notice to suppliers by fanzhongqing


									                         MUNICIPAL COUNCIL OF CUREPIPE


This Council is presently compiling a list of suppliers who are willing to be registered for the
supply of the following goods, works, and services.

    1. Banners and Flags.
    2. Beverages (Soft drinks, Mineral Water, Fruit Juice, etc…)
    3. Books, Magazines and periodicals.
    4. Building Materials.
           a. Cement, Aggregates, Crusher run, Chipping, Macadam, Bitumen (Hot, Emulsion and cold
                premixed bags), Iron Bars, etc..
           b. Timber, Pine poles, Planks, Plywood, Shuttering Board.
           c. Paints-Road marking, emulsion, gloss& primer.
           d. Slab concrete( Reinforce concrete slabs & Road kerbs)
           e. Ready Mixed Concrete
           f. Steel section
           g. Galvanised pipes
           h. Bituminous Asphaltic Concrete
           i. Concrete supply and laying.
    5. Ceramic tiles & Sanitary Wares.
    6. Chain Link Fencing.
    7. Computer hardware, Software and Consumable (Equipment, Toners, Ink Cartridge, Data tapes,
        Cds, DVDs, Pen drives, External Hard Disks ,etc…)
    8. Cups, Trophies, Shields and Medals
    9. Equipment (Lawn mowers, Brush Cutters, Children Play Equipment, Air Conditioner, etc…)
    10. Gardening flower (Plants, fertilizers and Equipment).
    11. Hardware shops “Quincaillerie’’ Items.
    12. Herbicide
    13. Lubricating oil / other
    14. ID cards
    15. Office Furniture (office chairs, visitors chairs, office desks, racks & others)
    16. Plastic equipments (Bins, chairs, etc…)
    17. Printing and stationery
           a. Diaries
           b. Office stationery
           c. Printing of Documents, cards posters, &others
18 .Protective Equipment/Uniforms
        a. Aprons ( for mechanics, infant school teachers, refuse collectors, etc…)
        b. Dust masks
        c. Face masks( Protective including those of welders)
        d. Fluorescent belt
        e. Goggles
        f. Heavy Duty Industrial rubber gloves
        g. High Vision Vests with reflective strips
        h. Jeans cap for manual workers
        i. Overalls( Protective)
        j. Respiratory Masks
        k. Safety helmets
        l. Special Gloves for electrician
        m. Special shoes( for mechanics / electricians)
        n. Rubber Boots

19 Signboards and Sign plates
20 Spare parts for plants and vehicles( Batteries, Spare parts for cars, lorries, vans, Bell loader,
   Roller, Tractor, Lawn Mower, Brush cutters, Oil, Tyres)
21 Sports( Tracksuits, Jerseys, Shorts, singlets, sports equipment, ball, etc…)
22 Street Lighting( Bulbs, Ballast, Wiring, Lighting poles, lanterns, fluorescent tube)
23 Street Name plates and Traffic Sign
24 Tools (welding, Panel Beating, Carpentry, Painting, Electrical, Mason, etc….)
25 Aluminium openings (Door, Fanlight window)
26 Any other good[s] not listed above

 1.   Advertising Agencies
 2.   Air Tickets
 3.   Audiovisual and Photo services
 4.   Bank interest rates
 5.   Binding services
 6.   Catering Services (Snacks, lunch, Reception, etc…)
 7.   Cleaning Services ( materials, Equipment and consumables)
 8.   Washing of curtains, towel etc…
  9. Consultancy services
         a. Architectural services
         b. Mechanical and electrical engineering
         c. Construction/ building/ drains
         d. Information and communication technology
         e. Insurance services
         f. Project management services
         g. Quantity surveying services

  9. Electrical services( building and vehicles)
  10. Event Management
  11. Hire and fixing of Decorative lamps and stage decoration
  12. Hiring services
          a. Tent, podium, mirador, control cabin
          b. Transport( Buses, cars, bell loader, roller, Excavator, lorries and other vehicles)
          c. Tarpaulin
          d. Chairs, Tables, Trestles
  13. Insurance
  14. Lopping of branches/ felling of trees and trimming
  15. Maintenance services
          a. Air Conditioners
          b. Computers Hardware
  16. Musical & Other Artistic Performances
  17. Pest control
  18. Sanitary services
  19. Security services
  20. Servicing of Fire Extinguisher
  21. Sound systems & Musical instrument and light display for open concert
  22. Any other services not listed above

   1. Automotive painting
   2. Chain Link Fencing
   3. Electrical services( building and vehicles)
   4. Job and / or Registered Contractor:
        a. Electrical Installation
        b. Civil/ masonry works
        c. Embellishment works – parks, gardens, Avenues / Roadside etc.
        d. Plumbing works
        e. Welding works
        f. Metal works
        g. Automobile electrician
   5. Mechanical Repairs( vehicles)
   6. Panel Beating
   7. Serigraphy work
   8. Tarring of roads( Contracted services)
   9. Upholstery works
   10. Any other work[s]/ minor work[s] not listed above


  1) Interested parties/ prospective suppliers may collect the supplier’s Registration Form at the
     Financial Controller’s Department of the Municipal Council of Curepipe during working hours.
  2) Please note that prices of goods, works and services should not be submitted at this stage.
  3) The attention of the applicants are hereby drawn to the fact that the council would have no
     contractual obligation towards them nor will they entitled to become exclusive providers of
     goods and services to the council.
  4) The Council reserves the right:
     A. To accept or reject any application from any supplier
     B. To proceed with open bidding process in spite of pre-registration exercise.

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