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									               Simple Steps You Can Follow on How to Grow Long Hair Fast

Do you envy those women who can make their hair grow long fast? Are you frustrated with how
short your hair is? It is normal for women like you to want their hair to grow long fast. It is
because it looks more feminine and is easier to style. Some men even look at a woman’s hair
first before deciding if she is attractive or not. Do not be frustrated anymore because here, you
will learn about the ways on how to grow long hair fast. So start reading this article.

First step is to not shampoo your hair every day. It is because when you do, you are washing
away the nutrients and the natural moisture of your hair. If you’ve been shampooing your hair
every day, you may notice that your hair is now dry and dull. By washing it too much, the
essential nutrients and moisture has now been gone. This hinders the growth of your hair. So just
shampoo your hair 3-4 times per week. Instead of shampooing, you may simply rinse it with
water or use a conditioner.

Next step on how to grow long hair fast is to gently massage your hair every night before going
to bed. To massage your hair, you simply must rotate your fingertips around your scalp. Doing
so will promote blood flow to your hair. When enough blood flows in your scalp, nutrients will
be delivered to your hair thus making it grow long fast. It will also make your scalp secrete oil.
This will make your hair moisturized and will contribute to making your hair grow long fast.

Third step is important and that is to make your hair stronger and maintain it. If your hair is dry,
dull and brittle then it will be susceptible to damage like breakage and split ends. Such things
will hinder the growth of your hair and will even make you cut it. So to keep it growing, you
must make it strong and maintain it. You can do this by quitting or limiting the use of hair irons,
not using chemical-based shampoos, not going under the sun for long periods of time and by
using a conditioner that is protein-based.

To change your diet into a healthy and balanced one is the fourth step. You need to do this
because your hair needs nutrients to grow. If you lack the needed nutrients then it is very
possible that your hair won’t grow long fast. Your hair primarily needs protein to grow. Protein
is well absorbed by the body in the morning so eat protein-rich foods like salmon during
breakfast. You also need to eat foods that are high in vitamins E, A, B and C. Fruits and
vegetables are great sources of these.

So you see making your hair grow long fast is as easy as one-two-three. But you must remember
that the progress your hair will be making will depend on your hair type. Also, don’t expect that
your hair will grow one inch per week as the normal hair growth is just 6 inches per year.

So, would you like to improve the appearance of your hair? Do you wish to make your hair
grow faster, longer, brilliant, shiny and easier to take care of? Do you want to maximize the
potential of your hair growing cycle? And say NO to the damaged and ugly hair.

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