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									                Astral Travelling What The Ancients Knew Of Out Of Body

 More often than not, the majority have heard the term as Astral Projection. Perhaps they heard it
from a movie, book or an enlightened associate.

Not all people clearly comprehend that you really can do out of body and that in fact everyone can
do it. You could have easily astral projected without knowing you were doing it at the time.

In order to determine if you have had an Out Of Body Experience experience or to begin learning
to astral project it is important to understand what Out Of Body is. Simply put How to Astral Travel
is when your spirit body leaves your physical body. This is something that happens naturally at
night when you are asleep, but it is possible for you to do it consciously and control the journey of
your spirit body.

When you do project you get to go wherever you want. As you remember when you were a child,
you probably can recall doing this as you went to bed, as you grew up you have forgotten it
though. You have limitless possibilities of places to go, there are no restrictions as far as distance
or time where Out of Body is concerned. When you are sleeping your physical body is at sleep,
while the astral body goes on a journey.

But what is your astral body? This is a duplicate of your physical body made of your subconscious
will and desires. It is invisible to the eye and is tied to your body by a silver cord; so your astral
body will always return after its travels.

This cord keeps your two beings connected from the moment you're born until your last breath. As
long as you live, your astral body will always come back to your physical form after its travels.

Where do people go during astral projecting? Your astral body goes to an ethereal, astral
duplicate of the physical universe, another plane of reality. The exact nature of the astral plane is
unknown, but experts agree that it is made up of different levels, each vibrating to a different
frequency than the physical plane.

Naturally, you may question as to the dangers of Out of Body. Yes and no is the answer. Out of
Body is something we are all capable of doing. We also know that the astral body can exit the
physical body and will return. However, as with all things you should be sensible. What this means
is that you do need good solid thinking skills and know what you want in order to go where you
want to go.
Out of Body while you're under the influence of drugs or alcohol can be somewhat risky. When
you're not in total control of yourself, your astral body is limited to the lowest and most hazardous
levels of the astral plane. If you're not careful, there is a danger of psychological harm.

It is essential that you know what it is you do and where it is you want to go. Your goal is to
consciously astral project. You need to have complete control of what your astral body is doing.
Your thoughts control your Out of Body.

When you prepare yourself properly, beforehand you can train yourself to astral project very
quickly. Some individuals prefer doing out of body alone in their homes. Meanwhile, others learn
various methods that help them gain control and enjoy their experiences while being lead by
numerous professionals in the out of body field.

There are sources online or books you can buy on this subject too. One example of this is that you
can listen to a high quality hypnosis recording designed for Out of Body to help you get in the right
mind set that is needed. It not only relaxes you but goes through the different stages required with
you. This is often preferred over a session with a professional due to the fact that you can play the
recording over and over again until your mind's subconscious receives the signal that it is alright to
go ahead and leave your physical body.

In the field of sound technology there have been many improvements in the area of binaural beats.
With this you listen to different sounds in each of your ears. This quickly gets you into the
meditative state that is crucial for you to reach to do out of body with the right results.

If you are unsuccessful, your first few times when you begin astral projecting do not become
discouraged. Practice will make perfect since this is not something that you cannot already do. We
can all do it. However, it does take fine-tuning to trigger the natural ability since you have forgotten
how to.

Still in doubt about Out of Body? How about an example from your own life? You've had those
dreams where you're flying which end with a falling sensation right before you wake up. You
weren't really dreaming the sensation of flight was what your astral body feels like as it travels.
When you felt you were falling, that was your astral body returning to your physical one.

Out of Body is very real. Anyone can do it and find benefit in it. However, you do have to invest
time in fine-tuning your natural ability in order to reach the kind of success you desire with Out of
Body. It will become easier to do once you begin your journey while projecting.

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