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									 MIS 5105
Dr. Garrett
   The need for networking
   Key elements of telecommunications and
   The telecommunications industry
   Online Advertising Spending/Growth
   Case: Google
   Sharing of technology resources
   Sharing of data
   Distributed data processing and client/server
   Enhanced communications
   Marketing outreach
Networking –
the electronic linking of geographically dispersed devices

Telecommunications –
communications (voice and data) at a distance
Analog and Digital Signals

       Analog network uses continuous voltage varying as
        a function of time
         Example: voice over telephone lines
       Digital network directly transmits two discrete
         Note: 0 for pulse off and 1 for pulse on
Transmission Media   Typical Speeds
Types of Networks
   Computer Telecommunications Networks
   Private branch exchange (PBX) Networks
   Local Area Networks (LANs)
   Backbone Networks
   Wide Area Networks (WANs)
   Internet
   Internet2
Types of Networks
Local Area Networks
     Owned by a single organization
     Operate within area 2-3 miles in diameter
     Contain a number of intelligent devices,
      usually microcomputers, that can process data
      … based on peer-to-peer relationship
     No part of telephone system, have their own
Wireless LAN
   • Known as Wi-Fi (wireless fidelity)
   • Growing in demand for corporate and home use
   • Use IEEE 802.11 standards with shared
      Ethernet design
   • Requires use of wireless network interface card
   • Wireless Access Point (WAP) – radio transceiver
      that acts as a hub
Types of Networks
Backbone Network

In-between network that interconnects LANs in a
single organization with each other and with
organization’s WAN and the Internet
Types of Networks
Backbone Network
Backbone network terminology:
   Bridge – connects two LANs using same
   Router (gateway) – connects two or more LANs
     that may use different protocols
   Switch – connects more than two LANs using
     the same protocols
Types of Networks
Wide Area Network (WAN)

    Communicate voice and data across greater
    Usually owned by several organizations
     (including user organization and common
    Employ point-to-point transmission
    Often rely on public telephone network
    Types of Networks
    The Internet
     Network of networks that use the TCP/IP protocol
     Contain gateways to computers that do not use TCP/IP
     Provides four basic functions:
        Electronic mail
        Remote login
        Discussion groups
        Sharing of data resources
    DSL, Cable Modem, and Satellite
    Internet Access Services

     Digital subscriber line (DSL) – service offered by telephone
     companies using copper wire already installed in homes …
     moving data over wires without disturbing voice traffic
     Cable modem – connection obtained from cable TV
     company using existing home coaxial cable
     Satellite – most expensive, but may be only option for
     customers in rural areas

Intranet –
    a network operating within an organization that uses
    the TCP/IP protocol
Network Protocols
Protocol –
   agreed-upon set of rules governing communication
   among layers or levels of a network
Network Protocols
       International Organization for Standardization (ISO)
        network protocol – Open Systems Interconnection
        Reference Model (OSI)
         Thought to become the only standard for networking
         Gained momentum until Internet explosion
       Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)
         Has become the de facto standard for networking today
   Online Operations
   Connectivity
   Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Electronic
   Marketing
       Carriers
         Own or lease the physical plant – cabling, satellites, cellular
          towers, etc.
         Sell service of transmitting communication from one location
          to another
       Equipment vendors
         Manufacture and sell LAN software and hardware
         Includes routers, hubs, wireless access points, digital
          switches, multiplexers, cellular telephones, modems
       Service providers
         Operate networks and deliver services through the network
         Provide access to or services via the Internet (such as AOL,
          Microsoft Network, Yahoo!, and many ISPs
   Ad Spending:
Comparisons & Growth
 Revenue                                                                         EPS
($ Millions)                                                                     (diluted)
   $7,000                                                                         $6
   $6,000                                                                    $5.02 $5

   $5,000        Revenue
                 EPS (diluted)                                                    $4
                                                   $3,189M                        $3
   $2,000                        $1,466M                    $1.46

   $1,000      $440M                                                              $1

                       $0.45               $0.41
       $0                                                                         $0
                2002               2003              2004             2005
AdWords     AdSense

             Google Enterprise Products
The Power of the “Tail”                   3.9 Million Daily Page Views
                                            on Hip Hop Related Sites

 • Coverage for advertisers
   beyond search targeting
    – AdSense network covers nearly
      every topic imaginable
    – Matches highly targeted
      advertising with niche content

 • Broad reach for branding
    – Site Targeting allows advertisers
      to reach their target audience
    – Aggregates the long tail
$54.33 mesothelioma lawyers
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$47.25 consolidate loans
$47.16 refinancing mortgage
$45.55 tax attorney
$41.22 mesothelioma
$38.86 car accident lawyer
$38.68 ameriquest mortgage
$38.03 mortgage refinance
                  Source: San Jose Mercury News, March 2006
Source: TNS-MI; 2005 and 2003 US online display advertising, excludes companies with online spend less than $400K in 2003

                              10%         Google
                   Offline                Movies

                              20%   Enterprise
     Google          Video                            Google
      Code                                            Reader
           Google                                 Book
            Talk                                 Search
Suggest Gmail            Core 70%                        Google
                                                  AdSense Pack

         Google                                    Desktop
 Orkut    Earth                Ads                 Search    WiFi

               Local                             Mobile
              Search                             Search
     = Engineering and PM offices

•   Mountain View, CA   •   Bangalore, India
•   Kirkland, WA        •   Beijing, China
•   Phoenix, AZ         •   Belo Horizonte, Brazil
•   Pittsburgh, PA      •   Hyderabad, India
•   New York, NY        •   London, U.K.
•   Santa Monica, CA    •   Munich, Germany
                        •   Tokyo, Japan
                        •   Trondheim, Norway
                        •   Waterloo, Canada
                        •   Zurich, Switzerland
•   stored in a text file on your hard drive

•   usage
     – track users (unique ID)
     – save passwords / prefs.
     – temporary storage (shopping basket)
•   each cookie can only be accessed by the
    domain that placed it (ads have own domain)
•   may be disabled (prefs)

•   a cookie  single user
Targeting Options
• site categorization
• visitor frequency
• geography
• domain name
• service provider
• SIC codes
• company size (emp, $)
• browser type
• operating system
• click stream

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