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I would like 4 graphics for my website banner. My banner scrolls and refreshes 4 times. At the
moment I have 4 graphics but I want to make them consistent.

My website is testing Forex products, so I would like my graphics to be based on money, actual
physical currency notes of various countries, such as the American Dollar, the British Pound, the
Australian Dollar etc.

What I would like is for someone to take the graphic ideas I currently have on my website and fill the
graphic pictures in with currency notes, a different currency for each graphic.

Example: My first graphic is a bull and a bear. At the moment the bear is coloured brown, and the
bull is coloured red.

Instead of the bull being brown, I would like it to be coloured with a currency note, say the American
dollar and instead of the bull being red, I would like it to be coloured with a currency note, say the
British pound.

I have an example of something similar...

Example 1 – www.currensys.com                          Example 2

Notes on above pictures

        I particularly like the concept of Example 2. Ultimately, I would like to cut bits of the note
         and paste it into my pictures. The pictures need to be outlined, I just want the filling to be
         something like the following:-

         Example of US Dollar:-

                                       etc.
My current 4 graphics are:-

Graphic 1 – Bull/Bear               Graphic 2 – Scales

Graphic 3 – Currencies              Graphic 4 – Forex

Detail spec for Graphic 1

    1. Bear to be American Dollar
    2. Bull to be British Pound
    3. Keep mirroring at bottom
Detail spec for Graphic 2

    1.   Pound sign to be British Pound (don’t care which pound note...10 pound, 20 pound etc)
    2.   Euro sign to be Euro dollar (don’t care which Euro note... 10 euro, 20 euro)
    3.   Scales can stay the same.
    4.   Keep the mirroring at the bottom.

    Detail spec for Graphic 3

    1. Each symbol to be the relevant currency note i.e The Euro to be a euro note, the Yen to be a
       yen note etc.
    2. Remove the halo thing at the back.
    3. Add some mirroring at the bottom.
    Detail spec for Graphic 4

    1. Remove the dice and just have the letters FOREX above the coins.
    2. The letters of Forex to be filled in with the SAME currency (so pick any currency note and use
       that to fill each of the letters of FOREX.

Other Pictures...

In the same style as all the above (ie in currency notes), I need a graphic for some of my pages. They

       Reviews
       Manual Trading
       Auto Trading – A little robot
       Articles
       About (as in About Trading, About Reviews etc)
       FAQ’s
       Signals
       Top Tips
       Computer Server
       Charity

    Any little picture you think is good for these pages, just as long as they are done in currency and
    look quite cute I really don’t mind.

    Many thanks!!!


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