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					Mortgage Professionals                                                                                                       HOME SEARCH WITH SMARTS

Advertising Opportunity
Top Reasons
to Advertise Online                                                                                               TOTAL Average
1. 90% of people start their
home search online
2. 52% of first time buyers
who used the internet were
                                            British Columbia
looking for “general information
about mortgages”                            75%
3. 75% of mortgage                                                        Saskatchewan/
consumers who used                                        79%             Manitoba                               Quebec                 Atlantic
the internet for research,
also used an online mortgage                                              81%                 Ontario            86%                    75%
calculator                                                                                    80%
4. 22% of mortgage
customers solely rely on                                     81% of Canadians would classify mortgages as good debt
the use of online resources

      Snapshot of the
      mortgage provider’s
      customer base
                                                              VS                            Zoocasa’s Audience

       Median age: 36 yrs for broker customers                                                 42.2% are ages 25-44
       42 yrs - for lender customers
       53% of broker customers and 43% of                                                      26% have children
       lender customers live with children under 18

       broker customers report higher average                                                  49% have a household
       household income                                                                        income of $75,000 -
                                                                                               $100,000 +
       customers shop for multiple quotes
       collecting an average of 2.8 quotes                                                    53% have yet to acquire a
       from brokers, and 1.8 from banks                                                       mortgage
        Mortgage broker and lender information source: Mortgage Insights report web by Canadian Association of Mortgage Professionals
        and Maritz Research Canada

        Mortgage customer information source: Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation

        Zoocasa user demographics source: ComScore Jan 2012

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Get Hyperlocal Exposure                                                                                     HOME SEARCH WITH SMARTS

             Zoocasa’s Local Neighbourhood Specialists
                                                                                Gwen                   BEST Mortgage
                                                                                Sales Representative
                                                                                Best Mortgage Co. Inc.


                                                                                            Get exposure for your
                                                                                            brand when consumers
                                                                                            are conducting home
                                                                                            searches on Zoocasa.

                                                                                            Reach the demographic
                                                                                            in your community,
                                                                                            looking to work with a
                                                                                            mortgage professional.

                                                                                            Includes an enhanced
                                                                                            listing featured in
                                                                                            Zoocasa’s mortgage
                                                                                            professionals directory.
             Limit of 12 exclusive positions per neighbourhood

86% of recent homebuyers agree that homeownership is a good long-term investment

       Of mortgage consumers, 65% independently compared the costs of different interest rate
       scenarios on different amortization or payment schedules

       On average, 66% of on-line consumers are looking for a mortgage calculator on the internet.

       81% of recent buyers, at some point, relied on a mortgage professional (either a mortgage
       lender or mortgage broker) for advice and consultation

       38% of mortgage-holders are considering, or did consider in the past year refinancing early
       to take advantage of low rates

 sources: 2011 CMHC Mortgage Consumer Survey and CAAMP Mortgage Insights 2011

             Zoocasa - 350 Bloor Street East - Toronto - Ontario - M4W 0A1 - Email:

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