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					                     The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                  April 2nd, 2007

                       Commander’s Chat
                                      By LTC James Nickolas

Family and Friends of the THUNDER HORSE Battalion,
                 Greetings from Camp Liberty, Baghdad, Iraq. Another month has passed, your Soldiers
continue to do tremendous work, and the temperature is beginning to rise.
                 March proved a tough month for the battalion. On 17 March, we lost four outstanding men.
The battalion was establishing our second combat outpost (COP), THRASHER, when the forces building the
COP came under small arms fire. Sergeants Santini and Allen, and Privates First Class Landry and Davis
were part of the Quick Reaction Force dispatched to assist the forces under attack at THRASHER. While
moving to THRASHER, the patrol hit a buried IED. The loss was felt throughout the battalion, but since
these men were assigned to our first COP, Casino, Charlie Company was impacted hardest. Those brave
men have been working and sleeping side by side in close quarters for months. Our thoughts and prayers
continue to be with the families and friends of these American Heroes.
                 The establishment of COP THRASHER immediately impacted positively on the Delta
Company area of operations. The seizure of this key piece of terrain has effectively disrupted our enemies
operations. Following the emplacement of THRASHER, our brigade conducted a large clearing operation
within Delta Company’s area of operations. As part of this clearing mission, a new Iraqi Army Battalion was
assigned to our area to work with Delta Company. The final piece of the puzzle is being emplaced now, as
we establish a gated community around Southern Ghaziliyah. We think these actions will go a long way
towards reducing the violence and returning stability and normalcy to Southern Ghaziliyah.
While assisting with the establishment of COP THRASHER, Charlie Company also continued their effective
operations within Northern Ghaziliyah. COP CASINO continues to set the standard for joint operations with
our Iraqi counterparts. The relationships established between Charlie Company and the 4/1/6/ Iraqi Army
Soldiers grows daily. The COP, itself, also continues to be improved. While we can’t replicate all of the
amenities available on the big bases, we’re doing to our utmost to get everything we can out to your
                 The challenge for Alpha Company this month was focusing on one mission. Still responsible
for their company area of operations in Shulla, the company was pulled in several competing directions to
assist the battalion in South Ghaziliyah. First, the company helped to re-establish the Baghdad barrier plan
which runs along the northern boundary of the Alpha Company zone. Next, the company focused operations
in South Ghaziliyah in support of the establishment of COP THRASHER. Finally, Alpha secured the
brigade’s engineers as they established the gated community through the emplacement of huge amounts of
concrete; all this while their new commander underwent tests to determine the cause of an eye problem. Our
thoughts and prayers go out to Jim and Cassie Walker and we look forward to his speedy recovery.

                                          “ Always Ready”
                     The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                April 2nd, 2007
                 Without missing a beat, a new 1SG took the reigns of Echo Company. SFC Long stepped
up to fill the shoes of SGM Lindsey. SGM Lindsey served faithfully as the company 1SG since the
establishment of the company at Fort Bliss. Now, a newly promoted sergeant major, we’ll bid farewell to
SGM Lindsey as he returns to Fort Bliss and attendance at the Sergeants Major Academy. We continue to
keep Echo Company busy with route clearance, route sanitation, barrier emplacement and any other
mission we can think to send their way.
                 No line companies miss a beat because both HHC and Fox Company continue to provide
outstanding support. As we emplace our second COP, Fox will assume additional mission requirements.
Another addition to their work load will be the anticipated return of Bravo Company. Based on current
guidance, we expect to have Bravo Company back under 2-12 CAV control by mid April.
                 Your loved ones are accomplishing amazing things here, thanks to your continued support
and God’s good grace. The CSM and I want to thank everyone for their continued prayers. You remain in
our thoughts and prayers and we look forward to our return to Fort Bliss.
Until next month, we remain,

                                                             ALWAYS READY,
                                                                 THUNDER 6

                                         “ Always Ready”
                      The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                      April 2nd, 2007

                                          HHC “High Rollers”

   Good Morning to all of the families and friends of the
           1SG Easterling, LT Brown and I, would like to first thank you all for your support that has been
given to the soldiers for the past 5 months. May you all continue to support us and each other as the
upcoming months approach! The month of March was a very active month for the HIGH ROLLERS. This
has caused the time to fly for us all.

          Medics: The entire chain of command would like to send our deepest heart felt sympathy to the
Wife and Family of SGT John Allen who was recently killed by an Improvised Explosive Device that was
detonated on his convoy. SGT Allen was a fantastic medic in both the Battalion Treatment Medical Center
and A CO line medic. SGT Allen will be missed by the entire medic platoon and his comrades on the line
company. There were many soldiers with in the company and through out the Brigade that paid homage to
him during the memorial ceremony.

          Scouts: Currently, have been working in the different company sectors with in the Battalion
Sector of Ghazaliya. They have been conducting dismounted (walking) and mounted (riding) patrols in
conjunction with the Battalion’s Iraqi Army Counterpart. They continue to set the standards for the
company and battalion in everything that they continue to do.

           Mortars: Currently, have been attached to Delta Company for the time being. They have been
the workhorse the Battalion. They have had many different missions that have been asked of them and
they continue to impress the entire chain of command with the resiliency that these soldiers have had to
encounter. They continue to conduct dismounted and mounted patrols in D CO’s sector. The Mortars will
not be with D CO much longer and will be reassigned back to the HIGH ROLLER Family.

             FRG: We are continuing to work on gaining access to slots and times for all soldiers to have
the opportunity to conduct a VTC with loved ones back in the rear every month. This is of course
dependant on the missions that are being conducted and/or arise. I expect to have a definite answer with in
the week. I will send word via SSG Wells as the answer. Currently, there still is no website just for the
HIGH ROLLERS as of yet. I will continue to gather products for this site as for everybody to have access
to this site. The FRG had an Easter picnic on 31MAR07, in which I heard was a blast for the wives and
kids hanging out. I encourage having such gatherings in the future. There is still no time table as of yet for
us to redeploy back to Ft. Bliss. No, there is no official word of an extension. As soon as we get the word
the word will come through official Rear-D information flow.

                                            “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                             April 2nd, 2007

              Leave: We are currently on glide path to have everybody that deployed with us having leave. I
published a policy letter to the soldiers in January that states that the only officers that grant an extension for
a period of time is the Battalion Commander and Brigade Commander. In order for this extension the 1SG
and I need all relative information that pertains to the situation as soon as possible as to gather the facts and
recommendations to the Battalion Commander and Brigade Commander for their decision.

                                                                                     ERIC MENDOZA
                                                                                     CPT, AR

 Medics of HHC/2-12 provided medical aid to                           Medics of HHC/2-12 conducting a Medical
 the citizens of South Ghazaliya and also                             operation.The medics and Delta Company
 provided toys, back packs, coloring books, and                       serviced approximately500 men, women, and
 most importantly, candy to the kids.                                 children that live in South Ghazaliya.

 LT Lozado providing a band aid to an Iraqi Jundi.                    SGT Kress, literally, stirring up the poop with D
                                                                      company Soldiers at JSS Thrasher
                                                  “ Always Ready”
                        The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                 April 2nd, 2007

 PFC Fenton, SPC Leonard, PFC Lopez, and                            Mortar PLT ready for mission
 SGT Jenkins play poker outside FOB Justice

     PFC Fifield getting the Iraqi workout                      1LT McIntyre hard at work at the S-4

    CPT Hilton congratulates PFC Fueher                          Chaplain watches “Rescue Me”
    on her promotion                                             with Spc Gandera and his PLT

                                              “ Always Ready”
                      The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                     April 2nd, 2007

                             Alpha Company “Aces High”

                 For the past month, the Soldiers of Alpha Company have refocused their patrols to support
 the emplacement of JSS Thrasher in Southern Ghazaliya. Platoons escorted the convoys carrying the
 construction materials between Camp Liberty and JSS Thrasher and conducted patrols in Southern
 Ghazaliya in order to disrupt any insurgent activities.
                 Currently, Alpha Company is part of the Brigade’s mission to emplace blocking positions
 in the Battalion’s Area of Operations in order to deny the enemy freedom of movement. Our platoons are
 providing both on site security for the Engineers as they work to create the blocking positions, and
 security for the convoys that carry the supplies for the blocking positions. In order to avoid Iraqi civilians
 being in the area while the engineers are working, the engineers only work during the hours of curfew.
 This has forced the Alpha Company to switch to a reverse cycle. That is to say that we work throughout
 the night and recover during the day. It is like working the third shift. Although the Soldiers are anxious
 to go back to conducting combat patrols, they understand the importance of the current mission and give it
 110%. Even though our three maneuver platoons are conducting nighttime operations, there are still
 daytime missions that have to be executed. This has given the Soldiers in the Headquarters Platoon more
 opportunities to “roll out of the wire.” The Soldiers in Headquarters Platoons were more than ready to
 take on the added responsibility. They have been very successful in executing these missions while
 staying on top of the duties and responsibilities that accompany their jobs in the Command Post.
                 It has been a very tough month for the Soldiers of Alpha Company. We have experienced
 the loss of our friends, we have had to get used to working the third shift, and we have had to take on
 more responsibilities to meet the mission requirements. But to look at the Soldiers in this Company, you
 would not be able to tell that this month had been different from any other. Their resilience is astounding.
 There is no doubt that they will continue to best any challenge that comes their way.

                                            A/2-12 CAV chairs the Claims Meeting in Al
                                            Shu’lla. This weekly meeting gives Iraqis
                                            from the area the opportunity to receive
                                            payment for damages, check on the status of
                                            loved ones that have been detained, and
                                            voice their concerns for their neighborhood.

                                            “ Always Ready”
                          The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                             April 2nd, 2007

                                                                       PFC Garza, the gunner in the HMMWV pictured,
                                                                       scans the buildings to the north of the Alpha
                                                                       Company convoy as they patrol through the busy
                                                                       shopping district in Al Shu’lla. PFC Garza sits
                                                                       low in the turret so as not to make himself a
                                                                       target for enemy snipers shooting from the
                                                                       rooftops of the buildings lining the street.

 A patrol from Alpha Company travels along a
single lane road while on patrol in sector. The
      Soldiers of Alpha Company have become
       proficient at patrolling in many different
    situations. From single lane roads such as
   this, to crowded market streets, to multilane
  highways, each environment requires its own
     set of tactics, techniques, and procedures.

                                                                      SGT Pimpton maneuvers his M1114 Up
                                                                      Armored HMMWV through the narrow streets
                                                                      of the Alpha Company AO. Driving in Iraq
                                                                      presents many unique challenges not found in
                                                                      the U.S., such as children playing soccer in the
                                                                      street, carts pulled by mules traveling on
                                                                      highways, and even local farmers herding their
                                                                      livestock on interstates.

                                                    “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                         April 2nd, 2007

     PFC Jean-Louis pauses long enough to look down
           from the turret and smile for a picture as he
       completes his pre-combat checks on his M240B
     machine gun before going on patrol. On top of the
          responsibilities of being the Alpha Company
         Armorer, PFC Jean-Louis is also a HMMWV
                  gunner in the Headquarters Platoon.

                                                                      From left to right, 1LT Lao, SGT Hamp, and
                                                                      SSG Archer take a break from a very
                                                                      productive “Planning Session” in the Alpha
                                                                      Company CP to pose for a picture. These
                                                                      “Planning Sessions” are extremely important
                                                                      and a key to the Company’s success.

     SGT Fix, right, talks with SGT Hamp while
    waiting to move out on the next patrol. This
    picture was taken at FOB Justice. The high
           operations tempo sometimes calls for
    multiple patrols a day. The Soldiers on this
         patrol pulled into FOB Justice after the
        completion of a morning patrol to relax
          before going back out on patrol in the

                                                    “ Always Ready”
                          The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                             April 2nd, 2007

                                                                      The Alpha Company Headquarters Platoon
                                                                      drives under the Gates of Baghdad while on
                                                                      patrol. The mix between the Iraqi culture and
                                                                      billboard advertising presents a unique sight.
                                                                      Sights like this and countless others
                                                                      throughout the sector keep the Soldiers’
                                                                      cameras filled.

          Soldiers from Alpha Company pose for the
   traditional picture in front of the Crossed Sabers
 in the International Zone. From left to right: SGT
     Leenerts, PFC Garza, SPC Hall, 1LT Hedglin,
     SSG Saulnier, PFC Davis, CPT McCarty, PFC
    Kurtz, SGT Hamp, PFC Disbrow, SGT Fix, and
                                         PFC Burton.

                                                                      PFC Kurtz questions this “insurgent” who
                                                                      was seen near the dumpster at the Alpha
                                                                      Company CP. After determining that he
                                                                      had not been conducting Anti-Coalition
                                                                      activities, the detainee was fed a good meal
                                                                      and sent on his way.

                                                    “ Always Ready”
                      The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                     April 2nd, 2007

                               Bravo Company “Bad Bet”

                Down in FOB Kalsu Bravo Company has been taking on every challenge thrown at them.
Out in sector the Soldiers are working hard by day to give the local nationals a better way of life. By night
they’ve been conducting operations to reduce the IED threat and secure the highway for the supply lines
heading to support troops throughout the country, including the rest of 2-12 CAV in Baghdad. Back on the
FOB the maintenance teams have been working dawn through dusk. Their dedication to keeping the
equipment mission capable takes them outside regularly, going wherever they’re needed to keep the
soldiers ready for the fight.
                Members of 1st, 2nd and 3rd platoons conducted patrols to some of the less fortunate in the
area, distributing food, clothes, vitamins, and soccer balls. Occasionally, the Soldiers are able to take a
break and kick around a soccer ball with the kids as well. Some of the families that the Soldiers meet have
not been visited by CF in over 2 years. So it is really rewarding for the Soldiers to be able to approach them
and hear what they have to say. Many of them are very thankful for our presence and the security that
comes along with it. Many of the people they have visited more regularly have become increasingly
helpful, providing us with information that has helped us reduce the IED and SAF threat in the area.
                Just the other day while SSG Ontiveros, SGT Burge and SPC Perez were visiting a home
and speaking with the man of the house, a small boy, about 4 years old, came over to his father. He had a
small piece of candy in his hand and said quietly in Arabic, “Daddy, the Coalition Forces brought us
candy.” They didn’t have to wait for the translation from the interpreter to know that the boy was sincere
and the father was aptly thankful to have them as guests.
                The Soldiers have also been directly working with the Iraqi Highway Patrol (IHP) and local
nationals for some time. The Civil Affairs branch here has helped connect Bravo Company with local
contractors to provide them with jobs helping clean up and secure the highway. A local contractor
employing about 40 individuals has been working to build a fence along the sides of the highway. Along
with members of the IHP, B Company has been there to ensure their safety as they work.
                Much like the fences back in the states that make it difficult for dear and wildlife to reach
the road, a fence is being installed to make it more difficult for enemy to emplace IED’s. Despite receiving
small arms and mortar fire on several occasions the fence contractor has showed determination to
improving their country and security by continually showing up to work and working hard. Another
contractor cleaned up the median, improving the appearance, and making it harder to hide IED’s. At night
the Soldiers of Bad Bet have been making it increasingly difficult to threaten the area. Utilizing the Tanks,
Bradley’s, and dismounts in creative ways has forced the enemy to react to us.

                                           “ Always Ready”
                          The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                       April 2nd, 2007

                    Another tool to help us with the fight is the recent addition of Avengers. SSG Davis
    and the other members of the ADA team helping B Co own the night. Their Avengers will help us be
    able to detect the enemy at range with one of the military’s best forward looking infrared systems.
    They have been with us since mid-March and are a welcome part of the team.
                    SFC Schatte’s maintenance team has been on top of the game. They have been able to
    fix just about anything the platoon’s have broken including SSG Dantzler’s Bradley that is just
    having a hard time. They have also completed services on 3 Bradley’s and 5 trucks, keeping the fleet
    running strong. They are truly the back bone of all the company does.
                    Many changes are happening every day within the company as well. CPT Denton
    recently had the privilege of promoting several Soldiers to include: Chris Shaw (3rd), David Sutton
    (Commo), and Jeremy Vorhes (3rd) to Specialist, Sebastian Niz (3rd) and Daniel Shearer (3rd) to
    Private First Class, Matthew Lasky (2nd) and Thomas McAdoo (FST) to Private Second Class. The
    XO, 1LT Matt Allen was also presented with the CO’s, “The Duke” award, a sheriff’s badge
    signifying his hard work and tenacity that keeps the company on track. Future awards are already in
    the works with the first going to 1st.
                    Bravo Company is, “Always Ready,” for changes. One of the biggest will be the
    upcoming move to FOB Liberty to reunite with our brothers under 2-12 CAV. The Soldiers are
    preparing for the change in environment and mission and looking forward to supporting and working
    with familiar faces. The Soldiers have also been very glad to have the opportunities to go on leave
    and are looking forward to spending some time at home with their families.

                Soldier makes a new friend                            Combat checks before patrol

                                             “ Always Ready”
                    The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                             April 2nd, 2007

                    Out on patrol with B company “Bad Bet”

  Commander’s comments:
               The company has done an outstanding job as a whole this last month and we have
     seen the effect of our hard work paying off. 1st Platoon has identifying enemy IED
     emplacers at night down to a science. 2nd Platoon through their numerous recons has
     identified several possible enemy locations. The enemy has used against of. 3rd Platoon
     rose to the challenge of aiding another company during a major mission. Finally, HQ’s and
     the mechanics have ensured we all know what is going on and can fight. Our soldiers
     continue to e aggressive competent and amazingly resilient. They have found ways to beat
     the boredom that sometimes causes and look forward to rejoining the Battalion stay safe
     and best wishes
                                                                CPT. Denton
                                        “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                            April 2nd, 2007

     Scanning your area is vital in Kalsu                              A Sunday driver

        Getting to know the people in                         IA and “Bad Bet” working together
        your neighborhood

                                            “ Always Ready”
                      The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                      April 2nd, 2007

                            Charlie Company “Wildcard”

                      Wildcards Improve Life in Northern Ghazaliya
     Charlie Company makes strides in advancing the security situation of Iraqi residents

                 Only two short months ago the North-central portion of Ghazaliya was an extremely volatile
area. The once prominent upper middle class neighborhood had turned into a battle ground of sectarian
violence. There were frequent gun battles in the streets between Shi’ites and Sunnis. Snipers loomed in
abandoned buildings, awaiting the opportunity to fire on innocent civilians, thus inciting fear in the
population. Threat letters were left on unsuspecting front doors, a warning to vacate the premises within 24
hours or tempt execution by the militia. Local nationals were kidnapped and killed at an alarming rate. The
majority of the stores and shops in Ghazaliya were abandoned. People were terrified to leave the relative
safety of their homes, never knowing if a simple trip to the market would leave them caught in the crossfire
between two rival insurgent groups. Parents were afraid to send their children to school leaving most
schools empty and unused. Doctors were afraid to open their clinics, treating someone of the wrong sect
might lead to their death. Much of the area was without power and electric workers did not dare enter the
neighborhood to make necessary repairs.
                 Each side attempts to establish dominance by instilling fear in the people of the opposite sect.
They enhance their dominance by limiting essential services to the area and controlling those which are
allowed. This is the hand the Wildcards were dealt within their area of operations. While there is still much
work to be done the situation is vastly different today than what was previously described. Today, shop
owners are seen re-opening their stores and many of the formerly vacant markets are now bustling with
commerce. Kidnappings and executions have been on the steady decline. People move about the streets
conducting their daily business and the nights are no longer filled with distant gunfire from within Charlie
companies sector.
                 The Wildcard company is succeeding by embracing the principles of fighting a counter
insurgency. Success depends upon having the trust of the people. Most people have knowledge of
insurgents living in close proximity to them. They are often reluctant to share this information for fear of the
repercussions they might receive for working with Americans. Trust with the people is established through
restoring essential services and embracing the population. Local tribal leaders have been shown that
Americans truly want to help their situation and need their assistance to achieve this goal. Tribal leaders
play a critical role as they have a vast amount of influence over the population. With the population
gradually overcoming their fears of working with the Americans, information regarding insurgent activities
begins to surface. Some of this information leads to the arrest of high ranking insurgent leaders, boosting
the populations resolve and adding credibility to coalition forces. The majority of the residents of Ghazaliya
would like nothing more than for the violence to end and life to return to normal. They are willing to help
accomplish this goal only after they realize coalition forces are not ‘the occupiers’, but are here to help.

                                            “ Always Ready”
                       The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                        April 2nd, 2007

  From L to R, 1LT Henely, 1LT Cartee, PFC                          1LT Cartee and PFC Franey discuss tactics on
  Franey and PFC Scott show off their firepower                     the roof of the Casino.
  on the roof of the Casino.

  Local children crowd around a Charlie                             Members of 3rd Platoon play with children
  company patrol hoping to get some candy.                          in Ghazaliya.

  SPC Andrade and PFC Wilson relax in                                PV2 Stewart and PFC Mcintyre find
  their platoon room at the Casino.                                  entertainment in the use of laptops and DVD
                                                                     players at the Casino.
                                                  “ Always Ready”
                       The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                       April 2nd, 2007

 SSG Gauthier and PFC Kaplan relax in their                        PFC McCoy and SGT Thompson challenge
 platoon room at the Casino.                                       each other to a game of football on playstation.

  SGT Thompson and 1LT Cartee pose for a                             SPC Sym listens to the Gospel, read by
  picture during mission planning for a patrol                       CH Hunze
  in central Ghazaliya.

                                                 “ Always Ready”
                  The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                      April 2nd, 2007

                        Delta Company “Stacked Deck”

            Recently soldiers for D Co 2-12 CAV conducted the first ever MEDOP for
  the population of Southern Ghazaliah. Around 200 residents of the Baghdad Muhallah
  showed up for a host of medical issues. These ranged from heart problems, to diabetes,
  and cavities. The medical personnel on the ground were able to provide most medical
  services and even dental services. The local populace was appreciative of the efforts of
  D Co to assist their medical needs. They also displayed gratitude for the presence we
  now have in the Muhallah because of JSS Thrasher, D CO’s new home.
            JSS Thrasher is a very big change from what the soldiers of D Co are used to
  on Camp Liberty, however they are adjusting more every day. We continue to improve
  the JSS defenses and put patrols in sector to gain the trust of the population. Some of
  the improvements that are planned for the future are gym equipment and an MWR
  room with an internet café. This will allow the soldiers of D Co to stay in better
  contact with their loved ones back home.
            The Iraqi Army recently moved in and we look forward to working with
  them, in the hopes of stabilizing the security situation in this part of the city. We
  continue to conduct missions with the Iraqi Army in sector which allows us to
  accomplish two missions. One, we introduce them to the population of Ghazaliah and
  gain the trust of the people in their own armed forces. Second, it allows D Co to
  continue to train their Iraqi Army counterparts in urban combat.
            All the members of D Co send their appreciation for the support they have
  received from their family and friends. We all continue to look forward to the packages
  and letters from everybody back home. Semper Paratus (Always Ready)

                                     “ Always Ready”
                        The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                               April 2nd, 2007

   SPC Spencer mans the radio at JSS Thrasher                                JSS Thrasher’s meeting room, where the
                                                                             magic happens

        LT Lozado working on a patient                                         Medics distributing medication to the
                                                                               local populace

                                         Families receiving care during the MEDOP

                                                “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                                      April 2nd, 2007

   PFC Saylor pulls security during the MEDOP                                        SPC Demma talks with the local children

       The only kids happy to go see a dentist                                      SSG Goods on night operations with the IA

                                                 The dentist checks out the children teeth

                                                    “ Always Ready”
                    The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                            April 2nd, 2007

                              Echo Company
                         “Sappers Leading the Way”

   “E” Company has been doing much of the
   same lately. Our primary missions still consist
   of route clearance and barrier emplacement,
   with some road repairs or recons thrown in
   for good measure from time to time. On the
   latest trip into the city, “E” Company along
   with troops from another Engineering unit
   began dropping scores of concrete barricades
   to support the new Baghdad barrier plan.
   This plan is the newest effort to close off         A Soldier from Echo Company pulls security
   access to our area of operation, keeping          on a alley way, while vehicles get into position.
   insurgents from bringing weapons and bomb
   making materials in, making it a safer place
                                                   Sapper Company is currently
   for our troops and the locals.
                                                   undergoing a change of leadership,
                                                   including a new Commander, a new
                                                   First Sergeant, a new Executive
                                                   Officer, two new Platoon Leaders, and
                                                   a new Platoon Sergeant. By the first of
                                                   May, CPT Evans will be in command
                                                   of “E’ Company, with SFC Long
                                                   acting as 1SG, 1LT Morales as the
                                                   XO, 2LT Daschel and SFC Dyer in
                                                   control of 2nd Platoon, and 1LT
                                                   Hughes and SFC Jacinto in 1st
                                                   Platoon. I think everyone in the
      Soldiers from Echo and Fox Companies, 2-12   Company, including the old
      CAV, emplace barriers on Caradine Road. .
                                                   leadership, is ready for the change.
                                        “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                   April 2nd, 2007

 CPT Ellerman and SFC Jacinto are laying                    SGT Pena and PFC West play horse shoe
back and relaxing before going back out the                 during the organizational day at the Mayor
gate later that night.                                      Cell

   SSG Phifer, PFC Delgado, PFC Tomlin, and SPC              Echo Company leadership serve the Soldiers
   Allen are standing around a table watching a              Steak, Ribs, and many other goodies during
   Dominoes game being played by other Echo                          the first organizational day.
   Company soldiers.

                                              “ Always Ready”
                         The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                                        April 2nd, 2007

    Echo Company Soldiers gathered around
   telling each other war stories. This is the first
   time both platoons have come together since
   the separation of 1st platoon to the 9th EN BN.

                                                                 Soldiers enjoying their steaks and ribs
                                                                 during peaceful day Camp Liberty.

                                                   “ Always Ready”
                       “MARCH MADDNESS” 2007

                           Telling the Support Company’s Story in Baghdad

Boosting Morale In Baghdad Is A Hard Job But Someone Has To Do It
                                                                     By CPT Linwood R. Hilton-
                                                                     Company Commander

                                                                           How do you boost morale for
                                                                     US Soldiers
                                                                     that are deployed to Iraq and work
                                                                     day in, day out in Baghdad? The
                                                                     answers is easy- have a
                                                                     barbeque! Everyone loves a
                                                                     cookout no matter of where you’re
                                                                     from. This comes all too natural to
                                                                     a forward support company (FSC)
                                                                     regardless of where they’re
                                                                     stationed. Fox FSC Soldiers work
                                                                     long hours, sometimes over 10
                                                                     days straight with just enough
                                                                     time off to grab some sleep and
                                                                     make a phone call if they’re lucky.
                                                                     Soldiers get time off as individuals
                                                                     but never as a unit. “Why don’t we
                                                                     give the Soldiers some time off
                                                                     with a cookout, said SSG Zane
                                                                     Samuels of the Fox Company
                                                                     DFAC section, one day early this
                                                                     month. The idea couldn’t come at
                                                                     a better time. The DFAC section
                                                                     scrounged up steaks, chicken,
                                                                     shrimp, drinks, hotdogs and
                                                                     hamburgers for everyone to feast
                                                                     on. The DFAC section led the way
                                                                     cooking but got some unexpected
                                                                     help from the likes of Maintenance
                                                                     and other senior leadership like
  (Left to right) PFC Brandon White and SSG Zane Samuels show        SFC Duffy, the platoon Sergeant
     the company the true art of the “Q”-Barbeque- during the        of Fox Maintenance. It’s all about
                    company’s organizational day                     the Soldiers said one
                            FOX NEWS

  Fox Company enjoys a company cookout in the             Soldiers of all ranks get time off to enjoy the cookout-
  2-12CAV motor pool                                      Thanks SSG Samuels
Boosting Morale (Cont.)

NCO during the cookout, Soldier need a pick me up
every now and then. Of course with every cookout the
sports are bound to come out. Before you know it
Soldiers are tossing footballs around and then an all out
game takes place. The cookout was such a hit that the
company plans to do one at least every month to bring
up morale. The fact that the cookout is completely free
makes it an even better idea. SSG Samuels and the
Headquarters cooks put their connections and resources
together to get everything for the Soldiers so no one had
to pay a dime. The company commander admits, “its not
always easy to give everyone time off because there are
so many missions going on at the same time but when
we can give time we most certainly will.” Having a
company cookout is a small touch of home that Soldiers
can relate to and at the same just kick back and relax.
Plus even though the food in the DFAC is good, Fox
cooks did an outstanding job because everyone in
attendance would agree that if given a choice they’d take
a Fox steak any day over what they usually get day to     SFC Keith Duffy fries shrimp for his Soldiers during the
day for chow. Thanks DFAC section.                        company cookout
SPC Jeremy Roberts and SGT Rene Rivas move   PFC Jemel Lee and SGT Lamitra Niles download
        trucks into place at Thrasher                  latrines for JSS Thrasher

 SGT Sale Tunoa directs traffic and ground     SGT Terry Theus and SFC Fernando Marquez
        guides trucks at Thrasher                      emplace the fuel at the JSS
       When you’re on the Baghdad workout plan,                           SGT Lewis, SGT Estrada, and PFC Williams prove
              SGT Gomez and SPC Kelly                                                   you can’t build a JSS
       demonstrate your strength doubles 10 times                        without the Fox Recovery and Maintenance sections
                that of normal humans

      With the completion of JSS Thrasher (named after the
Battalions 1st fallen Solder of D Company), Fox Company has now
successfully put in three Joint Security Stations (JSSs) for 2-
12CAV with the help of 299th FSB out of Germany. If anyone
thinks its an easy task, think again. Its usually a 4-5 day operation
that runs straight through. SPC Nicholas Bunis recalls, “I thought
building the COP was rough first starting but things started picking
up after 4 days of living in the trucks.” In the end its worth it. JSS
Casino gets more press then almost any place in the US. In this
months Army Magazine issue, the Casino, Fox Company and all
of 2-12 are featured in a 30 page spread. JSS are the wave of the
future here in Bagdad. What’s even more significate is that Fox is
doing real world logistics operations in combat. “It’s a different
mission here then at Bliss, we were training but this is real world.
The NTC cannot compare to this by far. You can always train but
nothing can truly prepare you for war until you’re in it,” said SGT
Vinh Le. The tricky part is that after someone builds a JSS,
someone has to support it by running fuel, food, and water to it in
order to sustain living out in the middle of nowhere. Running CLPs
is no easy job or for the faint at heart, you can ask any distro
Soldiers. SGT Terry Theus will tell you, “its always an interesting
event when we go out, you never know what to expect after sitting
in the staging area and leaving the gate. Routes change, activity
in the area, and intelligence make us change the original plan           SSG Gores, PFC Lee, SPC(P) Sanchez, PFC Ingalls,
about 100 times.” To sum it up best SGT Theus adds, “The Distro                     SPC Solis, and SGT Vines
platoon is the backbone of this battalion right now.”                    show that 88Ms may just be the happiest people in
Check out the Fox Any Soldier web site at:
                    The Thunderhorse Times
First Edition                                                                           April 2nd, 2007

                      CHAPLAIN’S CORNER

            March has been a busy month for the 2-12 CAV. Alpha company is now under new
        management. As mentioned in the mid-month CPT Jim Walker is the new company
        commander and continues to do a good job. Bravo company, as seen by the pictures,
        continues to keep their Area of Operations (AO) clean. Charlie Company still likes the
        spotlight as they stay in the headlines of different magazines and papers around the
        world. They are doing a wonderful job at keeping Northern Ghazhalia quiet and
        stable. Delta Company has changed addresses. They are now at JSS THRASHER.
        The buildings they live in look like a palace inside. The longer they stay the more
        stable things will get. 2-12 Echo continues to keep the bad guys out of our AO and
        keep the streets clean and safe. I personally like knowing they are out there because
        they keep the streets clear for the maneuver and support companies to travel. Foxtrot
        Company helped make THRASHER safe                with barriers.
            March has also been a hard month. The 2-12 CAV family lost four soldiers
        effecting three companies. Sergeants Allen and Santini, Privates First Class Landry
        and Davis were killed in the line of duty. We took them to Mortuary Affairs and
        commended them into God’s care. All four were greatly loved and we will miss them.
        We pray that God will give His comfort and grace to the wives, children, and parents.
        My Chaplain’s Assistant and I are getting out to both JSS’s to provide Christian
        religious services and to inform them of other services on the FOB. Our brigade has a
        Catholic Chaplain who is now allowed to travel once a month to both CASINO and
        THRASHER. This way Charlie and Delta soldiers will get the opportunity to attend
        worship services. We are excited about this as only those brigades with Catholic
        Chaplains can circulate them. The Catholic Church is short on Chaplains. However,
        we will rejoice and give thanks to God that He has blessed the 2-12 this way.
        Again we ask for your prayers, as we continue ours, that we are allowed to come home
        within our allotted time to rejoin our families. May God continue to bless all of us.
        Until next time, God’s peace to all.

                                        “ Always Ready”

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