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									TO:               Members of
                  AFSCME Local 496-03
FROM:             Martina Royster
                  Benefits Specialist
DATE:             July 13, 2011
RE:            OPEN ENROLLMENT PERIOD (July 18 – July 29, 2011)
During the Open Enrollment Period, all eligible Genesee County employees may change their
health insurance carrier to one of the following:
                                    Blue Cross/Blue Shield (BCBS) PPO
                                     HealthPlus of Michigan (HP) PPO

Please note: BCBS Traditional and HealthPlus HMO are no longer available for enrollment.

Although both carriers (BCBS and HP) have a plan start year of June 1, the deductible and
out-of-pocket co-insurance maximum for BCBS is based on a calendar year (January 1). For
HP the deductible and out-of-pocket co-insurance maximum resets June 1, which is in line
with the plan year.
What does that mean for the employee?

 September 1 enrollment             Deductible/Co-insurance Start     Deductible/Co-insurance Reset
HP PPO                              September 1, 2011               June 1, 2012
BCBS PPO                            September 1, 2011               January 1, 2012

If you choose to enroll with the HP PPO plan your deductible and co-insurance would start
September 1, 2011, and then reset next June 1, 2012.

If you choose to enroll with BCBS PPO plan, your deductible and co-insurance would start
September 1, 2011, and then reset January 1, 2012. The reason for the reset is due to the terms
and conditions of the carrier, BCBS. This carrier operates on a calendar year as it relates to
deductible and co-insurance regardless of when an employer’s plan year starts.

You must therefore carefully consider your choice and the financial impact this may have not
just during the initial enrollment this coming September, but also if you decide to change carriers
during future open enrollments.

Open Enrollment is also the time to make any necessary dependent additions or deletions to
your medical, prescription, vision and dental coverage. Dependents that were not added within
thirty (30) days of the qualifying event (marriage, birth, adoption, loss of other coverage) may be
added during this annual enrollment period for a September 1, 2011, effective date as long as all
of the required documentation has been submitted (i.e. birth certificate, marriage license, other
court documents, insurance cancellation letter). Please notify Human Resources immediately if a
spouse or child on your coverage is no longer eligible. All changes must be submitted no later
than July 29, 2011.
If you are adding a child, please complete and sign the enclosed enrollment form and attach
a photocopy of the birth certificate. Without these documents, the enrollment will not be

In addition, during the open enrollment period, you may opt out of the Genesee County health
insurance program and receive $1,000 annually ($500 for part-time employees) in lieu of the
hospital/medical insurance coverage. You must submit the enclosed Health Insurance
Reimbursement form and proof of the other insurance coverage (copy of medical insurance
card). If you are already participating in this program, you do not have to resubmit the
form. Also, if you and your spouse work for Genesee County and your spouse is carrying
the medical/prescription insurance, you would no longer be eligible to receive the
reimbursement. Please review your bargaining agreement for applicable changes.
A schedule with applicable premium co-pays is enclosed. The first payroll deduction for the
insurance premium co-pay, which starts September 1, 2011, will occur August 5, 2011. If you do
not submit the Insurance Enrollment/Change form, you (employee only) will be enrolled under
the PPO plan of your current insurance carrier. For example, if you currently have HealthPlus
HMO and you do not submit the enrollment/change form, you will be enrolled in the HealthPlus
PPO plan. Therefore, please take a moment to make your election and add eligible family
members and provide SSNs and DOBs.


                            Blue Cross/Blue Shield:               1-800-258-8000

                            HealthPlus:                           1-800-332-9161

                            Express Scripts, Inc.                 1-800-451-6245

                            Delta Dental:                         1-800-482-8915

                            Delta Vision Plan:                    1-800-291-9138

                            Benefits Office                       1-810-237-6120
                   1-810-257-2246 (fax)


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