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					 CASE                                           DATE      DATE DUE
         LAST NAME FIRST NAME   AFFILIATION                           TRACK
 NO.                                          RECEIVED      OUT

11-057 Wilson      Tyler                      01-Nov-10    18-Feb-11 Fast

11-060 Kirby       Brenda                     01-Nov-10    01-Dec-10 Fast

11-061 Bradshaw    Paul                       01-Nov-10    01-Dec-10 Fast

11-062 Keaffaber   Janice                     01-Nov-10    01-Dec-10 Fast

11-063                                        02-Nov-10    02-Dec-10 Fast

11-064                                        02-Nov-10    02-Dec-10 Fast
11-065 DeYoung      Mindy   DeYoung/Riddel    03-Nov-10   03-Dec-10 Fast
                            l Williams P.S.

11-066 Griepentrog Paul                       03-Nov-10   03-Dec-10 Fast

11-067 Piersma      Sarah                     03-Nov-10   03-Dec-10 Fast

11-068                      PETA              05-Nov-10   07-Dec-10 Fast

11-069 Nye-Wilson   Carol                     09-Nov-10   23-Dec-10 Fast
11-070 Schwoerke   Amanda    PETA          08-Nov-10   11-Mar-11 Fast

11-071 MacCleary   Jared                   09-Nov-10   09-Dec-10 Fast

11-072 Marshall    Teresa    PETA          05-Nov-10   21-Dec-10 Fast

11-073 Rotondo     Kenneth   Development   08-Nov-10   08-Dec-10 Fast
                            In Defense of
11-074 Robinson   Deborah                    04-Nov-10   17-Dec-10 Fast

11-075 Marshall   Teresa    PETA             08-Nov-10   08-Dec-10 Fast

11-076                      PETA             09-Nov-10   09-Dec-10 Fast

11-077 Moeddel    Michael   Muething &       15-Nov-10   24-Jan-10
                            Klekamp PLL

11-078 Baskin     Carole    Big Cat Rescue   10-Nov-10   27-Dec-10 Fast

11-079 Braswell   Jesse                      10-Nov-10   10-Dec-10 Fast
                             Association for
11-080 Cardon      Andrew                        10-Nov-10   10-Dec-10 Fast

                             The Carlson Law
11-081 Branch      Tabatha                       12-Nov-10   13-Dec-10 Fast
                             Firm, P.C.

11-082                                           12-Nov-10   13-Dec-10 Fast
11-083 Wolllick    Edward                        15-Nov-10   14-Dec-10 Fast
                             University of
11-084 Young       Susan     California, Santa   15-Nov-10   14-Dec-10 Fast

                             Animal Welfare
11-085 Silverman   Tracy                         15-Nov-10   14-Dec-10 Fast
                            American Anti-
11-086            Crystal   Vivisection        15-Nov-10   12-Jan-11 Fast

11-087 Budkie     Michael   SAEN               16-Nov-10   15-Dec-10 Fast

11-088                                         17-Nov-10   16-Dec-10 Fast

                            Thenell &
11-089 Thenell    Scott                        18-Nov-10   25-Feb-11
                            Associates LLC

11-090 Braun      Robert                       18-Nov-10   17-Dec-10 Fast

                            Director, North
11-091 Duple      Linda     Regulatory         18-Nov-10   21-Feb-11
                            Affairs Bimedia,

11-092 Burdulis   Albina                       18-Nov-10   17-Dec-10 Fast
11-093                                      18-Nov-10   17-Dec-10 Fast

                         DeGraff Stables,
11-094 DeGraff   Robin                      18-Nov-10   17-Dec-10

11-095 White     Lisa                       19-Nov-10   20-Jan-11
11-096                      Big Cat Rescue   29-Nov-10   27-Dec-10 Fast

11-097 Marshall   Teresa    PETA             23-Nov-10   14-Jan-11 Fast

                            Mid Florida
11-098 Boyd       Maurice   Citrus           24-Nov-10   23-Dec-10 Fast

11-099 Peevy      Kelly                      29-Nov-10   27-Dec-10 Fast

11-100 Afzali     Aneelah                    28-Nov-10   26-Dec-10 Fast
                            Lawrence, P.S.

11-101                                       30-Nov-10   25-Jan-11 Fast

                            Animal Rights
11-103 Atwood     Nick      Foundation of    30-Nov-10   29-Dec-10 Fast
Requesting copy of any and all information related to complaints,
investigations, communication between parties, inquiries, and/or disciplinary
action for the following parties: ISEXX Laboratories, Inc. all subsidiaries
including not limited to : IDEXX VetLab, Diavet Labor AG, IDEXX Operations,
Inc., OPTI Medical System Inc. and IDEXX Holdings, Inc. This is to include but
not limit to any correspondence to and/or from the USDA and any other
entities that report to it.
Requesting copies of all records of the purchase and sale of live and/or dead
animals for the purpose of supplying them to research or biological facilities
in North Carolina, from breeders to animal controls, and anything in
Requesting copies of all USDA import permits issued in the relevant time
period for domestic chickens or their hatching eggs imported from the            01-Dec-10
United Kingdom, Germany, Holland, Belgium or France.
Requesting all records on breeder John and Judy Kleine, English Bulldogs
Country Heaven # 25654.
Requesting results of complaint W10-162 in regard to Cricket Hollow Zoo in
Manchester, Iowa.
Requesting completed form AD-332, page 1 and 2 for Position Description
USDA-APHIS, Plant Protection and Quarantine, Eastern Region,                     05-Nov-10
Administrative Officer, GS-0341-14, Master Record Number 9PQ706.
Requesting documents that relate in any way to Salmonella enteritidis (SE)
testing, monitoring, sterotyping, phage-typing, and/or pulsed field gel
electrophoresis (collectively the "SE Processes") for Keith Smith Company in
National Veterinary Services Laboratories (NVSL)'s possession dated from
January 1, 2005 through the present, including all results of such SE
Processes, and all Keith Smith Company related laboratory and agency
reports, files, written and electronic correspondence among NVSL
representatives and between representatives of NVSL, Arkansas Livestock
and Poultry Commission and/or Keith Smith, and all other Keith Smith
Company-related records prepared, received or kept by NVSL concerning
such SE Processes. 2) Produce all SE positive isolates for Keith Smith
Company from January 1, 2009 through the present, including but not
limited to the isolate from the SE positive sample submitted by ALPC to NVSL
in or around December 2009, to Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Requesting all documents and records involved in the NAIS/Animal
Traceability Program the department has on file regarding Paul M.                  02-Dec-10
Griepentrog, Shady Knoll Farms TM located in Park Falls, Wisconsin.
Requesting inspection reports , reports regarding the acquisition of puppies
including the origin of the puppy, and all information relating to Animart, Inc.
Requesting results of the following complaints: Hollywild Animal Park-dated
07/26/2010, concern # E10-241; Jorge Barreda-dated 08/02/2010, concern
#E10-238; Living Treasures Animal Park-dated 08/03/2010, concern # E10-
253; Windy Oaks-dated 08/05/2010, concern # E10-247; Sharkarosa Exotic
Park-dated 08/23/2010, concern # W10-180; Gills, Etc.-dated 08/24/2010,
concern # E10-265.
Requesting all documents pertaining to petting zoos operated by Nancy G.
Cuevas in California, and USDA any publications pertaining to petting zoos.
Requesting information in regards to Animal Care's traveling elephant
inspection team, specifically between June 1, 2009and November 08, 2010.
Specifically seeking the following: 1) any records identifying the members of
the inspection team; 2) any records regarding the educational, employment,
or other qualification of any member of the inspection team; 3) any records
regarding any member of the inspection team's knowledge of, or experience
with, elephants; 4) any records regarding the division of the inspection team
members' duties between those related to elephant inspections and those
unrelated to elephant inspections; 5) any records regarding the selection of
any member for the inspection team; 6) any records regarding any training,
lecture, presentation, or course planned, proposed, conducted, created,
and/or scheduled for or attended by the inspection team or any member of
the inspection team in that member's capacity as a team member; 7) any
records regarding any training, lecture, presentation, or course on elephant
health, behavior, management, husbandry, care, or inspection, attended by
any member of the inspection team, whether or not in that member's
capacity as a team member; 8) any guidelines, protocols, procedures, or
similar directive that the inspection team follows, or has followed, in
performing APHIS BRS FOIA log for October 2010.
Requesting elephant inspections; 9) any records regarding how such            23-Nov-10
Requesting copies of the photographs taken during the July 24, 2010,
inspection of Florida State Family Circus 58-C-0288 at the Floyd County Fair  28-Dec-10
in Charles City, IA.
Requesting animal census information on species and number of animals
monitored by USDA/APHIS imported and exported through Kennedy Airport
and dates and length of time held at the facility. Also, contact information
for the OGS person responsible for the USDA/APHIS office lease near the
Kennedy Airport Facility and the present rental rates being paid by OGS for
this office space.
Requesting all documentation concerning the transfer of elephants, Rosy and
Juno, from Jackson Zoo (License number 65-C-0101 Cust. No. 3004) to the
Nashville Zoo. Also, any videotape, still photos, notes, observations,
memoranda or other information concerning the transfer of the elephants
Rosey and Juno on November 3, 2010, including video taken by VMO Tami
Howard while Juno was being readied ad loaded for transport.

Requesting all records related to grey seal incident mentioned on the
October 4, 2010, inspection report of the Louisville Zoological Garden (61-C-   08-Dec-10
0106) and which reportedly occurred on October 1, 2010.
Requesting all records related in any way to complaint W10-192, West Coast
Game Park Safari, license # 92-C-0013.
Requesting copies of records maintained by the U.S. Department of
Agriculture related to the credentialing, contracting and evaluation of the
professional services provided by Dr. Ernest Johnson for the U.S. Department
of Agriculture and all correspondence (written and electronic) between Dr.
Ernest Johnson and any of the following employees of the U.S. Department
of Agriculture, Animal Plant Health Inspection: Dr. Rachel Cezar, Mr. Kevin
Shea or Dr. Chester Gipson.

Requesting inspection reports, travel itinerary and any complaints filed from
2000-2010 pertaining to Joe Schreibvogel USDA License Number 73-C-0139
dba: under all of these names 1.) Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Group, 2.)
G.W. Exotics, 3.) G.W. Exotic Foundation, 4.) G.W. Exotic Animals Memorial
Park, 5.) Mystic Magic of the Endangered, 6.) Illusions of the Night Magic
Show, 7.) World Magic, 8.) Tigers in Need, and 9.) Awareness Productions.
Requesting the weekly reports, 8-35 and itineraries of Dr. Joana Davis, VMO
with USDA-APHIS-Veterinary Services in Conyers Georgia for the months of        07-Dec-10
July, August and September 2010.
Requesting a list of all FOIA requests the USDA APHIS received from October
to date, to include: 1.) The request identification number; 2.) The date the
request was made; 3.) The date the request was completed; 4.) The first and
last name of the requester; 5.) If the requester is making the request on
behalf of an organization, include the organization's name and address; and
6.) A description of the records requested
Requesting true and correct copies of any and all safety audits, citations,
inspections, accident reports and any other evaluations pertaining to the
owner of cow with tag number 74QAC8787 and/or 740AC8787. Also
requesting true and correct copies of any and all safety audits, citations,
inspection reports, accident reports and any all other evaluations pertaining
to .
Requesting the results of complaint number W11-021.                               01-Dec-10
Requesting the last three USDA inspection reports and any administrative
actions taken against DeAnna Velasquez 73-A-2548.
Requesting information on how disease is tracked from farm to farm and the
cost comparison from smaller farmers to larger farmers and how much it is         03-Dec-10
to tag the animals
Requesting all documents, notes, memoranda, reports, correspondence,
letters, electronic mail, minutes of meetings, photographs and any other
materials possessed by the (USDA) which may be located in field offices,
regional offices or its headquarters, relating to the planning and execution of
a conference called, "Animal Welfare and Scientific Research: 1985 to 2010"       28-Dec-10
which was held on October 25-26 at the Bethesda North Marriot Hotel and
Convention Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Information requested includes,
but is not limited to, material relating to federal or private (non-profit and
business organization) funding of the conference.
Requesting License and Registration Inspection System (Laris) data regarding
the use of all animals by registered research facilities for 2007-most current
available. Specifically, seeking electronic LARIS data for all entered variables
(number of individuals, the facility using them, etc.) that are available (non-    04-Jan-11
redacted), the species type code and the group number (for non-human
primates and marine mammals). Also requesting a code key in order to
decipher LARIS codes.

Requesting copies of all photographs related to all inspections of Santa Cruz
Biotechnology (93-R-0380, 93-B-0192) since January 1, 2010.
Requesting the results pertaining to complaint number W10-176.                     01-Dec-10
Requesting pinion letters or other correspondence prepared by APHIS-BRS
concerning the regulatory status under 7 CFR Part 340 of plants or plant
products developed using zinc finger nuclease technology; site-specific gene
repair oligonucleotide technology; or directed nucleotide editor
meganuclease technology for targeted mutagenesis.
Requesting the number of container fumigations conducted in Illinois and
Missouri for logs that had an export destination of China, with the exception
of those being fumigated for Oak Wilt disease from January 1, 2009 to
October 31, 2010.
Requesting adverse events for the period of 2009 for the following products,
which are all canine 5-way vaccines listed by company: 1.) DuraMune-Fort
Dodge Animal Health/Boehringer Ingelheim; 2.) Vanguard 5 - Pfizer Animal
Health; 3.) Galaxy 5 -Shering Plough; 4.) Solojec-Boehringer Ingelheim. Also
requesting the total number of doses produced in 2009 for all 5-way
vaccines and provide the number of doses produced per company.
Requesting records on file with the US Department of Agriculture for: Leah
Shat Tuck (Owner), Winterhill Kennel/Farm, 76 Birch Hill Road West                 01-Dec-10
Brookfield, MA 01585.
Requesting any and all information on an investigation done by
USDA/APHIS/AC offices in Raleigh, North Carolina in regards to an incident of
a cougar attack which happen on May 25, 2009 at Matt & Christine Joseph
address                       in Ohio.
Requesting 1) The name and physical address of any USDA Import/Export
facility(s) in the State of Wisconsin for the purpose of equine CEM
quarantine, 2) The name and physical address of any USDA
approved/affiliated laboratory(s) in the State of Wisconsin processing of
collected CEM sample fro 1994 to 2010; 3) Ownership and dba of each
facility(s) as mentioned items #1 and #2; 4) Copy of any operating
agreements (and any amendments) between USDA and NCIE/VS and/or the
State of Wisconsin Dept. of Agriculture (WDA) and the ownership of the
facility(s) as identified in items #1 and #2; 5) Copy of all indemnification(s) by
USDA, APHIS, NCIE, VS and/or the WDA as it relates to CEM and the
ownership of the facility(s) as identified in items #1 and #2; 6) Cost
reimbursement information as it relates to the ownership of the facility(s) as
identified in items #1 and #2; 7) Cost reimbursement information as it
relates to the ownership of equine(s) housed for CEM quarantine and testing
in the facility(s) as identified in items#1 and #2; and 8) Requester would like
the most current copy of the relationship of T. equigenitalis positive stallions
chart from 2001-2009 and the physical location for each facility identified in
Requesting all documents that contain information or refer to an individual
named LEE MARVIN GREENLY or LEE GREENLY or a business entity named
the MINESOTA WILDLIFE CONNECTION. This includes but is not limited to all
licenses or permits, license or permit renewals and any supporting
documentation associated with any licenses or permits. Requester is also             10-Jan-11
seeking any documents USDA has either sent to or received from the United
States Department of Justice, The United States Department of the Interior,
the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources or any other federal, state
or local government or law enforcement agency.
Requesting inspection reports, travel itinerary for 2010 and any complaints
filed from 2000-2010 pertaining to Beth Corley USDA license number 73-C-
0167, DBA under names: Big Cat Rescue Entertainment Group, Tigers in
Need and Welch's Entertainment.
Requesting all records related to the September 29, 2010, and May 15, 2010,
USDA inspections of James Casey, dba A Great Ape Experience, license           06-Jan-11
number 43-C-0314.
Requesting information on Case No. FL 10221-PQ regarding Citrus Black Spot

Requesting any information from or to the USDA regarding Chris Zahnd from
the SHOW HIO or any other entity. These records should include,
correspondence, but not limited to memos, emails, phone details, tapes,
tickets, HIO correspondence including information from Tony Edwards, Steve
Mullins, Doyle Meadows, or any other officer or Director, or employee of the
SHOW, HIO if pertaining to Chris Zahnd. Requester is also seeking memos
and correspondence from the USDA to include Dr. Gipson and Dr. Cezar to,
or from the SHOW HIO or any other entity, regarding Chris Zahnd.

Requesting all fumigation compliance agreements granted in the State of
Washington from October 1, 2009 to the present, including but not limited
to "Food Protection Service" or Paratex. Records are to include but are not    21-Dec-10
limit to applications, certifications, notices, agreements, correspondence,
notes, memoranda, and any reports or written findings.
Requesting all document regarding complaint number E10251 regarding
Home Raised Puppies, Pet Store in Berlin CT.
Requesting the Record of Acquisition, Disposition or Transport of Animals
concerning any sale, exchange/transfer or donation of non-human primates
between Primate Products, Inc. (license numbers 58-R-0144 and 58-B-0536)       12-Dec-10
and Everglades Outpost, Inc, (license no. 58-C-0453) during the years of
2009 and 2010.

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