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					Sounds and voices

About sounds and voices
Your TomTom VIA uses sound for some or all of the following:

   Driving directions and other route instructions
   Warnings that you set
   Hands-free phone calls

There are two types of voice available for your VIA:

   Computer voices
    Computer voices are generated by your VIA. They provide route instructions and read aloud
    city and street names, traffic and other useful information.
   Human voices
    These are recorded by an actor and only provide route instructions.

About computer voices
Your TomTom VIA uses text-to-speech technology and computer voices to read the street names
on your map as it guides you on your route.

The computer voice analyses the whole phrase or sentence before speaking, to ensure that the
sentence sounds as close as possible to natural speech.

Computer voices can recognise and pronounce foreign towns and street names. For example, the
English computer voice can read and pronounce French street names.

Selecting a voice
To select a different voice on your TomTom VIA, tap Voices in the Settings menu. Then tap
Change voice and select the required voice.

Changing the volume level
You can change the volume on your TomTom VIA in several ways.

   In the Driving view.
    Tap the central panel on the status bar and move the slider to adjust the volume. The last route
    instruction is played so you can hear the new volume level.
   In the Settings menu.
    Tap Settings in the Main menu, then tap Volume and move the slider to adjust the volume.
    Tap Test to listen to the new volume level.
Automatic volume control
To set your TomTom VIA to automatically adjust the volume, do the following:

1. Tap Settings in the Main menu.
2. Tap Volume.
3. Select Link volume to car speed to automatically adjust the volume inside the car in response
   to changes in the speed of your driving.
4. Tap Done.


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