How to Stimulate Hair Growth

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					                        How to Stimulate Hair Growth: Tips and Tricks

There’s a reason why our hair is dubbed as our crowning glory. To some women, long locks
serve as a good self-esteem boost. However, the average hair growth rate is just about half an
inch per month. If you are in a rush to grow your hair—say you’ll be having your prom or your
wedding in a few months time—do not fret since there are many available methods that you can
resort to.

Here are some tips and tricks on how to stimulate hair growth, offered by hair care experts
around the globe:

How to stimulate hair growth tip no. 1: Live a healthy lifestyle. This advice might already be
clichéd but some people still take it for granted. Practicing healthy living might not give you
immediate effects but it will show in the long run. Ditch processed foods (like chips and instant
noodles) in favor of something healthier, like green leafy vegetables. Not a lot of people like
vegetables, but if you’re intent on growing long, healthy tresses, then you have to make a little
sacrifice. If you really can’t stand eating vegetables, then stock up on fruits instead. Also include
lean meat in your diet as protein derived from this kind of food is needed by the body to produce
keratin, a protein integral to hair growth. Exercise at least an hour or two everyday and try to get
a good night’s sleep. And lastly, try not to get physical and emotional stress get to you;
unbeknownst to many people, stress can actually contribute to increased hair loss. Do something
to relieve stress once in a while like engaging in yoga and meditation or in retail therapy (which
seems applicable to most women nowadays).

How to stimulate hair growth tip no. 2: Avoid hair damaging products. Some women tend to
indiscriminately use hair products which can consequently damage their locks. For starters, it is
agreed by most hair care experts that using a brush on wet hair should be strongly discouraged,
as this is when the hair is at its most vulnerable state and the constant tugging and pulling won’t
certainly do it any favor. As an alternative, use a wide-toothed comb instead. Likewise, tying
your hair up in a pony should also be avoided when your hair is still wet. Another big no-no is
dyeing your hair. Dyeing strips the hair of its natural oils and pigments, making it dull and even
more prone to damage. If it is really necessary, the least you can do is reduce the frequency of
your hair dyeing sessions and space them as far as you could from one another.

How to stimulate hair growth tip no. 3: Stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. Increased
blood circulation by massaging the scalp is proven to stimulate hair growth. You can do this
applying mild pressure on your scalp in a circular fashion. Remember to use your fingertips and
not your fingernails in the process though. Do this every morning for thirty minutes or so.
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