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									WeatherPro is a great weather app that features high-quality seven day
forecasts and weather reports for over two million locations worldwide.
To search for a location, click on the Location tab, and then type in the
name of the city, or point of interest in the search field. Click on the
selected location to be taken to the weather forecast view. In addition
to the two million cities available in WeatherPro's database, you can
also search for 800,000 points on interest. To save a location to your
list of favorites click on the star to the right of the location name.

 The forecast view is the first screen that you'll see when you launch
the app. The screen displays the latest weather updates for the last
location you looked at. Below the city name you will find detailed
weather information including temperature, wind direction and speed, and
other information you might find useful. Click on the weather icon symbol
to view a short written description. You can also view a detailed three
hourly breakdown of the weather, and a summary of the forecast split into
the night and day.

 The chart view shows you the forecast in a clear, easy to read graphic
format. To access the charts view, click on the charts icon on the top
right corner of the main weather page.
 Here you can view the graphs for each weather element, including
temperature, sunshine, duration, and precipitation risk. This will help
you understand how the weather will change over the coming days. GPS
localization helps WeatherPro locate you, and display a list of all
available weather stations near your location.

 The radar and satellite views display maps of the country or continent
last selected on the location tab. The radar and satellite images are
updated every 15 minutes. Weather pro supports weather radar for the UK,
USA, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Spain, and
Switzerland. Radar enables you to see precipitation, and its intensity.
Yellow indicates weak precipitation whereas orange and red tones show
higher intensities. WeatherPro lets you animate the images by using the
play, pause, fast forward and rewind controls. You can also scroll from
side to side, and pan and zoom by clicking on the map and pinching it
with two fingers.

 You can personalize your set-up, the weather units displayed for
temperature, wind pressure, etc from the settings menu. WeatherPro also
includes several widgets that make it easier for you to customize your
home screen. They all display the current weather and maximum and minimum
temperatures. They only differ in the extent of the forecast that is
displayed. Please note that widgets must be installed on the internal
memory. This is really important as, if you install them on the external
memory, WeatherPro will crash. Overall WeatherPro is one of the best
weather app available for your Android.


 *   Weather reports for over 2 million location
 *   View forecast as a graph for an alternative, easy to read outlook
 *   Radar images for the USA and much of Europe
 *   Pan and zoom functionality
 * GPS localization
 * 800,00 new points of interest in the locations database
 * View Temperature(Celsius/Fahrenheit ), air pressure, precipitation
amount, sunrise and sunset time, etc
 * Tilt screen for landscape format
 * Favorite settings

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