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It does not mean that if the living space is dirty that bed bugs are present there. The presence of
bed bugs is seen in densely populated areas and they are quite difficult to get rid of. However the
best possible bug extermination method could be followed at home.

For this purpose one will require some detergent powder, a vacuum, a dryer, steam cleaner,
washing machine and some garbage bags and most of all patience. Armed with these simple
domestic appliances the place should be inspected thoroughly to confirm that the pests are bed

One should carefully remove all linen and bedding from the mattresses and pillows. Gather all
clothing, linen, textile fabrics, clothes, and towels etc. that are stacked in cupboards etc. that are
machine washable. Use hot water to run the washing machine and wash these pieces of linen,
clothing etc. and then use the dryer to dry them. This completed the washed and dried items
should be safely packed in garbage or storage bags and sealed completely to avoid the attack of
bed bugs once again.

Empty all closets and cupboards that may house bed bugs, leave them empty so the bed bug
extermination process would be successful. All electrical appliances within the area of the
exterminator should be unplugged for safety measure. Make sure all coffee tables, drawers, TV
stands and desks are not left out during the process of bed bug extermination.

Use the vacuum cleaner and vacuum the carpets, floors, nook and corner of the room and if
possible the floor, cushions and the rugs can be steam cleaned for better results. Make sure no
furniture is toughing the walls where the exterminator would be used.

While the exterminator is working for a minimum of 4 hours no one would be allowed inside the
house. Hence it is safe to leave a mobile no. so the exterminator could reach you after the work is
complete, or in the event of an emergency.

Since the chemicals used could be harsh on certain types of skin, it is recommended to wait till all
the items are dried completely before replacing and sitting or lying on the cushions and beds.
Maintain total hygiene at home and exterminate the first bed bug that you see to avoid vigorous

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