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									Meeting :    29-Sep-07                                 Next Meeting : 26-Nov-07
Time :           20:00                                         Time:      20:00

Agenda Items

        1 October Events Feedback
            Dessert Night (26 Sep)              Went well
            Walden Trip (29 Sep)                7 people went, had a great time
            Potluck (3 Oct)                     20 guys and no girls showed up
            Veggie Wings (10 Oct)               No Tang residents came; don't do the event in the future
            Fondue Night (17 Oct)               Very popular, buy more food next time
            Pumpkin Carving (24 Oct)            very popular event, 20 people showed up
            Tower of Terror (28 Oct)            Successful event but only 6 kids from Westgate showed up

        2 Tang Athletics Quick Update           Badminton is undefeated, Tennis doing really well, Soccer hasn't started yet, D

        3 Facilities
            Outstanding items from last time: Billiard cues, ping-pong equipment, bicycle pump, gym equipment
            Vacuum cleaners (2 broken)
            Change machine in laundry room broken
            The TV on the first floor is broken, doesn't have a lock on the door. We've seen Westgate families in there.
            Cables are loose on the 24th floor TV

        4 Cabinet Organization Postponed
          Housemasters/Michael haven't decided on the 24th floor space - Waiting for locks on the open cabinets
          Only 2 small cabinets above the fridge is available to us
          We can buy a metal filing cabinet with a lock and put it on the 24th floor
          Erdong clear with housemasters and Michael and purchase the filing cabinet and boxes

        5 November newsletter
          Jamie is taking care of it

        6 Upcoming events
          Salem Trip (31 Oct) - Donny, Paul
          Make your own pizza night (7 Nov) - Erdong, Sachin (e-mail him)
          MFA Tour (10 Nov) - Jamie, Andrew
          Trivia Night with Nachos (14 Nov) - Andrew
          Pumpkin Pie Making (21 Nov) - Anton           Switched with Casino Night
          Casino Night (28 Nov) - Anton, Andrej


7 Email Jaya and Donny descriptions and posters for your events by Sunday!
  Website improvement ideas?
  Put laundryview on the website
  List of the DVDs
  Have Carol give all the new movies to the front desk
  Sync website with items checked out

8 Housemasters update
  Housemasters/manager meeting status?

  Billiards tournament and darts tournament during IAP

9 Schedule next meeting
  Monday Nov 26
te showed up

well, Soccer hasn't started yet, Dodgeball has't won a game yet

             Everything from this list is fixed or bought
             Erdong will take care of that

estgate families in there.

ks on the open cabinets

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