Living Safely in a Mobile Home by darreljefferson


									Living Safely in a Mobile Home
When living in a mobile home it is important that home owners know how to keep their home
safe. There are some special considerations that mobile home owners need to be aware of and
need to be willing to understand before they take up living in a mobile home.

Mobile home owners should be sure that their wiring and their appliances are always in good
working order. Mobile home fires are often caused because the wiring throughout a mobile
home is faulty and sparks begin to fly or an area of the home gets too hot because of the wires.


When shopping for and purchasing major
appliances it is important that the mobile home
owners knows whether or not the electrical system
can handle the new appliance. This research
should be done before the appliance is purchased
to avoid damage to the electrical system.

Before applying new appliances in an older
mobile home, the owner of the mobile home will
want to have an electrical inspector stop by to
look at the electrical system. This way, the owner
will be sure that they can safely purchase and
install new appliances without causing problems.


There are many different signs of wiring trouble within a mobile home. Flickering lights can be
a sign of wiring troubles and people often do not understand how flickering lights correlate with
having trouble within their wiring system and do not get them fixed quickly enough.

If lights are flickering in a mobile home it can be a sign of poor wiring or even a sign of wiring
that is too worn. Getting flickering lights fixed immediately is usually in the best interest of the
mobile home and of the owners of the mobile home.

Fuses and breakers

Replacing fuses in a mobile home often becomes necessary. Installing only recommended fuses
and only using fuses and breakers that are sized to work well in the electrical system that has
been installed and is being used in the mobile home.
If a fuse is blowing on a consistent basis or if there is a tripped circuit breaker this may also be a
sign that it is time to have the electrical system worked on. Taking time to work on the electrical
system is necessary to ensure that the mobile home is going to be safe.

Outlet Installation

                 When using an extension cord in a mobile home, the extension cord should only
                 be for temporary use. If an extension cord becomes a permanent fixture the
                 owner of the mobile home will want to move the appliance to an outlet or have a
                 new outlet installed.

                 Having an electrical outlet installed is a process that needs to be done by a
                 professional electrician. This way, the wiring can be secure and the outlet will
                 be safe to use and will support the needs of the appliances plugged into it.

Living in a mobile home safely requires the owners to be diligent about the care of the mobile
home. With the proper knowledge and care a mobile home can be a very safe housing option.

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