Background Information Fugitive Slave Act 1850 by yurtgc548


									Imagine that an alien ship has landed in
your community. You are captured and
transported to a place unlike anything that
you have ever experienced. You don’t
understand anything about their geography
or culture. You are enslaved. You think
about escaping. Make a list of possible
obstacles that you would face if you decided
to actually attempt an escape.

Obstacles to overcome:
 Background Information:
Fugitive Slave Act of 1850

     PowerPoint developed by S. Apple and J. Lampron
  • The Fugitive Slave Act was part of
    the group of laws referred to as the
    “Compromise of 1850”

Source: The Nystrom Atlas of United States History
• In this compromise, California
  became a free state and the slave
  trade, but not slavery itself, was
  abolished in the District of Columbia
• Slavery was allowed in the newly
  organized territories of Utah and
  New Mexico
• A new Fugitive Slave Act increased
  penalties for assisting runaway slaves
• Even though this compromise was
  passed, no one, especially the
  abolitionists, were happy

     Source: Library of Congress
• The Underground Railroad became even
  more active once the law was passed
• A network of over
3,000 stations helped
enslaved people to
escape to northern
states and Canada
                                  Harriet Tubam

Focus Question: What was the cost
  of freedom for American slaves
 who wanted to escape after 1850?

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