Officer_Positions by fanzhongqing


									                                  2012 Officer Positions Open!!

            President:                             Vice-President:                               Treasurer:
      Manages officers activities,        Represents Edgerton at GSC meetings         Handles all financial matters, gets
  represents residents to the House         and will succeed the president if       approval for annual budget, keeps tabs
staff and at larger institute meetings.                necessary.                     on reimbursements and manages
                                                                                                House founds.

            Secretary:                            Social Chairs (4):                              Athletics:
Publicizes upcoming events and news           Run social events for Edgerton        Organizes sport activities for residents,
 both in Edgerton & around Campus.            including the biweekly socials,         maintains the Edgerton Gym and
  Keeps minutes at house meetings.        orientation and other events for new       responses to residents’ suggestions
                                          residents. They also participate in the          about Gym equipment.
                                          organization of campus-wide events.
          Web Master:                                  IT Chair:                                 Resources:
Responsible for all Internet and web        Maintains Edgerton’s computers,            Maintains Edgerton’s high value
   related issues and maintains             printers and related equipment.         equipment and responses to residents’
   Edgerton’s website and email             Manages their reservation among           suggestions about new equipment.
         distribution list.                            residents.

      Reservations Chair:                              Facilities:                        Environmental Chair:
Manages residents’ reservations for           Keeps inventory in the common         Develops a plan to improve Edgerton’s
the lounges, common spaces, large         spaces, checking for damaged/missing       environmental footprint, including
   lounge, BBQ pits, monitors &            items & responses to residents’ input      education about recycling process
            equipment.                               on improvement.                           available at MIT

                           Go to: and fill an application form

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