philosophy
Kant's Theory of Mind                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Kant's Theory of Self-Consciousness                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Kant’s Thinker                                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
The Kantian Aesthetic                                                  May-10   Philosophy
Kantian Consequentialism                                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Kantian Humility                                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
The Kantian Sublime                                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Kierkegaard and the Limits of the Ethical                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Killing in War                                                         Sep-09   Philosophy
Kinds of Reasons                                                       May-10   Philosophy
Kinds, Things, and Stuff                                               Feb-10   Philosophy
Know How                                                               Jan-12   Philosophy
The Knowability Paradox                                                May-06   Philosophy
Knowing Our Own Minds                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowing Persons                                                        May-07   Philosophy
Knowledge and its Limits                                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowledge and its Place in Nature                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowledge and Lotteries                                                Jan-05   Philosophy
Knowledge and Practical Interests                                      May-06   Philosophy
Knowledge and Reality                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowledge and the State of Nature                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowledge by Agreement                                            Jan-05   Philosophy
Knowledge in a Social World                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Knowledge in an Uncertain World                                   May-10   Philosophy
Knowledge on Trust                                                May-11   Philosophy
Knowledge, Truth, and Duty                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Labeling Genetically Modified Food                                Jan-08   Philosophy
The Language and Reality of Time                                  Sep-06   Philosophy
The Language of Morals                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Language Turned on Itself                                         Jan-08   Philosophy
Language: A Biological Model                                      Feb-06   Philosophy
The Last Word                                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
The Law of Non-Contradiction                                      May-10   Philosophy
The Law-Governed Universe                                         Jan-09   Philosophy
Law, Reason, and the Cosmic City                                  Jan-08   Philosophy
Laws and Lawmakers Science, Metaphysics, and the Laws of Nature   Sep-09   Philosophy
Laws and Symmetry                                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Learning from Six Philosophers Volume 1                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Learning from Six Philosophers Volume 2                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Learning from Words                                               May-08   Philosophy
Legislating Morality                                              Feb-06   Philosophy
Leibniz                                                           Apr-05   Philosophy
Leibniz: Body, Substance, Monad                                   Sep-09   Philosophy
Leibniz: Determinist, Theist, Idealist                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Leviathan after 350 Years                                         Sep-10   Philosophy
Liberalism and Prostitution                                       Feb-10   Philosophy
Libertarian Accounts of Free Will                                 Jan-05   Philosophy
Libertarianism without Inequality                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Life Before Birth                                                 Sep-11   Philosophy
The Life of David Hume                                            Oct-11   Philosophy
The Light of the Soul                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Limits of Legality                                                Sep-10   Philosophy
The Limits of Morality                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
The Literary Mind                                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Literature and Moral Understanding                                Oct-11   Philosophy
Living High and Letting Die                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Living with Nietzsche                                             Jan-05   Philosophy
LOCKE AND FRENCH MATERIALISM                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Logic and the Basis of Ethics                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
The Logic of Leviathan                                            Mar-12   Philosophy
Logic on the Track of Social Change                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Logic, Meaning, and Conversation                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Logical Pluralism                                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Logical Properties                                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Loose Women, Lecherous Men                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
The Lost Theory of Asclepiades of Bithynia                        Oct-11   Philosophy
LOT 2                                                             Feb-10   Philosophy
Love and Friendship in Plato and Aristotle                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Love, Friendship, and the Self                                    May-10   Philosophy
Loyalty                                                           Oct-11   Philosophy
Lying and Deception                                               Sep-10   Philosophy
Machiavelli                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
The Magic Prism                              Jan-05   Philosophy
Maieusis                                     May-08   Philosophy
Making Amends                                Jan-09   Philosophy
Making Mortal Choices                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Making Sense of Freedom and Responsibility   Sep-11   Philosophy
Making Things Happen                         Jan-05   Philosophy
Malebranche's Theory of the Soul             Nov-03   Philosophy
Manifest Activity                            Aug-04   Philosophy
Many Worlds?                                 Sep-10   Philosophy
Marx and Ethics                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Mathematics and Reality                      May-10   Philosophy
Mathematics as a Science of Patterns         Nov-03   Philosophy
Mathematics without Numbers                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Matter Matters                               Sep-10   Philosophy
Meaning                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
The Meaning of Disgust                       Jan-12   Philosophy
Meaning, Mind, and Matter                    May-11   Philosophy
Meaning, Understanding, and Practice         Nov-03   Philosophy
Meaningful Work                              Oct-11   Philosophy
The Measure of Mind                          Sep-08   Philosophy
The Measure of Things                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Measuring the Intentional World              Feb-06   Philosophy
Memory                                       May-10   Philosophy
Mental Actions                               Feb-10   Philosophy
Metaethics after Moore                       May-10   Philosophy
Metamind                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Metaphor                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Metaphor and Moral Experience                Oct-11   Philosophy
Metaphysical Essays                          Sep-10   Philosophy
Metaphysical Themes 1274–1671                May-11   Philosophy
Metaphysics and the Good                     Feb-10   Philosophy
A Metaphysics for the Mob                    May-07   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Creation                  Nov-03   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Gender                    Jan-12   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Hyperspace                Jan-09   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Knowledge                 Jan-08   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Mind                      Oct-11   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Theism                    Nov-03   Philosophy
The Metaphysics of Virtual Reality           Oct-11   Philosophy
The Metaphysics Within Physics               May-07   Philosophy
Metaphysics, Mathematics, and Meaning        Feb-06   Philosophy
The Midwife of Platonism                     Jan-05   Philosophy
Mild Contraction                             Jan-05   Philosophy
Mind and Brain                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Mind and Morality                            Oct-11   Philosophy
Mind in Action                               Oct-11   Philosophy
The Mind in Nature                           Jan-08   Philosophy
The Mind Matters                             Oct-11   Philosophy
The Mind of God and the Works of Man         Nov-03   Philosophy
Mindreading                                  Apr-04   Philosophy
Minds, Ethics, and Conditionals              May-10   Philosophy
Minimal Semantics                                                    Nov-04   Philosophy
Modal Logic                                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Modalities                                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Modality                                                             Sep-10   Philosophy
Modality and Tense                                                   Feb-06   Philosophy
A Model of the Universe                                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Models, Truth, and Realism                                           Sep-06   Philosophy
Molinism                                                             Jan-12   Philosophy
Moral Animals                                                        Jan-05   Philosophy
The Moral Demands of Affluence                                       Apr-05   Philosophy
Moral Dilemmas                                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
The Moral Dimensions of Human Rights                                 Jan-11   Philosophy
Moral Fictionalism                                                   Sep-10   Philosophy
The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law Volume 1: Harm to Others        Nov-03   Philosophy
The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law Volume 3: Harm to Self          Nov-03   Philosophy
The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law Volume 4: Harmless Wrongdoing   Nov-03   Philosophy
The Moral Limits of the Criminal Law: Volume 2: Offense to Others    Feb-06   Philosophy
Moral Machines                                                       Jan-09   Philosophy
Moral Psychology and Human Action in Aristotle                       Sep-11   Philosophy
The Moral Psychology Handbook                                        Sep-10   Philosophy
Moral Realism                                                        Jan-05   Philosophy
Moral Reality                                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Moral Responsibility in Collective Contexts                          Sep-11   Philosophy
Moral Sentimentalism                                                 Feb-10   Philosophy
The Moral Skeptic                                                    May-09   Philosophy
Moral Skepticisms                                                    Feb-06   Philosophy
Moral Status                                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Moral Thinking                                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Moral Understandings                                                 Sep-07   Philosophy
Moral Value and Human Diversity                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Moral Writings                                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Morality                                                             Apr-05   Philosophy
Morality and Moral Theory                                            Oct-11   Philosophy
Morality and Self-Interest                                           Oct-11   Philosophy
Morality and the Emotions                                            Jan-12   Philosophy
The Morality of Freedom                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
The Morality of Happiness                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Morality, Mortality Volume I: Death and Whom to Save From It         Nov-03   Philosophy
Morality, Mortality Volume II: Rights, Duties, and Status            Nov-03   Philosophy
Morals by Agreement                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Morals from Motives                                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Motivation and Agency                                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Motive and Rightness                                                 May-11   Philosophy
Musical Understandings and Other Essays on the Philosophy of Music   Jan-12   Philosophy
Musical Works and Performances                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Narratives and Narrators                                             May-10   Philosophy
Natural Goodness                                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Natural Law and the Theory of Property                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Natural Moralities                                                   Sep-06   Philosophy
Naturalism in Mathematics                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
The Nature and Structure of Content                                  May-07   Philosophy
Nature and Understanding                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
The Nature and Value of Knowledge                     Sep-10   Philosophy
The Nature of Mathematical Knowledge                  Nov-03   Philosophy
The Nature of Melancholy                              Oct-11   Philosophy
The Nature of Necessity                               Nov-03   Philosophy
The Nature of Normativity                             May-08   Philosophy
The Nature of Perception                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Nature Red in Tooth and Claw                          Sep-08   Philosophy
Nature, Change, and Agency in Aristotle's Physics     Oct-11   Philosophy
Nature, Justice, and Rights in Aristotle's Politics   Nov-03   Philosophy
Nature, Reason, and the Good Life                     Jan-12   Philosophy
Nature's Capacities and Their Measurement             Nov-03   Philosophy
Nature's Metaphysics                                  Sep-07   Philosophy
The Necessity of Theater                              May-08   Philosophy
The New Art of Autobiography                          Oct-11   Philosophy
New Essays on Singular Thought                        Sep-10   Philosophy
New Essays on Tarski and Philosophy                   Sep-10   Philosophy
New Essays on the A Priori                            Nov-03   Philosophy
New Essays on the Knowability Paradox                 Sep-10   Philosophy
New Essays on the Rationalists                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Nietzsche and Buddhism                                Oct-11   Philosophy
Nietzsche and Metaphysics                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Nietzsche and Rée                                     Jul-05   Philosophy
Nietzsche and the Ancient Skeptical Tradition         Jan-11   Philosophy
Nietzsche on Freedom and Autonomy                     Sep-10   Philosophy
Nietzsche's Critiques                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Nietzsche's Middle Period                             Feb-06   Philosophy
Nietzsche's New Darwinism                             Feb-06   Philosophy
Nietzsche's System                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Nondescriptive Meaning and Reference                  Feb-06   Philosophy
The Normative Web                                     Jan-08   Philosophy
Not Just Deserts                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Not Passion's Slave                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Objectivity and the Parochial                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Objects and Persons                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Objects of Metaphor                                   Jul-05   Philosophy
Objects of Thought                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Observing Bioethics                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Occasion-Sensitivity                                  Sep-08   Philosophy
Occasionalism                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Occasions of Identity                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Of Liberty and Necessity                              Feb-06   Philosophy
Of Men and Manners                                    Jan-12   Philosophy
On Female Body Experience                             Sep-06   Philosophy
On Human Rights                                       May-10   Philosophy
On Ideas                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
On Images                                             Sep-06   Philosophy
On Location                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
On Virtue Ethics                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
On What There Must Be                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Ontological Categories                                May-07   Philosophy
The Ontology of Mind                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
The Opacity of Mind                                   Jan-12   Philosophy
Order in Multiplicity                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Ordinary Objects                                             Sep-07   Philosophy
Origins of Objectivity                                       May-10   Philosophy
Oughts and Thoughts                                          Sep-07   Philosophy
Our Knowledge of the Internal World                          May-09   Philosophy
Overcriminalization                                          Jan-08   Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Epistemology                          Nov-03   Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Ethical Theory                        Feb-06   Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic   Jul-05   Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy of Religion                Apr-05   Philosophy
The Oxford Handbook of Rationality                           Jan-05   Philosophy
Oxford Studies in Metaethics                                 Sep-11   Philosophy
Oxford Studies in Metaphysics                                May-11   Philosophy
Oxford Studies in Normative Ethics, Volume 1                 Jan-12   Philosophy
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Law                          Sep-11   Philosophy
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of Religion Volume 3            May-11   Philosophy
Pagan Virtue                                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Paradox and Platitude in Wittgenstein's Philosophy           Jan-07   Philosophy
A Parliament of Souls                                        Mar-12   Philosophy
Parmenides and Presocratic Philosophy                        Feb-10   Philosophy
Partiality and Impartiality                                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Parts                                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Pascal's Wager                                               Jan-07   Philosophy
Passage and Possibility                                      Oct-11   Philosophy
Passion and Action                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Passionate Engines                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Past, Present and Future                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Pathways to Knowledge                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
The Patient as Victim and Vector                             May-09   Philosophy
Perceiving the World                                         Jan-11   Philosophy
Perception                                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Perception and Basic Beliefs                                 Jan-09   Philosophy
Perception and its Objects                                   May-11   Philosophy
Perception and Reason                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Perception, Causation, and Objectivity                       Sep-11   Philosophy
Perception, Hallucination, and Illusion                      May-09   Philosophy
Perceptual Experience                                        May-10   Philosophy
A Perfect Moral Storm                                        Sep-11   Philosophy
Perfectionism                                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Perfectionism and the Common Good                            Apr-04   Philosophy
Persistence and Spacetime                                    Sep-10   Philosophy
Personal Agency                                              Jan-09   Philosophy
Personal Value                                               Sep-11   Philosophy
Persons and Causes                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Persons, Interests, and Justice                              May-10   Philosophy
Perspectival Thought                                         Jan-08   Philosophy
Phenomenal Concepts and Phenomenal Knowledge                 Jan-07   Philosophy
The Phenomenal Self                                          May-08   Philosophy
Phenomenology and Philosophy of Mind                         May-10   Philosophy
Philosophers Past and Present                                Sep-11   Philosophy
A Philosophical Guide to Conditionals                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Interpretations                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Papers                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Papers Volume I                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Papers Volume II                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Perspectives on Art                     May-10   Philosophy
Philosophical Perspectives on Depiction               Sep-10   Philosophy
Philosophical Relativity                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophical Troubles                                Jan-12   Philosophy
Philosophical Writings                                Sep-11   Philosophy
Philosophy after Objectivity                          Oct-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy and Economics of Market Socialism      Oct-11   Philosophy
Philosophy and Ideology in Hume's Political Thought   Oct-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy of David Kaplan                        May-09   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Deception                           Oct-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe                  Sep-08   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Epictetus                           Jan-08   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Generative Linguistics              May-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Information                         May-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy of J. L. Austin                        Jan-12   Philosophy
The Philosophy of John Norris                         Sep-08   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Leibniz                             Nov-03   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Mathematical Practice               Feb-10   Philosophy
Philosophy of Mathematics                             Nov-03   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Psychiatry                          Jan-09   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Schopenhauer                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Philosophy of Science after Feminism                  Jan-11   Philosophy
Philosophy of Science Matters                         May-11   Philosophy
The Philosophy of Sociality                           Sep-07   Philosophy
The Philosophy of the Young Kant                      May-06   Philosophy
Philosophy Psychiatry and Neuroscience                Oct-11   Philosophy
Physical Realization                                  Sep-07   Philosophy
Physical Relativity                                   Sep-06   Philosophy
Physicalism                                           Oct-11   Philosophy
A Place for Consciousness                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Plato and Aristotle in Agreement?                     Sep-06   Philosophy
Plato on Parts and Wholes                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Plato on Pleasure and the Good Life                   Oct-05   Philosophy
Plato on the Self-Predication of Forms                Oct-11   Philosophy
Plato's Ethics                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Plato's Utopia Recast                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Plato’s Theaetetus                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Platonopolis                                          Jan-07   Philosophy
Playing Politics with Science                         Jan-09   Philosophy
Pleasure and Desire                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Pleasure and the Good Life                            Aug-04   Philosophy
Pleasure, Mind, and Soul                              May-08   Philosophy
Plotinus                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Plotinus on Intellect                                 May-07   Philosophy
Plural and Conflicting Values                         Nov-03   Philosophy
Plural Predication                                    Jan-07   Philosophy
Pluralism                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Points of View                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Political Authority and Obligation in Aristotle       Apr-05   Philosophy
The Possibility of Knowledge                            Sep-07   Philosophy
The Possibility of Metaphysics                          Nov-03   Philosophy
The Possibility of Philosophical Understanding          Jan-12   Philosophy
Powers                                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Practical Intelligence and the Virtues                  May-09   Philosophy
Practical Reality                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Practical Tortoise Raising                              Jan-11   Philosophy
The Practice of Value                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Practices of Reason                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Prevention vs. Treatment                                Jan-12   Philosophy
The Price of Truth                                      Jan-07   Philosophy
Primary and Secondary Qualities                         May-11   Philosophy
Principled Ethics                                       May-06   Philosophy
A Priori Justification                                  May-06   Philosophy
Priority in Aristotle's Metaphysics                     Sep-11   Philosophy
Privacy, Intimacy, and Isolation                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Private Consciences and Public Reasons                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Probabilities in Physics                                Sep-11   Philosophy
Probability and Hume's Inductive Scepticism             Oct-11   Philosophy
The Probable and The Provable                           Oct-11   Philosophy
The Problem of Evil                                     May-07   Philosophy
Problems at the Roots of Law                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Problems from Locke                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Problems of Rationality                                 Aug-04   Philosophy
Procreation and Parenthood                              Jan-11   Philosophy
Projection and Realism in Hume's Philosophy             Sep-07   Philosophy
Promises and Agreements                                 May-11   Philosophy
Propositions, Functions, and Analysis                   May-10   Philosophy
Providence and the Problem of Evil                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Purple Haze                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Putting Logic in its Place                              Jul-05   Philosophy
Putting Metaphysics First                               Feb-10   Philosophy
The Puzzle of Experience                                Oct-11   Philosophy
Pyrrho, his Antecedents, and his Legacy                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Pyrrhonian Reflections on Knowledge and Justification   Nov-03   Philosophy
Pyrrhonian Skepticism                                   May-06   Philosophy
Pythagoras Revived                                      Apr-04   Philosophy
Quality and Concept                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Quantifiers in Language and Logic                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Quantum Mechanics                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
The Quantum Mechanics of Minds and Worlds               Mar-12   Philosophy
The Quest for Reality                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Radical Interpretation and Indeterminacy                Nov-03   Philosophy
Rationality and Religious Commitment                    Jan-12   Philosophy
Rationality and the Good                                Sep-07   Philosophy
Raw Feeling                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
The Re-enchantment of the World                         Jan-08   Philosophy
Real Materialism                                        Sep-08   Philosophy
Real People                                             Oct-11   Philosophy
Realism in Mathematics                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Realistic Decision Theory                               Nov-04   Philosophy
The Realm of Reason                                     Apr-04   Philosophy
Reason's Nearest Kin                                          May-07   Philosophy
The Reason's Proper Study                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Reasoning, Meaning, and Mind                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Reasons and Experience                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Reasons and Persons                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Reasons and Purposes                                          Nov-03   Philosophy
Reasons and Recognition                                       Jan-12   Philosophy
Reasons and the Good                                          Jan-07   Philosophy
Reasons from Within                                           Feb-10   Philosophy
Reconciling Our Aims                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Recreative Minds                                              Oct-11   Philosophy
The Red and the Real                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Reference and Consciousness                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Reference without Referents                                   Jul-05   Philosophy
Reflecting the Mind                                           Nov-04   Philosophy
Reflections on Meaning                                        Sep-06   Philosophy
Reflective Knowledge                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
The Reflective Life                                           May-08   Philosophy
Regulating Toxic Substances                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Reification                                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
The Reign of Relativity                                       Apr-05   Philosophy
The Rejection of Consequentialism                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Relative Truth                                                May-10   Philosophy
Relativism and Monadic Truth                                  Jan-09   Philosophy
Relying on Others                                             Sep-10   Philosophy
Renewing Meaning                                              Aug-04   Philosophy
Representation, Meaning, and Thought                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Reproductive Health and Human Rights                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Respect, Pluralism, and Justice                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Responsibility                                                Oct-11   Philosophy
Responsibility and Atonement                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Responsibility and Distributive Justice                       May-11   Philosophy
Responsibility for Justice                                    Jan-11   Philosophy
The Resurrection of God Incarnate                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Rethinking the Ethics of Clinical Research                    Jan-11   Philosophy
The Retreat of Reason                                         Feb-06   Philosophy
The Retrieval of Ethics                                       May-09   Philosophy
Revelation                                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Revelation                                                    Sep-07   Philosophy
The Riddle of Hume's Treatise                                 May-08   Philosophy
The Riddle of the World                                       May-09   Philosophy
The Right and the Good                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
The Right to Exploit                                          Sep-09   Philosophy
The Right to Private Property                                 Oct-11   Philosophy
Rousseau                                                      May-10   Philosophy
Rousseau's Theodicy of Self-Love                              Jan-09   Philosophy
Rules, Reasons, and Norms                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Russell, Idealism, and the Emergence of Analytic Philosophy   Nov-03   Philosophy
Russell’s Idealist Apprenticeship                             Mar-12   Philosophy
Sagehood                                                      Feb-10   Philosophy
Saving Truth From Paradox                                     May-08   Philosophy
Savoring Disgust                                              May-11   Philosophy
The Scenes of Inquiry                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Scepticism Comes Alive                             Oct-05   Philosophy
Schiller as Philosopher                            Feb-06   Philosophy
Science & Reason                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Science and Partial Truth                          Feb-06   Philosophy
Science, Truth, and Democracy                      Nov-03   Philosophy
The Scientific Image                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Scientific Representation                          Sep-08   Philosophy
Scientific Values and Civic Virtues                Jul-05   Philosophy
The Seas of Language                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Second Philosophy                                  Jan-09   Philosophy
Seeing Dark Things                                 Jan-08   Philosophy
Seeing Fictions in Film                            Jan-12   Philosophy
Seeing, Doing, and Knowing                         Apr-05   Philosophy
Self and World                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
Self and World in Schopenhauer's Philosophy        Nov-03   Philosophy
Self-Constitution                                  Sep-09   Philosophy
Self-Expression                                    Jan-08   Philosophy
Self-Governance and Cooperation                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Self-Improvement                                   Jan-12   Philosophy
Self-Knowing Agents                                Sep-07   Philosophy
Self-Knowledge                                     May-11   Philosophy
Self-Transformations                               Sep-07   Philosophy
Self-Trust                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Self, No Self?                                     Jan-11   Philosophy
Selves                                             Sep-09   Philosophy
Semantic Powers                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Semantics versus Pragmatics                        Jan-11   Philosophy
Sensory Qualities                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Sentimental Rules                                  Jan-05   Philosophy
Set Theory and its Philosophy                      Oct-11   Philosophy
The Seventh Sense                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Sextus Empiricus and Pyrrhonean Scepticism         Oct-11   Philosophy
Sexual Solipsism                                   Jan-11   Philosophy
The Shape of the Past                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Sidgwick's Ethics and Victorian Moral Philosophy   Nov-03   Philosophy
Sidgwickian Ethics                                 Jan-12   Philosophy
Sight and Sensibility                              Jul-05   Philosophy
Signals                                            May-10   Philosophy
The Significance of Free Will                      Nov-03   Philosophy
The Significance of Philosophical Scepticism       Nov-03   Philosophy
Simple Sentences, Substitution, and Intuitions     May-07   Philosophy
Simplicity                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Simulating Minds                                   Sep-06   Philosophy
The Situated Self                                  Jan-09   Philosophy
Sketch for a Systematic Metaphysics                Sep-10   Philosophy
Slaves of the Passions                             Jan-08   Philosophy
Social Epistemology                                Jan-11   Philosophy
Socrates Dissatisfied                              Nov-03   Philosophy
Socrates, Pleasure, and Value                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Sorting Out Ethics                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Sound Sentiments                                   Jul-05   Philosophy
Sounds                                                       Jan-08   Philosophy
Sounds and Perception                                        Feb-10   Philosophy
The Sources of Intentionality                                Sep-11   Philosophy
Space, Time, Matter, and Form                                May-06   Philosophy
Spandrels of Truth                                           Sep-09   Philosophy
Speaking My Mind                                             Oct-05   Philosophy
Spectres of False Divinity                                   May-10   Philosophy
Spheres of Reason                                            Feb-10   Philosophy
Spinoza: Metaphysical Themes                                 Feb-06   Philosophy
Spinoza's Heresy                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
Spirituality for the Skeptic                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Stability and Justification in Hume's Treatise               Nov-03   Philosophy
Stanley Cavell                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Sticks and Stones                                            Jan-08   Philosophy
The Stoic Life                                               Feb-06   Philosophy
Stoic Warriors                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
The Structural Foundations of Quantum Gravity                Oct-11   Philosophy
The Structure of Objects                                     Sep-08   Philosophy
Structures of Agency                                         Oct-11   Philosophy
A Subject With No Object                                     Nov-03   Philosophy
The Subject's Point of View                                  Jan-09   Philosophy
Subjective Consciousness                                     Sep-09   Philosophy
Subjective, Intersubjective, Objective                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Supersizing the Mind                                         Jan-09   Philosophy
T. H. Green: Ethics, Metaphysics, and Political Philosophy   Sep-10   Philosophy
Taking Action, Saving Lives                                  Jan-08   Philosophy
Taking Morality Seriously                                    Sep-11   Philosophy
Talking About Nothing                                        Sep-10   Philosophy
The Taming of the True                                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Testimony                                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Testimony, Trust, and Authority                              Sep-11   Philosophy
Theory and Meaning                                           Oct-11   Philosophy
Theory and Truth                                             Nov-03   Philosophy
A Theory of Art                                              Feb-06   Philosophy
A Theory of Political Obligation                             Sep-06   Philosophy
A Theory of Sentience                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
A Theory of Virtue                                           Jan-07   Philosophy
The Thief of Time                                            May-10   Philosophy
Things                                                       Sep-10   Philosophy
Things That Happen Because They Should                       Oct-11   Philosophy
The Things We Mean                                           Apr-05   Philosophy
Thinking about Acting                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Thinking about Consciousness                                 Nov-03   Philosophy
Thinking about Knowing                                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Thinking without Words                                       Oct-11   Philosophy
Thomas Reid's Theory of Perception                           May-07   Philosophy
Thought and Reality                                          Sep-07   Philosophy
Thought and Reference                                        Oct-11   Philosophy
Thought Experiments                                          Feb-06   Philosophy
Thought, Reference, and Experience                           Jan-09   Philosophy
Thought's Footing                                            Jan-07   Philosophy
Thoughts                                                     Jan-09   Philosophy
Three Faces of Desire                                    Oct-11   Philosophy
Time and Eternity in Mid-Thirteenth-Century Thought      May-06   Philosophy
Time for Aristotle                                       Feb-06   Philosophy
Time, Space, and Metaphysics                             Feb-10   Philosophy
Time, Tense, and Causation                               Nov-03   Philosophy
Time's Arrow & Archimedes' Point                         Oct-11   Philosophy
Toward a Humanist Justice                                Sep-09   Philosophy
Towards Non-Being                                        Jul-05   Philosophy
Tracking Reason                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Tracking Truth                                           Feb-06   Philosophy
Tradition and Modernity                                  Oct-11   Philosophy
Transcendental Philosophy and Naturalism                 Jan-12   Philosophy
Tropes                                                   Jan-12   Philosophy
True to Our Feelings                                     Oct-11   Philosophy
Truly Understood                                         May-08   Philosophy
Truth                                                    Nov-03   Philosophy
Truth -- Meaning -- Reality                              Feb-10   Philosophy
Truth and Ontology                                       May-07   Philosophy
Truth and Paradox                                        Jan-05   Philosophy
Truth and Realism                                        Sep-10   Philosophy
Truth and the Absence of Fact                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Truth and the End of Inquiry                             Feb-06   Philosophy
Truth and Words                                          May-09   Philosophy
Truth as One and Many                                    May-09   Philosophy
Truth by Analysis                                        Jan-12   Philosophy
Truth in Virtue of Meaning                               May-08   Philosophy
Truth Through Proof                                      Jan-11   Philosophy
Truth-Conditional Pragmatics                             Jan-11   Philosophy
Truth, etc.                                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Truth, Fiction, and Literature                           Oct-11   Philosophy
Truth, Language, and History                             Jul-05   Philosophy
Truth, Rationality, and Pragmatism                       Nov-03   Philosophy
Truth, Thought, Reason                                   May-10   Philosophy
Truthmakers                                              May-10   Philosophy
Underivative Duty                                        May-11   Philosophy
Understanding Counterfactuals, Understanding Causation   Jan-12   Philosophy
Understanding Eating Disorders                           Feb-06   Philosophy
Understanding Human Agency                               Jan-12   Philosophy
Understanding Human Knowledge                            Nov-03   Philosophy
Understanding People                                     Jan-07   Philosophy
Understanding Pictures                                   Oct-11   Philosophy
Understanding Truth                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
The Unity of Consciousness                               Jan-11   Philosophy
The Unity of Linguistic Meaning                          Jan-12   Philosophy
The Unity of the Proposition                             Jan-09   Philosophy
The Unity of Understanding                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Unpopular Privacy                                        Jan-12   Philosophy
Unprincipled Virtue                                      Feb-06   Philosophy
The Uses of Sense                                        Nov-03   Philosophy
Utilitarianism and Co-operation                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Vagueness and Degrees of Truth                           Jan-09   Philosophy
Vagueness in Context                                     Jan-07   Philosophy
Value and Context                                            Sep-06   Philosophy
Value Judgement                                              Nov-03   Philosophy
The Value of Humanity in Kant's Moral Theory                 Sep-06   Philosophy
Value-Free Science?                                          Jan-09   Philosophy
Value, Reality, and Desire                                   Jul-05   Philosophy
Virtue and Reason in Plato and Aristotle                     Jan-12   Philosophy
A Virtue Epistemology                                        Sep-07   Philosophy
Virtue Ethics                                                Nov-03   Philosophy
Virtue in the Cave                                           Nov-03   Philosophy
Virtue, Vice, and Value                                      Nov-03   Philosophy
Virtues and Vices                                            Nov-03   Philosophy
The Virtuous Psychiatrist                                    Feb-10   Philosophy
Visible Identities                                           Feb-06   Philosophy
Visual Thinking in Mathematics                               Sep-07   Philosophy
Walking the Tightrope of Reason                              Oct-11   Philosophy
Wandering in Darkness                                        Sep-10   Philosophy
Wandering Significance                                       Jan-07   Philosophy
The Waning of Materialism                                    Sep-10   Philosophy
War and Self-Defense                                         Jan-05   Philosophy
Warrant and Proper Function                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Warrant: The Current Debate                                  Nov-03   Philosophy
Warranted Christian Belief                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Ways a World Might Be                                        Apr-05   Philosophy
Weakness of Will and Practical Irrationality                 Jan-05   Philosophy
Weakness of Will in Renaissance and Reformation Thought      Sep-11   Philosophy
Weighing Lives                                               Oct-05   Philosophy
Welfare, Happiness, and Ethics                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Well-Being                                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
Well-Being and Death                                         May-09   Philosophy
What Am I?                                                   Nov-03   Philosophy
What Are We?                                                 Sep-07   Philosophy
What Is This Thing Called Happiness?                         May-10   Philosophy
What Will Work                                               Jan-12   Philosophy
What's Within?                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
When Truth Gives Out                                         Sep-08   Philosophy
Where the Conflict Really Lies                               Jan-12   Philosophy
Which Rights Should Be Universal?                            Apr-05   Philosophy
Who Knew?                                                    Sep-09   Philosophy
Whose Body is it Anyway?                                     May-06   Philosophy
Why Political Liberalism?                                    May-11   Philosophy
Why Some Things Should Not Be for Sale                       Sep-10   Philosophy
Why there is Something rather than Nothing                   Aug-04   Philosophy
Why Think?                                                   Sep-07   Philosophy
Will and World                                               Oct-11   Philosophy
Williamson on Knowledge                                      Feb-10   Philosophy
Willing, Wanting, Waiting                                    Sep-09   Philosophy
Without Good Reason                                          Oct-11   Philosophy
Wittgenstein on Mind and Language                            Feb-06   Philosophy
Wittgenstein, Finitism, and the Foundations of Mathematics   Oct-11   Philosophy
Wittgenstein: Connections and Controversies                  Apr-05   Philosophy
Wittgenstein's Notes on Logic                                Jan-09   Philosophy
Wittgenstein's Private Language                              Jan-07   Philosophy
Women and Citizenship                                                Oct-05   Philosophy
Women's Liberation and the Sublime                                   Sep-06   Philosophy
Words and Images                                                     Sep-11   Philosophy
Words and Thoughts                                                   Jan-07   Philosophy
Words without Objects                                                May-06   Philosophy
Work and Object                                                      Sep-10   Philosophy
Works of Music                                                       Sep-07   Philosophy
A World for Us                                                       May-08   Philosophy
The World We Want                                                    Sep-07   Philosophy
World Without Design                                                 Jan-05   Philosophy
Worlds and Individuals, Possible and Otherwise                       Feb-10   Philosophy
The Worlds of Possibility                                            Oct-11   Philosophy
The Worldview of Personalism                                         Jan-07   Philosophy
Writing the Book of the World                                        Jan-12   Philosophy
Zombies and Consciousness                                            Feb-06   Philosophy
Accurate Clock Pendulums                                             Jan-10   Physics
Acoustic Microscopy                                                  Feb-10   Physics
Advanced Ferroelectricity                                            Jan-12   Physics
Advanced Statistical Mechanics                                       Feb-10   Physics
Advanced Structural Inorganic Chemistry                              May-08   Physics
Advanced Tomographic Methods in Materials Research and Engineering   May-08   Physics
Advances in the Casimir Effect                                       Sep-09   Physics
Analytical Mechanics for Relativity and Quantum Mechanics            Jan-10   Physics
Anomalies in Quantum Field Theory                                    Jan-10   Physics
Aperiodic Crystals                                                   Sep-07   Physics
Applications of Neutron Powder Diffraction                           Jan-09   Physics
Astrophysical Lasers                                                 May-09   Physics
Atomic and Laser Spectroscopy                                        Sep-07   Physics
Atomic Force Microscopy                                              May-10   Physics
Brownian Motion                                                      Jan-10   Physics
Chaos and Nonlinear Dynamics                                         Jan-10   Physics
The Chemical Bond in Inorganic Chemistry                             Jan-10   Physics
Chern-Simons Theory, Matrix Models, and Topological Strings          Sep-07   Physics
Civilized Life in the Universe                                       Sep-07   Physics
Climbing the Mountain                                                Jan-10   Physics
Cognitive Biology                                                    Sep-11   Physics
Coherent X-Ray Optics                                                Sep-07   Physics
Complex Dynamics of Glass-Forming Liquids                            May-09   Physics
Conceptions of Cosmos                                                Jan-10   Physics
Concepts in Spin Electronics                                         Sep-07   Physics
Concepts in Thermal Physics                                          Feb-10   Physics
Cosmic Anger                                                         Sep-08   Physics
Crystal Structure Analysis                                           Sep-09   Physics
Crystal Structure Refinement                                         Sep-10   Physics
Crystalline Molecular Complexes and Compounds                        Sep-07   Physics
Crystallography of Modular Materials                                 Sep-08   Physics
Crystallography of the Polymethylene Chain                           Sep-07   Physics
Crystals, X-rays and Proteins                                        Jan-11   Physics
Deep Inelastic Scattering                                            Jan-10   Physics
Diffuse Scattering and Defect Structure Simulations                  Sep-08   Physics
Discrete Symmetries and CP Violation                                 Jan-08   Physics
Discussing Chemistry and Steam                                       Jan-10   Physics
Dynamical Heterogeneities in Glasses, Colloids, and Granular Media   Sep-11   Physics
Dynamical Theory of X-Ray Diffraction                                Jan-10   Physics
Electron Crystallography                                             Jan-12   Physics
Electron-Phonon Interactions in Low-Dimensional Structures           Jan-10   Physics
Electrons and Disorder in Solids                                     Sep-07   Physics
Electrons and Phonons                                                Sep-07   Physics
Elements of Phase Transitions and Critical Phenomena                 Jan-11   Physics
Entropy and the Time Evolution of Macroscopic Systems                Sep-08   Physics
Equations of Motion in General Relativity                            Jan-11   Physics
The Equilibrium Theory of Inhomogeneous Polymers                     Sep-07   Physics
Essential Quantum Mechanics                                          Jan-08   Physics
Evolution of Networks                                                Jan-10   Physics
Excitations in Organic Solids                                        Jan-09   Physics
Experimental Techniques for Low-Temperature Measurements             Jan-10   Physics
Exploring the Quantum                                                Jan-10   Physics
Financial Market Complexity                                          Jan-10   Physics
From Cosmos to Chaos                                                 Jan-10   Physics
Fundamentals of Beam Physics                                         Jan-10   Physics
Fundamentals of Neutrino Physics and Astrophysics                    Jan-10   Physics
Granular Patterns                                                    Jan-09   Physics
Gravitational Waves                                                  Jan-08   Physics
Helium Three                                                         Jan-10   Physics
High-Resolution Electron Microscopy                                  Jan-10   Physics
Historical Supernovae and their Remnants                             Jan-10   Physics
Holographic Visions                                                  Jan-10   Physics
Incommensurate Crystallography                                       Jan-08   Physics
Information, Physics, and Computation                                Sep-09   Physics
Instabilities and Self-Organization in Materials                     May-08   Physics
Intense Terahertz Excitation of Semiconductors                       Sep-07   Physics
Interatomic Forces in Condensed Matter                               Jan-10   Physics
Introduction to 3+1 Numerical Relativity                             Sep-08   Physics
Introduction to Black Hole Physics                                   Jan-12   Physics
An Introduction to Nonlinear Finite Element Analysis                 Jan-10   Physics
An Introduction to Particle Accelerators                             Jan-10   Physics
Introduction to Quantum Information Science                          Jan-10   Physics
Introduction to Reactive Gas Dynamics                                May-09   Physics
Introduction to Scanning Tunneling Microscopy                        Sep-07   Physics
Ionic Transport Processes                                            Sep-08   Physics
Ions and electrons in liquid helium                                  Jan-08   Physics
Isochronous Systems                                                  May-08   Physics
Kinetic Theory of Granular Gases                                     Jan-10   Physics
Knowing                                                              Sep-07   Physics
Lectures on Complex Networks                                         May-10   Physics
Lectures on Light                                                    Sep-10   Physics
Light is a Messenger                                                 Jan-10   Physics
Ludwig Boltzmann                                                     Jan-10   Physics
Macromolecular Crystallization and Crystal Perfection                May-10   Physics
Mapping the Spectrum                                                 Jan-10   Physics
The Martians of Science                                              Sep-07   Physics
Mechanistic Images in Geometric Form                                 Jan-10   Physics
The Mental Aftermath                                                 Jan-10   Physics
Methods in Theoretical Quantum Optics                                Jan-10   Physics
Microcavities                                                            May-08      Physics
Modeling Reality                                                         Jan-10      Physics
Models of Cellular Regulation                                            Sep-08      Physics
                                                                         Jan-12      Physics
Modern Perspectives in Lattice QCD: Quantum Field Theory and High Performance Computing
Modern Supersymmetry                                                     Sep-07      Physics
Molecular Aggregation                                                    Jan-10      Physics
Molecular Beams                                                          Sep-07      Physics
Molecular Nanomagnets                                                    Sep-07      Physics
Molecules and Models                                                     May-08      Physics
Multipole Theory in Electromagnetism                                     Sep-07      Physics
Nanocomposites with Biodegradable Polymers                               Sep-11      Physics
The Nature of the Hydrogen Bond                                          Sep-09      Physics
Networks                                                                 Sep-10      Physics
Neutron Protein Crystallography                                          May-11      Physics
New Trends in the Physics and Mechanics of Biological Systems            Sep-11      Physics
NMR Imaging of Materials                                                 Jan-10      Physics
No Time to be Brief                                                      Jan-10      Physics
Nuclear Structure from a Simple Perspective                              Jan-10      Physics
Numerical Methods for Nonlinear Elliptic Differential Equations          Jan-11      Physics
Path Integrals and Quantum Anomalies                                     Sep-07      Physics
Path Integrals in Quantum Mechanics                                      Jan-10      Physics
Phase Transitions and Renormalization Group                              Jan-10      Physics
Photographic Science                                                     Jan-12      Physics
Physics in Oxford, 1839-1939                                             Jan-10      Physics
Physics of Ice                                                           Jan-10      Physics
The Physics of Inertial Fusion                                           Jan-08      Physics
The Physics of Lyotropic Liquid Crystals                                 Jan-10      Physics
Physics of Strongly Coupled Plasma                                       Sep-07      Physics
The Physics of Warm Nuclei                                               Sep-08      Physics
Plasma Spectroscopy                                                      Sep-07      Physics
Polarisation: Applications in Remote Sensing                             Feb-10      Physics
Polymorphism in Molecular Crystals                                       Jan-10      Physics
Principles and Applications of Ferroelectrics and Related Materials      Jan-10      Physics
Principles of Electron Tunneling Spectroscopy                            Jan-12      Physics
Problems of Condensed Matter Physics                                     May-08      Physics
The Problems of Physics                                                  Sep-07      Physics
Quantum Chromodynamics                                                   Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Dot Lasers                                                       Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Dynamical Systems                                                Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Field Theory and Critical Phenomena                              Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Field Theory of Many-Body Systems                                Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Gravity                                                          Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Hall systems                                                     Jan-10      Physics
Quantum Liquids                                                          Jan-08      Physics
Quantum Optics                                                           Sep-08      Physics
Quantum Physics in One Dimension                                         Sep-07      Physics
Quantum Theory of Solids                                                 Sep-07      Physics
Quantum Transport in Mesoscopic Systems                                  Sep-07      Physics
Quasielastic Neutron Scattering and Solid State Diffusion                Jan-10      Physics
The Quest for Reality                                                    Sep-11      Physics
Radiation and Climate                                                    Jan-08      Physics
Random Processes in Physics and Finance                                  Jan-10      Physics
Relativity, Gravitation and Cosmology                              Feb-10   Physics
Relaxation Processes in Micromagnetics                             Jan-10   Physics
Revolutionaries of the Cosmos                                      Jan-10   Physics
Scale-Free Networks                                                Jan-10   Physics
The Science and Technology of Undulators and Wigglers              Sep-07   Physics
Science in the Looking Glass                                       Sep-08   Physics
Scientific Methods and Cultural Heritage                           Sep-10   Physics
Semiconductor Detector Systems                                     Sep-07   Physics
Semiconductor Nanostructures                                       Feb-10   Physics
The Shadow of Enlightenment                                        May-09   Physics
Simple Models of Magnetism                                         Jan-10   Physics
Smart Structures                                                   Jan-08   Physics
Statistical Physics of Spin Glasses and Information Processing     Jan-10   Physics
Stealing the Gold                                                  Sep-07   Physics
Stellar Magnetism                                                  Jan-10   Physics
The Story of Semiconductors                                        Jan-10   Physics
Strengthening Mechanisms in Crystal Plasticity                     Sep-07   Physics
Structural Crystallography of Inorganic Oxysalts                   May-09   Physics
The Structure and Properties of Water                              Sep-07   Physics
Structure Determination from Powder Diffraction Data               Jan-10   Physics
The Structure of Physical Chemistry                                Sep-07   Physics
Theories of Molecular Reaction Dynamics                            Jan-10   Physics
Theory of Defects in Solids                                        Sep-07   Physics
Theory of Fluctuations in Superconductors                          Sep-07   Physics
Theory of Molecular Fluids                                         Jan-12   Physics
Theory of Nonequilibrium Superconductivity                         Jan-10   Physics
The Theory of Open Quantum Systems                                 Jan-10   Physics
Theory of Optical Processes in Semiconductors                      Jan-10   Physics
Time Restored                                                      Jan-10   Physics
Tribology on the Small Scale                                       Jan-08   Physics
Ultracold Gases and Quantum Information                            Sep-11   Physics
The Universal Force                                                Jan-08   Physics
The Universe in a Helium Droplet                                   Jan-10   Physics
Viscoelastic Behavior of Rubbery Materials                         Sep-11   Physics
The Weak Hydrogen Bond                                             Jan-10   Physics
William and Lawrence Bragg, Father and Son                         Jan-08   Physics
Wireless and Empire                                                May-09   Physics
X-Ray Compton Scattering                                           Sep-07   Physics
A Zeptospace Odyssey: A Journey into the Physics of the LHC        Feb-10   Physics
Abortion Politics, Women's Movements, and the Democratic State     Nov-03   Political Science
Access Points                                                      Jan-12   Political Science
Accountability and Democracy                                       Jan-12   Political Science
Accountability Politics                                            May-08   Political Science
After the Euro                                                     Nov-03   Political Science
Against the Masses                                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Against the Odds?                                                  Oct-11   Political Science
Ambiguity and Deterrence                                           Oct-11   Political Science
America’s Overseas Garrisons                                       Oct-11   Political Science
American Credo                                                     Jan-08   Political Science
American Democracy Promotion                                       Nov-03   Political Science
American Foreign Environmental Policy and the Power of the State   Oct-11   Political Science
Animal Rights                                                      Mar-12   Political Science
The Anti-Intellectual Presidency                            Oct-11   Political Science
The Arab Minority in Israel, 1967–1991                      Oct-11   Political Science
The Architecture of Democracy                               Nov-03   Political Science
Armed Struggle and the Search for State                     Oct-11   Political Science
The Art of the State                                        Nov-03   Political Science
Atmospheric Justice                                         May-08   Political Science
Authoritative Governance                                    Feb-10   Political Science
Banking Regulation and Globalization                        Jan-09   Political Science
The Battle Against Hunger                                   Jan-09   Political Science
Becoming Europeans?                                         Feb-06   Political Science
Before the State                                            May-08   Political Science
Beliefs in Government                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Bentham's Prison                                            Oct-11   Political Science
Between Anarchy and Society                                 Apr-04   Political Science
Between War and Politics                                    May-09   Political Science
The Black Sea                                               Aug-04   Political Science
Bosnia Remade                                               May-11   Political Science
Boundaries and Allegiances                                  Nov-03   Political Science
The Boundaries of Welfare                                   Feb-06   Political Science
Bourgeoisie, State and Democracy                            Sep-08   Political Science
Britain, Germany, and Western Nuclear Strategy              Oct-11   Political Science
The British Constitution                                    Oct-11   Political Science
The British Regulatory State                                Jan-05   Political Science
Building Europe's Parliament                                Jul-05   Political Science
Bureaucratic Elites in Western European States              Nov-03   Political Science
Can Liberal Pluralism be Exported?                          Oct-05   Political Science
Capitalists against Markets                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Care, Gender, and Justice                                   Oct-11   Political Science
The Casualty Gap                                            May-10   Political Science
Cause Lawyering and the State in a Global Era               Nov-03   Political Science
The Challenge of Revolution                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Challenge to the Nation-State                               Nov-03   Political Science
Changes for Democracy                                       Jan-12   Political Science
China                                                       Feb-10   Political Science
Citizens and the State                                      Nov-03   Political Science
Citizens, Context, and Choice                               Jan-11   Political Science
Citizenship and Education in Liberal-Democratic Societies   Jan-05   Political Science
Citizenship and the Environment                             Apr-04   Political Science
Citizenship in Diverse Societies                            Oct-05   Political Science
Citizenship Rights and Social Movements                     Oct-11   Political Science
The Civic Minimum                                           Nov-03   Political Science
Clausewitz and Contemporary War                             Jan-08   Political Science
Clausewitz in the Twenty-First Century                      Jan-08   Political Science
Clausewitz's Puzzle                                         May-07   Political Science
Climate Change and Migration                                Jan-12   Political Science
Climate Governance at the Crossroads                        May-11   Political Science
Coalitions of Convenience                                   Jan-11   Political Science
Cold War Statesmen Confront the Bomb                        Nov-04   Political Science
Comparative Competition Policy                              Oct-11   Political Science
Comparing Westminster                                       Sep-09   Political Science
Compound Democracies                                        May-08   Political Science
Conflicts of Interest and the Future of Medicine            May-11   Political Science
Conservatism and American Political Development                              Oct-11      Political Science
Conservative Protestant Politics                                             Oct-11      Political Science
The Constitution of Equality                                                 Sep-08      Political Science
Constitutional Environmental Rights                                          Jul-05      Political Science
Constructing a European Market                                               Nov-03      Political Science
Containing Nationalism                                                       Nov-03      Political Science
Contextualizing Secession                                                    Jan-05      Political Science
The Coordination of the European Union                                       Jan-07      Political Science
Copyright's Paradox                                                          May-08      Political Science
Cosmopolitan Political Thought                                               Jan-12      Political Science
Creating Citizens                                                            Nov-03      Political Science
Crime and Politics                                                           Nov-03      Political Science
Crisis of Conservatism?                                                      Sep-11      Political Science
Critical Citizens                                                            Nov-03      Political Science
Critical Republicanism                                                       Jan-09      Political Science
Culture, Citizenship, and Community                                          Nov-03      Political Science
Debating Democracy's Discontent                                              Nov-03      Political Science
Decision-Making in the UN Security Council                                   Oct-11      Political Science
Defending the Society of States                                              Sep-07      Political Science
Defining Environmental Justice                                               Sep-07      Political Science
Delegated Governance and the British State                                   Sep-08      Political Science
The Delegated Welfare State                                                  Jan-12      Political Science
Delegating Rights Protection                                                 Sep-10      Political Science
Delegation and Accountability in Parliamentary Democracies                   Jan-05      Political Science
Deliberating in the Real World                                               Sep-06      Political Science
Deliberative Democracy and Beyond                                            Nov-03      Political Science
The Demands of Liberal Education                                             Nov-03      Political Science
Democracies in Flux                                                          Apr-04      Political Science
Democracy and Diversity                                                      Jan-07      Political Science
Democracy and Elections                                                      Oct-11      Political Science
Democracy and Expertise                                                      May-09      Political Science
Democracy and Public Management Reform                                       Nov-04      Political Science
Democracy and the State in the New Southern Europe                           May-09      Political Science
Democracy Between Consolidation and Crisis                                   Nov-03      Political Science
Democracy Beyond Borders                                                     Nov-04      Political Science
Democracy in Europe                                                          Jan-07      Political Science
Democracy in Iran                                                            May-06      Political Science
Democracy Transformed?                                                       Feb-06      Political Science
Democracy within Parties                                                     Sep-10      Political Science
Democracy, Agency, and the State                                             Sep-10      Political Science
Democracy, Intermediation, and Voting on Four Continents                     Oct-11      Political Science
Democracy's Reconstruction                                                   May-11      Political Science
Democratic Accountability in Latin America                                   Apr-05      Political Science
Democratic Challenges, Democratic Choices                                    May-09      Political Science
Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe Volume 1: Institutional Engineering           Political Science
                                                                             Nov-03      Political Science
Democratic Consolidation in Eastern Europe Volume 2: International and Transnational Factors
Democratic Drift                                                             Feb-10      Political Science
Democratic Peacebuilding                                                     May-11      Political Science
Democratic Procedures and Liberal Consensus                                  Oct-11      Political Science
Democratization                                                              Nov-03      Political Science
Designing Europe                                                             Oct-11      Political Science
The Digital Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy                            Sep-10      Political Science
Dilemmas of European Integration                                          Feb-06   Political Science
Disadvantage                                                              May-07   Political Science
Discrimination in an Unequal World                                        Sep-10   Political Science
Dispersed Democratic Leadership                                           Oct-11   Political Science
Displacing Human Rights                                                   Jan-12   Political Science
Divided Government in Comparative Perspective                             Nov-03   Political Science
The Domestic Abroad                                                       Sep-10   Political Science
The Dynamics of Two-Party Politics                                        Sep-09   Political Science
Economic Adjustment and Political Transformation in Small States          Sep-08   Political Science
Economic Democracy                                                        Nov-03   Political Science
The Egalitarian Conscience                                                May-06   Political Science
Elections in Africa                                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Elections in Asia and the Pacific : A Data Handbook                       Nov-03   Political Science
Elections in Asia and the Pacific: A Data Handbook                        Nov-03   Political Science
Elections, Parties, Democracy                                             Feb-06   Political Science
Electoral Systems and Democratization in Southern Africa                  Nov-03   Political Science
Electoral Systems and Party Systems                                       Oct-11   Political Science
Elitism, Populism, and European Politics                                  Nov-03   Political Science
An Emergent European Executive Order                                      May-10   Political Science
The End of Class Politics?                                                Nov-03   Political Science
Engendering Transitions                                                   Sep-07   Political Science
The Engines of European Integration                                       Nov-03   Political Science
The Enlightenment of Sympathy                                             Sep-10   Political Science
The Environment Between Theory and Practice                               Nov-03   Political Science
Environmental Governance in Europe                                        Oct-11   Political Science
Environmental Justice and the New Pluralism                               Nov-03   Political Science
Environmental Protest in Western Europe                                   Apr-04   Political Science
Equality and Responsibility                                               Nov-03   Political Science
The Ethics of Nationalism                                                 Nov-03   Political Science
The EU's Decision Traps                                                   Sep-11   Political Science
Euroclash                                                                 Oct-11   Political Science
Europe as Empire                                                          May-06   Political Science
Europe in Question                                                        May-09   Political Science
Europe Undivided                                                          Apr-05   Political Science
European Cities                                                           Oct-11   Political Science
European Defence Policy                                                   Sep-08   Political Science
European Foreign Policy                                                   Oct-11   Political Science
European Integration After Amsterdam                                      Nov-03   Political Science
European Integration and Supranational Governance                         Apr-04   Political Science
The European Parliament, National Parliaments, and European Integration   Nov-03   Political Science
European Political Co-operation                                           Oct-11   Political Science
European States and the Euro                                              Nov-03   Political Science
European Stories                                                          Jan-11   Political Science
The European Union and the People                                         Sep-07   Political Science
The European Union and the Promotion of Democracy                         Nov-03   Political Science
The European Union and the Regions                                        Nov-03   Political Science
The European Voter                                                        Oct-05   Political Science
Europeanism                                                               Sep-10   Political Science
The Evolution of Operational Art                                          Jan-11   Political Science
Explaining Institutional Change in Europe                                 May-07   Political Science
Exposing Men                                                              Oct-11   Political Science
Extreme Right Parties in Western Europe                                   Jan-05   Political Science
The Eyes of the People                                       Feb-10   Political Science
Fairness and Futurity                                        Nov-03   Political Science
Families in Ageing Societies                                 Jul-05   Political Science
The Federal Vision                                           Nov-03   Political Science
Federalism and European Union                                Oct-11   Political Science
Federalism, Democratization, and the Rule of Law in Russia   Nov-03   Political Science
Feminism, the Family, and the Politics of the Closet         Nov-03   Political Science
The Flawed Architect                                         Oct-11   Political Science
Flying Tiger                                                 Sep-11   Political Science
For Love of Country                                          Nov-03   Political Science
Forgotten Families                                           Oct-11   Political Science
Foundations and Frontiers of Deliberative Governance         Jan-11   Political Science
Foundations of Liberalism                                    Nov-03   Political Science
Four Seminal Thinkers in International Theory                Jul-05   Political Science
Fragmented France                                            May-07   Political Science
The Freedom to Be Racist?                                    Sep-11   Political Science
From Protest to Parties                                      Sep-11   Political Science
From the Nation State to Europe                              Nov-03   Political Science
The Future of the Welfare State                              Nov-04   Political Science
The Futures of European Capitalism                           Nov-03   Political Science
Gender and Justice in Multicultural Liberal States           Jan-07   Political Science
Gender and Welfare State Regimes                             Nov-03   Political Science
Gender Justice, Development, and Rights                      Jan-05   Political Science
A General Theory of Domination and Justice                   Sep-10   Political Science
Geopolitics and Empire                                       Oct-11   Political Science
The Global Covenant                                          Apr-04   Political Science
Global Good Samaritans                                       Oct-11   Political Science
The Global Grapevine                                         Sep-10   Political Science
Global Justice                                               Oct-11   Political Science
Global Migration Governance                                  Jan-11   Political Science
Global Stakeholder Democracy                                 Sep-08   Political Science
Globalization and the National Security State                May-10   Political Science
Globalization and the New Politics of Embedded Liberalism    Sep-09   Political Science
The Gorbachev Factor                                         Nov-03   Political Science
Governance, Order, and the International Criminal Court      Sep-09   Political Science
Governing Europe                                             Nov-03   Political Science
Governing in Europe: Effective and Democratic?               Oct-11   Political Science
Governing the Euro Area in Good Times and Bad                Jan-12   Political Science
Governing through Institution Building                       Sep-10   Political Science
Governing with Judges                                        Apr-04   Political Science
The Government of Risk                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Gramsci's Political Thought                                  Oct-11   Political Science
Green States and Social Movements                            Nov-03   Political Science
Growing Gaps                                                 Jan-11   Political Science
The Handbook of Reparations                                  May-06   Political Science
Hayek and Modern Liberalism                                  Oct-11   Political Science
Hayek's Social and Political Thought                         Oct-11   Political Science
Healthy, Wealthy, and Fair                                   Oct-11   Political Science
The Heart of Justice                                         May-07   Political Science
Hegemony in International Society                            May-11   Political Science
A History of Sociology in Britain                            Apr-04   Political Science
How Congress Evolves                                         Oct-11   Political Science
How International Law Works                                     Jan-08   Political Science
Hugo Grotius and International Relations                        Nov-03   Political Science
Human Rights and Democratization in Latin America               Nov-03   Political Science
Humanitarian Intervention and International Relations           Apr-04   Political Science
Humanitarian Intervention and the Responsibility To Protect     May-10   Political Science
The Idea of Human Rights                                        Mar-12   Political Science
Ideas and Politics in Social Science Research                   Jan-11   Political Science
The Ideas of Nikolai Bukharin                                   Oct-11   Political Science
Ideas, Institutions, and Trade                                  Feb-10   Political Science
Ideologies and Political Theory                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Immigration and the Nation-State                                Nov-03   Political Science
The Impact of Values                                            Nov-03   Political Science
The Impact of Women in Congress                                 May-06   Political Science
Impartiality in Moral and Political Philosophy                  Nov-03   Political Science
The Implementation Game                                         May-09   Political Science
Implementing Sustainable Development                            Nov-03   Political Science
The Impossible Peace                                            Oct-11   Political Science
In Search of the Black Fantastic                                Oct-11   Political Science
In The Name of Liberalism                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Inclusion and Democracy                                         Nov-03   Political Science
The Independence of Scotland                                    Sep-09   Political Science
Industrial Relations and European State Traditions              Nov-03   Political Science
Inequality, Globalization, and World Politics                   Nov-03   Political Science
Innovating Democracy                                            Sep-08   Political Science
An Inside View of the CAP Reform Process                        May-11   Political Science
The Institutionalization of Europe                              Apr-04   Political Science
Institutions and Democratic Citizenship                         Nov-03   Political Science
Integrating Europe                                              May-10   Political Science
Intellectual Founders of the Republic                           Nov-03   Political Science
Intellectuals and the French Communist Party                    Oct-11   Political Science
Intergovernmental Cooperation                                   Sep-09   Political Science
International Action against Racial Discrimination              Nov-03   Political Science
The International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia   Aug-04   Political Science
International Democracy and the West                            Jan-05   Political Science
The International Dimensions of Democratization                 Nov-03   Political Science
International Governance of War-Torn Territories                Jul-05   Political Science
International Legitimacy and World Society                      May-07   Political Science
International Society and its Critics                           Jan-05   Political Science
The International Struggle Over Iraq                            Sep-06   Political Science
Internationalisation and Economic Institutions:                 Sep-07   Political Science
The Islamic Challenge                                           Oct-11   Political Science
The Islamic Leviathan                                           Nov-03   Political Science
Japan's Fiscal Crisis                                           Oct-11   Political Science
The Japanese Mafia                                              Apr-04   Political Science
Jihad and Just War in the War on Terror                         Jan-11   Political Science
Jobs with Equality                                              Sep-08   Political Science
John Locke and America                                          Oct-11   Political Science
John Maynard Keynes and International Relations                 Jan-07   Political Science
The Judicial Construction of Europe                             Jan-05   Political Science
Just Another Major Crisis?                                      Jan-09   Political Science
A Just Zionism                                                  Sep-08   Political Science
Justice and Legitimacy in Upbringing                            May-06   Political Science
Justice and Punishment                                            Nov-03   Political Science
Justice and the Environment                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Justice Beyond Borders                                            Apr-05   Political Science
Justice in a Globalized World                                     Jan-12   Political Science
Justice, Legitimacy, and Self-Determination                       Apr-04   Political Science
Justice, Posterity, and the Environment                           Nov-03   Political Science
Karl Marx                                                         Nov-03   Political Science
The Kosovo Report                                                 Nov-03   Political Science
The Law Market                                                    May-09   Political Science
Leaderless Europe                                                 Sep-08   Political Science
Leaders' Personalities and the Outcomes of Democratic Elections   Nov-03   Political Science
Leading Russia: Putin in Perspective                              Feb-06   Political Science
Learning Democracy                                                Oct-11   Political Science
The Legacy of Human-Rights Violations in the Southern Cone        Oct-11   Political Science
Legislating International Organization                            Jan-12   Political Science
Legitimacy in International Society                               Jan-08   Political Science
Levelling the Playing Field                                       May-07   Political Science
The Liberal Archipelago                                           Nov-03   Political Science
A Liberal Theory of International Justice                         May-09   Political Science
Liberalism Divided                                                Nov-03   Political Science
Liberalism without Perfection                                     Jan-11   Political Science
Liberalism, Constitutionalism, and Democracy                      Nov-03   Political Science
Liberalism, Justice, and Markets                                  Nov-03   Political Science
Liberty                                                           Nov-03   Political Science
The Liberty of Strangers                                          Oct-11   Political Science
The Life and Death of International Treaties                      Jan-09   Political Science
The Limits of Ethics in International Relations                   Oct-11   Political Science
Linking Citizens and Parties                                      Sep-10   Political Science
Linking EU and National Governance                                Apr-04   Political Science
Living the Great Illusion                                         Sep-09   Political Science
Living the Policy Process                                         Oct-11   Political Science
Living with Nature                                                Nov-03   Political Science
Localism and Centralism in Europe                                 Oct-11   Political Science
The Logic of Discipline                                           May-10   Political Science
Losers' Consent                                                   Jul-05   Political Science
The Luck of the Draw                                              May-11   Political Science
The Making of Apartheid 1948–1961                                 Oct-11   Political Science
Making Rights Claims                                              Jan-12   Political Science
Making Sense of Suicide Missions                                  Jan-07   Political Science
Making Social Sciences More Scientific                            Sep-08   Political Science
Making the EMU                                                    Oct-11   Political Science
Many Globalizations                                               Apr-04   Political Science
Market, State, and Community                                      Nov-03   Political Science
Marxism and Democracy                                             Nov-03   Political Science
Marxism and the City                                              Jan-05   Political Science
Mass Unemployment and the State                                   Jan-11   Political Science
A Measure of Freedom                                              Nov-03   Political Science
Mechanisms of OECD Governance                                     Sep-10   Political Science
Mercenaries                                                       May-08   Political Science
The Metamorphosis of Leadership in a Democratic Mexico            Jan-11   Political Science
Migration, Citizenship, and the European Welfare State            May-06   Political Science
Ministers and Parliament                                          Oct-11   Political Science
Minority Nationalism and the Changing International Order                   Nov-03   Political Science
Mixed-Member Electoral Systems                                              Nov-03   Political Science
Mobilizing for Peace                                                        Nov-03   Political Science
The Monarchy and the Constitution                                           Nov-03   Political Science
The Moral and Political Status of Children                                  Nov-03   Political Science
Moshe Sharett                                                               Oct-11   Political Science
Multi-level Governance                                                      Apr-04   Political Science
Multicultural Citizenship                                                   Nov-03   Political Science
Multicultural Nationalism                                                   Sep-06   Political Science
Multicultural Questions                                                     Nov-03   Political Science
Multiculturalism and the Welfare State                                      May-07   Political Science
Multiculturalism in Asia                                                    Feb-06   Political Science
The Multiculturalism of Fear                                                Nov-03   Political Science
The Myth of Ownership                                                       Nov-03   Political Science
The National Co-ordination of EU Policy                                     Nov-04   Political Science
The National Co-ordination of EU Policy                                     Nov-03   Political Science
National Minorities and the European Nation-States System                   Oct-11   Political Science
National Responsibility and Global Justice                                  Jan-08   Political Science
National Self-Determination and Secession                                   Nov-03   Political Science
Nationalism and Social Policy                                               Sep-08   Political Science
Nations, States, and Violence                                               Oct-11   Political Science
NATO and the Nuclear Revolution                                             Oct-11   Political Science
The Nature of Political Theory                                              Apr-04   Political Science
Negotiating Nationalism                                                     Sep-06   Political Science
The Neo-liberal State                                                       Feb-10   Political Science
A New Engagement?                                                           Oct-11   Political Science
A New Handbook of Political Science                                         Nov-03   Political Science
New Labour at the Centre                                                    Jan-05   Political Science
The New Liberalism                                                          Oct-11   Political Science
The New Politics of Inequality in Latin America                             Nov-03   Political Science
The New Politics of the Welfare State                                       Nov-03   Political Science
New Risks, New Welfare                                                      Jan-05   Political Science
New State Spaces                                                            Oct-11   Political Science
The New World of UN Peace Operations                                        Sep-11   Political Science
The Next Frontier                                                           May-09   Political Science
Niche News                                                                  Sep-11   Political Science
No Sure Victory                                                             Sep-11   Political Science
Northern Ireland and the Divided World                                      Nov-03   Political Science
The Northern Ireland Conflict                                               Aug-04   Political Science
Nuclear Diplomacy and the Special Relationship                              Oct-11   Political Science
Nuclear Weapons and British Strategic Planning, 1955–1958                   Oct-11   Political Science
On Global Order                                                             Jan-08   Political Science
On Law, Politics, and Judicialization                                       Nov-03   Political Science
On Nationality                                                              Nov-03   Political Science
On the Causes of War                                                        Oct-11   Political Science
On the Ethics of War and Terrorism                                          Sep-07   Political Science
Order and Justice in International Relations                                Nov-03   Political Science
The Origins of War Prevention                                               Oct-11   Political Science
Our Secret Constitution                                                     Nov-03   Political Science
Paper Citizens                                                              Oct-11   Political Science
The Paradox of American Power                                               Nov-03   Political Science
Parliament and Congress: Representation and Scrutiny in the Twenty-First Century     Political Science
Parliaments and Coalitions                                                   Sep-11   Political Science
Parties and Democracy                                                        Nov-03   Political Science
Parties and Their Members                                                    Nov-03   Political Science
Parties Without Partisans                                                    Nov-03   Political Science
Partners for Democracy                                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Party Politics in New Democracies                                            Jan-08   Political Science
Party System Change                                                          Nov-03   Political Science
Party/Politics                                                               Oct-11   Political Science
Peace by Design                                                              Jan-09   Political Science
People and Parliament in the European Union                                  Nov-03   Political Science
People Who Run Europe                                                        Oct-11   Political Science
The Performance of Democracies                                               Feb-06   Political Science
The Perils of Federalism                                                     Jan-09   Political Science
The Philosophy of Jürgen Habermas                                            Sep-09   Political Science
Platform or Personality?                                                     May-11   Political Science
Pluralism and the Politics of Difference                                     Nov-03   Political Science
Pluralism, Justice, and Equality                                             Nov-03   Political Science
Plurinational Democracy                                                      Nov-03   Political Science
The Polarized Presidency of George W. Bush                                   Sep-07   Political Science
Policy Bureaucracy                                                           Oct-11   Political Science
Policy Networks in British Government                                        Oct-11   Political Science
Political Choice in Britain                                                  Nov-04   Political Science
The Political Class in Advanced Democracies                                  Jan-05   Political Science
Political Culture in Contemporary Britain                                    Oct-11   Political Science
Political Data Handbook                                                      Jan-05   Political Science
The Political Economy of Managed Migration                                   Jan-09   Political Science
Political Institutions                                                       Nov-03   Political Science
Political Legitimacy and the State                                           Mar-12   Political Science
Political Obligations                                                        Apr-05   Political Science
Political Parties                                                            Nov-03   Political Science
Political Parties in Advanced Industrial Democracies                         Nov-03   Political Science
Political Parties, Business Groups, and Corruption in Developing Countries   May-11   Political Science
Political Power and Women’s Representation in Latin America                  Sep-10   Political Science
The Political Power of Bad Ideas                                             May-10   Political Science
Political Representation and Legitimacy in the European Union                Nov-03   Political Science
Political Theories of Decolonization                                         May-11   Political Science
A Political Theory of Rights                                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Politics in the Vernacular                                                   Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Child Sexual Abuse                                           Sep-09   Political Science
The Politics of Electoral Systems                                            Feb-06   Political Science
The Politics of Environmental Discourse                                      Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Europeanization                                              Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Imprisonment                                                 Sep-09   Political Science
The Politics of Labor in a Global Age                                        Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Memory and Democratization                                   Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Partition                                                    Oct-11   Political Science
The Politics of Party Funding                                                Jan-11   Political Science
The Politics of Presence                                                     Nov-03   Political Science
The Politics of Public Service Bargains                                      Sep-06   Political Science
The Politics of Telecommunications                                           Oct-11   Political Science
The Politics of the Euro-Zone                                                Nov-03   Political Science
Poverty and Human Rights                                                     Oct-11   Political Science
Power from Powerlessness                                  May-11   Political Science
The Power of Precedent                                    May-08   Political Science
The Practice of Power                                     Nov-03   Political Science
The Practice of Strategy                                  Jan-12   Political Science
Pragmatist Democracy                                      Jan-12   Political Science
Predicting Party Sizes                                    Sep-07   Political Science
Preemption                                                Jan-08   Political Science
Preservation Versus the People?                           Nov-03   Political Science
The Presidentialization of Politics                       Apr-05   Political Science
Presidents with Prime Ministers                           Jan-09   Political Science
The Press Effect                                          Nov-03   Political Science
The Price of Indifference                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Privatization South American Style                        Oct-11   Political Science
The Problems of Communitarian Politics                    Nov-03   Political Science
The Procedure of the UN Security Council                  Nov-03   Political Science
Progress for the Poor                                     Jan-12   Political Science
Progressives, Pluralists, and the Problems of the State   Oct-11   Political Science
Protecting the Ozone Layer                                Nov-03   Political Science
Public Opinion and Constitutional Controversy             Oct-11   Political Science
Public Opinion and Internationalized Governance           Nov-03   Political Science
Putting Voters in their Place                             Oct-11   Political Science
The Quality of Freedom                                    Jan-05   Political Science
Quotas for Women in Politics                              May-09   Political Science
Race and the Making of American Liberalism                Oct-11   Political Science
Race and the Politics of Solidarity                       May-09   Political Science
Rational Choice and British Politics                      Nov-03   Political Science
Real Freedom for All                                      Nov-03   Political Science
Really Existing Nationalisms                              Nov-03   Political Science
Reappraising Political Theory                             Nov-03   Political Science
Reasons of Identity                                       Feb-10   Political Science
Recognizing States                                        May-10   Political Science
Rectifying International Injustice                        Jan-09   Political Science
Reflective Democracy                                      Nov-03   Political Science
Reforming Early Retirement in Europe, Japan and the USA   Sep-06   Political Science
Reforming European Welfare States                         Feb-06   Political Science
Reforming Jim Crow                                        May-10   Political Science
Reframing Public Policy                                   Nov-03   Political Science
Reframing Social Citizenship                              Jan-09   Political Science
Refugees in Inter-War Europe                              Oct-11   Political Science
Regime-Building                                           May-09   Political Science
The Regimes of European Integration                       Sep-10   Political Science
Regimes, Politics, and Markets                            Oct-11   Political Science
Regulating the Risk of Unemployment                       Jan-12   Political Science
Regulation Inside Government                              Nov-03   Political Science
Remade in China                                           Oct-11   Political Science
Remaking Global Order                                     Feb-10   Political Science
The Representative Claim                                  Sep-10   Political Science
Representing Europe's Citizens?                           Sep-07   Political Science
Republicanism                                             Nov-03   Political Science
Research Strategies in the Social Sciences                Nov-03   Political Science
Resisting Marginalization                                 Jul-05   Political Science
Restructuring Europe                                      Feb-06   Political Science
Rethinking Arab Democratization                                   May-09   Political Science
Rethinking World Politics                                         May-10   Political Science
Revenge of the Forbidden City                                     Oct-11   Political Science
Revolution and World Order                                        Nov-03   Political Science
A Revolution in Favor of Government                               Jan-05   Political Science
Rich Democracies, Poor People                                     Sep-09   Political Science
Right-sizing the State                                            Nov-03   Political Science
Righting Feminism                                                 Oct-11   Political Science
Rights Beyond Borders                                             Nov-03   Political Science
The Rise of New Labour                                            Nov-03   Political Science
The Rise of the Global Imaginary                                  Oct-11   Political Science
The Road To Maastricht                                            Nov-03   Political Science
The Role of the Member of Parliament Since 1868                   Oct-11   Political Science
Rush to Union                                                     Oct-11   Political Science
Russia's Stillborn Democracy?                                     Nov-03   Political Science
The Russian Mafia                                                 Nov-03   Political Science
Saving Strangers                                                  Nov-03   Political Science
School Choice and Social Justice                                  Nov-03   Political Science
The Scope of Government                                           Nov-03   Political Science
The Scottish National Party                                       Jan-12   Political Science
Secular Utilitarianism                                            Oct-11   Political Science
Securing Civilization?                                            Sep-08   Political Science
Self-Interest and Public Interest in Western Politics             Nov-03   Political Science
Semi-Detached Idealists                                           Oct-11   Political Science
Semi-Presidentialism                                              Jan-12   Political Science
Semi-Presidentialism in Europe                                    Nov-03   Political Science
Separate and Unequal                                              Nov-03   Political Science
The Shield and the Cloak                                          Oct-11   Political Science
Sir Harold Nicolson and International Relations                   Apr-05   Political Science
Social Democracy Inside Out                                       Jan-08   Political Science
Social Foundations of Postindustrial Economies                    Nov-03   Political Science
Social Mobility in Europe                                         Nov-04   Political Science
Social Movements and Europeanization                              Sep-09   Political Science
Social Movements and Networks                                     Nov-03   Political Science
Social Movements and the Transformation of American Health Care   Sep-10   Political Science
Social Pacts in Europe                                            Sep-11   Political Science
Social Rights Under the Constitution                              Nov-03   Political Science
The Sovereignty Paradox                                           May-07   Political Science
The Soviet Elite from Lenin to Gorbachev                          Nov-03   Political Science
Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the New American Politics                Oct-11   Political Science
Sprawl, Justice, and Citizenship                                  Oct-11   Political Science
The State as Cultural Practice                                    May-10   Political Science
The State of the European Union                                   Nov-03   Political Science
The State of the European Union Vol. 7                            Feb-06   Political Science
The State of the European Union, 6                                Apr-04   Political Science
State of the Union                                                Feb-06   Political Science
The States System of Europe, 1640–1990                            Oct-11   Political Science
Storable Votes                                                    Jan-12   Political Science
A Stranger in Europe                                              Oct-11   Political Science
Strategies of Peace                                               May-10   Political Science
The Strategy Bridge                                               Sep-10   Political Science
The Structure of Liberty                                          Nov-03   Political Science
The Supportive State                                                         Jan-11     Political Science
Supreme Injustice                                                            Nov-03     Political Science
A System of Rights                                                           Nov-03     Political Science
Theorizing Feminist Policy                                                   Nov-03     Political Science
The Theory of Multi-level Governance                                         May-10     Political Science
Thinking About Nuclear Weapons                                               May-09     Political Science
Third Force Politics                                                         Sep-06     Political Science
The Third World Beyond the Cold War                                          Nov-03     Political Science
Third World Protest                                                          Sep-10     Political Science
To Keep or To Change First Past The Post?                                    Sep-08     Political Science
Traditions of War                                                            Nov-03     Political Science
Transformation of the Welfare State                                          Apr-04     Political Science
Transformations of the Welfare State                                         Oct-11     Political Science
Transitions from Education to Work in Europe                                 Jan-05     Political Science
Treading on Hallowed Ground                                                  Oct-11     Political Science
The Treasury and Whitehall                                                   Oct-11     Political Science
The UN Security Council and Informal Groups of States                        May-06     Political Science
Unanticipated Gains                                                          Sep-09     Political Science
The Unfinished Democratization of Europe                                     Feb-10     Political Science
The UNHCR and World Politics                                                 Nov-03     Political Science
The United States and Western Europe Since 1945                              Apr-04     Political Science
Uniting States                                                               Jan-12     Political Science
US Hegemony and International Organizations                                  Nov-03     Political Science
Varieties of Capitalism and Europeanization                                  Oct-11     Political Science
The Varieties of Pension Governance                                          May-11     Political Science
Vital Democracy                                                              May-10     Political Science
The Volume and Dynamics of International Migration and Transnational Social Spaces      Political Science
Waging War                                                                   Oct-11     Political Science
Weak Links                                                                   May-11     Political Science
                                                                             Nov-03     Comparative Perspective
Welfare and Work in the Open Economy Volume I: From Vulnerability to Competitiveness in Political Science
                                                                             Nov-03     Political Science
Welfare and Work in the Open Economy Volume II: Diverse Responses to Common Challenges in Twelve Countries
Welfare in the Kantian State                                                 Nov-03     Political Science
Welfare State Change                                                         Jan-05     Political Science
The West and Islam                                                           May-08     Political Science
What is a Just Peace?                                                        May-06     Political Science
What Kind of Europe?                                                         Nov-03     Political Science
What Kind of Europe?                                                         Oct-05     Political Science
What's Wrong with the British Constitution?                                  Feb-10     Political Science
When Citizens Decide                                                         Sep-11     Political Science
When Cooperation Fails                                                       Oct-11     Political Science
Where There is No Government                                                 Sep-11     Political Science
Who Decides, and How?                                                        Feb-10     Political Science
Why Deregulate Labour Markets?                                               Nov-03     Political Science
Why We Need a New Welfare State                                              Nov-03     Political Science
Winds of Change                                                              Jan-11     Political Science
Women and American Politics                                                  Nov-03     Political Science
Women's Access to Political Power in Post-Communist Europe                   Jan-05     Political Science
A World History of Ancient Political Thought                                 May-09     Political Science
You, The People: The United Nations, Transitional Administration, and State-Building    Political Science
Academic Motivation and the Culture of School in Childhood and Adolescence Mar-12       Psychology
Access to Language and Cognitive Development                                 Jan-12     Psychology
Action Meets Word                                                            Apr-10     Psychology
Active Vision                                                           Jan-08     Psychology
Adaptive Perspectives on Human–Technology Interaction                   Mar-12     Psychology
Adolescence                                                             Mar-12     Psychology
Adolescents and War                                                     Apr-10     Psychology
Adolescents, Media, and the Law                                         Apr-10     Psychology
Advances in Culture and Psychology                                      Jan-11     Psychology
Advances in the Sign-Language Development of Deaf Children              Apr-10     Psychology
Advances in the Spoken Language Development of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Children   Psychology
Aesthetic Science                                                       Jan-12     Psychology
Aggression and Its Causes                                               Mar-12     Psychology
Aggression in the Sports World                                          May-08     Psychology
The Agile Mind                                                          Jan-12     Psychology
Altruism and Altruistic Love                                            Mar-12     Psychology
Altruism and Health                                                     Sep-07     Psychology
Altruism in Humans                                                      May-11     Psychology
Animal Innovation                                                       Mar-12     Psychology
Anxiety, Depression, and Emotion                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Applied Evolutionary Psychology                                         Jan-12     Psychology
Are We Free?                                                            May-08     Psychology
Artifacts in Behavioral Research                                        Sep-09     Psychology
The Ascent of Babel                                                     Mar-12     Psychology
Associative Learning and Conditioning Theory                            May-11     Psychology
Attention                                                               Mar-12     Psychology
Attention and Memory                                                    Jan-08     Psychology
Attention and Time                                                      Mar-12     Psychology
Attention in Early Development                                          Apr-10     Psychology
Bayesian Rationality                                                    Apr-10     Psychology
Becoming a Word Learner                                                 Apr-10     Psychology
Becoming Ecological                                                     Mar-12     Psychology
Before Forgiving                                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Behavioural and Neural Aspects of Learning and Memory                   Mar-12     Psychology
Being There Together                                                    Jan-11     Psychology
Beyond Pleasure and Pain                                                Jan-12     Psychology
Beyond the Learning Curve                                               Jan-08     Psychology
Binocular Vision and Stereopsis                                         Jan-08     Psychology
Blindsight                                                              Jan-08     Psychology
Brain and Memory                                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Brain, Perception, Memory                                               Mar-12     Psychology
Breaking the Poverty Cycle: The Human Basis for Sustainable Development Sep-10     Psychology
Bridging Cultural and Developmental Approaches to Psychology            Jan-11     Psychology
Bridging Multiple Worlds                                                May-11     Psychology
Brief Dynamic Interpersonal Therapy                                     Sep-11     Psychology
The Case for Mental Imagery                                             Apr-10     Psychology
Causal Cognition                                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Causal Learning                                                         Apr-10     Psychology
The Changing Portrayal of Adolescents in the Media Since 1950           Apr-10     Psychology
The Child as Musician                                                   Mar-12     Psychology
Classification and Cognition                                            Jan-08     Psychology
Cognition and Conditionals                                              Mar-12     Psychology
Cognition, Computation, and Consciousness                               Mar-12     Psychology
The Cognitive and Neural Bases of Spatial Neglect                       Mar-12     Psychology
Cognitive Foundations of Musical Pitch                                  Apr-10     Psychology
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Music                          Mar-12   Psychology
The Cognitive Neuroscience of Working Memory                 Mar-12   Psychology
Cognitive Processes in Eye Guidance                          Mar-12   Psychology
Color Ordered                                                Mar-12   Psychology
Colour Perception                                            Mar-12   Psychology
Comparative Cognition                                        Mar-12   Psychology
Comparative Neuropsychology                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Computational Neuroscience of Vision                         Mar-12   Psychology
Computers, Phones, and the Internet                          Mar-12   Psychology
Conditioned Taste Aversion                                   Jan-08   Psychology
Confabulation                                                Feb-10   Psychology
Conscious Will and Responsibility                            Jan-11   Psychology
Consciousness                                                Apr-10   Psychology
Consciousness in Contemporary Science                        Mar-12   Psychology
Consciousness Lost and Found                                 Mar-12   Psychology
The Continuity of Mind                                       Sep-07   Psychology
Creative Collaboration                                       Mar-12   Psychology
Creativity and Development                                   Mar-12   Psychology
Crossmodal Space and Crossmodal Attention                    Mar-12   Psychology
The Cultural Animal                                          Apr-10   Psychology
A Cultural Psychology of Music Education                     Jan-11   Psychology
The Curse of the Self                                        Sep-07   Psychology
Cyril Burt                                                   Mar-12   Psychology
Darwinizing Culture                                          Mar-12   Psychology
Deaf Cognition                                               Sep-08   Psychology
Debating Emerging Adulthood                                  Jan-11   Psychology
Decision Making, Affect, and Learning                        May-11   Psychology
The Descent of Mind                                          Mar-12   Psychology
Designing Positive Psychology                                May-11   Psychology
Developing Destinies                                         May-11   Psychology
The Developing Visual Brain                                  Jan-08   Psychology
The Development of Persistent Criminality                    May-09   Psychology
The Development of Social Engagement                         Mar-12   Psychology
Developmental Influences on Adult Intelligence               Sep-07   Psychology
Distinctiveness and Memory                                   Mar-12   Psychology
Diversity in Human Interactions                              Mar-12   Psychology
The Effectiveness of Rehabilitation for Cognitive Deficits   Mar-12   Psychology
Electrophysiology of Mind                                    Jan-08   Psychology
Elementary Signal Detection Theory                           Apr-10   Psychology
Embodied Communication in Humans and Machines                Mar-12   Psychology
Embodiment and the inner life                                Mar-12   Psychology
Emergency Department Treatment of the Psychiatric Patient    Apr-10   Psychology
Emerging Adulthood                                           Sep-07   Psychology
The Emerging Spatial Mind                                    Mar-12   Psychology
Emotion in Memory and Development                            May-09   Psychology
Emotion, Character, and Responsibility                       Mar-12   Psychology
Emotion, Evolution, and Rationality                          Mar-12   Psychology
Emotion, Social Relationships, and Health                    Mar-12   Psychology
Emotional Development:                                       Mar-12   Psychology
Empowering Settings and Voices for Social Change             Jan-11   Psychology
Encountering the World                                       Mar-12   Psychology
Envy                                                         Apr-10   Psychology
Episodic Memory: New Directions in Research                                  Mar-12   Psychology
The Essential Child                                                          Sep-07   Psychology
Etc. Frequency Processing and Cognition                                      Mar-12   Psychology
The Ethics of Total Confinement                                              Sep-11   Psychology
The Evolution of Consciousness                                               Mar-12   Psychology
The Evolution of Personality and Individual Differences                      May-11   Psychology
Evolutionary Forensic Psychology                                             Apr-10   Psychology
Evolutionary Worlds without End                                              Sep-10   Psychology
Expert Testimony on the Psychology of Eyewitness Identification              Sep-09   Psychology
Explorations in Personality                                                  Apr-10   Psychology
Exploring the Musical Mind                                                   Mar-12   Psychology
Exploring the Psychology of Interest                                         Sep-07   Psychology
Exposing the Magic of Design                                                 May-11   Psychology
Extreme Fear, Shyness, and Social Phobia                                     Mar-12   Psychology
Face and Mind                                                                Mar-12   Psychology
Family Relationships                                                         Sep-07   Psychology
Fantasies of Flight                                                          Apr-10   Psychology
Feelings                                                                     Apr-10   Psychology
Fitting the Mind to the World                                                Mar-12   Psychology
Folk Physics for Apes                                                        Apr-10   Psychology
Forensic Mental Health Assessments in Death Penalty Cases                    May-11   Psychology
Foundations of Mind                                                          Sep-07   Psychology
Foundations of Neuroeconomic Analysis                                        Jan-11   Psychology
Framed by Gender                                                             May-11   Psychology
Free Will and Consciousness                                                  Sep-10   Psychology
From Conditioning to Conscious Recollection                                  Jan-08   Psychology
Frontiers of Consciousness                                                   Mar-12   Psychology
Gender Differences in Human Cognition                                        Mar-12   Psychology
Generative Processes in Music                                                Mar-12   Psychology
Genius and the Mind                                                          Mar-12   Psychology
The Gestural Origin of Language                                              Jan-08   Psychology
Gesture, Speech, and Sign                                                    Mar-12   Psychology
Global Promise: Quality Assurance and Accountability in Professional Psychology       Psychology
God in the Courtroom                                                         Sep-09   Psychology
Going Broke                                                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Graph Design for the Eye and Mind                                            Mar-12   Psychology
Great Flicks                                                                 May-11   Psychology
Group Creativity                                                             Apr-10   Psychology
Guidelines for the Systematic Treatment of the Depressed Patient             Mar-12   Psychology
Handbook of Binding and Memory                                               Mar-12   Psychology
The Handbook of Clinical Neuropsychology                                     Sep-10   Psychology
Handbook of Music and Emotion: Theory, Research, Applications                Mar-12   Psychology
Health Behavior Change and Treatment Adherence                               Feb-10   Psychology
Hearing in Time                                                              Sep-07   Psychology
Heuristics                                                                   May-11   Psychology
The Hidden History of Head Start                                             May-10   Psychology
Hippocampal Place Fields                                                     May-08   Psychology
Homophobic Bullying                                                          May-11   Psychology
How Can the Human Mind Occur in the Physical Universe?                       Sep-07   Psychology
How Children Learn to Learn Language                                         May-08   Psychology
How Homo Became Sapiens                                                      Mar-12   Psychology
How Implicit Is Implicit Learning?                                           Mar-12   Psychology
How We Grieve                                                  Mar-12   Psychology
How We Reason                                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Human Factors in Hazardous Situations                          Mar-12   Psychology
Human Hand Function                                            Sep-07   Psychology
Human-Tech                                                     Jan-11   Psychology
If                                                             Apr-10   Psychology
Image Bite Politics                                            Apr-10   Psychology
Implicit Cognition                                             Mar-12   Psychology
Implicit Learning and Tacit Knowledge                          Jan-08   Psychology
Implicit Motives                                               May-10   Psychology
The Improvising Mind                                           Sep-10   Psychology
In A Younger Voice                                             Jan-11   Psychology
In Order to Learn                                              Apr-10   Psychology
In The Name of Love                                            Mar-12   Psychology
In two minds: Dual processes and beyond                        Mar-12   Psychology
Infant Perception and Cognition                                Jan-11   Psychology
Information Foraging Theory                                    Apr-10   Psychology
Insanity                                                       Apr-10   Psychology
Inside Psychology: A science over 50 years                     Mar-12   Psychology
Integrated Models of Cognitive Systems                         Mar-12   Psychology
Interdisciplinary Research                                     Sep-08   Psychology
International Differences in Well-Being                        May-10   Psychology
International Human Rights and Mental Disability Law           Sep-11   Psychology
International Perspectives on Youth Conflict and Development   Apr-10   Psychology
Interpersonal Rejection                                        Mar-12   Psychology
The Invisible Smile                                            Mar-12   Psychology
Item Response Theory                                           Mar-12   Psychology
Judgments Over Time                                            Mar-12   Psychology
Justice Matters                                                Mar-12   Psychology
Justice Perverted                                              May-11   Psychology
Juveniles at Risk                                              May-11   Psychology
Language and Music as Cognitive Systems                        Jan-12   Psychology
Language and the Learning Curve                                Apr-10   Psychology
Language Universals                                            May-09   Psychology
Learning and the Infant Mind                                   Sep-08   Psychology
A Lens on Deaf Identities                                      May-10   Psychology
Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Identities over the Lifespan        Mar-12   Psychology
Lifespan Cognition                                             Mar-12   Psychology
The Limits of Attention                                        Mar-12   Psychology
Lines of Thought                                               Jan-11   Psychology
The Link Between Religion and Health                           Apr-10   Psychology
Looking and Acting                                             Mar-12   Psychology
Looking Down on Human Intelligence                             Jan-08   Psychology
Macro Cultural Psychology                                      Jan-12   Psychology
Magic and the Mind                                             May-10   Psychology
Major Issues in Cognitive Aging                                May-10   Psychology
The Making of Human Concepts                                   May-10   Psychology
A Mandate for Playful Learning in Preschool                    Apr-10   Psychology
Marvelous Minds                                                Mar-12   Psychology
The Measurement of Sensation                                   Jan-08   Psychology
Measuring the Mind: Speed, control, and age                    Mar-12   Psychology
Memory and Emotion                                             Mar-12   Psychology
Memory, Imprinting, and the Brain                            Jan-08   Psychology
Memory: Systems, Process, or Function?                       Mar-12   Psychology
Mental Representations                                       Sep-08   Psychology
Mind and the Frontal Lobes                                   Jan-12   Psychology
Mind as Action                                               Mar-12   Psychology
Mind from Body                                               Sep-07   Psychology
A Mind Of Her Own                                            Apr-10   Psychology
Mind-Altering Drugs                                          Apr-10   Psychology
The Miranda Ruling                                           May-10   Psychology
The Missing Link in Cognition                                Mar-12   Psychology
Missing the Revolution                                       Apr-10   Psychology
Models for Intensive Longitudinal Data                       Mar-12   Psychology
Motor Cognition                                              Jan-08   Psychology
Moving Beyond Self-Interest                                  Jan-12   Psychology
The Moving Tablet of the Eye                                 Apr-10   Psychology
Music and Consciousness                                      Jan-12   Psychology
Music and mind in everyday life                              Mar-12   Psychology
Music Therapy and Parent–Infant Bonding                      Sep-11   Psychology
Music, Motor Control and the Brain                           Mar-12   Psychology
Musical Beginnings                                           Mar-12   Psychology
Musical Communication                                        Mar-12   Psychology
Musical Excellence                                           Mar-12   Psychology
The Musical Mind                                             Jan-08   Psychology
The Musical Temperament                                      Mar-12   Psychology
The Mystery of The Moon Illusion                             Apr-10   Psychology
Narrative and Consciousness                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Narrative and the Politics of Identity                       Jan-11   Psychology
The Natural Musician                                         Mar-12   Psychology
The Nature and Functions of Dreaming                         Jan-11   Psychology
The Nature of Early Memory                                   May-11   Psychology
Nature, Nurture, and the Transition to Early Adolescence     Mar-12   Psychology
Necessary Knowledge                                          Apr-10   Psychology
Neoconstructivism                                            Feb-10   Psychology
The Neurocognition of Language                               Mar-12   Psychology
Neuroconstructivism - I                                      Mar-12   Psychology
Neuroconstructivism Volume Two                               Mar-12   Psychology
NeuroDynamix II                                              Feb-10   Psychology
Neuroeconomics                                               May-08   Psychology
Neuroimaging of Human Memory                                 Mar-12   Psychology
The Neurology of Autism                                      Sep-07   Psychology
Neuromania                                                   Sep-11   Psychology
Neuromotor Mechanisms in Human Communication                 Jan-08   Psychology
The Neuropsychology of Anxiety                               Jan-08   Psychology
The Neuropsychology of Vision                                Mar-12   Psychology
Neuroscience of Rule-Guided Behavior                         Sep-07   Psychology
New Frontiers in Cognitive Aging                             Mar-12   Psychology
The New Handbook of Methods in Nonverbal Behavior Research   Mar-12   Psychology
New Perspectives on Faking in Personality Assessment         Sep-11   Psychology
The New Unconscious                                          Mar-12   Psychology
Normal and Defective Colour Vision                           Apr-10   Psychology
The Obamas and a (Post) Racial America?                      May-11   Psychology
An Odyssey with Animals                                      Mar-12   Psychology
On Becoming a Psychotherapist                                                      May-11   Psychology
On Behalf of Others                                                                Feb-10   Psychology
On Our Mind                                                                        Mar-12   Psychology
Oral Arguments Before the Supreme Court                                            May-08   Psychology
The Origin of Concepts                                                             Sep-09   Psychology
The Origins of Morality                                                            Sep-11   Psychology
The Origins of Object Knowledge                                                    Mar-12   Psychology
Origins of the Human Brain                                                         Mar-12   Psychology
Overcoming Evil                                                                    Jan-11   Psychology
Pathological Altruism                                                              Jan-12   Psychology
The People of the Eye                                                              Jan-11   Psychology
Perception                                                                         Mar-12   Psychology
Perception of Faces, Objects, and Scenes                                           Mar-12   Psychology
Perception, Action, and Consciousness                                              Jan-11   Psychology
Perceptual and Associative Learning                                                Jan-08   Psychology
Perceptual Coherence                                                               Sep-07   Psychology
Perceptual Consequences of Cochlear Damage                                         Jan-08   Psychology
Perceptual Expertise                                                               Feb-10   Psychology
Perfectly Prep                                                                     Apr-10   Psychology
Play = Learning                                                                    Apr-10   Psychology
The Political Psychology of Democratic Citizenship                                 Apr-10   Psychology
The Political Psychology of Globalization                                          Sep-11   Psychology
Pot Politics                                                                       Apr-10   Psychology
Predictions in the Brain                                                           Sep-11   Psychology
The Prefrontal Cortex                                                              Mar-12   Psychology
Primate Neuroethology                                                              Feb-10   Psychology
Principles of Synthetic Intelligence PSI: An Architecture of Motivated Cognition   May-09   Psychology
Principles of Visual Attention:                                                    Mar-12   Psychology
The Probabilistic Mind:                                                            Mar-12   Psychology
Proving the Unprovable                                                             Apr-10   Psychology
Psychological Injuries                                                             May-09   Psychology
The Psychologically Literate Citizen                                               Sep-11   Psychology
The Psychology of Flavour                                                          Feb-10   Psychology
The Psychology of Gratitude                                                        Mar-12   Psychology
The Psychology of Judicial Decision Making                                         May-10   Psychology
The Psychology of Meditation                                                       Mar-12   Psychology
The Psychology of Music Performance Anxiety                                        Jan-12   Psychology
The Psychology of the Supreme Court                                                Apr-10   Psychology
Psychophysiological Recording                                                      Mar-12   Psychology
Psychotherapy Relationships That Work                                              May-11   Psychology
Quantitative Development in Infancy and Early Childhood                            Apr-10   Psychology
Rational and Irrational Beliefs                                                    Sep-09   Psychology
Rational Animals?                                                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Rationality and the Reflective Mind                                                May-11   Psychology
Reading Our Lives                                                                  Sep-08   Psychology
The Redemptive Self                                                                Sep-07   Psychology
Reputation                                                                         Jan-09   Psychology
Response Times                                                                     Jan-08   Psychology
Rethinking Implicit Memory                                                         Mar-12   Psychology
The Role of Play in Human Development                                              Apr-10   Psychology
Safe Passage                                                                       Mar-12   Psychology
A Science of Decision Making                                                       Jan-09   Psychology
The Science of Emotional Intelligence                                   Mar-12     Psychology
The Science of False Memory                                             Jan-08     Psychology
The Science of Social Vision                                            Jan-11     Psychology
The Science of Well-Being                                               Mar-12     Psychology
Seeing Black and White                                                  Sep-07     Psychology
Seeing Complexity in Public Education                                   Sep-11     Psychology
Seeing in Depth                                                         May-09     Psychology
Seeing Reason                                                           Mar-12     Psychology
Seeing Spatial Form                                                     Mar-12     Psychology
Self Control in Society, Mind, and Brain                                May-10     Psychology
Self- and Social-Regulation                                             May-10     Psychology
Sensorimotor Foundations of Higher Cognition                            Mar-12     Psychology
Sign Language Interpreting and Interpreter Education                    May-09     Psychology
Silencing the Self Across Cultures                                      May-10     Psychology
Silent Scourge                                                          Mar-12     Psychology
Similarity and Categorization                                           Mar-12     Psychology
Sleep and Development                                                   May-11     Psychology
The Slippery Slope to Genocide                                          Jan-12     Psychology
The Social and Applied Psychology of Music                              Mar-12     Psychology
Social and Psychological Bases of Ideology and System Justification     May-09     Psychology
Social Neuroscience                                                     May-11     Psychology
The Social Psychology of Intergroup Reconciliation                      May-08     Psychology
Software Goes to School                                                 Mar-12     Psychology
Spatial Vision                                                          Jan-08     Psychology
Stereotype Threat                                                       Jan-12     Psychology
The Story of Sexual Identity                                            Sep-09     Psychology
Strangers in a Strange Lab                                              Apr-10     Psychology
Stress, Trauma, and Children's Memory Development                       May-08     Psychology
Strong Experiences with Music                                           Jan-12     Psychology
Support Processes in Intimate Relationships                             Sep-10     Psychology
Symbols and Embodiment                                                  Mar-12     Psychology
Syntactic development, its input and output                             May-11     Psychology
Tall Tales about the Mind and Brain                                     Mar-12     Psychology
Then A Miracle Occurs                                                   Feb-10     Psychology
The Thinking Ape                                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Thinking in Sound                                                       Mar-12     Psychology
Through Our Eyes Only?                                                  Mar-12     Psychology
A Toddler’s Life                                                        Mar-12     Psychology
Tool Use and Causal Cognition                                           Jan-12     Psychology
Tools for Innovation                                                    Sep-09     Psychology
Touch, Representation, and Blindness                                    Mar-12     Psychology
                                                                        Theory     Psychology
Toward a Unified Theory of Development Connectionism and Dynamic System Sep-09 Re-Consider
Toward Positive Youth Development                                       Apr-10     Psychology
Trial Consulting                                                        Apr-10     Psychology
Understanding and Representing Space                                    Mar-12     Psychology
Understanding Events                                                    May-08     Psychology
Understanding Figurative Language                                       Jan-08     Psychology
Understanding Genocide                                                  Mar-12     Psychology
Understanding Marijuana                                                 Apr-10     Psychology
Understanding Measurement: Reliability                                  Mar-12     Psychology
The Unity of Consciousness                                              Mar-12     Psychology
The Use of Tools by Human and Non-human Primates                        Mar-12     Psychology
Using Social Science to Reduce Violent Offending                    Sep-11   Psychology
Variation in Working Memory                                         Mar-12   Psychology
Violent Video Game Effects on Children and Adolescents              Apr-10   Psychology
Vision Research                                                     Mar-12   Psychology
Visions of Compassion                                               Mar-12   Psychology
The Visual Brain in Action                                          Mar-12   Psychology
Visual Masking                                                      Apr-10   Psychology
Visual Memory                                                       Sep-08   Psychology
Visual Pattern Analyzers                                            Jan-08   Psychology
Visual Reflections                                                  May-09   Psychology
Visual Stress                                                       Jan-08   Psychology
Vowel Perception and Production                                     Jan-08   Psychology
Ways of Seeing                                                      Apr-10   Psychology
Well-Being for Public Policy                                        Apr-10   Psychology
What is Language Development?                                       Apr-10   Psychology
What is special about the human brain?                              Mar-12   Psychology
What the Face Reveals                                               Mar-12   Psychology
Why Language Matters for Theory of Mind                             Mar-12   Psychology
Why People Get Lost                                                 Sep-10   Psychology
Words and the Mind                                                  May-10   Psychology
Working Memory and Human Cognition                                  Mar-12   Psychology
Working Memory, Thought, and Action                                 Mar-12   Psychology
The World of Deaf Infants                                           Apr-10   Psychology
World without weight                                                Jan-12   Psychology
Accessing Healthcare                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity                                      May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Antenatal and Neonatal Screening                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Anthropology and Public Health                                      Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Applied Epidemiology                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Applied Longitudinal Data Analysis                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Asbestos and Its Diseases                                           Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Basic Environmental Health                                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
A Biologic Approach to Environmental Assessment and Epidemiology    Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
BSE: risk, science and governance                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Cancer Epidemiology and Prevention                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Cancer Incidence and Mortality in England and Wales                 Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Case-Control Method                                             Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Challenging Inequities in Health                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Child Labour: A Public Health Perspective                           Sep-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Child Public Health                                                 May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Childhood Cancer in Britain                                         Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Childhood Obesity Prevention                                        Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Chronic Pain Epidemiology                                           Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Clinical Trials                                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Concepts of Epidemiology                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Coronary Heart Disease Epidemiology                                 Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Critical Appraisal of Epidemiological Studies and Clinical Trials   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
A Decade of HAART                                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Design Concepts in Nutritional Epidemiology                         Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Development of Modern Epidemiology                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Diabetes Public Health                                              Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Drinking, Conduct Disorder, and Social Change                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Drug Policy and the Public Good                                      May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Economic Evaluation in Child Health                                  Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Economics of New Health Technologies                             Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Effective Sexual Health Interventions                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiologic Analysis                                               Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiologic Methods                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiologic Methods in Physical Activity Studies                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiologic Principles and Food Safety                             Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiological Methods in Life Course Research                      Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Epidemiology and the People’s Health                                 May-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Eras in Epidemiology                                                 Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Ethics and Epidemiology                                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Ethnicity, Race, and Health in Multicultural Societies               Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evaluating Health Promotion                                          Sep-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evaluating Health Promotion                                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evidence for Population Health                                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evidence-based Public Health                                         Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evidence-Based Public Health                                         Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Evidence-Based Public Health                                         Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Exposure Assessment in Occupational and Environmental Epidemiology   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Family matters                                                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Field Epidemiology                                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Food Policy                                                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Genetics and Public Health in the 21st Century                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Geographical and Environmental Epidemiology                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Getting Health Reform Right                                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Global Inequalities at Work                                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Global Occupational Health                                           May-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Global Public Health                                                 Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Globalization and Health                                             Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Guide to Community Preventive Services                           Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Care Regulation in America                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Impact Assessment                                             Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Measurement Scales                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Health of Populations                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Promotion for Pharmacists                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Statistics                                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Health Systems in Low- and Middle-Income Countries                   Jan-12   Public Health and Epidemiology
Healthier Societies                                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Healthy Respect                                                      Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
High Stakes                                                          Sep-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
The HIV Pandemic                                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Human Genome Epidemiology, 2nd Edition                               May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Human Tissue Research                                                May-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Incidence and Economic Burden of Injuries in the United States   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
An Insider’s Guide to Clinical Trials                                Sep-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
International Co-operation in Health                                 Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
International Smoking Statistics                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Interpreting Epidemiologic Evidence                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
An Introduction to Clinical Governance and Patient Safety            Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
An Introduction to Health Planning for Developing Health Systems     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Law in Public Health Practice                                        Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Lessons from Problem-based Learning                                 Sep-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
A Life Course Approach to Chronic Disease Epidemiology              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
A Life Course Approach to Women's Health                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Limits of Consent                                               Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Making Data Talk                                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Making Sense of Data                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Measuring Health                                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Meta-Analysis, Decision Analysis, and Cost-Effectiveness Analysis   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Monitoring the Health of Populations                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
More than Ramps                                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Multivariate Methods in Epidemiology                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The National Study of Health and Growth                             Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Neighborhoods and Health                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Neuroepidemiology                                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Nutrition for Developing Countries                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Nutritional Epidemiology                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Obesity Epidemiology                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Obesity Epidemiology                                                Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Population Health                                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Potential for Health                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Poverty, Inequality, and Health                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Practice of International Health                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Principles & Practice of Public Health Surveillance                 Sep-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Principles in Health Economics and Policy                           May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Principles of Exposure Measurement in Epidemiology                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Psychiatric Epidemiology                                            Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Public Health                                                       May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Public Health and Primary Care                                      Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Public Health Branding                                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Reproductive and Perinatal Epidemiology                             May-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Research for Health Policy                                          Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Research Methods in Occupational Epidemiology                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Risk Communication and Public Health                                Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Risk, Safety and Clinical Practice                                  Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Rose's Strategy of Preventive Medicine                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Safe and Healthy School Environments                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Screening                                                           Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Setting Limits Fairly                                               Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Shattered Dreams?                                                   Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Sick Societies                                                      Jan-12   Public Health and Epidemiology
Silent Victories                                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Sleep, Health and Society                                           Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Social Determinants of Health                                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Social Inequalities in Health                                       Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Social Injustice and Public Health                                  Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Social Marketing and Public Health                                  Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Social Networks and Health                                          May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Spatial Epidemiology                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Sports Injury Research                                              Feb-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Statistical Analysis of Epidemiologic Data                          Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Teaching Epidemiology                                               May-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
Terrorism and Public Health                                         Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Textbook of Cancer Epidemiology                                    Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Tobacco                                                            Sep-10   Public Health and Epidemiology
The Trust Crisis in Healthcare                                     Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Unequal Opportunity                                                Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Urban Health                                                       Jan-11   Public Health and Epidemiology
Using Cost-Effectiveness Analysis to Improve Health Care           Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
War and Public Health                                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Where's the Evidence?                                              Sep-09   Public Health and Epidemiology
Work, Worklessness, and the Political Economy of Health            Jan-12   Public Health and Epidemiology
A. J. Tomlinson                                                    Apr-05   Religion
Abelard and Heloise                                                Apr-05   Religion
African Pentecostalism                                             May-08   Religion
After Calvin                                                       Oct-11   Religion
After Lives                                                        Feb-10   Religion
After the Evil                                                     Nov-03   Religion
AgainstĪ the Modern World                                          Jan-05   Religion
Al-Ghazali's Philosophical Theology                                Sep-09   Religion
Al-Kind                                                            Jan-07   Religion
Alexander Forbes of Brechin                                        Oct-11   Religion
Ambrose of Milan and the End of the Arian-Nicene Conflicts         Oct-11   Religion
Ambrose: De Officiis                                               Aug-04   Religion
Ambrosiaster's Political Theology                                  Jan-08   Religion
America's Church                                                   Sep-11   Religion
America's God                                                      Nov-03   Religion
The American Catholic Revolution                                   Sep-10   Religion
American Methodist Worship                                         Nov-03   Religion
American Pragmatism                                                Nov-03   Religion
American Saint Francis Asbury and the Methodists                   Sep-09   Religion
The American University in a Postsecular Age                       May-08   Religion
The Analogy of Grace                                               May-10   Religion
Analytic Theology                                                  May-09   Religion
Ancient Israel in Sinai                                            Jul-05   Religion
Ancient Jewish Novels                                              Nov-03   Religion
Ancient Laws and Contemporary Controversies                        Feb-10   Religion
Ancient Mediterranean Sacrifice                                    Jan-12   Religion
Ancient Traditions of the Virgin Mary's Dormition and Assumption   Nov-03   Religion
Anglican Evangelicals                                              Oct-11   Religion
Anglican Ritualism in Victorian Britain 1830–1910                  Oct-11   Religion
Anglicanism and the British Empire, c.1700-1850                    Sep-07   Religion
Animals and World Religions                                        Jan-12   Religion
An Annotated Anthology of Hymns                                    Nov-03   Religion
Anselm                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Anti-Arminians                                                     Sep-08   Religion
Apocalyptic AI                                                     May-10   Religion
The Apocalyptic Year 1000                                          Oct-11   Religion
The Apocryphal Adam and Eve in Medieval Europe                     May-09   Religion
The Apocryphal New Testament                                       Nov-03   Religion
Approaching the End                                                Sep-07   Religion
The Appropriation of Divine Life in Cyril of Alexandria            Jan-05   Religion
Aquinas’s Theory of Natural Law                                    Oct-11   Religion
Arator on the Acts of the Apostles                                 Oct-11   Religion
Archetypal Heresy                                                  Nov-03   Religion
Architects of Piety                                                           May-11   Religion
The Architecture of Theology                                                  Sep-11   Religion
Are You Alone Wise?                                                           Sep-11   Religion
Arnobius of Sicca                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Ascetic Eucharists                                                            Oct-11   Religion
Asceticism and Anthropology in Irenaeus and Clement                           Oct-11   Religion
Asceticism and Christological Controversy in Fifth-Century Palestine          Sep-06   Religion
The Asceticism of Isaac of Nineveh                                            Jan-11   Religion
Ascetics and Ambassadors of Christ                                            Oct-11   Religion
Atonement and Justification                                                   Oct-11   Religion
Augustine                                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Augustine and the Disciplines                                                 Oct-11   Religion
Augustine of Hippo and his Monastic Rule                                      Oct-11   Religion
Augustine's Commentary on Galatians                                           Apr-04   Religion
Augustine's Text of John                                                      Sep-08   Religion
Augustine's Way into the Will                                                 Jan-07   Religion
Avicenna                                                                      Sep-10   Religion
Balkan Idols                                                                  Nov-03   Religion
Barth and Schleiermacher on the Doctrine of Election                          Jan-07   Religion
Barth, Origen, and Universal Salvation                                        Sep-09   Religion
Basil of Caesarea, Gregory of Nyssa, and the Transformation of Divine Simplicity       Religion
Be Very Afraid                                                                May-10   Religion
Beauty and Revelation in the Thought of Saint Augustine                       Oct-11   Religion
The Beauty of the Cross                                                       Feb-06   Religion
The Beauty of the Primitive                                                   Sep-07   Religion
Becoming Hebrew                                                               Jan-09   Religion
Being Young and Muslim                                                        Sep-10   Religion
Believing in Belonging                                                        Jan-12   Religion
The Believing Primate                                                         Oct-11   Religion
The Beloved Disciple in Conflict?                                             May-06   Religion
Benjamin Jowett and the Christian Religion                                    Oct-11   Religion
Between Exaltation and Infamy                                                 Nov-03   Religion
Between the Empires                                                           Oct-11   Religion
Beyond Auschwitz                                                              Nov-03   Religion
Beyond Idols                                                                  Nov-03   Religion
Beyond the Congregation                                                       Sep-10   Religion
Beyond Toleration                                                             Sep-06   Religion
The Bible in History                                                          Apr-05   Religion
Bible-Carrying Christians                                                     Nov-03   Religion
Biblical Faith and Natural Theology                                           Nov-03   Religion
Biblical Interpretation                                                       Mar-12   Religion
Biblical Interpretation in Ancient Israel                                     Nov-03   Religion
The Biblical Interpretation of William of Alton                               Jan-12   Religion
Biblical Mourning                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Biblical Myth and Rabbinic Mythmaking                                         Jan-05   Religion
Biblical Natural Law                                                          May-08   Religion
Biblical Prophets and Contemporary Environmental Ethics                       Feb-10   Religion
The Bijak of Kabir                                                            Nov-03   Religion
Biography of a Mexican Crucifix                                               Feb-10   Religion
The Black Jews of Africa                                                      Sep-08   Religion
Black Mecca                                                                   Sep-10   Religion
Black Pilgrimage to Islam                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Black Puritan, Black Republican                                Nov-03   Religion
Blake's Jerusalem As Visionary Theatre                         Jan-12   Religion
Blind Spot                                                     Jan-09   Religion
Blood That Cries Out From the Earth                            May-08   Religion
The Body in St Maximus the Confessor                           Apr-05   Religion
The Body of God                                                Sep-08   Religion
Boethius                                                       Nov-03   Religion
Boethius                                                       Oct-11   Religion
Bonaventure                                                    Jan-07   Religion
The Bonds of Freedom                                           Nov-03   Religion
The Book Called Isaiah                                         Nov-03   Religion
The Book of Job                                                Oct-11   Religion
The Book of Job in Medieval Jewish Philosophy                  Jan-07   Religion
Bourgeouis Hinduism, or Faith of the Modern Vedantists         Jan-08   Religion
The Branch Davidians of Waco                                   Oct-11   Religion
Bringing the Sacred Down to Earth                              Jan-12   Religion
Brothers Estranged Heresy                                      May-10   Religion
Buddhist Fury                                                  Sep-11   Religion
Buildings, Faith, and Worship                                  Oct-11   Religion
The Burden of Black Religion                                   May-08   Religion
By the Hand of Mormon                                          Nov-03   Religion
By the Renewing of Your Minds                                  Oct-11   Religion
The Byzantine Christ                                           Jul-05   Religion
C. S. Lewis on the Final Frontier                              Sep-09   Religion
C.S. Lewis Then and Now                                        Nov-03   Religion
Calendar and Community                                         Nov-03   Religion
Calvin and His Influence, 1509–2009                            Sep-11   Religion
Calvin at the Centre                                           Feb-10   Religion
Calvin, Participation, and the Gift                            Jan-08   Religion
Canon and Criterion in Christian Theology                      Nov-03   Religion
Casting Kings                                                  Sep-06   Religion
Catholic High Schools                                          Jan-12   Religion
Catholic Higher Education                                      May-06   Religion
A Catholic Modernity?                                          Oct-11   Religion
Catholic Particularity in Seventeenth-Century French Writing   Sep-11   Religion
Catholicism                                                    Jan-05   Religion
Catholicism and Interreligious Dialogue                        Jan-12   Religion
The Catholicity of the Church                                  Nov-03   Religion
Cavell, Companionship, and Christian Theology                  Jan-11   Religion
Celibacy and Religious Traditions                              Jan-08   Religion
The Changing Face of Christianity                              Oct-05   Religion
Charles Hodge                                                  May-11   Religion
Charles Wesley and the Struggle for Methodist Identity         May-07   Religion
Chesterton and the Romance of Orthodoxy                        Oct-11   Religion
Children of Jesus and Mary                                     Feb-10   Religion
Chinese Religious Life                                         Sep-11   Religion
Christ as Creator                                              Feb-10   Religion
Christ as Mediator                                             Sep-07   Religion
Christ without Absolutes                                       Oct-11   Religion
The Christian Consumer                                         Jan-12   Religion
Christian Grace and Pagan Virtue                               Jan-11   Religion
Christian Hermeneutics                                         Oct-11   Religion
Christian Identity in the Jewish and Graeco-Roman World                     Jul-05       Religion
Christian Moral Realism                                                     Oct-11       Religion
Christian Philosophical Theology                                            May-06       Religion
Christian Prophecy                                                          May-07       Religion
Christian Symbol and Ritual                                                 Jul-05       Religion
Christianity and Liberal Society                                            Oct-11       Religion
Christianity in India                                                       Sep-08       Religion
Christianity in the Twenty-First Century                                    Oct-11       Religion
Christians in the American Empire                                           Oct-11       Religion
The Christocentric Cosmology of St Maximus the Confessor                    Sep-08       Religion
Christology and Cosmology                                                   Oct-11       Religion
The Christology of Theodoret of Cyrus                                       Sep-07       Religion
                                                                            Nov-03        its Social
Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France Volume 1: The Clerical Establishment andReligion Ramifications
                                                                            Nov-03       the Politics of Religion
Church and Society in Eighteenth-Century France Volume 2: The Religion of the People and Religion
The Church in Africa, 1450-1950                                             Nov-03       Religion
The Church in Ancient Society                                               Nov-03       Religion
The Church of the East and the Church of England                            Oct-11       Religion
Church, State, and Democracy in Expanding Europe                            Sep-11       Religion
Clement of Alexandria and the Beginnings of Christian Apophaticism          Sep-06       Religion
The Clerical Profession in the Long Eighteenth Century, 1680-1840           Sep-07       Religion
The Colloquy of Montbéliard                                                 Oct-11       Religion
Coming to the Edge of the Circle                                            Oct-05       Religion
The Commentaries of Origen and Jerome on St. Paul's Epistle to the Ephesians ov-03       Religion
Communities of the Blessed                                                  Oct-11       Religion
Comparative Theology and the Problem of Religious Rivalry                   Sep-11       Religion
Consequences of Compassion                                                  May-09       Religion
Contemporary Iran                                                           Oct-11       Religion
Contesting Conversion                                                       Sep-11       Religion
Contextualizing Cassian                                                     Oct-11       Religion
Contradictory Lives                                                         Sep-11       Religion
Contrasting Images of the Book of Revelation in Late Medieval and Early Modern Art       Religion
Controversial New Religions                                                 May-06       Religion
A Controversial Spirit                                                      Nov-03       Religion
Converting Women                                                            Jan-05       Religion
Convictions of the Soul                                                     Jan-05       Religion
Coptic Christianity in Ottoman Egypt                                        May-11       Religion
Coptic Christology in Practice                                              May-08       Religion
Corporal Knowledge                                                          May-10       Religion
Cosmology and Self in the Apostle Paul                                      May-10       Religion
The Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion                                      Apr-04       Religion
Covenant as Context                                                         Oct-11       Religion
Created Equal                                                               Jan-09       Religion
The Creative Suffering of God                                               Oct-11       Religion
Creative Suffering of the Triune God                                        Sep-07       Religion
Crisis of Doubt                                                             Jan-07       Religion
Critical Enthusiasm                                                         May-11       Religion
Crossing the Ethnic Divide                                                  May-07       Religion
The Cult of Saints among Muslims and Jews in Medieval Syria                 Oct-11       Religion
Cultures of Devotion                                                        Jan-07       Religion
Cursing the Christians?                                                     Jan-12       Religion
Cyril of Alexandria and the Nestorian Controversy                           Oct-11       Religion
Damascus after the Muslim Conquest                                          Jan-12       Religion
Dancing the Self                                                Nov-03   Religion
David, Saul, and God                                            May-08   Religion
De bono coniugali and De sancta virginitate                     Apr-04   Religion
De Doctrina Christiana                                          Apr-04   Religion
The Death of Scripture and the Rise of Biblical Studies         May-10   Religion
Debating the Dasam Granth                                       May-11   Religion
The Decline of the Secular University                           Oct-11   Religion
Defending God                                                   Jul-05   Religion
Democracy and the New Religious Pluralism                       Sep-07   Religion
Democratic Religion                                             Oct-11   Religion
Denying Divinity                                                Oct-11   Religion
Desert Christians                                               Jul-05   Religion
The Desert Fathers on Monastic Community                        Oct-11   Religion
Desiring Conversion                                             Jan-11   Religion
Dharma                                                          Sep-11   Religion
Diakonia                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Diaspora of the Gods                                            Jan-07   Religion
Did Dogen Go to China?                                          May-06   Religion
Disability and Christian Theology                               Jan-09   Religion
Discerning the Mystery                                          Oct-11   Religion
Disciples of All Nations                                        Jan-08   Religion
Discipleship and Imagination                                    Nov-03   Religion
Discourse on Civility and Barbarity                             Jan-08   Religion
Disenchanting India                                             Jan-12   Religion
The Dispeller of Disputes                                       May-10   Religion
Dissenting Praise                                               May-11   Religion
Divine and Contingent Order                                     Oct-11   Religion
Divine Discontent                                               Sep-09   Religion
Divine Evil?                                                    Jan-11   Religion
The Divine Flood                                                Sep-11   Religion
Divine Mother, Blessed Mother                                   Apr-05   Religion
Divine Power                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Divine Substance                                                Oct-11   Religion
Do Penance or Perish                                            Oct-11   Religion
The Doctrine of Deification in the Greek Patristic Tradition    Oct-11   Religion
Does God Make a Difference?                                     May-11   Religion
Does God’s Existence Need Proof?                                Oct-11   Religion
The Donatist Church                                             Oct-11   Religion
Double-Effect Reasoning                                         Sep-06   Religion
The Dream Is Freedom                                            Sep-11   Religion
Dreaming the Great Brahmin                                      Oct-11   Religion
Durandus of St Pourcain                                         Feb-06   Religion
Early Christian Thought and the Classical Tradition             Oct-11   Religion
The Early Development of Canon Law and the Council of Serdica   Apr-04   Religion
Early Israelite Wisdom                                          Oct-11   Religion
The Early Reformation on the Continent                          Nov-03   Religion
The Early Versions of the New Testament                         Oct-11   Religion
East and West: The Making of a Rift in the Church               Oct-11   Religion
The Easter Computus and the Origins of the Christian Era        Jan-09   Religion
The Ecclesiology of Karl Rahner                                 Oct-11   Religion
Ecologies of Grace                                              May-08   Religion
The Economics of Ecstasy                                        Nov-03   Religion
Educating the Muslims of America                             Oct-11   Religion
The Elusive Dream                                            Sep-08   Religion
Empire of Souls                                              Jan-11   Religion
The End of Magic                                             Oct-11   Religion
England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales                            Sep-08   Religion
The English Hymn                                             Nov-03   Religion
English Works of John Fisher, Bishop of Rochester            Nov-03   Religion
Enlightened Evangelicalism                                   May-11   Religion
Enlightenment in Dispute                                     May-08   Religion
Entangled Voices                                             Oct-11   Religion
Environmental Ethics and Process Thinking                    Oct-11   Religion
Episcopalianism in Nineteenth-Century Scotland               Nov-03   Religion
Eriugena                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Ernst Troeltsch and Liberal Theology                         Oct-11   Religion
Eros Unveiled                                                Oct-11   Religion
Eschatological Presence in Karl Barth's Göttingen Theology   Sep-10   Religion
The Eschatology of Hans Urs von Balthasar                    Feb-06   Religion
The Ethics of Animal Experimentation                         Jul-05   Religion
Ethnicity and Argument in Eusebius' Praeparatio Evangelica   Jan-07   Religion
`Ethos' and the Oxford Movement                              May-08   Religion
The Eusebians                                                Jan-07   Religion
Eusebius of Caesarea’s Commentary on Isaiah                  Oct-11   Religion
Evagrius of Pontus                                           Oct-11   Religion
Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Africa             May-08   Religion
Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Asia               May-09   Religion
Evangelical Christianity and Democracy in Latin America      Oct-11   Religion
The Evangelical Conversion Narrative                         Apr-05   Religion
Evangelical Free Will                                        Sep-10   Religion
Evangelical vs. Liberal                                      Sep-08   Religion
Evangelicalism and National Identity in Ulster, 1921-1998    Jan-05   Religion
Evangelicals and Israel                                      Jan-09   Religion
Evangelizing the South                                       Jan-08   Religion
Everyday Religion                                            Jan-07   Religion
Evolution and Religious Creation Myths                       Sep-07   Religion
The Evolving Reputation of Richard Hooker                    Jan-07   Religion
Execution and Invention                                      Feb-06   Religion
Exhibiting Mormonism                                         Jan-12   Religion
Ezekiel and the Ethics of Exile                              Oct-11   Religion
F D Maurice and the Crisis of Christian Authority            Oct-11   Religion
F. D. Maurice and the Crisis of Christian Authority          Jul-05   Religion
F. D. Maurice and Unitarianism                               Oct-11   Religion
Fabulous Females and Peerless Pirs                           Apr-05   Religion
Faith and Criticism                                          Oct-11   Religion
Faith and Freedom                                            May-11   Religion
Faith and Its Critics                                        Oct-11   Religion
Faith and the Presidency                                     Jan-07   Religion
Faith Finding Meaning                                        Feb-10   Religion
Faith in Reading                                             Jul-05   Religion
The Faith Next Door                                          Sep-09   Religion
Faith No More                                                Jan-12   Religion
A Faith of Their Own                                         Jan-11   Religion
Faith-Based Diplomacy Trumping Realpolitik                   Oct-11   Religion
Faith, Politics, and Power                                                   Feb-10   Religion
Faith, Reason, and Revelation in Theodore Beza (1519–1605)                   Oct-11   Religion
Faithful Revolution                                                          May-11   Religion
Falun Gong and the Future of China                                           May-08   Religion
The Family in Christian Social and Political Thought                         Sep-07   Religion
Farewell to Christendom                                                      Nov-03   Religion
The Fatherhood of God from Origen to Athanasius                              Oct-11   Religion
Fathers on the Frontier                                                      May-10   Religion
Feminist Theology and the Challenge of Difference                            Sep-07   Religion
The Filioque                                                                 May-10   Religion
The Final Word                                                               May-10   Religion
The First Edition of the New Testament                                       Oct-11   Religion
Fixing God's Torah                                                           Apr-04   Religion
The Footsteps of Vishnu                                                      May-08   Religion
Forbidden Fruit                                                              May-07   Religion
The Formation of the Hebrew Bible                                            Jan-12   Religion
Forms of Rabbinic Literature and Thought                                     May-07   Religion
Fortunate Fallibility                                                        Sep-11   Religion
The Founding Fathers and the Debate over Religion in Revolutionary America   Jan-12   Religion
Four Illusions                                                               Nov-03   Religion
Framing the Jina                                                             Feb-10   Religion
The Frankish Church                                                          Nov-03   Religion
Frederick Temple, Archbishop of Canterbury                                   Oct-11   Religion
Freedom in Response                                                          Oct-11   Religion
From Angels to Aliens                                                        Oct-11   Religion
From Christian Science to Jewish Science                                     Apr-05   Religion
From Conflict Resolution to Reconciliation                                   Oct-11   Religion
From Sovereign to Symbol                                                     Jan-12   Religion
From Trent to Vatican II                                                     Sep-06   Religion
Fundamentalism and Evangelicals                                              Oct-11   Religion
The Fundamentalist Mindset                                                   May-10   Religion
Fundamentalists in the City                                                  Jul-05   Religion
‘Gathered Under Apostles’                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Gemstone of Paradise                                                         Sep-06   Religion
Gender Issues in Ancient and Reformation Translations of Genesis 1-4         Jan-12   Religion
The Gendered Palimpsest                                                      Jan-12   Religion
The Genealogy of Violence                                                    Nov-03   Religion
Genesis as Dialogue                                                          Nov-03   Religion
Gentile Impurities and Jewish Identities                                     Nov-03   Religion
German and Scandinavian Protestantism 1700-1918                              Nov-03   Religion
Global Pentecostal and Charismatic Healing                                   May-11   Religion
The Glory of Christ in the New Testament                                     Oct-11   Religion
God and Being                                                                Jan-11   Religion
God and Enchantment of Place                                                 Jul-05   Religion
God and Grace of Body                                                        Jan-08   Religion
God and History                                                              Oct-11   Religion
God and Mystery in Words                                                     May-08   Religion
God and Other Spirits                                                        Apr-05   Religion
God and Rationality                                                          Oct-11   Religion
God and the Atlantic                                                         May-11   Religion
God and the Victim                                                           Jan-08   Religion
God at Work                                                                  Jan-07   Religion
God Is Not a Story                                               Sep-07   Religion
God Knows There's Need                                           Sep-09   Religion
God of Justice                                                   Jan-09   Religion
The God Strategy                                                 Jan-08   Religion
God's Gateway                                                    Feb-10   Religion
God's Irishmen                                                   Sep-07   Religion
God's Own Party                                                  Sep-10   Religion
The Goddess as Role Model                                        Jan-09   Religion
The Goddess Lives in Upstate New York                            Feb-06   Religion
Godly Ambition                                                   Jan-12   Religion
Good God                                                         May-11   Religion
Good Taste, Bad Taste, & Christian Taste                         Oct-11   Religion
Goodbye Father                                                   Apr-04   Religion
The Gospel in Christian Traditions                               Jan-09   Religion
The Gospel of Mary                                               Jan-08   Religion
Grace and Christology in the Early Church                        Nov-03   Religion
The Graceful Guru                                                Oct-11   Religion
Graceful Reading                                                 Apr-05   Religion
Graham Greene's Catholic Imagination                             Apr-05   Religion
A Greener Faith                                                  Oct-11   Religion
Gregory of Nazianzus on the Trinity and the Knowledge of God     Sep-08   Religion
Gregory of Nyssa and the Concept of Divine Persons               Apr-05   Religion
Gregory of Nyssa and the Grasp of Faith                          Nov-04   Religion
Gregory of Nyssa, Ancient and (Post)modern                       Jan-08   Religion
The Ground of Union                                              Oct-11   Religion
Guests of God                                                    Jan-05   Religion
Guodian                                                          May-09   Religion
Handbook of Bioethics and Religion                               Sep-06   Religion
Hanuman's Tale                                                   May-07   Religion
Hastening Redemption                                             May-06   Religion
The Hastening that Waits                                         Oct-11   Religion
Hating God                                                       Jan-11   Religion
Haunting the Buddha                                              Jan-05   Religion
Heal Thyself                                                     Feb-06   Religion
Healing in the History of Christianity                           Oct-11   Religion
Heart of Buddha, Heart of China                                  Jan-11   Religion
The Heart of Islamic Philosophy                                  Nov-03   Religion
Heaven                                                           Nov-03   Religion
Heaven in the American Imagination                               Sep-11   Religion
Heaven on Earth                                                  Sep-11   Religion
Heaven's Purge                                                   Jan-11   Religion
Hegel and Christian Theology                                     Apr-05   Religion
Hell and the Victorians                                          Oct-11   Religion
Hensley Henson                                                   Oct-11   Religion
Heretics or Daughters of Israel?                                 Oct-11   Religion
Hermeneutics of Holiness                                         Sep-10   Religion
Hermeneutics, Politics, and the History of Religions             May-10   Religion
Heroic Wives Rituals, Stories and the Virtues of Jain Wifehood   Feb-10   Religion
Hidden Children of the Holocaust                                 May-08   Religion
The Hidden History of Women's Ordination                         Jan-08   Religion
High Calvinists in Action                                        Nov-03   Religion
Hilary of Poitiers on the Trinity                                Jan-09   Religion
Himalayan Hermitess                                             Oct-11   Religion
Hindu God, Christian God                                        Nov-03   Religion
Hippolytus between East and West                                Oct-11   Religion
The Historical Christ and the Jesus of Faith                    Nov-03   Religion
History and Ideology in the Old Testament                       Nov-03   Religion
History As Propaganda                                           Apr-05   Religion
The History of the Buddha's Relic Shrine                        Jan-07   Religion
A History of the Churches in Australasia                        Nov-03   Religion
A History of the Churches in the United States and Canada       Oct-11   Religion
A History of the Popes 1830-1914                                Nov-03   Religion
Holiness and Ministry                                           Sep-08   Religion
Holy Jumpers                                                    May-10   Religion
Holy Men and Hunger Artists                                     Oct-11   Religion
Holy Scripture in the Qumran Commentaries and Pauline Letters   Oct-11   Religion
Holy War, Holy Peace                                            Nov-03   Religion
The Homeland Is the Arena                                       May-11   Religion
Homies and Hermanos                                             Jan-12   Religion
Honest Patriots                                                 Sep-06   Religion
Honored by the Glory of Islam                                   Jan-08   Religion
Hope in a Democratic Age                                        Oct-11   Religion
How to Read the Bible                                           Oct-11   Religion
Hugh of Saint Victor                                            May-09   Religion
Humble Apologetics                                              Nov-03   Religion
The Hungry are Dying                                            Nov-03   Religion
Ibâḍism                                                         Jan-11   Religion
Identifying the Image of God                                    Nov-03   Religion
If Sons, Then Heirs                                             Sep-07   Religion
Imagining a Place for Buddhism                                  Nov-03   Religion
Imagining the Fetus                                             Jan-09   Religion
Imperial Cults and the Apocalypse of John                       Nov-03   Religion
Impurity and Sin in Ancient Judaism                             Oct-11   Religion
In Defence of Christianity                                      Oct-05   Religion
In Search of an American Catholicism                            Nov-03   Religion
In the House of War                                             Sep-10   Religion
In the Wilderness                                               Oct-11   Religion
The Incarnation                                                 Nov-03   Religion
Incarnation and Physics                                         Nov-03   Religion
Inner Grace                                                     May-08   Religion
The Inner Kalacakratantra                                       Nov-03   Religion
Instruction and Imagery in Proverbs 1-9                         May-07   Religion
Introducing the Old Testament                                   Oct-11   Religion
Introduction to Old Yiddish Literature                          Oct-11   Religion
Inventing God's Law                                             Sep-09   Religion
The Irrational Augustine                                        May-06   Religion
Isaiah After Exile                                              May-11   Religion
Islam and Liberal Citizenship                                   May-09   Religion
Islam and the Blackamerican                                     Oct-11   Religion
Islam and the Challenge of Human Rights                         Feb-10   Religion
Islam and the Problem of Black Suffering                        Oct-11   Religion
Islam, Secularism, and Liberal Democracy                        May-09   Religion
Islamic Biomedical Ethics Principles and Application            May-09   Religion
The Islamic Roots of Democratic Pluralism                       Oct-11   Religion
The Islamic Understanding of Death and Resurrection          Nov-03   Religion
The Ismailis in the Middle Ages                              May-07   Religion
Israel in Egypt                                              Oct-11   Religion
J. M. Neale and the Quest for Sobornost                      Oct-11   Religion
Jacob's Tears                                                Jan-05   Religion
Jains in the World                                           Nov-03   Religion
Jesuit on the Roof of the World                              Feb-10   Religion
Jesus and Muhammad                                           Jan-11   Religion
Jesus Christ, Eternal God                                    Jan-12   Religion
Jesus of Hollywood                                           May-07   Religion
Jesus Our Priest                                             May-10   Religion
Jesus Our Redeemer                                           May-07   Religion
Jewish Babylonia between Persia and Roman Palestine          Sep-06   Religion
Jewish Liturgical Reasoning                                  Sep-07   Religion
Jewish Women Philosophers of First-Century Alexandria
   ā                                                         Oct-11   Religion
Jewish-Christian Dialogue                                    Oct-11   Religion
Jih d                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Jimutavahana's Dayabhaga                                     Nov-03   Religion
Joachim of Fiore                                             Oct-11   Religion
Job the Silent                                               Oct-11   Religion
Johannes Reuchlin and the Campaign to Destroy Jewish Books   May-11   Religion
The Johannine Corpus in the Early Church                     Jan-05   Religion
John Buridan                                                 Jan-09   Religion
John Calvin's American Legacy                                May-10   Religion
John Calvin's Ideas                                          Apr-05   Religion
John Henry Newman                                            Oct-11   Religion
John of Scythopolis and the Dionysian Corpus
 ō                                                           Oct-11   Religion
John Wyclif                                                  Jan-09   Religion
J kei and Buddhist Devotion in Early Medieval Japan          Oct-11   Religion
Joseph Priestley, Scientist, Philosopher, and Theologian     May-08   Religion
Joseph Smith, Jr.                                            Jan-09   Religion
Josiah's Reform and the Dynamics of Defilement               Sep-11   Religion
Judaic Sources and Western Thought                           Sep-11   Religion
The Judaizing Calvin                                         Feb-10   Religion
Justinian and the Making of the Syrian Orthodox Church       Sep-08   Religion
Karl Barth                                                   Oct-11   Religion
Karl Barth's Critically Realistic Dialectical Theology       Nov-03   Religion
Karl Rahner and Ignatian Spirituality                        Oct-11   Religion
Karlstadt and the Origins of the Eucharistic Controversy     May-11   Religion
Kerala Christian Sainthood                                   Nov-03   Religion
Keys to First Corinthians                                    May-09   Religion
Keys to Second Corinthians                                   Jan-11   Religion
Kierkegaard                                                  Oct-11   Religion
Kierkegaard as Negative Theologian                           Oct-11   Religion
Kierkegaard's Critique of Christian Nationalism              Sep-11   Religion
Kierkegaard's Ethic of Love                                  Jan-05   Religion
Kierkegaard's Vision of the Incarnation                      Oct-11   Religion
The Kindness of God                                          Oct-11   Religion
King Josiah of Judah                                         Nov-03   Religion
Knowing Body, Moving Mind                                    Sep-11   Religion
Knowledge in Later Islamic Philosophy                        Oct-11   Religion
Korean American Evangelicals                                 Jan-07   Religion
Lancelot Andrewes, the Preacher (1555-1626)                               Oct-11   Religion
Landscape with Two Saints                                                 Sep-09   Religion
Landscapes of the Soul                                                    Nov-03   Religion
Language in the Confessions of Augustine                                  Sep-07   Religion
Latino Religions and Civic Activism in the United States                  Oct-11   Religion
A Law Book for the Diaspora                                               Nov-03   Religion
Law, Reason, and Morality in Medieval Jewish Philosophy                   Sep-10   Religion
Lessing's Philosophy of Religion and the German Enlightenment             Nov-03   Religion
The Letters of Hildegard of Bingen: Volume III                            May-06   Religion
The Letters of Jerome                                                     May-09   Religion
Leviticus as Literature                                                   Nov-03   Religion
Liberation Theology at the Crossroads                                     Oct-11   Religion
Liberty and Conscience                                                    Nov-03   Religion
The Life and Afterlife of St. Elizabeth of Hungary                        Jan-11   Religion
Life in the Flesh                                                         Jan-09   Religion
The Lion and the Lamb                                                     Jan-05   Religion
Lived Religion                                                            Oct-11   Religion
The Lives of David Brainerd                                               Sep-09   Religion
Lost in Transition                                                        Jan-12   Religion
Love Thy Neighbour As Thyself                                             Jan-08   Religion
Love's Grateful Striving                                                  Nov-03   Religion
Luther’s Legacy                                                           Oct-11   Religion
The Macarian Legacy                                                       Jan-05   Religion
Mahmud Shalt=ut and Islamic Modernism                                     Oct-11   Religion
Makers of Modern Indian Religion in the Late Nineteenth Century           Jan-05   Religion
Making Magic                                                              Jan-05   Religion
Making Nature Sacred                                                      Jan-05   Religion
The Making of a Catholic President                                        May-09   Religion
The Making of Buddhist Modernism                                          Jan-09   Religion
The Making of Sikh Scripture                                              Nov-03   Religion
Making the Best of It                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Managing Monks                                                            Oct-11   Religion
The Mandaeans                                                             Nov-03   Religion
Marcellus of Ancyra and the Lost Years of the Arian Controversy 325-345   May-06   Religion
Marius Victorinus' Commentary on Galatians                                Feb-06   Religion
Marked in Your Flesh                                                      Jul-05   Religion
Marketplace of the Gods                                                   May-10   Religion
Marks of His Wounds                                                       May-07   Religion
Marriage, Celibacy, and Heresy in Ancient Christianity                    May-07   Religion
Martin Bucer’s Doctrine of Justification                                  Sep-10   Religion
Martin Luther                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Martin Luther King, Jr., and the Image of God                             Sep-09   Religion
Martyrs' Mirror                                                           Jan-12   Religion
Medical Miracles                                                          Jan-09   Religion
Meeting God on the Cross                                                  Jan-11   Religion
Melancholic Freedom                                                       Sep-07   Religion
Men of Silk                                                               Jan-07   Religion
Metaphysical Personalism                                                  Oct-11   Religion
The Metaphysics of Dante's Comedy                                         Apr-05   Religion
The Metaphysics of the Incarnation                                        Oct-11   Religion
The Metaphysics of the Incarnation                                        May-11   Religion
Method and Metaphysics in Maimonides' Guide for the Perplexed             Jan-12   Religion
Methodism and Education, 1849–1902                                         Oct-11   Religion
Michael Polanyi                                                            Jul-05   Religion
Mighty Like a River                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Millennial Dreams and Apocalyptic Nightmares                               Jan-08   Religion
The Millennial New World                                                   Feb-06   Religion
The Mind Possessed                                                         Sep-07   Religion
Minds and Gods                                                             Feb-06   Religion
The Missing Martyrs                                                        Sep-11   Religion
Mission and Conversion                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Modern Alchemy                                                             May-07   Religion
Monks, Rulers, and Literati                                                Oct-11   Religion
Moonshadows                                                                Jan-11   Religion
Moral Creativity                                                           Jul-05   Religion
The Moral Gap                                                              Oct-11   Religion
The Moral Imagination                                                      Apr-05   Religion
Moral, Believing Animals                                                   Oct-11   Religion
Morality and War                                                           May-11   Religion
The Mormon Menace                                                          May-11   Religion
Moses in America                                                           Nov-03   Religion
The Most Learned of the Shiʿa                                              Oct-11   Religion
Mother of Bliss                                                            Oct-11   Religion
Mother of My Heart, Daughter of My Dreams                                  Nov-03   Religion
Mourning the Unborn Dead                                                   Jan-09   Religion
The Muratorian Fragment and the Development of the Canon                   Oct-11   Religion
A Muslim in Victorian America                                              Sep-06   Religion
Muslim Rebels                                                              Sep-06   Religion
Muslim Women in America                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Muslims in the West                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Muslims, Christians, and the Challenge of Interfaith Dialogue              Jan-08   Religion
Muslims, Scholars, Soldiers                                                Jan-11   Religion
"My Brother Esau Is a Hairy Man"                                           May-08   Religion
Mystical Encounters with the Natural World                                 Feb-06   Religion
The Mystical Life of Franz Kafka                                           Jan-12   Religion
Mysticism and Sacred Scripture                                             Oct-11   Religion
Mystics                                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Myth                                                                       Nov-03   Religion
The Myth of Religious Violence                                             Sep-09   Religion
Nagarjuna's Madhyamaka                                                     May-09   Religion
Naming the Antichrist                                                      Oct-11   Religion
The Narrative of Rape in Genesis 34                                        Sep-10   Religion
Nathaniel Taylor, New Haven Theology, and the Legacy of Jonathan Edwards   Nov-03   Religion
The National Churches of England, Ireland, and Scotland 1801-46            Oct-11   Religion
Natural Saints                                                             Sep-10   Religion
Natural Signs and Knowledge of God                                         May-10   Religion
The Navel of the Demoness                                                  Jan-08   Religion
Nectar Gaze and Poison Breath                                              Feb-06   Religion
Negotiating Rites                                                          Jan-12   Religion
Neither Jew Nor Gentile                                                    Sep-10   Religion
Neither Saints Nor Sinners                                                 Oct-11   Religion
The New Buddhism                                                           Oct-11   Religion
The New Heretics of France                                                 Jan-12   Religion
New Homelands                                                              Feb-10   Religion
The New Inquisitions                                                        Oct-11   Religion
New Testament Theology                                                      Feb-06   Religion
Newman and the Alexandrian Fathers                                          Sep-09   Religion
The Next Christendom                                                        Nov-03   Religion
Nicaea and its Legacy                                                       Jul-05   Religion
Nineteenth-Century Anglican Theological Training                            Oct-11   Religion
No Silent Witness                                                           Sep-10   Religion
Noah's Curse                                                                Nov-03   Religion
Not Bread Alone                                                             Jan-09   Religion
Nouvelle Théologie and Sacramental Ontology                                 May-09   Religion
Oberammergau in the Nazi Era                                                May-10   Religion
Of Borders and Margins                                                      Nov-03   Religion
Offering Flowers, Feeding Skulls                                            Oct-11   Religion
The Old Latin Gospels                                                       Nov-03   Religion
On God and Dogs                                                             Oct-11   Religion
'On God's Side'                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Open Friendship in a Closed Society                                         Feb-10   Religion
Opening a Mountain                                                          Nov-03   Religion
Opening the Covenant                                                        Jan-08   Religion
Opting for the Margins                                                      Jan-05   Religion
Oracles of Science                                                          Jan-07   Religion
Ordinary Mind as the Way                                                    May-07   Religion
Origen and the Life of the Stars                                            Oct-11   Religion
Origen on the Song of Songs as the Spirit of Scripture                      Feb-06   Religion
The Origins and Development of Pure Land Buddhism                           Nov-03   Religion
The Origins of Biblical Monotheism                                          Nov-03   Religion
The Origins of the Christian Mystical Tradition                             May-07   Religion
The Origins of the Federal Theology in Sixteenth-Century Reformation ThoughtOct-11   Religion
The Origins of the Mithraic Mysteries                                       Oct-11   Religion
An Ornament for Jewels                                                      Jan-08   Religion
The Orthodox Church in the Byzantine Empire                                 Apr-04   Religion
The Other Christs                                                           May-10   Religion
Out of Left Field                                                           Sep-11   Religion
Out of the Mouths of Babes                                                  Jan-12   Religion
Out-of-Body and Near-Death Experiences                                      May-10   Religion
The Outrageous Idea of Christian Scholarship                                Oct-11   Religion
Outward Signs                                                               May-08   Religion
Paisley                                                                     Sep-07   Religion
Palladius of Helenopolis                                                    Jan-12   Religion
The Papal Monarchy                                                          Nov-03   Religion
Parables for Our Time                                                       Nov-03   Religion
Paradise Mislaid                                                            Oct-11   Religion
The Paradise of God                                                         Jan-05   Religion
A Paradise of Reason                                                        Jan-08   Religion
Parley P. Pratt                                                             Jan-12   Religion
Passing the Plate                                                           May-09   Religion
The Passions of Christ in High-Medieval Thought                             May-07   Religion
Paul                                                                        Nov-04   Religion
Paul in Israel's Story                                                      Sep-06   Religion
Paul: A Critical Life                                                       Oct-11   Religion
Paulinus Noster                                                             Nov-03   Religion
The Peace and Violence of Judaism                                           May-11   Religion
The Pentateuch in the Twentieth Century                              Oct-11   Religion
A People of One Book                                                 May-11   Religion
People of Paradox                                                    Sep-07   Religion
Perfect Fools                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Perfect Martyr                                                       Sep-10   Religion
Performing the Reformation                                           May-10   Religion
The Personal Correspondence of Hildegard of Bingen                   Sep-06   Religion
Peter Lombard                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Philosophical and Theological Essays on the Trinity                  Oct-11   Religion
The Physics of Duns Scotus                                           Oct-11   Religion
Piety and Politics                                                   May-09   Religion
Pilgrimage and Power                                                 Sep-08   Religion
Place and Dialectic                                                  Jan-12   Religion
Places of Redemption                                                 Sep-07   Religion
Planet Narnia                                                        Jan-08   Religion
Plato's Ghost                                                        Sep-09   Religion
Playing Host to Deity                                                Nov-03   Religion
The Poetics of Evil                                                  Jan-12   Religion
Poetry of Kings                                                      Jan-12   Religion
Pointing at the Moon                                                 Sep-09   Religion
The Popes and European Revolution                                    Nov-03   Religion
Possidius of Calama                                                  May-08   Religion
The Poverty of Riches                                                Nov-03   Religion
Power and the Spirit of God                                          Jan-05   Religion
The Preacher King                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Preaching Eugenics                                                   Jan-05   Religion
Precolonial India in Practice                                        Nov-03   Religion
Predestination                                                       Sep-11   Religion
Predestination                                                       Sep-09   Religion
The Predicament of Belief                                            Jan-12   Religion
Premarital Sex in America                                            Jan-11   Religion
The Pretenses of Loyalty                                             Sep-11   Religion
Pride, Faith and Fear                                                Nov-03   Religion
A Priest's Guide for the Great Festival                              Feb-10   Religion
Priestess, Mother, Sacred Sister                                     Oct-11   Religion
The Prison Narratives of Jeanne Guyon                                Jan-12   Religion
Prodigal Nation                                                      Jan-09   Religion
Prophesies of Godlessness                                            Sep-08   Religion
Protestant Theology and the Making of the Modern German University   Sep-06   Religion
Psalmody and Prayer in the Writings of Evagrius Ponticus             Oct-05   Religion
Public Vision, Private Lives                                         Nov-03   Religion
Purgatory                                                            Jan-12   Religion
Purity, Sacrifice, and the Temple                                    Jan-07   Religion
Quakers, Jews, and Science                                           Feb-06   Religion
The Quest for the Origins of Vedic Culture                           Nov-03   Religion
A Question of Identity                                               Apr-05   Religion
Rabbinic Interpretation of Scripture in the Mishnah                  Oct-11   Religion
Race                                                                 Sep-08   Religion
Race and Redemption in Puritan New England                           May-11   Religion
Race and Religion in American Buddhism                               Jan-12   Religion
Race, Nation, and Religion in the Americas                           Apr-05   Religion
Rachid Ghannouchi                                                    Nov-03   Religion
Radical Churchman                                          Oct-11   Religion
Radical Reform                                             Jan-09   Religion
The Ramayana Revisited                                     Apr-05   Religion
Rapture Culture                                            Jul-05   Religion
Rastafari                                                  Nov-03   Religion
Ravished by Beauty                                         May-11   Religion
The Re-Emergence of Emergence                              Oct-11   Religion
Reading Augustine in the Reformation                       May-11   Religion
Reading Genesis after Darwin                               Feb-10   Religion
Reading the Zohar                                          Oct-11   Religion
Rebellious Nuns                                            Oct-11   Religion
Receptive Ecumenism and the Call to Catholic Learning      Jan-09   Religion
Recipes for Immortality                                    May-09   Religion
Rediscovering the Buddha                                   Sep-09   Religion
Reformation in Britain and Ireland                         Apr-05   Religion
Reformation of Feeling                                     May-10   Religion
Reformers in the Wings                                     Nov-03   Religion
Reforming Mary                                             Jan-05   Religion
Reforming Saints                                           Jan-08   Religion
Regulating Religion                                        Nov-03   Religion
Reinhold Niebuhr                                           Sep-10   Religion
Reinhold Niebuhr and Contemporary Politics                 May-10   Religion
Reinventing Paul                                           Oct-11   Religion
Religion & The Order of Nature                             Oct-11   Religion
Religion and American Politics                             Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Creation                                      Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Culture in Early Modern Europe, 1500–1800     Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Enlightenment in Eighteenth-Century England   Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Healing in America                            Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Human Nature                                  Oct-11   Religion
Religion and Politics in Post-Communist Romania            Sep-07   Religion
Religion and the Global Politics of Human Rights           May-11   Religion
Religion and the Great Exhibition of 1851                  May-11   Religion
Religion and the New Immigrants                            May-07   Religion
Religion in China                                          Jan-12   Religion
Religion in Global Civil Society                           Jan-07   Religion
Religion in Public Life                                    Oct-11   Religion
Religion of Fear                                           Sep-08   Religion
Religion of the Gods                                       May-09   Religion
Religion, Civil Society, and Peace in Northern Ireland     Jan-12   Religion
Religion, Modernity, and Politics in Hegel                 Sep-11   Religion
Religious Ambiguity and Religious Diversity                Nov-03   Religion
The Religious Condition of Ireland 1770-1850               May-06   Religion
The Religious Crisis of the 1960s                          Jan-08   Religion
The Religious Imagination and the Sense of God             Oct-11   Religion
Religious Pluralism, Globalization, and World Politics     Jan-09   Religion
Religious Reading                                          Oct-11   Religion
Religious Voices in Public Places                          Sep-09   Religion
Reliving Karbala                                           Oct-11   Religion
Remembering Abraham                                        Feb-06   Religion
Render to Caesar                                           Jul-05   Religion
Renowned Goddess of Desire                                 Sep-07   Religion
Reopening the Word                                                     Nov-03   Religion
A Republic of Righteousness                                            Nov-03   Religion
Rescue for the Dead                                                    Nov-03   Religion
Ressourcement                                                          Jan-12   Religion
Rest in Peace                                                          Oct-11   Religion
The Resurrection                                                       Nov-03   Religion
The Resurrection of the Messiah                                        May-11   Religion
Rethinking Augustine's Early Theology                                  Feb-06   Religion
Rethinking Fundamental Theology                                        Sep-11   Religion
The Revelations of St. Birgitta of Sweden, Volume II                   May-09   Religion
The Revelations of St. Birgitta of Sweden: Volume I                    Sep-06   Religion
Reverence for Life                                                     Jan-08   Religion
Revive Us Again                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Richard Hooker and Reformed Theology                                   Jan-05   Religion
Righteous Jehu and his Evil Heirs                                      Jan-08   Religion
Righteous Riches                                                       Feb-06   Religion
Rise of a Folk God                                                     Jan-12   Religion
Risking the Church                                                     Jan-05   Religion
Rite out of Place                                                      Oct-11   Religion
Ritual and Its Consequences                                            May-08   Religion
Ritual, Media, and Conflict                                            May-11   Religion
The Road to Martyrs' Square                                            Oct-11   Religion
Robert Spaemann's Philosophy of the Human Person                       May-10   Religion
Roman Christianity and Roman Stoicism                                  Sep-10   Religion
Rudolf Otto and the Concept of Holiness                                Oct-11   Religion
Russian Orthodoxy on the Eve of Revolution                             Jan-05   Religion
Sacred Borders                                                         May-11   Religion
Sacred High City, Sacred Low City                                      Jan-12   Religion
Sacred Power, Sacred Space                                             Oct-11   Religion
Sacred Rights                                                          Oct-11   Religion
Salvation for All                                                      Oct-11   Religion
Saving Souls, Serving Society                                          Oct-05   Religion
Saving the Holy Sepulchre                                              Oct-11   Religion
Schleiermacher on Religion and the Natural Order                       Feb-10   Religion
Scholarship and Christian Faith                                        Jul-05   Religion
The School Tradition of the Old Testament                              Apr-04   Religion
Science and Christianity in Pulpit and Pew                             Oct-11   Religion
Science vs Religion                                                    May-10   Religion
Science, Religion, and the Human Experience                            Feb-06   Religion
Scientology                                                            Oct-11   Religion
Scottish Puritanism, 1590-1638                                         Nov-03   Religion
Scriptural Exegesis                                                    May-09   Religion
The Second Disestablishment                                            May-10   Religion
Secrets, Gossip, and Gods                                              Nov-03   Religion
Seeds of the Kingdom                                                   Feb-06   Religion
Seeing Krishna                                                         Oct-11   Religion
Sense of the Faithful                                                  Jan-09   Religion
The Sermons of Charles Wesley                                          Nov-03   Religion
The Seven Pillars of Creation                                          May-10   Religion
Sexual and Marital metaphors in Hosea, Jeremiah, Isaiah, and Ezekiel   Sep-08   Religion
Shalom Shar'abi and the Kabbalists of Beit El                          May-08   Religion
Shapers of English Calvinism, 1660–1714                                Sep-11   Religion
The Shaping of Ulster Presbyterian Belief and Practice, 1770-1840   Jan-07   Religion
Sharing the Sacred                                                  Feb-10   Religion
Shenoute and the Women of the White Monastery                       Nov-03   Religion
Shifting Sands
   ō                                                                Jan-05   Religion
Shivaji                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Sh toku                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Silenced                                                            Jan-12   Religion
Sincerity and Truth                                                 Oct-11   Religion
Singing the Body of God                                             Nov-03   Religion
Singing to the Goddess                                              Nov-03   Religion
Singing to the Jinas                                                Nov-03   Religion
Siva in Trouble                                                     May-08   Religion
The Six Perfections                                                 Feb-10   Religion
Slavery and Sin                                                     Jan-12   Religion
Slavery in Early Christianity                                       Nov-03   Religion
The Slaying of Meghanada                                            Oct-05   Religion
A Sociology of Religious Emotion                                    Sep-10   Religion
Some Later Medieval Theories of the Eucharist                       Jan-11   Religion
Some Wild Visions                                                   Nov-03   Religion
The Son of God in the Roman World                                   Sep-11   Religion
Song of the Distant Dove                                            Sep-08   Religion
Songs of Ecstasy                                                    Nov-03   Religion
The Soteriology of Leo the Great                                    May-08   Religion
The Soul of Recovery                                                Oct-11   Religion
Soul Searching                                                      Oct-05   Religion
Souls in Transition                                                 Feb-10   Religion
Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, 1859-2009                    Sep-09   Religion
The Specification of Human Actions in St Thomas Aquinas             May-06   Religion
The Specter of Speciesism                                           Nov-03   Religion
Spiritual, but not Religious                                        Nov-03   Religion
Spirituality in the Flesh                                           Sep-08   Religion
St John Damascene                                                   Nov-03   Religion
St. Francis of Assisi and Nature                                    Oct-11   Religion
St. Symeon the New Theologian and Orthodox Tradition                Oct-11   Religion
The Stabilization of Rabbinic Culture, 100 C.E.–350 C.E.            Oct-11   Religion
Stages of Thought                                                   Oct-11   Religion
Stealing Fire from Heaven                                           May-11   Religion
Storytracking                                                       Oct-11   Religion
Strong Arms and Drinking Strength                                   May-11   Religion
The Structure of Resurrection Belief                                Oct-11   Religion
Studying John                                                       Oct-11   Religion
Subversive Spiritualities
    ī                                                               Jan-12   Religion
The Suffering of the Impassible God                                 Nov-04   Religion
Ṣūf Mystics of the Niger Desert                                     Oct-11   Religion
Sufism and Islamic Reform in Egypt                                  Oct-11   Religion
Sugata Saurabha                                                     Feb-10   Religion
The Sum of All Heresies                                             Jan-08   Religion
Supernatural Agents                                                 May-09   Religion
Supernatural Selection                                              Sep-10   Religion
Systematic Theology                                                 Oct-11   Religion
The Taboo of Subjectivity                                           Oct-11   Religion
Tantric Treasures                                                   May-06   Religion
Teaching African American Religions                           Sep-06   Religion
Teaching Confucianism                                         May-08   Religion
Teaching Death and Dying                                      Jan-09   Religion
Teaching Durkheim                                             Feb-06   Religion
Teaching Jung                                                 Sep-11   Religion
Teaching Mysticism                                            Jan-12   Religion
Teaching New Religious Movements                              Sep-07   Religion
Teaching Religion and Film                                    Jan-09   Religion
Teaching Ritual                                               May-07   Religion
Teaching Spirits                                              Jan-09   Religion
Teaching the Daode Jing                                       May-08   Religion
Teaching the Reformation                                      Sep-06   Religion
Teaching Undergraduate Research in Religious Studies          Jan-12   Religion
The Ten Lost Tribes                                           Sep-09   Religion
The Tenacity of Unreasonable Beliefs                          Sep-08   Religion
Tending the Heart of Virtue                                   Oct-11   Religion
Terror in the Land of the Holy Spirit                         Feb-10   Religion
Text in Context                                               Apr-04   Religion
That Men Would Praise the Lord                                Sep-10   Religion
Theism, Atheism, and Big Bang Cosmology                       Oct-11   Religion
Theocratic Democracy                                          Jan-11   Religion
Theodore the Stoudite                                         Oct-11   Religion
Theological Aesthetics                                        Oct-11   Religion
The Theological Epistemology of Augustine's De Trinitate      Jan-09   Religion
Theological Incorrectness                                     Jan-05   Religion
Theology in Search of Foundations                             Feb-10   Religion
Theology in Stone                                             Jul-05   Religion
A Theology of Criticism                                       Jan-08   Religion
Theory and Theology in George Herbert’s Poetry                Oct-11   Religion
Thérèse of Lisieux                                            Sep-06   Religion
Thinking about God in an Age of Technology                    Feb-06   Religion
This Side of Heaven                                           Oct-11   Religion
Thomas Aquinas on God and Evil                                Sep-11   Religion
Thomas Chalmers and the Godly Commonwealth in Scotland        Oct-11   Religion
Thomas Cranmer’s Doctrine of Repentance                       Oct-11   Religion
The Thought of Thomas Aquinas                                 Nov-03   Religion
The Three Blessings                                           Jan-11   Religion
Three Eyes for the Journey                                    Jul-05   Religion
Thus I Have Seen                                              Jan-09   Religion
To Change the World                                           May-10   Religion
Torah in the Mouth                                            Nov-03   Religion
Toward a Generous Orthodoxy                                   Sep-10   Religion
Tradition and Imagination                                     Nov-03   Religion
Tradition and Theology in St John Cassian                     Jan-07   Religion
The Transformation of American Religion                       Nov-03   Religion
Transformation of the Self in the thought of Schleiermacher   May-08   Religion
Transgressing the Bounds                                      Nov-03   Religion
Travels in the Netherworld                                    Oct-11   Religion
The Trinitarian Theology of Saint Thomas Aquinas              Oct-11   Religion
Trinitarian Theology: West and East                           Oct-11   Religion
The Trinity                                                   Nov-03   Religion
The Triumph of the Cross                                      May-08   Religion
The Troubles of Templeless Judah                                        Feb-06   Religion
The True Wealth of Nations                                              Sep-10   Religion
Turning Images in Philosophy, Science, and Religion                     Jan-12   Religion
Two Models of Jewish Philosophy                                         Apr-05   Religion
Unbounded Wholeness                                                     May-06   Religion
Uncertain Belief                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Understanding Jonathan Edwards                                          Jan-09   Religion
Understanding the Book of Mormon                                        May-10   Religion
The Unfamiliar Abode                                                    May-10   Religion
Union and Distinction in the Thought of St Maximus the Confessor        May-07   Religion
Unionists, Loyalists, and Conflict Transformation in Northern Ireland   Sep-11   Religion
United by Faith                                                         Oct-11   Religion
Universal Salvation                                                     Nov-03   Religion
The Universalist Movement in America, 1770-1880                         Nov-03   Religion
Unreliable Witnesses                                                    Jan-11   Religion
Unsettling Gaza                                                         May-11   Religion
Variety and Unity in New Testament Thought                              Oct-11   Religion
Verbal Syntax in the Greek Pentateuch                                   Oct-11   Religion
Victorian Reformation                                                   May-09   Religion
Violence and New Religious Movements                                    May-11   Religion
Virtual Orientalism                                                     Jan-11   Religion
Virtuous Bodies                                                         Sep-07   Religion
The Vision Glorious                                                     Oct-11   Religion
Visions of Awakening Space and Time                                     May-07   Religion
Visions of Jesus                                                        Oct-11   Religion
The Voice of Conscience                                                 Sep-10   Religion
Waiting for Antichrist                                                  Sep-06   Religion
Walking in the Way of Peace                                             Nov-03   Religion
Walton’s Lives                                                          Oct-11   Religion
Was Hinduism Invented?                                                  Jul-05   Religion
Water Is Thicker than Blood                                             May-08   Religion
The Western Esoteric Traditions                                         Oct-11   Religion
Western European Liberation Theology                                    Jan-09   Religion
Western Muslims and the Future of Islam                                 Oct-11   Religion
What Did Jesus Mean?                                                    Nov-03   Religion
What is a Lollard?                                                      Sep-10   Religion
When Church Became Theatre                                              Nov-03   Religion
When Prayer Fails                                                       Jan-08   Religion
When Prophecy Never Fails                                               Jul-05   Religion
When Souls Had Wings                                                    Feb-10   Religion
When Sparrows Became Hawks                                              Jan-12   Religion
When the Great Abyss Opened                                             Oct-11   Religion
Where Darwin Meets the Bible                                            Nov-03   Religion
White Collar Zen                                                        Oct-11   Religion
Who Rides the Beast?                                                    Nov-03   Religion
Who Shall Lead Them?                                                    Oct-11   Religion
Why Have You Come Here?                                                 Sep-06   Religion
Wisdom and Law in the Old Testament                                     Mar-12   Religion
Wisdom-Laws                                                             Oct-11   Religion
Wisdom, Politics, and Historiography                                    Oct-11   Religion
With God on All Sides                                                   Jan-09   Religion
With Reverence for the Word                                             Oct-11   Religion
Without Benefit of Clergy                                            Jan-05   Religion
Wittgenstein and the Metaphysics of Grace                            Jan-08   Religion
Women in the Qur'an, Traditions, and Interpretation                  Oct-11   Religion
Women of Fire and Spirit                                             Oct-11   Religion
Women, Dissent, and Anti-Slavery in Britain and America, 1790–1865   Sep-11   Religion
Women's Lives, Women's Rituals in the Hindu Tradition                May-07   Religion
Wonder Reborn                                                        Sep-10   Religion
Word and Supplement                                                  Oct-11   Religion
The Word and the Christ                                              Oct-11   Religion
Word Order and Time in Biblical Hebrew Narrative                     Oct-11   Religion
World of Faith and Freedom                                           Jan-09   Religion
World Upside Down                                                    Sep-09   Religion
Wounds Not Healed By Time                                            Nov-03   Religion
Wounds of Love                                                       Jan-05   Religion
Writing the Rapture                                                  May-09   Religion
Writing the Wrongs                                                   Nov-03   Religion
Yoga Body                                                            May-10   Religion
Yongming Yanshou’s Conception of Chan in the Zongjing lu             Sep-11   Religion
Yves Congar's Theology of the Holy Spirit                            Jul-05   Religion
Zadok's Heirs                                                        Nov-03   Religion
The Zen Canon                                                        Feb-06   Religion
Zen Classics: Formative Texts in the History of Zen Buddhism         Feb-06   Religion
Zen Masters                                                          May-10   Religion
Zen Ritual                                                           Jan-08   Religion
Zen Skin, Zen Marrow                                                 Jan-08   Religion
The Zoroastrian Diaspora                                             Oct-11   Religion
Zoroastrians in Britain                                              Oct-11   Religion
Zwingli                                                              Oct-11   Religion
Adoption by Lesbians and Gay Men                                     Sep-11   Social Work
Analyzing Single System Design Data                                  Feb-10   Social Work
Buddy System                                                         Apr-10   Social Work
Building Strengths and Skills                                        Jan-09   Social Work
Child Poverty and Inequality                                         Apr-10   Social Work
Child Protection in America                                          Apr-10   Social Work
Child Protection Systems                                             May-11   Social Work
Child Sexual Abuse and the Catholic Church                           Jan-12   Social Work
Child Victims and Restorative Justice                                Sep-11   Social Work
Child Welfare and Child Well-Being                                   Feb-10   Social Work
Child Welfare Research                                               Jan-09   Social Work
Childhood Victimization                                              Jan-09   Social Work
Children's Mental Health Research                                    Feb-10   Social Work
Clinical Applications of Evidence-Based Family Interventions         Jan-09   Social Work
Clinical Data-Mining                                                 May-10   Social Work
Clinical Social Work Practice                                        Jan-09   Social Work
Community Social Work Practice in an Urban Context                   Jan-09   Social Work
Community Treatment for Youth                                        Jan-09   Social Work
Confirmatory Factor Analysis                                         Jan-09   Social Work
Cross-Cultural Research                                              May-10   Social Work
Destroying Sanctuary                                                 Jan-11   Social Work
Determining Sample Size                                              Jan-09   Social Work
Developing and Validating Rapid Assessment Instruments               Sep-09   Social Work
Developing Cross Cultural Measurement                                May-09   Social Work
The Dissertation                                                           Feb-10   Social Work
The Domains and Demands of School Social Work Practice                     Jan-09   Social Work
Empowering People with Severe Mental Illness                               Jan-09   Social Work
Ethical Decision Making in School Mental Health                            Jan-11   Social Work
Ethnicity and Social Work Practice                                         Jan-09   Social Work
Evidence-Based Practice in School Mental Health                            Jan-09   Social Work
Faces of Poverty                                                           Apr-10   Social Work
Familicidal Hearts                                                         May-10   Social Work
Family Caps, Abortion and Women of Color                                   Jan-09   Social Work
Family Psychoeducation for Serious Mental Illness                          Sep-09   Social Work
The Field Research Survival Guide                                          Apr-10   Social Work
Finding and Evaluating Evidence                                            Jan-12   Social Work
Fostering Accountability                                                   May-10   Social Work
From Welfare to Work                                                       Jan-09   Social Work
Functional Behavioral Assessment                                           Jan-12   Social Work
Global Child Welfare and Well-Being                                        Sep-10   Social Work
A Guide to Evidence-Based Group Work                                       Jan-09   Social Work
Handbook of Community-Based Clinical Practice                              Apr-10   Social Work
Handbook of International Social Work                                      Jan-12   Social Work
Handbook of Social Work in Health and Aging                                Apr-10   Social Work
Healing Children's Grief                                                   Apr-10   Social Work
Helping Children of Rural, Methamphetamine-Involved Families               Jan-09   Social Work
Historical Research                                                        Jan-09   Social Work
Human Rights and Social Justice in a Global Perspective                    Apr-10   Social Work
Immigration Worldwide                                                      Feb-10   Social Work
In the Line of Fire                                                        Jan-09   Social Work
In the Shadow of Death                                                     Apr-10   Social Work
Innovations in Practice and Service Delivery Across the Lifespan           Jan-09   Social Work
International Social Work Research                                         Jan-09   Social Work
Interviewing Children about Sexual Abuse                                   Jan-09   Social Work
Kinship Foster Care                                                        Jan-09   Social Work
The Korean State and Social Policy                                         May-11   Social Work
Latinas Attempting Suicide                                                 May-11   Social Work
Managing Human Resources in the Human Services                             Jan-09   Social Work
Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents                       Sep-10   Social Work
Multiple Regression with Discrete Dependent Variables                      May-09   Social Work
Narrative Inquiry                                                          Jan-11   Social Work
Needs Assessment                                                           May-09   Social Work
A New Model of School Discipline                                           May-10   Social Work
One Nation, Underprivileged                                                Apr-10   Social Work
Parenting by Men Who Batter                                                Jan-09   Social Work
Policy Creation and Evaluation                                             Jan-12   Social Work
Poor Women in Rich Countries                                               Feb-10   Social Work
Poverty, Battered Women, and Work in U.S. Public Policy                    Sep-11   Social Work
Preparing Research Articles                                                Jan-09   Social Work
Raising Children                                                           Jan-09   Social Work
Randomized Controlled Trials                                               May-09   Social Work
Research for Action                                                        Jan-09   Social Work
Residential Care of Children                                               May-09   Social Work
Restorative Justice and Violence Against Women                             Feb-10   Social Work
The School Practitioner's Concise Companion to Preventing Violence and Conflict     Social Work
The School Practitioner’s Concise Companion to Health and Well Being       Apr-10   Social Work
The School Practitioner’s Concise Companion to Mental Health               Apr-10      Social Work
The School Practitioner’s Concise Companion to Preventing Dropout and Attendance Problems
                                                                           Apr-10      Social Work
School Social Work                                                         May-10      Social Work
School Violence in Context                                                 Jan-09      Social Work
Secondary Data Analysis                                                    Jan-11      Social Work
Smart and Sassy                                                            Jan-09      Social Work
The Social Welfare of Women and Children with HIV and AIDS                 Jan-09      Social Work
Social Work and Restorative Justice                                        Jan-11      Social Work
Social Work and Social Development                                         May-10      Social Work
Social Work Practice in Nontraditional Urban Settings                      Jan-09      Social Work
Social Work With African American Males                                    Sep-10      Social Work
Social Work with Latinos                                                   Jan-09      Social Work
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy                                             Sep-11      Social Work
Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in Schools                                  Jan-09      Social Work
Solution-Focused Treatment of Domestic Violence Offenders                  Jan-09      Social Work
Strategies to Approximate Random Sampling and Assignment                   Feb-10      Social Work
Structural Equation Modeling                                               Jan-12      Social Work
Survival Analysis                                                          Feb-10      Social Work
Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis                                       Jan-09      Social Work
Take Me Home                                                               Jan-09      Social Work
Taking Charge                                                              Apr-10      Social Work
The Tender Years                                                           Jan-09      Social Work
Translation and Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice                  Jan-12      Social Work
Truancy Prevention and Intervention                                        May-10      Social Work
Understanding Child Maltreatment                                           Jan-09      Social Work
Understanding the Social Security Act                                      Apr-10      Social Work
United in Diversity?                                                       Feb-10      Social Work
Violence in Context                                                        Jan-11      Social Work
Violence in the Home                                                       Jan-09      Social Work
The Welfare of Children                                                    Apr-10      Social Work
What Works in Foster Care?                                                 Sep-09      Social Work
A Working Life for People with Severe Mental Illness                       Jan-09      Social Work
Youth Leaving Foster Care                                                  May-11      Social Work
Youth-Led Community Organizing                                             Jan-09      Social Work
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Björk                                                                             1998
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Basu, Kanbur                                                                      2008
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Salomon, Foreword by Stephen P. Marks   2007
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                                                                            Derece, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de M
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