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Table of Contents
    Account Transfers

          Between Accounts

          To Another CFCU Member

          To/from Outside Financial Institutions

    Bill Pay

          New Payments

          Automatic Payments

          eBills

    FinanceWorks

          Spending at a Glance

          Customizing Goals

          Tracking Upcoming Payments
                                                Chevron Federal Credit Union

Table of Contents

    Additional Services

          eDeposit, eAlerts, eStatements

          Check Services and Wire Transfers

 Not enrolled in PC Access yet? Sign up today, it’s easy! Just click on the “Enroll in PC Access” link in the
 Online Banking Box on our home page and follow the steps.
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If you have an online account with Chevron Federal Credit Union (CFCU), you already know about some of the great
features available online. We would like to help you get the most from our online resources by sharing tips and
tricks to get you acquainted with our online products.
                                                                                         Track spending and goals

                                                    Pay and view bills online

                                                                                              Make fund transfers
                                                   Chevron Federal Credit Union

Account Transfers

To transfer funds between your CFCU accounts, click on “Account Access,” then “Account Transfer.”
Enter the amount, the accounts you are transferring to/from, and a memo to help you remember the transaction.
                                                  Chevron Federal Credit Union

Account Transfers

To transfer funds to another CFCU member, click on “Account Access,” then “Transfer to Another Member.” Enter
the transfer amount and from which account you would like the money drawn.
                                                    Chevron Federal Credit Union

Account Transfers

To transfer funds to another financial institution, click on “Account Access,” then “Transfer to/from non-CFCU
Accounts.” Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your external account and make your transfer. We also provide
FAQs on the left-hand side if you have any questions.
                                                       Chevron Federal Credit Union

Bill Pay

Say goodbye to stamps! View and pay your bills directly from PC Access. To set up a new payment:
• Type in who you would like to pay under “Pay someone new.”
• Fill in your account number and/or address.
• Enter bill amount and the date you would like the payment processed.
Under the processing date, there’s a “Deliver by” date. This date varies depending on if we send the payment
electronically, or by check. Please check your “deliver by” date to avoid late fees.
                                                 Chevron Federal Credit Union

Bill Pay
Automatic Payments: Set up payments to go out every week, month, or two months.
• Click on “Make Payments.”
• Select the business or person you would like to pay.
• Click “Pay Automatically.”
                                                     Chevron Federal Credit Union

Bill Pay

E-Bills: Cut the mail clutter by using e-bills. View bills from thousands of companies right through PC Access, and
pay them automatically. You can also save them to your computer for easy viewing later on.
                                                     Chevron Federal Credit Union

Finance Works
FinanceWorks is a free online budgeting tool that helps you manage all of your money, all in one place. Set monthly
budgets by category (like groceries, dining and more), savings goals and more.

View balances and transactions from accounts at over 5,000 financial institutions. That means you can check out
mortgages, credit cards, student loans, investments and more through PC Access!
                                                  Chevron Federal Credit Union

Finance Works
Customize your goals
Add as many goals as you like by clicking on “View all Goals” on the FinanceWorks homepage. Then click “Add a
Category” to set new spending goals.
                                                     Chevron Federal Credit Union

Finance Works
Track Upcoming Payments
Click on any of your accounts to view your transactions. Then, click on the “remind” button and FinanceWorks will
send you an email reminder next time the due date approaches.
                                                   Chevron Federal Credit Union

Additional Services
Check out some of the other cool features in PC Access:

      eDeposit – deposit checks from your home or office using your computer, scanner, and Internet connection.
      eAlerts – set up notifications for when your account balance drops below or exceeds a set amount.
      eStatements – view your monthly statements as far back as 5 years ago!
      Online check images – view check copies online for free.
      Order checks – order checks for your account directly through PC Access.
      Stop Payments – request stop payments for one or a sequence of checks.
      Export transactions – export your transactions into Quicken Finance or Microsoft Excel.
      Wire Transfers – request one-time and recurrent wire transfers using our Wire Transfer Form.
                                                    Chevron Federal Credit Union

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toll-free at 800-232-8101, or via email at and we will be happy to help.

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