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									                              NEWS AND ANNOUNCEMENTS/PRAYER TIMES
                                      Our Savior Lutheran Church
                                       7910 E. St. Joe Highway
                                            April 1, 2012

                        New at Our Savior                                EASTER EGG HUNT NEEDS: (1) Volunteers to help with craft and
                                                                         activity tables in the gym on Saturday, April 7, from 9:00 - 10:30
                                                                         AM. Volunteers are also needed to help with registration,
                     **New Announcement                                  hospitality,      and      "hiding"     the        Easter      eggs.
                                                                         (2) Cash Donations - If you would like to donate money for
**DON’T MISS YOUR CHANCE TO BID ON THIS YEAR’S GREAT ITEMS!              purchasing Easter Story Arch books and crafts for our guests,
Bid in the narthex today through Easter Sunday on several great          please put your donation in an envelope marked "Easter Egg Hunt"
items: Sermon Pillow, VIP Parking Spot, Plan a Worship Service, and      and place it in the offering. (3) Publicity- Invite your friends and
more!) You can also sign up for tickets! The Auction is Friday, April    neighbors to this fun event! Take posters (available in the narthex)
20th, silent auction begins at 5:30pm, Dinner at 7:00pm. Tickets are     to area places of business. If you have questions contact:
$50 per person. Please contact the school office to purchase your or 627-8569. THANK YOU!
tickets or to donate items at 517-882-3550.
                                                                         MEMBERSHIP 101: is an 8 week in depth study to prepare people
**EASTER LILIES: Today is the deadline to order flowers to decorate      for meaningful membership at Our Savior.         It is a perfect
the altar on Easter Sunday. One plant (6” pot) is $10, two plants        opportunity for someone to join Our Savior or to renew their
(8” pot) is $20. Please fill out the Easter lily form (forms can be      understanding of the Christian Faith. Classes will be on Sunday
found on information table in the narthex) and put it in Sherry          from 9:30 to 10:30 am in the board room. Classes begin on
Burmeister’s mailbox with payment. After the second service on           Sunday April 15th and go through Sunday, June 3rd. To sign up or
Easter Sunday, you may come up to the front of the church to pick        for questions, please contact the church office
yours up and take it home! You may designate a flower in
memory/honor of someone. If you have any questions, please               OSL 2012 COOKBOOK ORDERS: Thank you so much for all of the
contact Sherry Burmeister at 974-2689 or email her at                    recipes that you have submitted for the cookbook. There are lots                                                of delicious options!! We are now taking pre-orders! It is $10 per
                                                                         book that can be paid at time of pick up. If you would like to
**FOOD BANK SUNDAY: Food Bank Sunday is April 8th. The focus             reserve your copy, please contact Becky Grocki at:
for April is canned fruit. Please consider picking up a few extra or 517-582-0072.
cans at the store this week for those that use the Food Bank. As
always, personal care items and non-perishable food donations            PASTOR GRAVES NEW EMAIL ADDRESS: Pastor Graves has a new
are always appreciated. You may drop off items in the Food Bank          email address! Please use if you would like
area of the narthex.                                                     to get in touch with him via email!

**ISRAEL JOURNEY: For all those going to Israel and for all those        EASTER BREAKFAST: OSL’s High School Youth, Crossfire, will be
thinking strongly about going, Pastor Graves will have a gathering       hosting an Easter morning breakfast. They will be serving from 8:15
with you Monday, April 16th at 7:30pm in the Fellowship Hall.            – 9:30 am. Prices are: $5 ages 10 and up, $3 under 10 or $15 for a
Bring friends!!                                                          family. Donations of breakfast rolls and sweets are needed.
                                                                         Please check your church mailbox for a form to turn in if you are
**MARKET DAY: The Market Day order forms for April are in the            able to donate baked goods. Baked goods can be dropped off
church mailboxes. Thank you to everyone who purchased Market             on Saturday, April 7t, between 9am and 12pm.             For more
Day products in March. Our school’s profit was approx. $100.00.          information, please call Sherry Burmeister at 974-2689 or email her
Please contact Barb Kaiser at 882-2652 with any Market Day               at
                                                                                               HOLY WEEK SCHEDULE:
**VOLUNTEER CORNER – ALTAR FLOWER COORDINATOR: Would you                   Maundy Thursday - Thursday, April 5 - 6:30 p.m. (Communion)
like to see more flowers on the altar each week? We are looking
                                                                              Good Friday - Friday, April 6 - 12 p.m. (No Communion)
for an Altar Flower Coordinator. This person would help start the
                                                                                        7:30 p.m. Tenebrae (No Communion)
alter flower calendar/sign-up sheet and would also confirm with
                                                                          Easter - Sunday, April 8 - 7 a.m. Sunrise Traditional (Communion)
each family that they have placed their floral order. The time
                                                                                    10 a.m. Victory Contemporary (Communion)
commitment is approx. 30 min. to 1 hour per week. If you would
be interested in helping with this effort, please contact Becky
Grocki at 582.0072 or
Each week, we will be highlighting a different way you can get                                Ongoing at Our Savior
involved in the church or school by volunteering your time or
talents!                                                                 BOX TOPS FOR EDUCATION: Our school collects and redeems Box
                                                                         Tops for Education. Each Box Top is worth $.10 for our school.
**WIN A $2,500 TUITION CREDIT: A tuition credit raffle will be held at   These really add up when we have many families collecting and
the auction on April 20th. 1 raffle ticket for $25 or 5 for $100.        turning them in. There is an additional collection box for Box Tops
Contact         the      School office      or        Lisa     Keefer    in the church lobby on the OSL School Information Table. Please
( to purchase your ticket(s) or with         help us collect Box Tops for Education. Our goal is to raise
questions! A minimum of 100 tickets must be purchased; otherwise         $1,400.00 through Box Tops this school year.
it turns into a 50/50 raffle.
COMMUNICATION/ADVERTISING: If you or your group is planning a              PRAYER LINE: “…pour out your hearts to him, for God is our
function, please remember to fill out a Communication Request              refuge.” (Psalm 62:8b). Prayer requests can be shared along the
Form located at the information area. This form is for advertising         church prayer line by calling Linda Keep 775.1923 or Viola Troyer
and must be turned in to the church office 2 weeks before the              394.8320.
function. This form is also available on the OSL Web under
resources, congregational resources and then communication                 SCRIP: The SCRIP table will be available between services at 9:30
request. You can print the form or fill out the on line form that can      am in the Narthex, near the coffee carts. Please contact Barb
be emailed directly to the church. You can also email Becky                Kaiser at 882.2652 with any SCRIP questions.
Grocki—Communications                      Director                at                                        TEDDY BEAR CARE MINISTRY: OSL has 2 furry friends! Each is a
                                                                           beautiful bear that has the name of our church embroidered on it.
E-MAIL ADDRESSES: OSL sends out email to members when there is             One is for our shut in members, the other for OSL children in crisis
        important information that needs to go out and on most             situations, to be given out by the Pastors.              We welcome
         Thursdays. Please be sure we have your current email              contributions to a fund for the future of this ministry.
         address         by         emailing        it      to                                                              Other Activities & Ministries
ENROLLMENT INFORMATION: It’s not too late to enroll your child for
the 2012-2013 school year! Enrollment is first come, first enrolled        CHRISTIAN JOB OPPORTUNITY: St. Peter Lutheran Church in St.
until classes are filled. If you or someone you know would like more       Johns has an opening for a Preschool Program Director/Preschool
information or an enrollment packet, please contact the School             Lead Teacher. If you are interested in more information, please
Office at 517-882-3550!                                                    see the information table in the narthex for the job description and
                                                                           contact information.
FUNDRAISING POLICY:         All OSL (church & school) groups or
organizations soliciting funds/donations shall be allowed to set up        FAMILY OFF ROAD WEEKEND: If you have an ORV (dirt bike or
a booth or table in the Fellowship Hallway only. No proselytizing will     Quad), you don't want to miss this opportunity to relax, ride the
be permitted outside that area. Because of the limited space in            trails, hang out with other Christian ORV enthusiasts, eat great
that area only up to 4 groups will be permitted to solicit                 camp meals and enjoy a concert Saturday night. April 27 – 29,
funds/donations at one time. Contact person will be the church             2012. Info and registration on line @ (Click
receptionist/secretary 882.8665. You must make your request no             on retreats then dirt bike)
later than 2 weeks prior to set up of your fundraising table or booth.
Your booth or table will be permitted for no more than 4                   THE LUTHERAN HOUR RADIO BROADCAST: Next week’s broadcast
consecutive weeks. This will allow others the fundraising privilege        on April 1st is titled “Jesus’ Resurrection: God’s Public Guarantee for
as well. Exception will be made by the Pastors.                            Lasting Hope!” by speaker Rev. Gregory Seltz. Jesus’ resurrection is
                                                                           God’s public guarantee that life is worth living because life in
OSL BOOK NOOK: The Book Nook is located at the back of the                 Christ never ends, starting now. (I Corinthians 15:17-19) Hear the
Bickel Chapel/Fellowship Room. Many good books are available               Lutheran Hour message Sunday mornings at 6:30 on 1130 AM and
for you to check out. If you would like to donate Christian fiction        105.7 AM, 9:00 on 970 AM and at 9:30 on 1390 AM. Hear the
books please leave them on the counter across from the book                broadcast            available       to       our       military    at:
shelves.                                                          The Lutheran Hour is also
                                                                           on XM’s Family Talk Radio 170 every Sunday at 1:00 pm (EST). You
OSL FOOD BANK: needs your help. Due to the economy our Food                can also visit and select “The Lutheran Hour” on the
Bank is helping many more people than in the past. Items needed            left-hand side of the page.
include shampoo, bath soap, toilet paper, grocery bags and
gently used children’s clothing. Non perishable food is always             LUTHERANS FOR LIFE: “’Yea, though I walk through the valley of the
welcome. Items may be dropped off at the east end of the                   shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for Thou art with me.’…What
church lobby.                                                              gives meaning to these words? It is the Easter story of Christ’s
                                                                           resurrection. He lives and walks with me. We know this is no
PARAMENTS: What do the different colors mean? The colors serve             sentimental thought, but an objective truth that God is God, and
to adorn the worship area and call attention to the nature of the          He uses this verse to comfort His children. Because He lives, we
season being celebrated. We are seeing the purple of Lent, the             can face tomorrow with confidence.” Rev. Homer Larson, speaker
stark color of repentance and solemnity. Maundy Thursday will              on the Christian Crusaders radio program – This “Life Quote” is from
have white paraments signifying the institution of the Lord’s              Lutherans for Life (888.364.LIFE)
Supper. “There is now no condemnation for those who are in
Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1) On Good Friday, the paraments will be          LUTHERAN MINISTRIES MEDIA, INC. broadcasts a program for shut-
changed to black for mourning, humility and death. “But God                ins every Sunday at 11:30 am channels 377 TCT (Total Christian
demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners,     Television) and on W27CN-DT27 in the Lansing area. The sermon
Christ died for us.” (Romans 5:8) Easter morning will be celebrated        schedule and other channel information are available on their
with the white/gold paraments expressing our joy in the                    website at
Resurrection. “Jesus told her, ‘I am the resurrection and the life.
Those who believe in me, even though they die like everyone else,
will live again.’” (John 11:25)

              Weekly Financial Report                                            Fiscal Year To Date (39 weeks)
                          Amount           Amount                                                   Budget           Amount
                          Needed          Received        Difference                                Needed          Received         Difference
                         Each Week        Last Week                                               Year to date     Year to date
Total Church Income        $21,275.94       $21,233.95        -$41.99    Total Church Income        $829,761.66      $774,267.96     -$55,493.70
Total Mortgage (FWC)        $4,538.46        $4,387.80      -$150.66     Total Mortgage (FWC)       $176,999.94      $159,956.80     -$17,043.14
Total School Income        $13,367.31       $16,646.00     $3,278.69     Total School Income        $521,325.09      $486,955.27     -$34,369.82

Grand Total                                                $3,086.04     Grand Total                                                -$106,906.66
                                             STATISTICAL INFORMATION
                                        OUR LOVE FOR GOD'S WORD LAST WEEK

                                              OUR WORSHIP ATTENDANCE

                                        Sunday 8:00 AM Worship Service: 174
                                        Sunday 10:45 AM Worship Service: 299

                                                 Total # Worshiping: 473
                                                Total # Communing: 186

                                            SERVING OUR LORD NEXT WEEK

                              Sunday, April 8, Easter Sunrise Service - 7:00 a.m. (Team 4)

Elders:           Darryl Warncke
Assistants:       Jordan Miller & Nate Wagner
Acolytes:         Duncan Flannery&Kirsten Olsen
Ushers:           Ben Davenport, Mike Bardon, Chris Tiedje & Daniel Wagner

Altar Guild:      Linda Shepard & Marcia Hamstra
Nursery:          Gretchen Kosel & Elizabeth Wood
Prayer Warrior:   Wayne & Heidi Joubert
Greeters:         Jim & Ellen Landskroener
Welcome Center:   Tom & Barb Kaiser

                            Sunday, April 8, Easter Victory Service - 10:00 a.m. (Teams 5 &6)

Elders:           Jim Sundstrom, Phil Trapp & Matt Sternemann
Assistants:       Mike Goodall, Alan Broskey, Jeff Johnson, Steve Mohnke & Phil Moldenhauer
Acolytes:         Grace Johnson
Ushers:           Tom Friedrich, Seth Broskey, Cheryl Johnson, Aubrey Friedrich, Caleb Johnson, Colton Broskey,
                  Mikayla Goodall, Jim Krause, Jerry Goschka, Aaron Mohnke, Trevor Mohnke, Michael Moldenhauer,
                  Ben Trapp & Austin Lee

Nursery:        Katie Macomber & Sarah Hall
Prayer Warrior:
Greeters:       Manuel & Angel Alfaro
Welcome Center: Chuck & Jean Walter

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