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Perrit Hosted Business Applications
5 february 2009
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Sales Tools Drive Company Value

“Firms enjoying Best-in-Class
(BIC) performance enable several key
process, performance and
                                            “Companies that use lead
organizational capabilities, including a
                                            management automation tools to
structured approach to competitive,
                                            connect sales and marketing will
market and sales intelligence (91%),
                                            see an increase in conversion
creating a central repository of
                                            rates by 50%.”
account, contact, and opportunity
                                                                  Gartner Group
information (96%) and utilizing formal
and documented sales processes
                        Aberdeen Research
Typical Business Challenges in Sales

•   Poor adoption by sales staff

•   Lack of consistent execution in sales process

•   Poor productivity (limited time for actual selling)

•   Unreliable prospect/customer information

•   Limited collaboration with other groups
Industry Views

 “When we asked sales executives to
 rate their performance, we found that
                                                    According to Gartner Research, sales
 60% sought improvement in
                                                    people spend only 45% of their time
                                                    selling. The other 55% is spent on
 50% wanted to improve their ability to
                                                    meetings, administrative tasks,
 adapt their sales process to
                                                    account service,training, travel,
 marketplace change, and
                                                    research and intra-company
 49% rated their ability to identify and
 share best practices across the sales                                            Gartner Group
 force as ‘subpar’.”
                                CSO Insights

 “Leading firms embrace mobile CRM to improve productivity, increase system adoption and
 enhance the customer experience. Mobile CRM is now a must-do for many fields sales
                                                                   Liz Herbert - Forrester Research
Change the Game in Sales

         Improve the other
          80% of sales staff

                   Convert every sales
                    interaction into a
                    sales opportunity

                                Break down physical
                               boundaries, eliminate
                                    down time
Microsoft Dynamics CRM Sales Solution

                                   Sales Capabilities
                                  Full feature set
                                  Sales Workflow
                                  Designed for
                                      Users
                                      Managers
                                      Executives
        Territory Management and Planning

Complete set of features/tools for sales          Lead Management Components
                                           • Territory definition   • Quota capabilities
planning, territory management and         • Territory association  • Task assignment and routing
resource allocation                        • Groups and permissions • Resource Manager

Microsoft Advantage
• Resource Center ideal
  for sharing best
• Robust role and group-
  based permission
• Strong global
  capabilities for team
        Lead Management

From capture to tracking to evaluation to          Lead Management Components
                                            • Lead capture and import   • Qualification and Scoring
qualification to conversion and automatic   • Monitoring of leads       • Routing and Assignment
distribution.                               • Prospecting               • Conversion

Microsoft Advantage
• Automatic association of
  incoming emails to leads
• Effortless conversion of
  leads/responses to
• Seamlessly integrated
  with marketing
        Opportunity Management

End-to-end management of opportunities with           Lead Management Components
                                               • Deal tracking              • Products and pricing
seamless integration to MS Office and strong   • Competitive intelligence   • Workflow and rules
workflow helps sales reps. close the deal      • Task management            • Quote to Order

Microsoft Advantage
• Seamless tracking of all
• Robust workflow for
  repeatable best
• Comprehensive
        Account Management

A focused and coordinated approach to the             Lead Management Components
                                               • Data quality controls   • Activity management
management of existing customers and the       • Contact management      • Query and Search
additional revenue opportunities they afford   • Relationship tracking   • Contract management

Microsoft Advantage
• Complete view of all
  products and
• Easy access to contracts
  and renewal dates
• Complex relationship
  mapping and tracking
        Sales Analytics

Full spectrum of sales analysis capabilities          Lead Management Components
                                               • Forecast and pipeline reports • Trending and historical
ranging from basic reporting to OLAP/data      • Other OOB sales reports         analysis
mining and dashboards                          • Report Wizard                 • OLAP and data mining

Microsoft Advantage
• Broad capabilities from
  dashboards to OLAP
• New reports just “Next”
  button away
• Easy report sharing and
       Improved Sales Productivity

                                   Consistent     Effortless
 360° View of     Repeatable        Online/      Forecast and
the Customer     Sales Process       Offline       Pipeline
                                   Experience      Analysis

Enables rapid    Drives greater   Increases      Delivers        Enables
and relevant     efficiencies,    consistency,   better          effective
response and     lower cost of    productivity   forecast        proactive
tailored sales   sale and         and provides   information     cross-selling
activities       better team      more time to   and financial   and up-selling
                 selling          sell           planning
Powered By Microsoft

     Robust Workflow Tools – Designed for the business user

     Native Outlook Client – Familiar and intuitive interface

     Powerful Remote Capabilities – Consistent offline/mobile

     Point & Click Customization – Easily adapts to fit business

     Comprehensive Business Intelligence – Easy access and use
Key Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    True 360°          Higher          Greater Sales     Improved
    Visibility       Productivity       Efficiency      Close Rates

 Improve            Spend more         Shorten sales   Increase
 decision-making    time for selling   cycles via      revenue by
 with 360°          with better        enforceable     optimizing sales
 visibility into    collaboration      workflows and   resources and
 accounts, leads,   and consistency    more accurate   processes via
 opportunities      across the sale    customer data   repeatable best
 and cases across   organization                       practices
 the organization
Key Benefits for Sales

                               • Reach customer satisfaction goals
              VP of
                               • Drive new revenue opportunities
                               • Achieve true business insight and visibility

     • Manage key sales KPIs
     • Increase sales staff empowerment and morale
     • Enforce a consistent sales process

                                • Improve personal productivity
                                • Achieve holistic view of customer needs
                                • Seamlessly track customer comms. and interactions
Key Benefits for IT

            Chief              • Achieve rapid time to value
            Information        • Realize low total cost of ownership (TCO)
            Officer            • Leverage consistent IT architecture & standards

     • Adapt to the company as it evolves and changes
                                                                  IT Team
     • Easily integrate existing applications and data
     • Extend the power of the Dynamics CRM

                                • Adapt to the ever-changing business requirements
                                • Track key KPIs and cross-team workflows
                                • Improve relevancy via point & click customization
Global Customer Base

  Small Businesses   Mid-size Companies   Large Enterprises
Customers in Action

       Raymond James            Best Buy For Business               CH2MHill

     Wealth Management             Technology Retail           Engineering Services
         3,300 users                   225 users                    2,500 users

•   Uses Microsoft Dynamics   • Uses Microsoft Dynamics     • Uses Microsoft Dynamics
    CRM for consultative        CRM to empower B2B            CRM as enterprise-wide
    selling                     sales consultants             CRM system
•   Helps them focus on       • Helps them focus on         • Helps them focus on
    building stronger           improving productivity of     back-end system
    relationships with          sales representatives         integration and complex
    financial advisors                                        CRM
Customer Perspective

    “It’s given our advisors a daily                 “One of the things that really
  discipline for pursuing leads and                attracted us to Microsoft CRM is
more time for personal relationships                that, combined with Microsoft
  with people. We can identify our               Outlook, it’s just like one product. In
 best sales people and leverage their             anything else, you’d be duplicating
           best practices”                         efforts in two separate products.”
                                 Equinox                                  Whistler Tourism

        “As the CEO of a global company, Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows me to
          log in to all of our remote sites to get a snapshot of what’s going on. I
           can get a real-time snapshot of what any of my business units are
                                doing, any day of the week.”
                                                                    Commtech Wireless
Customer ROI

          • 95% reduction in access time to customer data
          • 10% improvement in time-to-customer quote

          • 184% ROI achieved in 8 months
          • 8% increase in staff productivity,
          • 5% reduction in sales staff turnover

          • $2.3 million ROI
          • 85% reduction in time for processing big certifications

          • 8% increase in 1st year of number of largest gift donors
          • 27% growth and additional $1 million in Membership of
            Emerging Leaders Program
Partnering for Success
Software and Services Partners for Sales
Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics CRM delivers:

• An unparalleled user experience for sales professionals

• Choice of user access and delivery method

• Easy integration to legacy systems and data

• Consistent, workflow-driven sales processes

• A full spectrum of sales intelligence capabilities from basic
  queries to predictive analytics
Positioning Statement

  For sales staff that value productivity and empowerment
  and organizations that desire business agility, Microsoft
      Dynamics CRM provides the best mix of relevant
   functionality, unparalleled platform flexibility with the
        broadest choices of access and deployment.
 Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Sales:
 Building a Sales Solution
Core components of a sales application include:
• Lead and Opportunity Management
• Account and Contact Management
• Territory Management                             Operational
• Products, Pricing and Quotes
• Forecasting and Sales Analytics
                                                    Analytical
Key Benefit Areas
• Workflow across Teams and Groups
• Tight Microsoft Office Integration               Collaborative
• Offline and Mobile Device Access
Commonly integrated components include:
• Sales Methodology Solutions
• Product Configurators

Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:
Increased Personal Productivity

• Goal: Deliver a rich set of productivity features
          to allow sales reps to work more effectively
    – Reduce time spent on data input and routine daily tasks
    – Eliminate inaccurate/duplicated contact and account data
    – Use the latest Office enhancements to drive sales effectiveness

• Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
    –   Auto-correct on data entry for accounts, opportunities, and more
    –   Office and Outlook personal productivity enhancements
    –   Batch and real-time data de-duplication
    –   Improved mail-merge functionality
    –   360° activity management and visibility
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:
Coordinated Sales Response Management

• Goal: Easily manage the process of each stage in
          responding to RFPs and other sales requests
    –   Define and manage specific tasks and signoffs for responses
    –   Coordinate contributions from multiple groups
    –   Optimize resources to maximize productivity
    –   Ensure high-quality in every response delivered

• Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
    – Intra-team and cross-team workflow
    – Improved mail-merge
    – 360° activity management and visibility
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:
Global Team Selling

• Goal: Enable team-based opportunity management
          within or across regions
    – Coordinate effectively on more complex deals
    – Execute consistent processes across teams and roles
    – Coordinate and track communications across teams

• Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
    – Multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-time zone support
    – Presence integration for real-time communication
    – 360° activity management and visibility
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:
Complex Relationship Management

• Goal: Manage the complex real-world relationships
         between contacts, accounts, leads, territories, & more
    – Easily extend the sales system to reflect the complex relationships
       that exists within your customer base and your sales organization
    – Support complex business models and channels
    – Analyze relationships across multiple data objects to determine
       emerging trends and opportunities

• Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
    – Support for complex many-to-many relationships
    – Full reporting for custom entities and across multiple entities
    – 360° activity management and visibility
Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Customer Service:
Consistent Experience for Mobile Sales

• Goal: Deliver a productive sales environment
         for mobile field sales organizations
    – Keep sales synchronized in Outlook, ready for mobile use
    – Full access to from Outlook or other clients
    – Analyze sales data offline or online

• Key Capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
    –   Continuous background synchronization to Outlook
    –   Choice of mobile clients: Outlook, browser, or mobile devices
    –   Offline reporting and analysis
    –   Flexible options for email sending and routing
    –   Full remote access without a VPN
Strong Momentum in Sales

                                                                    Microsoft Dynamics CRM has
                                                                   emerged as a market leader in
                                                                   the sales management space,
                                                                  driven by its ease of use for sales
                                                                      professionals and by the
                                                                  flexibility of the underlying SOA

               Source: Gartner Magic Quadrant for
    CRM Customer Service Contact Centers, 2007 [emphasis added]
SFA Customer Quotes

  “This is the first time we are able to look at clients in a broader way and we
  will know exactly what is happening with a client throughout our network. It
            will definitely enable us to serve our global clients better.”
                                                                               ABN AMRO

 “We’ve embarked on building a world-class sales organization, and we couldn’t
 have done it without a world-class sales force automation tool. Microsoft CRM
                  is playing a central role in achieving this goal.”
                                                                                   Best Buy

    “For the first time, we have handshaking between sales and operations.
  Microsoft gives us real-time intelligence from sales through fulfillment. Life is
               better for our sales people and for our customers.”
                                                                       The Virginian Pilot
Style Guide

Drop shadows
•   Under FORMAT, then under EFFECTS, select SHADOW, then always choose the first ‘Outer’ shadow on the left
•   Drop shadows should be used on blue boxes, screen grabs and photos

•   They should NOT be used on images of people that have no background. (See example on left) >>
•   Do NOT put drop shadows on logos, text or intricate tables or charts. Avoid putting drop shadows on group products
    as it will put a drop shadow on text.

Box colors
•   Light Blue for Quote Box >>

•   Dark Blue box treatment >>

Box treatments
•   Blue boxes should have the above formatted drop shadow
•   White boxes should have a grey border color >>
    and have a 3 pt line weight

Animation should be very minimal and only to illustrate a point
To choose a different title image go to HOME, select LAYOUT
Style Guide

Font Treatment
•   Calibri is the only font that should be used
•   Title Page requirements
     –    Title (Calibri 44) Use single word (Sales, Service, Marketing)
     –    Sub-Title (Calibri 32) Use ‘Introduction’
     –    Presenter info (Calibri 20)
•   Box font treatments
     –    Text (Calibri 18), Spacing (Multiple 1.3), Highlight (Bold)
     –    Attribution (Calibri 14), Right justified Italics
•   Bullet Slides
     –    Text size will automatically populate if you go to HOME, and select RESET. If those sizes do not fit with the amount of
          text on your slide please adjust. For example if you have only 5 bullet points use 18 point Calibri with 1.8 line spacing.
     –    When writing a bullet slide keep in mind the length of the text. Bullet information that is similar in length is easier to
Use these slides as template for slides you create
•   For example 2 quotes on a page should be laid out like slide 2. Three quotes should be laid out like slide 4.
•   Try to match the specifics of this template as much as you can to the slides you create.